May 31st, 2011

+ + + Tory Lord Taylor Gets 12 Months + + +

Lord Taylor would not be going to prison for a year without a combination of bloggers and Jonathan Calvert of the Sunday Times. Taylor, a former barrister, dishonestly claimed £11,277. For background on the case see Pesky Bloggers Do It Again (Nov, 2009). Amusingly he claimed to a co-conspirator on the Lords of the Blog not long before being charged that:

“For your information, the police have examined my expenses. The police are satisfied that there has been no impropriety or any other cause for concern. They have thanked me for my cooperation, and will not be taking the matter further.”

Alas that turned out to be untrue when it was challenged by a co-conspirator, that very claim on his blog set in course a chain of events that led to him going down today. He would have got away with it if it wasn’t for those pesky bloggers…


  1. 1
    Dazza says:

    Subhuman scum


    • 3
      Dazza says:

      Oh, and, first


      • 59
        Lewis Hamilton says:

        It’s because he is black, innit?


        • 66
          Bowden is the greatest tosser ever ! says:

          i’ts not fare that your aloud to co-ment befor i espsaly cos i sits at me comptr all day weighting to goes frst


          • Anonymous says:



          • Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

            Stuffed and roasted – at least he will be soon if he isn’t already…


          • Tat watch says:

            How sad is it to be sitting all day in front of a little-known blog posting comments about one of its minor contributors?


          • The whole world says:

            Tat, you and Bowden are not “contributors” to Guido’s blog, you are merely the authors of piss poor comments posted in response to postings made by the author of the blog and other commentators. Get back to your bedsit and your deep fried dinner and stop trying to be so important. It is a little sad that you spend the day sitting in front of your screen (feeding coins into your electricity meter to keep the power on) posting comments about other commentators, but that is the life you have chosen for yourself and long may you wallow in your sadness.


        • 68
          A Card says:

          Shouldn’t you be out there winning races?


          • David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

            Chaytor was out after four months of serving an 18 month sentence for a £20,000 theft. Does this mean Taylor will be out in two or three months? This is contrary to Clark’s early release scheme because they did not put in an early guilty plea. They tried every trick in the book to get off.

            Guido, we need some sentencing stats on benefit cheats and other thieves to compare to this lot. I wonder why they are released so early when they were in a position of trust, make the laws and did everything to avoid justice etc etc.


        • 118
          KEIR Starmer says:

          Did I let Uddin off because she is brown?


    • 19
      Chris Huhne. says:

      No comment.


      • 109
        David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

        Does it mean that Laws one week suspension from parliament will count to his early release from prison??


    • 29
      anoneumouse says:

      Did you know that if you feel that a sentence has been unduly lenient then you, as a member of the public, can ask the Attorney General to look at the case.


      • 110
        Airey Belvoir says:

        Guido/Tory Bear makes the same mistake as most journalists in describing a 12-month sentence as ‘going to prison for a year’. We know it will be a maximum of six months, almost certainly less. Politicians like this way of describing a sentence because it gives a false impression of effective punishment.


        • 147
          Sir Ian Paisley says:

          You are correct more like 3 months does he keep his title, remember poor old Lister Pickett only fiddled the taxman [should that be taxperson] and they stripped him of his ‘Sir’.


          • Observer says:

            Piggott wasn’t a knight. He lost his appointment as an OBE because of his conviction.


    • 33
      Sub Human Scum says:

      Hello? Whaddayawant?


    • 34
      Reality bites says:

      And yet David Laws continues to walk the streets, innocent on the grounds of being gay.

      This is 2011 and not Uganda or America. Being gay is accepted. This should not be allowed to be an excuse.


    • 69
      Jacqui Smith says:

      Ha ha ha!
      Can’t catch me!
      Your’re in jail and I go free!


    • 113
      Anonymous says:

      Yup and his defence also tried to play the race card, vainly attempting to paint him as a fine upstanding role model for our effnick community, yeah.


      • 130
        It's in their DNA says:

        A typical member of the effnic comminiteh, more like.


      • 133
        Anonymous says:

        Will call me Dave arrange for an Act of Parliament to permit Peerages to be removed? I doubt it,although I have a very strong recollection of his statements pre-election that he was going to clean up the system.What better way to effectively punish the guilty & deter the others?
        The current level of ludicrous punishments inflicted is not a deterrent;maybe a better system would be for full sentence to be served with time added on for bad behaviour.


    • 172
      TruthfulTom says:

      Now, hang on a minute.

      12 months for Lord Taylor for allegedly defrauding in the sum of £11,000 so what’s happening to DAVID LAWS over his £59,000 expenses claims ? And how come Hazel Blears was allowed to pay back £42,000 ? And the others ! We should be told.


  2. 2
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Not long enough.


    • 140
      Anonymous says:

      Is anyone researching sentences handed out for similar cases involving the general population? It would be useful to see whether the current crop of
      parliamentary miscreants are being given the kid glove treatment.


    • 148
      Hugh Janus says:

      I’m sure most people will feel the same. Of course, as a peer he should be setting a better example than we mere mortals, but we all know now that the actual time served inside by our taxpayer-funded expenses cheats is in inverse proportion to their position. For the political class, the higher you are the quicker you are out it seems. So Smiffy, the Ginger Chipmunk and the Wintertons (to name but four out of a very long list of shabby miscreants) need not be too concerned if they get their collars felt, even at this late stage.


      • 173
        TruthfulTom says:

        Aaah, but he’s not an hereditary peer – only one of those made-up, like Kinnochio and Prescottage. You don’t expect too much from them. The hereditary peers are a much different bunch! Grand chaps.


  3. 4
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    And throw away the key. Otherwise he’ll be out in a month!!


  4. 5
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    He will be out in 5 months and back on the gravy train!

    Prepare a lampost and bring me some rope!


    • 17
      Harry Houdini says:

      Out in 3 months 50% automatic reduction for good behaviour = 6months + another 50% off the 6 months because it was a non violent crime.


    • 32
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      I would just like to thank my hamster Billy Junior, without whom I would be very loanly.


    • 36
      Anonymous says:

      Seriously, he’ll be allowed back in the lords when he gets out?


      • 37
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        Yeah, Or shipped of to Brussels.


        • 46
          Wishful thinking says:

          Perhaps after being r*aped in the showers every day, he’ll contract AI*DS and die a slow and painful death.


          • Anonymous says:

            I wouldn’t wish that on anybody but he shouldn’t be allowed back in the lords.


          • Hang 'em high says:


            It makes sense though when you think about who can’t currently vote, i.e. peers and criminals.

            Mind you, a criminal is going to be promoted to the cabinet soon with a massive payrise as a reward for his diddling.

            Think twice about Laws please Dave.

            Isn’t diddling just another word for theft?


          • The voice of reason says:

            Diddling is theft.

            Effectively Laws will be paid more for stealing from us, as we pay MP’s and their expenses.


          • Nick Clegg, because I'm worth it and you voters can afford it says:

            Is the fact that I accept full time pay for part time work diddling?

            I find that if I knock off after 2.00pm I feel less tired.


          • Robert Mugabe says:

            No Nick that is definately not diddling.

            No Shame

            By Any Means Necessary


          • Anonymous says:

            Actually Nick old chap, it is diddling / stealing from us.

            I shouldn’t be surprised, leader of the Diddlers Democrats, leading by example, role model etc.

            Good to see my tax money going to good use.



  5. 6
    Randy Bumgardner says:

    It’s because he’s black isn’t it?


    • 10
      Batty Hattie Harmanescu says:

      Uddin got away with, is it ‘cos she’s a woman. Come to think of it, is it not the case that all those prosecuted so far have been men? A bit of equality management going on here perhaps?


    • 37
      Grandma's views on ethnics says:

      Is it that fellow out of Rising Damp?

      They all look the same to me.


      • 143
        Madison Bumgarner, World Series heroe says:

        Wot, the late, great Leonard Rossiter? He’s looking well and what a lovely sun tan!


    • 47
      J Button says says:

      grow up


      • 58
        Down With Brown! says:

        I’m sure there’re many others who have done the same thing but are glad that they weren’t caught.


        • 144
          Anonymous says:

          Agreed DWB. Those that advised Taylor & Hanningfield that this type of fiddling was ok should have their expense & allowance claims looked at.If they seriouly thought this way then there is a distinct possibility they were applying the same process to their claims.


      • 190
        Benjamin Button says:

        Grow down


  6. 7
    Penelope says:

    A Lord stealing & defrauding the taxpayer only gets 12 months?

    That is not justice it is a further insult to the British people.


    • 21
      Bubba says:

      I’ll make sure his stay inside won’t be pleasant.


    • 175
      TruthfulTom says:

      They should confiscate his Castle and Lands, not forgetting his Country Mansion.

      Does he own any race horses ? If so, can he give me a tip for the 2.30 at Kempton ?


  7. 8
    Dick the Prick says:

    Hee hee – screw him


  8. 9
    Brown Shirt says:

    We wont be seeing this corrupt cu’nt on the Daily Politics again thankfully


    • 12
      They're all smug, sneering Celt cunts at the BBC, 'cept Kuenssbergs whom I wish to bum intensely says:

      The BBC filth will revel in this


    • 13
      The literal, English meaning of Celt is scrounger says:

      Why does a successful Barrister feel the need to fiddle 11 grand?

      What a total anus


      • 24
        Cough, cough, says:

        It’s in their genes?


      • 39
        L Hamilton says:

        Why bother to ask? Frickin’ hell.


      • 90
        Sir William Waad says:

        Lady Waad used to do ‘victim support’ on the Birmingham Circuit years ago – mostly helping poor, frightened women stand up to their attackers in Court – and she says that Taylor was one of the few good criminal barristers. She couldn’t understand why he went into politics. It’s usually the failures who do that.


        • 146

          Good folk are not debarred from becoming corrupt. If one wants to find the circumstances in which this is likely to happen, they are likely to involve coincidence in the following factors:

          1. Reimbursement from the public purse and

          2. A lack of control in the commissioning, charging and payment for whatever services are being claimed.

          It is as simple as that.


    • 18
      Help me!! Somali men are buggering me hourly, Jim Devine says:

      I demand a fukkun slot on the Daily Politics to air me greevinces bout me fukken treetment in prison


    • 45
      NeverRed says:

      Of course he will be on the Daily Politics with his corrupt thieving pals from down the corridor, Blears, Smith etc.
      Another piece of filth paid for by taxpayers via the BBC licence on top of the ‘normal’ theft via expenses/allowances/jolly trips abroad etc.


  9. 11
    Im free you cunts!!!! David Chaytor says:

    This is an outrage!!!!! 12 mumffs for this level of corruption disgusts me!!!!!!!!!!!

    I still crap in buckets


  10. 14
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Still another640 mps and hundreds of Lords to go.


  11. 15
    Billy Bowden likes to suck my cock says:

    Dirty Bastard.


  12. 16
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Any News on Bill Wiggin and Denis Macshane yet Guido?


  13. 22
    Backwoodsman says:

    Stand by for sudden bbc upsurge in coverage of political wrong doing !


  14. 23
    Searchlight says:

    This is racist.
    Notice how the other 800 are not in jail?


    • 89
      Ali G says:

      Watching Louis Theroux’s Miami Mega Jail last night 12yr old daughter observes quizzically “Are most people in Miami black?”

      Response: “No dear, most people in Miami jail are black”.


  15. 25
    anoneumouse says:

    He will be out on the tag in two months time.


    • 71
      SERCO says:

      Which house should we put the monitor in?


      • 176
        TruthfulTom says:

        D’you reckon that Will and Kate will have him as a week end guest ?

        I don’t see why not. I bet Philip would like a word in his ear.


  16. 28
    Every little helps says:

    One MP has just been front paged for claiming 4p for a car journey of 100 metres.
    His name is Tristram Hunt of stoke.


    • 49
      NeverRed says:

      Anyone with a name like Tristram should be strung up as it is obvious they are going to be parasites on the rest of us.


      • 54
        Alfie says:



      • 80
        Tristram Shandy says:

        Indeed – and the matter begins when we Tristrams are conceived – or, more properly, before we are conceived, for nobody was conceived without some antecedents – and has not the good Doctor Strabismus of Utrecht spent many long years in arduous study of these inspissate mysteries? For my part, I have no memory of how I was conceived, but I take assurance that I surely was, both empirically in that I perceive myself in existence, and out of faith in the word of my parents, which ought surely never to be traduced, so that I may confidently say, that the account that I gave of my conception in the last chapter by one, though it be incomplete……..


    • 163
      Sweet tooth says:

      and Hazel Blears put in for a tax payer funded Kit-Kat.


  17. 31
    Colonel Blimp says:

    Excellent news – made my day.


  18. 40
    Daz Pearce says:

    Good to see former MPs and Lords not being above the law – Hanningfield may have a good idea what’s coming next…his case is covered at Britain’s fastest growing bunny…


  19. 42
    Daz Pearce says:

    Nice to see MPs and Lords are not above the law – we touched upon Hanningfield’s case at Britain’s fastest-growing bunny

    Might be a good time to bin all the extras and look at MPs salaries independently


  20. 44
    beast says:

    Be fair, a lot of these young barristers have no real male models in their lives when growing up on sink estates, they end up full of rage desperate to gain status and money at any cost to their victims (clents) or society as a whole.

    Constantly in and out of court wiith covered heads
    They our love not condemnation


  21. 50
    Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Does anyone know if FIFA gets British tax payers money? Where did the money come from for the 2018 bid was any of that from us or was it all from the FA?

    Seems to me if they do get tax payers money then the Met Police should launch a criminal investigation into FIFA


    • 65
      Anon says:

      I think 2/3rds of FIFA’s income comes from broadcasting income and most of the rest is from marketing rights.


      • 72
        I says:

        If it’s BBC money then it’s our money


      • 103
        smoggie says:

        And ticket sales for the various competitions. Just because the money does not come from the taxpayer is no reason why the corruption should go unpunished.

        The FA were well aware of what they were dealing with but made no complaint said nothing until they had lost.

        Blatter buys his votes. When countries like Solomon Islands have the same voting rights as the English FA it is little wonder Blatter can stay in power. They are rewarded with substantial, unaudited grants for the “development of football” which funds unsurprisingly are rarely expended on their stated purpose.

        Any politician would be familiar with this strategy.


    • 77
      WVM says:

      Talking of self-serving arrogant c’unts that Sepp Blatter’s PR skills leave a lot to be desired. And why do so many of these sort of organisations have elections with only one candidate to vote for? Seen this happen a lot in academic circles too.


      • 87
        Old Tory Bigot says:

        I think they should elect Uncle Bob Mugabe as president of FIFA and have done with it. He seems to have all the right qualifications.


        • 115
          Shock,Awe and Total Indifference says:

          I understand that “The Colonel” is also available to take on the VP slot as “Bob’s” assistant if he can work out the transfer terms with NATO..Ratko would have applied to be a candidate but I understand he’s been transferred listed to help out KNVB in the Netherlands………subject to contract of course.


        • 177
          TruthfulTom says:

          No, No. Give the job to poor old Gadaffi – he’ll soon be looking for a job., if he doesn’t get a bullet first.


    • 123
      Lou Scannon says:

      Can’t we ask the Americans to invade FIFA (wherever that is) and restore democracy ? Its inhabitants seem like an oily bunch.


      • 187
        Rufus T. Firefly says:

        Australia have asked FIFA to re-imburse them the 46 million dollar cost of their bid to host the 2022 World Cup.


  22. 52
    Andrew says:

    At least Archer has had the good taste never to return to the House of Lords – It is to be hoped that this chap and Hanningfield do likewise.


  23. 53
    wotson says:

    Truly it can be said the House of Lords should be renamed THE HOUSE OF FRAUDS and yet he will be back in like Archer and others ex cons ,claiming expenses


  24. 57
    Nu Attack Dog says:

    Can we pass a vote of no confidence on the Houses of Parliament ?


    • 79
      Ex-Conservative voter says:

      35% did just that at the last election, by not voting.


    • 93
      WVM says:

      I don’t know, I wonder myself!
      But I do know Anyone found guilty of high treason may not sit in Parliament until he or she has either completed the term of imprisonment, or received a full pardon from the Crown. Moreover, anyone serving a prison sentence of one year or more is ineligible.

      Also Under the Mental Health Act 1983, two specialists must report to the Speaker that a Member is suffering from mental illness before a seat can be declared vacant. There also exists a common law precedent from the 18th century that the “deaf and dumb” are ineligible to sit in the Lower House this precedent, however, has not been tested in recent years.

      Maybe all we really need is two Psychiatrists.


  25. 61
    Down With Brown! says:

    Well done, Guido, another scalp, but sadly there are still dozens of other politicians still at the more or less the same thing. Don’t quit yet, it’s going to take over a decade of hard work to clean up the revolting state of British politics.


  26. 63
    the general public says:

    Anyone have a copy of the Lib Dem advert seeking an intern at zero pay? Another Clegg disaster looms me thinks!


  27. 64
    Why Fly says:

    Er !!

    What colour is Taylor?

    MMIGRANTS make up a THIRD of murder suspects and alleged rapists in a string of areas, shock new figures reveal.
    And one in seven of all people accused of these crimes in the UK as a whole is a foreign national.
    Data from police forces shows 93 foreign-born suspects were accused of murder last year and 418 faced rape allegations.
    Four forces each had 33 per cent of non-UK murder suspects – Kent, Lincolnshire and Tayside and Fife in Scotland. The Met Police recorded the highest rate of non-UK rape suspects at 32 per cent.

    Read more:


    • 106
      Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      Julie (with a face like mine I just had to be a dyke) Bindel was on Sky News the other day suggesting that non serious criminals shouldn’t go to prison, by that she meant burglars etc.

      I just wonder the next time some OAP is up in bed and they hear some scummy thug break into their house and start creeping up the stairs if fatty lesbian Bindel thinks that’s NOT a serious crime.

      Bindels view is that no women should ever be in prison and that black people are always victims


    • 107
      AC1 says:

      A small price to pay for rich cultural diversity (and a guaranteed 100% jerrymandered vote).

      /Labour Hypocrisy.


      • 166
        Diversity Dave says:

        But my party loves diversity too. It’s good for the economy you know, so my buddies in business and property tell me.

        That’s why I’m doing my damnest to get Indian IT workers into the UK, and support Turkey’s entry into the EU.


      • 178
        TruthfulTom says:

        We need to integrate more. Interbreed, inter-wed, inter-bed. Oh I think I’ll get another drink……


    • 124
      Left/Right lovers of mass immigration says:

      Diversity is a price worth paying – just so long as we’re not the ones paying it.


  28. 66
    UAF Photoshop Watch says:

    His piggy nose is too high on his face, not wide enough and the wrong colour!

    Rectify this now Guido or we’ll be marching on your street this weekend.


  29. 83
    Jerry Attrick says:

    Cheltenham Conservative Association had this thieving c_ unt weighed up long ago.


  30. 84
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Where is the poster “Black Crime” ? This is right up his/hers street :-)


  31. 86
    Sir William Waad says:

    Oink! Or, if you’re a liberal, oinque!


  32. 91
    Big Frank in D wing says:

    Tell him to bring plenty of lube. We’re gonna have a bunga bunga party.


  33. 94
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    You know he’ll be able to buy phone cards and rent a TV on expenses while inside, don’t you?


  34. 96
    Mr Magoo says:

    According to the Telegraph. . . . .

    “Mohammed Khamisa QC, defending, had pleaded for a suspended sentence due to the fact his client was a powerful “role model” to young black people”

    Firstly: playing the race card in 2011!?

    Secondly: his lawyer considers him to be a role model after being convicted of a serious criminal offence?!


    • 99
      I says:



    • 104
      David Laws says:

      Well there’s no harm in trying, playing the gay card worked for me!


    • 129
      Bob R says:

      Shouldn’t that (role model) be an aggravating factor?


    • 131
      Sir William Waad says:

      I’m trying to imagine some lad in Peckham deciding to knuckle down to his homework because he wants to be like Lord Taylor of Wariwck when he grows up.

      Nope. Can’t do it.


    • 135
      It's in their DNA says:

      Yo, bitches! When I grows up man, I’m gonna be like well thievin’ and shit, like Lord T!

      Me an’ my ho’s, man, we’re the Lord T D-ciplez. Yeah. Innit etc etc.


    • 180
      Fitbad the Tailor says:

      It worked with Lord Ahmed so why not?

      “The defendant will be sorely missed by his community M’lud. We think he should be released early to carry on these good works”.

      “Plea granted. Release the defendant after six weeks”.


  35. 98
    Spanish Roulette says:

    Take a bite of my cucumber


  36. 102
    Gordon Brown says:

    My nurse keep trying to feed me a cucumber. I prefer a big sausage in my mouth.


    • 111
      Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      That’s Mandelson dressed as a nurse and he should know you don’t eat a Cucumber by shoving it up your backside Gordon.


  37. 112
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    How long to we think he will actually do in prison? I reckon 3 months TOP


    • 117
      Shock,Awe and Total Indifference says:

      It’s not so much the prison sentence but the opprobium …… he’s unlikely to be re-admitted to the “bar” to practise law,re-enter politics or much else in public life…however there’s always the BBC or writing a few thrillers to fall back on …worked for Lord A after all


    • 137
      My best guess says:

      Six to 8 weeks.

      If it were up to me, he’d spend that time without access to food or water, but hey-hoo.


  38. 116
    He's a born-again con-man says:

    From Biased BBC:

    “He claimed travel costs between his Oxford home and Westminster….”

    Er…Whose Oxford Home would be that exactly?

    Shouldn’t that say:

    “He claimed travel costs between an Oxford home that belonged to someone he didn’t know very well and who he didn’t tell anything about it and Westminster…”

    Now. That’s better.


  39. 119
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Yes but what about McNulty?


  40. 120
    Victoria Sponge says:

    When Ed Miliband gets his nose job maybe the surgeon could stick on a pig’s snout. :Φ)


  41. 121
    Voice of Reason says:

    So sad to see this happen. Lord Taylor is generally a good guy and there are a lot worse than him fiddling expenses. It would revealing to see an audit of all journalists and media types to see how many of these creatures have fiddled their own expenses. Good luck Lord Taylor, time will heal.


    • 142
      Outraged Taxpayer says:


      The tossers at the Sun/Mail/Mirror etc are not stealing MY cash, that’s all I’m bothered about.


  42. 122
    Ed Balls says:

    Sepp Blatter & Chris Huhne………now that’s my idea of a dream ticket to run FIFA


  43. 125
    not a machine says:

    Barrister ! The judges summing up was appropiate then .

    There are those who have evaded expenses trials , but it will hopefully serve as a reminder that wether lord or mp ,you shouldnt think the public have a right to ensuring your honest.

    I think One mp has claimed £1mn in expenses within the rules , and new bearocracy hasnt reduced spending .still better vigialant than patronised is my view


  44. 132
    Dominique Strauss-Kahn says:

    New York, New York,
    It’s a wonderful town!
    My zizi’s up
    And my trousers are down…


  45. 134
    Chris Huhne says:

    You ain’t seen me. Right?


  46. 141
    Ed Balls says:

    Like most children of yesteryear…. I enjoy playing with mar-bles!


  47. 149
    Crazy Diamond says:

    BBC currently describing him as a very important Tory who has had a ‘glittering’ career!!!!

    What bloody planet are they on?


  48. 153
    Handycock says:

    Even if you did catch me I would easily wriggle out of it.

    It pays to be in The Lodge!


  49. 155
    Anonymous says:

    Having fought it all the way 12 months ain’t enough

    He should have got at leat 18 months


  50. 157
    Anonymous says:

    18 months that is what he should have got ., having fought it all the way- the lying B******


  51. 158
    Colonel Blimp says:

    Black Ham, anyone?


  52. 159
    Colonel Blimp says:

    Rastus , he say” Bend over man – it’s not often I get a brother to bang!”


  53. 160
    Goodbye Tosser says:

    Glad the wingeing, Tory bashing tory is going to the pokey.

    All he ever did was lose an election and that elevated him to be in a position to overcharge his expenses. Tokenism that this bent mediocrity ever got this far.

    See ya mate – don’t forget the soap!


    • 165
      I Keep Mine On A Rope says:

      “don’t forget the soap!”

      But whatever you do, don’t bend over to pick it up if you happen to drop it.


  54. 161
    kevin law says:

    could not happen to a nicer guy


  55. 162
    Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

    Another one who did not take my advice and join the Parliamentary Lodge. If he had done he would have been in the same position as me and all the other Brothers – Just pay back the money you have stolen, and all is forgiven. Jahbulon.


    • 181
      Chris, David and Mark says:

      Most of us LibDems did Mike, that’s why Nick Clegg was able to say none of his Party were involved in the expenses scadal. This tranlates as ‘most of us were, but we got away with it thanks to the Lodge.’ Boaz


  56. 164
    No Justice Here says:

    What he will get away with though is, returning as hero to the old lags of the upper house, like Archer etc., etc., after probably having served 6 months of his sentence.

    Bloggers now need to find a way to turf out the criminal Lords for good, but that of course will not happen. It’s a criminal conspiracy!


  57. 174
    Ali G says:

    Compare and contrast: a pervert PC called Robert Nicholson was sacked today by the Met for forming an inappropriate relationship with a 14yr old girl who had been in custody.

    The Daily Mail report of the case includes a picture of PC Robert Nicholson:

    Whilst the People’s State Broadcasting Service doesn’t include a picture:

    Hate to be cynical, but, to paraphrase Louis Hamilton, is it because ‘e is black?


  58. 179
    Ratko Mladic says:

    Would never have happened in my day.


  59. 183
    joescotus says:

    your not cynical just realistic


  60. 186
    Daz Pearce says:

    It is fair to say that Taylor was the Tories’ first ever recognisable black face. “Glittering career” is stretching it somewhat.
    Just looking at his background though, we can disagree about his level of aptitude (Tebbit thought he was top notch but it’s all about opinions) the thing that struck me was – he didn’t seem like a dishonest person at all, apart from and until this.
    People are responsible for their own actions but then our system didn’t half tempt honest people to go crooked – that’s worth remembering IMO
    OutspokenRabbit’s take:-


  61. 188
    Enoch Powell says:

    The question no-one seems to want to answer is why it took so many months for him to be sentenced.

    What was the delay for?

    Is is because he is black?

    Were they looking for ways to let him off?


  62. 189
    No Justice Here says:

    It would appear that The Lords are considering suspending him on his return, ooooooooooooooo get them, a few months off then it’s business as usual for any criminal Lords. Let’s face it, the list is getting longer and longer of criminal Lords still still sitting, still making law…..

    ,,,,,,oh except for the law that would be required to prevent criminal Lords from continuing to sit.


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