May 31st, 2011

Exclusive: Electoral Commission Launches Huhne Review

The LibDem blogosphere whipped itself up into a sandal-throwing tantrum of self-righteous fury when the Sunlight Centre reported Chris Huhne to the Electoral Commission last week, regarding his election expenses. “Nothing to see here” was the line crafted by yellow-blog chief Mark Pack and fed down the line. In rowed various vicious weirdie-beardies attempting to debunk the complaint and whine that a dead horse was being flogged…

Well today the Electoral Commission have announced that they are launching an official case review into Huhne on the back of the same said complaint. Unlike a rejected complaint last week, the Commission believes that this time there is evidence of possible offences under the Representation of the Peoples Act 1983. They have decided further assessment is needed and will report on the 24th August. Looks like there is something to see here after all Mr Pack…


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Two investigations now, Resign Hunt!


    • 3
      Anonymous says:

      Resigning takes real moral fibre……..


      • 10
        Selohesra says:

        It takes a bit of British spunk to resign – perhaps Carina can lend him some of hers


      • 22
        David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

        These cretins have no morals or values. Huhne will not resign because he does not know when he is behaving badly. They simply have lost sight of right from wrong, lies from truth, honour from disgrace. Laws should have resigned by now as well if he had any sense of decency. McClegg would have resigned after lying about tuition fees. He has had a string of failures and lies that mean nothing to him compared to the power of government. Not surprising they all stick up for each other.

        The corrupt culture in parliament is endemic. McClegg, Camerhoon and Miliband behave like adolescent university buffs who are not in touch with the real world because of their privileged background. They simply do not have a clue how to run a country, a business, social club or piss up. Rather than change the corrupt system they have become part of it.

        I understand they have quietly increased their pension by 25% while destroying the rest of ours. With an increase of 242,000 poor immigrants last year it is not a surprise that the pension age has increased, nothing to do with living longer, more like more mouths to feed. As of 1/5/2011, EU immigrants get the same benefits as British citizens.

        This is on top of Cameron’s billion pound free give away or guarantor scheme to bankrupt countries. Add the 241,000 overseas students and we understand why tuition fees are hiked up. EU students are allowed the same student loans as British citizens, I wonder if they pay the loan back when they disappear back to Europe??

        I suppose we are ripe for more taxes, VAT to help the government’s incompetence.


        • 205
          Squirty says:

          You are right. They are parasites, bloodsuckers. They produce nothing, yet they consume. They are shameless, amoral … but not cretins, for they know which side their bread is buttered and how self-serving and envious is the bulk of the electorate: which explains why developed democracies drift ever leftwards into a swamp of debt.


          • Sir Ian Paisley says:

            Leave this shithole third world country Liebour and Camerhoon has created to spend your retired days in say Australia and they wont pay any increase your OAP. Paying in for 30+ years means nothing to these cretins arrive from Somalia with 3 wives and 30 kids and your put up in a £3 million house and collecting £3k a month in benefits.


          • Jumbo says:

            Father please forgive us as we know not what side our bread is buttered


        • 247
          Tell it like it really is says:

          The last fifteen years have seen the worst deliberate degradation in history of the life prospects of the indigenous British people. Anyone trying to raise the subject of the deliberate parasitical draining off of the assets, funds, of this country is declared racist.

          Where else in the world is there another country allowing the country to be drained of funds by people who have never and will never put a penny in the pot first? This also applied to the draining of funds from the NHS, and now we have the prospect of Serbia FFS and Turkey joining the leeching.


      • 85
        Anonymous says:

        Moral fibre and the Dem’s? You are having a joke.

        Haven’t you heard of David Laws? Or Lembit O Pick up my tab please because she who must be paid might leave me if I don’t diddle enough of your money or find enough people to sue.


        • 105
          marcus Aurelius says:

          Huhne is doing his master’s bidding and finishing off what remains of Britain’s productive capacity to make some more Lebensraum for our new masters


    • 4
      Bobby Mugabe says:

      Keep hitting refresh on your browser Billy!!!


      • 46
        The New South Africa says:

        Township mob burns ‘talking’ monkey as witch

        A monkey was pelted with stones, shot at and burned to death in a South African township because residents believed it was linked to witchcraft, an animal welfare agency has said.

        The New South Africa = the next Zimbabwe


        • 71
          MultiCultiBenefits says:

          Coming to an arrival-lounge at an airport near you, since circa 1950.


        • 81
          Sir William Waad says:

          Over here, if we find a talking monkey we put a wig on it and make it a libel judge.


        • 95
          View from the Solent says:

          Is that township twinned with Hartlepool?


          • Ron Atkinson says:

            a very cheap and nasty comment


          • smoggie says:

            The Codheads thought it was a Napoleonic spy (they mistook the monkey gibberish for French) and gave the monkey a fair trial then promptly hung it.

            No witchcraft was involved in the harming of that animal.


        • 97
          Eric A Blair says:

          The majority of sub-Saharan black Africans are nothing but primal fucking savages.

          No matter how you dress it up. They are, by nature, murderous, violent, corrupt, greedy and stupid.

          They will kill their neighbours in the most horrific ways (e.g. Necklacing) and sing and dance around the flailing victim. They have no empathy, no compassion.

          SA under white rule was far better for both blacks and whites. Same for Zim.


          • Common sense voter says:

            Bollocks. You really are a racist.


          • Robert Mugabe says:

            Zimbabwe is only being brought down by floods of white fucking mouseheads with no qualifications flooding over here from Britain and infesting our farms.

            Now I can’t get rid of them.


          • Rhodesia = good, Zimbabwe = shit-hole. Why's that? says:

            Do what your ilk usually do, Bob – chop their limbs off with machetes.


          • Ron Atkinson says:


            Well said, Common Sense Voter!


          • Eric A Blair says:

            Common sense voter.

            I think events in Africa prove me right.


          • Sensible Bloke says:

            Racists are people who manned the gas chambers , not people who object to being overrun by immigrants from a continent of 800m Africans, boasting the rape capital of the world, endemic tribal racism, with coutries in which a third of the population have AIDS, and in which the average size of family is six children. Take your stuppid name calling elsewhere, smug twat


          • Sicko says:

            The problem with your example is that the people manning the gas chambers would not identify themselves as ‘racists’ – they would have called themselves good, rule-following citizens with a deep loyalty to the German government. Patriotic Germans.

            It makes you shudder to think of the uses to which patriotism has been put.


          • Colonel Blimp says:

            100% correct (@Eric A Blair, post,#97)


          • A white voter says:

            Racists are the kind of people who murdered school children and many others in South Africa and who deprived millions of people of their basic human rights there and in Zimbabwe because their skin colour was black.

            In the case of Zimbabwe the people who did this were people from the UK who emigrated there because they hadn’t the qualifications or qualities to make it here.


          • reasonable man says:

            Well said sicko.

            Eric A Blair, don’t you think widespread AIDS etc is a function of the lack of education for the black population under oppressive white rule?


          • White white scum hater says:

            Way to show empathy and compassion Eric A Blair. You don’t seem to have the education to see the irony in your own rant.

            Were you perchance a South African idiot given a place at uni because standards were so low because your country kept many many talented black students out under apartheid?


          • Eric A Blair says:

            @white white scum hater

            White white scum hater — Now there’s a moniker!

            Yes I am a saffer but I live in the UK now. I loved SA but could not raise my family there for fear of the casual violence and robbery perpetrated by blacks every day.

            Call me a racist if it makes you feel better, but anyone who knows what life is like in the wonderful ‘Rainbow Nation’ will side with me, not you.


          • Prejudice hater says:

            Maybe the widespread violence wouldn’t be occuring if, instead of decades of oppression, black people were given the same opportunities as white people.

            I regret calling you white scum.


          • Eric A Blair says:

            @reasonable man

            You ask:-

            “Eric A Blair, don’t you think widespread AIDS etc is a function of the lack of education for the black population under oppressive white rule?”

            I think AIDS is largely propagated in Africa by the unwillingness of African men to use condoms.

            It is further exacerbated by the notion by black males that raping children is a ‘cure’.


          • John Bellingham says:

            @Prejudice Hater
            Do you think that the injustices of the past in SA also account for the tens of thousands of violent rapes by black men against black women and girls (often as youg as five)? The second highest murder rate in the world of whom 90% of victims are black?. The murder and necklacing of refugees from other african countries? Does it account for the wholesale looting of the economy by a small number of black politicians? Does it account for the collapse of the electricity system, the water supply, the state hospitals, rural clinics, the state welfare system, government schools and the complete corruption of the police force? Or maybe African standards are a bit different.
            Try reading the story of the Vicar set alight because he had a magic penis and a wife who turned into a giant snail at this link!



          • Anonymous says:

            “You really are a racist.”

            You say that like it’s a bad thing. So yesterday.


          • C Rhodes says:

            The Blacks of Africa have killed tens of millions of black compatriots but that of course is not racist or wrong.

            We handed over rich prosperous countries able to feed themselves and with vast resources to support them in the future. They elected socialist governments and then had corruptions on a grand scale, economic collapse, genocide, starvation an ever open begging bowl.

            Re-colonise, shoot the political classes and get them back to helath and prosperity.


        • 187
          Nemo says:

          Same thing happened in this country, its amazing what stirrers up manage to get the plebs to do.


          • Tell it like it really is says:

            In a Skype call last week, from Johannesburg, the following was said:-

            The water supply in our area has sewage in it and three policemen were shot this morning, just a quiet day, oh yes and my daughter had to duck whilst she was driving as the cars each side of her opened up with guns at each other, across her car…..just another day.


        • 296
          Wear the Fox Hat says:

          Any chance they would do the same to Polly Toynbee?


        • 301
          Wear the Fox Hat says:

          Look on the bright side – it didn’t get raped.


    • 86
      Anonymous says:

      For f uck’s sake, when is this going to end!


    • 152
      Chris Huhne. says:

      No Comment.


    • 162
      Anonymous says:

      Further attention should also be directed towards Mrs Huhnes activities. She appears to have three points on her driving licence and it should be very easy to confirm these relate to the incident in question. That being the case she should then be asked to explain how she managed to be in London, witnessed, at two functions at the time in question.

      She may find that raising the issue in the first place and then declining to confirm her initial allegations will put her deeper in the mire and possibly end up being prosecuted on additional more serious charges. That would serve her right. If she had been more open and honest she would possibly have been able to get off with a mild slap on the wrist. As it is she seems to be manoeuvering herself into the role of an active accomplice!


    • 219
      Up sh1t creek says:

      You reported him too late to get a criminal prosecution.


  2. 2
    mitch says:

    Oh dear, the limps are as crooked and nasty as all the rest……who knew ?


    • 37
      Nu Attack Dog says:

      actually worse – even Labour and the Tories draw a line at necrophilia and beastiality.


    • 90
      Backwoodsman says:

      Anyone who has had anything to do with them !
      The point is , any respectable political party would have put handycock in the library with the whiskey & revolver many moons ago. Limp dims just don’t do decency, its not in their lexicon.


  3. 5
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    24th of august? Thats 2 and a half months, probarly a whitewash in that case.

    Handcock, Laws, Hunt, clegg, You boys are taking one hell off a beating :-)


    • 204
      Must get a pseudonym one day says:

      It’s called timing – right in the big Parliamentary recess and during the silly-season when any reporting will be overwhelmed by some nun riding a skateboard or Elvis in a Liverpool chip-shop.


  4. 6
    Rat's arse says:

    Chris Huhne has always been an arrogant piece of shite. One way or another, he’ll get his cum-uppance. Sooner rather than later hopefully.


  5. 7
    Concrete Pump says:

    “They have decided further assessment is needed and will report on the 24th August”

    By which time Chris Huhne should have been granted police bail.


  6. 8
    Ed Balls says:

    If it was me, I would have sacked him ages ago


  7. 9
    Stan Stedd says:

    “sandle”?? Is Billy writing the editorial as well now?


  8. 11
    Sir Barrington Minge says:

    Time to fuck the fuck of Huhne….


  9. 12
    In St John says:

    a sandal-throwing tantrum of self-righteous fury

    You kill me Greavsie!


  10. 13
    Senator Bloodn' Gore, says:

    You really don’t like Mr Park do you? Had to be a LibDem though with that name. I mean what right thinking parents would saddle their youngster with a name like Mark Park.


  11. 14
    Red Scum says:



  12. 16
    Spot the Dog scratches an ear, breaks wind, then says:



  13. 17
    Mark Pack says:

    Very funny Guido, But everyone is innocent until found guilty.

    You will be the one with egg on your face.


    • 25
      Alan Sugar says:

      “But everyone is innocent until found guilty.”

      You’ve obviously never been to an employment tribunal, Where the employer is ALWAYS guilty no matter what.


      • 40
        Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

        Or the British (well OK the English) on the BBC who are guilty of everything that is wrong in the world, but Muslims are totally innocent.


        • 75
          Mad Hattie Harman's curiously cavernous front bottom says:

          You cannot apply Western standards to Islamic behaviour. It’s in their culture to be inbred murderous psychopaths.


          • Sir William Waad says:

            It hasn’t been my experience, I must say, although the fat blokes with beards are a bad lot.


          • Brian Blessed says:

            What, all of them?


          • Sir William Waad says:

            All right, only the fat blokes with beards, bulging eyes and booming voices who make Jar Jar Binks look like a decent character part….


    • 155
      smoggie says:

      Not so. At trial only, one might be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

      Before that, the sleuth can suspect whomsoever he might choose.


  14. 18
    Mark Pack says:

    Us Lib Dems were here before you Guido and we will still be here after you go.


    • 33
      Dick the Prick says:

      Quite right too, a total unwillingness to stare facts full in the face will see us through. Hurray etc etc – go back to your constituencies and prepare some cocoa.


      • 76
        Low-CO2 eco-friendly LimpDums says:

        Fair-trade cocoa, made with cold soya milk.


        • 79
          Dick the Prick says:

          Have you ever had soya milk? Gadzooks – it’s vile, disgusting, viscous, leguminous spunk which has the cpapbility to destroy all food stuffs or tea type infusions within a 50 metre radius. Fair play if lactose intolerant (full sympathy and greatest commisserations) but to have it by choice is just fucking stupid.


          • Low-CO2 eco-friendly LimpDums says:

            Think of the cows! The goats! Their suffering!

            Soya milk. The drink of choice for LimpDims.

            Disgusting it may be, but it takes their mind off the AV referendum.


          • AC1 says:

            Think of the oestrogenic effect of Soya milk, no wonder the lib dums are all a “bit” fooked up.

            The rice milk is much better stuff.


    • 36
      Pack a Mack says:



    • 39
      Capt. Shadow (Retd.) - Former MI5 Wet Ops. Team says:

      Mr. Pack, Mr Fawkes has asked me to meet with you this evening to discuss your previous comment…


      • 184
        Ignorant LibDem MP, friend of Drug Dealers, from Portsmouth says:

        You aren’t the Bastard spilling the beans on me are you? If you live in Portsmouth, my criminal friends will deal with you.


    • 41
      PK says:

      It IS very funny Mr Pack.. very very funny. Huhne should go, go now and stay gone… god I hate fcuking politicians…. esp. LibDems..
      On to Cable next, please Guido.. he’s a bigger tw@t than Huhne..


    • 58

      You’ll be here because none of you arrogant smug twats has the moral fibre to resign!


    • 61

      Nonsense, the LibDems were established in only 1988, so a bit younger than Guido. Wouldn’t count on being around in current form after the general election…


      • 77
        Capt. Shadow (Retd.) - Former MI5 Wet Ops. Team says:

        Quite right, Mr. Fawkes, Sah!


      • 78
        Tessa Tickles says:

        I wouldn’t count on them being around in any form after the General Election.

        The SDP called it a day when their membership dropped to 15,000. LimpDims membership must be hitting that figure about now.


  15. 19
    Handycock says:

    Don’t worry Chris, as I have already told you. The Electoral Commission will cover it up, just as they are supposed to and just as they did for my political donations. If I can get away with it, anyone can. Boaz.


    • 56
      HRH The Duke of Edinburgh says:

      I see your Russian freinds are keeping in touch with you, you vile Spy. When are the Authorities going to arrest and prosecute this Pervert and Spy? This country has gone to the dogs. Her majesty is not amused, especially as her car was clamped in his constituency the other day. What is going on with this Twat?


      • 226
        Svetlana says:

        You no listen to him Misteer Handycock, you do good job as MP which is what makes you so attractive to us russians who find good MP irresistable. Now you go to work and ask those questions we discussed.


  16. 20
    Engineer says:

    Huhne’s greatest sin is not his alleged speeding points transfer, or even his dodgy election expenses; it’s the crazy energy policy he is inflicting on the nation. Surely the facts and figures of electricity supply and the forecasts for the future are not beyond the understanding of his department? They are clear enough to everybody else in the industry.


    • 32
      Moley says:

      Unfortunately Engineer the wet lettuce leafs in Government, (and opposition) all agree with him.

      They are as much to blame as him if not more;

      Cameron pretended to be a Conservative and isn’t.

      Labour are supposed to protect jobs and look after the workers, and they aren’t.


    • 88
      Angela Merkel says:

      I’ve decided to buy French nuclear energy instead of generating my own. We’ll also have to build some new gas-powered stations and hope the Russkis will be kind enough to go on selling us the stuff.

      I hear the voice of Otto von Bismarck saying “Don’t get into a war on two fronts”…..Otto, you old tease, we’re all chums now!


      • 293
        Vladimir says:

        Quite right comrade, the Russian bear is a cuddly little childrens toy now.
        By the way, we must chat again this winter about the new charge for our lovely gas you depend on so much. Please say thankyou to my good tovarich Gerhard, next time you meet. Do svidaniya Angela!


    • 314
      TruthfulTom says:

      Does her own any of those lovely money-making wind turbines ?

      They don’t work, but who cares. It’s the lolly we love.


  17. 23
    Montague John Druitt says:

    What is the likely outcome in worst case for huhne scenario – fine/prison/by election?


  18. 26
    Mark Oaten says:

    I’ve made some Swedish meatballs.


  19. 27
    Dogsbreath says:

    You have to laugh really, I am always amazed at the pitiful stupidity of the knob heads that think they can bluster the bleeding obvious.

    IE When you hear

    “X has the parties full support” ….read, resign quick mate you is stuffed!

    “nothing new here”….read, we have drawn a veil over the cretins crimes in the hope our misguided supporters are stupid thicks and can’t work it out.

    “Its all in the rules”….read, ok gov we done it but we did not think we would get caught please forgive us we is sorry.

    “I did not do it”…read, I did it!

    “I did not understand”….read I am an idiot!

    “I did not shag her/him”….read I did, many times.

    “You is inferior”….read I am an MP!


    • 34
      Engineer says:

      “Never believe anything until it is officially denied” – Sir Humphrey Appleby.


  20. 38
    He'd fit right in says:

    Given how dodgy he is, I’m amazed Huhne isn’t Labour.


  21. 43
    Tony Bliar says:

    My expenses were mysteriously shredded.


  22. 44
    Rat Go My Lad's Ditch says:

    Can I join Labour?


  23. 45

    I hate hypocrisy and cant.

    Uninhibited hypocrisy, ghastly cant.


  24. 48
    Henri Paul,Professional Driving Instructor says:

    Settle down all of you Breetish boys, you are crazy.Come, we have a few appertifs now ok ? My shout , I just got paid .


  25. 49
    Just an observation says:

    Mark Pack looks like a munchkin.


  26. 51
    The Offcial No 10 resident cat says:

    I like him.


    • 68
      Cunts the lot of them says:

      Panorama tonight exposes the abuse that takes place in care homes and abuse against people with autism. Of course, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. The myth of the sweet caring nurse died years ago. A friend who interned at a hospital whilst a student saw first hand the downright evil and sadistic behaviour of nurses towards patients. They just employ utter sociopathic fucking c unts but it’s politically incorrect to say so because they’re nurses and as we all know nurses are lovely.


  27. 54
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Is Mark Pack the new Derek Draper?


  28. 55
    The Boss says:

    Isn’t it time Huhne MP was fed cucumber imported from Spain,does seem a reasonably cheap solution.The man’s various peccadillos are becoming tiresome.


    • 122
      Peter Carter-Fuck says:

      I believe Carina has the peccadillo. It takes three AA batteries. Duracell are best, as it gets a fair bit of use.


  29. 57
    Chris Huhne says:

    Suck my motherfucking dick.


  30. 60
    Knackers Yard says:

    How much for the horse and can it still run in the Derby mate?


  31. 62
    Yellow-blog chief Mark Pack says:

    Move along quietly now. Nothing to see here.

    More importantly can we talk about Lords reform ?


  32. 63
    Ed Miliband says:

    David hath thent me my wedding gift. But I wonder why he thought Juthtine and I need a whole box of German cucumberth?


  33. 64
    You have to laugh says:

    “a window-licking tantrum of self-righteous fury”

    = what you get here, 24/7


  34. 67
    Chris Huhne says:

    Guido. I re-iterate the point I made to you the other day. I will resign when the multi-talented and extremely funny Billy Bowden wins the caption competition.


  35. 70
    Eric Cartman on the green movement says:

    Hippies, they’re everywhere. They want to save the world but all they do is smoke pot and smell bad.

    Hippies, terrorists, same thing


  36. 74
    William Green says:

    Chris Huhne ministerial travel costs – £46,194 on private vehicle hire


  37. 80
    Election Agent says:

    You realise that this is creating work for the poor election agent and that she is the one who will get it in the neck if something was omitted from the election expense forms!


  38. 93
    Mark Pack says:

    Guido, Why don`t you come clean about your reason for this smear, We all know that the right wing nutter`s are climate change deiner`s and they are going for Chris via you to try and stop him making Briton a cleaner, Greener and safer place to live in.

    You are trying to smear him because he has been one of the most effective minster`s and one that care`s about the future of the planet.


    • 98
      Teacher of remedial English says:

      “nutters” “deniers” “ministers” and “cares”.

      The apostrophe. It’s not complicated.


      • 119

        Deiner’s Club?


        • 133
          Engineer says:

          In Briton?


          • About 2000 years, before the Angles and Saxons came, they inhabited our islands. He must be complaining about all the bonfires they lit. Has not heard that we now have smokeless zones because he has some catching up to do. In those days, long before the longbow was ever thought of, they painted their faces with woad and threw spears at their enemies. Britony Spears, they called them.


          • Аbоut 2000 yeаrs, befоre the Аngles аnd Sаxоns cаme, they inhаbited оur islаnds. He must be cоmplаining аbоut аll the bоnfires they lit. Hаs nоt heаrd thаt we nоw hаve smоkeless zоnes becаuse he hаs sоme cаtching up tо dо. In thоse dаys, lоng befоre the lоngbоw wаs ever thоught оf, they pаinted their fаces with wоаd аnd threw speаrs аt their enemies. Britоny Speаrs, they cаlled them.


          • Engineer says:

            Ah yes – seem to vaguely recall that the Romans hated the noise made by Britony Spears.

            There are still Britons in Britain, of course. Mostly on the fringes…


          • A Grosser's Astropofe says:

            She also had a brother named Asparagus, or so I’m told.


          • Archer Karcher says:

            Oh dear Huhne, like Militwat, thinks this economic vandalism is ‘the solution’. You could not make up a more idiotic pair of fools.


        • 310
          Wear the Fox Hat says:

          It’s a credit card.


    • 100
      Yes2AV (is it too soon? Do you need more time?) says:

      What goes 5, 4, 3, 2, 1?

      The LimpDims’ percentage of the vote.


    • 102
      South of the M4 says:

      No politician cares a jot about the planet. The climate change sharaban has long since been hijacked as a route to tax and control. Careers and an industry has been developed such that they can no longer look at the evidence objectively. Man has an impact, but to the scale the politicians say. If Britain goes the unilateral, high moral ground route the planet will not be saved one bit – nor will ‘climate change’ be arrested. Britain though, will be poor.

      Without the US, China and India on board, any action taken is merely pissing in the wind. Huhne should be lobbying them if he wants to be effective.


      • 274
        AC1 says:

        Bureaucrat run economies are polluting (see every communist country) and “Green”(melon) = economy run by bureaucrats (back door Marxism why is why the unrepentant marxist jumped to greenism when their precious murderer of 30+Million the USSR fell).


    • 104
      Fa Kin Su Pah says:

      I was going to suggest doing a
      PGCE, you can teach after a year.
      Perhaps that’s not for you either.


    • 106
      Backwoodsman says:

      Bizare attempted defense ! Man posts election literature proclaiming he is devout family man, while shagging someone elses dyke. Then has damascene eco conversion , which surprises former nearest and dearest, who points out that he had a long history of driving like a twat and infact loaded his excess speeding points onto her.
      Hint, on here we love the smell of hypocricy in the morning.


    • 111
      The LibDims are unpopular for a reason says:

      Climate Change “Deiner’s” (?) are right-wing nutters?

      I suppose you’ll blame my patio heater for melting Britain’s glaciers 10,000 years ago? Or turning the Sahara savannah into desert?


    • 115

      You are so correct, Mr Pack. The problems are of AGW are very worrying indeed and should be keeping us all awake at nights. It is beyond belief how all these ingrates can cause completely unwarranted troubles for such a fine upstanding minister working for the salvation of the entire human race. I, for one, do so hope that he manages to plug the hole in the dyke.


    • 128
      Moley says:

      Some of us are scientists who understand scientific method and discussion.

      Calling people who disagree with you a “denier” is an admission that you either have no scientific basis for your beliefs or are incapable of expressing them, which is no surprise, given that you appear to be completely illiterate.

      As you will have seen from the news, policies like Huhne’s have had no impact whatever on emissions; they have served merely to transfer jobs from us to the third world. You will also have seen reports that climate change is causing the wind to drop, leaving all those windmills idle and useless.

      It is impossible to deny that the impact on energy costs of Huhne’s policies will leave millions in fuel poverty and cause countless deaths through hypothermia.

      The CBI, the TUC, and the European Commission have all condemned Huhne’s policies, with the suggestion that for every green job created, 3.7 will be destroyed.

      In addition to this catalogue of disasters, Huhne has shown himself to be thoroughly and deeply unpleasant towards his colleagues, with no moral values whatever in his private life.


    • 130
      Engineer says:

      Huhne has been effective? Afraid not.

      The electricity supply policy he has set out (so far) will damage Britain. We have been operating wind generators long enough, and on a large enough scale, to know their advantages and disadvantages well enough – the disadvantages significantly outweigh the advantages. He has moved a little towards replacing some of our aging nuclear capacity, but has not yet authorised enough capacity. He hasn’t yet moved to protect or replace the coal-fired stations we will forced to take off-line in the near future because of EU emissions regulations. He hasn’t yet strengthened our gas-fired capacity, though he will have to do so soon.

      As for climate change, any government policy should be based on established and verifiable scientific information, and not on the politicised beliefs of some in the Green movement as it presently seems to be.


    • 137

      He’s certainly one of the most effective ministers when it comes to lying!


    • 165
      Twat attack says:

      Mr Pack, you are more than happy to pour buckets of shite over Labour and Tory representatives down to the level of obscure parish councillors (and much of it may well be deserved) but when it comes to your own ramshackle crew we hear bugger all. Lib Dems are whiter than white, no questions asked, including Mr Trouserpress.

      Perhaps You would like to do an expose on some of your own rotten apples? Maybe cover the underhanded and two-faced campaigning techniques that made the Lib Dems unpopular with the other parties long before they became unpopular with the public.


    • 280
      not a machine says:

      That is so much tosh , I have campaigned on green issues , and Huhne has done nothing but make incoherent policy , hes green lighted carbon capture , which is a waste of energy , cannot explain if his lagging scheme is worth anyhting , refuses to answer nuclear cost questions , hasnt commented on biofuels of biomass other than same wonk put out before . his clean sheet of paper became blotched and botched with lobbyists before it left the printer .
      i suggest you analyse any spends over 1mn made by his department and then decide how green he is .
      Seriously what is so green and wonderful about his policy speaking , its all reviews lobby groups , calculated micro political returns , still no explanation on why bother with CO2 trading (new tax) , he just keeps passing precient questions like a sepp blatter clone.cant tell you wether poisend rivers are more worrying than CO2 and then wants to tax you anyway. Some green work is underway I wont deny that , the ecnomics are getting better , but cant even mention what projects were just labour wonk ponzi schemes , millions if not billons have gone on wonk green technologies .


    • 308
      Anonymous says:

      Hey Mark, You left out the bit about how everything will be better when the limpdicks bring even more foreigners into the country. Twat.


  39. 101
    Carl Maxim says:

    The Electoral Commission say Chris Huhne may have committed an election expenses offence. I bet he says his wife did the accounts


  40. 107
    Ed Balls says:

    Chris Huhne just wont die, will he? He’s like a slug that you keep stepping on, but never stops moving.


  41. 110
    Fuck off, Mark says:

    Mark P ack looks like a chipmunk.


    • 113
      Thick as shit, but Mark presumes to lecture us! says:

      It’s because, like all LimpDims, he’s missing a chromosome or two.


  42. 112
    Sepp Blatter says:

    Crisis Mr Huhne ? What is a crisis ? A few diificulties, we’ll be fine eh ?

    ps, Billy stop arse licking Guido , you dirty boy !


  43. 117
    Mark looks creepy says:


  44. 123

    Well done for leaving the Twitter box on the page – but empty. I hope many more blogs follow suit.


  45. 126
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Am i really the most hated poster on here? and if so why?


  46. 129

    Peter Hain’s face is a major cause of AGW.


  47. 134
    Stay there says:


  48. 142
    pundit says:

    Can you find a way to nail a beast like Toynbee? Huhne’s head on a plate is nice but merely hors d’oevre.


  49. 145
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Have you all seen the new list of Super Injunctions that have been posted on Twitter. How the fuck did they keep one of them so quiet?

    What it proves is you can’t trust our press to tell us what is going on.

    Unfucking believable!


  50. 151
    Lev says:

    I got to take my hat off to you Guido – for someone who has a fraction of the resources available to the dead tree and broadcasters news outlets, you have a remarkable knack of making news and influencing top-end politics.

    As a beardy-weirdy Lib-Dem myself, may I both congratulate and curse you in equal measure, you talented bastard!


  51. 156
    Down With Brown! says:

    MPs don’t like people rating their sexiness:


    • 161
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      but they like getting rated at the ballot box?


    • 170
      League table mania says:

      They should be rated on their expense claims, dont suppose they would like that either !


  52. 163
    Back Pack (Mark's dad) says:

    I had my driving test today. I got asked “What type of signs would you see if you are driving through the countryside?”
    ‘Strawberry picking here’ wasn’t a valid answer apparently.


  53. 176
    nell says:

    You have to admit ole chrishuhne has some very similar habits to gordon’s.

    He has some dodgy attack dogs that don’t know the difference between truth and lies. I appreciate they’re libdems and not exactly dmcbride calibre, more yappy corgi than dangerous dog, but they sure have managed to make a lot of noise this week trying, and albeit failing, to defend him.

    He has gordon’s penchant for hiding when the heat is up.

    And like gordon he is a master at passing the buck. It was vicki that was speeding, and if he’s found guilty of election expenses breaches it will be his election manager who takes the rap.

    What was it gordon said? “I take full responsibility, and I shall make absolutely certain that the person responsible gets the sack”


    • 190
      constitutional expert says:

      He isn’t obliged to increase his exposure to the public in response to every hebephrenic wankfest against him on the internet. And if you think GF is going to look anything less than an utter pillock when the speeding points thing goes tits up, think again.


      • 203
        nell says:

        That’s very well done for a libdem corgi!!

        hebephrenic – my goodness what a word. The GCSE tutor will be very proud of you for that one.

        Just unfortunate that there isn’t a scintilla of sense in what you say.


  54. 181
    Gordon Brown MP says:

    How did I do in my bid to be head of FIFA?

    If i fail, I’m going to try for head of Pro Evolution Soccer instead.


    • 200
      Anonymous says:

      How about giving a lecture on diversity to the Klu Klux Klan


    • 202
      Luke Noaurum says:

      Subbuteo is more your league.


    • 220
      nell says:

      I think perhaps gordon could become the advertising face of nokia.

      I understand at the moment that their market share is falling. I feel sure his nokia throwing abilities would give their sales a boost.

      And no doubt he’d earn a handsome sum for his sarahandgordonlimited retirement fund.


  55. 182
    Handycock says:

    I told you Mr. Fawkes.

    Membership of The Lodge makes me untouchable.

    I regularly park my car in dedicated ‘Doctors’ spaces and do not get clamped.

    The Queen brings her entourage to my constituency and low behold they all get clamped.

    Beware the power of The Lodge


    • 188
      Grant Murphy says:

      Boaz Mike. More Charlie coming in to the city this week. A cut for you and political donations of course. Just keep the police away as usual. Jahbulon.


  56. 183
    sniffermark says:

    Re the speed camera, surely the only evidence needed is whether he parked his car at Stansted airport while he was away. Those BAA car parks have number plate recognition on entry and exit. Match that to the plate of the speeding car, and bingo.


    • 191
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      And proberly cameras which could indentify who got in the dr*vers side…….


    • 201
      League table mania says:

      And how long do you suppose such footage is kept ? 2003 is a long time ago!


  57. 186
    CardinalBiggles says:

    Chris Huhne guilty? The man’s a senior politician; so he’s a lying, thieving, conniving bastard!


  58. 193

    Congratulations to the Sunlight Centre for Open Politics. Even the BBC acknowledge their existence now.


  59. 198
    BOB CROW says:




  60. 208
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Who the fuck gave toilets Maguire a slot on LBC?


    • 240
      Anonymous says:

      Christ only knows.
      He hasn’t got a face for telly or a voice for radio.
      He speaks in uncomfortable strangulated tones and appears to lose his thread midway through a sentence.


  61. 209
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Fucking hell have you listened to the retarded mongs that phone in on LBC? No wonder London is a fucking shit hole full of Islamic killers.


  62. 212
    Evil in the NHS says:

    Watch Panorama now to see the kind of evil sadistic c unts working as nurses.


  63. 213
    Evil in the NHS says:

    Absolute fucking whores and c unts.


    • 216
      RATFACED MLADIC The Butcher of Boznia says:

      Can’t believe this happens Jail the fuckin lot of em


  64. 214
    RATFACED MLADIC The Butcher of Boznia says:

    I’m not well !
    i have rights you know !

    Your daughter used your own gun to kill herself for the crimes you commited !
    Yet your wife and son continued to live with you
    your daughter had honour you and your family have non
    i hope you live a very long time it would be an afront justice if you should die soon or manage to kill yourself !
    Rot in hell you dog fucker !


    • 261
      Face Slap says:

      Mladic was a Serbian war hero for protecting his people from a muslim onslaught of land grabbing murdering cun’ts after the soviet withdrawal. Tony Blair on the other hand was a muslim murdering land and oil grabbing cun’t pure and simple, he wasn’t protecting anyone at all!
      So if anyone should be in the dock it’s Blair and not Mladic.


  65. 218
    nell says:

    Interesting evening.

    posters 213 and 214 are talking about nhs frontline staff who wi cked ly abu se and neglect pa tients and mladic who committed dre ad ful ev il in his own country.

    Sadly we are surrounded by such people – gordon and bliar (and huhne to a lesser degree) and their bag carriers are of the same ilk.

    The rest of us are left to look after and protect our own and we don’t need militwit’s little society or cameron’s big society to do it.

    You just need to care about your own family and be prepared to make a stand for them when they need your help.


  66. 223
    Moley says:


    Fed up?

    No excitement in life?

    Why not watch the Conservative party at war with itself on ConservativeHome?


    • 260
      Susie says:

      Better they get it over with 4 years before an election then. Cameron must GO!


    • 281
      not a machine says:

      The castration of the right ! somedays i try and work out why the right is offensive to him , what is so obvious an imperative for him to want to be eradictaing it from the public narrative . Most times i come to the conclusion it is just politics , occasionally I wonder if it isnt just ego and him desiring everything to be cameroon in brand . some times I listen to commons questions and wonder why some right wing questions do not get answered.
      I dont know why/ who put the leak out on lansley , but it sucked , if your PM and you dont like a policy , then work to sort it out with your minister, if your deputy is whining but has no answer , tell him to shut up until he can explain how the NHS is to remain funded with the economy buggered . sacking lansley on a baseless whine of your deputy are exactly how civil wars break out . Fair enough the lib dems took it hard , but as many of us know (campiagn team now gone) ,they were absolutely dire , my leaflet had a picture of thatcher and was so pro labour.
      We now have working beyond next gen election idea , fair enough but i would think the minimum requirement , is to ensure you have the desire to ensure the left is a finished idea . even if Sir John Major thinks its worthwhile , i bet even sir John would have had no hesitation in fighting Kinnocks 80s ecnomics .
      I appreciate there a few unusual thoughts about the future , but I dont know if the basics have changed , its just all too centralised a fail to express future economic succes in any meaningfull way .
      i understand thatcherism reflected a certain time but lets not rush to jeremy thorpism too quickly for no good reason eh .

      I dont think i can add much , still bloody fuming if weve been had or not , so i think i will be into some work and a look at whats happening .No point in trying to tell a club that is on the rail tracks , the politics of least resistance and media profile has returned .Well for a while at any rate, a year or so depending on if lib dems finally enter real world ecnomic realities , but to be honest any more concessions that castrate the country and i think a stop to it will have to be made .
      Dont get me wrong I think Cameron has done a good job in some ways , given what he was left ,if no ones quite sure what political landscape is like then fair enough , but my view is you havent looked after the basics it will have been too obscessed and divided , which could be what some people want .


  67. 225

    Mark Pack’s spelling and grammar are lamentable. Maybe it is not his fault but that of the age in which he grew up. Refinement was obviously not on the curriculum at his school.

    One wonders what other vital educational processes were also omitted, besides these most visible manifestations. Rigour in thinking, perhaps?

    It does not necessarily follow that, because he thinks an apostrophe is required for every plural, that he is mistaken in his other beliefs. But the chances of this being the case increase rather dramatically, in my view.

    We do not have any concrete grounds for accepting his case that Mr Huhne’s proposals will result in “making [Britain] a cleaner, greener and safer place to live in.” He accepts this as dogma.


    • 232
      albacore says:

      Try reading the small print in even contracts of the utmost good faith like insurance policies these days and play spot the howler.


    • 238
      nell says:

      ‘cleaner, greener and safer’

      ‘cleaner’ – huhne’s going to get cars off the road then and give us cleaner air is he?

      ‘greener’ – gardeners and farmers would love to know how he’s going to get us more rainfall in the immediate future to water our crops and
      make the land greener . How is he going to do that? Do tell!!

      ‘safer’ – is he going to follow ger many then and abolish nuc lear power ? What’s he going to replace it with? Hot air?!!


      • 255

        Agree nell, but the questions are:

        Cleaner than what?
        Greener (whatever that means) than what?
        Safer than what?

        All comparative terms that are not related to anything.

        No definitions. No grounds. No proof.

        As you say, hot air – supposedly the very thing he is trying to avoid.


        • 292
          A Grosser's Astropofe says:

          I know his “make things greener” secret – he has just bought 400 tons of green paint and a crate of brushes.


  68. 244
    Burberry says:

    Who is Mark Pack?

    Is he any relation to Pack a Mac?


  69. 252
    nell says:×33434

    Apparently the left wing press has muted its objections to cameron’s refusal to back gordon for head of the imf because he has indicated that he will back mandy for head of the wto next year.

    The uk leftwing regards mandy as more important than gordon.

    Why cameron would back mandy, one of labour’s darkest, dirtiest ‘knights’ for anything more than a night soil collector, is beyond me!!!!


    • 262
      Susie says:

      I would not put it past him. Cameron’s always been deeply impressed by Blair and his Dark Lord for some reason. Perhaps it’s because he’s just like them.


  70. 256
    Gordon Brown says:

    The little people gather and spit out their meaningless bile in the hope of burning an effigy on the bonfire of impotence.

    Eat shit, little people. I’m still important with the lifestyle and affluence that befits a person of importance.


  71. 258
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m watching Sex: How to do Everything on Freeview channel 30. It’s very illuminating. I’ve never heard of the clitoris before. And what’s a woman?


    • 271
      Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      A Clitoris is part of a c u n t you know like Alistair Campbell. A woman is something you’d never have met being a socialist, they are all men in skirts including your hag wife.


  72. 259

    Kris you know who is a first class forked tongue ass h-le.
    If you can’t stand the heat bugger off out of the kitchen I say.
    Relative to the NHS on some comments,just what do you expect from nurses and I use the term advisedly,who’s only experience comes from some Uni and then think that they are Gods gift to nursing and that basic bog standard looking after patients is somewhat alien to their aspirations.
    Feck off to this Uni claptrap lets get back to ward training under a proper matron and ward sisters.
    Greener and cleaner my backside to the luvvies and tree huggers,Germany for instance have circa 23,000 MW of windmills installed,latest figures show that in january they managed to produce 0.5% of this.
    Germany is now going to cease nuclear power generation and they are now going to build more coal fired stations.
    On top of this we now have scientists telling us that wind speeds on average have diminished and will continue to do so.
    The CBI and TUC are also taking note of this,also I hear that latest projections say that for every green job that is created 3.7 jobs will be lost.
    Finally to the EUSSR,we really really need to remove ourselves from this bunch of unelected commissars who are elected by no state electorate and are frankly a bunch dictators.


  73. 273
    Poor defence says:

    I pissed myself laughing when Taylor’s lawyer said imprisoning his client would crush him!


  74. 277
    A gay J e wish Republican. No, it's not the start of a joke. says:

    Hardtalk on bbc news right now, Fred Karger, Republican politician who worked in the Reagan and Bush Sr governments. And now wants to be the Republican candidate for 2012.

    Not sure how the Republican base will take to him as he’s openly gay and J e wish.


    • 299
      Raving Loon says:

      What are the odds of the one republican being invited onto the BBC, and the one candidate they take an interest in, is the gay jewish one?

      As for my 0.02$: RON PAUL 2012!


  75. 284

    thanks for the information i will go and take a look for it.


  76. 294
    Mra Hyancinths' Bucket says:

    They wont get anything to stick on this slippery individual. Should rename him TEFLHUHNE


    • 309
      Selohesra says:

      Nice chap Mr H – says he is confident his election agent declared expenses correctly. Not his fault then he had no responsibility to review schedule before his agent filed it.


  77. 303
    Loud Zen says:

    Chris Huhne is a victim of bourgeois speed cameras and must be defended at all costs. oh sorry i meant to say “strung up then shot”. oops


  78. 304

    What is it about Guardian writers that they all have to be called Polly and don’t understand anything outside of their college Marxism indoctrination? Could someone whisper in the ear of Polly Coitus, Whitehall correspondent, that her description of this blog is factually incorrect. It is not a rightwing blog but a Libertarian one.


  79. 305
    Mark Pack says:

    I try to forget that day I was doing my homework and asked Chris Huhne,
    “What’s a semi-colon?”

    “When Carina Trimingham sticks two fingers right up my arse to give me an erection.”


  80. 307
    Sepp Blatter says:

    I keel you all!


    • 311
      Selohesra says:

      Old Sepp is not all bad – I liked his idea of women playing in tigher shorts to show off their arses better. In fact I would have taken the idea much further.


  81. 313
    Inspector Knacker says:

    I can’t remember the last time a cabinet minister was under this much fire, from so many angles and from so many people simultaneously, including us, without stepping aside ’till matters were settled one way or another. Not even Mandlebum.


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