May 31st, 2011

David’s Wedding Gift

While his little brother is away on his honeymoon, part time MP David Miliband has taken some time off from serving his constituents to top up the £190,000 he has earned this year alone. Speaking at the Hay Literary Festival, you can see why Labour’s “King Over the Water” chose to dodge his brother’s wedding party:

“If you look at the  Parliamentary Tory party and the Lib Dems, they have got some strengths over us. They have got more doctors in Parliament than we have. They have more military officers. The Tories are trying to open up. We have to make sure we look like the  country we represent, not just our supporters.” 

Very on message. Though he has a better view from the back rather than the front…

“We should be for the Big Society. Why should we allow a piece of political positioning to rob us of an important part of our political identity? I never understood that in the last government Gordon Brown’s instinct was to fight Big Society. They are reoccupying ground we previously held.”

David’s Movement For Change is signed up to the BS as well as providing an alternative loyal foot-soldier following…

“I didn’t want to play into a soap opera, but I want to help in any way I can, Labour need support in order to break the mould of Labour lapsing into long-term opposition.”

Comments like that are particularly helpful…


  1. 1
    Darrul Hare says:



    • 8
      Mr Speaker Sir.... says:



      • 133
        Dazza says:



        • 143
          David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

          These people should not be allowed to have other jobs. They are paid handsomely to be an MP. People Like Miliband helped wreck our country, the least he can do to show some sort of contrition is to do the job he is paid for. When is something going to be done about these immoral thieving turds who simply do not have a clue to run a country. Why do people pay to listen to them, are they equally as stupid!!


    • 11
      All benefits should be loans says:

      Labour should be in permanent opposition for bankrupting the Country, swamping us with diseased, criminal immigrants and ruining the Country.


      • 126
        Pancakes for breakfast says:

        Why the lack of ambition? In opposition their MPs may be harmlessly kicking thier heels but they are still be on the public payroll, picking their noses at the taxpayers’ expense. But do not forget the massive amount of damage they still inflict by misrunning local authorities. Until the government has a serious look at local government corruption and waste which the Labour Party are up to their ears in one-party fiefdoms like Waltham Forest, the country will continue to be bled dry.


      • 155
        True Blue. says:

        Bang on the money sir ! bullseye,


    • 14
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      I would like to thank my mummy, without whom this blog would not have been possibule


    • 18
      Polluting Ed says:

      So Red Ed and Justine drove all the way from the smoke up to Nottingham, got married and then drove all the way back down to have a party at their house.

      How stupid is that?


      • 28
        Steve Miliband says:

        Guess he only knows people in North London, so at least the guests could save on a hotel bill and walk home after feasting on the food from the local cafe.


      • 58
        Red Ed Millipede says:

        We cannot be seen to be occupying the same space as the proles.
        After all they may obtain the insight to understand just how shallow and selfish we are.
        I read this somewhere – Lenin I think.


    • 19
      Seb Blatter says:

      The only good election is an unopposed election


    • 59
      Sir William Waad says:

      Is that a banana kick from diddy David?


  2. 2
    Mark Skid says:

    Billy! Where art thou?


  3. 3
    English Voter says:

    Long-term opposition sounds alright to me.


  4. 5
    Robert Peston says:

    Reinstate clause 4 for the banks and they would be voted in tomorrow.


    • 9
      Engineer says:

      They wouldn’t. There isn’t an election until 2015 (well, that’s the current stated plan, anyway….). Quite apart from that, the country has seen the difference between the policies of tax, borrow and spend like crazy, and the current slightly less mad approach. The country seems to generally prefer the latter.


      • 63
        English Viking says:

        The current policy appears to be only slightly different, in that unsustainable amounts are still being borrowed by the bucketful, but instead of spending it only on rent-boys and youth-outreach co-ordinators, the Gov also give it to ex-colonials, so they can buy more nuclear weapons, space-ships and curry.


    • 12
      Antique Policies R Us says:

      It wasn’t a particularly good idea back in 1917, let alone in the 21st century.


    • 57
      ST says:

      Yes, and while we’re at it why not introduce a tax windows and control the price of corn.


  5. 6
    Aunt Hilda says:

    Probably more sense in these short paragraphs than in his brother’s entire output since appointment as leader of the labour party.

    Unfortunately however much labour alter the syntax of their stance they remain a deeply discredited devisve and truely cynical political party still dominated by union influence and so far removed from looking after the interests of the working man they are beyond parody.


    • 14
      Sleepless in Kirkaldy says:


      If the unions start striking this Autumn, abolish the union modernisation fund.


      • 42
        Marcus Edwardius says:

        The phrase ‘union modernisation’ seems like an oxymoron to me…. Do they mean buy some Apple Mac’s for the over-paid union officials? They are the enemy within, holding back modernisation and efficiency improvements within the moribund public sector organisations where the unions are deeply entrenched.

        How about a union extermination fund?


      • 44
        Sicko says:

        Labour was created by the unions to put an end to dangerous and exploitative working practices. They succeeded and those practices have been banished to the fringes: congratulations. Job done.

        Now go away and stick to proximity services in the workplace, advising individual employees of their rights. Unglamorous, low-key stuff.


      • 49
        Lady Virginia Droit de says:

        Why not just abolish it anyway – it was just round tripping cash to allow unions to fill Labour Party coffers without suffering themselves. Really there should be an investigaton into this.


      • 54
        A 'Pilgrim' says:

        Don’t worry about the ‘Union Modernisation Fund’ – we’ve had the funding issue sorted out at a local level for years. The Local authority just pays us not to work…


      • 124
        T E Sticles says:

        Why wait til then, union modernisation has to be the best example of an oxymoron, most of them are morons anyway


    • 22
      A typical Labour-voting parasite says:

      “far removed from looking after the interests of the working man”

      Only fools work. Labour gived us all the muhnee me an’ me mates need and we don’t have to work or nuffing.


    • 45
      Backwoodsman says:



  6. 7
    EdMiliband says:

    Yeth, but we have more Union men, more wonkth and geekth


    • 13
      Engineer says:

      …and no money.


      • 26
        Aunt Hilda says:

        and all with short memories and selective recall of their failed 13 year tenure


        • 35
          retardEd Miliband says:

          Today, Labour ith led by a New Generation. New faceth and new nameth; new nameth like Ed Ballth, Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey, Yvette Cooper, Liam Byrne, Andy Burnham and many more new nameth you will have never heard of before.


  7. 10
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    so is he plotting or what?


    • 25
      Go Now says:

      It’s about time he realised that he lost and his political career is over.

      His big problem is that he is not qualified to do anything else. There is a limit on how much a failed ex foreign secretary can dine out on his past.


      • 39
        Anonymous says:

        But he can network via his “friendship” with Hilary C. Lots of very useful contacts there.


    • 67
      English Viking says:

      You want to have a look if there were any ‘suspicious’ betting patterns in yesterdays farce, Billy.


  8. 16
    labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    It is highly likely that banna man will lead the lieboor party in the future, and as things are he stands a much better chance of becoming PM than his silly brother.

    He needs exposing for the hypocritical cowardly looser he is.


  9. 17
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    So now we have a Welsh team in the ENGLISH premier league, Its not cricket

    How long before the old firm from jockland try and muscle in ?


  10. 27
    Oh brother says:


  11. 31

    Kill not wound.


  12. 33
    They're all smug, sneering Celt cunts at the BBC, 'cept Kuenssbergs whom I wish to bum intensely says:

    Did he organise a Pogrom?


  13. 36
    Chris Huhne. says:

    No Comment.


  14. 38
    Moley says:

    The European Commission, the CBI and the TUC opposes Britain’s energy policy.

    For every job created in Green energy 3.7 will be destroyed.

    Maybe someone in the Labour Party should listen to the TUC; debunking climate change would be a game changer on the political scene.


    • 96
      misterned says:

      Old red labour are looking at EU membership referenda as a policy change and if they change from the “green” agenda too, that will be even more policies stolen from the B&P and UKIP.

      I doubt that either Miliband brother would actually take these policies on board however.

      Shame really, as these are two areas where LOADS of votes can be picked up, and in a close election could prove to be the difference between winning and losing the election.


    • 106
      Epiphany says:

      Entirely possible that Cons could be a one term gov. only. If Labour ditch eco-loonery could get back in by landslide.


  15. 43
    loungelizard says:

    ……and this at the Hay Literary Festival? A celebration of literature or a narcissistic gathering of leftist has-beens.


    • 51
      They're all smug, sneering Celt cunts at the BBC, 'cept Kuenssbergs whom I wish to bum intensely says:

      Any event which attracts the like of Marcus Brigstocke, and Frostrappsss is a gathering of self regarding, smug, talentless, leftist cu’nts


  16. 47
    Chris Huhne says:

    For my good friend and trusted colleague,Guido Fawkes.

    Paddy and Murphy were lost with no food or drink, or money. “Gee Murphy” says Paddy “I could seriously do with some drink right now” “I know, me too” replies Murphy. Right then they see a door with ten notes of milk on the doorstep. “Hey, Murphy!” says Paddy “You think you could go and take a pont of milk off the doorstep?” “No Way, that would ve stealing” replies Murphy. ” But we’re lost with no food drink or money, why other chance do we have?”. Murphy nervously goes up up to the doorstep and grabs a pint, whn the door opens. A man in a White gown approached Murphy. He crosses Murphy, and Mutphy puts down the milk and steps away. Paddy wa stunned, “Holy God Murphy! You met the father!”. “I know!” says Murphy “Gee I can’t believe it, he even crossed me!”

    “No he didn’t” says Paddy, “He said put the milk down, and Fuck off!”


  17. 53
    An Englishman through and through says:

    ”We have to make sure we look like the country we represent…..”
    Perhaps Millibrain would care to tell us which country that is, because it sure as hell isn’t my country.


    • 78
      Mexico says:

      It would have to be a country full of uneducated, feckless lazy oafs. Hmmm. Is he suggesting Labour MPs should start wearing sombreros?


    • 130
      stevep says:

      Well, he looks like a Polish-Lithuanian. maybe he should go there and represent them.


  18. 64
    Penelope says:

    The Milibands like their father have never had a proper job or done anything in life I would consider “normal” in terms of contributing to society.

    I find their inheritance tax dodging very difficult to accept – it shows an elitist streak that was only very much par for the course in the old Soviet Union.

    My parents fled communism and socialism in east Europe after the second world war – I believe Ralph Miliband fled communism and socialism there too after experiencing it first hand.

    Ralph may have fought for the Red Army in WW2, but he certainly had no intention of living in the utopian bliss that followed.

    I wish the UK press would actually expose the Milibands for the hypocritical elitist parasites they so obviously are.


    • 71
      Anon says:

      “expose the Milibands for the hypocritical elitist parasites they so obviously are

      What, and spoil all our fun? Labour are unelectable as long as Red Ed Milibland’s in charge. Long may he continue in his job.


      • 115
        misterned says:

        Sadly the BBC are doing their level best to tackle and eradicate any perception that labour are unelectable.


    • 102
      bergen says:

      Ralph Miliband served in the Royal Navy in WW2.I think his father served in the Red Army.I agree with the rest of your post.


      • 138
        Chin Chin says:

        Ralph was offered the choice of either serving or going to jail like Jack Straws coward of a father.


      • 145
        stevep says:

        Ralph Miliband was a traitor who spent his life sponging off the British taxpayer and he thanked them by trying to have them enslaved by marxism. It’s a pity he escaped the holocaust.


  19. 66
    Moley says:

    Miliband D is right to a certain extent, but the problem is not the background of prospective MPs but their beliefs.

    Parliament is becoming divorced from reality because the political parties select their own Parliamentary candidates, and each party has its own catechism, to which the candidate MUST comply in order to be selected. Political inbreeding would be a good term for the process.

    The Conservatives are using the boundary change review to weed out all right thinking MPs and candidates and substitute limp wet liberal greens who are clones of Cameron. (See ConservativeHome for details on the purging of the Candidate list).

    In-breeding is eventually fatal and political inbreeding is going to be no exception. This is the process which has led to Parliament having one view on Europe, one view on climate change and one view on the size of the State. (Never under estimate Cameron’s ability to say one thing whilst doing the opposite).

    Unless something changes, this country is going to be permanently destroyed by political parties who have all rendered themselves unfit for purpose.


    • 85
      English Viking says:

      I stopped reading when I got to the bit about Milliband being right.


      • 89
        Engineer says:

        Suggest you read the rest. It makes a great deal of sense.


        • 95
          English Viking says:

          What Moley says is correct, just a shame that’s not what ANY politician is saying!


          • misterned says:

            There is one politician who is saying it, loud and clear and proudly too. Sadly, he is an American Presidential candidate and not a UK MP.

            Ron Paul.


    • 86
      Cato Street Conspirator says:

      What ‘purpose’ is that? Contrary to what you say, political parties have achieved their purpose – ensuring that those who work are robbed blind by those who don’t.


      • 109
        Robert "Bob" Mugabe says:

        As everyone in Parliament now holds the same views on all the principle issues we should simply form a one party state following the lead of my great democratic African republic.


    • 101
      Backwoodsman says:

      Agree whole heartedly. The local MP here is one of Camerons’ inner circle. You always see a fleeting look of panic in his eyes when one of the local party members manage to isolate him for a little chat.
      Giving local constituency parties the right to select their own candidates, and only take a central list candidate in the event of them not being satisfied with any of the applicants, is the only way to restore a measure of democracy to politics.


      • 108
        D Cameron (Rompuy's regional administrator) says:

        Democracy in politics?

        The Conservative Party belongs to me! It is MY toy!

        Mwaaa-ha ha ha ha! Mwa-ha-ha-haaaaaa!


        • 112
          Moley says:

          Absolutely right.

          Blair established the noble tradition of throwing all the principles and beliefs to the wind and pursuing power for its own sake.

          Any party leader who insists on selecting his own candidates makes it clear that he wants unopposed power for its own sake and is interested in nothing else.


  20. 68
    Why Fly says:

    Sort of O/T, well very, but

    Yet again, thee days after ‘plane journey’ down with virus. Totally avoidable if air filters used. How many people do you know who have the same trouble.

    Time for MSM to campaign for something useful.


    • 74
      Anon says:

      In a similar vein, I haven’t needed to visit a GP since I stopped using public transport 20 years ago.


    • 149
      John Bellingham says:

      Air filters will not block viruses. Blame the tobacco-Nazis. When aircraft had smoking sections the entire atmosphere was relaced every 30 minutes. Refreshing the air costs money, so the airlines keep it to a minimum. Flight crews however have an independent air supply while Cabin crew on US transatlantic carriers had a sickness rate 400% higher than normal in the first year of the smoking ban.
      One row of smoking seats at the very back of the plane would save you from inhaling other people’s farts and worse for 10 hours.


  21. 76
    paddy fawkewit loves Dave says:


    • 81
      tatwatch says:

      How’s the blog coming along, tat?


    • 105
      Sir William Waad says:

      Towards the end of the clip Dave does that thing where he’s trying to open the stuck door of a wardrobe. It’s a gift to impersonators.


  22. 77
    I want another Liebore civil war says:

    Come on, David. It’s never too late to launch a leadership challenge. Give the rest of us a laugh and help Labour have another civil war like the good old days.


  23. 83
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    David Miliband will spend the 2010s brooding and malevolent like Gordon Brown in the 1990s/2000s and then when he gets what he wants will be an absolute disaster.


    • 92
      Ho hum says:

      Supremely qualified to be PM, then.

      Major – disaster.
      Blair – disaster.
      Brown – disaster.
      Cameron – disaster.
      Miliband (D or E) – disaster.


    • 99
      Fa Kin Su Pah says:

      He can’t do brooding. He’s not physically threatening
      enough. He can whine though.


    • 119
      Backwoodsman says:

      Excuse me if everyone else is aware of it, but I’ve only just made the connection between mili major and the scandal in sunderland , where the local council (aka the labour party) have just blued a great deal of tax payers money trying to unmask a whisle blower who exposed labour party electoral fraud . ( Postal vote fraud by labour, who’d a thunk it !!!)

      Meanwhile in Downing Street, Prime Minister Tony Blair had recently hosted a garden party and had pulled one of his senior advisers and head of his Policy Unit to one side and asked him join him in Parliament. He told him that a General Election was imminent and that he’d earmarked a traditionally safe Labour seat for him in a place called South Shields. Apparently he also mentioned that there some issues within the local party that needed sorting out. He assured him that he’d have the help of the sitting MP, Dr David Clark and a handful of reliable party members.

      This rising star was none other than David Miliband, affectionately known in Labour party circles as ‘brains’ and now the Foreign Secretary and member of Parliament for South Shields.”


  24. 87
    Ed is Ed's bitch says:

    The poor Milimong brothers. Both wanted to be Labour leader and both failed. And now Ed is in the unenviable position of answering to his master, Blinky. Ed’s scared to death of Blinky Testicles.


    • 94
      Ed Balls (Prime Minister in Waiting) says:

      He only needs to fear me if he puts too much milk in my tea.


  25. 88
    Nick Clegg says:

    We should make David environment secretary once we have fucked off that swarthy slimeball Huhne.


  26. 91
    Ed Balls says:

    Sack the fucking bitch


  27. 98
    Fa Kin Su Pah says:

    I want to earn some really big money
    so I’m becoming a Socialist.


  28. 103
    I don't need no doctor says:

    A FIFA bung goes better with Coca Cola. It’s the real thing.


  29. 104
    Sir William Waad says:

    Interesting piece by Dame Polly in today’s Grauniad:

    Polly makes the point that hating chavs has become a national weakness. It worries me more than a bit; nasty and parasitic the chav class may be, but it’s not good if one part of the nation hates another part. Some of the comments made on this blog are worrying too.

    Some of the commenters have spotted Dame Polly’s confusion of chavs with the working class, an easy mistake to make if you never meet the former and only come across the latter when they’re wearing a pinny and serving you organic peppermint tea.


    • 111
      Ted says:

      The Chav’s will die out in due course and become extinct just like the London Cockneys as Britain moves towards her Islamic destiny.


      • 114
        Toynbe knows jack-shit says:

        Chavs strike me as so genetically-damaged they were one mutation away from being miscarried or stillborn. If they continue to inbreed within their ‘communities’ (nests?), within a generation or two they’ll cease to be viable life-forms. No amount of intensive care in a maternity ward will keep them alive.


    • 113
      Toynbe knows jack-shit says:

      If you’re not supposed to hate chavs, what emotion should you feel for them? (Apologies if this is answered in her article, but I can’t be bothered reading anything by Toynbee).

      Whenever a stolen car full of 15-year-old chavs crashes near my home, killing all occupants, the deceased are always “Dwayne” and “Alfie” etc from the local chav estate. Are we supposed to respect these people?


      • 120
        Lady Hamilton's Pussy says:

        No, but we probably shouldn’t give up on these people, and there ought to be a way to wean them away from Chaviness.

        It can’t be healthy to treat sections of society with a mixture of subsidy and contempt.

        Cutting the benifits is the start. What next? National service?


      • 121
        misterned says:

        “If you’re not supposed to hate chavs, what emotion should you feel for them? ”

        A difficult balance of contemptuous pity, perhaps?


        • 129
          Mr Nice says:

          Yeah, probably. Then we should call the pest exterminator to shoot them, as we do with all dangerous animals.


      • 134
        English Viking says:

        No free money/houses/flats/childcare = no chavs within 30 years.


    • 136
      Shock,Awe and Total Indifference says:

      “Chavs” are a product of the country’s failed education sytem over the last 40 odd years of low aspiration coupled with the lack of personal morality or responsibility for your actions expecting society and everyone but you to pick up the tab..coupled with the shallow celebrity culture that everyone is entitled to be a celebrity and live the good life without an ounce of actual talent or actually doing very much to achieve it other than aspiring to be a contestant on a tv reality programme such as “Big Brother” or “X Factor”..Polly is incapable by her cloistered privileged upbringing and background of understanding and what she writes on the topic can be discounted as of no value or import……..other than supplying copy for the socialist rag she writes for whose readers likewise have no real conception outside their small privileged circles…..


      • 139
        Chin Chin says:

        Exacatly chav’s came about in society because of the dumbing down of the education our wet lefty friends infiltrated and proceeded to bring about after the 60’s.

        Being told your not to blame for any of your actions and then acting like a feral animal as you have not been given the tools for any kind of in-depth analysis = a generation of thick scum that are given free houses and money to breed more generations of thick scum.


        • 140
          Chin Chin says:

          The reality of Britian in the 21st century is that an African child with a piece of chalk and board sitting in a mud hut Christian school in Africa learning from a second hand text book has more working maths and science knowledge that the hordes of chavs in our school today who think they’ll all grow up to be the next David Beckham and Messi.


          • Cato Street Conspirator says:

            Chavs are always Tories though, whether they vote that way or not (as are most career criminals). So there’s a bit of comfort.


    • 146
      stevep says:

      polly confuses the working class with the non-working class (chavs)

      then again, being a millionaire toff married to a millionaire labour placeman and living in London, Lewes and Tuscany, I’d expect her to know f*ck all about it.


      • 150
        The big D says:

        She really has no awareness of her and her employer’s hypocrisy

        One of her replies in the comments ends with “……. though by the time very clever accountants have devised new complex avoidance loopholes, adding reams to the tax law manuals – avoidance is a pretty stinking business too, by the rich and big companies.”



  30. 117

    If you are deaf I can confirm that the words on the lips of David Millitwat are:

    ” F.U.C.K.E.R “


  31. 128
    Anonymous says:

    “We have to make sure we look like the country we represent…”

    What, with 190 grand in his back pocket? Sweet Jesus!
    And the year is barely half way through.

    “Labour need support in order to break the mould of Labour lapsing into long-term opposition.”

    I dunno about anyone else but it seems to me that being in opposition pays better than being a Cabinet Minister, or for that matter being the Prime Minister. And you don’t have the pressures of office to cope with.


  32. 147
    not a machine says:

    I am perhaps being a little unfair to those Labour MPs who have done our country some good , but as for stopping labour declining into long term opposition , I really couldnt give a dam for the creating the incomptent and arrogant mess they have created . They ran the scorched earth , ruinous immigration and ecnomic polices . I have enough fire in my belly to work towards finishing there whole corrupt ideaology


  33. 148
    Anonymous says:

    …and they kiss.


  34. 152
    gildedtumbril says:

    BS stands for big society? It stands more often for bullshit.Which, of course, both millipedes are full of.
    Who cares a tinker’s cuspidor what they think or say about any bloody thing?
    They are fully deserving of my standard remedial treatment for traitors; tarring feathering etc.


  35. 153
  36. 154
    Dave666 says:

    Can we please have a Big Society which looks like all of the UK and not just Notting Hill, Surrey and Oxfordshire?


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