May 29th, 2011

A Month of Sundays

It’s now been a month of Sunday paper hounding for Huhne. After four consecutive weeks he still limps on. The Mail says he refused to answer certain questions when asked by the police. It is your right to remain silent for fear of incriminating yourself.

GPS tells us that Vicky Pryce could not in all likelihood have gone from a dinner in London to Stansted airport to collect her husband, and back to the M11 southbound speed camera before 11.34…

The speed camera is said to have caught a car with the number plate H11 HNE at 11.23.

Guido understands that if the police got a Court Order against the Sunday Times they would obtain interesting evidence. Though other papers suggest it could be couple of weeks yet, intriguingly the Indy, who are no enemy of Huhne, say a file will go to the CPS this week. Even without answers from the couple, the evidence is piling up, trial by media is at an end…


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Just Resign Hunt or hang yourself.


    • 2
      Mike Handycock says:

      He will survive because he is a good man – takes one to know one

      MA HA BONE!


      • 140
        Julian says:

        I would like to think that the police are asking questions to check how good he is. Questions such as:

        Where was the car earlier that evening: with Pryce in London or at the airport car park? If at the airport is it possible to get there from central London by public transport within the time window?

        If Pryce came to collect him, with or without car, was it pre-arranged? Maybe he had been drinking (alcohol) on the flight and needed a sober driver? Had she been drinking at her evening event? Did they phone each other to confirm meeting/ flight times/ landing? Phone records might help.

        Do police photos show a passenger in the speeding car? If so do they suggest who it was?


        • 274
          Remittance Man says:

          With all those CCTVs Britain is the most surveyed country in the world. If they managed to track the 7/7 bombers movements almost step by step on that fateful day, surely it will be possible to track the movements of the car.


          • Remittance Man says:

            Forgot to add: Stanstead is probably smothered in CCTV cameras. Where’s the footage of Mrs Chickens giving hubby a welcome home hug in arrivals?


          • Wak Atak says:

            Surely they can check his expenses and see if he claimed for parking or check the parking records at stansted


      • 302
        Chris Give it Me up the Arse Huhne says:

        Of course my wife could have reached the camera by the alleged time, she was SPEEDING after all.


    • 33
      Dave is a Hoon says:

      So let me get this Right.

      Cameron has complete confidence in Huhne and eased the Huhne’s costly and unnecessary environment plans through cabinet.

      Cameron has no confidence in Lansley and has blocked his wholly necessary NHS reforms, that had the full approval of cabinet and parliament.

      Which political party is Dave a member of?


      • 37
        Ex-Conservative voter says:

        Dave’s a LibDem, but there were no vacancies so he barged (or conned) his way into a shell-shocked Conservative Party. Unfortunately, he’s bringing with him the LibDem’s award-winning levels of unpopularity, too.


        • 258
          Posh twat says:

          Does anybody understand what lardy Cheryl Cole says – I never thought that having a strong regional accent was a positive thing – on the whole succesful people try to lose their accents but she seems to think that it is a good thing. Stupid girl.


        • 265
          Judy Judy says:

          Reported on sky news this morning

          the huhne kids stopped thier mother from co-operating fully with polis….

          so nothing to see hear – move along please……

          it would appear guido done more to highlight the discrepancies and nature of a wounded wife… than nail a criminal….

          Michael White 1 – Guido – 0

          tittle tattle is just that – not real evidence it would seem…

          no doubt the cartoon this morning will be a huhne one – with the guido tag “its nearly over” … which could be more accurate for guido that huhne


      • 56
        Judge Dread says:

        Dave is covering his back is he not….. Landsley and Fox both had wings clipped….

        Dave less interested in libdems…. especially if they not whiter than white – laws, cable (the halo has fallen), huhne, handcock…… if these damage that party – cameron happy

        Again – guido says its all voer – but more ifs and buts…. she cant be in car he states as 7 mins (at normal speeds) but what if she speeding …. , who drove car – if huhne cannot remember he has defence – maybe someone drove for him….. but she took the points ???????

        dont yet see the smoking gun – and not without guidos best journalistic efforts….. best he can come up with is huhne probably was speeding and she probably took the blame

        so she did the crime…


      • 61
        Maximus says:

        Pay attention back there. It’s this party:

        Mind the Hep C.


      • 164
        Bloody shame Really says:

        Andrew lansley was given 5 days on the trot to put his case live on PM.

        I could sort of understand the case he was making for his reforms but I could not understand his solutions or what he was really trying to solve.

        Bloody shame really as the NHS is a massive cash eating inefficient cow and it really should have been slaughtered by now.

        I had hoped that Dave would seize the moment and press through much needed reforms of the NHS but I suspect he may back away. One thing is for sure, Lansley ain’t gifted in the selling department.

        I believe Lansley has his heart is in the right place and his plans would make the NHS a much better thing. But will Dave back him? I don’t think so.


    • 112
      Common sense voter says:

      Refusing to answer questions, if true, is not clever given the media circus over the last few weeks. Does Huhne really want the matter and insinuations to drag on?

      People have posted on this blog questioning all the fuss over a few points on a licence but refusing to answer police questions elevates his ‘offence’ to a whole new level.

      We voters and funders of MP’s expenses are entitled to expect the absolute best of people we pay handsomely to act in our best interests.

      Lib Dem excuses that they paid the diddled money back etc so they are innocent and wish to continue accepting our handsome remunerations just won’t wash. Neither, in the circumstances, will refusing to answer police questions.

      The Dems don’t seem to care that they are coming across as the dirty party and only seem interested in making excuses and continuing unabated.

      Shame on them. Thank god they didn’t get their way on AV. The thought of them in permanent power is a horrible one.


      • 127
        Frank says:

        To be frank I would advise anyone when asked questions under caution by the plod or more increasingly by local government officials to exercise their right to remain silent.


        • 190
          Anonymous says:

          Do you think Huhne was doing that to act as a role model to the shyer and less assertive among us? If he was he really is an honourable man.


        • 266
          Berlusconi says:

          Owning a personalised number plate should immediately bar him from any public office. What a T1 ONK.


    • 133
      John Evans says:

      If that is an actual picture of his number plate then it is illegal. The dot should not be placed in order to spell a name according to the DVLA.


      • 139
        Chris H1.1HNE says:

        Just shut up and pay me my tax-free expenses, pleb


      • 152
        The DNA of a Huhne says:

        Perhaps he “forgot” to fit a yellow screw cap. Look the Huhne is a devious Hoon and he has never been above bending the rules. He even once bought a black cab so he could drive down bus lanes.


    • 286
      Iloathlefties says:

      Hound the Huhne Guido!!!!


  2. 3
    Inspector Knacker of the Yard says:

    I’ll have him.


    • 51
      Icarus says:

      If she was going really fast then she could have got there sooner.

      Wait, she was nabbed for speeding!!!

      Chris is in the clear!


      • 108
        Bled White Taxpayer says:

        I’ve just done a Google maps route from LSE, via Stansted passenger pickup zone then back to the M11 / M25 junction. It says 1 hour 19 minutes, and in my experience, Google maps is mostly slightly conservative (small c) on driving times, by about 5-10%.

        I’d love for Huhne to be guilty, but given that there are only minutes either way, it seems to me that the evidence of where Vicky was after 10 pm and the time of offence at 1123 pm is not in itself enough to convict Huhne beyond reasonable doubt.



        • 116
          Bled White Taxpayer says:

          Obllocks. Forgot that the critical time is when Huhne was potentially through customs/passport to be picked up, having landed at 1023 pm. Stupid git.

          Estimate 1045 at the very earliest.

          Game back on?


    • 115
      tory boys never grow up says:

      Perhaps you should be allowed to complete your enquiries without the likes of Guido and the Press doing your job for you – otherwise is there much point in having independent Police, CPS and courts – far better just to sell them off to Sky together with the television rights.


      • 259
        Lord Michael Cain says:

        Did yoy say ‘independent Police and CPS’ are you having a laugh they are appointed or get promoted on the say so of government. The head jobsworth at the CPS was appointed by liebour ….independent my ar**.


  3. 4
    Anonymous says:

    “She made the claims in The Sunday Times but The Independent on Sunday understands that when asked about them by officers on Tuesday, she declined to support the allegations.” (from Indy)
    So… why would Viky Pryce when speaking to the police deny she took Huhne’s points?


    • 28
      nell says:

      The independent has been running a ‘ chris huhne is wonderful’ campaign for days now. I fancy they’d say anything to paint their hero in a good light.


      • 114
        mhll says:

        The fact that he has a personalised number plate tells you all you need to know about the man. Vain, self-serving and insecure. I bet he has tattoos


  4. 5
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    He should have done the same as Laws, Resign straight away and fight your corner, If he had done that and been found not guilty or had a case to answer then he would have been vindicated and could have returned to cabnait.

    this now has to question Nick Cleggs judgement, Is he keeping Hunt in cabnait to prevent Hunt leading a breakaway? FFS Clegg Man up!

    Plus he is a condesending tosser.


  5. 6
    Helpful says:

    An FOI request for a copy of his expenses for the relevant time period might reveal a receipt for car parking at Stansted airport. If the car had been parked at Stansted airport whilst he was in Strasbourg, it would be even harder for Mrs Huhne to be the driver.


    • 15
      Squirty says:

      Not very helpful to Mr H, though. I am sure he is a very nice man and much maligned. After all, he has sacrificed himself to a life of public service and look what he gets in return — a torrent of vitriol from those whose miserable existence he is trying to improve. Honestly, it’s enough to deter the public-spirited from following in his admirable footsteps, and where would we be then, without their deep wisdom, selflessness, and moral guidance?

      Think again, windowlickers, and let’s make tomorrow’s bank holiday “Be Nice to Chris Day”!


      • 22
        Mike Handycock says:

        Hear! Hear!

        Bloody well said, Squirty


      • 38
        Ex-Conservative voter says:

        Yes, let’s be nice to Chris! Let’s support condescending maniac car drivers who lie and cheat and steal.

        “Chris Huhne, the millionaire Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman, regularly submits receipts for bus tickets and groceries including pints of milk, fluffy dusters, lavatory rolls and chocolate HobNobs.”

        Let’s be nice to him? No. Let’s nail the fucker.


        • 287
          Iloathlefties says:

          Agreed. He’s a condescending leftie champagne socialist bastard with a poor taste in women!!


      • 54
        The Paragnostic says:


        That’s a torrent of vitriol and 7 houses and a lot of pension pot.

        Anyway, to support Huhne’s green credentials I’d be willing to substitute quicklime for vitriol, as all those sulphur fumes cause acid rain, man!


        • 96
          Squirty says:

          Mr P: be fair! He is fond of driving, so needs those 7 destinations to give him somewhere to go when relaxing after a gruelling week of policy-making on our unworthy behalf. As for the pension pot, he will need to buy a lot of candles and storm-lanterns, not to mention hot-water bottles, when he is too decrepit to sacrifice himself to our selfish interests. He may also need one of those padded sleeping-bag type things the elderly put their legs in when reclining in their Parker Knoll armchairs and watching Songs of Praise.

          You will find that quicklime has been banned by the EU, much like creosote. The Kwiklime (TM) you must use instead is available at B&Q, price £19.99 per 250 gm.


          • Lavoisier says:

            Silly to ban quicklime. You can make your own by just heating up a load of limestone….


    • 35
      Selohesra says:

      Don’t think MEPs have to provide receipts or even justify expense – so doubt that would reveal anything


      • 39
        Your unelected President, Herman van Rompuy says:

        Correct. All expenses claimed by the EU elite come from the pockets of you grotty little peasant serfs. Your money is our money. We don’t justify how we spend it to little grunts like you. That’s what you’re for. To give us money. That’s what I think. That’s what Dave and his Conservatives think.

        Get back to work.


        • 203
          Grumpy Old Man says:

          Dave is not a Conservative. His supporters are not Conservatives. Just as the foot-scraping formerly known as Blair is not Labour, so the used sanitary pad known as Dave is not a Conservative. Stop cowering, mortals, and get bloody angry.


    • 89
      Anonymous says:

      His expenses were paid by EU, who are not subject to FoI.


    • 101
      smoggie says:

      And you don’t usually get receipts for airport carparking. Nice try Sherlock but I’m sure the Filth know what they’re doing.


      • 204
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        Oh yes you do! She Who Must Be Obeyed travels extensively at the request of those who remunerate her toil. No receipt – no expenses. The HoC should try it.


    • 142
      Chris H1.1HNE says:

      No evidence there mate. As a former Euro-Trougher we claim for everything, even if we are not there!! Do you think I cliamed for a cheapo Ryan Air flight? Did I f**k, first class BA ticket on my expenses claim!


  6. 7
    purpleline Holmes says:

    If I were Essex Police I would request his expenses from the European Parliament or the regional MEP office.

    If he parked his car at Stansted and put the invoice in to claim, he was either fiddling expenses or has been caught red handed driving on the M11.

    Case closed.


    • 41
      AC1 says:

      BAA gave “free” parking to MPs ad MEPs.


      • 59
        The Paragnostic says:

        That’ll be Huhne’s ‘Get out of Jail Free’ card then.

        Is Carina a Community Chest?


      • 102
        RememberRinka says:

        BAA also gave free parking to accredited journalists (ie NUJ members) at that time. But you had to sign in for it.

        So BAA will have a record which I am sure they would hand to the Old Bill if asked nicely.


      • 128
        Anonymous says:

        If they use that perk on non-parliamentary personal trips is it not a taxable benefit in kind? One for HMRC.


      • 278
        Essexplod says:

        Indeed they did at the relevant time but they also log every car in and every car out and every car there overnight.

        There has been a lot of focus on where Mrs Huhne was at the time of the offence.

        Think about where she was at the time Huhne’s car first arrived at the airport for his outward trip.

        Put simply. Hune is a mad driver otherwise he would not have collected so many points and lost his licence for driving while using a phone.

        There is just NO WAY Huhne would let his wife drive him. not in his nature.


  7. 8
    Sue Doughty says:

    Maybe she travelled to Stansted by helicopter?


    • 31
      I don't doubt(y) you says:

      or, maybe she jumped on the back of a passing airborne piglet which just happened to be going that way?


    • 57
      Judge Dread says:

      or train… dont trains run from london to the airports…. ?

      they can go quite quickly ya know………


  8. 9
    GBS says:

    She couldn’t have possibly got there in time.

    Unless she was, uh… speeding!


  9. 10
    Nigel S says:

    Unless she was driving fast of course…


  10. 11
    Barry O'Barma says:

    What if he “gave” her the points without asking her? Maybe they could split the jail time between them.


    • 48
      Ken Clarke, the criminals friend, says:

      Nobody should go to prison! Sometimes MPs do go, of course, but they only serve a week or so of their 18 month sentences. Once I’ve closed the prisons, MPs won’t even do that. Let him have a week’s paid leave, like Laws got.

      Chortle chortle.


      • 52
        Anonymous says:

        Yes Ken, lets just throw it all up into the air and see what happens. Like we did with the health service, that worked well didn’t it? Chuckle chuckle.


  11. 12
    That's News says:

    But what deal will Ms Pryce be able to cut for herself.

    “Hello, CPS, can you cut me a deal for the following offences, please?

    1)Fraud (the paperwork she completed)
    2) Conspiracy with persons known or unknown
    3) Perverting the course of justice
    4) Etc, etc.

    What if they say “no”? Will she suddenly become a little forgetful? Not quite sure of the day, date, time, year, and so on?

    After all, there may well be another defence. “Well, your honour, although the car might well have been driving along that road, and Ms Pryce has admitted to driving it, truthfully or not, there’s no evidence that Mr Huhne was in the car with her. Yes, we know she said she was at a function in London, but was she? And if it was not her driving the car, who was it? Was it Mr Huhne? Or was it Ms Pryce or someone else driving to meet Ms Pryce?”

    The fact that Huhne is not ready to give up could indicate that he is brazen or that he has a cast iron defence and someone who could come forward and say: “Sorry, but he was with me at that time and on that date, and here are the photos, credit card statements, etc., to prove it.”

    There may well be more to this than meets they eye.


    • 58
      Judge Dread says:

      if they both go down for this – do the kids to into care?

      making a claim against your husband in run up to divorce…. makes sense…. but has she thought this thruuuuuuuu

      2 years each of them, and kids in care- now is that worth what the papers are offering her in way of publicity….


      • 135
        Sensible Bloke says:

        Time for Hune to play the “I am your saviour” green card. Being deprived of his employment prevents him from shutting our power stations and saving the planet by reducing by 30% over twenty years the 2% the UK is said to contribute to the Worlds one tenth of one degree increase in temperature a year. Possibly. Just to be on the safe side.

        Come on, you’ve got to admit the man’s got a case.


      • 249
        Anonymous says:

        Unless she has already been given a get out of jail free card, I can’t see this working. After all, Huhne has already been found guilty by the media, so we could have a situation in which a court rules Huhne can’t get a fair trial, and Ms Pryce gets herself a reputation for being a weakling who can’t resist taking her husband’s points. How VERY feminist of her!


  12. 13
    Chris Huhne says:

    I’ll cling on to the bitter end.


  13. 14
    Woof Woof says:

    This fiasco doesn’t inspire much confidence in fucking Dave and Nick does it.


    • 19
      nell says:

      I suspect they are operating along the principle ‘give him enough rope and he’ll hang himself’


      • 24
        Class M-3 Model B9 General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control Robot says:

        Dave? Nick? Principles?

        Does not compute!

        Does not compute!


    • 147
      bergen says:

      I agree.A “no comment” interview is entirely acceptable for a private citizen but not for one of Her Majesty’s Secretaries of State.

      If he can’t see that himself,he shouldn’t be in the cabinet anyway.


  14. 16
    MB. says:

    Is that a genuine image of his number plate or artistic licence? Surely it would be illegal with that style so another possible charge.


  15. 17
    pp says:

    Your out of date Guido.

    You no longer have the right to silence.

    if you are silent the jury will be informed and may draw conclusions.

    So your silence may well incriminate you.

    So liars have a definite advantage under our wonderful improved justice system.


  16. 18
    nell says:


    The independent and the libdems have joined up to portray huhne as the man who is saving the world from climate change!

    Must be the same writer that tried to convince us gordon saved the world from financial ruin!


    • 30
      not a machine says:

      thers £1bn going on a labour leftover project , that despite enquiry has had no answer, that being carbon capture and storage ecnomic effectiveness , while the speedtrap business has been going on ,this has been funded . I dont quite understand why the Hull area has so much CO2 needing to be captured ,or if it is somthing of an EU thinking. A CO2 cut could be attained by simply making any new coal or biomass power station much more efficent .The current CO2 capture idea involves the use of a solvent called amine (I dont know who makes it but it is a very toxic sunstance ) , the capture ,pumping and returning of the CO2 to the alledged depleted gas fields (who owns them? and requireing a lot of pipe work) will require 25% more energy than without , ergo 25% more fuel is burnt just to comply with a CO2 reduction , which clearly it isnt if you measure at source.
      Whilst trying to be a green thinker , even this project whiffs of somthing from the labour ponzi scheme era and as i say at no point in the last 12 months has he made any technical discussion for the house or the public .


      • 69
        The Paragnostic says:

        The ‘amine’ is monoathanolamine.

        It’s not that nasty, and the scrubber is a closed system, so unless you decide to go and drink it, it’s not going to harm you.

        A 25% parasitic load sounds like a lot, though – and £1 billion seems an awful lot for a pilot scrubber – I wonder who got all the consultancy fees?


        • 144
          not a machine says:

          I dont think you understand the scale of the full plan , capture from 3 full size power stations is end game inc drax, nor the ammount of amine involved imagine rupture and leak into water table (these stations are steam generation so near major rivers).

          its the efficency that needs sorting first ,the CO2 has other solutions none of which have taken presidence above pilot plant .


          • The Paragnostic says:

            Since I don’t see AGW as a real problem, I’d say that we shouldn’t bother with capturing CO2 at all.

            But whichever system is used, they all rely on scrubbing using weakly alkali solvents, and MEA is relatively harmless if it gets into the water table.

            We’d be better off investing money into cheap ways of reopening the pits, and into automated mining of coal.


      • 73
        Spelchequer says:

        You write like one.


      • 193
        Ignorant libDem MP, friend of Drug Dealers, from Portsmouth says:



  17. 20
    Tom Cruise says:

    Chris, just join the Scientologists. We threaten, harass and intimidate anyone who criticizes us.


    • 43
      Where've I heard that before? says:

      Ah, so you’re Muzzies?


    • 65
      Maximus says:

      He has – the climate scientologists.


      • 77
        The Paragnostic says:

        If they are so worried about sea level rise, why do they build their CRU temple at the “University” of East Anglia?

        Shows how fucking clever these geographers are, doesn’t it?


  18. 21
    Mr Burns says:



  19. 26
    Voice of Treason says:

    This fucking twat Huhne is said by his ex-wife to drive like a lunatic is the ‘greeny’ who wants to stop 80mph on motorways. A perfectly safe and efficient speed for modern day vehicles. I believe this man to be as guilty as hell in regards to the perverting the course of justice speeding ticket.


  20. 29
    Deevee Ellay says:

    What a total hoon to have a numberplate made up to look like HUHNE


  21. 34
    Moley says:

    It will be an interesting exposure of the Coalition’s values if Huhne is kept and Lansley is shafted by Dave.

    Not the kind of values with which most people would like to be associated.


  22. 36
    Stinkfinger says:

    What does the Huhne make of speed cameras and their ability to prevent accidents?
    Not a lot obviously.
    Even without getting his missus to take the ‘Points’ he had already racked up a lot himself.
    So we can establish already that what he would back publicaly(speed cameras) in private he ignores.
    He is a proven liar.He must have lied to conduct and affair.
    So we have a liar who says ‘do what I say,not what I do’.
    Without need of a Police investigation the cu*t should be made to go.


  23. 40
    Traffic Expert says:

    The 11.34pm is based on two assumptions;
    1. Vicky Pryce didn’t leave the LSE dinner until precisely 10am
    2. Vicky Pryce did not exceed the statutory speed limits

    There’s no hard evidence to confirm or deny ‘1’, there is hard evidence to deny ‘2’, the speeding offence which shows that the car was, at least for part of the journey, exceeding the speed limt.

    This story is going nowhere.


    • 46
      Chris Huhne speaking shiftilly says:

      So long as my wife keeps her mouth shut, it’s going no-where. Let’s stop talking. We shouldn’t say anything on the phone.


    • 60
      Bardirect says:

      We do know that VP only got one set of points for one offence on the way back, which is surprising if she did the round trip as there are plenty of speed cameras on the way, including some on all those traffic lights and pedestrian crossings which crop up every few hundred yards, through the West End, City, Aldgate, Whitechapel, and Stratford, even before you get to the M11. The speed limit may be 30 mph but average speed will be more like 15 at night, so best part of an hour to the motorway. There’s the 50mph section at the beginning of it too. So getting there in time if she stuck to the speed limit = no chance and the absence of other points counts against that journey too.

      The killer fact will be when it’s shown that the car was parked at Stansted in the MEP free parking area. That makes it impossible for VP to have done the round trip.


      • 122
        Helpful says:

        If the car was parked at Stansted: Game, Set and Match for the first offence of making a false declaration as who was the driver.


      • 132
        Attilla the Huhne says:

        Assuming that VP and the Huhne were living at the same address at the time, it is possible that she – or some skivvy (unpaid intern?) – filled in the form when it arrived from the speed camera thieves, and that he knew nothing about it. In which improbable case, he could be completely innocent of any falsehood (although not of the offence of speeding). In this hypothetical case, he would not necessarily remember the incident.

        If it was the skivvy wot dun it, then we would have a complicated situation.

        Would be a shame if he survived this, wouldn’t it?


    • 280
      Essexplod says:

      The mindless stupidity of some comments here.

      Think about where the car was for the days Huhne was away. Think about what records exist of that.

      Think about what Vicky was doing when Huhne WENT to the airport-on his way out to Brussels.

      If Essex plod are capable of serious investigation, Huhne is dead meat. My great fear is they are not.


  24. 42
    Malthus says:

    H11 HNE?? There can be no hope for such a creature.

    What level of Hubris does it take to even think that having such a hugely vulgar plate would be a good idea? Ah well, Nemesis will be along soon…..


  25. 47
    Handycock says:

    You’re starting to get boring now Guido.

    Guess who was @ The Lodge today?


  26. 49
    gildedtumbril says:

    It appears the huhne creature is a huhne. Well, what a surprise. Aside from being an odious tosser whose sole claim for eminence seems to be an aversion to truth. It would seem the poor media-trialled eejit is in desperate need of my standard treatment for dishonour in office; tarring, feathering, hanging, drawing, quartering and head on pike, on Westminster bridge. Seems reasonable.


  27. 53
    Ed Balls, Shallow Chancer says:

    Too fast, too fast !!


  28. 55
    Mark Oaten says:

    Everyone’s dumping on poor Chris.


  29. 67
    Chris Huhne says:

    Carina just rammed a 12inch strap-on up my arse. It felt great.


  30. 68
    Moley says:

    The Independent on Huhne;

    Their starting point is that it is heroic to castrate the economy on the basis of a quasi religious scientific fabrication.

    As we have seen from Huhne’s liking for fast cars and pollution of the environment by excessive speed, he does not believe it himself, or if he does, like most greens, he believes that other people should go back to mud huts and donkeys while the Huhne’s of this world jet from conference to conference eating caviare and “saving the world”.


    • 118
      Tessa Tickles says:

      There’s a superb op ed essay by Dominic Lawson in today’s Sunday Times that’s quite damning of Huhne’s (and Cameron’s) economy-destroying eco plans (eco plans which won’t, of course, help the environment one bit). Well worth a read if you can still get hold of a copy.


      • 290
        Sicko says:

        Is this the right place to point out that Japan, France and those notorious eco-terrorists in Canada have just decided not to renew their commitment to the Tokyo Declarations which kick-started the global demonisation of carbon dioxide?

        It’s all about the cosmic rays anyway: look up Henrik Svensmark, whose idea is they seed clouds which reflect solar radiation, which in turn causes global cooling. CO2 is a great red herring.


  31. 70
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Four weeks and still the media haven’t the guts to print ” Huhne Guilty”. How brave our glorious press and tv.


  32. 74
    Chris Huhne says:

    I’m short and pointless.


  33. 75
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Anyone heard anything from “Cock-up Balls” this weekend?


  34. 76
    Bap Watch says:

    I’d like to empty my nutsack all over Penny Mordaunt’s baps. I’d like to empty a sack of grenades all over Margaret Beckett.


  35. 78
    Gordon Brown says:

    People of Great Britain, I have something to tell you. I’ve decided to stop living a lie and tell you the truth. For too long I’ve lived a double life and I feel it’s time to be open and honest. The truth is that I am ga…

    Hi, Sarah here. Sorry, I had to interrupt my hero because he’s got an urgent phone call. Go now, Gordon. Anyway, what he wanted to tell you all is that he’s gallant, which not enough people know.

    Mr Brown, what the fuck were you thinking? We had a deal. I’ve got more books to sell and more first class flights round the world to make and you almost fucked it up by letting the cat out the bag. And talking of pussy, tell the driver to be ready to take me to Canterbury in half an hour.


  36. 79
    Chris Huhne says:

    Climate change is real. You ignore it at your peril. Reduce your carbon footprint now.


    • 88
      Moley says:

      I recommend that those who believe in the reduction of man-made Carbon dioxide emissions should set a personal example of emission reduction.

      Place own hands round own neck and squeeze tightly; you will be saving the world.


    • 100
      Just a minute! says:

      Yes you are right Chris climate change is real. It was around long before my ancestors evolved into bacteria, it was even around when Ming was a lad.


      • 156
        nell says:

        Apparently medieval global warming was partly to blame for the spread of the bubonic plague.

        Of course jo nes of the ue a and p acha uri the train driver don’t want us to know that.


  37. 80
    The Smoking Gun says:

    You really are embarrassing yourself now. Why not ask the real question – How Long Can Keaul Hang On?


  38. 81
    English Viking says:


    He does not have the right to remain silent for fear of incriminating himself.

    Labour scrapped it. Now, if you do not mention something under questioning that you later rely on in court, it harms you defense.


  39. 82
    Chris Bryfronts says:

    I’m horny.


  40. 83
    Professor ov jurisprudence says:

    It’s not just that you wouldn’t hang a dog on poor mad Vicky’s evidence (which she won’t give anyway), you wouldn’t mildly reprimand a cockroach. This is going nowhere.


  41. 84
    Moderate Muslim says:

    Infidels! This is our country now! You will eat our halal meat and give us sharia law! Death to decadent western kuffar infidels! Death to freedom! Death to music! Death to wagon wheels!


    • 97
      One of the righteous. says:

      Yes indeed, thank you for being good enough to engage in dialogue with us. I am sure that given time we can find common ground……waffle waffle waffle.


  42. 85
    Geoffrey G Brooking says:

    Leave my Penny alone Bap Man!


  43. 86
    Eric Cartman quotes on hippies says:

    Hippies, hippies, they’re everywhere. They they want to save the world but all they do is smoke pot and smell bad.

    Hippies, terrorists, same thing.

    That’s just a bunch of tree hugging hippie crap!

    They’re not people, they’re hippies!


  44. 90
    Alternative Energy says:

    If John Prescott, Eric Pickles, Nicholas Soames and Tom Watson all got liposuction, the fat removed would be enough to meet our fuel needs for the next decade.


  45. 93
    Back Breaking Corporation says:

    The spineless Huhne still hanging in there. Pointless! Lol.


  46. 94
    Fenbeagle says:

    Police are investigating an old picture, which might shed new light on Huh was driving.


  47. 98
    annette curton says:

    And there’s me still wondering who bumped David Kelly off, answers on a postcard, put a Schilling stamp on it.


  48. 105
    When's 'Lord' Taylor going to prison says:

    Interesting that they are saying that ex-Mrs Huhne didn’t launch this drama but that it was someone “close to” his new ‘ex-lesbian’ woman-friend. So it must have been the ex-civil ‘partner’ of Huhne’s new-found amour who spilled the beans…or something…I get confused easily

    Haven’t heard much mention of this ‘lady’…


  49. 106
    annette curton says:

    Lol, just seen the latest BBCs incestuous advertising blurb, watch it with us (we certainly do with you lot) featuring snippets of old clips from Morecambe and Wise, Bruce Forsyth and Norwell Bent, with that old favourite Eastender thrown in for good measure, its cutting edge stuff!, pass me a razor blade.


  50. 109
    David Cameron says:

    I had such a great time at the rave last night. When I woke up I thought for a second I was prime minister but then I realised it was just the comedown from the ecstasy. Phew! Don’t think I could handle that much responsibility!


    • 120
      Unelected President Herman van Rompuy says:

      I give you responsibility for one task and one task only, worm.

      Make sure you’ve got tomorrow’s payment of £50m on my desk by noon, worm.


  51. 110

    Father Ed

    Bank Holiday special.

    …A week later Father Ed Milly and Father Kevin McGuire were sitting at their dining table. Father McGuire was making an Airfix model of the Battleship Potemkin, whilst Father Ed read the Sunday Parish magazines. He held up a headline.

    “NO MORE MAD SPENDING” says top priest,’ he said. “And look Kevin. There’s a picture of me wagging my finger at a plate of Euros. And look at this from the Daily Grail.

    “FATHER ED’S DIET. ‘DON’T SQUEEZE MY MIDDLE.” And Kevin, here’s a picture of me talking to that fellah with the hover mower. How middle class is that?”

    “Oh yes. Remember, Ed. You got into an argument with him when he said he was a Protestant? He said he wanted to trim his hedge and you said he was doing it too fast and too deep. And he said if you don’t clear off he’d kick you in the bollocks.”


    • 125
      annette curton says:

      That is a subject close to my heart, they just let everything get out of control and then when it came to trimming all the dead wood and weeds back they just fucked off and said nothing to do with me Mrs. Should have got Monsanto Round-up.


  52. 121
  53. 123
    Alice Slack says:

    Breaking news : Huhne remains tight-lipped.


  54. 130
    Baggs says:

    Vicky Pryce was not driving. Huhne says the allegations are “incorrect”. Has anyone considered that a third party might have been driving. So when Huhne says Vicky did not take points “for him” he is telling the truth. Vicky will be even more upset maybe?


  55. 134
    BillyBob... No 'free' NHS treatment for immigrants, reform reform!! says:

    Chop off ‘is knob the corrupt, odious, pathetic excuse for a member !!


  56. 141
    paul rivers says:

    Surely the key is, where was the car when Huhne was in Europe, was it parked at the airport ? Did Mrs Huhne go up by train to Stansted to drive him back ?( a bit unlikely in my opinion). If the car was in London and driven up that evening, that is an alibi however implausable the logistics seem of Mrs Huhne parking a car in central London and then driving up the M11 to collect him.


  57. 143
    annette curton says:


  58. 145
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


    paulstpancras Labour considers link with Eurosceptic Tories over eurozone bailout terms < oh-oh @_@ 43 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite


  59. 146
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


    pOulstpancras Labour considers link with Eurosceptic Tories over eurozone bailout terms < oh-oh @_@ 43 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite


    • 153
      GORDON tiggywinkle McPOTTY says:

      Just another Labour attempt to destroy the coalition
      lets hope they succeed !

      Then i can be Prime minister again ! YIPEEEEEEE !


      • 155
        nell says:

        militwit is cutting his honeymoon short to deal with this. justine needs to learn to understand that his job of labour leader is far more important than anything to do with being a husband or a father!


        • 215
          Grumpy Old Man says:

          But Ed is the Father of millions of oppressed former public sector employees being forced into real work by the baby-eaters. He must be shown to be leading the proletariat towards the promised land of 5 hour working weeks and a living wage. A True Patriot must put aside his weakness of feelings for family, It was good enough for Joseph – it’s good enough for Ed.


    • 211
      Moley says:

      This is the reason why the Opposition exists.

      It functions (or should) to ensure that Government policy is in the national interest.

      THAT is the path to re-election, if properly done, because a by product of it is effective and relevant policy development.

      Can they start questioning Cameron on Foreign aid and Huhne’s ludicrous energy policy too. (Millions of jobs are at stake).


  60. 150
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    O/T But the thought of FIFA having an “Ethics” committee
    Is like the KKK having a black members association !


    • 154
      nell says:

      Ah! An ethics committee. It will need a chairman with a moral compass.

      I know just the man!! gordon says he’s free and just waiting for their call!


    • 165
      The Paragnostic says:

      Jack Warner will be really pissed off – he thought it was the Ethnics committee!


  61. 151
    nell says:

    Well thank goodness. We finally have a pm and wife who know how to celebrate real family holidays.

    Evenings eating and dancing ( and yes the kids do love it too!) and mornings enjoying the sand sea and sun.


    • 188
      bosom buddy says:



    • 199
      Camoron makes Brown look sane says:

      And then at night he lies his head on his pillow and dreams the dreams of a man who’s sent men to die for their country, and then cut their salaries by 10%.

      And then told them P45s await their return to Blighty.


  62. 157
    boulay says:

    on a purely practical point how many wives do you know who would, after a day of giving a conference followed by a supper, drive out of their way for a couple of hours round trip at night to pick up their husband from re airport when he could have driven himself there and parked on expenses there this saving not only the late night collection but also the inevitable early morning trip to take him there.

    “Was this a normal arrangement mr huhne?” someone should ask.

    Also does standted not have numberpkate recognition technology on the way in and if so would records show when the car arrived??


  63. 158
    Archie says:

    Wildly O/T; but did anyone hear Julia Hartley-Brewer on AQ? Played a blinder and showed Saint Vinnie and Upchuck Ummagumma for the nincompoops they are. Great advertisement for her radio prog and LBC.


  64. 161
    Woof Woof says:

    A piece of advice for you all.

    Never NEVER fucking dry shave your nether regions.

    Holy fucking christ I am in so much pain I am thinking off jumping out the window to the sweet release of death.


  65. 162
    Colonel Blimp says:

    The Stranger

    User Rating:

    7.6 /10
    (10 votes)

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    The Stranger within my gate,
    He may be true or kind,
    But he does not talk my talk–
    I cannot feel his mind.
    I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
    But not the soul behind.

    The men of my own stock,
    They may do ill or well,
    But they tell the lies I am wanted to,
    They are used to the lies I tell;
    And we do not need interpreters
    When we go to buy or sell.

    The Stranger within my gates,
    He may be evil or good,
    But I cannot tell what powers control–
    What reasons sway his mood;
    Nor when the Gods of his far-off land
    Shall repossess his blood.

    The men of my own stock,
    Bitter bad they may be,
    But, at least, they hear the things I hear,
    And see the things I see;
    And whatever I think of them and their likes
    They think of the likes of me.

    This was my father’s belief
    And this is also mine:
    Let the corn be all one sheaf–
    And the grapes be all one vine,
    Ere our children’s teeth are set on edge
    By bitter bread and wine.


    • 196
      albacore says:

      “Latest provisional figures for the year ending September 2010 show that net migration of 242,000 is at its highest level since the year ending June 2005, where it reached 260,000.”

      Of course, that was ALL Gordon’s doing.
      Dave the miracle ingredient had had only five months to whitewash it by then.
      (But note that the ONS has inexplicably substituted “migration” for “immigration”).


      • 214
        nell says:

        LTIM figures are more accurate than the graudian’s ips quotes.

        Is it falling fast enough? No. But the graudian, like the beeb, can no longer be relied upon to tell the truth and should not be believed in anything.

        Also important – outward migration to places like spain has reversed and more people are coming home than are now going out , largely because the spanish govt has introduced so many hostile regulations for foreign homeowners and food prices are rocketing.


        • 284
          albacore says:

          The quotation and link I gave are directly from the Office for National Statistics.
          The link you gave summarises: “The G*******’s reporting on rising immigration and falling emigration did correctly report on the broad trends identified by the ONS.”
          Note: RISING immigration. FALLING emigration.
          (Funny, when I checked this morning, your post had not appeared on this topic. How long was it awaiting moderation?)


  66. 167
    Everard P Burgerpenis says:

    I’m bored of this now

    It’s only a speeding ticket FFS


    • 172
      Napoleon Heauneparte says:

      It was. It is now heading for the “World’s longest wankathon” record.


    • 175
      Legal Eagle says:

      This case is about the perverting of the course of justice.

      Plus despite what you may believe. Breaking the speed limit is not a ticket able offence it is a CRIMINAL offence. Everyone convicted of speeding is considered a CRIMINAL in the eyes of the law.


  67. 171
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Have just been given the choice of Maria Eagle or Sion James on SexyMP. FFS…


    • 195
      D. Attenborough says:

      To a leftie they are sexy, much in the same way that an ugly toad looks sexy to another ugly toad.


  68. 180
    Anonymous says:

    Where was the girlfriend on the night in question and how many points does she have on her licence?


  69. 181
    Nick Clegg says:

    Just about sums up Chris Huhne

    Like a midget at a urinal. Always on my toes.


  70. 182
    An impartial observer says:

    There is a question that should be asked. Why would the fragrant Mrs Huhne be driving to Stanstead Airport to collect her beloved, faithful husband in the first place?
    There is a very good train service, the Stanstead Express. It leaves the airport 4 times hourly until well after midnight taking 46 minutes to Liverpool Street. On leaving her central London dinner, to perform the claimed taxi service, she would have driven within a mile of Liverpool Street & there’s a strong chance she actually passed Tottenham Hale station on her way to join the M11.
    Of course one could hardly expect a prominent LibDem MEP to wish to be seen dead in Tottenham unless at the opening of a cultural community centre but surely Liverpool Street, favourite of City bankers in the Square Mile harbours no dread? Mrs H could have finished her dinner at leisure, avoided the unseemly dash to the parking place & simply toodled over to EC2 to scoop the thrusting young politician from Bishopsgate. Then it’s down to the Thames, along the Embankment, over a convenient bridge & a few minutes to Clapham. Omnibus not required.
    Of course, it could be argued that Clapham was not the destination. However, an arrival point much further out of Central London would suggest the advantage of taking the M25 round to more appropriate junction rather than continuing along the M11 towards the late night traffic of East London.


  71. 184
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m a pirate of the Caribbean.


  72. 185
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Guido it seems that a council (i think South Tyneside) Is the culprit in getting twitter into courtin America to reveal the names of whistle blowers
    To do this they used tax payers money .
    As they cannot jail the75,000 “Giggers” then i now suggest that the 75,000 start to spread ever rumour no matter how small against every department of every local authority in the country and lets get some off these troughing bastards locked up


    • 209
      Infuriated of West Mids says:



    • 212
      nell says:

      One or more of south tyneside’s ratepayers, who have just foot the bill for this piece of gross financial mismanagement of public monies, should call in the auditors.

      Time to invoke the local govt regulation that says -local govt elected representatives or paid employees guilty of financial mismanagement are legally and personally responsible for repaying misspent monies to the ratepayers-.


    • 237
      Former Council box-ticker says:

      What a waste of taxpayers money! South Tyneside’s actions in seeking to sue for defamation or libel is probably unlawful anyway! I used to work in a local authority many years ago and had experience of individual councillors trying to pull a similar stunt i.e. trying to use public money to cover up unwelcome publicity of individual misdeeds. To cut a long story short, the councillors were warned that English courts had already decided that it was unlawful for Councils to sue for libel or defamation due to the ‘chilling effect’ that this would have on criticism of public bodies – the councillors should make their points in the Council chamber. The councillors, like anyone else, are entitled to pursue individual actions on their own account if they consider themselves to have been individually libelled or defamed. So surcharge the bastards. More power to Mr Monkey!


      • 248
        Anonymous says:

        Indeed; I’m unsure how the councillor managed to get the money from the council in the first place to fund this action.
        As you say, it’s illegal in the UK to use public money for libel cases in situations like this.
        So, really, the U.S. court should have looked into it first, and then said to the councillor “the claim that you have made has been funded by UK tax payers, and that action is illegal in your jurisdiction – I suggest you make a claim in the U.S. which would be legal in your own jurisdiction, and then we’ll consider it”

        In fact, even if twitter hand over the info, “Mr Monkey” is one-up on the councillor because the libel action itself would take place in the UK, not the U.S., and the UK court would say that as the councillor had made the original twitter request using totally illegal processes (ie he used tax payers’ money for reasons that are essentially illegal), then that evidence can not be used in court. Then, once the councillor has had a court say publicy to him “you used public money to fund an illegal action”, then whatever he was originally libelled about will be assumed to be true.

        The councillor (and the council who’s funding the action) are all acting illegally in this as far as I can see; it is completely illegal to use public money in this way to fund a libel case against a council/councillor.

        Maybe I’ve misunderstood, so if I have then I apologise to the council/councillor, but from what I’ve read you simply can not fund these actions with public money because, as “Former Council box-ticker” says, that would have a chilling effect on basic freedoms and the ability to be able to criticise anyone in public office.


    • 246
      not a machine says:

      i think this particular case is in relation to local twitter on some councillors and about council of south tyneside . The footballer one seems to be from a leftie banker in guildford which is odd as you would have thought he now has a breech of privacy . only way round it is run blogg and servers in HOC .
      Land of the free , enabling crime of freedom of speech on a social media , who would have thunk it.


  73. 186
    Tony Blair says:

    well that’s fine then

    I’m as crystal clean as Sepp Blatter



  74. 197
    Miami Mega Jail BBC2 says:

    Louis Thereoux’s documentaries are always top entertainment.


  75. 217
    Gordon Brown says:

    Well you can tell by the way I use my walk, I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk.


  76. 218
    Killer Cucumber says:

    Your salad days are numbered


  77. 224
    TCH - Hoon Huhne what's the difference says:

    Isn’t this simple. Simply ask Huhne on every occasion he attends a public event to declare whether he drove the car or not. He is clearly evading this aspect and trying to manipulate the press as per the recent 40 second BBC interview.

    Nobody can believe a word this weasel utters again and how on earth he thinks he can appear on stage and not answer valid and direct questions is beyond belief.

    Dead man sinking.

    Clegg if he needed it is being dragged down with this lightweight.

    I also had to laugh when it was stated that Laws was competent and a good minister. 14 days into the job and having to resign for taking the piss!!!


  78. 225
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    The rats desert the sinking ship
    and all around have fled
    you feel as if your on your own
    you might as well be dead

    then just as you thought that all was lost
    and the future is nought but grave
    “You still have my full support”
    Thank fuck for my mate Dave

    Sepp Blatter 2011


  79. 227
    Bingo says:

    Two fat ladies…

    …Heidi Alexander and Emily Thornberry.


  80. 228
    Napoleon Heauneparte says:

    Ne vous lavez pas, Carina, j’arrive


  81. 229
    Camoron thinks you're a moron says:

    “Government deal means councils will restore weekly bin days”


    Jubilations, everybody! Cameron’s restored weekly bin collection! Hurrah!

    (NB: ignore VAT rise. Ignore defence cuts. Ignore foreign aid increase. Ignore EU contributions up. Ignore erosion of sovereignty. Ignore increased imm!gration.)


    • 254
      Crikey says:

      Bin collection is something Lib Dems go one about when they talk about democracy and respecting the wishes of the people etc. Ask them about a vote on EU membership or an EU treaty and you will see just how democratic they are? Bin collection FFS!.


    • 255
      Another wizard wheeze to secure headlines by the Witney Wanker says:

      Nobody’s told our local council as they are in process of ditching weekly collections and going over to fortnightly only this week …all in the cause of recycling “dontya know old chap ?” Meanwhile on a pedalo in Ibizia……………


  82. 231
    Ed says:

    Thhe theemth to have an invithible touch yeah, thhe reacheth in and grabth right hold of your heart.


    • 242
      BBC Head of Cockumentaries says:

      Cain and Abel were in Genesis, too – is that where you learned your brotherly love?


  83. 232
    Super Grass says:

    So is Twitter now grassing up its Twitterers to the UK courts?


    • 234
      Tech says:

      Twitter just tolled it’s own death knell.

      Once someone invents the next hot new service it will be adios amigos by the userbase.


      • 244
        Anonymous says:

        Twitter has a very limited time left anyway before it becomes extinct (facebook will last a bit longer than twitter will, but its time is also limited)

        Twitter haven’t allowed any way that you can have a thread going with other users (ie there’s virtually no way you can have a chat/debate on it).

        Facebook is a complete fucking mess and always has been; it’s a nightmare to try and maintain who-sees-what (eg everyone posts messages to friends which they don’t want their family to see, but they can see them), the privacy/options stuff is all over the place and it’s just awful to use.

        Both twitter and facebook have major design flaws in them.

        Most people live with those flaws because there’s currently no alternative.

        Also people who don’t currently see those flaws as being an issue WILL see them as being an issue once a new site comes along which addresses those flaws. (ie people will try a new site and then say “fuck me; this is fantastic; I wish I could have done this before, I didn’t realise it would be so useful until I actually saw it”)

        My prediction is:
        In the next 2 years, a new site will come along which’ll combine the best aspects of both facebook and twitter into a single site, but will address all the current flaws in both those systems.
        That new site will be linked into facebook/twitter so that people can use it as a kind of portal (ie you can read/post on the new site and it’ll transfer/copy it to the relevant twitter/facebook accounts, and you’ll also be able to transfer/copy the other way too)
        Then, once everyone’s using the new site as their source, twitter and facebook will be no more.
        The new site will also have the ability to create your own blogs.

        Imagine facebook, twitter, and blogs, all rolled into one, which is easy to use; that’ll be the new site, and it’ll render facebook/twitter totally redundant within 5 years.


        • 247
          Anonymous says:

          Twitter “hashtags” –

          In 5 years’ time everyone will be saying:

          “what the fuck was that all about? they exepected everyone to remember something that’s essentially a computer programming language and list of thousands of reference codes just to try and put a message in a particular category or to try and reply to someone? why the fuck did we accept that?”


        • 253
          Anonymous says:

          Without a guarantee of anonimity what is the point? Fine if you just want to discuss the weather or bore everyone about what you did on your holidays.


          • Shock,Awe and Total Indifference says:

            I thought that was what most twitterers were into anyway……Narcissism…. boring people posting boring shite about their boring lives ???
            If you want anything to remain private then here’s a free tip…….. Don’t post it on the internet cos’ sometime in the future when you’re least expecting it…it’ll come back and bite you on the arse


        • 262
          Tessa Tickles says:

          I like your analysis. After years of avoiding it, I signed-up to Facebook a few months ago and immediately thought it was a mess and archaic. It could have been considered cutting edge in 1995, maybe, as the world was weaned off Gopher. I’ve abandoned it now.


  84. 233
    Red white or Black says:

    So Lewis Hamilton reckons it is cuz he is black that he is awarded penalty points.

    Lewis it is cuz U R a HOON


    • 235
      Funny how the BBC never mention it says:

      Cause he’s a tax dodger like 90% of other formula one drivers.


      • 236
        Funny how the BBC never mention it says:

        Cause he’s a t. a .x . .d .o . d. g. e.r. like 90% of other formula one .d.r.i.v.e.r.s.


        • 243
          BBC Head of Cockumentaries says:

          Bet you wouldn’t move to a nice clean country with a mosque ban and sensible tax rates if you had your chance, would you?



  85. 238
    Won't Gil get jealous of these "friends"? says:


  86. 240
    Anonymous says:

    “11:34PM is the earliest time she could have reached the speed camera”

    what does that calculation assume though?

    If she left at 10pm, then that would give her 94 minutes to drive through central london, up the motorway, into/through the airport, pickup her husband, then drive back down the motorway again.

    As far as I can see, that would only be possible in 94 minutes if you were driving a ferrari at full pelt both ways and the roads in london (and the motorway) were totally clear of traffic and had no roadworks anywhere. It also assumes that when you picked up your husband from the airport, you found him straight away without having to park and he threw his luggage into the boot and jumped through the window shouting “go go go!”

    It usually takes me almost an hour just to get out of central london and onto a motorway (in my case the M1, which is the closest motorway to where I start from).

    If she can do a trip like that in 94 minutes then she should seriously consider a career in motorsport as it’d be next to impossible to achieve.


  87. 241
    Mark Oaten says:

    Do ya think I’m sexy?


  88. 245
    joescotus says:

    why does the indie have those dramatic front page pictures …..,those iconic visual symbols,….those emphatic …oh i know, their readers would be too embarrased
    to admit they`d like to read the guardian window liking fuc…….s


  89. 250
    Anonymous says:

    “It is your right to remain silent for fear of incriminating yourself.”

    Maybe I’ve misunderstood your mention of the right to silence, but to me, instead of implying that his right to silence is his basic human right and perfectly valid, it seems (in the context of the topic) to imply guilt instead (ie the “if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear” argument)

    ie on one hand you’re saying “you have a right to remain silent” but on the other hand you’re implying that he’s guilty because he used that right.

    Much as I despise Huhne, you’re using someone’s usage of their right to silence as a way to imply guilt, which is intrinsically unfair and goes against the most basic and reasonable rules of fair-play/justice, especially when you don’t know what the question was or what context it was asked in.

    You DO have the right not to incriminate yourself; it’s up to the prosecution to prove you’re guilty, it’s not up to you to prove a negative.

    eg if the police were interviewing me about, say, a murder, and I was innocent but had no alibi as I was at home on my own at the time of the murder, then if they asked me “where were you at that time?” then I’d refuse to answer because it’d make me look bad even though I hadn’t done anything wrong. In that situation it’s up to the prosecution to prove I was there at the time, it’s not up to me to defend my right to be able to stay at home on my own instead of being at a party with 500 witnesses at a time that happened to coincide with a murder happening 100 miles away that I never knew was happening.

    I hate Huhne, and the sheer logistics of his story make it impossible to believe, but don’t use his usage of the right to silence to make him look guilty, because that’s just orwellian/labour logic that’s intrinsically pissing all over basic freedoms.

    There are enough holes in his story to imply his guilt already, you don’t need to resort to using his right to silence against him.

    But, like I say, maybe I’ve misinterpreted your mention of the right to silence. Maybe you were saying “that’s his right, don’t use that against him”, but that’s not how it looks when you read the topic within its overall context.


    • 264
      Politicians are SHIT says:

      too smart for most on here


    • 282
      Not so fast... says:

      There are some statutory exceptions to the “right of silence” one of them is the “requirement” on the owner of a vehicle to state who was driving a vehicle registered to them at the time a speeding offence occurred. There is therefore no right of silence on this matter.


  90. 251
    Anonymous says:

    The mail article says:
    “He didn’t go through all the issues or give detailed answers”

    That can be taken 2 different ways:

    1) When you tell a story that’s essentially a lie, your story is very rarely as elaborate/detailed compared to if you were telling someone about something that actually happened.
    eg when you give an account of what you were doing during a given event, you’ll tell the listener 100’s of irrelevant facts along the way and explain what you were thinking at the time, but if you were lying then your story would be much more basic.
    Also, when you tell the truth, your story will go in fits-and-starts, it won’t be linear, you’ll keep going back to previous points and mentioning new things that occur to you as you’re telling the story. Whereas when you lie, the story will usually be totally linear. So, in this scenario, not giving detailed answers assumes you’re lying, BUT that also assumes that you can actually remember the event in question.


    2) He simply can’t remember what happened on that day; it happened almost 10 years ago, and hardly anyone can remember what they did on a given day 10 years ago unless there was something really huge in their life that burned it into their memory at the time.

    The speed cameras should take photos of the whole of the front of the car, not just the license plate, then none of this would have been an issue.

    Whenever I get a speeding ticket, if we can’t remember who was driving at the time, then I assume it’s me, and on the form I get to send back to the police/cps, I just add a note to basically say “I assume it was me, but I can’t remember as I didn’t see the flash going off and I don’t remember the journey in much detail; it might have been my wife but I’m assuming it’s me so I’ll take the ticket; if you have a photo of who was driving then I’ll be able to tell you for sure, but all I can do in this situation is assume it was me.”

    It looks like Huhne did the opposite of what I’d do, he assumed it was his wife, and she then sent off the form without any sort of note saying “we’re not 100% sure”

    I always put a “we’re not 100% sure” note on the form, because not doing so could potentially leave you open to a criminal prosecution if you’d mis-remembered. If they took a photo of the whole of the front of the car, and enclosed that with the form-request, then you wouldn’t need to add such a note, but failing a proper photo you really have no option but to add a note to the form to say you’re not sure.


    • 252
      Anonymous says:

      “not giving detailed answers assumes you’re lying, BUT that also assumes that you can actually remember the event in question.”

      Another difference in the way people lie is that if they lie they won’t normally admit they don’t remember (they’ll make something up instead), whereas when you tell the truth you’ll constantly be saying “I don’t remember that, but…” as you go along.

      However, that difference is altered in the case of talking to the police, when you know that admitting you don’t remember something can be taken by the police as an indication that you’re lying.

      So, perversely, something that would normally indicate that you’re telling the truth (ie saying you don’t remember a specific fact), is actually taken by the police as being an indication that you’re lying (ie they think you’re not saying it because you’d incriminate yourself).

      Therein lies a major perverted situation in police interview techniques etc, whereby something that would normally indicate that you’re telling the truth (ie saying you don’t remember something) is used against you, and something that would normally indicate that you’re lying (ie not admitting you don’t remember something) is used to defend you.


      • 291
        Blowhard watch.. says:

        Dear anonymous #252
        You speak with such certainty despite the fact that your comments indicate you clearly have absolutely no experience in conducting Police interviews .If you had you would realise the issues you raise are not a major factor in gathering evidence during interviews. What do you actually base your assertions on ?


    • 281
      Essexplod says:

      “and she then sent off the form without any sort of note saying “we’re not 100% sure”

      Assumption. Probablity is she never saw the request for driver information and Huhne filled it in with her name and his fingerprints all over the form. Of course NOW he will deny doing that deliberately. The test of course might be how many times did Vicky NORMALLY take him to and from the airport? Not many I suggest. She is a busy woman and he loves driving-too fast but he loves it. Had she EVER taken him to and from the airport? There is a perfectly good train service into Liverpool Street. Anyone worried about climate change would use it.

      The car was registered to him so he got the request for driver details.

      At that stage she had no need to know.

      She only found out later. Admittedly she kept quiet. The case can however probably be proved conclusively aaginst Huhne without any evidence from Vicky.

      That can only be done if Essex Police are up to it. I doubt they are.


    • 293
      Anonymous says:

      You can always request the photo from the ‘Safety Camera Partnership’. I suspect that in this case, the photo (taken from the rear) if it can be found, will show one driver and no passenger…


  91. 257
    Popeye says:

    An illegal number plate to boot?


  92. 260
    YokshireLad says:

    That registration plate looks illegal too


    • 271
      Nemo says:

      Yup, I think you are right a neigbour was stopped and fined by the plods, looks like one more charge, oh dear, oh dear


  93. 263
    Politicians are SHIT says:

    call the politicians back from yet another few weeks off



    increase taxes on the way


    • 272
      Nemo says:

      Well their antics are probably better comedy than some at the old Glasgow Empire, the comics graveyard. Dave and Gideon would not increase taxes would he, apart from VAT (the Tories favourite prefered tax)


  94. 268
    Cynic says:

    ” he limps on”

    As Grandma Addams famously said in The Addams Family

    “it’s hard to kill the human spirit {sighs} …… even with an axe”


  95. 270
    Nemo says:

    This guy Huhne seems to think he is the reincarnation of Lord Boothby (50’s and early 60’s), he got away with it, but he has to realise he is not of the same party, or the same conections, of course Guido was not around and the press pack were more pliant, keep it up, they don’t like it up ‘em.


  96. 283
    Michael says:

    Let’s not forget that the onus is on the authorities to establish the identity of the driver, not for a driver to prove or disprove anything.
    Unless proof behond doubt is uncovered, he will be cleared.


    • 289
      Essexplod says:

      It is for the registered keeper to name the driver after official request.
      Presumably that was done and Vicky was put in the frame either with, or more likely (initially at least), without her knowledge.

      If events show that she was not the driver and cannot have been the driver it is for the registered keeper to provide the actual driver.

      Huhne may have to accept, given all the facts coming out now that he was the driver and that wittingly or unwittingly he provided the wrong name.

      He desperately needs help. However it goes he is terminally damaged.

      The longer Cameron and Clegg leave matters, the more they are both damaged and shown to be weak.


  97. 294
    Andrew says:

    You forget that MEPs can teleport . . .

    The law is clear that the registered keeper must say who was driving even if that involves self-incrimination. If you deny knowing and are charged with failure to give the information you must satisfy the court on the balance of probabilities that you did not know. Not usually easy to do.

    But if Huhne said his wife was driving when she was not – she either connived or she did not.

    if she connived then she is as guilty as he of perverting the course of justice by doing so.

    If she did not, but subsequently signed the form saying she pleaded guilty, here is my licence and my £60 – then she is guilty of perverting the course of justice by doing that.

    They’ll make a lovely couple in the dock, won’t they?


    • 297
      Anonymous says:

      Another possibility is that Huhne did everything himself, even sending off her licence without her knowledge and that she only found out later.


  98. 299
    Bobg says:

    Face it. He’s in the clear


  99. 300
    H11 HNE says:

    Registration plate H11 HNE

    That in itself is a crime against taste


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