Huhne’s Local LibDems in a Panic

As Guido reported at the time, Chris Huhne’s Eastleigh LibDems met last night for an emergency meeting. They tried to spin it on the way out as a “scheduled local area committee”. Though local sources are adamant that such meetings are announced in advance and open to the public. They also don’t last for over two hours…

Guido understands that the two complaints to the Electoral Commission were top of the agenda, as was how long their local MP could survive at the centre of an ever growing media storm. Loyal councillor Chris Thomas was sent out to speak to the local media that had gathered, including a BBC camera crew. He was apparently very “relaxed” about the expenses allegations, but quick to attack the “underhanded” tactics of secretly recording meetings. Apparently Huhne is his “normal self” despite it all. As brazen and shifty as ever then…

One spinning loyalist however could not hide the fact that the rest of the councillors left the meeting “tight lipped and ashen faced”, looking “decidedly worried” and gazing down to avoid the questions shouted from the local press.

Anne Winstanley, Huhne’s ever silent election agent, was the last to leave, carefully avoiding the press by “running” into a car from a side door – in the manner of a US-style crook avoiding the “perp-walk” of shame. Guido understands she is not living at home at the moment in order to avoid a doorstepping.

This Huhne loyalist won’t be able to hide from the Electoral Commission forever though…

UPDATE : According to the Mail the Director of Public Prosecutions is set to rule on Huhne’s prosecution. In response to the Sunlight COPs submission to the Electoral Commission Huhne released a statement ‘I am satisfied that the declaration of election expenses has been checked thoroughly and is fully compliant with the rules.’ Never believe anything until it is officially denied…

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GuidoFawkes Quote of the Day

Adam Spiegel, producer of Nazi themed “The Producers” musical says…

“Margate seemed a perfect place to start the promotion. I’m disappointed but not entirely surprised to see that UKIP are trying to hitch a publicity ride on the back of the show.”

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