May 23rd, 2011

Hemming Names Giggs In Parliament

It was the “Sun Wot Lost It” in court earlier, but LibDem MP John Hemming has just blown Ryan “CTB” Gigg’s privacy injunction out of the water.

Great PR for Schillings, tomorrow their client will be plastered across the front pages of every single national newspaper. Form an orderly queue for Schillings services celebs, they can do for you what they did for Giggs…

UPDATE: Full legal judgement originally made by Mr Justice Eady after hearings on the 14 & 20 April 2011 can be found here.

UPDATE II: In all its technicolor glory:

Video via the indispensable Liar Politicians


  1. 1
    Bring on the Cuts says:

    When is the Sex Tape being released?

    • 10
      Larry the Cat says:

      Also named Giles Coren as the Journo in the shit.

      • 14
        Ivor Biggun says:

        BBC fearties are still frit to report Ryan Gigg’s name…

        • 17
          Larry the Cat says:

          Sky to give them credit are not Frit.

          • Anonymous says:

            Giggs is a first class dipstick, shouldve kepf stum. More money than sense. Overpaid twat!

          • la' says:

            Giggsy??? Really???? well, i never expected that!

          • Max-imum Munney for me kerching says:

            Why am I not in the least surprised to see the name of that oily sh-ite bag C-liff-ord mentioned in the judgement? He really is an obnoxious smug slimy slug second onlt to Vaz-eline in that respect.

          • Betty Swollocks says:

            Giggs just named on Classic FM news, which is provided by Sky?

          • Bryan Giggs says:

            That Sunday Herald article in full. Illegal to view if you live in England or Wales.


          • Anonymous says:

            Mail, Mirror and Guardian all naming him on-line, but the Independent is proving once again to be not very,er… independent.

          • Blue Side says:

            you’re not seek-uh-rut
            you’re not seek-uh-rut
            you’re not secret anymore
            you’re not seek-uh-ruh-ut any more

        • 139
          Anonymous says:

          Why, with a wife like he has and two lovely children, would he feel the need to “play away” – what an absolute plonker.

        • 162
          Anonymous says:

          BBC have taken bravery pill

        • 177
          Anonymous says:

          Radio 5 Live have just named Giggs,Sun and Guardian Newspapers
          also name him.Game on

    • 13
      deedee says:

      big question is will alex fergusion take risk of playing giggs in european final

      when his mind has been on injunctions and afairs.

      whot if they loose (man u) with gigs – alex will look an olde fool

      i think giggs will be on the bench at best – and may be brought on ….

      • 191
        Friend in Deed says:

        who gives a fuck about manchester united and that shitarse ferguson

    • 16
      Up sh1t creek says:

      • 23
        Man on the Clapham Omnibus says:

        Blaaaaahahaha at Bercow! Couldn’t have looked more bug-eyed if someone had poked a non-doctor up his rosebud.

        • 283
          Anonymous says:

          I thought Bercow handled that extremely well, actually. Words I never thought I would write.

          It was quite right that Giggs was named in the House because his injunction had become a farce and the judiciary were getting above themselves.

          Parliament was probably giving the Judges one last chance to see the error of their judgements this afternoon with The Sun’s High Court case and for the situation to be resolved without them losing too much face. Since that didn’t happen, it was surely inevitable that Giggs’ name would crop up at the emergency session. I doubt Bercow was surprised at all.

          But by naming Giles Coren, Hemming effectively broke two footballers injunctions at once as Coren is being legally threatened by “TSE” and not CTB / Giggs. That was perhaps what Bercow was upset about and he correctly stepped in. However, Hemming is certainly no fool and he wishes see if he can protect a journalist from an unfair but legally correct prison sentence.

          Although MPs can speak under Parliamentary Privilege, it would lead to a total farce and war between Parliament and the Judiciary if they openly flout EVERY injunction, particularly those that may prejudice a criminal trial.

          Likewise, journalists should not be imprisoned for writing the truth.

          Don’t forget, it is all to do with “points of principle” and at least these points and ground rules are being debated on a comparatively minor case and not something far, far more serious.

          • Cap'n Bob says:

            Westminster is the parliament for the UK and as the injunction was not relevant to Scotland …. ?

          • Boudicca says:

            On a point of principle, it cannot be right that Giggs was allowed to buy his anonymity in the courts, while simultaneously releasing the name of his former mistress and accusing her of alleged blackmail.
            The judges this afternoon quoted his harrassment as a reason not to lift the injunction. What about the harrassment she has suffered purely because of the actions taken by Giggs?

      • 29
        I says:

        Is that Giggsy sitting next to Dominic Grieve?

      • 274
        Gooey Blob says:

        Bercow really living up to his surname. Berk-oh! I am really starting to dislike the speaker.

        Well done to Hemming, he has put an end to this ridiculous pantomime. It is not technology that is out of control but judges who are out of touch.

        • 399
          Anonymous says:

          Your enemy’s enemy is not necessarily your friend. Much as Giggsy will come to regret this (or the advice of his legal fee earners, sorry advisers), Hemmong is a self important, self publicising pratt.

          I was on the M42 near Brum a few years back and was overtaken by a people carrier (at speed), with Hemmings name, face and and telephone no plastered all over it. On the windows, If I recall, were loads of posters about children’s issues. Hemming reminds me of the expression, ‘Empty vessels make the most noise,’ Evidenced by his cretinous appearance on Five Live this evening. Really cringworthy. Surely we can find better MPs than this.

          So there you have it. The cream of Britain’s political, legal and cultural life. Giggsy, Hemming, Shillings, Burcow, did someone say Clifford? Imogen (Does my bum look big in this? Yes, very) Thomas.

          God save us.

    • 45
      Puzzled of Royal Tunbridge Wells says:

      So how does Ryan Joseph Wilson or Ryan Joseph Giggs OBE become CTB?

    • 106
      Barbera Streisand says:

      Thanks goodness someone is finally taking the heat off me. Can we agree to call this type of injunction a ‘Giggs injunction’? I don’t see why I have to be the only famous person with something names after me.


      • 228
        Great Granddad says:

        This is known in polite circles as “The wealthy fornicator”s injunction”. The reasons are quite clear. Only the very wealthy can afford them and they are granted exclusively to those who have been a little careless in their choice of fornicating partners.

    • 110
      P. Doff says:

      The footballer-cum-model’s sex-tape will be released as, “Saving Ryan’s Privates.”

      • 354
        Gill Ette says:

        With a sequel called Shaving Ryans Privates . . . .

        Ooooo Errrrrrr !!

    • 260
      Anonymous says:

      Why is it that Lib Dems, who would be the first to scream blue murder if the Tories tried to repeal the ‘Yuman Rites’ legislation, are the ones out there flouting the law they supported in the first place? If they would grow some fuckin’ balls maybe they would see what a disastrous piece of legislation both they and Labour have foisted upon us.

      • 287
        The Paragnostic says:

        If you bother to read the legislation, you will see that it is the judges’ interpretation of the law that is at fault in this case, not the law itself.

        Can’t speak for other cases, such as the Iraqi who killed a 12 year old by reckless driving while not in possession of insurance or a licence, but it seems clear that Article 8 has been given much higher priority by the judiciary than was ever intended by Parliament.

        Yes – it’s a bad law, but in cases such as this it is clear that the judiciary has far overstepped the bounds of reason and need to be slapped down.

        • 418
          Anonymous says:

          Not correct Jack Straw gleefully predicted this would happen when the legislation was passed. If some LibDems are not happy they should never have voted for the bag of shite legislation in the first place. They disgust me. They are fighting for the right to expose Ryan Giggs’ shagging habits but are perfectly happy to support the non extradition of terrorists or non separation of a 21 year failed asylum seeking killer from his girlfriend.

    • 333
      Judge Tugendhat says:

      Does Gareth Barry have a small part in the video?

    • 419
      Andy Q says:

      The “other one” with Joe Cole in ???

  2. 2
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    At last a useful Lib DEm.

    Well done.

  3. 3
    Finance Director of Schillings says:

    I’m deeply mortified by the turn of events. Sorry must go an count the Welsh One’s money.

  4. 4
    bs says:

    What a complete mess – interesting choice for editors this pm.

  5. 5
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Parliament , the only place of free speech yet they use that free speech to curtail taxpayers free speech.

    Funny old world init.

    • 9
      The future is grim under ECHR says:

      Contempt of Court ?
      I have nothing but contempt for our Courts!

      • 103
        The Paragnostic says:

        On a very serious note, reading Eady’s judgement it seems that the judiciary is taking a very strange interpretation of section 12 of the HRA, which clearly gives primacy to Article 10 freedom of expression rights over Article 8 privacy rights.

        He claims that ‘Strasbourg jurisprudence’ is mandated by the Act, and then justifies his treatment of rights under the two articles as equal by reference to a Council of Europe resolution (and a Law Lords decision which in itself flatly contradicts section 12). The last time I looked, the CoE was a political body rather than a court.

        It seems to me that the judiciary is calling contempt down on itself by following this path.

        Time to rid ourselves of these fools and get some common sense people in the judiciary – preferably non-lawyers who can cut through the bullshit.

        • 201
          The future is Grim under ECHR says:

          Attention is drawn to the Blair created Soviet monstrosity known as The Supreme Court.

        • 371
          Anonymous says:

          Just reading the first few paragraphs of the Eady bullshit is enough to establish that it is deeply sexist and chauvinistic. Why is the sisterhood not up in arms about this? You can never find a femnazi when you need one.

      • 400
        tell it like it really is says:

        Brief for burglar is challenging the sentence of xxx months in prison as he says by sending him to prison the court is not recognising the right to family life of the burglar. I kid you not.

        • 424
          Anonymous says:

          When someone breaks into your home during the hours of darkness & steals your property (i.e.burglary), doesn’t that not recognise your right to family life?

    • 15
      ???? says:

      Sky News names footballer …Mr Justice Eady re-convening court to re-assess lifting injunction

      • 34
        Rather Niave says:

        Sky news showing footage of Ryan Giggs, what’s happened has he been transferred, got injured, won the golden boot or something ?

      • 70
        Maximus says:

        And when Eady J reconvenes the court he will still be out to lunch.

      • 101
        jgm2 says:

        What odds this clown Justice Eady issuing a summons against Hemming?

        • 123
          Mike Hunt says:

          Love to see that: parliamentary privilege trumps the lot I’m afraid, and Hansard are obliged to publish proceedings in parliament.

          • Great Granddad says:

            Quite right. Not even Justice Eady can censor that which is said in Parliament. Nor that dwarf speaker.

          • rocknrolla says:

            All well and good saying that but if the state storm-troopers arrive you just know that Bercow would be showing them to Hemming’s office without question.

          • A De Vos says:

            If he read this blog he would know that

      • 107
        The Angry Aberdonian says:

        Re-convening court?
        Eh? Who the f**k is paying for all this?!

      • 135
        With the Greatest Respect says:

        Not to announce his resignation, then.

  6. 7
    Soothsayer says:

    I just felt it in my bones, that Rod Windy Miller bloke simply does not look trustworthy.

    • 44
      Fa Kin Su Pah says:

      Stubble on the more..ahem.. mature bloke
      not a good look. Remember Charles Clarke.

      • 127
        uk Fred says:

        I can remember a picture of Clarke when he was president of the NUS. He looked a right Huhne then and he still looks a right Huhne.

  7. 8
    Mike Hunt says:

    I think he should ask for a refund! Serves him right for trying to cover it up.

    It was not the deeds that did for Nixon, it was the cover-up and I think the same applies here.

  8. 11
    Anonymous says:

    If a name was named, presumably under Parliamentary Privilege, are the newspapers now allowed to report it, or simply report that Parliamentary Privilege was used to name a name, without then repeating the name?

    • 193
      Anonymous says:

      Depends how freeble they are feeing. No-one will be going to prison over this. They are full. Fatty Clarke says so.

  9. 12
    Mr Justice Turkeyforahat says:

    No Mr Schilling you can’t have refund.

  10. 18
    The future is grim under ECHR says:

    Some sophist lawyer on B B C news who specialises in “reputation management”. What that means is bad reputation cover ups and hiding the truth . Utterly Disgraceful.

    • 28
      BillyBob... No 'free' NHS treatment for immigrants, reform reform!! says:

      Chop off ‘is knob the knob !

  11. 19
    • 24
      BillyBob... No 'free' NHS treatment for immigrants, reform reform!! says:

      I am shocked and stunned….. Mr Giggs?? I always thought him to be a good upstanding faithful family man !!

  12. 20
    Infuriated of West Mids says:

    Good. It was absolutely ridiculous that The Sun failed today.

    John Hemming is a great MP – it’s just a shame he’s a Lib Dem. But he is one of the few good guys.

    • 43
      ? says:

      Anyone know who out of the vast bank of Mr Injustices gave the ruling against the Sun and Imogen Thomas, can’t seem to find his/her name listed.

      • 49
        Infuriated of West Mids says:

        Mr Justice Eady.

        He’s a wrong ‘un.

      • 57
        Man on the Clapham Omnibus says:

        The Hon. Mr Justice Eady

      • 73
        Sir William Waad says:

        Mr Justice Eady
        Felt rather weedy
        When his superinjunction
        Ceased to function.
        However much he became stroppy
        His legal mojo’d gone floppy!

        • 86
          How Does The System Work says:

          Is he duty bound to return any brown envelope directlly back to his chums at the law firms.

        • 104
          EC1 PhD says:

          Mr Justice Eady
          Feeling rather seedy
          Agreed to injunct
          A judicious c’unt
          Who’d shagged a bird
          (not Thora Hird)
          In his digs
          His name?

          • Limericks for every occasion says:

            There was an old beak called Judge Eadie
            Who ruled on a matter so seedy
            When Papers were banned
            And gossip was fanned
            And Bercow jumped out of his seatie

        • 114
          The Paragnostic says:

          A pliant Lord Justice named Eady
          Gave solace to rich and to greedy
          When it came to the law
          He had no time for the poor –
          “A Schilling for me? Yes indeedy!”

      • 78
        ? says:


    • 273
      Anonymous says:

      Yes, well done Hemming. I thought your views on Laws were just as damning. Oh wait …..

    • 375
      TwoBobs says:

      Great MP?

      Extra-marital, £200K tax-payer mortgage to cover business interest.

      Great MP !

      • 406
        James Kibbor says:

        So what if he has twenty-six mistresses? He hasn’t injuncted anyone about it. He’s the Alan Clark of our age. Let’s hope he’s keeping a diary.

  13. 21
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    Oh dear what happened to Private Ryan? Probably would like to be a private person like the rest of us and not a sport celeb. Who will be next on WikiJunctions. Without injunctions nobody would give a toss about what he did in his tea half hour. Now he is big…big news for a few days and then will disappear and the next one comes out of the injunction closet and the next one, and the next one………!

  14. 22
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Will Bob Anisworths super-injuction be talked about ?

    If he has one….

  15. 25
    Steve says:

    John Bercow – shut up.

  16. 27
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Typical left winger that Giggs is always screwing someelse.

  17. 30
    john in cheshire says:

    Does Physiognomy give any indication of intellectual prowess? If so, Mr Giggs appears to be lacking in that department. But then I’m not a football liker.

  18. 31
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    link : fleet street fox —>

    Rekons there are 80 of these to go.

    I do hope its not one a week for … eternity.

  19. 32
    Hang The Bastards says:

    So has Mrs Giggs wife binned him then ???

    What a slimey piece of welsh shit he is !

    • 87
      Sir William Waad says:

      A slimy piece of etc. on a basic £4 million plus image rights plus this plus that, much of it tax-free…….I can’t think what she sees in him.

      • 105
        Ed Miliballs says:

        Born in England actually, just made the mistake of playing for Wales. Pity for the English footie team I say.

        • 134
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          Are you talking about he who cannot be talked about ?
          Born in wales. Welsh parents.

          • Teonna Monae Brown says:

            He is thinking of an English footballer though not the one who allegedly tested positive for cocaine

      • 235
        I'd rather not squeak who I am actually says:

        Perhaps he needs to have his paramour of the moment sign a confidentiality agreement before the rumpy.
        I hear that another soccer player does this.

  20. 33
    Observer says:

    Alastair Campbell’s diaries-puffing blog records: “Giggs is in the diaries too, when he came out for Labour’s plans for devolution – another reason to like him.”

    • 245
      Anonymous says:

      Who gives a shit what Campbell has to say about anything?
      He’s yesterday’s man and unless he wants to come clean and get a few things off his conscience, I for one aren’t interested.

  21. 35
    Red Ed's PPS says:
    • 120
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      What a knob!, Does he not know the role of parliament?

    • 129
      The Paragnostic says:

      If dodgy middle-class Nigerian twats have an opinion, then it should be carefully taken with a pinch of salt and then treated with the derision it deserves.

      Especially if they’re shagging Lucrezia Berger,

    • 136
      Fuck Off Chucky says:

      fuck off chucky

    • 178
      Chuka U R A TWAT says:

      I hope you tell all the voters at the next election what you think of their rights to free speech. but somehow I know you will not.

    • 192
      Woman on a Raft says:

      The separation of powers was breached when the judges thought – and continue to think – they can tell people not to speak to their MPs.

      The judges must get back in their box, quickly. They must not usurp the authority of parliament.

      • 293
        The Paragnostic says:

        +1 – the Court of Protection is perhaps the most insidious body that exists today. It appears to exist solely for the purpose of destroying families and muzzling people who know awkward truths about Social Services staff.

        Christopher Booker is doing a fine job of trying to expose all this – pity he doesn’t get more airtime.

        • 373
          Anonymous says:

          Quite right. The entire judiciary can think themselves in contempt of the people. As they will find out following regime change.

    • 353
      Anonymous says:

      Does Chuka agree that it was a serious abuse of powers when Labour MPs tried to hide their fraudulent expenses claims behind the cloak of parliamentary privilege?

      Thought not…

    • 365
      not a machine says:

      That tweet is so 140 words wrong

  22. 36
    Danielle says:

    He should’ve just paid Imogen the £100,000 she wanted. None of this fuss & he’s probably spent more on legal fees.

    KUDOS to John Hemmings MP. He’s a proper MP and a Champion of free speech for the masses.

  23. 37
    blackbyle says:

    Why be surprised by the BBC & its lickspittles don’t say their tax !

  24. 38
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Giggs should have joined AC Milan, I think he would get on witht he owner of the club quite well.

  25. 40
    bryan says:

    now all over sky tv………………..

    bbc behind the curve as normal

    • 156

      BBC still crapping in case the lawyers object.
      If SKY have done it, then you can do it.
      Its not as if you’d have to put your hand in your own pocket if you got it wrong.

  26. 41
    The Angry Aberdonian says:

    Does this mean you’re not going to jail anymore Guido?

    • 53
      Court Of Public Opinion says:

      They don’t even send murders, stabbers and rapists to Pentonville any more so it would have been a bit harsh to send G for truth telling.

      • 62
        Court Of Public Opinion says:

        Forgot to say, that Rod Christie-Miller bloke just looks and sounds like a bully so hopefully there’s one hell of a lot of people laughing at his sorry arse.

      • 168
        Old dog no tricks says:

        Maybe not – but you try not paying your taxes ! They’ll build one specially so they can slam the door on you !

  27. 46
    Anonymous says:

    It’ll be interesting to see what Hansard says tomorrow.

  28. 48
    Mr Justice Turkeyforahat says:

    I have conferred with Mr Injustice Gready and can confirm that where the law can be shown to be an arse, adjudicated over by bigger arses, well it’s a right fucking mess!

  29. 50
    Helpful says:

    Apparently Imogen Thomas is trying to get a singing career going but it is proving difficult: she has only had one giggs so far!

  30. 51
    The public would love to see it says:

    Fuck Bercow and the sad sacks of shit jeering the guy for doing the right thing.

    They are fucking scum that should be lined up and taken out one by one.

  31. 52
    Kelly says:

    Dominic Grieve MP- WHAT A TOSSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We need more MP’s of the type of John Hemmings MP. I wish all others were like him.

  32. 55
    The Law's an Ass says:

    Why is it LibDem parliamentarians who are doing all the naming and shaming?
    What’s happened to all those champions of liberty on the Tory right? Surely they aren’t scared of the super-rich and their expensive lawyers?!

    • 60
      Anonymous says:

      They ARE the expensive Lawyers !

      • 426
        scratch and sniff says:

        more relevantly, they’re stuffed full of arse bandits, sexual deviants and participants in “open” marriages, so are terrified of any move towards letting the little people how they spend their leisure time and our money.

    • 80
      Backwoodsman says:

      Because the Tories really aren’t bothered about a dodgy footballer playing away, they are involved in sorting out the economic and social consequences of 13 years of disasterous mis-rule by labour. The limp dims, OTOH, are as usual, scrabling for any bit of cheap publicity they can get, to justify their pointless existence.

      • 100
        Anonymous says:

        See that thing, that tiny wee thing that’s just a dot in the distance… that’s the ‘Point’.

      • 126
        Archer Karcher says:

        ‘they are involved in sorting out the economic and social consequences of 13 years of disasterous mis-rule by labour’

        How so?
        Government spending is rising, debt increasing, they are pouring vast amounts of money into the global warming fraud fund and they have pledged billions of our money, to third world dictators around the globe.
        I would hate to see them being loose with the economy if this is frugal.
        Oh yes and they have a shiny new war for us to pay for now too.

        • 152
          The Paragnostic says:

          There are no right wingers in the Cabinet – only Dave’s Blue Labour.

          They are terrified of being seen as the nasty party, so prefer to waste money we don’t have appeasing the Left and the Warmists. You know, I know and anyone who can add up knows that the ‘cuts’ are in reality just a reduction in spending increases, and that Libya was just Dave playing a game of big swinging dicks with Sarkozy – we won’t solve the problems by only just maxing out our credit cards and indulging the macho fantasies of our leaders.

          On the question of ‘where are the Right?’, I’d guess that the Whips Office has been very clear that any Hemmingry by backbenchers will be inimical to future prospects…

        • 200
          Friend in Deed says:

          don’t you believe it

          the tories like labour before are busy feathering their own nests

      • 266
        Dickhead Dave fiendishly cunning plan says:

        We’re going to sort out the economic and social consequences of 13 years of disastrous mis-rule by labour by pissing away billions on foreign aid, Euro bailouts, eco-scams and by starting another war.

    • 85
      kark says:

      The clue is in the title ‘Liberal’

  33. 59
    Jess The Dog says:

    So, this was covered on BBC News? Obligation to cover Parliamentary proceedings vs the obligation to abide by an injunction? BRAIN FIZZING…OVER-LOAD…OVER-LOAD….

    • 67
      Court Of Public Opinion says:


      Causing Marr’s ears to drop off in shame! Hopefully!

      • 295
        Peter Carter-Fuck says:

        Marr can’t risk gaol, you know what happens to the pretty ones inside don’t you?

    • 72
      Supersizers do Gareth Barry says:

      BBC News seem to be not naming him still. Funny how they were happy to name Fredder Shredder after he was named in Parliament.

      Are they really that scared now because the judicial committee was fear mongering about the legality of media reporting on injunction-breaking parliamentary proceedings?

      • 180
        Anonymous says:

        Well the Murdoch empire’s involved and since the breach of the injunction directly benefits them it’s not unnatural that the lefty scum in the BBc are fizzing with rage.

    • 81
      Infuriated of West Mids says:

      They’re still not naming him on the BBC – just saying that Hemming has named him. Bunch of chicken shits.

      Probably waiting for the OK to go ahead from Labour HQ.

  34. 64
    Senator Bloodn' Gore, says:

    Old news Guido tell us about the one concerning Gareth Barry :)

    • 83
      BillyBob... No 'free' NHS treatment for immigrants, reform reform!! says:

      Gareth Barry…………. are you saying that Gareth Barry has a Super injunction out? The Gareth Barry………. well I never, once again I am shocked and stunned !

      • 112
        Arthur Haynes (Comedian) says:

        Are you mad? It’s to do with Gareth Barry and Kimberly West. No idea why though.

        • 121
          genghiz the kahn says:

          He never ever scores away from home, or even at Eastlands.

        • 164
          The Paragnostic says:

          Who the fuckety fuck is Kimberley West?

          I’d never heard of Imogen Thomas before the Giggs thing, either.

          Gareth Barry’s once more been named in the England squad – has he been shagging Capello as well? I wouldn’t pick him for a pub team, the useless c’unt.

          • Anonymous says:

            Never heard of Gareth Barry or Kimberley West.
            But injunctions just make me curious…

          • “On 22 May 2011, it was reported that the solicitors Schillings, acting on behalf of a client, requested that a British journalist and TV star be referred to the Attorney General Dominic Grieve for contempt of court, after allegedly breaching a privacy injunction on the social media website Twitter.[33] On 23 May 2011, MP John Hemming spoke in the House of Commons and used parliamentary privilege to identify Giles Coren as the journalist involved.[34]. Coren had made jokes on his Twitter web feed about Barry, superinjunctions and Ryan Giggs on 13 and 14 May 2011.”

            Source; wikipedia

  35. 75
    Moley says:

    It is completely obvious that Ryan Giggs only took out this injunction because he wanted free publicity to help Imogen’s singing career.

    The court’s shouldn’t allow themselves to be manipulated like this.

  36. 84
    Schillings says:

    Does this mean that Giggs’ law suite againts Twitter is also a waste of money?

    • 97
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Yep, Twitter is based in the USA so is covered by the first admendment.

  37. 88
    Rat's arse says:

    Right, that’s ‘Giggsy’ outed. Anyone know who else is hiding behind the Judges’ skirts? Please tell if you know, or at least gizza clue. Thanks! :)

    • 115
      Ivor Biggun says:

      Try typing gareth into Google… least that’s what Giles Coren might advise…

    • 117
      Arthur Haynes (Comedian) says:

      Gareth Barry

      • 159
        Anonymous says:

        What is it about Manchester?

      • 160
        stun says:

        Must admit to being a tad confused now, as the Telegraph site is citing Giles Coren (having been mentioned in the HoC) as having outed Giggs rather than the eejit on the front page of the Scottish paper. Who I thought was the Gareth Barry I’d never heard of….

        • 184
          The Paragnostic says:

          I was confused too – apparently Coren outed Barry, and it was Piers Moron who was twittering about Giggs (some lame comment about taking the C-cups on the bus).

          The two incidents were reported almost simultaneously, with the intentional misdirection of describing Coren as a journalist, Had me fooled – I thought he was just a pretentious c’unt that went to restaurants and scribbled ‘humourous’ reviews.

          His sister’s still well shaggable, though.

    • 128
      David Schneider says:

      I’d love to help you, but I’m a bit tied up at the moment – and if anyone says anything about my recent retreat from public life they’re heading for a spanking.

    • 144
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      See the link DO NOT READ THIS at top by Fleet Street Fox (Nobody named though).

  38. 95
    Bill d'Sarse says:

    As almost everyone in the country knew his identity by searching for it on the internet and therefore being in contempt of court by carrying out such a search – we are all going to prison.
    As there are not enough prison places currently available, England itself is to be turned into a de facto prison with immediate effect.
    Anyone who does not know what the footballer has been up to and wishes to leave, should do so now.

  39. 96
    Anonymous says:

    Perhaps one of them will now name the MP(s) with super injunctions.

    Or is that not the way it works?

  40. 98
    A different view says:

    Max Clifford Blaming Giggs of both putting Imogen Thomas’s name into the press and giving her no right of reply with the injunction. She has been badly served by the law.

    • 111
      Mike Hunt says:

      And Max Clifford is laughing all the way to the bank, as usual.

      • 124
        Laws for the rich says:

        So are Schillings.

        Clifford does have a point though. Giggs’s legal team put Imogen’s name into the public domain and the injunction took away her right of reply and at the same time keeping his name secret. Why is there one law for Giggs and a different law for Imogen?

        • 194
          The Paragnostic says:

          Not quite true – Imogen’s name was already in the public domain as having shagged ‘a premier league footballer’ – a direct leak from Clifford to the Sun on her behalf. Giggs was not named in the original story, as the Sun agreed with his solicitor not to do so for a day or two. Hence Giggs going for the injunction.

          I smell a bit of a setup here – maybe the Dirty Digger wanted all this to come to a head?

          Doesn’t alter the fact that Eady’s a horses arse, though…

        • 217
          Anonymous says:

          And she was accused of being a blackmailer.
          She should sue Giggs.

    • 118
      genghiz the kahn says:

      How much is that Hunt Clifford getting for promoting Ms Silicone Valley Girl?

      • 268
        Maxy says:

        I give to charity you know, and you mustn’t be hard on me because my wife died of can cer.

        • 379
          Teonna Monae Brown says:

          and you have a disabled daughter who the evil Tories would not put a ramp on your house for so you arranged stories for Liebour to be elected but forgot about the ramp for 13 years of Bliar-Brown

  41. 101
    Question of sport says:

    Does anyone know the name of a Premiership footballer who hasn’t been caught with his pants down?

  42. 108
    Andy Gray says:

    Well, I would have preferred it had the tabloids held back until after the CL final (and this is typical of the ‘build ‘em up, knock ‘em down’ mentality prevalent among tabloid twats), but I suppose that the principle is more important than the man.

    I look forward to the same MP naming in due course his shagger colleague who disgraced the HoP. Unless this was just a bit of grandstanding against an easy target, of course …

    • 210
      Friend in Deed says:

      you know what andy, you’re a wanker

    • 263
      Hemmings, thus far, is a tosser says:

      Of course it was grandstanding against an easy target.

      If he blasts Laws et al from his own benches I’ll have respect for him.

  43. 116
    Jury Nullification says:

    In legal terms this is what has happened:

    A jury of 100,000+ has kicked the judges into touch.

  44. 125

    Bercow was wrong

    Acts of public authorities

    (1)It is unlawful for a public authority to act in a way which is incompatible with a Convention right.

    but does not include either House of Parliament or a person exercising functions in connection with proceedings in Parliament.

    • 213
      Friend in Deed says:

      bercow is always wrong

      • 221
        Speakers tights in a twist says:

        How can Bercow remain in his job when he doesn’t actually understand what his job entails?

        • 302
          Peter Carter-Fuck says:

          He got Sally to suck off the entire House of Commons. She was a bit of a mess after a 600 guy cream pie, but after they hosed her down she was as good as new.

  45. 130
    Bercow - What a Huhne says:

    You’ve got to cry, where do we get supercillious huhnes like Dominic Grieve from!

    ‘It is our duty as parliamentarians to uphold the rule of law”

    ….and surely to change the law when it is a complete and utter arse and like Mr Hemming says, does not have the consent of the public.

    …So mr slimy, unctious, supercillious Grieve stick it up your arse!

    • 231
      Anonymous says:

      Twats like him would have said the same about slavery and banning alcohol on Sundays. Thick as pigshit.

    • 257
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      Grieve and Clark to go in a reshuffle hopefully. Useless fuckin’ huhnes.

    • 304
      Peter Carter-Fuck says:

      By the look of him, they got him from a Punch and Judy show.

    • 423
      Ty Burntree says:

      Breath-taking hypocrisy from little Dominic. The scale of the MPigs’ troughing, as revealed by the Telegraph, shows very clearly that parliamentarians ‘duty to uphold the rule of law’ comes second to any chance to stuff their own mouths with gold.

  46. 131
    RBS we shag anything says:

    I want to know who Fred Goodwin was sh–ing in the broom cupboard, on the board room table, bent over backwards on his desk with his braces round his ankles. Whilst he should have been working to stop his bank from collapsing and letting all of those people losing thier homes, thier jobs, thier savings and thier pensions.

    • 157
      Fred The Chimp says:

      So it’s Fred The Shag Goodwin and not the Shred then?

      When his knob’s up he’s nay gonna worry about his customers is he!

    • 227
      Free speech says:

      Wonder if it was the person responsible for handing him such a tidy sum in pay-off and pension after the bank collapsed?
      Surely there is public interest in knowing these facts- especially as we all paid for it?

      • 230
        Anonymous says:

        I’ve seen her name mentioned on the internet.
        It’s not hard to find.

      • 271
        The Paragnostic says:

        The person responsible for Fred’s severance package was (ultimately) either Brown or Mangledbum.

        They tried to pin it on ‘Lord’ Myners (another placeman who has no rightful place in the Upper House), who appears to have no redeeming features whatsoever.

        I suppose Fred might have been shagging one of the first two…

        • 414
          Insider says:

          Brown and Goodwin were partners in crime going round the country (when Brown was Chancellor) to ‘business man/woman of the year’ dinners in various cities. Goodwin would tout for their accoiunts and Brown for political donations. In Portsmouth the dinner was set up by Hancock and the two ‘Businessmen of the year’ were both big time drug dealers/ property developers.

  47. 137
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Ed Reallybland Surpassed himself this morning on 5 live
    He became the first Labour “political ventriloquist” to appear on radio
    It sounded like he was talking through his nose
    Whilst actually talking through his arse !

  48. 149
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    there we go:

    Telegraph’s done it!

    • 204
      Anonymous says:

      Days too late, but they may as well pretend to be part of a free press.

  49. 150
    Disgusted of Neasden says:

    BBC PM program just named he who must not be named.

  50. 151
    Infuriated of West Mids says:

    So, Mr Justice Eady has already buggered off for the day from the High Court, and the Sun lawyers are now hoping to go before a different judge now Giggs has been named in parliament.

    Hopefully they’ll be able to, and with the dick Eady out of the way they may well succeed.

    • 158
      ???? says:

      Foregone conclusion…look on the net…nobody is waiting for the Courts it seems

      Sky;BBC;The Sun;The Mirror;The Mail’The Guardian all naming the footballer

      • 172
        Infuriated of West Mids says:

        Yeah, but they’re naming him as the man accused in parliament as being the footballer. Not actually being the footballer. Small point, but an important one.

    • 165
      Anonymous says:

      Would that Mr Justice Eady would spend a bit more time with his family.

      • 239
        Judge Eady's family says:

        Fuck off. We don’t want him. He’ll have to go into a home.

        • 319
          Axe The Telly Tax says:

          He might end up in prison if the police investigate him for corruption.

  51. 161
    Any takers? says:

    I’ll pay £100 to any MP who stands up in the house and refers to Hugh Bonneville paying a hooker £195 to stick a dildo up his jacksie.

    • 174
      Sir William Waad says:

      £195? Did he get a 2.5% discount or something? Did she give Nectar points?

    • 237
      Fa Kin Su Pah says:

      Did I see him on’t tellie last night
      looking a trifle uncomfortable.

    • 422
      Butt Plug says:

      I can’t be arsed with all this as I’m always in arrears.

  52. 163
    Knobby says:

    BBC R4 has just broadcast from Commons! Hemmings justifies. Well done.

  53. 169
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Sadiq Khan is currently talking crap on BBC Parliament. What a shitty little weasel he is. His type can never answer a question. He is a totally useless pile of spew.

  54. 170
    Max clifford says:

    Clifford is saying all Imogen did was warn Giggs that the Sun had been asking questions and he should be careful.

    Straight away Giggs got an injunction naming her of having an affair but keeping his name secret. she has been badly served by the law

    • 189
      I don't need no doctor says:

      So Max Clifford is whiter than white. I think not.
      Money, money, money in a rich man’s world.

      • 277
        It's me, Maxee says:

        Oily smarmy arrogant weasel money-grabbing self-important trougher.

  55. 175
    Man on the Clapham Omnibus says:

    Word is the recovened hearing is before Tugendhat J., not Eady J. …

    • 219
      The Paragnostic says:

      Another ignorant tosser who can’t read section 12 of the HRA as it is clearly meant.

      Still, Section 12.4.a.i now surely applies, and 12.4.b is utterly redundant. Even Leopardskin Pillboxhat should be able to see that…

      • 250
        Infuriated of West Mids says:

        +1. Agreed. If not, we might as well give up completely.

        • 311
          Infuriated of West Mids says:

          Update – I give up.

          • The Paragnostic says:

            Me too – I really cannot see how someone so willfully stupid ever became a judge.

            Presumably he had friends in the Labour Party.

    • 312
      Man on the Clapham Omnibus says:

      See below: Tugendhadt upholds order…

  56. 176
    I don't need no doctor says:

    The BBC voice piece of Labour.

  57. 181
    I don't need no doctor says:

    With shadow ministers like Sadiq Khan labour will never win an election again. My farts make more sense than he does.

  58. 183
    Fuck their injunctions! says:
    • 197
      Anonymous says:

      Luvvies fornicating is hardly news.

      • 234
        Anonymous says:

        No but celebrities, dodgy businessmen and bent politicians taking out injunctions IS news and awakens the curiosity in us all.

  59. 187
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    “Hemming names Giggs in Parliament”

    July 1st – Wemberly arena

    july 2nd -O2 arena

    July 4th- Old Trafford

    July 6th- The old Playhouse.

    • 232

      Gordon Brown’s “I saved the world” world tour.

      June – Kirkcaldy Town hall

      July – Washington {Alaska} – The Ice hole bar’s and Fries

      Aug – Tripoli – The grand Mummar Palace of Dreams {subject to cancellation}

      Sept – Amsterdam – The Anne Frank attic

      More dates to be announced. Book now to avoid disappointment!
      {Opinions may vary. Does not mean purchase will not disappoint.}

  60. 190
    Eyjafelakorblimey says:

    I’m still the biggest ashcloud!

  61. 202
    m'learned friend says:

    It is really rather difficult to work out of all this publicity will be good or bad for the superinjunction market. I think we should proceed upon the basis that evn if they get aired in parlt. or the intnt. the consumer will still be happy to be bled – which is to say we must proceed as we are pro tem. After all , the judges are quite tame in this respect.

  62. 214
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’d like someone to put a super injunction up my bot bot.

  63. 225

    Super Athletico Injunction vs Real Embarrasi.

    GK -Peter Shilton

    Def – Ashley Cole
    def – Stan Collymore
    def – John Terry
    def – Gareth Barry

    Mid – George Best
    Mid – Ryan Giggs
    Mid – Garry Flitcroft

    FC – Frank Worthington
    FC – Dwight Yorke
    ST – Wayne Rooney

    Sub – Wayne Bridge
    Sub – Mark Bosnich
    Sub – Ally McCoist

  64. 229
    Hang 'em high says:

    Good to see the Lib Dems getting their priorities right. Not a word about Laws Huhne or Lembit, but Giggsy, yeah lets nail ‘im. He hasn’t stolen £56,000 from us but hey, playing away and misguided judgement.

    You courageous c unts.

  65. 241
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Just caught a bit of John Hemming on the BBC, he could go far as long as he hasnt got any skeletons or kids(Buried) in the closet.

    • 296
      Late to the party says:

      Good to see you posting away despite the negativity re you from some a wipes over the last few days.

      I can’t find it in my heart to find positivity in any Lib Dem when they remain so silent about the corruption in their ranks.

      Speak up about this please Hemming.

    • 356
      Reality approaches says:

      Kid with his assistant, LD councillor, just after 2005 election but his wife, with whom he has three kids, stood by him saying it was only about the 26th time he had played away. See Wiki

      • 393
        What is it with Lib Dems? says:

        Nuff said.

      • 408
        James Kibbor says:

        It’s not about affairs. They don’t actually matter. It’s lying about them that matters, and trying to enforce your lies through the courts. If anything, it makes it better that it is a notorious philanderer who has revealed Giggs’s identity.

  66. 253
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m going to Nokia Christine Lagarde.

  67. 256
    Ed Milibland says:

    “Thtay inthide everyone. Lord Athcloud ith back.”

    “Oh yeth. Nearly forgot. Thoo far, thoo fast, Tory-led coalition.”

  68. 261
    Blinky says:

    Me and Yvette have made our own sex video. On sale to the highest bidder. In it I dwess up as Gowdon, and Yvette is in a nuwse’s unifowm.

  69. 264

    RBS has become a byword for all that is wrong with the UK banking industry. Greedy, fat cat bankers, epitomised by Sir Fred Goodwin, who have taken our money and gambled it recklessly. And when things went wrong they were bailed out by the taxpayer.

    Against such a backdrop, it would it would be a surprise if the person in charge of recruitment for this much-maligned bank didn’t have a sense that the cards were unfairly stacked against them.

    However, as Susan Bor, RBS’s director of group resourcing, looks out across the City skyline from the 11th floor of the bank’s Bishopsgate offices, she is clearly relishing the task.

    Bor admits that the past 18 months have been painful. “But you can only feel that for so long,” she says. “We are not down. We don’t think ’we don’t have bags to offer people’,” she adds.

    • 397
      Anonymous says:

      Why are any members of the RBS management who were at the bank during it’s collapse, still there?
      Surely they are all tarnished by the failures of the past and don’t instill any confidence in the future success of the company.

    • 398
      Teonna Monae Brown says:

      Before O’Neals and Fuld’s banks went under they fired competent people and promoted the incompetent

    • 410
      Make the image disappear says:

      “It’s a difficult trick to pull off in any organisation…”

      I’ve heard too much white powder can cause those problems

  70. 265
    Ed Milibland says:

    “I never knew O’Bama was Oirish”

    • 331
      Sir William Waad says:

      Funnily enough, last time I was in Tokyo, I was discussing Obama’s Irish roots with His Imperial Majesty the Emperor, or ‘Paddy’ as he prefers to be known in private.

  71. 280

    It’s getting late. Horlicks anyone? Ah! Nicola, here you go.

  72. 281
    Jose says:

    Well, there’s a pleasant surprise….”it’s our duty to uphold the law”, guess there’s a first time for everything then. This shower in the Commons and the Lords act as if the Law doesn’t relate to them just us the poor sod taxpayers!

    Parliament and the judiciary and the EU need to go and lock themselves away for about 5 years, I’m sure we’d manage very well without the vast majority of the overpaid, underworked shower!

  73. 285
    Brian Giggs says:

    Dear Guido

    Can you please not confuse me with that welsh footballer all over the news.

    Brain Giggs


  74. 289
    Up sh1t creek says:

    What’s the bet that the judges will jail any more piggy MPs that pass their way for MUCH longer times, now that they MPs have kicked the judges up the backside?

  75. 291
    Poor Fabio says:

    What about Dunblane? Is there a super-injunction about that?

    • 315
      Peter Carter-Fuck says:

      Shh. There was no high level Scottish paedo ring. There’s nothing to see here. Well, not for 100 years anyway.

    • 322
      The Paragnostic says:

      Nope – just a ban on releasing any of the papers.

      Equally wrong, especially as the incident was used as a justification for banning handgun ownership rather than tackling pædophilia in public life…

  76. 298
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Ha Ha

    BBC and SKy showing Barry O` bummer but Fox News are not showing the “Anonited ones” speech in irish-land

  77. 300
    juggernaut says:

    Is it the right time for him to sue Schillings (didn’t they used to make hats?) for fucking about with his money?

  78. 305

    I imagine the Sunday papers have already ordered double paper and ink supplies, for next week, to report what is already on the net now.

  79. 306
    guess who says:

    My lawyers told me it was a good idea to write them a humongous cheque.

  80. 307
    R**n G***gs says:

    ‘It was Sir Alex’s fault. He told me at my age I should just concentrate on filling the hole’.

  81. 309
    Man on the Clapham Omnibus says:


    Tugendhadt J. rules after reconvened hearing that injunction protecting Giggsy remains in place.

  82. 314
    The Paragnostic says:

    Pillbox hat has just upheld the injunction – is he determined to make the whole legal system look as much of an ass as he is?

    What an utter pillock that man is – a contemptible buffoon if ever there was one.

  83. 317
    Huhne says:

    A good day to bury bad news

  84. 318
    Anonymous says:


    Bradford gets UK’s first Muslim woman lord mayor

    She’ll lool reat grand wi’ mayoral chain over er Burka.

  85. 324
    Bazz says:

    I think we need New Judges… or at least a few more Welsh ones, …Is there some reason why they are called Shillings ??

  86. 330
    LYIN GIGGS says:

    Ferguson told me i needed to do more dribbling in the box !

  87. 334
    LYIN GIGGS says:

    Giggs’s Lawyers are back in the high court now !
    trying to secure an injunction to prevent the press from contacting him !
    What you need to do you dopey twat is get one to stop your wife questioning you !

  88. 338
    Cosdwallop says:

    Sunday Night: review of the Papers on BBC news channel. Reviewer whose name I didn’t catch – referred to “professionally trained journalists”…..hahahahaha….. as opposed to the Blogosphere and all us lot the great unwashed. I would dearly love to know who this guy is. He is in dire need of a bloody good talking to / massive exposure for being:
    1) a total Hunt
    2) a pompous self regarding prat
    3) an odious little creep

    Anybody else see/hear this?

    • 405
      tell it like it really is says:

      I saw it Codswallop and thought as you ” where did they get that tosser, thicker than thick tosser, from?”

      • 411
        who why what where when says:

        BBC journalists are rarely professional nowadays.
        They’re sadly predictably biased and I wouldn’t believe them if they told me the time.

  89. 339
    Gareth Barry says:

    Gareth Barry. What about Gareth Barry. Why isn’t anyone talking about Gareth Barry.

  90. 343
    Robo says:

    All I know is this week’s Private Eye will be full of Eady and Tugendhat.

    Step forward Hislop, brave and steadfast warrior of truth!

    • 349
      ENOCH 's BOWEL says:

      Or shit stirring little shite !

      • 368
        Satirical magazine firmly in the Westminster bubble says:

        As well as being on the BBC payroll, Hislop’s a true believer in the man made global warming fraud.

        • 413
          Ena Sharples says:

          Leave Hislop alone.
          He’s done a good job at Private Eye over the years.

  91. 351
    Anonymous says:

    Giggs looks like Monkey from the classic 1970s TV series in that pic…

  92. 352
    Anonymous says:

    All that dosh. thrown away…. for what
    ryan,s thick as shit but his lawyers sure a’rent

  93. 355
    Big Biscuit says:

    Footballer sleeps with loose woman. I for one do not care. Is this news ?

  94. 358
    the last quango in paris says:

    Do you think Giggs will be voting Lib Dem?

  95. 359
    Barry O'Bummer the Ethnic Chameleon says:

    My name is Barry O’Bummer and today I’ll mostly be proclaiming to have shamrock green Irish blood running through my veins. Until that is I arrive in the UK when I shall dig up yet another great great great grandfather but not my original birth certificate.
    To be sure to be sure.

    I am the American dream, I am the anointed one, Insha’Allah!

  96. 364
    not a machine says:

    Mr speaker seemed to be cutting across all sorts today and quickly put Hemmings in a lock. I can understand that legal law is/has become a little too complex for the lay man (which is somthing of dysfunctional golden rule in my books) , Mr Grieve being attornay general was perhaps cautious, again David Davies made an easy to understand aspect , it is of course not about footballers and I was surprised Mr Bones or for that matter Mr Cash remarks didnt break out to unamious applause so obvious is what has been lost, however it was a question and not a debate.
    I was interested to know what the oath of the judicary was , my searches have led me to a blank gov page 404 not found and very complicated FOI requests .
    If institutions have value such things should be clearer . I can see that some thought and consideration are needed , but what for the law of the ordinary person or for that matter its clear link to having the finances to make it more favourable to some than to others .
    The judiciary is the official institution , formed by acts of parliament , it is the clarity of this relationship (and the over arching interruptions of the EU court ) that have made lawyers play the judiciary dysfunctionally and expensively divided.

    In the thoughts and considerations now underway , the evidence and testemony are the only way the truth can be ascertained ,that is why I feel courts and not injunctions best serve the legal process , private cases can have an out of court cost necessity , but surely some cases once entered into such as a corporate misdoings must be concluded as effectively as possible , the law must surely act for the public in informing them of what the law has judged .

    Breech of privacy in personal cases , is still a matter of attaining the truth , wether the case folds or not , embarrasment and public knowledge are personal breeches of trust , delicate human failings , but if you earn a living by offering the public a clean brand of personal conduct and your life is contray to that , why should the public be decieved by your truth concealing PR ,or for that matter your spouse or business collegs .Does the vicar who blew the church repair fund on a fornight in vegas , not deserve the same as a footballer who concealed somthing from his wife/partner , is the fall from personal conduct not the same ?
    free speech has a responsible element , but in the end isnt truth somthing for judges to ascertain on the publics/laws behalf as well.

  97. 370
    Bob Page says:

    Ironic that his lawyers have taken him for a much bigger ride than any gold-digging slapper would have.

  98. 374
    Keith Dovkunts says:

    Ahhhhh! It was Ryan Giggs . . .

  99. 377
  100. 380
  101. 387
    Saif al-Islam Gaddafi says:

    If I move to London and stay in LSE student digs a super injunction will hide my identity, right?

    And a super injunction beats an arrest warrant from the international criminal court?

  102. 388
    Robert Mugabe says:

    Hemming is innocent!

    Solidarity with my Lib Dem brothers.

    By Any Means Necessary.

  103. 389
    HenryV says:

    Could somebody please explain the offside rule in Association Football to me?

    • 407
      Keith Dovkunts says:

      Here’s how my wife learnt to grasp it . . .

      You’re in a shoe shop, second in the queue for the till. Behind the shop assistant on the till is a pair of shoes which you have seen and which you must have.

      The female shopper in front of you has seen them also and is eyeing them with desire.

      Both of you have forgotten your purses.

      It would be totally rude to push in front of the first woman if you had no money to pay for the shoes.

      The shop assistant remains at the till waiting.

      Your friend is trying on another pair of shoes at the back of the shop and sees your dilemma.

      She prepares to throw her purse to you.

      If she does so, you can catch the purse, then walk round the other shopper and buy the shoes.

      At a pinch she could throw the purse ahead of the other shopper and, *whilst it is in flight* you could nip around the other shopper, catch the purse and buy the shoes.

      Always remembering that until the purse had *actually been thrown* it would be plain wrong to be forward of the other shopper.

      But if there is another friend casually leaning against the counter are they interfering with the purchase?

  104. 403
    Salcombe says:

    What a disgraceful, self-serving, self-publicising piece of parliamentry theatre Mr Hemming has felt able to deliver in full contempt of this countries judicial system. With complete disregard of a citizens privacy, their dignity and family, he has portrayed a contempt not only for the courts but ultimately for himself.

    Peddling shameful, tittle-tattle, red-top, page 3 journalism in parliament diminshes it further.

    • 415
      woodward and bernstein says:

      Bad court rulings deserve to be treated with contempt.
      It has nothing to do with the adulterous behaviour of a footballer and everything to do with the principles of free speech in a democracy.

    • 416
      Anonymous says:

      Hear hear. The hypocritical tosser apparently plays away more than a premiership football team.

    • 421
      The Paragnostic says:

      What a disgraceful, etc. piece of judicial theatre Mr Justice Eady has felt able to deliver in contempt of the intent of Parliament and of the people of this country.

      With complete disregard for the meaning of Section 12 of the HRA he has attempted to remove the freedom of expression of the gutter press at the expense of the privacy of an adulterer.

      His actions bring the whole judiciary into contempt.

    • 438
      Singularly Unimpressed says:

      Yeah, and if you read up on things properly, which the greater part of the unwashed here seem to be quite incapable of, some of the things he seems to have alleged were never on the cards anyway

  105. 417
    Late to the party says:

    Should’ve known when I heard he was a Lib Dem.

  106. 429
    Mayor Chip Hazard says:

    Hey what’s wrong with footballers and not so famous actors (Hugh Bonneville) shagging their way through wannabe WAG’s & Tom’s and then pleading for protection because their reputatations will be ruined if the public find out?

  107. 430
    Mayor Chip Hazard says:

    Is Gareth Barry TSE? The dirrrrty basssstard (Allegedly)

    • 432
      Ferguson says:

      Team to play against Barcelona
      1. Van Der Sa
      2. O’Shea
      3. Evra
      4. Carrick
      5. Ferdinand
      6. Vidic
      7. Park
      8. Carrick
      9. Un-named married premier league footballer
      10. Rooney
      11. Hernandez

  108. 434
    Anonymous says:

    John hemming is a fucking prick.

  109. 435
    Live from ShitCreek says:

    Hope Old Mother eady gets the bill from thebill from the Californi ajudicial system has ir raken ouof his pension fund that will tend him more towards deocracy them fuckers will cleab him out

  110. 436
    Singularly Unimpressed says:

    Hi Guido

    How does it feel to be Chief of the Barbarian Horde? Isn’t being the leader of a bunch of idiots and assorted tossers not even just a tad depressing? Or are you just another little thug with a keyboard, happy to manipulate and take advantage of a gang of prejudiced and ignorant illiterates? Bit like a tabloid editor, really

  111. 439
    Anonymous says:

    Schillings have much nastier clients than Ryan Giggs, who seems really just a bit silly.

    It is consistently difficult to access Schillings letters re ARK Academies. Direct links to this material are on the 911forum under ‘War on Children’, post titled “Schillings solicitors letters; direct links”

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Francis Elliot reports on No. 10 strategy meetings:

“When discussion veers to subjects that Mr Crosby thinks of concern only to the political and journalistic classes, he treats the offender as a pub bore with a tart request to “pass the beer nuts, mate”.”

Alexrod says:

It’s money innit.

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