May 18th, 2011

Pilgrims Picked On At PMQs

Regarding full-time union officials, or Pilgrims as they have come to be known, Guido wrote last week:

“There are 2,493 Pilgrims across the public sector, union officials, paid not to provide the service they represent, but instead do political activities that should be funded by the unions. Without having to pay their staff, the unions can spend the money raised through their subs on other things, like keeping the Labour Party solvent.”

Well there was certainly one happy reader. This is what Aidan Burley had to ask at PMQs:

Mr Aidan Burley (Cannock Chase) (Con): There are currently 2,500 trade union representatives across the public sector paid not to provide the service that they represent but to carry out campaigning activities that should be funded by the unions—and because the unions do not pay their salaries, they can spend their subs on other things, such as subsidising that lot over there. Does the Prime Minister not think it time that that was reformed?

The Prime Minister: My hon. Friend raises an important point. [Hon. Members: “No he doesn’t!”] It is interesting that whenever someone raises a point about union funding they get shouted down by the Labour party, because Labour Members do not want any examination of what trade unions do, or how much money they give to the Labour party. [Interruption.] I think that they protest a little too much

This week, Guido will be exposing another Pilgrim, this time a teacher. In the meantime Guido strongly encourages Aidan and his collegues to sign EDM1799 demanding an end to this obscene loophole.

Video via Dom Robinson


  1. 1
    Chicken says:

    Oh I hardly dare- I might get blacklisted!


  2. 2
    The Pedant says:

    Ata boy…


    • 5
      Dick the Prick says:

      Dave didn’t answer the bloody question, though. Hmmm…..


      • 7
        Jimbo says:

        He was busy – drafting a letter to call for kens resignation (whilst also signing the relase of a coupla thousand rapists to appease Blunt)


      • 23
        Archer Karcher says:

        He isn’t going to do anything about it, that’s why. Fabian Dave is all yap and no bite.


        • 91
          Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

          That is unfortunately true – Cameron is just Blair in a blue tie.


          • Tony Blair says:

            I think you’ll find that I, Tony Blair, was in fact Tony Blair in a blue tie, when I wasn’t wearing my second face.


          • Hugh Janus says:

            How very true Lady V. It is becoming increasingly clear that Cast-Iron Dave promises the earth but in fact rarely delivers. His friend the Westminster Lunch Mountain, who masquerades as the Communities Secretary, has the same affliction.


  3. 3
    extory says:

    Read today in the Telegraph that Blunt is going to reduce sentencing for rapists to save a few quid.

    So glad Cameron is going to lose the next election – and to think I used to vote for Conservatives.


    • 4
      VOTELABOUR says:

      Well as Tories always were: SOFT ON CRIME, SOFT ON THE CAUSES OF CRIME


    • 13
      Abdelbaset al-Megrahi says:

      I think you’ve made your point now on previous threads.

      Bugger off and vote UKIP


    • 44
      gertcha says:

      Except that he’s not doing that. The policy, which is only at the stage of being debated, is about allowing the judges to give a discount if the offender pleas guilty at an early stage. This is so that the *victims* are not subjected to hurtful cross-examination.

      Still, if you don’t give a toss about the victims, you won’t be interested in that point.

      Rape still carries a maximum life sentence at the judges’ discretion.


      • 71
        misterned says:

        Correct. Labour have jumped on a small detail, twisted it out of context, misrepresented it and then jumped up and down and got all overexcited.

        As usual.

        After seeing the left wing media wet itself in hysterics all day, I have just listened to the actual interview.

        Whilst I cannot stand the treasonous anti-UK traitor Ken Clarke, he is correct in that interview.


        • 138
          TONY BENN'S WILL says:

          objective post and I totally agree..
          did you see the program on Strangeways the other night ,normally I can’t stand fly on the wall stuff but the disruptive behaviour of one man playing the Human rights act “you can’t touch me that’s assault game” begars beleif,the answer is to get Baroness Kennedy and all the lefties ,shut them in the prison and show the warders how to do it.After all they know best.

          Just a thought but how about every lawyer has to work on the front line as a police officer in London for 12 weeks every 5 years, one ..they keep in touch with reality and two they can yeach everone how to do it properly ‘cos they know how to do it


        • 197
          Alan Philip Bonggg says:

          On the basis of what Ken C was criticised on, every judge in the country should be held to account on their discretion in ordering 5 year terms or life sentences.


    • 78
      Anonymous says:

      You think this plea bargaining lark is only about rape? Not so fast pal- it’s across the fucking board, all violent crime not just rape. If you thought lenient sentencing was a joke under the last lot just wait till this bunch of jokers come to the end of their term, you’ll be begging for Blair and his “Tough on crime. Tough on the causes of crime” soundbites.

      Clarke and the rest of his progressive wankers want to spend more of your hard earned on reducing the reoffending rates but research after research show that all the money spent on these types of programmes are wholly ineffective – they just don’t work… EVER! With one exception – religious conversions. Apparently finding God whilst you’re banged up materially reduces the likelihood of you reoffending upon release.

      I can’t see that being too popular an option with the secular, progressive brigade.


      • 192
        Article 38 says:

        Of these, too many of them have a religious conversion that leads to extended vocational training in Yemen and Pakistan. Maybe they’ll come back as one-time reoffenders?


      • 199
        The Paragnostic says:

        I’m fanatically secular, and even I can see how finding “God” or whatever name you wish to call it would reduce reoffending – if you follow the prescriptions (and proscriptions) of whichever holy book your “God” tells you is the truth, it’s more than likely that you will lead a life that collides less with the forces of law and order.

        There are exceptions, of course – you could, for example, happen to find the wrong sort of God for a particular country (e.g. being a Christian in Saudi, or a radical Muslim in the West), or you could become Rastafarian which seems to be frowned upon everywhere.

        Mind you, I’m not what one would describe as ‘progressive’, so that lets me off the hook.


  4. 6
    Dejected says:

    Labour are corrupt and funded by unions

    Cons are corrupt and funded by bankers

    Is there much difference???


    • 12
      Mr Knob Stroker, Head Of Pastoral Care says:

      Yes , there is a huge difference; Union mouthpieces smell, and their diction and grammar are usually quite awful . Alot of them also have tattoos and smoke ‘roll up’s’, and have Glaswegian or Cockney accents. Disgraceful .


    • 43
      Nemo says:

      I was waiting for someone to write members money paying for Liebore, the reply could have been, bankers pay out to Cons out of funds given by tax payers to rescue them


    • 73
      misterned says:

      Yes, the bankers also funded labour. Also the bankers do not get a say or a block vote on tory policy. The unions get a huge say and can dictate to the labour party.


  5. 10
    I will hold a knife to your throat as I smash your pussy while my sweat drips into your crying eyes says:

    Kenneth Clarke is my newest bestest biggest buddy.


    • 17
      Sidney Cooke says:

      I’d shag him


    • 18
      Anonymous says:

      Thank you Mr Strauss-Khan. Your endorsement is important to Ken I’m sure.

      If Ken really did say that and it’s not some out-of-context quote then I’d say the odds on Huhne Being the first cabinet resignation have just lengthened. The Grauniad and BBC will be all over that quote.

      He’s finished.

      Silly fucker.


      • 67
        Anonymous says:

        Doesn’t matter that it was out of context, the BBC will be all over him anyway.


    • 21
      Infuriated of West Mids says:

      Oh, for fuck’s sake. You know perfectly well what he was saying.


    • 74
      misterned says:

      If you bothered actually listened to what Clarke said, then you would not make such bullshit allegations.

      Clarke was entirely correct.


      • 113
        Anonymous says:

        Sadly this has managed to deflect attention away from the positive drop in unemployment figures announced today.
        Could the Tory spin doctors please get a fucking grip.


        • 164
          Going Supernova says:

          I don’t think Clarke said anything controversial either. There are obviously different types of rape, however much the feminists disagree.

          You can argue about how much the sentences should be shortened, but saving the victim the horrors of court with additional likelihood that the perpetrator will get off seems to be a good idea.

          The problem isn’t the Tory spin doctors though, its the fact that you can’t say something perfectly sensible without the BBC making a meal out of nothing. It is time the BBC had their wings clipped.

          Ed’s performance was entirely predicable and signifies nothing.


    • 111
      The Unknown Rape Victim says:

      Dominique – is that you?


  6. 11
    Authoritative commentator on the Guidoean zeitgeist says:

    The windowlickers are restless today


  7. 14
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    I was in a Union once, we hated the shop steward, most of us were not Lieobre supporters and strongly opposed giving money to the rent boy raping scum in Nu Liebore.

    Used to really piss him off.


    • 15
      Backwoodsman says: didn’t work at the bbc then ?


      • 16
        I says:

        Nobody works at the BBC


        • 29
          Technician says:

          Yes we bloody well do!

          It’s only the arts grads (even the science correspondents are arts grads) that skive, snort and garden in an uphill direction. The rest of us work bloody hard!


          • BBC Controller says:

            Now then, now then, now, then – we’ll have none of this bolshie talk


          • Alan Rentnob says:

            Who is this hideous oik?


          • Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

            This is what the BBC call work

            Yes there is an app for that. Cocaine combined with the iphone a beeboids heaven!!



          • chris pratten says:

            IP duly noted


          • TONY BENN'S WILL says:

            when will the whistleblowers start to expose the goings on at BBC

            by the way I went to a woman’s wedding ,she worked at the BBC and so quite a few of the guests did too an it was just before an election and she gave a speech and said she had three things to say 1, thank you for all the presents etc 2 there are still a few copies of my husbands book for sale etc and 3 don’t forget to vote labour…at this point a big cheer went up round the room


    • 36
      Nemo says:

      You could have opted out of political donations


  8. 20
    Ghost of Greg Stone says:

    Back on topic, nice to see Pilgrim’s progress in the midst of a derailment.


  9. 22
    Hulture Secretary Jeremy Cunt says:

    You useless Hunt, Guido. Laws being investigated by the Met, Clarke on the brink, the NHS reforms in chaos, and you focus on this?

    I know you’re partisan, but this is ridiculous. Your lot just had a very bad day.


    • 28
      Sidney Cooke says:

      See the Laws post below chum…….p.


    • 82
      Anonymous says:

      What do you expect with that tousle haired, lard bucket Tory Bear editing the site.


      • 131
        Anonymously says:

        At least he’s got the courage to let people know who he is.

        Rather than coming out with lefty nonsense under the most unambiguous pseudonym ever.



  10. 25
    Dennis Skinner , MP says:

    I like her !


  11. 26
    Hulture Secretary Jeremy Cunt says:

    Hunt, Hunt, Hunt, Hunt, Hunt.

    Don’t mind me, just trying something.


  12. 27
    not a machine says:

    Now theres a reform for modeniser Mr Clegg to get some populist support from :) or have i just tripped over an elephant in the room.


  13. 31
    Sir William Waad says:

    2,500 people at, say, £25,000 each, that’s…..flippin eck, it’s £62.5 million!


  14. 32
    Martin Bishop says:

    Barnsley Council are the worst for it

    Union mafia..


    • 69
      Pastimes says:

      Barnsla phoke kan bout manage “Maggi, Maggy, Maggie. Out, out out” and na moor as an intellectual concept. Last time I saw a black face i’Barnsla was afore t’pits drowned i’debt (or shut by police, if tha prefers) so who’s getting ‘t£250k pa? Where’s that squaddie MP when needed?


  15. 34
    Nemo says:

    Isn’t the police federation boss payed by the state


  16. 35
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    So according to the BBC 6PM news has youth unemployment gone up? That’s the impression the BBC are giving.

    Oh and here is a list of locations I want to take Mrs fucking Paddy to when she comes over to England, on a state visit.


  17. 40
  18. 45
    Gooey Blob says:

    In a time of austerity, we cannot afford to be paying the wages of union officials. Let the unions fund their own people, and let taxpayers’ money be spent on things which matter to taxpayers.


    • 50
      Nemo says:

      Keeping bankers in the life they have become accustomed to?


      • 77
        misterned says:

        Nemo. Were you asleep when labour spent billions propping up banks?

        Also it is labour’s plans to cut less, and leave the deficit much bigger that would mean that tens of billions of pounds MORE would have to go to the banks in debt interest alone, than will be the case under the coalition plans.

        Labour are the bankers buddies.

        Labour doubled the income tax of the poorest workers and froze tax allowances, whereas the coalition is increasing tax allowances.

        Labour hate the poor.


        • 147
          TONY BENN'S WILL says:

          poor people vote labour so keep them poor by
          1. not educating them properly
          2 keep them dependent on benefits
          3 build more sink estates
          4 import as many poor immigrants as possible as quickly as possible
          etc etc etc
          I can’t be bothered anymore just let them live like that and just get on with your own life. You can’t say they haven’t been told…


  19. 51
    FEDUP says:

    Bugger comments. Can you stop the profoundly irritating popup ads that flash and flash and flash?


  20. 57
    The Paragnostic says:


    • 72
      Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      …and Irish President pays tribute to English dead from IRA bombs…………………………………….. Whoops oh well maybe she will one day.


      • 191
        Labour have taken to vacous shrieking says:

        Have a look at the Irish presidents life story on wiki et al.
        then judge her!


  21. 59
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Sky reporting that Huhne is now helping Essex Police with their inquiries! The rope tightens


  22. 66
    Jane Pilgrim says:

    Leave me alone! All I did was have a staff safari to John Lewis and Wagamama at public expense.


  23. 68
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Good let`s get rid of the union parasite`s that add nothing but cost to the taxpayer, For far to long the taxpayer has suffered.


  24. 79
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Pathetic dumbed downed media reporting over the Ken Clarke non story.
    Even more pathetic was Ed Miliband at PMQs, trying to score political points over Cameron becuase of the Ken Clarke issue. I noted the nodding Harman and Cooper, what a sad pair.
    The media trying to twist what was said just to try and create a story.
    Will the media scum stop at nothing?


    • 81
      misterned says:


      It’s not like that twat Clarke hasn’t already given more than enough reasons to be sacked already by performing the U-turn on knife crime.

      But to pick on this? I listened to the interview and Clarke was entirely correct.


      • 89
        Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

        When a Tory goes on the BBC he is always ambushed, Clarke and the Tories get what they deserve from the BBC, especially Radio 5 which really is full of coke heads and arse bandits who vote Liebore.


        • 122
          Anonymous says:

          The Tory press office needs to be ahead of the game. They should know by now that certain media organisations have their own agenda.


      • 114
        one of the Milimongs says:

        PMQs – two weeks ago. “Thavid Lawths isth a dithgwathce. He thould be thacked.”

        PMQs – one week ago “Cwith Thune isth a dithgwathce. He thould be thacked.”

        PMQs – Today “Ken Clarke isth a dithgwathce. He thould be thacked.”

        PMQs – Next week “Sthomone elth hath done thomething for which the only rethonable courthe isth for them to be thacked.”


      • 218
        Errr..... says:

        They ought to double the sentence across the board. If you fess up early and avoid trial then you’ll go down for the current max sentence. That plus televised castration obviously.


  25. 80
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Hang em, Hang em all !!!!

    Good to see the police looking into Laws, now for the other 640+


    • 86
      Billy Bowden 63 and three quarters and a half says:

      Billy’s favorite things.

      1) Conkers

      2) Angel Delight, just like mummy makes.

      3) Toilet Duck.

      4) Buckaroo.

      5) Cudling my puppy till it squeals with pain ‘cos I wuv it so much.

      6) Making big plops.

      7) Sharing a bed wiv mummy.


    • 99
      Phew says:

      Good to have you back, Billy


    • 151
      TONY BENN'S WILL says:

      they got Bin ladn after 10 years, now a top banker ( who didn’t see the credit crunch coming ) is in the dock in USA ( what chance do you think he stands )
      may be the BBC can investigate who put bad mortgages in with good mortgages ,a concious act of fraud that carries a heavy prison sentence, they can investigate FIFA and Fergie’s son,they just have no credibility any more. I wonder if there’s a “we didn’t spot the credit crunch club ” at the BBC amongst the so called journalists all protecting each other,or may be they knew it was coming and didn’t tell us.still Bin and the head of the IMF is a good start


      • 154
        TONY BENN'S WILL says:

        by the way if it is a conspiracy between Sarcozy and Obama it won’t do their popularity any harm whatsoever , who would not want that ! They have my vote


  26. 83
    I says:

    missed you billy


  27. 85
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Why after a few hundreds years of passing laws do we still need to?


  28. 87
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    Short the Euro
    Short the Dollar
    Pile into commodities futures

    You can’t buck the market :-)

    Thatcherite Europsceptics have been proved right.


  29. 92
    Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Oh look how this beeboid wanted to suck Gordon’s cock

    “…The improvement in the UK’s economic performance – which began under the Conservatives – has given Labour a once unthought of reputation as the party of economic competence, and helped make Gordon Brown the most popular minister after the Prime Minister….”

    Guido really should frame this article


    • 95
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Didnt some forign minster say gordon was unsuitable for the IMF role today?


    • 105
      Neo-troglodyte says:

      The ending was somewhat prophetic :
      ‘However, in the long run, the biggest challenge for industry is to boost its productivity – the output that each worker produces – where the UK lags behind the US, Germany, and France in order to raise the UK’s standard of living.
      For Mr Brown, the challenge will be to keep his business supporters happy and his reputation for prudence intact, while presiding over the biggest increase in public spending for decades.’


      • 123

        For Mr Brown, the challenge will be to keep his business supporters happy {check}

        and his reputation for prudence intact,{ cross}

        while presiding over the biggest increase in public spending for decades.{check}

        2/3 ain’t bad.


  30. 93
    Lord Sucrose says:

    Bleedin’ ridiculous! You couldn’t make it up. For livin’ in the fast lane Chris, you’re fired.


  31. 102
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Right i missed PMQS today and i really need the answer to a few quetions , i do hope fellow window-lickers can assist.

    1. Was Gordon in the chamber?

    2. Was Berocw a Hunt?

    3. Did Ed ask anything iresting? and did Dave answer the quetsion?

    4. Was Peppa the Pig in the Chamber?

    5. did any totty have thier baps out?


    • 106
      Billy bollocks banana fruit and nut says:

      No. 2 – Huhne was definitely a Bercow.


    • 116
      translate this mutha fucka says:

      What fucking language is this FFS?


    • 119

      4. Someone who looked like Peppa was on the opposition bench. It might have been Harman though.


      • 126
        Axe The Telly Tax says:

        Don’t know about Peppa pig, but no shortage of pig ignorant scum on the Liebore benches. Denis “The Menace” Skinner nearly bust a blood vessel before Dave called him a dinosaur.

        Dave should have told him to calm down :-)


    • 134
      Small society in the Big House says:

      Billy missed PMQs.
      Seems like he’s on the way to getting a life.


  32. 110
    Observer says:

    The BBC have been very naughty in their treatment of Ken Clarke. They knew very well that he was speaking as a lawyer and the law when he spoke of degrees of rape.

    Clarke though, should not have fallen for it. The BBC is a very different animal these days and it will play with its victims as a cat does.


    • 118
      The voice of reason says:

      Here we go again. Moderated for a very reasonable post. I realise it will eventually see the light of day but the level of moderation does stick in the craw.


      • 121
        Expletive says:

        SHIT WANK Hunt FUCK TWAT HUHNE is acceptable but *$£ ain’t.


      • 123
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        See it a s challege.

        P_E_A, Pr*ce, Dr*ve ,Guido and Neo-Guido real names, J8W,B*p there is some more but cant think of em.


  33. 120
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    It’s time Essex police stopped acting like keystone cops and arrest Chris Huhne.

    Of course if Huhne had any honour he would resign immediately.

    It’s also time that that the CPS got off their lazy, fat, doughnut-ridden arses and charged Denis McShane, Jaqui Smith and Margaret Moran with fraud.

    The first 2 stole over £100,000 of taxpayers money and Moran about £40,000. I’m not sure on the sentencing tariffs, but the more you steal the longer the sentence (upto a maximum of 7 years).


    • 127
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Dont forget Balls.


    • 128
      Rulling Class says:

      There is NO justice. Mrs Timney AKA Smith looks set to run the BBC, Mr Brown the IMF and Mr Hoon the major defence supplier to the UK. And as for Blair *****


      • 133
        Small society in the Big House says:

        Don’t worry! The next government’s sure to implement sweeping and radical change to clean up politics and win back the voters confidence.


    • 139
      Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      And that twat Tam Dalyell who tried to claim 18 thousand for a couple of fucking bookcases!!!!

      The BBC totally ignored the socialist thieving but concentrated on the £1600 that a Tory MP tried to claim for his duck house.

      You see socialist theft is honest theft, unlike Tory theft.


    • 159
      TONY BENN'S WILL says:

      Jaqui Smith’s sister is a BBC journalist .Did she Know what her sister was up to,I’d be absolutely amazwd if she did’t ,i’m not a lawyer but that can’t be right


      • 171
        Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

        The BBC went soft on all the socialist thieving, even Dimblebore only ever attacked the Tories on QT over their expenses.

        The BBC always mention the £1600 duck house but ignore the £18000 book cases.


    • 208
      Disgusted of Neasden says:

      Offer to cut their sentences by 50% if they plead guilty.


  34. 130
    The BBC says:

    In our next interview with Ken Clarke, we will be asking him:

    “Have you stopped beating your wife?”

    and when he refuses to give a simple yes/no answer, we will have the headline:

    “Ken Clarke Admits Beating his wife”


    • 186
      Babar says:

      Well said.

      As a QC doesn’t his considered opinion demand at least some consideration rather than RedEd blind support?


  35. 132
    Voters at play says:


  36. 137
    Handycock says:

    We pay Union Representatives on Portsmouth City Council, but only if they are members of the Lodge.


  37. 140
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    If you have Sky, Discovery channel has a special on “killing bin Laden” right now.

    Got my beers ready, better than the Apprentice.


  38. 148
    Angered says:

    I am reliably informed (by a member of teaching staff), that at York University medical dept there are a number of staff who are paid as teaching staff, but in fact work full time on union business.


  39. 152
    • 155
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      I would rather have Tony Blair as head of the IMF thanGordon, Say what you like about Tony at least he won elections as leader.


      • 166
        nell says:

        No! Not gordon and not bliar!!!!

        If they must give it to someone disreputable they might as well give it to mug abe! He’d be far preferable!!!!


        • 170
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          Not being funny but Blair had a mandate (Plus the Tories were unelectable) and even if you disagree with his polices (I do) , He was a good performer and a skilled politicon( for the benifit of himself).


          • nell says:

            Yes preciseley!!!! A political conman, a liar, a self server, a trougher.

            These sort of people ( the bliars and gordons; the cancers of our aociety) should be nowhere near public service let alone international public service jobs that are paying large sums of taxpayers money!


          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            Nell, Blair is gone , there are 650 other conmen/women that must be exposed.


          • nell says:

            Yes Billy. True!!

            And we don’t want any of them idiots to be offered the IMF job either!1!


          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            Why not , Most goverments ignore the IMF anyway…….. til they come knocking on the door.


          • Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

            The best thing I can say about Blair is that he was (and is) a consummate liar.


    • 215
      Rob.C says:

      I take it his teaching and charity work hasnt taken off yet…..


    • 219
      Errr..... says:

      One thing to say in Gordon’s favour is that I can’t see him molesting any chambermaids. Molesting the country’s finances yes…..chambermaids no.

      BTW – there isn’t.


  40. 153
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    What makes me lauugh is that union memebers on about 22k a year pay thier subs to pay Bob Crow 95k a year , up the workers!!!!!


    • 165
      nell says:

      Don’t forget his luxury pad in cuba, his five star hotel stays, his £100 a time posh dinners, his private jet/limousine travel between luxury venues…..

      These union bods don’t believe in green travel like going by economy class train or driving themselves in a modest cars y’know?!


  41. 161
    nell says:

    I understand why you use it but I think the term ‘pilgrim’ is the wrong one.

    These people are Fifth Columnists in the purest sense of the phrase ie ‘people who work against the national interest’

    There are 2500 Unionist Fifth Columnists, paid by us and yet working against the public’s interests in the nhs. How many more are there in a) our primary and comprehensive schools b) our local government /district/county council offices, c) our universities d) across regional development agencies and all the other quangoes that labour developed to give their stooges employment…………and on and on??!!!!


    • 174
      Jane Pig Grim says:

      Fabian filth colonists would be more accurate.


    • 175
      WVM says:



      Not bad at all for an old fishwife.


      • 182
        nell says:

        What do you have against fishwives?

        They are the wives of fishermen who, if you know anything about deep sea trawling are men who risk their lives to bring fish to our tables.

        They are also the women who gut and fillet fish to put it in our shops and marketplaces. They are the real working classes that labour stopped representing 13 years ago!

        So what have you got against them?!


    • 178
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Dont forget Parliament.


  42. 163
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    And why hasnt Heather Brooke been knighted or appoint to the House of Lords?


  43. 173
    Jane Pig Grim says:

    Fame at last !!


  44. 176
    8 Minute Eddie says:

    OI Fawkes! , you said no-one supports my policy. Well a Indenpendent writer accepts, like me that we have no deficit!


    • 185
      nell says:

      Zoe Williams an independent writer??!!

      She might be a writer for The Independent, which is a different matter, but she is by her own admission a leftwinger.

      She is utterly biased when it comes to her views on bullyballs and potty labour economics of which she is , fanatically, in favour!!!


  45. 184
    TaxPayer says:

    Yes, Mr Rathband I DO think you are paid too much.

    What are you contributing to society with your grandstanding, sir?

    We are looking after and financing you now, are we not?

    You knew the risks when you chose your career, did you not?

    We accept our responsibilities to look after you now. Why don’t you accept your responsibilities rather than targetting a Minister who is simply trying to support the taxpayer from the likes of protozoa like you?

    Oh I forgot, you and your likes have an expectation of support from society.

    Does that make you any different from a benefit thief? I think not.


  46. 188
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Fuck me there is an ugly boy on Newsnight dressed in a skirt talking about rape. She should know, I can’t believe Ed has sex willingly.


  47. 190
    Jimmy says:

    He who would valiant be ’gainst all disaster,
    Let him in constancy follow the Master.
    There’s no discouragement shall make him once relent
    His first avowed intent to be a pilgrim.

    Who so beset him round with dismal stories
    Do but themselves confound—his strength the more is.
    No foes shall stay his might; though he with giants fight,
    He will make good his right to be a pilgrim.

    Since, Lord, Thou dost defend us with Thy Spirit,
    We know we at the end, shall life inherit.
    Then fancies flee away! I’ll fear not what men say,
    I’ll labour night and day to be a pilgrim.


  48. 206

    Has that Huhne fellow buggered off yet?


  49. 212
    Anon says:

    Cameloon: ” .. I think they protest a little bit too much.”

    So not going to do anything about it then!


  50. 216
    Anonymous says:

    I note the NUM is legally trying to remove Arthur Scargill’s grace and favour union residence in London, apparently costing £34,000 per annum.

    If its good enough for the NUM to take such a stance, then why are the public accepting paying for union office facilities (and so-called council employees) across the whole public sector, for instance, in Durham, they have 4 offices, one each for the GMB, Unite and Unision and a combined Union Training Facility…all paid for by us mugs.

    After all…one out, all out!


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