May 14th, 2011

Rally Against Debt Today!

The Rally Against Debt will be held at Old Palace Yard in Westminster, central London, at 11 a.m. Today.

Old Palace Yard (pictured above) is in between Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament, a short distance from Victoria train station and walking distance from both Westminster and St James’s Park tube stations.

The Rally will start at 11 a.m. and finish in good time for the FA Cup final, and during that time there will be the opportunity to hear speakers explain why they are rallying against debt, and to see the TPA Debt Clock – a giant digital display counting up the country’s national debt.

If you need a reminder of the reasons behind the rally, why not take a look at our Why Rally Against Debt fact sheet, or check out the official website FAQ. And if you’re on Facebook, why not join the official event page?

Come and enjoy yourselves, while taking the opportunity to make a serious point about the importance of dealing with Britain’s horrific national debt.


  1. 1
  2. 2
    EC1 PhD says:

    Ed Balls is busy

  3. 3
    The BBC will NOT be covering this event says:

    This debt is a figment of the Tory Party,s imagination……..Gordon Brown whose economic brilliance saved the World in 2008 left a “golden legacy” and a stable economy for the Coalition to inherit………so spend,spend,spend…you know it makes sense

  4. 4
    Lefties love smashing windows says:

    Will it be a violent affair like the lefty UK Uncut lot, or a more civilised and peaceful event unlike the lefty UK Uncut lot?

  5. 5
    zzzzzz says:

    Have a lie down instead.

  6. 6
    UK Uncunt says:

    We oppose this rally! There is no debt! Fight the tax dodgers! Except The Guardian, we don’t mind their tax dodging!

  7. 7
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

  8. 8

    Looking forward to watching this tonight on the BBC!

  9. 9
    Even Wall Street Journal mocks Brown selling gold at bottom says:

  10. 10
    This debt is a figment of the Tory Party,s imagination says:

  11. 11
    Smug Banker says:

    We’ve love to come but we’re counting our money. Thanks Gordon. Thanks George.

    Don’t you just love fiat money. Print some more while you’re at it.

  12. 12
    David Cameron says:

    I’d like to attend, but I’ve got to raise today’s £50million EU payment for Herman van Rumpoy before lunchtime.

    Best wishes,
    DC xx.

  13. 13
    Debt interest: £137million per day says:

    If only the annual £50billion in debt-interest payments (2011-12) were imaginary, too.

  14. 14
    Winkie says:


  15. 15
    Edward Balls the slowest says:

    They’re going too far too fast, I’ll go too low and too slow – and I’ll repeat my mantra every 10 seconds too far too fast – it rolls off the tongue doesn’t it.

  16. 16
    Raquel's_Treasure_Chest says:

    I think the debt clock needs winding.
    I’ve been staring at it for five minutes and it has not moved an inch!

  17. 17
    zzzz says:

    Sorry cannot attend this! but to all that do good hunting and keep it up, even if it’s only to wind up the pathetic Libby/Liebour puppets that infest this place nowadays oh and the comments on the tax dodging grundion are a total joy what with all the frothing at the mouth on there !

  18. 18

    O/T yet another failed boy band representing us is the european song contest
    already the press is bulling it up to win not a fuckin chance the eu countries hate us as we found out with our world cup bid
    and they are up against those internationally famous Jedwood FFS !

  19. 19
    Bob Crow says:

    Hope you all get”kettled”.
    It’s what deficit deceivers deserve

  20. 20
    Barry says:

    Too old and far to travel but with you in spirit;
    single malt

  21. 21
    Nemo says:

    Sorry Guido old man can not do, the price of a train ticket from where I live is very high under this privatised train system, oh and of course they fares are subsidised to a far greater extent than in the days of BR

  22. 22
    Another Engineer says:

    R4 Today. Alexei Sayle FFS.

    Wish I was coming now….

  23. 23
    Fuck the EU says:

    Dave, grow a pair and tell the greedy fucker where to go.

  24. 24
    Country Boy says:

    Here we go again yet another London centered thing. You smoke dwellers think the world revolves around you.

  25. 25
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m gonna keep on the run
    I’m gonna have me some fun
    If it costs me my very last dime
    If I wind up broke up well
    I’ll always remember that I had a swingin’ time
    I’m gonna give it everything I’ve got
    Lady luck please let the dice stay hot
    Let me shoot a seven with every shot
    Viva Las Vegas, Viva Las Vegas,Viva Las Vegas
    Viva, Viva Las Vegas

  26. 26
    David Cameron says:

    I would, but I’ve got a long and prosperous career in EU politics ahead of me. And all I have to do to secure that career is betray my country and leave it broke.

  27. 27
    Nemo says:

    I bet you are a deficit denier Bob, you are not the raven in Animal Farm are you disappear when things get nasty.

  28. 28
    PC Piggy Pigfilth says:

    Intelligence suggests these people will be appallingly white and middle class.

    Therefore, we’re getting our truncheons ready and we’ve already removed the numbers from our uniforms.

  29. 29
    Nemo says:

    I am afraid Gordy I do not recomend swinging on that rope, there are not many strands left.

  30. 30
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Can’t summon up the horde today, they want to watch the match.

    Hang on McRuin has already laid waste to London and the rest of the UK. He must have used Cohen the Barbarian to ensure wholesale destruction.

    Red Ed, Balls and Brown will start screaming when interest rates rise, and there is no money to fund sure vote centres, playgroups for the daughters of Lesbos, and nothing for the NHS job placements for wannabee political commissars.

    Hope the sun shines.

  31. 31
    Nemo says:

    That was Gordy’s job wasn’t it.

  32. 32
    Nemo says:

    Er, I thought the Guardian was supposed to be losing money, so how is it liable for tax or is it liable for capital gains for selling bits off?

  33. 33
    Down With Brown! says:

    It wasn’t Gordon who wind up broke, it was the country.

  34. 34
    David Cameron says:

    His career was ruined when he failed to take Britain into the Euro. I might be able to get away with joining it, but I’m not sure. Better to play it safe – I’ll chuck £10bn of your money to Brussels every year and keep quiet.

  35. 35
    David says:

    I heard that. What a cnut! He’s yet another rabid lefty (Billy Bragg is another), who’s fcucked off to live in a nice ‘hideously white’ village somewhere – away from the mayhem he’s helped to create and the rest of us have to deal with.

    They’ll get what they deserve – and that day gets ever closer…

  36. 36
    Nemo says:

    Too true, it’s like the LONDON OLYMPICS, London this, London that, with the cost of travel and the cost of staying in London, who from outside the M25 will be going to the Olympics unless on a freebee entrance or travel or so rich that money is no object and can afford to keep off work for a fortnight.

  37. 37
    Labour Economics in a Nutshell says:

    If you run out of money, just borrow more. When the interest payments become too high, borrow more to cover it. When that gets too much, simply print fake money and use it to buy your own debt.

    When that doesn’t work, walk away and pretend nothing happened.

  38. 38
    retardEd Miliband says:

    Remember to add the word ‘progrethive’ ath often ath posthible.

  39. 39
    Up sh1t creek says:

    The public sector is an “investment”, not a bottomless pit of money.

  40. 40
    It's still going? says:

    The last time I saw Eurovision, Brotherhood of Man won it.

  41. 41
    Vince Cable says:

    A mansion tax?

  42. 42
    Gina G says:

    The silent majority I think you will find.

  43. 43
    nell says:

    Well Guido your Rally Against Debt has just made the news on classicfm.

    So congratulations and never mind the beeb ignoring you. classicfm has far more listeners.

  44. 44
  45. 45
    the general public says:

    Guido, you have a strange idea of fun. It is an important message but a fun day out it is not. You are a sadist my friend.

    “Come and enjoy yoursef”……………by looking at a giant screen showing you how may trillions of pounds of debt we are in, and remind yourself that for most of us our standard of living is going to get worse!

  46. 46
    Up sh1t creek says:

    NOBODY asked for the London Olympics, there was no vote on having the Olympics, and nobody except the Labour dossers who pay no council tax anyway wants the Olympics.

    Fact is, those that work real hard and pay incredible amount of tax, pay even more just to have the Olympics. The work shy and scroungers on benefits are the only ones that support anything, because SOMEONE ELSE IS PAYING.

    £20bn for a two week Labour white elephant jolly. That’s over £1bn per day.

    Can you think of a better way to p-off £1bn+ in a day?

  47. 47
    Weygand says:

    Such self indulgence – you should know better at your age.

    Is that a fire extinguish……..

  48. 48
    Nemo says:

    The trouble is that private debt is also at an all time high, must have immediately on the never-never the latest gadget, fashion accessory, new car, no thought is given to what the Blessed Margaret considered Victorian values, still held by a small section of the population, save up for what you want. Mortgages on houses are running very high, even a small rise in interest rates will mean a lot heading towards negative equity and house prices dropping, I notice that there is the return of 100% mortgages, Lord help us! What happened to 25% deposits on on the price of a house at least there is a buffer of positive equity. Gideon has no room to do what Tory chancellors do to kerb inflation because the increase would tip too many over the edge. Another thing before I finish, the increase in the number of bankruptcies and the time for discharge reduced, has taken the fear of overextending oneself any, just like Gordy and the UK economy

  49. 49
    Anonymous says:

    Just watched Daily Politics and witnessed the Gweedo receive a ass kicking from a man of Straw. Apparently true that excess weight causes early dementia then?

  50. 50

  51. 51
    Up sh1t creek says:

    I’d love to go, but you’d have to pay me to use London public transport, and car park there s a rip-off.

  52. 52
    Selohesra says:

    Brief coverage on R4 this am consisted of Alexei Sayle talking about right wing toffs in tweed jackets – no debate on issues. Simon Heffer up against him gets only fraction of the time and asked questions about fox hunting. Three point plan for deficit
    – close the BBC – irrelevent in the modern world of global communication and has proved itself uncapable of being impartial – let Labour party fund it if they want it
    – leave the EU – never had any relevance
    – expel Scotland from UK – ungrateful sponging Jocks

  53. 53
  54. 54
    ocean finance says:

    Hey, why don’t some of us who can’t go to the event consolidate our debts to show our support?

  55. 55
    Dave's Beeboid Spindoctor says:

    Dave loves the BBC.

  56. 56
    Ha! Ha! says:

    I see the same old UKRAP loons never get tired of spamming ths website. Your party didn’t do so well in the local elections did they? Where was the right-wing protest vote agaisnt the Conservatives? Oh dear it never materialised did it!

  57. 57
    say what you see! says:

    The Con twats would have done just as Labour did with the fucking Olympics if they were in power at the time.

    It’s a cash money-go-round to which no party is immune.

    Greedy corrupt c’unts.

  58. 58
    South of the M4 says:

    ” Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace.” Dalai Lama

  59. 59
    Up sh1t creek says:

    Besides, who would want to see Guido in high definition?

  60. 60
    dave with his tongue firmly in his cheek says:

    Yeah right.

  61. 61
    Sagacity says:

    In the over 75s bracket maybe.

  62. 62
    Up the workers! says:

    Alexei Sayle spoke the truth.

  63. 63
    The Paragnostic says:

    At least Palin has an excuse for being thick and deluded – the expensively educated Mr Testicles has no such get-out.

    They’re both deluded, but I’ll take my chances with a pitbull in lipstick rather than a bullshitter who’s pig thick any day.

  64. 64
    Anonymous says:

    Boring shit, by rich bores, for rich bores.

    Hope it rains. Hope al qaeda make a contribution.

  65. 65
    Dack Blog says:

    Well, it’ll be interesting to see what the turnout is. Let’s hope it’s not just you, TB and some hangeron in a dinosaur suit, waving a banana.

  66. 66
    South of the M4 says:

    Sound economic decision to have Blue represent us. The UK cannot afford to host next years event and needed to make sure.

  67. 67
    banker wankers says:


  68. 68
    i do love a man in uniform says:

    Don’t forget Holbonkers in fancy dress!

  69. 69
    The Paragnostic says:

    Accountancy and offshore trusts are your friends when you are a self-righteous lefty, but absolutely infra dig for anyone who disagrees with you.

  70. 70
    Punctuation Pedant says:

    Alexei Sayle spoke. The truth.

  71. 71
    Dack Blog says:

    Just checked the facebook page. Seems even Pippa’s arse has more followers. By a long, long way.

  72. 72
    Dack Blog says:

    That went without saying.

  73. 73
    Benefits Dept says:

    Oh I don’t think they hate us they always speak very highly of us here.

  74. 74
    The Paragnostic says:

    Cheryl Baker’s looking MILFy on Saturday Kitchen…

  75. 75
    Anonymous says:

    “and some hangeron in a dinosaur suit, waving a banana.”

    Old Holborn I presume.

  76. 76
    Marxist-Lennist-hippy-dreamer says:

    Hope they smash up a squat.
    Not that you’d notice but still…

  77. 77
    The Paragnostic says:

    Ch*ryl Baker’s looking very MILFY on the cookery show…

  78. 78
    Hang The Bastards says:

    At last a decent rally

  79. 79
    Nemo says:

    No don’t be silly, It will resemble a day in a university rag week, better class of course.

  80. 80
    annoymong says:

    Nah..chuck some fire extinguishers off Labour HQ and watch the lefties desperately trying to claim that Tories doing it is wrong, whilst Labour supporters doing it are ‘expressing themselves artistically”

  81. 81
    power to the sheeple! says:

    He’s got the same relation to truth as the Chuckle Brothers have to comedy.

  82. 82
    collective of milliners says:

    Beatrice’s hat too.

  83. 83
    blue as far as you can see says:

    Hi tat, how did the Yes2AV campaign go?

  84. 84

    Its a weird idea for a rally.

    LBC are reporting it as a lead item on their news which means there must be more people there than expected or Guido bunged Dale £20.

  85. 85
    What's that all about then? says:

    That link in the header wants me to sign up to a thing called facebook. Why?

  86. 86
    Anonymous says:

    Pheeww, all is right with the world after all then.

  87. 87
    Beatrice’s hat says:

    What about me?

  88. 88
    say what you see! says:

    Dale works there. No surprise really.

  89. 89
    facebook is for twats says:

    They want all your data!

  90. 90
    twat watch says:

    Where’s the blog you mong?

  91. 91
    made my mind up says:

    She’s a media whore.

  92. 92
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    BBC twat on News 24 interviewing bloke from Tax Payers alliance over the rally today. All he’s interested in asking is about UKIP registering the name ‘Tea Party’ in the UK and implying that Tea Partiers are racist c u nt z like those yank ones.

    So what has the Tea Party got to do with the debt you BBC shit stabbers?

  93. 93
    Weygand says:

    Andy Murray must be missing then.

  94. 94
    nice one john says:

    I’ve got a signed book of his that I put on ebay which didn’t get any bids despite starting at 99p, so I’ve got it in for the fucker right from the start.

    Anyway, the appearance fee must come in very handy for someone who doesn’t seem to be in gainful employment at the moment.

  95. 95
    Negro chuka says:

  96. 96
    Berger day says:

  97. 97
    Spank Sinatra says:

    Agreed – Sayle sounded pathetic (as indeed did Heffer). The argument was gently directed away from the reasons for the march to a load of drivel as regards whether demonstrations were the preserve of the left.

  98. 98
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Don’t forget the one eyed mong’s off book debt as well (PFI for one)

  99. 99
    nell says:


    We are not all over 75. Classical music is not just for oldies.

  100. 100
    Anonymous says:

    Sarah Palin is so dumb, she said yes to AV

  101. 101
    twats the lot of them says:

    You vacuous bastards.

  102. 102
    blue rage says:


  103. 103
    John Bull says:

    Any hint of the English masses realising their identity and how they have been deceived sends the common purpose tr’aitors at the bbc into hate mode – God damn them to hell.

  104. 104
    Anonymous says:

    Twitter was designed to make everybody sound like a twat.

  105. 105

    Yawn, heard this a hundred times already, (even though it might be true). As such the impartial BBC won’t be covering this non event, instead reminding the public about the cuts, cuts, cuts and even more cuts, as well as the poor Lib/Dems being a human shield against evil Thatcherite Tories! **guaranteed round of applause from QT audience**

  106. 106
    nell says:

    Talking of debt. I hope nobody has their savings in the Post Office because apparently the Bank of Ireland has taken them over and is using the savings to shore up their debt problem.

    that’ll be a gordon solution then.

  107. 107
    Andrew Jackson says:

    Pay of the national debt by printing soverieign pounds, don’t pay private corporations to do it for you.


  108. 108
    nell says:

    Who on earth is she? She sounds like one of berlusconni’s mindless women.

  109. 109
    AC1 says:

    Hehe. Yes to Av losing has made you completely unhinged!

    Well I hope (for costs sake) that you find a treatment that makes your mental problems easier to control.

    Hope you get that blog you promised but failed to deliver started.

  110. 110
    Anony Mouse says:

    Hampers from Waitrose?

  111. 111
    ugh says:

    More GILFY surely.

  112. 112
    Van Rumpuy Pumpuy - Cameron's mate says:

    Don’t panic. Young Mr Cameron will bail everything out.

  113. 113
    Tories = Traitors says:

    UKIP cost the Cons 10% of their vote.

    Enjoying your coalition?

  114. 114
    Mac E Avelli says:

    The latest reincarnation of Lucretia Borgia ?

  115. 115
    I says:

    Kelvin McKenzie of The Sun said last night that ” next week I am going to expose the mis-demeanour of a cabinet minister”

    Your acolytes expect you to beat him to it. Get your ear down

  116. 116
    Mad Ness says:

    So why can’t you just send her a birthday card and stop putting your private lives into the public domain.

    The world has gone mad. They Twitter their every secret and then spend a fortune trying to prevent the press from printing their secrets.

  117. 117
    Chav in an uninsured Corsa says:

    I’d comment on this but da rap on me radio’s too loud innit.

  118. 118
    The Paragnostic says:


    That’s 24 minutes at Green rates…

  119. 119
    Hymie Goldcohenbergenstein says:

    The only thing Alexei Sayle said of any value is …”Anyone who uses the word ‘workshop’ who isn’t connected with light engineering is a wanker.””

  120. 120
    nell says:

    Not to worry. Young dave doesn’t have to anything the euro’s going to self destruct all on it’s own along with that great european myth , progressive socialism.

  121. 121
    bracket says:

    Has tat really got any hinges left FFS?

  122. 122
    ChukaUmunna is a cunt says:


  123. 123
    Fog says:

    Who pays for Eurovision? Is it the ‘big five’ – UK, Spain, Germany, France and Italy? Is that why they’re guaranteed a place in the final? How much does it cost?

  124. 124
    Babe Watch says:

    Sky’s Samantha Simmonds is gorgeous.

  125. 125
    Devastated says:

    To ask The Prime Minister if he will direct The Met to reopen the case of our lost cat whose name is………

  126. 126
    Hymie Goldcohenbergenstein says:

    Yom Huledet Same’ach

  127. 127
    Lucrezia Borgia Redux says:

    Oi Vey! Stop it with that schwartzer music, already!

    Is that any kind of track for a princess’s birthday?

  128. 128
    nell says:

    ah that’ll be huhne. I wonder what else he’s done?

  129. 129
    Somone says:

    It’s working.

  130. 130
    The road to high inflation says:

    There’s a slight flaw in your plan.

    (PS: two fs in ‘off’. ‘sovereign’. Simples.)

  131. 131
    The Paragnostic says:

    She’s Labour MP for Scouseland – parachuted in at the last election. She caused some ire because she didn’t even know who Bill Shankly was, but the daft gits voted for her anyway.

    Sion Simon’s been there, and now it seems it’s Upchuck Ubugger’s turn to miscegenate.

    Basically, she’s a foul Jezebel.

  132. 132
  133. 133
    st says:

    Most likely to vote, may be preaching to the choir though.

  134. 134
    cuddle cat says:


  135. 135
    Chucky Yomomma says:

    There’s no debt! I bring truth! I’m a future prime minister!

  136. 136
    The Paragnostic says:

    Good job they stopped paying the dole in Giros then – imagine the fuss if Liverpool was suddenly deprived of all those beer tokens!

  137. 137
    The Paragnostic says:

    She looks like the midwife slapped the wrong end.

  138. 138
    Male reader says:

    A helicopter mysteriously landed at the scene of Dr David Kelly’s death shortly after the body was found.
    The aircraft only remained on the ground for five minutes before leaving, suggesting it either deposited or collected somebody or something.
    Details from its flight log, released under the Freedom of Information Act, show that the helicopter – hired by Thames Valley police – landed at Harrowdown Hill in Oxfordshire at 10.55am on July 18, 2003, 90 minutes after the body was discovered by volunteer search teams.
    Significantly, the flight log has been heavily redacted, making it impossible to know who was on board or what its exact purpose was.
    The flight was not mentioned in oral evidence at the Hutton Inquiry, set up by Tony Blair to investigate Dr Kelly’s death.

    Read more:

  139. 139
    Ka*e & Ge*ry M*C*nn says:

    No! Only we can do that! Losing our d*ughter has made us very rich. Buy Ka*e’s book and make us richer.

  140. 140
    nell says:

    According to the graudian guido anyone on that march today is a member of the uk tea party.

    Now if you had only said you were laying on tea and cakes I would have come.

  141. 141
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Another right on leech being given a free hand out. Hope that the bastard is declaring the income to HMRC.

    Can we ship him and some of the other deluded Hunts off to Havana just to watch them squirm as the Castros start dismantling the failed socialist experiments in Cuba.

  142. 142
    A man who knows lots of boring stuff says:

    Roughly £30million. About 14.5 hours’ worth of our daily EU contribution.

  143. 143
  144. 144
    Selohesra says:

    you only get kettled if you mis-behave. Left wing rabble who get out of control need to be restrained – I think you will find this passees off without any trouble

  145. 145
    Workers' Paradise of North Korea says:

    Why don’t they come and live here?

  146. 146
    Selohesra says:

    good quote from Littlewood at end of article

  147. 147

    It doesn’t matter .
    All PO accounts are covered by UK bank deposits guarantee.
    Those opened before the BOIUK set up are ALSO covered by the probably worthless 100k euro Irish guarantee.

    Either way it doesn’t matter.
    Gordon set a precedent by bailing out Icesave customers, so UK HMG is on the hook for all UK taxpayer’s bank deposits , anywhere in the world.

  148. 148
    Technomist says:

    Sorry I can’t attend – I am too busy trying to earn a living today.

    Incidentally, on ther topic of saving us from drwoning in debts, would anyone like to take a look at Hackney Council, Waltham Forest Council and Thames Water’s scheme to spend 10 million pounds ‘opening up ‘the Walthamstow Reservoirs to the public for birdwatching – despite the reservoirs already being open to the public?

    All these three wasteful public bodies need to do to improve access is take the padlocks off a couple more gates and stop chasing people away from an existing Thames Water visitor’s car park. About 9.98million quid of public money (which will presumably be added to the debts) may thus be saved.

  149. 149
    If Chukka's the answer, what's the question? says:

    Blair, bad. Brown, worse. Miliband, even worse. Worse than him? Balls.

    Worse than Balls?

  150. 150
    Barnett Formula says:

    For every £10 spent in England, an extra £1 is automatically allocated to Scotland.

    Opening Walthamstow Reservoir for £10million = extra £1million for jockland.


  151. 151
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Telegraph is wondering how Red Ed is getting his nose job on the NHS, and trying to imply that others couldn’t get the job done, but if you are the leader of the opposition there is no problem

    The uncharitable might also wonder if this clown actually uses an NHS dentist or is he forced like many of us to go private.

  152. 152
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Link to Telegraph.

    Complete with Red Ed in his special sealed train compartment.

  153. 153
    Donkey Dick says:

    Not forgetting Euan Blair before that.

    Her slippery pole to the top seems to be Penis Shaped.

    She also didn’t have a clue about the song Ferry across the Mersey. Her parachuted constituency though is a donkey with a red Rosette one

  154. 154
    Martin Day says:

    Just had my first jobbin for three days, very nice, mummy wiped my arse with a picture of gobshite gordon clown.

  155. 155
    ichabod says:

    Don’t men strumming guitars for a living look extremely stupid; the posturing, the intense expressions,the gesturing……to give oneself a (fruitless) feeling of superiority one should turn the sound down and merely observe. Then of course , if its an al fresco ‘gig’, look at the morons in the audience :arms raised above heads clapping arythmically, heads nodding to and fro, waving–the musical equivalent of the Question Time audience. How we used to laugh as teenagers when we mentioned French, German pop music . But how fortunate they were/are.

  156. 156
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Comments pages are revealing scale of problem, the Guardian’s readership resort to smears, name calling to hide their lack of understanding.

    If they believe in free speech, free comments why do they ‘moderate’ the comments?

  157. 157
    The Paragnostic says:

    But what about badger watching? Surely the Peoples Republic of Hackney can’t ignore the huge number of people interested in this utterly innocent pursuit?

    I’ll set Sen Bummerskill on them…

  158. 158
    The Paragnostic says:

    If I had the chance he’d need maxillary surgery :-)

  159. 159
    say what you see! says:

    They are fucking deluded.

  160. 160
    Joss Sayin says:

    They can never fix his personality or brain.

  161. 161
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Ha! The lefty parasites are really really really whining. “Waaaa! The toffs are ruining our lives! how can we cope by ourselves? waaaaa! I’m not smart enough to be self-sufficient! Waaaa!”

    I can almost taste their fear and suffering. Abso-fucking-lutely fabulous.

  162. 162
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Brain? Miliband?

  163. 163
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Miliband had a charisma by pass which is irresversible.

    But the Hunts at white powder city are belittling the demo against debt.

  164. 164
    JH says:

    …It has urged its 55,000 supporters to turn out, citing three reasons: the “immorality” of living beyond our means and passing on debt to the next generation; taxes should pay for services, not debt interest; and UK taxpayers should not have to pay for bailouts of failing eurozone countries.

    Why put the ‘immorality’ in quotes?

    Of course it’s immoral you sanctimonious lefty scum.

  165. 165
    west of east kirkbride says:

    I thought the whole idea was for them to stay here and help turn Britain into yet another failed socialist state.

  166. 166
    !! says:


  167. 167
    !! says:

    The song’s shite too

  168. 168
    Highly-ejukayted BBC says:

    “The idea for the rally came from a discussion on social networking site Twitter, and has partly been organised by the Tax Payer’s Alliance.”

    They make the mistake twice.

  169. 169
    The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

    He didn’t mention his extensive property portfolio though did he?

  170. 170
    The Paragnostic says:

    But it’s not “beyond our means” in the Alice in Wonderland world that socialists inhabit – there are plenty of rich bankers to ponce off for ever once you put your head down the rabbit hole and meet the cast of Tweedledum’s Labour party.

    The trouble is that they just can’t admit that their sums cannot ever add up, since to do so would be to recognise that all their aspirations are just so much hot air.

    It’s much like a bloke running up loads on his credit card to keep up the pretence of high living that his bit on the side has come to expect – it usually ends in tears, and all the bit on the side has to show for it is a few years of being fucked. We’ve had 13 years of it, and it’s time that the people who ran up the d*bt were called to account.

  171. 171
    Ding danga nong bong says:

    Agreed. I doubt we’ll be in the top 5 although we might stave off the embarassment of another “Null Points”. The Eastern Europeans will each vote 12 point sRussia with the remaining points to each other. Unfortunately Cyprus isn’t through so no 12 points for Greece and vice versa.The Scandinavians will vote for each other and so and so on….the best part of the night is the voting…no wonder Sir Terry called it a day which is a shame as Graham Norton isn’t a patch on him

    Incidentally watch out for the trio of German Presenters….apparently the guy and the odd looking girl pass for comedians in Germany and the blonde “foxy one” is apparently a newsreader…so diffrenet from our own dear sadly lamented Katie Boyle

  172. 172
    The Paragnostic says:

    You seriously think that there are many BBC ‘journalists’ with English as a first language any more?

    Even those to whom it is the native tongue are unlikely ever to have learned grammar and punctuation – that was going out of style when I first went to school at the end of the ’60s.

    Bet the BBC canteen smells like Brick Lane on a Friday night.

  173. 173
    The Paragnostic says:

    “Ello John, got a new mansion?”

  174. 174
    sidney says:

    I was hoping there would be lots of tweets from the debt rally with good recipes etc…

  175. 175
    Anonymous says:

    Sayle is a fat marxists c unt. He was never funny.

  176. 176
    The Paragnostic says:

    French pop – nothing decent since Francoise Hardy and Jacques Brel (and he was Belgian).

    German pop – nothing since Kraftwerk.

    English pop – nothing since the Jam, and even they were a pale copy of the Kinks…

    Give me a snifter of Armagnac and a bit of George Shearing any day.

  177. 177
    Mass Turn Out says:

    Around 350 people are attending the event in Westminster, according to the Metropolitan Police.

  178. 178
    The Paragnostic says:

    What are Ed and David up to, appearing for the Irish?

    Are we to expect a Mike and Bernie Winters type performance?

  179. 179
    Anonymous says:

    Farage is worth it, but I am not going to turn up to be lectured by Tory MPs! WTF let them in? Count me out.

  180. 180
    Technomist says:

    On the Socialist Worker’s Party Scale of Righteous Angry Action by the People, 350 is the equvalent to about 8.75 ‘Mass Rallies’.

  181. 181
    angry Beasts says:

    The don’t just moderate them. The delete comments without explanation if they don’t like them. Also CIF staffers will jump in to defend columnists (usually the mad, misandrist feminist ones) if the comments are going the wrong way.

    Commeny is Free? My arse!

  182. 182
    Engineer says:

    They’ll all say ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’, and take their litter home with them. The better elements of Middle England, in fact – the ones with operating brain-cells.

  183. 183
    Anonymous says:

    Heatlh secretary Andrew Lansley’s wife has come under fire after she boasted about links with Cabinet ministers for her business clients.
    Sally Low, who has been married to the Cabinet minister for the past 10 years, is the founder and managing director of public relations business Low Associates.
    Her company’s website claims it can help ‘make the link between the public and private sectors’ and highlights how it ‘also set up a debate between a Cabinet minister and his shadow, which really captured the media’s attention’.

  184. 184
    Anonymous says:

    This is the first rally without people, at least the organisers could have turned up.

  185. 185
    Mike Litorus says:

    I can’t see many “more cuts please” marches north of the Watford Gap though…

  186. 186
    Anonymous says:

    I never thought I will support her but I support her on this. How can you punish an innocent child, the child is innocent what ever has happened to the mother. When the child is born give it to some one who will want that child and care for it.

  187. 187
    Gooey Blob says:

    There are plenty of us up and down the country, but we’re not militant the way the hard left are. We don’t take to the streets, and certainly have no intention of travelling to the extreme south-eastern corner of the country where London is located in order to protest.

    We simply register our disapproval of Labour’s shambolic handling of the country’s finances at the ballot box.

  188. 188
    Engineer says:

    According to BBC Radio 4 news at 1pm, “several hundred people” are attending the rally. A brief clip of a Taxpayers’ Alliance spokesman pointing out that running up large debts and leaving them for the next generation to sort out is immoral.

  189. 189
    The Paragnostic says:

    Looks like Lansley’s off before Huhne then – I wonder if Laws will get the job?

    If he was too timid to come out before he was exposed, I doubt he has the strength of character needed to reform the NHS behemoth, but presumably those who know him well may think otherwise…

  190. 190
    sidney says:

    I’ve just been down to westminster and theres no-one there demoing about anything and no recipe tips either..what a swizz

  191. 191
    The Paragnostic says:

    Sayle is one of the reasons I hate wearing suits – I look too much like the communist c’unt.

  192. 192
    The Paragnostic says:

    You are Larry Page and I claim my £5!

  193. 193
    Anonymous says:

    Hope his partner doesn’t make money on this as well! To protect his sex life.

  194. 194
    Rick Nobinson says:

    Come out of the Underground station up to street level. It’s all happening there.

  195. 195
    Jimmy says:

    I’m afraid I had a subsequent engagement but I hope you both had fun.

  196. 196
    The Paragnostic says:

    A much better piece of journalism, but then again it’s Chinese State TV –


  197. 197
    Who? says:

    FA Cup final day? Genius…..

  198. 198
    sidney says:

    dehlia smith doing a demo ? jamie oliver on the sainsbury stall and gordon ramsey effing and blinding ?…wicked

  199. 199
    Sir Barrington Flangeslurper says:

    who gives a bugger about the cup final..its the debt rally thats got me excited…not

  200. 200
    Down With Brown! says:

    Great idea, terrible timing, why didn’t we know about this before today?

    Organise another, publicise it better and you can count on DWB to join you.

    Loving the picture of the little Fawkeses on their first protest demo.

  201. 201
    stilyagi_air_corps says:

    I’m sure you and your fellow Yes to AV voter will have a wonderful afternoon.

  202. 202
    Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Bollocks you can get a dirt cheap train ticket for weekend travel. LIEBORE MONG!

  203. 203
    The only thing progressive about them is the new depths of retard they manage to obtain says:

    Left wing cry babies wonder why they are the minority in the world compared to the religious nut cases they always bang on about.

    Herp a derppppppppppp maybe this is the answer slow coaches: ”abortion”

  204. 204
    Sir Barrington Flangeslurper says:

    exactly..a nice day’s cooking demos and lots of free recipes ..yipeeee

  205. 205
    er says:

    …..called to account and given a bloody good rogering

  206. 206
    annette curton says:

    I fear that the little Fawkeses when grown to be bigger Fawkeses will face an even bigger National debt, why all the fuss now about £9000 a year for Student fees at 18 when you already owe £100,000+ to the state from the moment you take your first breath.

  207. 207
    Anonymous says:

    The BBC did cover the event.
    “Around 350 people attended the event in Westminster, according to the Metropolitan Police.”

    Ha ha. What a failure!

  208. 208
    er says:

    chances are the money spent will be matched by europe and thus the costs are always going to be hyper-inflated to increase the total bag.

  209. 209
    Ed Balls says:

    So what?

  210. 210
    er says:

    because they can and we still try and leave comments…just fucking ignore them

  211. 211
    Anonymous says:

    They were only a danger to themselves.

  212. 212
    er says:

    margaret beckett crossed wth gordon brown ?

  213. 213
    er says:

    taken it up the kyber reguarly

  214. 214
    A Good Recipe for Economic Recovery says:

    Stop spending money we’ve not got. Stop borrowing money we can’t repay.

  215. 215
    Anonymous says:

    The lefties want to thank the righties for the best entertainment since Thatchers cabinet stabbed her in the back!

    350 attendees to RallyAgainstDebt vs 250,000 attendees to MarchForTheAlternative.

    Go on, shoot yourselves in the foot again! :-)

  216. 216
    er says:

    bet it smells of fish

  217. 217
    annette curton says:

    Suffer little children to come unto me?.

  218. 218
    BrazilNut Cluster says:

    what a nice touch this boy has…I never realised grant mitchell did a DJ track with nelson mandella…did they do it up the vic ?

  219. 219
    The many benefits of EU membership says:

    Very true. That maybe explains why our EU membership fee has increased by about £5bn in the last few years.

  220. 220
    scratch and sniff says:

    lansley is thick as pigshit – good riddance

  221. 221
    Sir Barrington Flangeslurper says:

    sounds as though you are talking from experience Nellie

  222. 222
    Nemo says:

    probably end up the area’s boozers, that is why Guido was put in charge of the kids today, in charge of kids limits what you can get up to.

  223. 223
    it's best not to picture it says:

    Physically, that’s known as a “Baroness Ashton”.

  224. 224
    Sniffer says:

    they are trying to negotiate a deal to can her wind

  225. 225
    Para Handy says:

    They came in their tens.

  226. 226
    TosserWatch says:

    sayles a unfunny fat ugly c’unt

  227. 227
    sing something simple says:

    nell use to sing with the peterborough sprout stranglers when she was a gel

  228. 228
    front bottom says:

    I tried all those things 37 but ran into certain legal problems when I tried printing it…any other legal suggestions ?

  229. 229
    Flat U Lance says:

    gordon did get the wind up and it did break him

  230. 230
    Furking walking jokes says:

    put billy bragg with bono and you’re got two hypocritical c’unts conjoined

  231. 231
    Nemo says:

    Ha, Ha

    That is this year’s council elections as the Lib dems have been given a good trashing, next year will be the Cons turn, as people realise it is the Cons who are in charge, the Libdems haven’t got much to lose, in the way of councils that is. Aren’t the London elections next year maybe that is why Boris is starting to shoot across Dave’s bows, if the Cons lose that they will will not forgive Dave and Friends.

  232. 232
    That's News says:

    Sadly, I couldn’t attend. Apart from the fact we have no direct service to London any more, I have been working today.

    I hope the weather holds out and that there’s a good turn out.

  233. 233
    Nemo says:

    Guido had to behave himself because he had the kids must have cramped his sytle a little.

  234. 234
    Nemo says:


    Now that is what I call the bore of the year show

  235. 235
    Sir Barrington Flangeslurper says:

    the only thing I’d like to hear rolling off your tongue Ed is the very deep thud of a lump hammer as it fatals your vitals

  236. 236
    It is a joke says:

    More than 1,500 had indicated on Facebook they would attend, but at lunchtime about 350 people had gathered at Old Palace Yard to be addressed by the speakers, who included Mr Sinclair and Ukip leader Nigel Farage

  237. 237
    British Public Opinion says:

    can we buy tickets ?

  238. 238
    Anonymous says:

    There is no support for it, only 350 people turned up.

  239. 239
    Anonymous says:

    There were only 350 people. Looks like Billy went, on comments from him today.

  240. 240
    Nemo says:

    Who are you calling a a liebore mong get your facts straight you have to book well in advance, mind I had to stand all the way from Doncaster to Kings Cross on BR, it does not cost my mate anything to travel like that though he has so many passes to use up, wonders why I can not do as he does. Oh just thought does that dirt cheap ticket you are going on about is it just oneway like those Ryan flights.

  241. 241
    Anonymous says:

    Its a joke.

  242. 242
    Nemo says:

    Hymie ma boy, don’t those political parties, intellectuals and lovies hold “workshops” on their hobbyhorse subjects?

  243. 243
    Anonymous says:

    There was a massive crowd of 350 people, even the cafe next door would have more in a day.

  244. 244
    Anonymous says:

    I totally agree with a Womans right to choose what she does with her own body. Question is though what about the babies body ?

  245. 245
    Tom says:

    350 people?! hahahahhaha what a shit attendance, I had more people than that at my house party last night which was arranged 4 days ago! Nothing compared to the 500,000 who marched through London against the cuts. It’s easy to see what side of the argument the country are on – libertarianism is dead (although to be fair it was never really alive in the first place). You’re better off sticking as a keyboard warrior, Guido.

  246. 246
    Put the debt where your wallet is says:

    Tell you what how about all the debt being divided up only between those who think the cuts are unnecessary . This should not be a problem since you appear to think the 350 who attended translates to only a very small minority in the country supporting the cuts!

  247. 247
    Tom says:

    David Cameron has invited the RallyAgainstDebt protestors to Downing Street for a post-rally dinner. He’s laid the table for 9.

  248. 248
    Nemo says:

    If governments managed their economies as a prudent person manages their household budgets everything would be all right, I think that is what the Blessed Maggie ment when trying to explain how she thought economies should be run, the trouble over the past 25 years that is what governments have not been doing, but taking a leaf out of spend and be damned section of society; you know, the types that must have lastest goggle box, car, new house with all the latest fittings and gadgets, latest computer bankruptcy has lost a lot of the shame it once had.

  249. 249
    Put the debt where your wallet is says:

    Dear anonymong since you appear to believe the debt and deficit are a price worth paying ,would you be so kind as to take my share of it. Thank you.

  250. 250
    Clegg dancing to Dave says:

  251. 251
    Nemo says:

    Better than Gordy blowing up.

  252. 252
    Put the debt where your wallet is says:

    What size of house do you live in you lying c unt ?

  253. 253
    Nemo says:


    I agree with you on that but why not turn the sound off they look even dafter

  254. 254
    Nemo says:

    Looks nothing like his predecessor, Guy was quiet slim judging paintings and wood cutts of him, come on Guido, diet to look like your hero.

  255. 255
    Steve says:

    How many would have turned up to the demo earlier this year if the unions hadn’t bussed in their dutiful sheep?

  256. 256
    Anonymous says:

  257. 257
    AC1 says:


    I went I saw it was all tidy I tried to listen to the speeches (get a better sound system) I left.

    Good cause just needs better focus, organisation and more annoying the anarchist narcissists.

  258. 258
    The Paragnostic says:

    A few hundred people turning up off their own bat to support a cause not endorsed by the geniuses at the BBC or by a major political party vs lots of morons bussed in by the unions, councils and Liebour party, with cheerleading from the Bolsheviks, Bummers and Cokeheads to chant stupid slogans and trash the place.

    I know which demo I respect more.

    Shame the turnout was so low, but then again if there was more common sense in the land we’d never have had a Labour government to fuck things up in the first place.

  259. 259
    The difference between humans and mongs says:

    A post-rally dinner? Sounds nice.

    What did the public sector and other assorted benefit-claiming parasites get up to after their rally?

    Oh yeah, they got their mugshots taken and were bailed.

  260. 260
    Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Tom boy. Shouldn’t you be in the Uni library downloading porn for a good nights wanking ahead?

  261. 261
    Nemo says:

    west of east kirkbride

    I thought we were, that’s why the country is in the mess its in, Gordon losing control to the bankers who lost control of their borrowers, derivatives they were buying which they themselves didn’t understand.

  262. 262
    The Paragnostic says:

    Up the Vic?

    Is that some sort of London practice of which us provincials should be aware, lest we fall prey to a bunch of (for the sake of argument) Vicars?

  263. 263
    AC1 says:

    Google “Weimar republic” for the “small” problems caused by hyper-inflation…

  264. 264
    Ron Davies says:

    I can recommend the badger watching and if they use some of the money to open a very large public toilet to assist the visiting public that would be bloody wonderful.

  265. 265
    AC1 says:

    Ah the “Tea party is WAAHHcist”… The first cry when the the left is losing an argument.

    I wonder will they realise the consequences (for their designated victim groups) of making the word wahcist meaningless.

  266. 266
    Nemo says:

    What Bill, only £20 after all that advertising he was running on this blog for NO to AV

  267. 267
    Tom says:

    About a thousand times more than 350, mate.

  268. 268
    AC1 says:

    likes French electro.

  269. 269
    none says:

    I went today and am now in the pub watching the fa cup final.

    The event was much as I expected: small turnout and good natured, with everyone polite and reasonable.

    It is a start and a decent start – I don’t go to political things but feel it was important to express my opinion in a democracy (as the other side do, and have a right to).

    Hopefully the media will start to listen to the specifics of our argument I.e. That it is wrong to borrow the future for today’s consumption. Fair enough the rally wasn’t very large but I feel it achieved its objective – to highlight that not everyone agrees with an ever expanding state.

  270. 270
    The Paragnostic says:

    Next time you have a house party, Tom, please do tell.

    I’ll come and piss down your neck after ripping your throat out with a copy of Das Kapital.

    Just because most people don’t understand that we’re fucked doesn’t mean we should ignore the state that Labour left this country in, or the pathetically limp response of the Condems to the problems.

    Eventually Labour and the unions will run out of people to blame for the ridiculous levels of d*bt, and will be forced to admit that it was their policies that increased it to unsupportable levels.

    Feeling smug because lots of people agree with you doesn’t mean you’re right – it just makes you look more of a c’unt than you do already.

  271. 271
    The Paragnostic says:

    Fuck off student scum.

  272. 272
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m having a rally all of my own! It’s taking place in my botty. All are invited. Bring a bottle of fizzy orange and a Nokia. It’s the right thing to do.

  273. 273
    Ed says:

    I’m thupporting Jedwood for Eurovithion!

  274. 274
    Sounds like you've done well under capitalism says:

    Tom, assuming for a moment you’re telling the truth, if you can fit more than 350 people in your house, it suggests you or your parents have enjoyed the fruits of capitalism. You’d never be able to get a house that big if your marxist pals in the unions had their way. Now do one.

  275. 275
    Bob Crow says:

    dAT aint hoW yOU pROTEST! yOu NeeD 2 sMASH fingZ uP, ThrO FIre extINGuishaZ and brEAK WindOWZ! uP Da wORKAz!

  276. 276
    Ed says:

    Tom ith jutht the thort of perthon we need in Labour!

  277. 277
    do fuck off says:

    You always look more of a keyboard c’unt than most on here. Well done!

  278. 278
    Drinking with the enemy says:

  279. 279
    The only thing progressive about them is the new depths of retard they manage to obtain says:

    Socialism is based on the lie and logical error that X amount of people can share finite resources equally.

  280. 280
    Anonymous anonymous says:

    But who were the 350 people who attended? I’ll bet they (collectively) employ a fair few thousand people freed from the State drool-teat.

  281. 281
    lols etc. says:

    He makes it sound like a crime.

  282. 282
    Rat's arse says:

    Tom, do one, there’s a good little boy!

  283. 283
    misterned says:

    Today’s railways are half nationalised and the fares shot through the roof whilst labour were in government you turd!

  284. 284
    Mike (England) says:

    you’ll love the new 1km long broadwalk they are building ON the Thames then, a bargain at £60 MILLION and ready in time for the olympics.

  285. 285
    stilyagi_air_corps says:

    Jaques Dutronc c’est groovy!

  286. 286
    misterned says:

    I wanted to be there and I support it wholeheatedly. But since labour fucked the economy, I can’t afford the fuel to get me there from the far NorthWest.

  287. 287
    A. Shickelgruber says:

    You called?..

  288. 288
    lols etc. says:

    That was a party political broadcast on behalf of compassionate Conservatism.

  289. 289
    Greychatter says:

    Hopefully the Government will show support for this rally and there will be MP’s from all parties there supporting and agreeing that this desparate situation of DEBT and DEFICT needs to be brought under control.

    The vast silent majority in the UK are in agreement with the start the Government has made to bring the deficit down but that is only the beginning.

    The country’s Debt will take decades to reduce and may never be cleared if Politicians continue to put their own interests in front of those of the Tax payers and those who are working and have worked all their lives living within their means.

    The Nurse Pilgrims of the Unions needs to be sacked, bribery by Labour governments or any future government must be be made illegal. The massive spending on the Olympics must make a profit or not be undertaken in future.

    Any massive spending of tax payers money must be for the good of the whole country and not just to placate some party supporters to keep a political party in power. The Gordon Browns of this world should be a thing of the past.

    The only future for this country is to Make things ourselves and sell to the world as we did in the past. If this doesn’t happen it wont be long before the labour costs in the UK will be matching those in the Far East and we have no manufacturing infrastructure left to take up the challenge.

    Anyone with an overdraft or a credit card knows in their heart they can’t continue to borrow indefinately.

    Politicians can not go on mortgaging the country’s future forever, for their own ends, the country is now paying the price for decades of policical stupidity.

  290. 290
    Delia's Debt sandwiches says:

    Really? Stunningly good news if true!

  291. 291
    9867nvg says:

    Insightful reporting there.

  292. 292
    Gordon Brown - fucking mentalist says:

    I had to get a D-notice to protect my sex life.

  293. 293
    Gary Glitter says:

    More people turned up for my out of jail party.

  294. 294
    I say says:

    The armchair warrior is busting a gut.

  295. 295
    a doctor asks says:

    A fat bastard then?

  296. 296
    nell says:

    That’s OK misterned.

    We were there in spirit.

  297. 297
    The Paragnostic says:


    Far from it – I’m not a party animal, though I am an animal at parties.

    I just hate smug student types – same as I did a quarter of a century ago when I was a student.

  298. 298
    The Paragnostic says:

    I’ve been practising – with luck I’ll be enough of a c’unt to join your organisation next…

  299. 299
    steam iron says:

    who the fook cares what Alexi fooking sayle thinks? who is he? a fat washed up spart comik from the 80s?

    really? w h o g i v e s a t o s s ?

    why do we pay the bbc to ask this funt what he thinks?

  300. 300
    steam iron says:

    + several

  301. 301
    fat cunts anonymous says:

    Guido has never done an honest job in his life. All expensive booze ups, sitting down and such bollocks. No wonder he’s a fat Hunt.

  302. 302
    PD77 says:

    The Bank of Ireland has been providing “products” through the Post Office for quite a while now, I was offered a 3 to 5 year bond back in 2005 and all I wanted was 100 1st class stamps!

  303. 303
    Sicknote says:

    Anyone else think that David Cameron looked every inch the nob that he is,handing out medals to the FA Cup winners??

  304. 304
    PD77 says:

    Well at least we’ll have money to burn ;)

  305. 305
    nell says:

    I see sallyalley and sunny have been conversing on twitter laughing at the small turnout in the rallyagainstdebt. ( Interesting that they were disappointed at the politeness of the demonstration and lack of violence.)

    They miss the point.

    Yes we all know that labourleft and the unions can turnout a few hundredthousand rioters welfare benefit troughers and local govt non jobbers onto the street with the message ‘give us what we want or we shall shut down your hospitals or stop educating your children or let the rubbish build up on your streets attracting rats or smash up your premises……’

    That few hundred thousand though is all that exists of militwit’s progressive minority.

    The rest of us spend our time working for a real living and then making our feelings felt through the ballot box at the appropriate time. And there is more than a few hundred thousand of us as militwit has just found out.

  306. 306
    anonymouse in the treasury skirting boards says:

    We keetled ourselves to save the police time and money!

  307. 307
    The Labour Party, The Guardian, Polly Toynbee, UK Uncut, Socialist Workers Party, Unite, Aaron Porter says:

    A rally isn’t a rally without violence. Shame on you lot. You didn’t even break one window.

  308. 308
    Cynic says:

    perhaps. But he didnt look like a cack handed ,mad one-eyed Scots madman

  309. 309
    Cynic says:

    All the State can afford after Labour stole the silver and melted it down

  310. 310
    Cynic says:

    Naw ….they are all bloody Welsh

  311. 311
    Must get a pseudonym one day says:

    Eurovision, like European football competitions, is an elastic concept which, inexplicably, invites Israel to participate, despite the geographical fact that it is not, never has been, and never will be in the continent of Europe.
    Wonder why that is ?

  312. 312
    nell says:

    That’s the trouble with labour y’see. Unless someone looks shabby (aka michaelfoot), a spiv (bliar) or demented (gordon) , they don’t think they’re worthwhile.

    Thank the Lord we’ve got a real normal family man with values representing Britain nowadays.

  313. 313
    Grauniad go to fuck says:

    Polly’s comment to the dissenting commentors on her puff piece today: –

    “I’m sorry yet again the mindless have taken over this spot.”

    She’s a patronising old bitch and a hypocryte of collosal proportions.

    Fucking Guardian. The should all go and drown themselves.

  314. 314
    Cynic says:

    Polly Filla in the Guardian has an artilce prisiong Tony and Gordon for lifting so many children out of poverty (While beggaring the country). So I posted two mildly critical comments.

    The first post queried the credentials of Polly to lecture me on child poverty and how she loved to walk her grandchildren in Battersea Park when she loves even more her Tuscan villa which is slightly more detached from poverty. This was deleted by the Mods.

    The Second attacked the credentials of Mr Tony (£100k a speech) Blair and his gracious wife who certainly have lifted their children out of poverty. This was not deleted.

    It appears that in the Guardians comments all pigs are equal but some are just more equal than others

  315. 315
    Anonymous says:

    Ha ha agree. Pathetic.

    No mention on ZBC of the protest outside Downing St against the Israeli Occupation anniversary nor of the one protesting against the barbarity in Bahrain.

  316. 316
    I don't need no doctor says:

    How will Brown receive his payment for the Las Vegas gig?
    Has Brown set up any off shore companies?
    I see labour couldn’t wait to have a go at Cameron for trying to help the Mccann’s. Labour get more sick each week.

  317. 317
    offshore tax haven says:

    I wonder how many of their nannies, cooks and bottle washers are on PAYE.

  318. 318
    David Laws says:

    I preach to the queer.

  319. 319
    The Paragnostic says:

    I think there’s more to it than that Nell – as I see it the majority of the people in the country don’t realise quite how serious the de*t / defecit issue is, and think that these “savage” cuts will solve the problem.

    They believe that Cameron and Osborne are being “tough but fair”, and that to go further would be “too far, too fast” (© Edwin “Go” Balls).

    They are sustained in this belief by the ever present parade of vacuous talking heads on the TV, the ludicrous pronouncements of union leaders and the sight of America digging her own grave with the spade of QE2 and the pickaxe of record budget and trade defecits – if that nice Mr Obama’s doing it, and his highly qualified team of bank clerks running the Fed think it’s a good idea, then it must be OK.

    It’s a shame that our public service broadcaster is the cheerleader for the naysayers, but that’s the way things are after 13 years of Labour placemen and multi-culti nonsense.

    I’m not sure how wrong things will have to go before people wake up and smell the stench of ind*btedness, but unless more is done, we are going to be permanently at risk of interest payments running ahead of income.

  320. 320
    I don't need no doctor says:

    No but your piece makes me think you are a nob.

  321. 321
    Sicko says:

    Thanks to all for organising the rally. I’d go with LBC’s estimate of 400 participants who willingly gave up a chunk of Saturday morning to stand, hold a range of diverse and entertaining banners for the assembled cameras and listen to a range of speakers; Nigel Farage rising to the occasion as ever, Bill Cash making a robust case against our supposed obligation to bail out the failing economies of the Eurozone, the Head of the Taxpayers Alliance standing up for the moral obligation to pay off debt, rather than just deficit, Tory Bear demonstrating the microphone handling skills he has honed in singing his way through Frank Sinatra’s repertoire.

    Thank you one and all. Special mention must go to the police and stewards who stood vigilant in case of a counterdemonstration by the folk at UK Uncouth, as well as Guido himself and his showstealing little daughter with her Peppa Pig accessories.

    Apologies to anyone I have left out.

  322. 322
    Down with Toynbeeism and the causes of Toynbeeism says:

    All the fucking lefties should be shipped out to a shithole in Africa. Love to see how long their survive without killing and eating each other.

    Five days is my bet. They’d be livid after two when the organic tuck box got raided over night.

    Fish in a barrel – c’unts the lot of them.

    Polly is ok though. She’d have a helicopter booked with her Tuscan men-servants on board to wash her tired body in asses milk.

  323. 323
    George Stillborn says:



  324. 324
    13eastie says:

    Having joined the demo’ (my first ever) my views:

    It seems to have generated a good deal of publicity, and this was its only real discernible cause: no-one I spoke to had any genuine hope that Osborne’s plan will be changed (or even be delivered), and this was, I suspect, a major reason for the low turn-out. (The union-organised protests last year achieved diddly-squat, after all).

    The message portrayed in the MSM is completely wrong. We are NOT demonstrating to support the Govt which is, essentially, doing what Labour would have done i.e. increasing spending.

    I was there primarily because I deplore the notion that my little girl, who has not benefited in any way from Brown’s profligate spendthriftery, should be expected to foot the bill for it. Any parent who thinks otherwise is selfish, greedy and hypocritical.

    But additionally, and like many others I encountered today, I do not want pragmatic “desperate measures for desperate times” tweaking.

    I want ideological cuts that will reduce the caustic effect of the bloated public sector on society and the economy. And I want this to be justified persuasively on its own ideological merits, rather than being excused by Brown’s lunacy.

    I don’t want or support Cameron’s Blue-Labour centrist kak. I want a government that will earnestly celebrate the excision of the state-sector cancer from our economy/work-force/society.

  325. 325
    Cameron = fra~ud says:

    The McCanns should look in their own back yard before putting their greedy grasping child abandoning hands out.

    Cameron should have nailed their media circus and refused.

  326. 326
    ah bless says:

    Did you mistake your chocolate bar for a laxative?

  327. 327
    Sicko says:

    Arf! (puke)

  328. 328
    George Stillborn says:

    Rise like Lions after slumber
    In laughable number
    Shake your chains to earth like dew
    Ye are pathetic- ye are few

  329. 329
    Mrs E Adams says:

    I promise to pay your minimum wage and NI when you suck my cock. I shall also observe H&S regulations by not spilling my seed in your mouth, but make it dribble from your chin. Mouthwash will be provided by the employer.

    Now go cash your Giro.

  330. 330
    The Paragnostic says:

    Nothing I can disagree with there, 13eastie – but I fear the cancer has spread too far and too deeply over the past 65 years.

    There may not be a ‘progressive’ consensus, but there is a general acceptance even by the Conservatives that big government is the answer, whatever the question might be.

    Couldn’t be there today, but I’m sure that one day enough people will realise how wrong things have gone and we’ll have a libertarian consensus which, after all, is the natural order of Britain.

  331. 331
    David Laws says:

    I preach to the qu~er!

  332. 332
    nell says:

    Seems to me that the progessive socialist labour minority thinks anyone who actually works for a living is a nob.

  333. 333
    The Paragnostic says:

    And the next stanza?

    What is Freedom? – ye can tell
    That which slavery is, too well –
    For foreign d*bt itself has grown
    Till there is nothing you can own.

    See – anyone can butcher Shelley, the effete tosser.

  334. 334
    a doctor writes says:

    Keep taking the meds you batty cow.

  335. 335
    Engineer says:

    Accuracy does not necessarily require insight, merely honesty.

  336. 336
    zzzzzzzzzz says:

    You’re the effete tosser.

  337. 337
    dependent free person says:

    So what! The country has been going down the toilet for decades. It deserves what it gets.

  338. 338
    Engineer says:

    Just a thought.

    The entire Union movement and about £500,000 managed to organise a ‘March for the Alternative’ that turned into a riot and cost the taxpayer somewhat more in policing, court and cleanup costs. (By the way, I’m still not sure what the alternative is – more debt?)

    In contrast, two students and a mobile phone managed to arrange a rally that didn’t turn into a riot, didn’t cost the taxpayer more than a few hours of a few policemens’ time to stand around and arrest nobody, and even received positive coverage on the BBC, which is somewhat more than even the most optimistic of us expected.

    Of the two, I’d say that the anti-cuts mob have shot their bolt (see recent local election results for a possible indication of that), whereas the anti-debt crowd have barely got started yet.

  339. 339
    wayne and waynetta slob says:

    The, “Lets’ celebrate massive debt we can pass on to our kids” gig was always gonna be popular TBH.

  340. 340
    Anonymous says:

    I did not go to the rally today but I admire those who did. Thank you.

  341. 341
    A man with a glass of wine says:

    I thought it was very good.

  342. 342
    nell says:

    I hear the protuguese pol ice have run and hid now they know that the met is going to examine their keystone cops performance.

  343. 343
    Keats says:

    No, you’re the effete tosser.

  344. 344
    Public sector parasites face the sack says:

    That’s funny! It takes your mind off Monday, doesn’t it?

    Monday. The day you have to start looking for a real job.

  345. 345
    Public sector parasites face the sack says:

    Labour in opposition.


  346. 346
    nell says:

    I wonder who that man was in the helicopter, that landed where the body of drdavidkelly was found?

    Odd that he landed just about the time the body was being moved from a lying down to sitting up position. Odd that he only stayed 5 mins. Who on earth could he have been working for?.

  347. 347
    IR35 says:

    Given the damage that Gordon did to individuals acting as consultants, that’s a very good question indeed.

  348. 348
    and that would be says:

    A solution.

  349. 349
    Infuriated of West Mids says:

    Quite simply, hear hear. I have nothing else to add.

  350. 350
    A soon to be unemployed Public Sector Parasite says:

    Work for a living? No chance! Just do what I do – attend equality and diversity awareness courses all day, and have group hugs. And magic money materialises out of nowhere and is paid into my bank account every month until I retire at 55.

  351. 351
    J. Alfred Prufrock says:

    My author would batter any of yous lot.

  352. 352
    The Paragnostic says:

    Depends whether you think of Britain merely as the agglomeration of the people who live here (which is what I assume you mean, from your context) or as a historical and cultural entity that is worth preserving and developing.

    If the latter, and taking it as read that evolution is better than revolution, then the sooner we start to reduce not just the defecit but the total d*bt the better. We may need to remove ourselves from Europe to do so, and to take a good sharp axe to the public sector, but if we don’t then we will become a nation of slaves, working harder and harder just to pay for the money that has already been squandered.

    That’s my reading of the situation – I may be overly pessimistic but I fear not.

  353. 353
    Ezra Pound says:

    Fuck yez all!

  354. 354
    A Doctor says:

    Have a pot noodle and a wank.

  355. 355

    Lefties seem to think numbers are all that matters – except when the numbers vote against them of course.

    350 or 350,000, what does it matter, when you’re right?

  356. 356
    2 shags says:

    Eh oop, im prostitututing meself on itv1 at 9 tonight.

  357. 357
    The Paragnostic says:

    Being right is obviously undemocratic, and probably phallocentric, homophobic and Scalextric to boot.

    Good to see you pop up again, Frank!

  358. 358
    Anonymous says:

    It must be worth some sort of ‘live tweeting’ or ‘subtitling’ of a showdown between Piers Moron and Two Jags..

  359. 359
    Mike Hunt says:

    Sound advice, shame we can’t, as a country, follow it.

  360. 360
    bird wsb says:

    I don’t know enough to judge how right you are, but I ‘d be interested to know what countries (if any) do small government successfully?

  361. 361
    Infuriated of West Mids says:

    I heard that Guido broke wind – does that count?

  362. 362
    Formerly sarcastic person who now sees the error of his ways says:

    Horrorshow groodies on the Lithuanian gal.

  363. 363
    13eastie says:

    (British) Hong Kong

  364. 364

    +1, especially to Scalextric.

  365. 365
    Sorry, I can't resist it says:

    Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness;
    Close bosom-friend of your maturing mom.

    I thank you.

  366. 366

    Only 200 people turned up !
    there was more people at our local car boot sale !

  367. 367
    smoggie says:

    A liberal smear of Anusol or Germaloid is the answer to all tat’s problems.

  368. 368
    13eastie says:

    (Вrіtіѕh) Ноng Kоng

    [Моdеrаtеd, fіrѕt tіmе аrоund, fоr rеаѕоnѕ knоwn bеѕt tо Guіdо].

  369. 369
    Chav DNA at saturation point? says:

    Why is it East European women tend to be svelte with big tits and come-hither smiles, and our women are.. blobs with faces like thunder?

    Except for Pippa, of course.

  370. 370

    The reason the labour scum get hundreds of thousands to turn out is
    that most of them are lazy fucking council wor… employees who know the gravy train is about to derail and the rest are sponging fuckin scruffy bastard students who want to carry on living for free at the expence of taxpayers

  371. 371
    smoggie says:

    The “Arab Spring” started with less.

  372. 372
    Durrrr says:

    It was Saturday, we were out shopping.

    Parasite benefit scroungers can protest en-masse whenever they like. What else have they got to do? Find jobs? Yeah, right.

  373. 373
    The Paragnostic says:

    Gal? Davotchka, if thou pleasest, mine Droog!

  374. 374
    Chris Huhne says:

    ‎’They huffed and they puffed, but the fiscal fundamentalists at this afternoon’s so-called Rally Against Debt didn’t even come close to filling the area allotted to them by the Metropolitan Police!’ ha ha

    Tossers,all of them

  375. 375
    george miller says:


    Please can you/taxpayers’ alliance launch a fundraiser to purchase a decent sound system for future rallies? It was pretty much impossible to hear the speakers today, including yourself.

    After leaving the Green, we walked up Whitehall where pro-Palistinian hatemongers were haranging the whole of north London with their crystal-clear speakers. Let’s not do another rally with such a poor sound system.

  376. 376
    george miller says:

    Also – where the hell was Toby?

  377. 377
    Joss Ayinglike says:

    Perhaps they’ve all had a busy week working in order to pay their taxes to support left wing scroungers.

  378. 378
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Prescott is on ITV tonight, here’s a preview

  379. 379
    Postlethwaite says:

    FA cup – wot FA cup. It did not get a look in against Man Utd.
    I do wish their team would come here, bend over and spread sunshine all about.

    The rally did not get a mention on the bbc.
    Probably no-one beaten to death by the p0lice.
    “I was proceeding down the high street when i saw a man with a fire extinguisher.
    I beat him to a pulp M’lord.”
    “Well done officer, no blame there. “

  380. 380
    smoggie says:

    ..chewing the fat.

  381. 381
    Joss Ayinglike says:

    Disgraced former Mirror editor to interview disgraced former Liebour MP.

  382. 382
    Errr..... says:

    Is it too late for Sarah Palin to be aborted?

  383. 383
    Lard Presclott of Bulimia, Bog Seats, Beams,Bellies,Banjos,Punches, Croquet, Pies, Jags 'n' Shags says:

    That’s what I would look like if I wasn’t bulimic.

  384. 384
    Dirk Diggler says:

    Here here well said

  385. 385
    smoggie says:

    Hope you piss red.

  386. 386
    smoggie says:


  387. 387
    Hugh Janus says:

    Spot on! Twatter is (not surprisingly) for twats.

  388. 388
    smoggie says:

    So 500,000 unwashed without jobs rampaging through London represent the country?

    Why didn’t they march on Fife?

  389. 389
    Labour lost. Live with it. says:

    How are you enjoying opposition?

  390. 390
    Labour lost. Live with it. says:


  391. 391
    That's News says:

    It’s because they put on coaches and promised them a day out.

    A councillor who is a Sikh -Labour, though if he knew what his colleagues call him behind his back, he’d join the Tories!!!- organised a nice little day out for members of his Temple. Only he sort of forgot to tell them they were to appear at a rally protesting about something they really had no interest in! But he had promised the leader of the Labour group that a lot of people would turn up from his temple, and so they did!

  392. 392
    zip it, with interest says:

    Trillions or billions, who the fuck really cares?

  393. 393
    That's News says:

    That’s a good point, Frank.

  394. 394
    smoggie says:

    What countries do big government successfully after the oil runs out?

  395. 395
    Labour lost. Live with it. says:

    Unlike Labour’s debt catastrophe.

  396. 396
    Public-sector parasites are getting their P45s says:

    You’re paying it, for the rest of you life.

    PS: Monday. Get a real job. Work.

  397. 397
    nmj says:

    He actually started off as a chubby 5’3″ but after a few sessions on the rack at the Tower, he was a slim 6’0″

  398. 398
    Primary-school teacher says:

    There were more people.”

  399. 399
    Hugh Janus says:

    Two incredibly good reasons to watch something else – grass growing, paint drying….

  400. 400
    zip it, with interest says:


  401. 401
    The Labour Parteh says:

    North Korea? Errmm. No, hang on.. Cuba! Yes, Cuba! Errrmm.

  402. 402
    13eastie says:

    Command economy?

  403. 403
    This is the 21st Century says:

    Does anyone ever watch YouTube clips?

  404. 404
    Unbiased BBC London says:

  405. 405
    zip it, with interest says:

    I certainly don’t.

  406. 406
  407. 407
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Had a top time, really enjoyed :-)

  408. 408
    Ebenezer says:

    This post has mores comments that people who turned up today at the stupid Toffs rally :-)

  409. 409
    Lord Presclott of Ull says:

    We’re all toffs now.

  410. 410
    Fa kin Su Pah says:

    Mor pertinent I think

    ‘This is the debt I pay
    Just for one riotous day,
    Years of regret and grief,
    Sorrow without relief.

    Pay it I will to the end —
    Until the grave, my friend,
    Gives me a true release —
    Gives me the clasp of peace.

    Slight was the thing I bought,
    Small was the debt I thought,
    Poor was the loan at best —
    God! but the interest’

  411. 411
    Ebenezer says:

    In the workhouse we are all in it together.

    Pass the gruel…

  412. 412
    The Paragnostic says:

    Britain prior to WWII, and more especially prior to WWI.

    Sort of tells me we’ve been getting it wrong and wronger for ages…

  413. 413
    The Ghost of Gordon says:

    You will pay off my debt.

    Work! Work, dammit, work for the rest of your life.

  414. 414
    The Ghost of Gordon says:

    Did Guido hand you any caption-contest prizes?

  415. 415
    Civilised protest marches R us says:

    “Non-lefty protesters show how to demonstrate without kicking in windows.”

    Don’t bother complaining about the BBC – I stopped paying the license fee in 1999 and they’ve not got me yet. They whinge, they whine, they give up.

  416. 416
    The Paragnostic says:

    It just shows how few people understand numbers, Mr Huhne.

    Like those funny round red bordered signs that some fools keep putting on the road – what do they mean?

  417. 417
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Nah lol

  418. 418
    Ha ha ha ha! Civil Service P45s, they are a-coming says:

    Only public sector parasites are headed for the workhouse.

    Work house. Does that even compute? Work?

    Work. An alien concept to the public sector parasites. Oooh, but you’ll be getting intimate with it, soon, my little parasites.

  419. 419
    The Ghost of .. you know who I am.. says:

    Did you meet him? Did you say, “where are the results?” Or your prizes.

    The main thing is, you had a good time.

  420. 420
    Alan Johnson says:


  421. 421
    Gas the working class says:

    Britain prior to giving suffrage to worthless parasitic oiks.

    (not the most popular opinion, I know, but I feel it’s true.)

  422. 422
    The Paragnostic says:

    You win the Steven Byers scholarship, Mr Pat.

  423. 423
    WTF ? says:

    Taxpayers are Toffs ???

  424. 424
    Whistleblower says:

    Among the questions asked by this blog and which Mr Huhne has refused to answer include:

    * How have the allegations been shown to be untrue?

    * Are you suing for libel? If not, why not?

    * Why would Vicky Pryce make the allegation up?

    The source close to Mr Huhne said the Cabinet minister did not wish to comment further for fear of fuelling an already-embittered divorce case, taking place behind closed doors.

    The source added: “The reason there is not an absolute denial about Vicky is because we don’t want to call her a liar. The reason Chris doesn’t want to talk is he is in the middle of this divorce and there is a whole load of stuff going on behind the scenes.”

    The claim against Mr Huhne is said to date to 2003 when he was an MEP. The alleged speeding offence is said to have taken place in Southend and been dealt with by Chelmsford magistrates.

    At the time Mr Huhne had already amassed a number of penalty points on his licence and the alleged speeding offence would have led to an automatic ban.

    As it happened, Mr Huhne subsequently lost his licence anyway when he was caught by police using his mobile phone while driving.

    Mrs Pryce said last week: “He still went on to lose his licence and I drove him everywhere after that.”

  425. 425
    The Paragnostic says:

    Speaking of Huhne, the Observer is reporting that the Cabinet has agreed to his carbon-cutting deal which will, of course, utterly screw our economy just when we need to be growing and getting the finances straight.

    Back to the Stone Age with Chris…

  426. 426
    The Paragnostic says:

    Just reread Keith Joseph’s Edgbaston speech in which he advocated deterring the feckless from breeding.

    Sound stuff.

  427. 427
    The Paragnostic says:

    I make no comment other than I’m off practising flint napping and making fire tomorrow…

  428. 428
    The Paragnostic says:

    More EU cockwaffle:

    Ban mobiles and WiFi in schools, says EU Commission comittee (vice chair – Lord of the Pies)

    Naughty, naughty Denmark – you must let everyone in, says Baroso

    Adding up the PIGS bill – another £69 billion pissed up the wall

    Don’t you just love sovereignty?

  429. 429
    Cole says:

    Seems the score was 500,000 Lefties – 350 Loony Rightists. Ho.

  430. 430
    Ebenezer says:

    You don’t think Toffs pay any Tax do you?

    Oh no nice just nice swiss bank accounts me thinks ;-)

  431. 431
    Dad says:

    Its past your bedtime little Chap …

  432. 432
    WVM says:

    Unfortunately for the jobless ex-public sector parasites no one wants to give them a new job in the private sector. Upon hearing the word “civil servant” they usually go to the bottom of the list. Well it’s what we do here and you can’t really blame us either, I mean their parasitic reputation precedes them. Take one of them on and your risking never ending sporadic sick leave, moaning and whingeing about pay, conditions, pension or lack of if your lucking. If your unlucky they’ll unionise your entire workforce and have them out on strike within the month.

  433. 433
    Well Paid Shill says:

    Not going to happen, it’s a puff piece by the guardian, trying to salvage Huhne’s career in a pre-emptive move before the sh*t hits the fan tomorrow.

    To cut CO2 by that much we’d have to move to a 3 day week and ban all cars.

  434. 434
    Ronald says:

    Must be nice working in Macdonalds

  435. 435
    Old Man says:

    Thats because your 85…

  436. 436
    The Paragnostic says:

    And you think the Green totalitarians are worried about that?

    Mad as a box of frogs, that lot.

  437. 437
    Osama the Nazarene says:

    Time to update that five-a-side team!

  438. 438
    Well Paid Shill says:

    Actually, just been looking at the governements emmisions data reports and we’ve apparently already cut emmisions by 25% of 1990 figures, now to reach the 60% cut by 2030 we just have to cut the entire Greenhouse gas output of energy generation and transport.

    Easy peasy.

  439. 439
    Ka*e & Ge*ry M*C*nn says:

    Anyone want to take one of our other kids? We’re making a career out of this stuff. It’s made us very rich.

  440. 440
    Gordon Brown says:

    I congratulate Azerbaijan on winning Eurovision and wish them all the best.

  441. 441
    DaveK says:

    350 to 500000. Now, I know that doesn’t prove anything by itself; they laughed at Galileo, they laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Einstein. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown. You could be such a tiny minority because you are the only ones who can see the light. Or it could be because you’re just plain wrong.

    I can’t really tell, because I couldn’t find any argument or debate on the subject here, just name-calling. I read the factsheet and FAQ, and you don’t appear to have any consistent stance or agenda; you just have a general feeling that the national debt is a bad thing (like everyone does; it’s a straw-man to claim that anyone thinks it is somehow a good thing; you admit that you disagree among yourselves about how serious exactly it is or isn’t, so that doesn’t really explain how your stance differs from anyone else’s at all, unless you’re about to misrepresent the anti-cuts marchers on the basis of a false dilemma), and a desire to call anyone you don’t like “socialists” or “lefties”. That isn’t a political stance, it’s a childish outburst.

  442. 442
    Anonymous says:

    “Tear down this debt” – Cutting the Marzipan:

  443. 443
    Jimmy says:

    Right wing rallies aren’t what they used to be.

    Coming to a cinema near you: Triumph of the Won’t

  444. 444
    TheVoiceOfReason says:

    25,000 vs 300. Well well. We live in a democracy, don’t we? Time for the tax-avoiders alliance to concede defeat, methinks. You’ve reaped the benefits of living in a civilised society hand over fist. Time to pay up.

  445. 445

    I am indebted to Mr Strauss-Kahn. Now he’s been arrested in New York, I can become the Global Debt Tsar – or Head of the IMF as they used to call it… Ha ha… haaa… haaa… haaaa haaa… Haaaaa haaaa…

  446. 446
    albacore says:

    They build their castles in the air
    On money that just isn’t there
    Brown yesterday now Dave today
    When will these lighteights blow away?

  447. 447
    JH says:

    Productive people were probably too knackered after a week at work to go.

    Or too knackered after 13 years of Labour.

    Lookat all the leftie mongs who think the turnout suddenly makes the fact they were rejected in 2 elections now go away.

  448. 448
    JH says:


    Europe is part of Israel.

  449. 449
    smoggie says:

    They were probably afraid of being ridiculed by anonymous posters on blogs like this; by morons who think that the way to solve the problems of unsustainable debt is to shovel it down the road.

  450. 450
    smoggie says:

    No support because it is so much easier to be a freeloader.

  451. 451
    smoggie says:

    And maybe a few nutters to kick things off? It seems a demonstration isn’t a success without gratuitous violence and vandalism.

  452. 452
    smoggie says:

    We are all liable to tax but if you are losing money then you don’t pay any. The foreign parent companies – in kindlier tax regimes – might be where the profits of the group ultimately surfaces.

  453. 453
    smoggie says:

    The was good footie on the box all day. Not the best of choices – we’re not all rugger buggers.

  454. 454
    smoggie says:

    Congratulations to Azerbaijan. In a way it was also a victory for England as the singer lives in London.

    Baku must have been heaving last night. Mind you, it does every Saturday.

  455. 455
    smoggie says:

    You think it was any different 30 years ago?

  456. 456
    smoggie says:

    One thing we can be sure of, you‘ll not be molesting young maids in hotel rooms.

  457. 457
    smoggie says:

    How can you describe those would reduce taxes and the size of state as “right wing”?

    Are you pissed?

  458. 458
    smoggie says:

    Not the sharpest knife in the box. Must be a student.

  459. 459
    smoggie says:

    Young Britain has become the Fatarse Nation. All the young women are so obese that it amazes me that they can attract mates.

    We’re storing up some serious health problems for the future. The NHS will collapse under the strain as this lot gets older.

  460. 460
    Nicolas Shortarseky says:

    Rearly ? BWAHAHAHA !!!!

  461. 461
    Gordon Brown says:

    Dear IMF

    I’M FREE!!!!

    Pick ME

  462. 462
    Chris Huhne says:

    You are full of Shit Guido.

  463. 463
    Terrible But True says:

    There does seem to be a swelling narrative in some media quarters.

    If a tad contradictory perhaps.

    Shunting vast impositions onto future generations for short term selfish gains seems to be either good, or bad… depending.

    That point has been made a lot in this current dollop of ‘reality':

    One wonders if it will be featured much in this ‘un:

    Possibly some reality is made more real in the pre-production and edit suite than others?

  464. 464
  465. 465
    Handycock says:

    So do I, pity Russia didn’t win it.

  466. 466
    Sick of pretentious types says:

    What the fuck is Camila Batmanghelidjh? I’m fed up of seeing this grotesque appearing on bbc news to give her worthless opinion. Apart from being the size of an aircraft carrier, her style of dress is annoyingly ostentatious. There is no reason for her ridiculous headwear and multi coloured dress. She may well be doing useful charity work but it’s obvious that she craves attention for herself rather than her work.

  467. 467
    Gordon Brown says:

    I can assure the IMF that there is no danger of me sexually molesting any hotel maids. Shove, hit, throw mobiles at, yes. Molest, no.

  468. 468
    Anonymous says:

    There is no support for cuts or the old people (over 65) who support Tories didn’t have the energy to turn up. Wait till they cut your health care.

  469. 469
    Cyclops Brown says:

    It was me who paid the Maid to set up Strauss-Kahn, this is what politics is all about. They will now have to make an emergency appointment to replace Strauss-Kahn; me. Once I am in post there is no way anyone will be able to move me. I can now save the world all over again, and take over his ‘luxury lifestyle’. Ha ha a troughing extravaganza coming up!

  470. 470
    Anonymous says:

    A senior adviser to David Cameron says the NHS could be improved by charging patients and will be transformed into a “state insurance provider, not a state deliverer” of care.

    Mark Britnell, who was appointed to a “kitchen cabinet” advising the prime minister on reforming the NHS, told a conference of executives from the private sector that future reforms would show “no mercy” to the NHS and offer a “big opportunity” to the for-profit sector.

    The revelations come on the eve of an important speech by the prime minister on the future of the NHS, during which he is expected to try to allay widespread fears that the reforms proposed in health secretary Andrew Lansley’s health and social care bill would lead to privatisation.

    It has been suggested that Cameron may even announce an extension to the “pause” in the progress of the bill until after the party conference season, amid growing tensions on the issue within the coalition government.

  471. 471

    Call me Dave’s relentless persuit of headlines had hit another stumbling block
    his self imposed 80% green house gas emissions tax on our already fragile industries will just about finish the country off
    major chemical producers are already threatening to close plants here and move to Germany or Sweden where they have no such taxex

    FFS get a fuckin grip dave !

  472. 472
    Labour says:

    We think it’s a disgrace it’s taken the baby eating Tories so long to confirm they’ll enshrine the military covenant in law. Even though we had 13 years to do it ourselves and didn’t, and even though we didn’t put it in our election manifesto, that doesn’t stop us being hypocritical opportunists for whom there are no depths we won’t stoop to score points.

  473. 473
    A PR exercise. says:

    Let’s face it this military covenant crap is for the government’s and politicians’ benefit, not the military’s.

  474. 474
    Anonymous says:

    You are supported mainly by very old forks who hasn’t got the energy to go anything.

  475. 475

    Mmmm! Delicious!!!! Pass the sauce, please.

  476. 476
    A word in your lughole says:

    Still haven’t heard anything in the media about British Gas may may not close the Morecombe gas fields because of high taxes.

  477. 477
    Marred says:

    Theresa May on Marr’s show.

  478. 478

    Is that to discuss politics or just for sex?

  479. 479
  480. 480
    Anonymous says:

    Are they in love?

  481. 481

    Strauss-Kahn is trying to trade Huhne’s points for his rap, so my Wall Street broker informs me.

  482. 482
    Anonymous says:

    I prefer Germen better than English, but for votes its different.

  483. 483
  484. 484
    Selohesra says:

    Any more to come on the Huhne story or has he obtained super-injunction?

    As for Strauss-Kahn – even a pervy frog would be better than Gordon

  485. 485
    Candidate for Quote of the Day says:

    Simon Hoggart on The Andrew Marr Show: “There’s something of the used car salesman about Chris Huhne”.

  486. 486
    Nelson muntz says:


  487. 487
    Waiter says:

    Would sir like Peri Peri sauce with the baby or Reggae Reggae sauce?

  488. 488
    Only me says:

    Hey, Don’t knock it.

    I made loads of money under labour.

    I even fixed the roof – so no worries!

  489. 489
    Fog says:

    I like Toffs. I don’t like Oiks.

  490. 490

    The last tory government got rid of the steel foundries
    the coal mines the dockers etc
    now this lot is trying to close down what little industries we have left
    it’s no wonder the rest of the world prosper while we sit here scratching our heads wondering where all the jobs have gone

  491. 491
    Nemo says:

    Yes, sorry she was born many years ago.

  492. 492
    PHIL WOOL ARSE says:

    Don’t forget we gave the Ghurka’s equal pension rights !

  493. 493
    Telef Huhne. says:

    “There is no evidence for this story unless you give it some legs by saying something. The last thing you want is a half-baked story saying you’ve taken points for me. The story they are trying to stand up is that ‘Cabinet Minister persuaded XXX to take points.’ The only way they stand that up is by getting you to talk to them. There is simply no other person who could possibly tell them whether it is true or not.”

    The witness says: “I just cannot lie. It’s one of the things that always worried me when you made me take them in the first instance.”

  494. 494
    Nemo says:

    arhh, Claggy is actually laughing, a bit different from the past few weeks, now looks as if he has lost a pound and found a penny.

  495. 495
    Selohesra says:

    Is ‘rearly’ a typo or an allusion to the type of sex Gordon enjoys

  496. 496
    nell says:

    But not before the feisty joanna smacked him upside the head with her handbag!! Wimpy ‘man’.

  497. 497
  498. 498
    Nemo says:

    Looks as if the bookies are going to be busy, any more likely to be removed?

  499. 499
    GORDON tiggywinkle McPOTTY says:

    There is no truth in the fact that i got Sarah a job as a cleaner at that hotel !
    but my CV is on the way to the IMF

  500. 500
    nell says:

    She should interview Him about the inappropriateness of injunctions used by rich men to cover up their loose morals.

  501. 501
    oh dear says:

    Call me Dave won’t be giving you lot a no fly zone.

  502. 502
    Nemo says:

    If they could only raise or attract 350 approx to the rally, in the heart of Con country they seem to be as lack luster as Eddy and the Lieborites.

  503. 503
    Nemo says:

    Yes, I think I will.

  504. 504
    giz ya money scargill says:

    It wasn’t my fault the miners got stuffed – I didn’t get where I am today without leading lions into disaster – and dont call me a donkey – I’m a f..n rich donkey.

  505. 505
    nell says:

    strauss-kahn on his way out at the imf and huhne likely to be questioned by police of speeding points plus more to come from his ex-wife and Guido’s still in bed.

    I bet gordon is up and manning the phones trying to talk to his ‘old pal’ omaha to persuade him he’s the best for sk’s job.

  506. 506
    move along says:

    Working out how to screw more taxpayers money for his ‘free’ school and how to spin the whole process in to a newspaper article.

  507. 507
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Is there another rally today today then?

  508. 508
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Hunt to the IMF (He isa lib dem so perverts welcome) and Gordon to Broadmoor.

  509. 509
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Labour closed more mines than the Tories.

  510. 510
    conspiracy theorist says:

    I wonder if this SK bloke wanted to up the ante with the Euro and push it against the USD. Maybe he has been fitted up!

  511. 511
    Viva Las Vegas says:

    Is Gordon still in the USA? He was in Vegas on Friday, lecturing Hedge fund managers.

  512. 512
    Alex says:

    @Anonymous :3:29pm

    Knew someone would turn it into a numbers game – the majority are often stupid and gullible. You only need to look at footage of Hitler’s Nuremberg rallies to see that.

  513. 513
    Huhne goes for the Brownite Defence..."It wasnae me!" says:

    According to Sunday Times on that day the person who took the points was in a “high profile meeting” in London all day and Mr Huhne was at Strasbourg at the European Parliament on the day and took part in two votes.An aide tells the ST that Mr Huhne would usually then get a Ryan-Air flight back to Stansted in the evening(he was living in London at the time)and would usually pick up his car from the airport car park(although not necessarily every time) and drive home along the route that passed the particular speed camera in question. He was also not at Strasbourg the following day That means nothing of course insofar as he could have been met at the airport by “the someone” driving from London after the meeting(which is a reasonable scenario to avoid parking the car at airport with risks of theft or damage etc) and driven home and although the car was registered to Huhne he confirmed when requested that “X” was the driver and not him on the day in question.

    In the interests of fairness……If Mr Huhne, as an “Honourable man”and Minister of the Crown, swears that he was not the driver then he must obviously be believed…but in the event of evidence being found to the contrary then he will have been revealed to have not only deceived the police, committed a criminal offence but also deceived his Cabinet and Party colleagues and his position will be untenable

  514. 514
    tories are fuckin idiots says:

    As you sit in your office fondling your secretary
    do you never wonder what exactly all those people running around your factory actually do to make your million pound salaries?

  515. 515
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    No millionaries are in the labour party then?

  516. 516
    Khan Huhne Kahn says:

    What is it with people who have silent aitches in their name that makes them weirdos?

  517. 517
    tories are fuckin idiots says:

    Your new here arn’t you ? welcome to Order order !

  518. 518
    David Miliband's aide says:

    Lord Glasman must be the only person who thinks Ed has more charisma than David. He’s warm and witty – and unlike Ed does not sound like a robot with flu.’

  519. 519
    Nemo says:

    Maybe time has stopped, you haven’t invented the time machine have you. Debt is going up all the time, the country has been involved for 10 years in wars (fortunately not on our own soil), the munitions must be replaced, probably imported, aircraft replaced, service men when horribly wounded have to be looked after and families compensated should they die, on top of that the decision to go for a revamp of Trident system and that is just the armed forces. Yet another rearrangement of the NHS, the system must be absolutely punch drunk after all the rearrangements, IT systems etc. The advance of the ID card system has been halted but maybe still in abeyance (it would be a shame to throw all that information away after what it has cost). I am afraid the list goes, on all this costs money and from what the government says payments are in excess of income so that is met by borrowing.

  520. 520
    A parliament full of Huhne's and hoons says:

    A file has now been passed to the police !
    ha ha ha

  521. 521
    A parliament full Huhne's and Hoons says:

    A file has now been passed to the police !
    ha ha ha

  522. 522
  523. 523
    Anonymous says:

    Strange comments from an innocent person?

  524. 524
    Question says:

    Can Strauss Kahn claim diminished responsibility?

  525. 525
    Anonymous says:

    There’s something of the c’unt about Simon Hoggart.

  526. 526
    jrand says:


  527. 527
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Has he met Gordon Brown?

  528. 528
    Call me Dave - happiness czar says:

    I’ll go along with anything if there are few votes hanging on it.

    I’m a whore!

  529. 529
    Anonymous says:

    You’re all sad Hunts.

  530. 530
    Anonymous says:

    Alex says:

    Bad losers. Come up with some thing BBC did show the crowd, etc.

  531. 531
    Anonymous says:

    Does that include people like Mr. Green?

  532. 532
    There's NO smoke without FIRE says:

    Huhne has taken on the services of a leading media lawyer, Charlotte Harris

    Harris is a media specialist who focuses on pre- and post-publication advice, injunctions, defamation, privacy, harassment and unlawful interceptions of telephone use and correspondence of those in the public eye. Her clients have included MPs, celebrities, sports agents and others who have found themselves at the centre of media scrutiny

  533. 533
    Anonymous says:

    What about Lord Ashcroft, Mr Green, number of cabinet ministers, etc?

  534. 534
    Old dog no tricks says:

    It didn’t get 3 weeks of free Advertising on the BBC in the lead up either !

    Nor did it get rent a crowd’s bussed in by well funded Organisations (usually taxpayer funded – one way or another – of course).

  535. 535
    nell says:

    Now it emerges that huhne put someone else’s name on the speeding form without their knowledge.

    Guido wakeup and find your crosshairs before its too late.

  536. 536
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Why the fuck is jock twat Jim Murphy on the fucking TV yet again? When well the media work out that their beloved Liebore party LOST the election?

  537. 537
    GOTCHA!!!!! says:

    The Sunday Times also includes the allegation that Huhne “is alleged to have entered another person’s name on the form, without consulting them.” It goes onto claim that “The person Huhne allegedly identified as the driver was at work in central London on the day in question and attended a high-profile conference.”

  538. 538
    Hard Pressed Taxpayer says:

    I’m sorry I couldn’t make it – too busy doing the payroll year end.

  539. 539
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Or a bummer

  540. 540
    red/yellow/blue = all the same says:

    Nothing to fear, nothing to hide!

    You complete Hunt!

  541. 541
    fuck off Huhne you cunt says:

    I hope the fucker is using his own money and not a HoC credit card.

  542. 542
    enough is enough says:

    Can your arse take it?

  543. 543
    Toast says:

    Huhne “is alleged to have entered another person’s name on the form, without consulting them.” It goes onto claim that “The person Huhne allegedly identified as the dr1ver was at work in central London on the day in question and attended a high-profile conference.”

  544. 544
    Quite says:

    Yes and during the student protests, my son’s university SU laid on several coaches to London and persuaded people to go by saying “You only need to spend an hour at the protest, then it’s a free day shopping in London.”
    And very many didn’t spend too long looking in the oral cavity of the gift horse and went.

  545. 545
    Moley says:

    Cameron’s just lost the next election and proved beyond doubt that he is in fact the complete idiot that everyone feared he might be, when they gritted their teeth and voted Tory in 2010.

  546. 546
    Old Bill says:

    Essex Police have said they are considering investigating the claims and warned they could take action.

    A spokesman said in a statement: “We are aware of allegations regarding a speeding offence in 2003.

    “This information will be passed to officers who will decide on whether an investigation will be launched.

    “We take allegations such as this one extremely seriously and will take action where necessary.”

  547. 547
    Anonymostly says:

    Conflict between the Daily Mail and Sunday Times reports then insofar as one says the police are investigating and the other says that Essex Police have told them that all speeding records prior to 2006 have been deleted from their records and they are therefore unable to go further(?)…stranger and stranger

  548. 548
    Gil Grissom says:

    I hope so. The CSI team are looking for a one-eyed Scotch psycho who left a great steaming turd in the lift at a Vegas conference centre, and he fits the bill.

  549. 549
    Lord Flashman says:

    Demonstration? What Demonstration? The figure of three hundred and fifty could only be met by including coppers, passing tourists and the permanently parked peaceniks in Parliament Square. The demonstration looked like the touch-line at a Public School Rugby game with all the fat kids, wheezy-chested boys with notes from matron and those who can cope with anything as complicated as a ball game, lined up to watch the 1st XV.

    I openly laughed at the parodies of humanity thrown up by TUC march. I looked forward to Rally Against Debt, bestockinged Tory Totty by the Freelander full, canapés and poo by the bucketful and a quick raid of Guido’s private stash.

    Instead of this potential nirvana I was offered the cast of Lord of the Flies gone seriously to seed! It really is not good enough!

  550. 550
    Moley says:


    “In the interests of fairness……If Mr Huhne, as an “Honourable man”and Minister of the Crown, swears that he was not the driver then he must obviously be believed”

    I nominate this sentence for the 2011 Irony award.

    Streets ahead of anything seen in years.

  551. 551
    Burger King says:

    Yeah, well we wont have ‘em!

  552. 552
    DaveK says:

    Well, yeah, I am (new round here). I was expecting to find political stances being promoted and attitudes and arguments being discussed, as this place has a reputation for being one of the more influential political blogs, but I don’t see how it got that if it only ever bothers preaching to the converted.

    Maybe the much-heralded rise of the political blog was always overblown all along, after all.

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