May 13th, 2011

Mr Osborne, Tear Down This Debt

Guido has penned  today’s Thunderer column for the Times  behind the paywall. Before people moan, it is for a good cause, tomorrow’s planned Rally Against Debt and for those of you without a log in, he will push the limits of the fair use rules.

…Government borrowing is merely deferred taxation, so this generation is passing on a terrible inheritance of indebtedness that will burden my children, and my children’s children, with higher taxes. The Chancellor will protest that he is cutting the deficit, that he is overspending less, that political reality will not allow him to do more.

This is simply not good enough. Under Mr Osborne’s plans, the Government will still spend more cash every single year. Debt interest payments are set to double and will eventually cost more than the education budget. That is a stupendous waste of money that could be spent educating our children instead of servicing the bloated debts to the bond markets. Cutting the deficit is not enough: cutting the debt is required.

We don’t have big public sector unions organising coaches to London, and no political party is backing us, so we certainly don’t expect the Rally Against the Debt to number in the hundreds of thousands. I am taking my children with me on their very first demo and my first since back in Berlin 1989, to demand on their behalf: “Mr Osborne, tear down this debt.”

See you tomorrow, 11.00 a.m., Westminster.


  1. 1
    Maximus Erectus says:

    I look forward to watching coverage on the BBC…

    • 7
      Anonymous says:

      What the BBC’s coverage that anyone campaigning against debt is a far right Neo Nazi, and the cuts are gonna destroy the world, and send us back to the stone age, kill all our pensioners………

      • 27
        BB"give us your money"C says:

        I think you’ll find that we ALWAYS report in a “fair & balanced” way.

        - There is NO debt.
        - There is NO deficit.
        - The Tories are EVIL.
        - Labour are GREAT.
        - Public sector GOOD.
        - Private sector BAD.
        - Europe is WONDERFUL.
        - We’re all going to DIE from global warming.
        - America is always WRONG.
        - Except Obaba who is always RIGHT.
        - Osama was MURDERED (peace be upon him).
        - We hate the JEWS.

        “Fair & balanced”.

        • 106
          David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

          Guido, you should be rallying for a protest about corrupt politicians. People in the middle east are doing a good job. Our politicians are self indulgent, lazy, dishonest, corrupt and greedy.

          Look at the rally for Laws yesterday by politicians- homosexuality is not a defence for false accounting. He claims not to have any intent to personally profit, however he intended to make a profit for his boyfriend from his scam. The man should be prosecuted and put in jail. The Met are making policy decisions with the government not to prosecute, this is wrong.

          Blair and Campbell should be prosecuted and put in jail. Hundreds of thousands of people died for Blair and Campbell’s vanity. A second rate mentally unstable press officer should not be involved in decisions for the country going to war. Blair needs to be stripped of his assets and the proceeds given to the victims of the Iraq war. Vanity and greed were his motive for war.

          On a minor point, Blair’s parliamentary expenses need to be investigated. He even had the cheek to put in claims for the renovation of his house after he declared he was standing down as an MP.

          We had slot gob pretending to cry over her dodgy housing deal in Bristol for Euan (taking blame away from Blair). Now all their children live in houses worth a million pounds or more and they are in the name of the child and their mother thanks to his wrong doing.

          Blair’s work since he left office needs investigating to examine if the roles conflict with information/intelligence he obtained when he was PM ie security adviser to Kuwait, consultant to JP Morgan (banking crisis).

          Come on Guido the UK public need a change in the political system. We can’t leave it to lying McClegg’s political reforms.

      • 46
        BB"give us your money or we'll come round your house"C says:

        Err, I think you’ll find that we ALWAYS report in a “fair & balanced” way, sonny…

        - There is NO debt.
        - There is NO deficit.
        - The Tories are EVIL.
        - Labour are GREAT.
        - Public sector GOOD.
        - Private sector BAD.
        - Europe is WONDERFUL.
        - We’re all going to DIE from global warming.
        - America is always WRONG.
        - Except Obaba who is always RIGHT.
        - Osama was MURDERED (peace be upon him).

        You couldn’t get more “Fair & balanced” if you were reading the Bible-ardian itself.

        • 108
          David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

          Commercialise the BBC and stop the licence tax. Let’s see how they get on against Sky then. They are already funded beyond their original purpose or remit. They can waste £100million on an overspend build with no one being censured, if they can afford to waste money like this they can afford greater cut backs.

          • Stephen Willhoughby says:

            Let’s also privatise the NHS, get rid of the welfare state (unemployed and sick/disabled people should fend for themselves, especially the disabled as they contribute nothing to society), abolish all quangos, cut all social spending, etc.

            Like I keep saying: the state should only exist for infrastructure, upholding the law and for defense. Nothing else.

            I am sick of paying to keep life’s losers alive. It’s time society was run for and by the winners: people like us who make, not take money.

          • Holloby Willhoby says:

            Stevie, you always used to pull my pigtails. I’d have thought you would have grown out of it by now.

      • 81
        David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

        We could start by a root and branch change to the expenses of corrupt politicians.

        Blair and Campbell had another good day yesterday being found to lie (not misrepresent) about the sexed up dossier. It depresses me why anyone felt under pressure to act for them and it beggars belief why a second rate press man who has previously suffered mental illness should have anything to do with a decision why this country should go to war- you could not make it up.

        • 115
          Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

          Don’t forget he’s also an alcoholic pornographer and well known bully. Attractive specimen isn’t he?

      • 137
        Anoynorthlondoner says:

        It’s worse at the far left sites such as where the Rally against Debt is making them spit feathers and issue threats.

    • 16
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Scr*w the deficit, buy gold and silver, then the government and Bank of England can print all the fake paper money it likes, while your “money” is safe from the printing.

      • 23
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        I’d trust the shoe shine boy more than that guy.

        • 31
          Call me Infidel says:

          He looks like one of Bliar’s blowbacks. That said he is probably right, the Chinese are not stupid. The greenback is little more than toilet paper these days. Buying a bit of gold makes sense. Not so much silver though as you have to pay VAT on it.

        • 61
          Up sh1t creek says:

          If you can’t see the currencies are being trashed, then good luck with any money you do have, and your faith in worthless bits of paper – the same faith that Gordon Brown did with the sale of 300 tonnes of taxpayers gold for worthless Euros.

          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            I’ve not got a huge amount of faith in paper money.
            But the factors that make it work or not are more logical than relying on the fact that other people have faith in shiny metal.

            But they’re all correct because other people have faith.

          • AC1 says:

            Yep, All Money is Fiat.

            Money represents the time willingly exchanged in the economy (comparative advantage), and the productivity this creates.

            I’m not sure miners will do a worse or better job than the central banks in representing this…

          • If the Government want to trash the price of Gold, they are going to have to dig more up. Not as easy as simply printing more paper, hence it makes sense to buy gold and hide it under the floorboards.

            Ireland has just been told by the EU bondholders to raid the PRIVATE pensions of its citizens for cash.

            No government can touch the gold you physically hold in your hand. It belongs to you, unlike the paper promisary notes they issue.

    • 21
      Help me Rhonda says:

      I am not a great one for protesting; in fact the last demonstration that I can remember supporting was way back in November 1989 at the Berlin Wall. But tomorrow I shall be going on a demo, a direct riposte to those shop sit-ins and marches organised by the TUC and UK Uncut.
      The organisers of this Rally Against the Debt do not plan to cause riots or terrorise shoppers; instead they are promising a “polite rally for civilised people”. We’re taxpayers and we’re ticked off enough with the Government to gather in London to complain about it for an hour or so on a Saturday morning. We might even do a bit of shopping, since Westminster is not too far from Oxford Street.
      When politicians talk about the astronomical deficit and the nation’s finances, the millions and billions become meaningless, like counting stars in the night sky. So they try to bring the numbers down to a more human level. During the general election the Conservatives ran a poster campaign showing a newborn baby with the strapline: “Dad’s Nose, Mum’s Eyes, Gordon’s Debts. Every child in Britain is born owing £17,000. They deserve better.”
      The next generation certainly do deserve better, but under this Tory-led Government’s deficit-reduction plan every child born in Britain will be even more indebted by the next election. It plans only to cut the deficit, not the debt. The overspending will continue and new babies arriving at the end of George Osborne’s first term as Chancellor will be born owing £19,000.
      Government borrowing is merely deferred taxation, so this generation is passing on a terrible inheritance of indebtedness that will burden my children, and my children’s children, with higher taxes. The Chancellor will protest that he is cutting the deficit, that he is overspending less, that political reality will not allow him to do more.
      This is simply not good enough. Under Mr Osborne’s plans, the Government will still spend more cash every single year. Debt interest payments are set to double and will eventually cost more than the education budget. That is a stupendous waste of money that could be spent educating our children instead of servicing the bloated debts to the bond markets. Cutting the deficit is not enough: cutting the debt is required.
      We don’t have big public sector unions organising coaches to London, and no political party is backing us, so we certainly don’t expect the Rally Against the Debt to number in the hundreds of thousands. I am taking my children with me on their very first demo and my first since back in Berlin 1989, to demand on their behalf: “Mr Osborne, tear down this debt.”

      • 35
        Father Ted says:

        Default like the Icelanders. Makes the bankers p*ss themselves when they can’t pay themselves bonuses.

        Demand that any future debt will be a less than 1% – make the bankers work for us not the other way round.

        • 57
          You have no idea at all, do you? says:

          Default on our existing debt, and then “demand that future debt will be [repaid with] less than 1% [interest]“?

          Yeah, they’ll be tripping over themselves to lend to us.

          • AC1 says:

            Actually if you look at history, “Yes they will”.

            I’m not exactly happy about this but it’s true.

      • 153
        Maximus says:

        Really difficult to tell which government loves the bankers more — nu liebore for racking up the public deficit, printing money to prop up the corporate failures, and then cheekily slipping thru some M&A in the name of rescue; or the condems for their pissy-pissy deficit reduction, which will allow those same banksters to live in usurious luxury for decades to come. As it’s said, if elections could ever change anything, they would never be allowed. Ditto for protesting.

      • 167
        the silent (& absent) majority says:

        well, you were certainly right about the turnout not being in the hundreds of thousands.

        nice for the kids though, not too stressy…

    • 118
      Hugh Janus says:

      Our regional BBC so-called news programme (SE Today) went into full ‘cuts’ mode yesterday, searching out every last whinger and malcontent in their attempts to portray this as a complete disaster. They also featured, at considerable length, a particularly stupid ‘no-cuts’ advert being put out by police federation in Kent.

      Realism and accuracy is obviously not their strong point, as they failed to mention that public spending is actually set to rise for the next few years. They also failed to mention that, without the planned cuts, Mr Disaster will be visiting us pdq.

      Still, it fills the time I suppose.

    • 144
      Iloathlefties says:

      The simple fact is we are still borrowing far to much and we have excessive Government, quangos and public services, particularly bean counters and backroom functions. This is living way beyond our means and needs to be dealt with. Politicians are living a lie and need to be put under pressure to do more. we couldn’t run our private finances this way. Be like the Canadians and ask the question…… this service essential…..yes/no. If no get rid of it from the public purse. Fullstop

    • 146

      “I look forward to watching coverage on the BBC…”

      Lol – You’ll need a microscope.

    • 150
      Iloathlefties says:

      Save £10 billion annually by leaving the EU. Another £9 billion by stopping the foreign aid budget. Stop more £ billions by stopping mass immigration. Get out of the EU CAP and save us all £billions on our food bills. Simples. Stop English taxpayers being the milk cow of politicians foreign causes.

      • 155
        Upballs says:

        I think we need to increase spending to move us into growth – I’m quite happy spending for you all so that you feel as though the deficit is being reduced. Give it to me.

  2. 2
    The who says:

    Rock on Tommy

  3. 3
    The Labour Party says:

    What debt?

    • 26
      Ed Balls, Shallow Chancer says:

      Yeah, what on earth are you talking about, Guido ???

      • 74
        "Danny" Blanchflower economist extraordinaire says:

        Let inflation rip to cut those debts AND people’s savings. Savings are anti social we should all be spending, spending, spending…

        They’re coming to take me away ha ha, they’re coming to take me away.

  4. 4
    The BBC says:

    There is no deficit. The cuts are too deep, too fast. We will not be covering this non-event.

    • 20
      PC Piggy Pigfilth says:

      Will that promise still apply if I, or any of my colleagues, resort to form and smash middle-class white bastards over the head with our truncheons?

      We’re counting on it.

      • 59
        Postlethwaite says:

        As the BBC did not cover police smashing a working-class white bastard in the guts with their truncheons until they were force to . . . ?

        (Oh right, the cameraman was laid out at the time, hit by . . . )

      • 60
        Sue Simm says:

        I prefer to order summary executions.

    • 76
      Up sh1t creek says:

      The wicked Tory lead coalition are making local councils do cuts… but the BBC (Labour) line crops up in this interview, that the Tories are vindictive against councils.

      Strange how no council is cutting management or bosses pay, perks and pensions. Indeed, for these people, many are getting pay rises. No comment from the BBC on that.

      Newsflash to BBC, the UK is BROKE, we NEED cuts to the oversized state. So many useless jobs like bin police, diversity managers and union representatives being funded by the dwindling private sector. The public sector keeps on growing.

  5. 5
    Fallen Leaf says:

    I see Dave has caved in to the McCanns. He is a real pushover.

    • 8
      I hate the McCanns says:

      He’s in a no win situation. If he had said no, the papers would cast him as heartless and unfeeling.

      • 10
        les says:

        Who knows we might actually get to the truth after all!

        • 28
          Nick Clegg and Chrissy HooooooN says:

          I think we all know what happened – pissheads are pissheads and accidents happen.

          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            I’ve had various doubts over the years.

            But one of the things that always puzzled me was “how on earth would a kidnapper (etc.) find a sleeping child in a hotel room”.
            If those kids cry night after night and everyone in the complex knows, that becomes less of a puzzle.

          • Call me Dave gets sucked in says:

            Inside job.

          • Rob.C says:

            I do not consider myself a great parent, but I would never ever do what the McCanns did….

      • 12
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        If you look at it from a ballsonomics point of view the money spent on the enquiry will generate plenty of money from sales of the daily Mail.

        • 30

          But would HMRC be able to tax the extra sales from the Daily Wail though? Probably offshored in a nice sunny tax haven somewhere. We are all in this together.

          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            you haven’t understood ballsomomics at all then.

            Throw money about, and assume it sticks somewhere useful. somehow.

        • 93
          Ed Balls, Shallow Chancer says:

          Would you therefore classify my comments on George Osborne’s economic policies as Ballsonomic vinegar ??

      • 54
        They're all smug, sneering Celt cunts at the BBC, 'cept Kuenssbergs whom I wish to bum intensely says:

        Kate needs to start flashing her vadge to really grab my attention

    • 11
      Steve Miliband says:

      The Met will be ‘casting an eye’ over the case. PR win.

    • 83
      Another Daily Mail Campaign headache for Dave(& Nick) says:

      Next on the agenda the “McKinnon Case” ?? US Attorney General says the guy will be deported and he will face trial however long it takes…seems something of a PR gaffe by the Yanks ahead of Obama’s state visit unless he’s gonna give Gazza a Presidential Pardon after special pleading from Dave…win/win bith parties

    • 127
      Hugh Janus says:

      Cave-In Dave has also (as predicted) rolled over on the question of yet another revision of the rules for MPs’ expenses, and doubtless one that will be in their favour and therefore cost us, the poor sodding taxpayer, yet another small fortune.

      MPs seem to have taken to heart the phrase “We are all in this together.” Where are the independent thinkers, the men/women of honour who realise all too clearly that their reputation is so far down the pan that it’s almost beyond retrieval? Presumably such people no longer exist in the HoC, despite all their fine words and promises.

      What a thieving, grasping, conniving shower of sh*t they all are.

    • 128
      Potkettle says:

      Its only a matter of time now before the mother is convicted

    • 138

      Scotland Yard brought in to find missing sales of Kate McCanns new book

      Her diet book is good. She lost four stone overnight

  6. 6
    What Luciana Berger always tells Chucky says:

    Too fast, too deep!

  7. 9
    Selohesra says:

    ‘Its for a good cause’ – ie you got paid?

  8. 13
    Conservative says:

    Start reducing the debt by chopping our payments to the EU.

  9. 14
    Anonymous says:

    Lol, seriously ? Rally against debt? so are you the glenn beck figure in this newly brewed movement?

    • 34
      Fa kin Su Pah says:

      You are Kirsty Wark and
      I claim Half a Crown

    • 45
      zzzz says:

      So you think 4.8 trillion debts funny? Hmm do you do children parties Mr clown?

      • 52
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        He’s got a point. Most people don’t see direct effects of debt.

        You know, some people are stupid enough not to see whats wrong with QE.

      • 66
        Selohesra says:

        actually there is just the 1 debt – unfortunately though it is a biggy

  10. 15
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Tear down this clumsy metaphor.

  11. 17
    Ed Balls says:

    It;s very simple Really. Just borrow more and more to pay off your debts. And when no one will lend you any more, declare yourself bust and erase all your debts.

    • 29
      Gordon Brown says:

      I preferred to buy my own debt with £200billion of counterfeit money that I printed. Then when inflation inevitably increases and the underlying problem remains unsolved, I found it’s best to hide away in Scotland, or visit Las Vegas and lecture people about economic prudence.

    • 33
      P. Mandevilson, the Eminence Greasy says:

      Greece is the word.

      • 96
        Naughty Sandy says:

        Greece is the way we are feeling!

        • 114
          Old dog no tricks says:

          According to RT an austerity protester (In Greece) was shot by police…..

          The Government apologised and guess what – they are having an enquiry !

          Meanwhile – the BBC does not even mention the protests going on !

  12. 18
    TC says:

    I think we (those who reconise the urgent need to deal with the defecit and reduce long term debt) should really start pushing the ‘generational theft’ line as hard as we can and get it into the public imagination.

    All the best tomorrow I cant come because of other commitments but I hope you get a good turnout.

  13. 19
    Bob Crow says:

    Kno moar cutz! Increase borowing! Increase spennding! Kno capp onn imigrayshone! Giv bennerfitz fore lyfe too unimployd!

  14. 24
    The Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown MP (formerly PM) says:

    Friday 13th May (unlucky for some)

    The Bellagio, Las Vegas

    B There or B square

    The Man who saved the world.

  15. 25
    Chris The Leatherman says:

    Sorry I am Mrs. Leatherman has booked me into the Spring Garden Show at Malvern tomorrow but I am with you in spirit. Good luck with the demo.

  16. 32
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’d like to wish you all a safe and happy Friday the 13th.

    • 41
      On This Day says:

      1981 – John P*aul II was shot in St Peter’s Square at the Vatican.

      Sadly, he survived and spent the next 25 years stuffing his face with caviare whilst running a global network of nonces.

      • 151
        Pinner County Old Boy says:

        Can I repeat my request for you to provide us all with an accurate up-to-date reference to the statement that Pope JP was running a network of nonces? Thank you in advance.

  17. 36
    They're all smug, sneering Celt cunts at the BBC, 'cept Kuenssbergs whom I wish to bum intensely says:

    The parasitic filth who infest the Labour Party and the public sector Unions are enemies of England, and free enterprise.

    Dump the wretched Lib Dems and call a GE Dave.
    If the lisping J’oo wins, we’ll be in a sovereign debt crisis within 24 months, and then the lies told by the Labour Party, their surrogates in the BBC, local Government, and the Unions will be shown for what they are.

    • 38
      Do shut up says:

      Up the meds you anti s mite. Ed’s a c unt but his ethnicity is irrelevant.

    • 39
      Father Ted says:

      We all work for the bankers don’t you know.

    • 47
      Ex-Labour voter says:

      “The parasitic filth who infest the Labour Party”

      It’s not an infestation, it’s a complete take-over. The Labour Party should rebrand itself as the Parasite Party. It is, after all, run by parasites for the benefit of parasites. It has no other ambition.

  18. 37

    Guido, reduthing the debth ith noth progretheth enuth polithy.

  19. 43
    Says it all says:
    • 56
      The BBC are cunts says:

      We thought the QT audience was the Liebour Party.

      • 82
        Rob.C says:

        Always is, even in the parts of the country which are Tory strongholds…….Cant for the life of me think why the BBC would do that :}

    • 70
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      Next weeks question time is comming from Wormwood Scrubs
      so yet again the panel will be all labnour mp’s

  20. 44
    Sir Trev Skint MP says:

    Excellent cause Guido and I’m sure your support has boosted the numbers. Good luck and I hope the kids have a good day without any looney left thugs on the streets.

    • 71
      Postlethwaite says:

      Take nappies for when the kids are all ”kettled up” and after four or five hours still cannot get to a toilet. You might want some yourself.

  21. 49
    Timac says:

    I don’t have kids. I don’t even like them, except on toast, but I’ll be there at the rally tomorrow (with the UKLP lot) because harming the next generation with our profligacy is immoral. See you there, Guido! I’ll buy you a pint and your spawn lemonade if the chance arises

  22. 50
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    With you in spirit; revising in North Wales.

  23. 51
    Righty Right Wing (Mrs) says:

    There is nothing Conservative about Rusty Dave nor his Guardian reading Cabinet.

    Anyone who understands their economic policy knows they are merely continuity Labour.

    Why the liberal left despise rusty Daves Blue Labour is beyond me – public spending is still rising, they are still spending our money & our childrens & grand childrens money – money we do not have.

    Backbench Conservative MPs, put down your expense claim forms & think about real Conservative values:

    * Low taxes

    * Small state

    * Minimal legislative interference in the free market & the lives of law abiding citizens.

    When will you lot grow a spine & get rid of that rusty Heathite before he drives all real Conservatives to UKIP?

    Blue Labour out.

    • 78
      red/yellow/blue = all the same says:

      + 1

    • 112
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      And leave the EU!!!!!

    • 129
      Hugh Janus says:


    • 165
      Elgin's lost his marbles says:

      You are spot on.

      Why are they happy to prattle (or lie) about making cuts and accept ‘blame’ for cuts when they are increasing spending. If you are going to be accused of making cuts, you might as well do so, and achieve something.

      It takes a particular sickness in a human being to behave like this government.

  24. 55
    MWG says:

    We desrve answers regarding the state of the country’s finances and the debt problems we currently face and will be passing on to our children. Why was it allowed to get so bad? Please see the UkInquiry website.

  25. 63
  26. 64
    Postlethwaite says:

    A protest rally, mmmm.

    ”Yes Milord, I thought he had a concealed fire extinguisher so I beat him to the ground and repeatedly kicked him humanely”.

    ”Oh, that’s ok then officer, next case”.

    ”Nothing to see here, move along now”.

  27. 65
    GORDON tiggywinkle McPOTTY says:

    I will be organising an alternative rally
    the rally for deficit deniers
    it will be held tomorrow morning in the lobby of my five star hotel in Las Vegas
    all welcome
    Entrance fee £36,000 each

    • 69
      Ed Balls, Shallow Chancer says:

      I’ll be there !! Can I claim the entrance fee on expenses ??

      • 130
        Hugh Janus says:

        Well, I can’t see why not. You claimed for a poppy wreath, so I don’t suppose that even you could sink any lower than that.

  28. 68
    Fog says:

    BBC 10 O’Clock News last night let slip that Labour councils are cutting services, and that Conservative councils are not cutting services and in fact increasing them. Then they qualified it by waffling on to make Conservatives look bad, Labour good. So Labour councils behaving like typical socialists then, making people suffer to make a political point. Where’s Cameron’s PR people? The Conservatives need to find a way of communicating directly with people, avoiding the controversy-seeking, biased, not-fit-for purpose media. And why don’t they sort out the BBC, which is now such a travesty its offensive in the extreme. Like paying someone to mug you.

    • 88

      The BBC’s segment on “North/South” divide made no sense. They were trying to claim that the “South” was getting more resources to help disabled vulnerable adults. However the report showed that several councils in the south had combined to unify services and had been unable to re-invest the savings. The council in the north hadn’t. Both councils were Tory. The only thing you could conclude from it, was that if councils made efficiency savings they would have more money to invest, not that the North is disadvantaged in any way, which is no doubt what the BBC wanted to prove!

      • 139
        Mike Hunt says:

        Don’t forget also that councils in the South have hoards of geriatrics to maintain which cost a fortune, despite the North getting more money per head.
        Balance is being redressed, slightly.

    • 132
      Hugh Janus says:

      Just another contrived anti-cuts story so beloved of our objective, impartial state broadcaster.

  29. 73
    Jackson Bollock says:

    There is a difference in mentality between the left and right, as of when they have a shit

    I, being right of centre, will have a shit at home before I go to work

    My son-in-law (Brown Fingers), who is Labour, will wait until he arrives at work before having a shit

    (I buy best quality quilted bog roll, whilst my son-in-law will purchase finger up your bum Tesco value paper, hence, he is known as Brown Fingers)

    • 113
      Selohesra says:

      Why would your son-in-law purchase bog paper if he shits at work? – surely there is an EU directive that employers must provide such items

      • 117
        Old dog no tricks says:

        He buys it so that the guests will get sh1tty hands !

        Leftys always make sure the sh1te sticks to everyone else !

  30. 77
    Watneys Red Barrel says:

    Won’t be able to stop long tomorrow.
    F.A. Cup final at Wembley…..Get in there Stoke

  31. 80
    Steve Miliband says:

    If Scotland becomes Independent, can they please pay for, and take their two Aircraft Carriers and moor them off the coast of Fife until Gordon decides what to do with with them.

  32. 85
    Martin Day says:

    Saturday’s don’t come much better

    Morning……..Rally against debt

    Afternoon…. Cup Final

    Evening …….Eurovision Song Contest (I’m rooting for Moldova)

    • 134
      Selohesra says:

      Morning ….. good hard wank (wifes away for w/e)

      Afternoon ….. watch both sons cricket at school

      Evening …. neck a bottle of red (no need to share as wife away (see morning))

    • 162
      Sicko says:

      Pointy hats and cute unicyclists gets my vote!

  33. 86
    QT viewer says:

    Just watched last night’s QT. It’s turned into a full fledged leftwing conference. The only thing it was missing was a picture Lenin in the background.

  34. 87
    Julian The Wonderhorse says:

    Bombard the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation with emails demanding coverage. Shame them. If enough email in, they can’t “moderate” all the comments

  35. 89
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    aye Guido lad, Tis going to be fun,.

    Come on Stoke !!!!

  36. 91
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    and Make sure it is Pe*ceful, Lets show the violent and looney left how to protest.

  37. 94
    Osama the Nazarene says:

    Will pay my £1 and venture behind the pay wall just to read you.

  38. 101
    B. Hayve says:

    What on earth are the McCanns doing here ????

    • 105
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Making money of thier missing child?

    • 109
      Clarence Mitchell - failed BBC reporter says:

      Fucking media whores.

    • 110
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      What I find really scary is that when the story broke, I had no idea what a 4 year old child was like to look after etc. And now I’ve forgotten what it was like.

  39. 103
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I didnt write Neo-Guido in my comment that got modded last night, Is the HC nickname then?

  40. 104
    Dogsbreath says:

    The best bit of Great Britain is the bit you see when it dips below the horizon.

    Soon only the unemployed, broken soldiers, pensioners and the gravely ill will remain.

    It is headed up with crooked politicians on the make, half arsed urber council chiefs on fat pensions, their proudest achievement a busted economy, and an unintelligent electorate who quite rightly don’t have anything to look forward to but are happy to see it continue, the best bit is….sadly, there are worse places….much worse!

    you could live in the USA, now thats really frightening……;0)

  41. 107
    MrAngry61 says:

    Hear,hear, well spoken Bruce!

  42. 111
    MeanwhileBackAtTheTrough says:

    The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority is dead meat, normal business is resumed.

  43. 116
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    cant decide on a banner, thinking of “Hasnt the taxpayer suffered enough” or “I actully love my children so dont want them to pay for labours mess”

    any other ideas?

  44. 123
    Hampshire Tory says:

    Guido, I’ll have to put in my apologies for this one. Mrs HV is working (genuine NHS frontline) and I am duty taxi driver for the kids.

  45. 135
    You cant afford to be me says:

    What a set of Greedy Bastards.

    You choose to live in the UK.

    You chose to go to work, indirectly agreeing to pay tax.

    If you don’t like the system vote against it, if not enough people vote with you you will see what bitter, twisted , greedy beings you are. So twisted by jealousy that you struggle to get wood for your wife, whilst paranoid that she is seeing that guy from work in her lunch hour and sucking his cock, getting the daily dose of bollock cream you are so incapable off.

    I chose not to go to work, indirectly agreeing to the level of benefits I recieve.

    If you don’t like it stop working.

    I think you will find, depending on where you live, that after tax, you are not that much worse off, and you get plenty of time to spend with your family.

    By the way, I have just paid my annual membership to my Nuffield Gym. Not only do i get to spend time with my family I will also look good on the beach whilst you come to terms with your middle age spread whilst trying to juggle your work and home life.

    If you think marching in London will make a difference then by all means do it, I will be at your home splurging on your wifes arse.

  46. 141
    Paul Cooper says:

    Guido do you have any information on this transformation Nigel Farage is saying he is going to carry out tomorrow?

  47. 145
    Andrew Jackson says:

    If you want no national debt, print sovereign debt free money – don’t buy it from four by twos

  48. 147
    Jimmy says:

    And this is the sort of thing Murdoch wants us to pay for?

    I’m sure it will be a huge success.

  49. 149
    Anonymous says:

    I thought about turning up until I saw the involvement of Tory MPs! Clueless nobs, if they are so bothered about the debt why dont they noisily advocate leaving the EU? Where are these Tory Eurosceptics? Feckin nowhere, that’s where.

  50. 152
    Stephen Willhoughby says:

    The government should only exist for defense, the courts, police and infrastructure.

    The NHS should be privatised, the unemployed/sick/disabled left to fend for themselves, public schools abolished, all the quangos closed. Everything should be bare bones. If you can’t afford something, you should not have the state help you.

    Until we change our society around to benefit the winners and go-getters, we will be screwed. We need to arrange our society around Randian, Objectivist Libertarian principles. Only then will the UK be great again.

  51. 154
    Stephen Willhoughby says:

    @Hampshire Tory:

    Your wife is part of the debt problem. She is part of an organisation who is helping many of those who have not earned the right to health care with MY MONEY.

    If you can’t afford things like health care at market prices, you shouldn’t have it.

  52. 157
    Anonymous says:

    “Government borrowing is merely deferred taxation”

    Bollocks. Government borrowing for investment can reduce the tax burden for future generations. Why mouth off about stuff you don’t understand?

  53. 158
    Andrew says:

    Please explain how you want this or any other government to tear down the debt. Are you talking about repudiating some or all of it? If so which part?

  54. 164
    Elgin's lost his marbles says:

    Putin trying to start a Lada, it starts on the 6th attempt. Socialism doesn’t work. Osbourne wouldn’t understand.

  55. 166
    Mal Feasence says:

    Thank-you to all going today, I cannot descend from my mountain fastness, as apiary duties will not be denied and my fetching bee suit and smoker await!

  56. 168
    Paul Marks says:

    Government spending continues to be out of control – yet the “mainstream” media talks endlessly of the massive “cuts”.

    And when the economy falls off a cliff, the establishment (academic and media) will blame this mythical “cut” in goverment spending.

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Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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