May 11th, 2011

Bolesy Ties the Knot

Guido is very happy to be the first to publicly congratulate über-moderniser MP Nic Boles on tying the knot with his partner Shay Meshulam. They had a quiet civil partnership ceremony in Camberwell in March. They’ll be having a livelier wedding party in Ibiza this September. The relationship is due to politics, Nic first met Shay on a Conservative Friends of Israel junket.

Nic tells Guido “Miracles can happen even in middle age”.


  1. 1
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Are there any straight MPs that don’t cheat on their wives?


    • 13
      Anonymous says:

      Cameron, Clegg, etc.


      • 37
        Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

        Piers Merchant, John Major, Robin Cook, Chris Huhne plus all the ones who suddenly “discover” they are shirtlifters.

        I know hundreds of people from all walks of life – very few of them carry on like this.


        • 53
          Logan says:

          Agreed. According to a recent scientific survey, it established that 1.5% of people identified themselves as gay or lesbian, with a further 0.5% describing themselves as bi-sexual. From personal experience of my wide group of friends and colleagues, (approximately 150 people), I know 2 to be gay men, 1 to be a lesbian and one to be a bi-sexual woman.

          How come so many more gay people are attracted to politics?


          • 48Crash says:

            Not having children is probably quite an advantage: you can while your evenings away shoving leaflets at people coming out out of parent evenings at school, instead of having leaflets shoved at you and putting them in the recycling.


          • scratch and sniff says:

            but you need to allow plenty of time for shoving your cock up some other arse bandit


          • 48Crash says:

            You are Claire Rainer and I claim my £5.


        • 70
          pmy008 says:

          *Replying to Logan*

          I’m guessing it’s to do with wanting to bring about changes to the law to enable them to live lives they want without any legal restriction.

          Not saying that’s a positive, especially as it seems to affect the 98% (assuming your figures are correct) who are not in a negative way quite often, but I’m guessing that that is their objective and thus why they go into it.


        • 74
          ah divven gie a shite says:


          It happens that the class of people who are most active in politics are also the class who are most accepting of homosexuality. Hence these people can come out without fear of ostracism or harassment.

          By comparison, imagine being a shirt-lifter in, say, Tower Hamlets or some sink estate in Liverpool or Manchester. You’d keep it to yourself. It’s not that gays are over-represented in politics per se but that gays outside the Southern English upper middle-class are often a lot more circumspect about their sexuality than their more well-heeled fellow puffs.


          • Shay it isn't sho ! says:

            Simon Hughes still manages to hold on in Bermondsey. Mind you it is not as tough as it was in the 1980s when the Libs character assasinated that poor Mr Tatchell.

            Shay is a funny name. That Irish goalie at Man City is called Shay Given. Is he Jewish too ? Or perhaps this Mehusalem’s will name is Seamus, that’d be even stranger !


      • 101
        Nicholas Cleggy says:

        Aha we have some joined up government from your Coalition today, hurrah!

        The Foreign Office is gonna send a load of its diplomats from embassies in Europe to Southern Sudan and other African and Far East places.

        Tailgating drivers who cut up ordinary motorists are going to get their comeuppance. White van man be afraid, if we can get some traffic cops to enforce these new regulations.

        All somewhat different from “two heads and no brain” Willets who claims that allowing people to pay for their degrees increases social mobility!


        • 116
          John Belligham says:

          Surely a law against Tailgaters is likely to lead to the arrest of huge numbers of MPs?


    • 82
      Ted says:

      Has he made an application yet for a Super Injunction in preperation for when he gets bored with her and the marriage goes sour. MP’s being MP’s and all (liars cheaters and general scumbags).


    • 104
      Sodomy = Death says:

      Gay men ‘report higher cancer rate than straight men’

      Homosexual men are more likely to have had cancer than heterosexual men, a US study has suggested.


  2. 2
    Pigman says:

    Shay – YAY!


  3. 4
    The cunt of Monte Cristo says:

    He stood for election in the GE of 05 in bender central: Brighton…I rests me case m’lud


  4. 5
    Lord Fondlebum,Chris Smith, Nick Brown, Chris Bryant and the rest of the Labour Loose Sphincter Club says:

    There are certainly plenty of us in the Labour Party that’s for sure!


    • 14
      David Law Bender says:

      And in the Lib Dems it is pretty much compulsory.


      • 16
        Oaten says:

        Anyone fancy taking a shit on my chest.


      • 58
        Andy Burnham eating an air biscuit says:

        We need to encourage more people to do it.


      • 60
        I don't need no doctor says:

        Any which way!


      • 111
        Jackie O says:

        Only 3 lifters of the shirt in the Lib Dems apparently.

        Seven in the Tory party (plus a lady of the lesbian persuasion) and 8 now in Labour (since David Cairns snuffed it), of which Angela Eagle is the sole lady licker.

        According to the Lesbian and Gay foundation this isn’t enough. They say 6% of the population is Lesbian/Gay and therefore there should be 39 abnormal MPs.


  5. 6
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Good luck to em Funny it was on a freinds of isreal trip tho .


  6. 7
    yawn says:

    who they?


    • 112
      Nemo says:

      That also crosses my mind, never heard of them is Boles some big cheese in the Cons and who on earth is Shay, is it male or female


  7. 8
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    O/T Caught Nick Robinsons interview with Dave late last night, Funniest question was “are you concerned that the public fear a return to Thatcherisim” , to which Dave replied “No, the party has changed” , Shame , He should not be ashamed of Baroness Thatcher and should of said “Yes thats what i want, I want to free the taxpayer from the unions”


    • 11
      Stan Butler says:

      I for one would welcome a return to policies of the Great Lady.. Thanks to her, Labour spent a long, long time in Opposition. The Unions were crushed. Her only fault was giving in to the Poll Tax rioters. The Poll Tax was a fair tax.


      • 18
        Cato Street Conspirator says:

        I think you’ll find it wasn’t that she gave in to the Poll Tax rioters, it was the Poll Tax rioters who did for her. The Tories saw the hopelessness of letting a crazy old bat stay in power.


      • 19
        48Crash says:

        ‘The Poll Tax was a fair tax’ – and such a popular one.

        My impression at the time was more that Labour self-harmed than She kept them at bay: she’s got more popular with the benefit of hindsight. At the time, her grip on power didn’t seem all that strong.


        • 27
          Mercian says:

          Yes, she was so unpopular that she won 3 elections in a row and set up her successor to win the next one.

          The only reason the BBC go on about her as some sort of hate figure is that they know a similar politician nowadays would also be popular.

          She was only unpopular with a few leftie agitators and the BBC.


          • 48Crash says:

            Well, I think you’re being unfair to history. And even to her, really – she held together a party that had many internal problems, and she remained in power despite various setbacks such as their drubbing in local elections in the early ’80s. To remain elected despite being by no means universally loved is a great achievement.
            And as I wrote, she did seem to have the Labour party on her side: I don’t think even Michael Foot thought that Michael Foot was electable, for instance.


          • Non believer says:

            yes, the fact that she had the lowest approval ratings of any post war PM (with the exception of Major!) is proof just how popular she was.


          • Nemo says:

            Strange that also applies to B’Liar


      • 20
        More two faced than Huhne says:

        It was the Community Charge – Poll Tax was what Labour and the biassed BBC called it. It was only through their incessent lefty clamouring that it became the accepted term.

        It was a good idea


        • 92
          nonomad says:

          Yes it was a good idea,and i was amazed at the time when the goverment caved in when the only rioters where a section of the Scottish population and the usual Socialist Workers Party and associated rabble in the south.
          Only a couple of years back this item came up in local elections in Suffolk,the then just retired county auditor whent to press saying the problem with council tax was only about 37% of households in Suffolk paid it,as usual the few paying for the many,the poll tax was fairer bring it back!


      • 63
        Postlethwaite says:

        I can remember the previous labour outfits – tax and spend, unions running the country; cap in hand to the IMF and so on. Thatcher was the greatest thing since sliced bread in my opinion.

        That said, IF Thatcher had tried out the Poll Tax on Englandshire rather than Scotchland first, it may have gone away more quickly than it did.
        It is playing with words to say it was fair. ‘Fair’ maybe, but ‘just’ is was not.

        That is one of the legacies of her government, and the reason the conservatives were wiped out in Scotchland – and remain so.


    • 17
      Eeu to me says:

      Our dave the iron warmonger would be better in charge of the Greens or Libsh*tes or even Liebore, he’s certainly taken the uconned us to the left.


    • 30
      South of the M4 says:

      Cameron was indeed far to apologetic throughout that interview. His comments on the NHS were bile-reaching. The man appears to be in fear of something and gives the impression that he is walking a tightrope. He should have just said that the whole country cannot afford another bout of Brownism.


    • 38
      Total Bias at the BBC says:

      Why do the BBC think Mrs Thatcher was a bad person?


      • 40
        Selohesra says:

        because they were scared of her


        • 56

          Mrs T was the only political leader who was not put in place by the bankers to sell Britain down the swanny. She was felled by the banksters within her own party, not by the Community Charge.

          She wanted to resist the power of the EU, which meant the One World Government, New World Order, the UN and so on. All are linked. So did JFK. At least she still lives even though she suffers eternal character assassination ever since her fall at the hands of the OWG’s agents in the BBC.

          They nearly assassinated her of course at Brighton, using the Irish terrorism cover story as per usual. (Airey Neave, Mountbatten and so on). It was the CIA at work, as Enoch Powell knew.


        • 77
          James says:

          Dude are you posting from a mental institution? Your blog site is completely insane.


    • 47
      John the UK Patriot says:

      Maggie was head and shoulders above all the poiticians past and especially the present pygmies.
      Its was the pro EU traitors like Patten, Gummer, Clarke, Heseltine at the head of the pro EU etstablishment that assasinated her.
      The AV vote helped to flush out where these so-called progressive EU loving bastards live because they voted by a majority for Yes to AV, whilst the rest of the country (over 70%) voted No.
      The unfortunate thing is, these progressive EU supporting bastards from Oxford, Cambridge Islington, etc are the establishment because they end up in the civil service, BBC, quangoes, law officers etc.
      What Maggie, Norman Tebbit etc failed to do was exterminate these bums and replace them with like minded people chosen from the 70% of us who are not progressives.


      • 79
        Non believer says:

        Yes Maggie was massively popular and it’s only the BBC who think otherwise

        Her approval ratings being the lowest of any post war prime minister (with the exception of Major) prove that definitively.


    • 76
      Anonymous says:

      More ‘progressive’ garbage from dave. If dave’s unable to acknowledge publicly the achievments of Thatcher and contrast them with the mess that Labour had wrought on the oHuntry then he should join the Libdems and be done with it. Pandering to his Islington chums again !


    • 90

      Didn’t Red Nicko conclude the coalition risked “looking like a tangled mess.” Also the media just don’t get it coalition. I’d argue the Brown/Bliar infighting was a tangled mess. The Tories ain’t that unpopular. The Lib/Dems are, but they have got this meme that the poor old Lib/Dems are being used to keep the deeply evil Thatcherites in power and at bay, when in fact its the other way round!


  8. 9
    Stan Butler says:

    It will soon be compulsory to be a poo shooter to become an MP. I’m in Engineering and know one colleague out of a dept of 300 odd people who is light on his feet. It seems in political circles, being a thumper is a pre requisite for inclusion on a Westminster career..


    • 24
      General Disorder says:

      I was told in confidence by the BBC that it would eventually become mandatory for all citizens – this is their agenda anyways up.


    • 33
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      I read an interesting article a while back that suggested gay men are disproportionately attracted to politics because it thrives on gossip and back-stabbing (no pun intended) and they are not encumbered with a family life.

      Seems plausible in Mandelson’s case at least.


      • 94
        scratch and sniff says:

        needy, attention seeking wankers and politics are the perfect match.

        plus plenty of opportunity for cock and bum fun at the public’s expense


  9. 10
    The only good MP is a dead MP says:

    “Miracles can happen even in middle age”.

    Or “Youth-obsessed MP inadvertently shows contempt for and writes-off majority of population.”


  10. 12
    Backwoodsman says:

    OT, noticable that the bbc don’t seem to be giving the rally against debt the same level of exposure that they gave those left wing unionists who smashed up central London on their rally. I seem to recall the unions wrote their own scripts about how important it was and how the coalition would have to listen to them and their beebiod sympathisers just read the pr verbatum.
    Classic beeboid tactic, it ain’t happening if we don’t report it ! Remind you of their managing to miss half a million country people marching through London ?


    • 22
      genghiz the kahn says:

      Note the default piss more tax payers’ monies up against a wall position to subsidise the urban green poseurs.


      • 35
        FFS says:

        “David Martell, of charging supplier Chargemaster, said the lack of points can be very stressful for drivers.”

        Well the lentil-eating muppets should have bought cars with internal combustion engines, then.


    • 67
      Postlethwaite says:

      ”Remind you of their managing to miss half a million country people marching through London ?”

      It reminds me of not reporting the common market court overturning the commons vote on prisoners voting rights a couple of weeks ago.


  11. 15
    Kerrimuir rugby song booker says:

    Boles to your partner,


  12. 23
    retardEd Miliband says:

    I am the ueber-modernither in progrethive Britith politicth and to prove it I thall thay “progrethive” many many many timeth.


  13. 25
    Selohesra says:

    You can’t have a proper wedding party if there isn’t a bride


  14. 26
    Pedant says:

    Where the hell is Ibizia?
    Nowhere near Seychelles is it?


  15. 27
    Concrete Pump says:

    Thousands of disabled people will stage a protest and lobby of Parliament today against the Government’s spending cuts on welfare benefits.

    Right wing political bloggers(bastards) will join the day of activity to support the conservative led coalition’s welfare reforms and their impact on the disability living allowance


    • 31
      parasite spotter says:

      Not very disabled then, are they?


      • 34
        Double Yellow says:

        What’s more they will block the traffic for hours with their Blue Badges.


        • 39
          parasite spotter says:

          I bet few of them will have blue badges. Saying you’ve got a “hurty back” and helping yourself to disability benefits is one thing, you actually have to be disabled to get a blue badge.


          • Blue Peter says:

            Well Technically speaking Yes. But lend me your blue badge Dad does work.


          • Ted says:

            Gone are the days of the little blue invalid carriage nows its a massive 4 x 4 parked proudly displaying its I can park anywhere badge with a large traffic obstruction behind.


          • Lil McGill says:

            Like fuck you do! i used to work at car dealership doing estimates for the insurance company that had the contract and i can tell you 95% of the people with motability cars were frauds, where i lived there were whole streets of them all with shiny new cars outdoing each other for the nicest car, and most had never done a days work in their lives, not because they were disabled but because they were and still are lazy bone idle scrounging bastards. Next time you are in a large carpark like asda or tesco watch the disabled parking spaces and you will see what i mean, one of the criteria for a mobo car is that you cant walk more than 25 metres unaided yet i know of one person who goes line dancing 6 nights a week in Ellesmere Port and he has a fucking big Mercedes.
            It’s strange but when they get away from their local area they are cured and they dont need the crutches and zimmers and wheelchairs but when they get home they are disabled again,crafty bastards.


        • 42
          If nature wants them dead, why should we intervene? says:

          The sort of people who dial 999 because they’ve run out of cigarettes.


  16. 29
    Sarcastic person says:

    Gosh, interesting post Guido. I am only sorry it is not accompanied by a Mark and Pisspoor cartoon.


  17. 32
    New Gayer says:

    Conservative is the New Gay


  18. 45
    A year ago today says:


    • 49
      nell says:

      And this week the scottish labour party is examining why , after gordon spent so much time canvassing for them , the snp have won an outright majority in scotland and devastated the scottish labour core vote.

      gordon’s disastrous achievements just get better and better.


  19. 55
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Become an MP and widen the circle of your friends.


  20. 57
    Spank Sinatra says:

    Perhaps of more interest would be to learn what, if anything, he has achieved for the benefit of his constituents as opposed to serving his own self-interest.


  21. 64
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    O/T bou give most people a laugh.

    Osama bin Ladens sons denounce extrajudicial killing of their father and insist he should have been tried in a court of law.

    There is an argument for this however the stupid fuckers completely undermine their case by posting the comments on a “jiihadist” website – a forum where adherence to the law of the (non-Muslim) land is not considered important.


  22. 65
    Snap says:

    Can we have a snap election please? Miliband is a joke and unprepared. Lib Dem’s are finished. A Tory majority, however slim, would be worth it.


    • 69
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Need a Tory leader first.


    • 84
      Alternative snap election says:

      The only ‘snap’ election I’d like is a vote on which pro-EU party leader’s neck snaps first as the trap-doors open and they drop, one by one, from the gallows platform.


  23. 66
    I don't need no doctor says:

    The other day a small branch had fallen from a tree and landed on a phone line. This was hanging over the road just outside of our house. Two police arrived in separate cars. I asked one of them if he was from the special branch but he just didn’t get it. Then a fire brigade safety officer arrived. Then one of those large fire engines arrived to remove the branch.
    No wonder the country is in so much debt if this is the way we carry on.


    • 72
      Anonymous says:

      When i was out walking an overhead powerline came down and landed on the local cycle track and proceeded to thrash about setting fire to the gorse and heather. I could not proceed nor could the cyclist coming the other way. We phoned the 999 thing and about an hour later the fire engine turned up and told us it was not safe and to fuck off. We told the fire engine that we knew it was not safe and that is why we had waited about for ages keeping people away until they could turn up.

      Now having realised that it really was not safe the fire engine retreated and radioed in for the leccy board to attend the scene and make it safe before they could put out the fires. Another hour later.

      But what was the point of explaining to the 999 bint that the leccy needed to be switched off immediately in the first place?


    • 78
      Fa Kin Su Pah says:

      Making my way down stairs in
      a dusty old Government building
      I slipped, stumbled a bit, regathered
      my composure and carried on.
      A lackey watching tried to make me sign an
      accident book. I blame Fatcher.


  24. 71
    Moley says:

    On this occasion Simon Heffer speaks for all Conservatives, (with some notable exceptions).

    Why is it that the less Lib Dem electorate support becomes, the more influence they are allowed to have on the coalition.

    If we had an immediate election, the Lib Dem MPs have far more to fear than than Conservative MPs.

    Conservative MPs can just as easily end the coalition as can Lib Dem MPs.

    If Cameron does not man up and face down the empty threats from his coalition partners, (some of whom are manifestly fools and charlatans)
    Conservative MPs have a duty to bring him down, otherwise elections and democracies become meaningless.


    • 115
      Sicko says:

      There’s a perverted logic operating here; the fewer votes, the less support a party gets, the more its voice must be attended to. By this logic, had Labour succeeded in constructing its Coalition of the Unlikely Bedfellows, we’d all be in thrall to a lone MP from some micro-party.



  25. 86
    Roundell says:

    Nic Boles – I do not recall him being a friend of the Conservative party until his brother in law accidentally got selected for a by-election that Mr Boles lived in.


  26. 89
    Phil says:

    Sounds like two reasonable liberals who nonetheless understand about Israel. My kind of people.


  27. 99
    Iain Dale's Dildo says:

    Not sure the Torah agrees with buggery, pretty sure it says that G*D will strike them down. Plus they’ll get AIDS.


  28. 100
    ?????? says:

    Another pair of poofs living the alternative life style, yet not letting me do so, more two faced queers.


  29. 102
    Man in the street says:

    Not another arse bandit, surely?

    I thought they were discriminated against etc? Yet it seems to be a pre-requisite for joining our highly paid expense-cheating political class.


  30. 105
    Jackie O says:

    Yet another fudge packer – how many queers do we need in Parliament? Surely there’s an overrepresentation – isn’t this discriminating against straight people ?


  31. 108
    6500948 says:

    Bored at work, need to find out how to find who’s behind super injunctions. Anyone out there that can tell me the names?


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