May 6th, 2011

Red Ed & the Maggie Grave Dancer Chastised In Commons


  1. 1
    Lord Bowden of Middlesex says:

    Why dont paliament tell us what We Can say?


  2. 3
    On the record says:


    • 5
      Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

      Only 647 more confirmations needed then, since it’s not Zac, not himself and not 647 others.


    • 9
      oh deary me says:

      If you love Twitter, you’re a twat.


    • 11
      Anonymous says:

      Twitter is neither wrong nor right; people are.


      • 14
        Pontius Pilate says:

        Proof if you ever needed it that the crowd is most often wrong.


        • 27
          ampersfa says:

          Thw crowd wouldn’t be wrong if they lynched all the Members of Parliament now, would they?


        • 28
          ichabod says:

          Gosh, next we’ll be finding out that Alan Shearer and Mrs Logan weren’t lovers, and that international film star Ewan Macgregor didn’t feel desperate enough to hire one of Wayne Rooney’s cast offs.


  3. 4
    retardEd Miliband says:

    I thought the t-thirt wath theriouthly funny! I jutht lacked the intelligenth to realithe otherth would find it offenthive.


  4. 6
    Billy's not on form today says:

    Hang him!


  5. 8
    Groove says:

    It’s very convenient for Millipede to claim he never realsied what the shirt said.

    Yet he clearly laughing and all smiles finding things amusing.


  6. 10
    no majority says:

    No apology required. Just a pity a lot of the miners wont be around to see it.


    • 17
      Anonymous says:

      My family were miners and the damage done to the industry and the communities, by successive governments, is literally criminal.

      However, that t-shirt and its’ sentiment is highly offensive. The little twerp wearing doesn’t know anything about the 80’s anyway.


      • 21
        Lions led by Donkies says:

        I think a lot of the damage can be laid at the door of Scargill and his disastrous leadership of the NUM…………


        • 33
          Mike Hunt says:

          Don’t forget that the former Lord Stansgate closed more that Mags ever did. Perhaps it was to do with the country no longer using steam engines….


    • 19
      oh deary me says:

      Do you mean to say Labour didn’t re-open the mines in 1997? Why not?


  7. 13
    Bollock Omaha says:

    Oooh matron, naughty T shirt! Get over yourself you control freak.


  8. 18
    Labour Cant says:

    No doubt when that sad day arrives and Baroness T is laid to rest with a full State Funeral as befits one of Britain’s greatest PMs of the 20th century..Ed and Labour will be bleating on that they’ve not had an invite or if they have ……that they’ve not had enough coverage on the television during the ceremony


    • 22
      Biggus Dickus says:

      You can be thure that when that thad day happenth, Millie’th friendth in the Bee Bee Thee will make thure he’th thentre thtage


  9. 20
    Lord Bowden of Middlesex says:

    So basically , WE cant wear T-shirts that might offend someone or a group, Why not just issue people with plain t-shirts and prepepared scripts that they cannot go away from.

    I thought we won a war to protect our freedoms!


    • 23
      How old is he? 6? says:

      Hasn’t everyone missed the point that a prospective councillor (of any political persuasion) is wearing.. a t-shirt?


      • 29
        Titford Hat says:

        I’m 60. I’m wearing a fetching bright orange T-shirt with “Lanzarote” on it.
        I wore a tie the other day for the first time in three years. Both occasions were funerals.


        • 34
          How old is he? 6? says:

          You’re not getting my vote.


        • 37
          Alex says:

          Presumably the former funeral involved the deceased requesting that people dress in this manner, because if not, I hope his or her family had at least one member that thumped you for being so disrespectful at a funeral.


    • 24
      ex-Tory voter says:

      Actually, we won two wars to protect our freedoms.

      Which is why we’re now ruled – against our wishes – by an unelected president in Belgium.


    • 25
      Anonymous says:

      So, is it ok to paint swastika’s on synagogues? In the name of freedom of speech?

      Some things cross the line; this t-shirt does.


      • 36
        Mac the Fork says:

        If it’s your synagogue, knock yourself out mate. If it’s someone else’s, it would be polite to ask first.


    • 35
      duchy of Cambridge says:

      Of course we want our freedom, but in this case, the pimply youth was wearing an offensive t-shirt. stating unionist would be dancing on Mrs Thatchers grave. Mrs Thatcher is not in good health at present which imo makes it doubly offensive and Ed miliband should never have had his photograph taken with this youth.

      Whatever your opinion of Mrs Thatcher, she worked hard for this country and was one of the best leaders we have ever had. I think in her old age a bit of respect would go amiss.


  10. 26
    PD77 says:

    Were we really expecting them to change?


  11. 30
    Jon says:

    Calm down dear, it’s only a t shirt!


    • 31
      Rat's arse says:

      No it’s not John. It’s an offensive piece of tat worn by a complete t@sser, vilifying a women who put the ‘great’ back in Great Britain.


      • 38
        Alex says:

        The “great” never left Great Britain – even at our lowest ebb we are still the largest Island in the British Isles, hence the term Great Britain.

        Agree with you re Maggie though – love her or hate her, she believed in what she was doing beyond simply wanting to be in charge. The same cannot be said for anyone in either the current cabinet or shadow cabinet. What this country couldn’t do with a strong leader like her now.


  12. 32
    marcus Aurelius says:

    Millibean says “we are stwiding in the footthtepth of the suffwagettethth


  13. 39
    John reid says:

    labour cant Ed didnt say he didnt have enough coverage at Will and Kates weddiung, Blair brown didn’t complain that they weren’t invited either.


  14. 40

    Brilliantly funny! The next video after this one is a speech by Sir Oswald Mosley.


  15. 41
    st fm says:

    When she dies, gets her state funeral and all the tories and right whingers go off to cry, we the people that have reason to hate her will dig her up and give her the good old lynching she derserves!


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