April 18th, 2011

Do You Know a Nurse Pilgrim?

Last week Guido revealed how Unison rep and former nurse Jane Pilgrim was depriving the public of a nurse in a frontline role at St. George’s Hospital in Tooting. Yesterday the Mail on Sunday exposed how she is also depriving families in need of  housing through the commune of which she is the head.  The Crescent Road Community consist of three dilapidated houses in Kingston upon Thames, where thirty “peace and love” activists live. They have ignored attempts to have them evicted and and are living there illegally.

Nurse Pilgrim is now subject to a double investigation at St Georges, including one into why she was using the image of one of the hospital’s directors to promote her private consultancy without his knowledge or permission. Guido hears that she is in rather a lot of trouble…

The TaxPayers’ Alliance have found 2,493 Pilgrims across the public sector, union officials, paid not to provide the service they represent, but instead do political activities that should be funded by the unions. Without having to pay their staff, the unions can spend the money raised through their subs on other things, like keeping the Labour Party solvent. They’re costing us millions and, as last week’s investigation showed, they’re completely unaccountable. Do you know a Nurse Pilgrim in your hospital or school? Tell Guido


  1. 1
    Lord Bowden of Middlesex says:

    Why arnt the unions paying for these non-jobs?


    • 26
      Union Puppet Miliband friend of the PSP's (Public Sector Parasites) says:

      Because the Labour Party is the union and they’ve had 13 years to fill their boots. This is an outrage and well done Guido for exposing this.


      • 35
        Charles Flaccidwidger says:

        But what will actually happen to stop this abuse?


        • 67
          Righty Right Wing (Mrs) says:

          Nothing. Blue Labour are led by a Heathite social democrat who probably has some sympathy for the Unions & Labours funding plight.


          • voice of reasons says:

            Sadlt see this ending in

            Whopping big payout to Ms Pilgrim…

            Well done guido – opened a rats nest…..

            Expect her to leave with nice payoff… its public sector after all.


          • Tankboy says:

            Have a look at here profile on Linked In. Although she has had it removed you can view the cached version via google. It’s full of porky pies and quangocrat rubbish.

            And it has the dodgy pic of the St Georges director as the profile image and lists her interests:

            Jane Pilgrim’s Experience
            ‘Award Winning’ Partnership Project Leader St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust
            Government Agency; Hospital & Health Care industry

            April 2009 – Present (2 years)

            Leading and negosiating ‘Partnership Projects’ on behalf of Staffside working closely with Seniour Trust management.

            Staff Engagement, Communication, Customer Service Training.

            Staff Side Secretary/Nurse Convener St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust
            Government Agency; Hospital & Health Care industry

            April 2008 – Present (3 years)

            Advanced Practitioner St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust
            Government Agency; Hospital & Health Care industry

            January 2007 – Present (4 years 3 months)

            Interested In

            ●career opportunities
            ●consulting offers
            ●new ventures
            ●job inquiries
            ●expertise requests
            ●business deals
            ●reference requests
            ●getting back in touch


          • Andrew Lansley bankrolled by private healthcare provider says:

            John Nash, the chairman of Care UK, gave £21,000 to fund Andrew Lansley’s personal office in November.

            Mr Nash, a private equ ity tycoon, also manages several other businesses providing services to the NHS and stands to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of Conservative policies to increase the use of private health providers.


          • this is who these retards worship says:


          • Twenty year sentence in the NHS, no time off for good behaviour says:

            Normally there no need for an NHS payout to “Nurse” Pilgrim, though that’s what weak NHS management opt to do almost every time. She should be “managed out” except since she works full time for Unite, she can’t be found failing to do her NHS job. In fact, slagging off Lansley is probably her doing Unite’s job to a tee, so no dismissal on grounds of competency or gross misconduct. Perhaps Unite can pay her a bonus.

            Like the BBC, she is “uniquely funded” and thanks to In-action Man Cameron, will no doubt continue to be


    • 34
      Backwoodsman says:

      Happens in virtually every council too. Untill the tories grow a pair and make it immediately illegal, along with the ‘union modernisation fund’ , aka , donations to labour, you have to say they deserve all the grief these fuckers cause them.


      • 41
        Jim Devines great Shelves of China( which can be seen from space) says:

        This sort of thing went on at Unison all the time so it cant be wrong can it ?


    • 38
      simon r says:

      Because the only thing Socialists are good at is spending other people’s money.


      • 65
        SocialGhism says:

        Issue warrants for their arrest and investigate the money trail all the way to the Labour party. Then throw all their arses in gaol.

        Nurse Pilgrim is a particularly grim reaper; close down her little commy circle!


    • 69
      AC1 says:

      “Nurse” Pilgrim pls.


      • 71
        AC1 says:




      • 137
        Airey Belvoir says:

        I googled ‘Janet Pilgrim’ by mistake. and was pleasantly surprised to find myself looking at the Playboy Playmate of the Month for July 1955. No resemblance to the Unison heifer with a face like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle…..


    • 74
      The Sheikh Of Arabeeee says:

      Sack the lying Labour filth.

      Fuck them- let find proper fucking jobs.


    • 75
      Crikey says:

      Nice to know that when you pay your increased taxation you are indirectly funding Red Ed’s puppet masters.. FFS!!


    • 141
      costcutter1 says:

      With overheads these none jobs must be costing £30 to £40k each total £70m to £100m, enough to run a hospital or employ 2493 real nurses. These payments sould be regarded as ultra virus.


  2. 2
    The Rt Hon Nick Clegg Conservative Member of Parliament for Sheffield Hallam says:

    Why is the US paying for these bastards,.


  3. 3
    Nurse Pig Grin (dead ringer for Kathy Bates in Misery) says:

    I’m off on a staff safari to Wagamama, paid for by you. Bye suckers!


    • 44
      Wagamama Kitchen Staff says:

      We hope you like your noodles salty.

      Hung Dong will be along shortly to supply your special Noodle Sauce.


      • 53
        Wagamama Kitchen Staff says:

        Hung is running late for the lunchtime session. We will be using our most excellent relief member of staff today. Dungin Noo Dul is a very talented chef.


  4. 4
    Lord Bowden of Middlesex says:

    ” They are costing the us millions and, as last week’s ”

    Doesnt make sense guido.


  5. 5
    Justice is sweet says:

    I derived great pleasure from reading “she is in rather a lot of trouble”.


    • 54
      Kevin T says:

      Sadly in the public sector that means virtually f*ck all. Now if she’d been found eating a hot dog at her desk during Ramadan, THEN she’d be in trouble.


      • 122
        I cannot tolerate intolerance says:

        It’s not as if she had a small Christian cross on the dashboard of her works van, That’s trouble!


    • 81
      bergen says:

      When I spent three years working in the public sector I was told by one experienced cynic that I could lose them millions but would only be sacked if I fiddled the tea money.


  6. 6
    sheridpe says:

    Erm I know one….. me, and proud ;-)


  7. 7
    • 142
      Edmond Noels says:

      Perhaps journos should think before reporting vicious stories in order to have a cheap pop at the unions. Typical right-wingers – when the going gets tough, have a go at the unions. This is bullying and harassment. Question that requires factual evidence: Is Jane Pilgrim a full-time rep? And if she is, is she not well within her rights to be so? NHS workers have a legal right to union representation – therefore, someone has to fulfill this role. Secondly, Andrew Lansley has previously visited hospitals and voiced opposition to cuts, which he has now gone back on. This ‘story’ is fuelled by a pathetic blog based on partizan rumours seeking to attack one individual for political ends.

      – Anon, UK, 17/4/2011 0:27

      Thick as Thieves does have a blog you doubters should know!


  8. 8

    Shouldn’t the governement be dealing with this theft of taxpayers money? it can’t be in their interest to keep funding this trot scum.


  9. 9
    Ban Unison says:

    What’s the odious Mary Maguire got to say about all this?


  10. 10
    Kingston resident says:

    It would be nice to have an address so we can give our best neighbourly wishes.


    • 16
      Anonymous says:

      6 Crescent Road, KT2 7QR

      The consultancy site has been spiked, btw.


    • 17
      stun says:

      Crescent Road, according to the Mail


      • 111
        I can't afford to live in Kingston man says:

        Nice white middle class professional area with top schools, house prices to match. Funny this commune don’t squat in Tottenham among the true riff-raff. What they save on rent will buy good riverside gastro-pub dining out. Famous Five’ll get you ten they all come from posh families? No its not funny at all, really.


        • 143
          Edmond Noels says:

          Neighbours Neighbours
          Everybody needs good neighbours
          Should be there for one another
          That’s when good neighbours become good friends


  11. 11
    Wants to know more says:

    It would seem that the Mail article has been taken down. Any further detail on the content?


  12. 12
    Stan Butler says:

    Funny but I’ve worked in the private sector for 24 years and never seen one of these full time union officials. I’ve seen plenty of shop stewards representing staff but in the main, any meetings or work they undertake is done at lunch time or some other time outside of working hours. They are allowed some time off for offical union meetings but this seems to equate to a couple of afternoons a year. I wonder why the public sector needs so much union recognition? Are the wages bad? Are the working conditions dangerous? Are the pensions poor? Or are the unions just protecting their own interests at the publics expense?
    Answers on a postcard to Ed Millitwat, The Labour Party, Millbank.
    The trade unions. Supposed to protect the’workers’. Instead they protect the shirkers.


    • 84
      Make the Liblabcon history says:

      Why did the unions keep schtum as Labour allowed in millions of immigrants to drive down wages and throw hundreds of thousands of Britons out of work?

      What sort of unions are they that don’t even give a toss about their own membership?

      We need real non-partisan unions who are actually interested in their members, not the 5th column Labour party fronts we have now.


    • 128
      Blakey says:

      I ‘ate you Butler!


    • 130
      uniboss official says:

      Experience has shown that the trade unions don’t care a toss about their members – they are only interested in keeping their cushy jwell paid obs, so they work with the bosses to keep the plebs down.

      Local Authorities, NHS, BBC – unions are all the same – dont ask them to do something that challenges their mates in management, bullying, not here, harassment, not here, working as contracted not here – but give a shop steward a hard time for dossing watch this space for an all out strike.


    • 135
      stevep says:

      Where I work we had a member of staff doubling as a union official. He took about 2 weeks a year on union duties. They wanted to sack him for years because he was useless at his main job. In the end they gave him £100k. Secret of course. If he’d not been in the union they’d have just let him go like they did lots of others.


      • 138
        Airey Belvoir says:

        I had to make a Union rep’s job redundant – all proper steps followed, decently dealt with but you’d think that I’d assaulted him by the fuss that ensued. His final fling was to accuse me of racism (he was Dutch). Company HR people utterly supine and useless as always.


  13. 13
    Jimmy says:

    “Other lobbying groups don’t get taxpayer subsidies.”

    New Schools Network…?


  14. 14
    By talking about fraud, Mary Maguire is clearly a stranger to irony says:


  15. 15
    How the tables have turned. She boasted of launching an investigation. Now she's the one under investigation. says:


  16. 18
    The cunt of Monte Cristo says:

    The parasitic British left’s hatred of the poor is matched only by the ignorance and stupidity of the British poor


  17. 21
  18. 23

    Guido, establish a Google Docs spreadsheet that people can submit answers to


  19. 24
    Lord Bowden of Middlesex says:

    Guido, Do you have a union rep and diversty officer in the Guy news room.


  20. 25
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Ohh goody! I’m rather enjoying her discomfort.

    Rather worrying that others are employed like this. How much is the NHS wasting on union wages when it should be spending on clinical care?

    I’m all for unions but let them raise money from their members, not sucking public services and taxpayers.


  21. 27
    Charles says:

    I don’t know, 30 commies living in only three houses sounds fair to me. Its a shame they don’t own them but I’m more than happy for them to live in squalor.


    • 126
      Or Well says:

      If they stay there, illegally, long enough, they can get ownership.

      funny how the illegality suddenly becomes irrelevant.


  22. 28
    Moley says:

    Many (if not all) Civil service Departments have a system of work recording which breaks down each employees work time into various activities which are allotted different codes.

    Union activity should have a code.

    Anyone interested can put in an FOI request asking how many man hours each year are paid for by the tax payer and spent on Union activity.

    One for the TPA; it will take a little care to ask the right questions.


  23. 29
    I don't need no doctor. says:

    Pilgrim’s progress?


  24. 30
    QWERTY says:

    How thick is Emily Maitlis? On BBC News she just asked her male colleague if Earthquakes had ‘seasons’

    That’s right Emily, perhaps you might want to ask why the fuck no one can predict earthquakes stupid fucking cow. They are not like fucking Tornadoes you dozy talentless bimbo.

    And Maitlis had the neck to accuse Sarah Palin of not being very bright.


    • 43
      Tax Payer says:

      How can the earth’s mantle be influenced by weather FFS? A little thing like the crust will get in the way??


    • 47
      anonymouse says:

      No but women do and men don’t


    • 57
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      Well … its the wrong words, but its probably the case that once the crusts start shifting, they might be unstable, and prone to further shifting, (until the built up tensions are “used up” or whatever).

      So they might indeed have “periods of activity” that might last longer than a day or two of aftershocks.


      • 61
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        err … thinking of pies. “plates” not “crusts”

        Oh, and I rekon that really “Earthquake seasons” are just periods when the media are interested in them, notice them and report them more.


    • 82
      dr james gordon brown says:

      Hasn’t the earth moved for you, Emily?


    • 96
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Good legs though.


      • 139
        Airey Belvoir says:

        Never mind the legs, have you seen her disastrous decolletage? Try googling her on images, and brace yourself for a shock.


    • 100
      Fabians and self-serving unionists are Evil says:

      ‘Er yes they do have ‘seasons’ – They are always more likely when there is a full moon = moon’s gravity on tectonic plates


      • 124
        Anonymous says:

        The gravity from the moon is the same whether it’s full or new. The only difference is which side is facing the sun….


      • 136
        GDS says:

        You’re a dozy thick cnut too!! Do you really think there’s “less” moon when it’s not fully visible? Do you? Really? twat! The moon has an eliptical orbit which means its gravitational pull is slightly stronger when on a close pass but it is a small change and would not affect tectonic activity on earth.

        I hope they don’t let you vote.


  25. 31

    We know we at the end,
    shall life inherit.
    Then fancies flee away!
    I’ll fear not what men say,
    I’ll belabour night and day
    … to be a Pilgrim.


    • 45
      John Bunyan says:

      Oi, Quango! Get yerrown hymn…


    • 50
      annette curton says:

      All very well but what use is she when you have a very painful Bunion that needs lancing at A/E Slough-of-Despond.


      • 116
        Bled White Taxpayer says:

        I got a cricket ball in the chops during a Sunday pub match in Ascot that knocked out 3 molars and caused a hairline crack in the jaw. Sent to A&E in Slough as Ascot Heatherwood hospital wasn’t up to the job. Spent 6 hours in A&E before being sent up the road to Reading General. Finally attended to at about 11pm in Reading, and the treatment amounted to little more than cleaning out the mouth and being told to visit my own dentist in Wokingham on Monday morning. The dentist cleaned out some more, then sent me to the Maxillo-facial clinic in Reading General. Finally got treated there on Monday afternoon.


        When my daughter was born, we went private. Wasn’t going to run the risk of a slightly unusual labour involving Mrs BWT being bussed around various hospitals in Berkshire.


  26. 33
    DeCameron says:

    Good afternoon

    Just before we invade Libya in order to rid the country and its civilised people of the despotic traitor and dictatator and former friend of the UK I want you, the British people to know that we love you.


  27. 36
    union pig says:

    Up her hole. Parasite.


  28. 37
    Charles says:


    I’m not sure whether that practice is applicable to nursing.

    BUMS1111 – Assisting a patient with bowl functions.
    BUMS1112 – Emptying chamber pots.
    BUMS1113 – Cleaning up a patient who soiled themselves.


  29. 40
    FARE are a fake charity says:

    With reference to your request for information, I have dealt with this in accordance with the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA).
    You have requested information regarding Trade Unions. You have specifically requested:
    – How many Council employees we have whose sole duties are union based
    – Union representatives who have no other tasks but are directly employed by the Council
    In response to your request The City of Edinburgh Council currently have eight Trade Union representatives on full-time duties. This level of support is temporary for the duration of the Modernising pay project.

    Temporary my arse.



    • 48
      Wagamama Kitchen Staff says:

      They’ll be moved to another “project” when the Modernising Pay Fucking Over The Taxpayer Project is complete.


  30. 42
    Lord Bowden of Middlesex says:

    Just bowl her a bouncer or 2 !


  31. 49
    Anonymous says:

    Having looked at the TPA publication, it appears they have overlooked unison reps of civilian police staff. My wife is a volunteer union rep for civilian police staff (the branch took a lurch to the right when it elected her), and it has full-time reps paid for by the police, i.e. us, plus food and entertainment at the branch AGM, and my wife gets paid time off to attend meetings, and overtime when at a union conference jolly out of hours!


  32. 51
    marcus Aurelius says:

    I’ve written to my mincing MP about this asking his view. I’m not expecting an answer.

    When I asked him about signing the EU pledge he explained hat politics should be left to experts like him not the great unwashed particpating in referenda.


  33. 52
    John Wayne says:

    Well hello there Pilgrim…..


  34. 56
    Lord Bowden of Middlesex says:

    Guido, Dont forget you was going to revel winners of caption comps today :-)


  35. 58
    Mike Sugar says:

    She who would valiant be ’gainst all the Tories,
    Let her in constancy follow the Balls’s.
    There’s no discouragement shall make her once relent
    Her first avowed intent, to be a Pilgrim.

    Who so beset her round with dismal stories
    Do but themselves confound – her strength the more is.
    No foes shall stay her might; though she with Guido fight,
    She will make good her right to be a Pilgrim.

    Labour, thou dost defend us with thy spending,
    We know we at the end, shall debt inherit.
    Then fancies flee away! I’ll fear not what men say,
    I’ll labour night and day to get my pension*.

    *Final salary may go up or down. Your pension is at risk if
    you do not keep your job.


  36. 59
    Lord Bowden of Middlesex says:

    Is PMQs back this week?


    • 79
      loaded potatoes says:

      do you want to bet someone asks PM

      Can you confirm how much money the NHS spent last year on

      a) Translations

      b) Union Representative nurses

      home run i think!


    • 85
      Dontya just love this time of year says:

      It’s Easter Billy…Parliament has risen for the recess until Tues 26 April so the first PMQs will be Wed 27 April although exoect them to rise on Thu 28 April following the debate of the Loyal Address to Wills & Kate before returning on Tues 3 May…then they will of course rise again on Fri 27 May ahead of the Bank Holiday Mon 30 May before returning Tues 31 May


      • 117
        Bled White Taxpayer says:

        Easter / month of May are a work free zone in the public sector. The rest of the year appears to be on a go-slow, unless they are on holiday, off sick, or on some useless training course on gay elf ‘n safety, or gender-neutral emergency benefits payment.


  37. 60
    gotta ask a question or two. says:

    Can’t see what the moan is about , taxpayers money was has used in the same way when the miners ruled the roost, another question that should be asked, is who pays for the office space where these union people hold court.


  38. 72
    Truthseeker says:

    Submit a FOI request to every police force, fire service and NHS trust and ask about the number of staff who are funded to carry out union duties, play footbal, rugby, cricket etc. in company time.

    Wait for replies, and your mind will be boggled….


  39. 73
    Big Dan says:

    I was there. We took advantage of you when you blacked out.


  40. 83
    genghiz the khan says:

    IRC there were some odd donations from Quangos, when Wendy Alexander was running her uncontested campaign for leadership of ScotLab.

    What was the Union Modernisation Fund for? Was it to make UK industry and services even more uncompetitive, in order to create a client payroll vote?


  41. 87
    SimonA says:

    The practice is rife in Scotland too. But it goes just a little further. Most of these union place people will be members of Unite, who of course seem to have an inordinate influence on candidate selection for councils and both the Holyrood and the Westminster parliaments. Can anyone find out just how many of the candidates standing for the ‘Labour’ party in the Scottish election are in fact Unite placemen?


  42. 88
    SimonA says:

    Sorry Unite=Unison!


  43. 90
    Shocked of Sheen says:

    This could be as big as the MP’s expenses revelations, good onya Guido!


  44. 92

    Would I be correct in thinking she also gets the 54 pence per mile for using own car for “work” activitys?


  45. 93
    Smokey Ann says:

    There was one thoroughly decent, intelligent, professional nurse who treated me recently. I just wish there were more nurses like her as the NHS would be transformed from the unmanageable mess that it is. It is a shame that Nurses like Pilgrim devalue the work that some great nurses do!


  46. 97
    Guido and his windowlickers take all their NHS opinions from this retard says:


    • 112
      I love Sarah Palin (No, I do) says:

      Why do you keep posting this, dickhead? American are you? Anti-American American are you? Run along and play, troll-boy


  47. 98
    Fabians and self-serving unionists are Evil says:

    Guido this site is at its very best when exposing the cynical antics of the Socialists


  48. 101
    Seth the Pig Farmer says:

    I wonder how many of the delgates at the recent RCN conference were union representatives being paid by the taxpayer not to do their job.


    • 123
      Crapskey says:

      As suggested looked at the Google cache of her LinkedIn entry. Behold the quality:

      “Leading and negosiating ‘Partnership Projects’ on behalf of Staffside working closely with Seniour Trust management.”

      Well that must have inspired confidence.

      Who were her “clients”?


      • 127
        The circle of idiocy says:

        Apart from the obvious spelling mistakes, the phrase is meaningless bollox.
        Having said that the public services are infested with such meaningless bollox which no one understands but do not have the courage to challenge for fear of appearing stupid, since everyone believes everyone else must understand what it means when in fact no one does.


  49. 102
    BillyBob.....time to ban the burpa !! says:

    Check the Police Federation Guido……….. full time Federation staff paid for by the tax payers as Police Officers…. !!


    • 129
      The circle of idiocy says:

      Even better Federation officers are on the same pay grade as Chief Inspectors even if they are only constable rank.


  50. 110
    Wight Tory says:


    http://www.iwcp.co.uk/news/news/turner-keeps-island-seat-32727.aspx and what does the liebore bloke do? http://www.iwcp.co.uk/news/news/cuts-could-hit-all-unions-31165.aspx


  51. 115
    Anonymous says:


    2500 union reps at 40k pa = 100,000,00 pa.

    They also exist in LA, Plod and probably civil service.

    What is the total annual cost; approaching 500m pa I would bet.

    Get Sunlight Centre on the job asap !!!


    • 120
      nell says:

      Even more costly and shocking – Public Sector employment in May 2010 ( courtesy of gordon brown) = 6.195million!!!!

      Add to that the labour’s employment laws that won’t let you get rid of anyone’s employment except in the most extreme of circumstances and it doesn’t take much imagination to know what economic nightmare gordon, balls, militwit and their loony pals have left us.

      So we’re really going to listen to them now when they tell us we must vote yes for AV aren’t we?


  52. 118
    joescotus says:

    this all new to me


  53. 119
    Gladiatrix says:

    Dear Guido

    The link to the MoS article is not working.


  54. 121
    Pvte Jones says:

    The nurses, the plod, the firemen all threatening to strike.

    Not the armed forces though.

    Next time you hear some public sector nonce talking about strikes, ask them the last time they were blown up in some 3rd world shit-hole while protecting our freedoms.


  55. 132
    Lord Michael Caine says:

    Living rent free as well I suppose getting ready to be an MP.


  56. 133
    Anonymous says:

    Any chance Nurse Pilgrim is a member of Common Purpose?

    Perhaps someone has a list of “graduates” and can check & let Guido know.



  57. 144
    pollyma says:

    i know of the pilgrim and i hear she is absolutely useless as a unison rep and it is horrific that she is being paid by taxpayers for this non job……. but, if we have to have her at all, this is far better than letting her loose on poor patients! her nursing abilities are even worse than her union abilities
    i hear that they have cut a load of jobs at st. george’s but for some reason her ‘job’ remains!
    If anyone can explain this that would be interesting


  58. 145
    Anonymous says:

    festering Tory Hunt


  59. 146
    Pollytwaddlee says:


    Why did I think of 2493 Pilgtims across the NHS when I read this story in a proper newspaper?


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