April 16th, 2011

Saturday Seven Up
There’s a Nurse Pilgrim In Every Hospital

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Guido has been doing some digging this week into a Unison representative at St George’s Hospital Tooting. Jane Pilgrim is paid a front line nurse’s salary not to nurse. Instead she is a full-time Unison union bod. Earlier in the week she was slating Lansley in the Evening Standard for coming to the hospital before the election and lying to them about cuts. It turns out “nurse” Pilgrim boycotted the meeting in 2009 for political reasons and made up the quote. 

Guido dug further and it turns out Nurse Pilgrim has been running a sly consultancy firm on the side, and an investigation was launched at the hospitalLook out for more on this “nurse” over the weekend. 

However there is a wider issue at stake. There are thousands of these reps across the country being paid not to teach or save lives, but instead to work for their union. It’s a huge loophole that sees £67 million of taxpayer spending not going to frontline workers, but to the unions, who in turn channel millions of pounds back into the Labour Party. There’s a Nurse Pilgrim in every hospital… 

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  1. 1
    Lord Bowden of Middlesex says:

    guido is alive !


    • 8
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Strange how the Conservatives, LibDems and Labour don’t want to talk about the European law change on 1st May 2011 that will allow those in the old Eastern Bloc countries to have full access to UK benefits, which are multiple times more generous than in their country, and unlike in their country, are NOT time limited.


    • 15
      ROFL!! says:

      All that effort over to smear 1 nurse who spilled your pint and she wasn’t even in the Labour Party.

      It would be tragic if it wasn’t so funny.


    • 65
      Taxfodder says:

      There may be one in every Hospital but there are hundregs in Parliament and Local Government all troughing away at the taxpayers expense.


    • 82
      Crikey says:

      Don’t let this one go GF. this is a racket that has been going on for years. No one with the balls to stop it so far, no matter how bad the countries finances.


      • 84
        Ask your local Council how many employees work full time for a Union says:

        their are many individuals employed in the Public services by the taxpayer who are in reality full time Unionistas. This has long been seen as a way into politics by our Lefty friends. We of course are paying for it.


        • 241
          Southern Softy says:

          For many years I was Team Leader of a team that included a full-time union rep.
          At annual appraisal you had to judge them on work they had never done and you were not allowed to use the Union duties as a reason for not achieving.
          They were also entitled to bonuses, often receiving more than the staff who did the real work.


      • 189
        JohnBellingham says:

        Well done Guido in exposing this theft of taxpayers money. Where else are these agents of ordure planted?


    • 135
      Every Dog Has It's Day and Guido Has Had His says:

      I see Guido’s visitor numbers peaked last year and are now on a downward trajectory.


    • 172
      Anonymous says:

      How is big society now-a-days?


    • 174
      anonymouse says:

      And selling his story to the Sunday Mail!!


  2. 2
    Lord Bowden of Middlesex says:

    Looking forward to more about union reps and all that, I wanna see where my taxes are being wasted.


    • 5
      Dick the Prick says:

      It’s absolutely endemic. Kirklees Council pays over £400,000 per year so people don’t do their job + having to hire someone else just adds anothe £400k. Outrageous, yet it was brought in by Major and Cameron hasn’t done a thing.


      • 53
        David Camoron (traitor, thief and liar) says:

        I have more important things to do, such as giving £48,000,000 (of your money) every day to the EU.

        “a huge loophole that sees £67 million of taxpayer spending not going to frontline workers, but to the unions” – Ha! Peanuts compared to what I p!ss away! Don’t mention the £11.1bn foreign aid budget.

        Enjoy your tax rises, peasants. Toodle-pip! What what.


    • 10
      b-b-b-but says:

      Don’t unions take subscriptions from their members to pay for the privileges union bosses enjoy services unions provide? Surely full time union reps should be paid for by the union and not the taxpayer?


    • 16
      George Osborne says:

      Not on £650 million to pak*stan that’s for sure.


      • 55
        The British Public says:

        You really fucked-up with that one, didn’t you George?

        We’re glad the brain-dead Tories had 13 years in opposition; you’ll have a pretty good understanding of what’s about to happen to you.


      • 182
        Anonymous says:

        Is he Christian or *uslim? I know his brother has changed.


  3. 3

    “There’s more to come on the delightful Nurse Pilgrim ”

    Sounds like a job for Mike Hancock.


  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Forget calamity Clegg, now it’s Tit” Nick Clegg – see it here: http://bit.ly/i51Ya3


  5. 7
    Jane Pig Grim says:

    Stop stalking me.


  6. 9
    snogbollocks says:

    Ah yes the scented Ms Pilgrim. By all accounts a nasty piece of work. Our redoubtable Guido has opened a seriously unpleasant can of worm here. No doubt the wretched Ms Pilgrim is replicated in every hospital in the Country. More to come on this one I fancy. Apart from being a bare faced liar and a hypocrite, what other personal qualities commends her to the “brothers and sisters” of the TUC?


    • 56
      PigShit says:

      of course there are none of these people in the tory party are there???
      they’re all goodness and light, hear no evil see no evil types FFS


      • 77
        leave off says:

        Never said that troll, But 13 years of Labour have all showed us how much integrity they have.


      • 79
        misterned says:

        I don’t know of any full-time Nurses who are paid by the public to politicise on behalf of the tory party and their policies. Imagine the outcry from labour and the BBC if the tories even proposed such an idea. And the thought that they could use their NHS contacts to set up a private business charging the tax-payer even more to line their own pockets?


      • 95
        LabourScum says:

        The last public servant who spoke at a Conservative Party conference – the schoolteacher Katherine Birbalsingh – was sacked.


  7. 11
    Down with Brown! says:

    I reckon dodgy union types taking state money to work for their union is a rich mine for future stories.


    • 13
      Let's Be Fair About This says:

      Go gettem Guido!


    • 125
      Must get a pseudonym one day says:

      Then you can move on to the Association of Chief Police Officers – that costs us even more, which they invariably piss up against the wall.


      • 161
        D I Reagan says:

        Don’t you mean the ACPO commercial spin-offs that hire ex-officers as expert witnesses – at great expense – to keep you in your place.

        Great retirement wheeze for those on 70% of final salary.

        The state looks after its own


        • 190
          Sir Everard Digby says:

          and the fact that ACPO own the Advanced Number Plate Recognition database,keep the photos for two years and ain’t subject to FOI yet.

          What are these c’unts doing with our data? They just installed 21 of these cameras in my town.


  8. 12
    Lord Bowden of Middlesex says:

    Did you have to put the picture up again Guido, She really is a ugly cow.


    • 24
      Billy Bowden is the greatest bumhire ever ! says:

      I see Billy Bumblefuck is wanking furiously to her.

      Fed up with the sheep in New Zealand Billy?


      • 28
        Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

        An Australian and a New Zealander are walking through a field one day when they spot a sheep with its head stuck through a fence. The Kiwi turns to his Aussie friend and says

        “This is too good an opportunity to miss”. He steps up, drops his strides and starts furiously sha**ing the poor sheep.

        When he’s finished the Aussie says: “That looked great do you mind if I have a go?”

        “Be my guest” the Kiwi replies.

        So the Aussie steps up, drops his strides and…

        Sticks his head through the fence.


      • 58
        tat says:

        Yipitty yappitty yap yap yap!


  9. 14
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    At least the repellent Ms Pilgrim can be despatched as part of the cuts program. Union employees being funded by the public purse and anyone with the word “diversity” in their job title should be the first to go.


    • 61
      God, we need a Conservative Government not this useless pile of shit says:

      Anyone with “community” or “communities” should be sacked, too.

      Starting with Eric “fat-fuck” Pickles.


  10. 17
    albacore says:

    You can splutter till you’re blue in the gills, Fawkes.
    If you expect the cast-iron blancmange to lift a finger against the unions in the interests of his own, nominal, party; the taxpayer; and the country, you’re raving.
    How much has he saved so far that he hasn’t blown again on socialist doctrine?


    • 18
      MPs condemn coalition's bonfire of the quangos as botched says:

      Respected parliamentary select committee brands coalition plans as naive and badly managed, and that flagship policy will cost more than it saves

      The government has “botched” its flagship plans to scrap 192 quangos, according to a scathing report by a respected parliamentary committee.

      In the most damning formal assessment of the government’s performance to date, the Commons public administration select committee says the coalition has “poorly managed” its so-called bonfire of the quangos, and failed to achieve its two main aims – to improve accountability and reduce spending, meaning the reorganisation could now cost more than it will save.

      The report suggests the coalition’s ambitions were naive, and says the new government faced difficulties in “translating ambitious pre-election rhetoric into deliverable policy”.

      Bernard Jenkin, the Conservative chairman of the committee said “The whole process was rushed and poorly handled and should have been thought through a lot more. This was a fantastic opportunity to help build the big society and save money at the same time, but it has been botched.

      “I suspect that in the short term the reorganisation will now cost more than it will save. This was put together on the hoof and can be much improved for future reviews.”


    • 23
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      e.g additional income tax raised by adjusting higher tax threshold – £500m

      additional aid handed to Pakistan – £650m

      Cameron’s a cnut basically.


  11. 20
    John Bunyan says:

    Who so beset her round
    With dismal stories,
    Do but themselves confound –
    Her strength the more is.
    No foes shall stay her might,
    Though she with giants fight:
    She will make good her right
    To be a Pilgrim.


  12. 21
    Iraq 2.0 says:


    • 31
      Cameron = fra~ud says:

      I am the heir to Blair!

      Bow down to me you bastards.


    • 32
      WW1 Soldier says:

      We’ll all be home in time for Christmas.


      • 33
        Blair says:

        It’s only a matter of time before we find the WMD.


        • 41
          Up sh1t creek says:

          Weapons of Mass Distraction?


          • Tapestry says:

            We’re the ones with the nukes, and America wants us to use them in Libya.
            If it starts WW3, they’re more than happy.


          • misterned says:

            Tapestry, if you are using Fulford, Rense, Icke, Rivero, Jones et al as sources, I understand where you are coming from and why you are so off base.

            So long as those folks are free to post whatever crap they wish, then their predictions of fascist control have not been realised.

            learn to spot their disinfo and misinfo.

            If the people above had been correct in their doom-laden foil-hat writings, then half of the population of the USA should already have died from poison rain from the corexit oil dispersant sprayed in the Gulf of Mexico evaporating and falling as rain destroying all plantlife in the Western United States.

            We would already have been involved in a nuclear war in Iran

            We would have had mandatory micro-chipping by now and mandatory inoculations filled with god knows what.

            After reading all those sites daily for over 10 years now, I concluded a while ago that most of them have gone almost completely off the rails.


          • smoggie says:

            They’ve got Tapestry sliding down the banister.


          • Tapestry says:

            Mister Ned, you obviously don’t read my blog. My primary and favourite source is none of the people you mention. I am a fan of Dr Stan Monteith of http://www.radioliberty.com based in Monterey, California.

            Anyone who is trying to get to grips with the world and what’s going on cannot hope to do that until you’ve read or watched some of the material he writes or recommends you read like World Without Cancer by Edward G Griffin.

            That plus a few of the better writers on Global Research.

            Might I suggest you start with this article. Take your time, Mister Ned. Some times it’s better to restrain to engage the keyboard until the brain is fully engaged and informed.


    • 156
      50 Calibre says:

      If the Libyan ‘Freedom Fighters’ want to beat Gaddafi, they really ought to blast even more of their AK47 ammunition into the clear blue sky in front of TV cameras to impress the taxpayers in the UK, France and USA who are probably paying for it one way or another. Taxpayers like to see good example of value for money these days. Not much of it at home…


  13. 22
    Billy Bowden says:

    Never a truer word uttered,Guido

    “Guido Fawkes isworried that Ukip, which is fielding a record 1,250 candidates in next month’s local elections, could exploit disenchantment among traditional Tory supporters over the coalition with the Liberal Democrats.’


  14. 34
    Cameron says:

    Why won’t Gadaffi “go” when we tell him to? Has he got learning difficulties or something?


  15. 36
  16. 37
    Nigel Wootton says:

    While the Tories have focused on their deficit lies and “Budget Cuts” in order to get them elected to government, the liabilities of the Banking Industry amount to a staggering 450% of GDP. Greedy and hypocritical David Cameron is neglecting Banking Industry debt, while the National Debt is only 58% of GDP!


  17. 38
    Anonymous says:

    Keep hearing conflicting comments from the MSM and Politicians about must get rid of Gadaffi but nobody agrees with regime change… WTF?, Saddam Hussain Mk 2.


  18. 39
    • 48

      Ah, a man who knows what he’s talking about. Which call centre is it you work in Lord Bowden?


    • 49
      annette curton says:


      • 80
        Jackass Straw says:

        This waycist flag waving display by the English is disgusting. My father didn’t fight in the war just so a….er, oops.

        Well, we clearly need to further rub the English noses in diversity, who by the way, are not worth saving.

        There can be no Midsomers in the New Britain.


    • 50
      Stating the bleedin' obvious says:

      I see “Billy” has been enobled overnight and now wishes to be known as The Rt Honourable the Lord Bowden of Middlesex…


  19. 40
    Engineer says:

    Many large organisations have union reps nominally funded by the company. They were originally employed to do a job, but took up union duties and do them full-time or part-time, but with management’s blessing. Many of them actually do a good job looking after employees interests during disciplinary procedures or when the complexities of employment or pension law confuse just about everyone. One of my former employers had three on the books, in an establishment with a headcount of nearly three thousand.

    It’s not the fact that they exist that’s the problem, it’s what they do. If they are, as described above, being the employee’s advocate and representative, fine. If they’re using their position for political activity, that’s way out of order. They can do that in their own time, and at their own expense. Some of the activities described as ‘nurse’ Pilgrim’s regular duties don’t seem to fall in either category, and one wonders what contribution they really make to anybody’s healthcare, or to any employment dispute resolutions. There again, one wonders what her ‘boss’, the Director of Transformation, actually contributes to anybody’s healthcare, either.

    I think what this story really highlights is utter disfunctionality of NHS management. There are very clearly far too many ‘non-jobs’ clogging up the system and starving the front-line of resources. Good luck to Andrew Lansley in trying to improve things – the NHS is long overdue a major shake-out of passengers, parasites and piss-takers, clearing the decks for those who do want to dedicate themselves to caring for others to get on with it.


    • 43
      Beast of Magdelane says:

      If a person doent enjoy their work they can always f *ck off and get another job
      Why should shareholders pay to hold their hands?


      • 62
        a tad pissed off with everything says:

        we’ve got to support the shareholders haven’t we – fuck customer service then eh???


        • 183
          Sicko says:

          In a perfect market, customers vote with their feet, poor customer service is punished and shareholders suffer reduced dividends.

          The NHS does not operate in such a market; its customers are unaware of their rights and options, poor customer service is unpunished.

          Customer service is f*cked without shareholders: remember nationalised BT?


    • 44
      South of the M4 says:

      I equally noted that the her duties as a Union rep., as described by a Union big-wig, mirrored much of the claims made in her company web site. Is tax payers money being channeled to her company via the NHS to actually achieve the very things she is already employed and paid to do?


    • 220
      15 Stone Comedienne says:

      Perhaps she is to nursing what Jo Brand is to comedy?


  20. 42
    Beast of Magdelane says:

    So Billy nomates The shittest ever blogger has over 70,000 IP adresses?


  21. 46
    Gordon Gaddafi says:

    Ahm getting on with my jobbie


  22. 47
    Koba says:

    The Unions are piss-takers, tax-takers and exits for the sole benefit of the Labour party


  23. 54
    interested in justice but not the uk state says:

    roayal marriage bollocks




    • 57
      Lord Bowden of Middlesex says:

      I think you will find that the Queen and co add value to the country, Unlike politicons.


      • 64
        interested in justice but not the uk state says:


        did you get that?




        diamond geezer or what, hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahhahaha


        • 85
          Cynical-old-bag says:

          Are you really as stupid as you sound?

          Tourists flock to the UK to see the Queen and spend their money here while they’re at it. Just go to Buck House during the summer and you’ll see them all taking pictures outside.

          If they didn’t come to the UK there would be plenty more business going bust.

          Bet you didn’t think of that. Thought not.


          • interested in justice but not the uk state says:

            that really is as fatuous a comment as you could wish for.

            I’m talking about OUR constitution not some holiday makers dream photo opportunity – which we pay for by the way without being asked – FFS


          • Cynical-old-bag says:

            You are a complete idiot.


          • Raving Loon says:

            German tourists coming over to photograph, er…German tourists?


        • 199
          Trollfinder pursuivant says:

          I’ll see your idiot and raise you a twat. If they want a republic so badly then there are already plenty to choose from. The same applies to failed socialist utopia’s.


    • 76
      Tapestry says:

      Let’s hope she’s got the courage of Diana, and tells the OWG to go and fuck themselves, and she’s not a ”sustainability” freak like Grandad, sold out to the United Nations Agenda 21 and Habitat 2.


    • 86
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      Again – this will bring in millions to the UK. All thr tourists who will come to catch a glimpse of the royal couple – and businesses willl be booming.

      Don’t knock it. I’ll bet the companies who supply food and other goods won’t.


      • 153
        • 165
          Posstot says:

          Most of the goods have already been made in China.


        • 186
          Cynical-old-bag says:

          Yes Martin. Philistines.

          In fact, so much so, that you refused to have dinner with them.


        • 248
          stilyagi_air_corps says:

          He’s only jealous because the Queen’s mother had better teeth than he did. And check these two quotes, from the very same page – what an assclown:

          Referring to his late father, the Lucky Jim author Kingsley Amis, Amis says: “Still, I allowed myself to say impetuously when she greeted me: You knighted my father.”

          In a particularly direct attack on the upper classes, Amis says: “As for the British aristocracy, its pathetic. All that snobbery is ridiculous today.”

          “In reality, I’d prefer not to be English,” he added. Well, Martin, they are renowned for their sense of humour and ability to spot and flay pretentious pseuds and wankers a mile away… it must be Hell for you.


        • 275
          Archie says:

          My tin’s Amiss =Stupid c*unt! His books are shit, too!


    • 92
      nell says:

      I really think you should start a campaign of HRH Bliar and Lady odious cherie for President and first lady of the UK.

      Just think how much ‘value’ they could add to our UK image!! I can just imagine the tourists flocking to Britain to see them waving from the balcony at buck house.

      And just imagine how many more £millions they’d cost us to upkeep their family? They’d make gad afi’s troughing off the state look like peanuts wouldn’t they?!!


      • 104
        The Paragnostic says:

        Putting Blair’s head on a spike at Traitor’s Gate might bring them in…


        • 115
          nell says:

          gordonbrown’s alongside might be added attraction!


          • Catherine Zeta-Cake says:

            Having them hung drawn and quartered would be box office gold. So much so that the world wide distribution rights and constant repeats on Dave would probably pay off the deficit several times over.
            We could also have some warm up executions involving some z list celebs to get things started.


      • 157
        50 Calibre says:

        If they would stay relatively still on the Buck House balcony for 15 seconds or so I might be able to do the world a huge favour, but which one first?


  24. 66
    MB. says:

    The website seems to have disappeared, just hope she does not find that she has been signed up for an account with Vistaprint!



  25. 67
    Ratsniffer says:

    Perhaps nurse Pillock ought to get back on the wards instead of bumming money from the taxpayers to work for her leftwing union. No doubt she’ll be spouting off on Question Time soon.


    • 93
      nell says:

      ‘Get back on the wards’? That hardfaced, self-opinionated, self-serving woman?

      Would you want her looking after you?!!


    • 226
      Catherine Zeta-Cake says:

      She probably already has been spouting off on question time as part of the Beebs carefully selected audience.


  26. 69
    BillyBob.....time to ban the burpa !! says:

    Nurse?? Hitlers sister more like !! Never seen a bonkable one for years !!


  27. 74
    Jimmy says:

    It really is shocking that someone can keep their job after giving backchat to their betters like that. Keep up this campaign. I’ve no doubt it will be as successful as all the others.


    • 78
      Lord Bowden of Middlesex says:

      Yes , but she wasnt in the meeting and she has conficts of intrest.


    • 94
      nell says:

      ‘backchat to her betters’? Is that unison’s word for lying?

      And since when have public service employees , which she is, been allowed to also run a private business that uses the public service job they’re doing to promote it? Public service contracts overwhelmingly prohibit such a thing.

      Haven’t you ever heard of conflict of interest?


      • 101
        Nurse Ratched says:

        Since the beginning of the NHS dear reader. Consultants do private work on NHS time, use their NHS admin staff to do private work, do NHS lists in private hospitals at inflated rates. The rot starts at the top.


  28. 81
    DisgustedOfTunbridgeWells says:

    Man who has his own bodyguards tell British Public you’re on your own.



    • 87
      Eeu to me says:

      So “Escape from New York” was only a movie and “Escape from England” is the real thing, time to get rid of this lot of idiots, Brown and Bliar were bad enough, but these nutters could last another 4years is the Libs%*tes don’t throw their toys out of the pram when the so called referendum on fckall goes t*ts up.


      • 102
        Trust us, we're lying scum says:

        No one with any sense seriously expects Labour to look after Britain; they are after all an international socialist party, ideologically opposed to the existence of the nation state.

        But the f-ing Tories, they’ve been mouthing off for decades how they’re the natural patriotic party of Britain. Patriotic, my arse. They have shown themselves to be every bit as hostile to Britain as the Labour scum. Screw the lot of them.


        • 107
          Isis says:

          Some of us with a good few years under our belt saw this with MacMillan’s Windrush experiment, his scarcely concealed desperation to join the EEC, made good in Ted Heath.
          Ever get the feeling you’ve been had?


        • 205
          QWERTY says:

          Not hostile to Britain, but hostile to England.


    • 99
      Ratsniffer says:

      He’s a wet waste of space. Are there actually any tories left in the tory party?


  29. 90
    Down with Brown! says:

    If students can afford to behave like this, they can surely afford to pay tuition fees:



    • 193
      SaltPetre says:

      I’m a lecturer…and astonished at how my students can afford the latest iPhone/iPad/expensive clothes and holidays during each ‘reading week’. Any criticism of their (crap) work and they go running to student support in tears…..then complain of stress to get an extension on their hand-in dates.


  30. 96
    Barnehurst Bob says:

    I’m self employed. My tax is being paid to this political officer, out of my gross earnings, so Unison don’t have to pay her to run the unions affairs on their behalf. Unison then received some of my tax money via the union modernisation fund. They then donated money, my money, to the Labour party. If this isn’t corrupt, what is? Parliament should be recalled, but not for Libya, this should be stamped out immediately. If Unison need full time representation in the work place they should pay for it.

    PS. If there was a shortage of nurses on a ward can management force her to work for the people who pay her?


  31. 97
    Barnehurst Bob says:

    It would be interesting to know how much money St George’s Hospital has spent on agency nurses while ‘nurse’ Jane Pilgrim was officially booked in as ‘on duty’


    • 98
      nell says:

      £millions BB.

      But also interesting what guido says that these insidious people are employed in every hospital in the UK and are costing us £67 million a year for absolutely no benefit to patients!!!

      Lansley needs to look at this urgently!!!

      If unions want reps in hospitals then they should pay for them not us!


      • 103
        socialist pigdog says:

        Public money is our money you bitch.


      • 105
        Barnehurst Bob says:

        If St. Georges and other hospitals are employing agency nurses at twice the normal rate at our expense. And this Labour apparatchik is on the payroll as a nurse, it’s Lansley that has the problem. Why hasn’t this been stopped immediately. 98% of the public will want paid nurses to nurse, what they do in their own time is their business, even if it is misguided.


        • 109
        • 124
          Anonymous says:

          Some of the highly qualified sisters can’t wait to get off the ward with a cushy admin job. Knew of one recently who got a nice pay rise to go and deal with complaints of all things!


          • Anonymous says:

            Plus for some reason bed managers are ex sisters too. Know of 7 or 8 who don’t look after patients anymore, but stalk the hospital palying musical beds with the patients. Such a waste.


  32. 108
    Rock Hudson says:

    The nasty nurse must be feeling as sick as a pig by now. She will pass out when more shit comes flying her way. Lets hope there is a doctor nearby. Hehe!


  33. 110
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Now you know who’s shouting the loudest about NHS reforms. It’s not the people who care for the sick but the people that care for themselves. Union greed, Labour greed.


  34. 111
    Vox pop says:

    “The British Public”

    That’s you and your inflatable sidekick, is it?


  35. 116
    Vox pop says:

    Nick Clegg goes from strength to strength.
    The nation is overwhelmed by his visionary foresight in demanding that Willy and his bitch’s first born ascends the throne, irrespective of inbred deficiencies.

    Let’s all have a street party!


    • 120
      nell says:

      Let’s have the westminster inbred bliar family in charge of a presidency rather than the monarchy eh??!!

      Then again maybe prezza and his mrs might be a more entertaining bet as president and first lady.

      What d’ya think??!!


      • 122
        Reece Edingchin says:

        Not a patch on Charlie and his tampon.


        • 139
          nell says:

          presumably you are talking abour charlie falconer, bliar’s onetime flatmate and his questionable past!

          I think you should, at least, have included mandy in that dodgy past thingie.


  36. 117
    Flashman says:

    A double-dipping, self-serving unionist trougher dressed up as a nursey.

    Nice work if you can get it hey?


    • 118
      William Hague. JCB sales team says:

      Flashman says:
      April 16, 2011 at 8:48 pm

      A double-dipping, self-serving unionist trougher dressed up as an MP.

      Nice work if you can get it hey?


  37. 119
    nell says:

    pilgrimway, jane pilgrim’s website for her private business is no longer available.

    Oh dear Guido you’ve crashed her website.

    With luck you’ve also crashed her private business that she was funding off the back of the nhs!


    • 121
      MPs with lucrative extra Parliamentary sidelines says:

      How does she get away with such an abuse of taxpayers money?


      • 141
        nell says:

        “How does she get away with such an abuse of taxpayers money?”

        Her boss is all over her private business website ( currently removed from the web ho hum!!)

        Suggests doesn’t it that her boss is also benefitting from her private business consultancy , whilst also being paid by the taxpayer. like her, a full time public servants , top rate salary!!

        What excatly does she do for patients for that £40k plus salary that we are paying her?!!


  38. 123
    Fabians are Evil says:

    The local county council in Exeter have built UNISON a lovely office with its own car park at county hall. As far as I could tell there were at least 3 people ‘working’ there – All, no doubt, funded by the local council tax payers.


  39. 126
    Aint No Sunshine says:

    it’s fun watching the religico-tories here trying to decry everything anyone else does (rightly or wrongly) whilst naievely supporting a bunch of crooks


  40. 129
    YokshireLad says:

    If that is so then they ought to do something useful…like clean the toilets


  41. 132
    nell says:

    Of course a purge of non-jobs in the nhs leaving doctors and nurses to provide frontline patient care would save us £millions.


    • 133
      nell purges her bowels says:

      Yeah! Fuck building maintenance, laundry, meals for patients and staff, medical and admin supplies, wages, liason with outside bodies such as GPs, government demanded reports on “targets” and all that other meaningless sh*t, just so long as some obnoxious old crone called nell can tell it like it really is.


      • 138
        nell says:

        meals for patients?!! How much time have you spent in hospital?

        Young nell and me spend a fair amount of time each year in nhs paediatric wards. We take our own food!! Nhs food , at least where we go, is not edible or healthy!!

        Laundry?! My mum who’s 96 has spent most of the last two years in hospital. I and my sisters do her laundry , including her bedding. The nhs doesn’t bother to ensure that our elderly patients are clean in any sense of the word.

        And hospital liaison with GP’s?! Your having a laugh aren’t you? Hospitals no more communicate with GP’s than martians communicate with earth!!


        • 142
          An MP advises says:

          Go fucking private.
          It’s what we do.


        • 221
          15 Stone Comedienne says:

          Is it true that all food is cooked centrally in Manchester and then delivered around the country?
          One would not be able to keep one’s weight up!


  42. 134
    dr james gordon brown says:

    Today I telephoned Alex Ferguson sent my best wishes to Manchester United.


    • 137
      nell says:

      The media says brown is still in am er ic a whoring himself around in the hope of getting that IMF job.

      I do hope the international community is going to be sensible and give the imf job to a brazilian or a chinese economist. Either of them are head and shoulders above the failed brown!


      • 140
        dr james gordon brown says:

        At least they will know how real economic growth is generated, and what it really means, unlike that Hunt from Kirkcaldy.


  43. 136
    nell says:

    Does anybody know if either of the militwits have ever had a real job?


  44. 145
    Fancy That says:

    So on the one hand you get Red Ed and his barmy army of Unite thugs or you can have the stealthy diversion of public funds to Unison “nurses”


  45. 147
    The last quango in paris says:



  46. 148
    • 151
      albacore says:

      “Ms Pilgrim now faces a double investigation by hospital bosses and union chiefs after it was revealed that she runs a private consultancy that offers advice to hospitals on staffing issues.”
      And lo! the paws of the two wise monkeys were surgically removed from their eyes and from their ears; and they were whole again.
      And great was the rejoicing among the faithful.


  47. 152
    Late Nite Scribbler says:

    The poor dears

    they’re complaining about their long hours now ….


    these MPs want it everywhichway don’t they?


  48. 160
    cassandra king says:

    There are legions of political officers/commissars in every nook and cranny of national life, hundreds of thousands of them.
    This is not an accident, it is the deliberate politicisation of every part of our national life.

    In the new world order post democratic wasteland we are about to inhabit everything is political and I mean everything. The quango culture and 13yrs of newslavelabour didnt just happen by accident, everywhere you look from science to charities to local regimes, every part of our society is now infested with highly paid and highly organized groups that communicate across the full spectrum of public life, almost nothing you see hear and do nowadays does not have some politically motivated parasites undermining it and making a f*cking mint while they are at it. They are building the new EUSSR and they cannot do without the usual compliment of political commissars


    • 178
      worried says:

      …. yeah and a load of really thick, compliant ‘ordinary folk’ who see nothing wrong with their tribal leaders ….. East Germany 1978 here we come


  49. 169
    Nigel Wootton says:

    Can’t believe the Tories have been in power for nearly a year!The damage,destruction and indifference they have shown to the plight of people has come as no surprise.Let May 5th be the beginning of the fightback for Labour,together we stand strong against a divided government!


  50. 170
    Billy Bowden says:

    “Right wing political blogger”: when you spend more time thinking of right wing political blogs rather than having sex with your wife


    • 175
      TATS MUM says:

      Tat what would you know about having sex with anybody ?
      you are a bedridden spack
      who’s only sexual experience is with your hand
      and a pile of crispy paged 1970’s mayfair magazines !


  51. 171
    Tom Baldwin says:

    Guido Fawkes said: “Their strategy is clear: throw as much mud as you can, don’t let the issue be discussed openly and frighten the public over the next three weeks into voting to preserve the power the present First-Past-The-Post system gives them.

    “This strategy stinks of the same odour which has surrounded our politics recently. For the Chancellor of the Exchequer … to claim that there is something ‘dodgy’ about the Electoral Reform Society donating cash to a campaign in favour of electoral reform is bizarre.

    “George Osborne makes the case for change for us. He graphically shows why we need to change our politics. Why we need to clean it up. Why the voting public deserve something better.”


    • 236
      Cynical Old Man says:

      Paddy Ashdown has always been a whinger when things don’t go his way. Why does he always have that pained look on his face as though he’s just pushed his finger through the toilet paper whilst wiping his arse?

      Anyway, even though he’s campaigning for the introduction of A.V. he’s made the point of those against its introduction when he stated that Cameron was elected by that system. When you consider Red Ed Miliband was also elected that way you can see exactly what you’ll get with A.V. Anyone fancy another coalition like the current one? Then vote for A.V.

      By the way, what’s so wrong with highlighting the fact that the Electoral Reform Society, through one of its own subsidiary companies, stands to gain massive financial benefit from a YES vote for A.V.?


  52. 176
    ROGER M YOUNG says:

    I think it’s about time that Ken (Hush puppy) Clarke was put out to grass
    this coalition policy of cut money at all cost is getting beyond a joke
    how would you like Kens new idea of not locking up the scum
    If the bloke that robbed your house ,and shit in your livingroom
    will come around on tuesday to tidy your garden ?


  53. 180
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Why the fuck has William and Call me Dave let Moosehead Kusa leave this country for anywhere but the Hague ?
    this man is responsable for the deaths of tens of thousands of Libyans over the years and was also behind Lockerby also
    Who paid for his plane ticket out of here as his assets were frozen ?

    this will come back to bite Dave on the arse as this guy is still working for Gadaffi as a double agent, he is totally loyal to his master
    he wants to broker a ceasefire so Gadaffi’s ground forces can carry on and slaughter the rebel population
    yet the rather stupid tory party can’t see it !


    • 187
      Anonymous says:

      Because dear old Mousa has for the last 20 years been working for British Intelligence keeping the west informed on what the good Colonel has been getting up to.

      There is absolutely nothing straight forward about the wests relationship with Libya.


    • 210
      Anonymous says:

      When I saw him arrive in this country I immediately though Rudolph Hess


  54. 181
    MB. says:

    Is it coincidence that the Mail has “Geoff Thorne, a hospital porter and fellow Unison representative at St George’s” (presumably he is the remaining 0.6 of union staff paid by the NHS) and her partner in her consultance business is Alan Thorne, the hospital Director of Transformation?


  55. 184
    Jane Pilgrim says:

    Do you like my couch? You should. You paid for it when I went on my staff safari to John Lewis.


  56. 185
    Gordon Brown says:

    Give me the job of head of IMF or I’ll throw a Nokia at a baby!


  57. 191
    Larry The Cat says:

    What’s for lunch?


  58. 192
    • 195
      Interesting Times ? says:

      Cable has never been onboard with the LibDems going into Coalition with the Tories…the Sunday Times also reports to-day(look up link if you can as I refuse to pay M*rd*ch Organisation for access)that a “Senior Labour Party ” politician has held informal talks with Tim Farron(and others?) to see whether the LibDems can go ditch Clegg if he loses the AV Referendum and if(when)the local election results for LibDems are as expected pretty dire to hold exploratory talks about any resultant new leader breaking from Tories and going into coalition with Labour to see if they can get a consensus to form a government.They also intend if they can by forming a coalition with LibDems in Scottish Parliament either to oust the Nats after the election or at the very least foment trouble for the Coalition by them pursuing contrary policies north of the border. Could all be wishful thinking but it shows how untrustworthy the LibDems are if you discount Clegg from the leadership. It could all kick off after 5 May or it could simply be journos adding 2 and 2 together and arriving at 5

      I’m not sure of the constitutional position if the LibDems break the Coalition at Westminster whether HMQ could send for Miliband if he can form a government rather than allow Cameron a dissolution as sitting PM as we’ve never been in this situation as its never happened before


      • 276
        Alexsandr says:

        think they would have to get a vote of no confidence in the commons.

        But that usually triggers a general election confused


  59. 196
    Lord Bowden of Middlesex says:

    Can i claim for a karting trip on expenses?



    • 197
      Lord Bumface of Muddlesex says:

      Bugger AV, I’d rather vote on the best opening credits for Chuckle Vision.


      • 207
        Its The (chuckle) Vision thing ! says:

        Actually when you think about it this is a bit like Governments in this country alternating between Red Labour and Blue Labour….”To me to you , to you to me…..”


    • 277
      Alexsandr says:

      ‘Mr Bercow, whose Commons role comes with a palatial residence overlooking the River Thames, billed the state £20,000 for refurbishing his lavish, rent-free apartment. Part of the cost was a £415 washing machine in 2009.

      But a year later, it broke down and Commons officials spent £438 to repair it.

      Who spends more on repairing a machine than the initial cost? Who authorised that?
      no extended guarantee then?


  60. 200
    Gordon Brown says:

    My nappy needs changing.


  61. 203
    annette curton says:

    Got to hand it to the BBC for their sports coverage though, £3 billion gets you indoor bowls, darts, snooker and 3 hours of Ethiopians running 28 miles around London.


  62. 208
    That's News says:

    The fact that she is a paid union official pretending (how 1970s!) to be a nurse is bad enough. What’s worse is that she is a hypocrite and a liar, too.


  63. 212
    Catflap says:

    I thought I recognised Nurse Pilgrim from somewhere.


  64. 214
    A young and confused voter says:

    Is it wrong to want to stick my dick into Baroness Warsi?


  65. 215
    Angelic-Friend says:

    One would hope that the hospital do not suspend Ms Pilgrim on full pay. That really would be an insult to us tax payers.


  66. 218
    Paddy Pantsdown says:

    Hi. I’m still trying to pretend I’m relevant.


  67. 223
    Sit up and Clegg says:

    Now that I have the illusion of power my wife dry humps my butt every morning
    Spanish practices


  68. 224
    Sky News stunner says:

    I love Paula Middlehurst’s sexy glasses wearing librarian look on Sky News. I’m in love.


  69. 229
    • 238
      Tessa Tickles says:

      Ah, beautiful. I love the quote, “‘If you keep doing these things, we are going to kill you’.”

      Thus speaketh the religion of peace and tolerance.

      I must congratulate our MPs for letting these fuckwit immigrunt filth into our country.


    • 246
      Anonymous says:

      Activists apparently organising gay kiss-in flashmob for East London mosk on Friday to protest against women’s and gay oppression in I*s*l*a*m. More details on Facebook soon.


    • 251
      Catflap says:

      Sharia Law.
      Apart from the giving up booze part.What’s not to like?


      • 253
        Lord Bowden of Middlesex says:

        the lack of freedom and praying to a Pe*dophile …..


        • 257
          Catflap says:

          Putting blokes back in charge and bitchy poofs back in their box,law breakers getting proper punishment.
          The left wing had better hope us honkies don’t realise what a good thing Sharia law is.


          • The Hidden Surverys That Shows Majority Of White Converts Come From Left Wing Backgrounds Are Around says:

            The non gay left wing are the main converts to Islam.

            Further proof that they are all fucking hypocrites.


      • 271
        Tessa Tickles says:

        Wiggling one’s bottom in the air 5 times a day whilst begging to be the slave of a magic invisible sky-fairy is also a negative aspect of Sharia.

        Why not just tattoo “C’unt” on your forehead and have done with it?


  70. 230
    worried says:

    as Bolton kick off against Stoke in the purist only allowed ESPN live footy match in the cup, hordes of regulars are deserting the ship.

    Nothing ever changes and everything remains the same

    How does it feel to be totally powerless in Britain in 2011????


    • 232
      Lord Bowden of Middlesex says:

      why should expect to see the football if you havent paid to see it?


      • 244
        Lord Bendover of Piddlesex says:

        You’d have to be a total thicko to pay £100 see a bunch of pug ugly millionaires kick a piece of leather around a pitch. Fools and money springs to mind.


  71. 234
    It can only mean she's far away from Brown says:


    • 235
      Lord Bowden of Middlesex says:

      or she has just got a payrise and extened contract?


      • 237
        Doesn't she realise she's irrelevant? says:

        Does she twitter every single banality in her banal pointless life?

        “Had huge dump #bogblocker”


    • 240
      We're not interested luv...now fuck off and get a life says:

      Twitter is for vacuous twats who actually think that people arey interested in their boring minute by minute lives…if you passed legislation saying that people had to advise the authorities of their second by second actions on line 24/7 you’d have uproar but tell them that you may be interested in their inane actions and they get a dose verbal diarrhea


  72. 239
    Tony Benn says:

    What year is it?


  73. 247
    Lord Bowden of Middlesex says:

    Stoke to win the FA cup.


  74. 250
    Nurse Pilgrim says:

    I’m off on a staff safari to Wagamama. Bye!


  75. 252
    Ed Boy, Only Fools and Tossers says:

    Blinky! Thith time next year, I’ll be prime minithter! Cuthty!


  76. 254
    • 256
      lord billy of dickbrain says:

      Billy, you do know Fawkes hates these fucking links don’t you?


      • 262
        Now Now Don't Be Jealous says:

        Yeah but Fawkes likes Billy so he is allowed to get away with it.


        • 264
          Lord Bowden of Middlesex says:

          I wouldnt say that, I would say he tolarates me :-)


        • 266
          lord billy of dickbrain says:

          Seems like Billy’s boyfriend is the jealous one. Damsel in distress, he’s straight in there for quick bumming no doubt.


  77. 255
    Balls in Beefburgers says:

    Our local Labour council laid off care workers last week. Meanwhile local taxpayers are funding 28 staff who are employed full time on union business.

    Burn them.


  78. 263
    Lord Bowden of Middlesex says:

    Guido, What has happened to ” Sunday sleaze” ,They used to be good.


  79. 265
    Lord Bowden of Middlesex says:

    tweetminster Finland election: 70% of votes counted – KOK (NCP): 19.8%, PS (True Finns): 19.6%, SDP: 18.9%, KESK (Centre Party): 16.2% #vaalit2011
    8 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

    Ok what does this mean? who are the left/right ?


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