April 14th, 2011

Pilgrim’s Progress

The St George’s Hospital Trust was quick to distance themselves from Jane Pilgrim when Guido spoke to them a moment ago. And it’s not hard to see why, take what one St George’s employee said this morning:

“It’s a disgrace that somebody who is in full time ‘employment’ with the NHS, is trying to open up a nice little side line that is probably a conflict of interest. I object as a taxpayer to her actions. She is not competent enough to run a piss up in a brewery let alone run a business and this is from personal experience. She must be stopped otherwise she will make St George’s Hospital a laughing stock in the NHS. Does David Astley CEO know about her activities?”

Despite paying her salary, they stress that she acts on behalf of Unison and not them. This didn’t stop her dressing up with a stethoscope for pictures and being happily described as a “nurse” by The Standard though. Guido has put the following questions to their communications team:

  • Given St Georges Trust are the ones that pay Ms. Pilgrim were you aware of her outside consultancy?
  • Do you see any possible conflict of interest with her outside consultancy and her job at the hospital?
  • Were St George’s Trust aware that Director of Transformation Alan Thorne was featured on the consultancy website?
  • Does he have any financial interest in the consultancy?

Guido is patiently waiting on a reply…

Unison have been deeply unhelpful, despite the damage their taxpayer-funded representative is causing them. This is the closest we have got to a comment from them:

Then why lie about being a nurse? Is that the same efficiency drive that saw “staff safaris” to Wagamamas and John Lewis? It seems Mary Maguire, Unison’s head of press, should go back to Jane Pilgrim and ask her why she is active in the Kingston and Surbiton CLP. Last October she was writing about how important it was for Labour to win the next election. Typical holding response though, that does little to address the accusations of dishonesty.

UPDATE: St George’s Tooting are investigating Unison “nurse” Jane Pilgrim. No comment until tomorrow though it seems.


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Oh dear , I think her career is going to go downhill

    • 4
      The F***** says:

      1 Down 600k to go

      • 19
        New EU taxes that Cast Iron Cameron won't talk about says:

        • 37
          Anonymous says:

          Why doesn’t he go and live in his wife’s country; Germany. He used to have an English wife but now a German one. Its like moving from Rover (even that is Chinese now) to VW.

          • Anonymous says:

            Why did Dave give Pak*stan £650 Million when they have a space program ?

          • Anonymous says:

            Pak*stan’s £650 Million, its a wedding present for Osborn’s sister in law. In case you don’t know Osborn’s brother converted to Is*am to marry her.

          • Herr Patrick von Moore says:

            Zee sky in der nacht. Achtung, schnell, schnell

        • 91
          Duyfken says:

          Another great performance from Nigel.

        • 174
          Laughing at you says:

          FFS Tat again? this should help you out don’t say i don’t do anything for you!

          • Laughing at you Mark Oaten says:

          • The Spy in the Grauniad Camp. says:

            As its Easter, TaT can sneakily use the computer while his mother is busy picking up pennies from the street.

          • Pampers says:

            We would like to thank tat since posting on this blog our share price has gone through the roof.

          • Laughing at you Mark 0aten says:

            Christ! what a toecurlingly embarrassing twat you are Mark.

            I feel sorry for you it’s so painfull to watch.

          • Laughing at you says:

            ohhh get you bit touchy are’nt we! Its not my fault you shat your pants again!

          • Laughing at you Mark 0aten says:

            You’re just repeating yourself now Mark.

            You need to calm down and have a good cry before you make a complete and utter tit of yourself again.

          • Laughing at you says:

            What else am i supposed to do when you keep filling your pants with fizzy gravy! boooo hoooooo


          • Laughing at you says:

            I like to wank over other people’s shit.


      • 60
        let clean out the waste says:

        a sterling effort guido

        • 85
          ST says:

          I know, and what a fantastic set of questions to ask the hospital. Essentially the questions can be translated as “if you knew about her actions, you are massivley incomptent and possible corrupt. If you didn’t you need to come down on her”

          The ball is well and truely in their court now, they have to act or risk being implicated themselves.

          Well done Guido, I am fed of the media assumption that just because somone is of the left they have moral authority.

          • Awww.... what a shame! says:

            she’s not in the Labour Party

          • The Spy in the Grauniad Camp. says:

            She’s not in the Labour Party. At the moment.

          • lolol says:

            At the moment you look like a stupid cun’t.

          • Peace through superior firepower says:

            Guido when will you allow people in the comments section to write in red italics?

            It would allow us to add visual emphasis for certain points we make (that should be in red italics).

          • AC1 says:

            If repeating “She’s not in the Labour Party” is the best defence the trolls can give, then she’s metaphorically fucked.

          • Angry NeoCon Mong says:

            Not as fucked as a simpleton who worships Sarah Palin.

          • Teabagging Fuckwits says:

          • Anonymous says:

            What is the relevance of her not being in the Labour party anyway?

            She’s a union rep, and obviously sympathetic to the Labour party.

            The problem I have with her is a) she claims to be a nurse but isn’t; b) she accuses Lansley of lying when it appears he didn’t; and c) she runs a consultancy that is a clear conflict of interest with her day job.

            Her membership of the Labour party or not is irrelevant.

          • ST says:

            I couldn’t give a toss that she isn’t in the Labour party, she a left wing waste of space.

    • 9
      PR spinning for Dave is very lucrative says:

      Any chance of more PR snaps of Dave fatboy ?

      What about a nice pic of ‘ordinary Dave’ having a plate of bangers and mash while singing my old man’s a dustman?

      It would be almost as entertaining as watching you lose it completely over a nurse who had the audacity to call Lansley a liar.

      You do realise the NHS reforms are dead in the water and Lansley is now a lame duck to be reshuffled at a later date?

      • 13
        Tax Payer says:

        From the accounts of people who bothered to meet Lansley, it is Pilgrim who is lying.

        • 21
          Pot Kettle Watch says:

          Did she take thousands from a private healthcare company like Lansley did?

          • Labour have done it again. says:

            It seems she does.

          • Goose Sauce says:

            Then why isn’t Guido hammering Lansley ?

            She isn’t a politician in case you didn’t notice.

            He is and he’s a bit more important than this one nurse that spilled Guido’s pint.

          • Anonymous says:

            Thousands for Lansley, he is after millions when he leaves office. The greatfull private sector has to give at least few millions for advice and directorships after he let them make billions.

          • Righty Right Wing (Mrs) says:

            Not as much as Patricia Hewitt. Nowhere near.

            She was Labour, right?

          • Anonymous says:

            Righty Right Wing (Mrs) says:

            What to you expect from Blair’s babe. Wolf (Tory) with a sheep skin.

          • It's official. Lansley as bad as the worst Labour Piggies says:


            he IS the Health Secretary

            if the best you can do is whine ‘they did it too’ then you are truly fucked

          • AC1 says:

            > Did she take thousands from a private healthcare company

            Unison takes millions off taxpayers. Unions for public sector (i.e. extorted from taxpayers) jobs are inherently a conspiracy against taxpayers.

          • Sarah Palin 1 says:

            healthcare is bad, mmmkay ?

          • AC1 says:

            Actually Death Panels and Bureaucrats are bad for Health care.

          • AC1 says:

            I’m sorry your obsession with Sarah Palin isn’t improving. Your mental illness must really mess up your social life. Get well soon.

          • You are sick in the head AC1. You need to cheer up says:

            and brainless repetition

            and brainless repetition

            and brainless repetition

            and brainless repetition

            and brainless repetition

            and brainless repetition

          • If money isn't really then why am I working to pay a mortgage? says:

            If you think healthcare is expensive now, wait until you see how expensive it is when it’s free.

            Thank you Labour for spending the Marshall Plan money so stupidly.

          • If you want US Healthcare go live there says:

            If you think healthcare is expensive here, wait until you see how expensive the US system is.

        • 28
          Anonymous says:

          It like Tory MPs have a part time job representing the electorate and a full time job in the private sector.

          • lolol says:

            Don’t upset the retards and their fuckwit ringleader.
            They’re too stupid to notice.

          • The Spy in the Grauniad Camp. says:

            Doesn’t D Millibland do the same? Something to do with Football?

          • Cynical-old-bag says:

            Look a bit closer to home at your hero, Gordon Brown.

            If this one-eyed idiot is appointed head of the IMF, he would get a salary of £270,000 on which he would pay no tax at all. He would also get a limo and chauffeur, and travel 1st class everywhere.

            How can he possibly do this job and represent the people of Kirkaldy as their MP (on full salary) as well?

          • Anonymous says:

            D Millibland is Blair’s boy; what do you expect?

          • Anonymous says:

            Cynical-old-bag, he hasn’t done it, so wait and see.

            If they are going to make him head of IMF, think how good he is.

          • The Spy in the Grauniad Camp. says:

            C-O-B he hasn’t been representing the interests of his constituents for some time. Since about 1997.

          • AC1's getting angry again, he wuvs Sarah Palin and wishes he was as smart as her says:

            your mindless repetion is a sign of your rampaging anti-social mental illness

          • I says:

            IMF = Intentional Monetary Fuckups

    • 12
      Spot the Dog says:

      yop yop yop


    • 15
      Anonymous says:

      You all are worried about a nurse who don’t work when your PM wants to flood this country will immigrants.

      Cameron is talking with Indian to let 50,000 people in he even want Turkey in EU where by he will let millions into UK. There are over a million illegals in this country, he hasn’t done any thing about it. Look at the Home Office stats to see how many asylum seeks he is allowing to stay. He is letting more people in a year than the last lot.

      • 24
        WHAT A SCOOP! says:

        It’s not as if he has any real scoops anymore.

        This weak shite will do for the windowlickers.

      • 27
        Labour have done it again. says:

        Quick..lets distract everyone…
        Look over there everyone.. its the millennium dome.

        • 35
          Anonymous says:

          You all don’t like the truth do you? Will you happy if I say, what a lovely man the Tory leader is he looks great with his special friends Osborne and Hauge, sun shine from his ass.

        • 38
          OOPS! says:

          Oh dear!

          She isn’t a member of the Labour Party.

          Try again dumbass.

          • Anonymous says:

            Oh dear!

            Sadly she is not from the party lead by people who lives off other people’s hard work.

          • The Spy in the Grauniad Camp. says:

            At this precise moment in time she isn’t.

            Watch out for the carefully crafted statement. Ask yourself what they’re avoiding talking about.

            Here endeth lesson.

          • AC1 says:

            Does her real employer (unison) give money to the Labour party?

          • feeble says:

            weak shit even for a windowlicker

          • AC1 says:

            Yes, “She isn’t a member of the Labour Party” (Although she works for LAbour Donator Unison) is straw-man weak. Repeating it like a holy mantra makes it seem even more desperate.

            You’ll just sock-puppet a few people, post as Andrew Lansley and put some random youtube vids up to try to make yourself feel a little better but it won’t work.

          • Sir William Waad says:

            Guido has touched a nerve, methinks, in exposing ‘Nurse’ Pilgrim as just another tedious leftie shop-steward/wrecker.

          • Angry Neocon Mong says:

            It’s always amusing exposing a simpleton like you.

            You are clearly the one with anger issues spitting impotent bile and fury at nurses because the tea party and Sarah Palin does it.
            You haven’t an original thought in your extremely disturbed mind.

            You won’t get well soon which is why you are such a pitiful and bitter creature.

            You could burn a Koran on your blog to cheer yourself up if it wasn’t for the fact that you are a chickenshit coward who is all talk and no action.

            Tell us all how there were WMD in Iraq again dumbass ? LOL!

          • The Spy in the Grauniad Camp. says:

            ANM: First rule of the Red Debating Society. If you are losing the argument, distract and become abusive.

          • Gaze in wonder at zero self awareness in action says:

            “ANM: First rule of the Red Debating Society. If you are losing the argument, distract and become abusive.”

            Ha ha ha ha ha!!

            Classic stuff.

            More please.

          • straw man dum dum says:

            coz dey iz all dem redcommees innits ??! ?! fuud goes in mowth ?! ? !

    • 154
      Splice the Mainbrace. says:

      Bravo Zulu Guido.

    • 167
      ST says:

      Have any of you actually looked at her website?

      Couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery is right, it’s the most amateurish pile of shite I have seen in a long time. Her “business” email is pilgrimway@blueyonder.co.uk

      What kind of r-tard would set up a consultancy and use a blueyonder account?

      I love this bit:

      “We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service.
      Step 1
      Arrange a free appointment to discuss your needs
      Step 2
      We carry out a needs assessment
      Step 3
      Customised design solution for your needs
      Step 4
      Pilot Project
      Step 5
      Analysis of Pilot Project
      Step 6
      Support with embedding on going systems within your organisation”

      • 192
        Loungelizard says:

        I think you’ll find Ed Miliband wrote it for her, it looks like his work.

    • 206
      Pissed off taxpayer says:

      I hope the MSM pick this up. And of course the “director of transformation”.

    • 215
  2. 2
    "Nurse" Pilgrim says:

    Gudio, answer my e-mails. I can organise a few motivational sessions in your office. Maybe a happiness boosting session? Discounted rates!!!! I’ll even do it for free if you stop these posts…

    • 14
      Foot Slogger says:

      Do you do bunions too?

    • 48
      ST says:

      Why don’t you launch an “investigation” as you said to Harry Cole.

      Or maybe you can come up with some other pointless, bullshit word that sounds like it might carry some authority.

      That’s a typical NHS scare tactic. We’ll launch an investigation if you don’t do x,y or z. Well unfortunalty for “Nurse” Pilgrim she’s not talking to some Auxillary Nurse whose shit scared she’ll lose her job.

  3. 3
    Mike Hunt says:

    Serves her right. The old expression ‘people in glass houses’ still holds true.

  4. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Given she is a full time union rep and rent-a-gob lefty, being a member of the Labour party would hardly make any difference.

    She can’t seriously claim to be impartial, can she?

    • 100
      misterned says:

      So she still had a say in who labour elected to lead them? And being a union rep, it was her union that helped overturn the labour party’s own choice of leader thanks to AV that is!

      • 136
        AC1 says:

        I’m sorry your obsession with Sarah Palin isn’t improving. Your mental illness must really mess up your social life. Get well soon.

        • 175
          misterned says:

          Sara Palin? WTF? How the fuck did Sara Palin have anything to do with British Unions helping to Elect the person who the labour party themselves rejected???

          Is this meant to be in response to another comment?

  5. 6
    Michael St George, A Libertarian Rebel says:

    Don’t envy Guido if he ever needs an enema and finds it’s “Nurse” Pilgrim detailed to administer it………..

  6. 7
    QWERTY says:

    She looks like Nurse Ratched

  7. 8
    Gillian Duffy says:

    Can you smell fish?

    • 25
      genghiz the kahn says:

      only bullshonet.

      taxpayer funded union reps, working to piss more money up against a wall.

  8. 10
    Guthrum says:

    Keep digging !

    She is defrauding the NHS of a real nurse to deal with real patients.

    The ‘caring’ socialist activists how many more of them are there on the pay roll

    • 68
      OOPS! says:

      What part of not a member of the Labour Party didn’t you get stupid ?

      • 81
        Tax Payer says:

        Er, she can be left wing and even a socialist without being in the Labour party.

        You aren’t seriously claiming she isn’t at least sympathetic to Labour? She’s a union rep FFS!!

      • 95
        PD77 says:

        Red Ed is a union placeman, Liebore is the unions and vice versa, so in effect she is Liebore.

      • 113
        The Spy in the Grauniad Camp. says:

        The creatures outside looked from Labour to Unison, and from Unison to Labour, and from Labour to Unison again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.

      • 119
        LMFAO! says:

        Er, er, er, er, she knows someone in the Labour Party and she’s in a Union so she’s a communist innits!!! DUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRR!!!

        • 144
          The Spy in the Grauniad Camp. says:

          Well done. You’ve taken the first steps towards enlightenment and freeing your mind from the shackles of Socialism.

          If you’d just like to give me your address and credit card details I’ll despatch my new book “Why Socialism is Evil : The things I wish my father had taught me about life.”

  9. 11
    Anonymous says:

    Since when did nurses use stethoscopes, anyway?

    Aren’t they meant for people who know what they’re doing?

    • 42
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      I did wonder about that the other day.
      Listening out for the details of rattly lungs or oddities of heartbeats would be something I’d have thought a doc would do, and not be routine.

      Routine blood pressure measurements perhaps?

    • 168
      Stan Butler says:

      Listening at the door of meetings? Perhaps so she can hear the food trolley approaching?

  10. 20
    Mary Maguire says:

    Just stop asking me difficult questions or I’ll call my lawyers!

  11. 22
    Jane Pilgrim says:

    That staff safari to Wagamama helped patient care a lot. And was quite tasty.

  12. 30
    She's the crazy killer in Misery says:

    Pilgrim’s a dead ringer for Kathy Bates in Misery.

  13. 31
    Chris Bryant Mark Oaten and Bent Bradshaw says:

    Can you get fisting on the NHS? – Just wondering like!

  14. 32
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m going to be head of the IMF.

    My dream has come true. I can spend and spend and spend and spend and spend and spend and no one can get rid of me.

    I fear I am becoming a God.

    • 49
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      If Mr Brown were to become managing director of the IMF he would be entitled to an annual tax free salary of more than £270,000 a year.
      In addition he would enjoy a limousine and driver, the right to first class travel and automatic membership of the IMF’s country club in Virginia.

    • 51
      The Spy in the Grauniad Camp. says:

      And it will end up as fucked up as MFI.

    • 52
      Slotgob says:

      That’s my Tony’s job.

    • 97
      Engineer says:

      Bang goes the IMF’s credibility, then.

  15. 34
    Humanity says:

    This is the third ‘Jane Pilgrim’ thread in Guido’s last four threads.

    As someone observed in a previous Pilgrim-bashing thread, Jane will have undoubtedly learnt whatever lessons needed learning; there is nothing to be gained by regurgitating the same old, same old.

    Yes, let’s please move on.

    • 39
      Another Engineer says:

      Perhaps Ms Pilgrim would like to “move on” too – to a real job that doesn’t involve the taxpayer, or one that provides some actual value.

      • 46
        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! says:

        like blogger ?

        • 183
          misterned says:

          Well if you cannot work out that some blogs, (the more popular ones) provide a lot of eyeballs for advertisers, then you are not too bright are you.

      • 50
        Humanity says:

        Perhaps Ms Pilgrim has been a little naughty. People in glasshouses and all that.

        And anyway, considering the bigger picture, what harm has she done?

        What is the benefit to anyone of the same issues being brought up time and time again.

        Really, my advice is that we should move on.

        • 65
          ROFL! says:

          She wasn’t in the Labour Party after Guido and his windowlickers worked themselves into a frenzy.

          No wonder they are upset.

        • 78
          Another Engineer says:

          Well, apart from accusing the minister of lying based on what he didn’t say at a meeting that she didn’t attend…

          From my point of view, this is more about what she represents, not her personally. There must be many staff at NHS hospitals up and down the country that are employed to do very little of value to the patients, that claim to be nurses, or frontline staff (when it suits them), but really wouldn’t be missed. Unison reps paid for by the taxpayer are close if not at the top of the list. If we are ever to have an NHS that works and isn’t an infinite money pit (though personally I think that is unachievable) then they have to be removed.

          • Hahahahahahahahaha!!! They don't even realise it ! That's what makes it soooo funny. says:

            “Well, apart from accusing the minister of lying”

          • Engineer says:

            ….except that, in this instance, the Minister (or Shadow Minister as he was at the time) wasn’t lying, and Pilgrim, as it transpires, did lie.

          • AC1 says:

            Oh you’ve done it now. He’ll sock puppet you a couple of times, post some more junk youtube vids and write LOLOLOL a couple of times as if it laughing maniacally makes him win arguments instead of looking batshit insane.

          • Engineer says:

            Well, I could just link to Guido’s original post on this subject, and let the general reader draw their own conclusions, whilst retiring for a pot of tea. As for being sockpuppeted, it seems to be par for the course these days. As we all know, there’s only one decent sockpuppet on this blog, and that’s #4.

          • Angry NeoCon Mong says:

            Awww…. you’re clearly getting upset now AC1. Don’t cry widdle baby.

            Maybe one day you’ll find WMD in Iraq you hilarious simpleton.

        • 166
          Stan Butler says:

          The fact that she is paid by the taxpayer to work as a full time union rep in the NHS is a drain on resources. She is a fine example of the sort of person who should be made redundant from the public sector. There are hundreds of thousands of these parasites in the public sector and we do not need them. If we got rid of them then perhaps Labour run councils and other public bodies would be less inclined to get rid of front line staff.

      • 54
        Cynical-old-bag says:

        Let her try making a living in the private sector. See how far she gets there.

        • 62
          Humanity says:

          She clearly is making a living in the private sector (ie, Pilgrim Way).

          Let’s ensure that entrepreneurial skill and spirit remains available to the NHS.

          If this barrage keeps up at some point she will jump – what will we be thinking then?

          • Herman Achille Van Rompuy says:


          • Cynical-old-bag says:

            I meant instead of her role as lord knows what at St. Georges.

            She should not be able to have a foot in both camps. Conflict of interests.

          • Another Engineer says:

            Where’s my Bullsh*t Bingo card?

          • Musing says:

            A foot in both camps?

            What an excellent skill set she must therefore bring to both!

          • South of the M4 says:

            I am willing to bet that any work her consultancy has obtained, has not been so through fair tender and competition. It would have all been in-house ‘partnerships’ using taxpayers money. She deliberately lied, and is a leach on public money. She should be viewed as an anti-social, hypocritical pariah not as a socialist hero. Thus she should continue to receive adverse publicity until she stops being so.

          • The Truth says:

            Let someone prove that any of the work her company was given by the NHS wasn’t awarded in fair competition.

            Then there will be egg on faces. Oh yes.

          • South of the M4 says:

            Yep, you are right. Her company would have been on the approved suppliers list. A list of just one you understand. The services offered being so specialised in all.

          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            Sorry to say. But I’m indecent.

          • misterned says:

            Nope, I suspect that she is getting contacts for tax-payer funded jollies via her contacts in the NHS. That is not competing in the real world, That is screwing the tax-payer. If she is working full time as a tax-payer funded rep, and then screwing tax-payers money out of the NHS to pay for her on the side business, then that is corruption pure and simple.

            I wonder if she has actually signed up any real businesses to her “Pilgrim Way”? from that website, I would very very much doubt it!

          • misterned says:

            “The Truth says:
            April 14, 2011 at 3:27 pm

            Let someone prove that any of the work her company was given by the NHS wasn’t awarded in fair competition.

            Then there will be egg on faces. Oh yes.”

            Counterwise, Let the NHS prove that it was awarded via an open, public procurement process and show that the competing companies could not provide the same service at a competitive price with as good service, and there will be no problem!

    • 40
      lolol says:

      She called Guido a fat prick or something.

      You don’t expect him to report on politics after that do you ?

  16. 36
    Cast Iron Cameron says:

    I don’t like bad immigrants.

    I like good immigrants.

    That should be enough to keep the proles happy.

    Remember don’t vote UKIP or I will be very very cross!!

  17. 40
    The Spy in the Grauniad Camp. says:

    Holding response = Shit! We’ve been rumbled. Quick! Ask Inspector Knacker to send GF a nasty letter accusing him of harrassment.

  18. 44
    The Spy in the Grauniad Camp. says:

    “I command ye, therefore, upon the peril of your lives, to depart immediately out of this place! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors. You have sat here too long for the good you do. In the name of God, go!”

  19. 55
    shaun says:

    if she isnt a member of the labour party she should join as soon as possible. labour should not let hypocrites of this standard pass them by!

    • 201
      101 Damnations says:

      Given the current crop, it would seem that they have no space left for any more, but an excellent point.

  20. 57
    its all gordons fault says:

    please leave my children alone, i spawned them all during the good times when i should have been watching the economy boil over, i fed them money with my own plans, it where the labour ponzi scheme went

  21. 58
    Jane Pilgrim says:

    Do you like the lovely couch I got from John Lewis? You should. You all paid for it.

  22. 63
    George Osborne says:

    This wheeze should raise a few bob !

    Expats given week to leave

    British expats who have fled the troubles in Libya will have one week to return to the country after it has been declared safe or risk affecting their tax status. HMRC guidelines state that where a UK citizen who is non-resident is forced to spend extra days in the UK in “exceptional circumstances” these days are not taken into account in determining their residency status. However, HMRC has announced that the expats will have one week after the country is deemed safe by the Foreign Office to return there without it affecting their status.

    • 193
      misterned says:

      FFS, We have thousands of Iraqis still living here nigh on a decade after Saddam was deposed! Send them fuckers back first!

  23. 67
    Jane Pilgrim now under investigation by St George's says:

    Good job, Guido. Plenty more like her though. If the hospital are investigating her, then we should weed out all the others like her. Start with Mary Maguire.

  24. 74
    No longer Porkbusting. We wouldn't want to upset actual politicians now, would we ? says:

    In response to all-party fury over lost cushy numbers, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) is to allow MPs to spend millions more on accommodation, travel and staff.

    It’s also “actively considering” whether to give MPs freer reign over budgets and – in a spend now make excuses later deal – check how they use money retrospectively.

    Children can be treated as dependants up to the age of 18, rather than the previous limit of five. That means more MPs will be able to claim an accommodation supplement of £2,425 per year for each child.

    They will also be able to claim more for adults to accompany children when travelling between homes.

    • 89
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      Balls and Cooper needn’t even bother to turn up for work. They could just drive round all day with the kids in the back.

      They’d be set for life on their expenses claims alone.

  25. 75
    Tom Baldwin says:

    “CCHQ are investigating right wing political “blogger” Guido Fawkes. No comment until 2015 though it seems.”

  26. 82
    The War of Jennifers Ear 2011 says:

    Ms Pilgrim obviously had no conception of the power of the blogosphere or the wrath of the Tory Troll Army when she took on Lansley and the Tory party so publicly She really should have made sure of her facts and that she was “fireproof” from any investigations as to motives/background before launching her attack. The NHS is absolutely viral for the Tory Party..any question of them not being caring of the NHS is dynamite especially in the run up to elections. Cameron spent 5 years detoxifying the brand and she was bound to be responded to in kind…..politics is a dirty business…after all the Tories learnt their craft the hard way in the 90′s at the hands of real masters in destroying their critics credability……the Labour Party

  27. 87
    sw mcdain says:

    keep it up guido, we love the hypocrites going down

  28. 88
    IT expert says:

    Just did a Photoshop enlargement and resolution filter of the badge Jane is wearing in the photo.

    It says ‘I love food’.

    • 103
      Tax Payer says:

      Badges and loose hair are bad practices for a nurse.

      I hope she doesn’t go on the ward like that……

      • 111
        IT expert says:

        I understand she smartened herself up for the photo.

        • 125
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          she should have got herself one of those mirrors with a hole in the middle.

          Actually, an old hard disk would do the trick.

    • 140
      Sir William Waad says:

      In hospital, it’s quite fun to play ‘handwashing bingo’. You score point for a visitor or patient, three points for doctor and ten points for a nurse.

  29. 107
    It'sADisgrace says:

    Yes Pilgrim again, of course nothing else blogworthy is going on. (Sarcasm intended )

  30. 122
    The Sheikh Of Arabeeee says:

    Get the c u n t sacked, then follow up with about a million more from the public sector.

    Ban any public sector body from using private “consultants” (not the doctor kind, the other, fucking make-it-up-as-you-go-along type of arsewipe).

    That would be a start.

    • 137
      AC1 says:

      Even better would be to move Treatment provision (and Education Provision) out of state ownership.

      Let businesses compete for caring patients, instead of the current incentive to minimise patients…

  31. 128
    Tom Baldwin says:

    Tories squandering our cash again

    The Government has agreed to pay up to £1.2 million towards the costs of clearing Dale Farm in Essex – said to be the largest travellers’ site in the UK – where Basildon Council is taking action to evict unauthorised pitches from Green Belt land.

    Officials estimate that evicting more than 400 travellers from the former scrapyard near Basildon could cost taxpayers £18 million

  32. 133
    Jimmy says:

    Well I was initially sympathetic, but on learning of her disgraceful decision not to join the party I am now fully behind Guido’s campaign to get her fired for criticising a cabinet minister.

    • 160
      another triumph for the windowlickers says:

      Be quiet Jimmy!

      The windowlickers are almost in tears here.

      Have you no compassion for the sick in the head ?

  33. 149
    NeverRed says:

    These desperate labour assholes are welcome here, as their lying spin doesn’t cut it any more on Pollys rag.
    Labour have been found out. How many of these fat thieving cnunts pretending to be nurses/firemen/policemen etc. are the taxpayers paying for?
    If they are representing Unions (Labour) then the Unions or the Labour party should pay them.
    E-mail this hospital and demand answers.

  34. 156
    Everyone in Britain laughs at tea-baggers says:

    • 202
      The Sentinal says:

      They got to be a threat to the left if the BBC calls the Tea Party “far right”
      Only shows how out of touch the BBC really are and their “leaders” really are.
      Hey Obama wants to cut 4 trillion in 12 years from a 15 trillion defecit – now that is really adventerous – No?

  35. 159
    Anonymous says:

    Great investigative journalism Guido. This faux ‘anti-cuts’ movement is in reality all about public sector troughing nomenklatura elite trying to protect its privileged positions. We all know this to be true, but the more actual individual cases that can be brought to light exposing this nonesense in action, the more people will come to realise the cuts arent just necessary because the country is bankrupt but actually good in that they will eliminate the kind of waste that this lady and thousands of others have been living off for years. Keep up the good work (and, by the way, you will probably find plenty of Tory-leaning troughers up to the same sort of things in and around the MoD if you care to have a peek under the bonnet over there)

  36. 171
    Anonymous says:

    I am a lesbian.

  37. 172
    Anonymous says:

    Jane also finds time to run the Crescent Road Community:


    Is there no end to her talents?

  38. 179
    Non believer says:

    Guido, is a third thread really necessary? Would an update to a previous one not have been sufficient.

    This woman does seems like a lying, troughing waste of space but is this really note worthy enough to warrant your little crusade against her?

    I’d hazard a guess you were playing up to the disturbed minds on here who seem obsessed with nurses; this place is a bit of a cess pit at the best of times but the past 24 hours have seen some of your more care in the community type posters describe nurses as fucking slags, fat whor es, cock suc kers, stupid bitches, ugly cun ts and (my favourite) fu cking Hunts who deserve to die of A IDS. These aren’t isolated incidents, there’s been a tidal wave of pretty foul comments across the several nurse related threads you’ve created recently.

    Of all the many targets in modern life that deserve that kind of bile I’m not sure Nurses really rank that highly; the vitriol against them says something about the mentality you’re engendering here tho Gweeeedo.

    • 204
      JH says:

      I rather enjoy the ribald nature of the comments here.

      It is a salve to the patronising, sanctimonious, right-on drivel c*nts like you enjoy spraying at others.

    • 205
      South of the M4 says:

      You are correct that there are some unseemly characters on this site, particularly in the evening, and that there is no justification for the foulness of language. Some of it I suspect being a deliberate attempt to discredit this site.

      However, these threads are not about nurses. They have been about one deceitful, hypocritical individual. Someone who personifies all that is wrong about the modus operandi of the New Labour movement. As such then the exposure as seen today has been warranted.

      • 217
        Non believer says:

        You can try and disingenuously make the case that these threads weren’t about nurses but those comments were as was much of the (IMO) misdirected and misguided foul abuse against all nurses, not just the troughers.

        As for the prick who called me ‘right on’ above, he can go fuck himself.

    • 207
      Osama the Nazarene says:

      Perseverance catcheth the troughers, which Pilgrim surely is. A bloodsucker on the teat of the Health Service. Transformation man Thorne, her partner in troughing, needs some investigation as well.

  39. 188
    annette curton says:

    Is Jane Pilgrim going to do anything about the scandalously long waiting list for Bunion operations?.

  40. 200
    The Sentinal says:

    Keep at it Guido as I think you have a live one on the line.
    Just make sure the line is strong enough for a mini-whale.
    What was her role and statements in the latest nurses conference?
    Bet she was in the Labour Party, perhaps not now?

  41. 203
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    A lot of businesses in the UK are very poorly run, it is notable that both John Lewis and Wagamama are at the opposite end of that spectrum; both are excellently managed with fine customer service. Perhaps Ms. Pilgrim was looking to teach staff a thing or two whilst on safari, or perhaps she was just spunking more taxpayer cash.

    Speaking of laughing stocks, Harry Hill, aka Dr. Matthew Hall, did some of his training at St. George’s Tooting and having visited and used it over 20 years I would say it’s pretty well run in difficult circumstances with generally conscientious staff.

    • 219
      will says:

      Having had the pleasure of a visit to St Georges today. I can tell you that trying to get a member of staff to do something sensible can be a bit of an effort and thier do seem to be a lot of staff who wander around doing very little.

  42. 212
    UKCut says:

    Her Pilgrim Way website suddenly seems to have lost all its content. Funny that?

    Damn Google’s cached results!

  43. 213
    A BBC Self-advertisement says:

    Hallo all foreigners! If you’re having difficulty getting a vist to come and watch the wedding of the year or the olympics, let us know so we can bitch on about this right wing coalition

  44. 214
    UKCut says:

    From the Sun article on the St Georges Healthcasre Trusts “Staff Safaris”

    HUNDREDS of nonmedical NHS staff are being sent on shopping jaunts – to learn about “customer service”.

    The trips to London’s West End take in John Lewis department store and the Natural History Museum, plus lunch at Japanese chain Wagamama.

    Porters, secretaries and security guards are among around 400 staff going on the “Service Safaris” to watch how shop and restaurant workers interact with customers.

    They are being run by St George’s Healthcare Trust, in Tooting, South London, which was awarded £100,000 by the NHS London Partnership for a the project entitled Building a World-Class Service Culture.

    As well as the shopping trips, training sessions and workshops “will engage staff in activities to build self-esteem and improve their service to patients and other staff”.

    Jane Pilgrim, the Trust’s Staffside Secretary, said: “This project will help to motivate, empower and inspire our staff.”

    So St Georges Healthcare Trust was awarded £100k for the Building a World-Class Service Culture project and Jane Pilgrim is project-managing these jollies. I wonder what are the chances that the Trust has outsourced some/all of this £100k to Jane Pilgrim’s private-sector Pilgrim Way business?

    After all, on the cached page of her website, Jane Pilgrim offers:
    Team Building
    Customer Service Training
    Staff Engagement workshops

    All very similar “services” to those provided to the Building a World-Class Service Culture project?

    I say follow the money

  45. 220
    robbie says:

    Guido- this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    If only people could see how much money is squandered on the mutual brown-nosing that takes place between senior management in NHS hospitals and the so-called “partnership” representatives (mainly in Unison). The money saved would probably restore the value of benefits recently cut in the Budget. Local journos waste their time and energy asking stupid FOIs on how much is spent on having cups of tea at meetings.

  46. 221
    Anonymous says:

    So she is not a member of the labor party but as a union member can vote for Ed Millibane to lead the labor party. And as a leftie see’s no problem in tapping private enterprise to fund an expensive pad in Kingston and whats the betting her pennsion is a lot richer than mine. F..king B..ch all the animals are equal except the pigs

  47. 223
    Mrs B says:

    I see all the text has been removed from her website ……

  48. 224
    HappyUK says:

    For years, Labour have been using taxpayer money so that their pals in the public sector unions never have to know when there’s a recession. People who are already suffering have to suffer more so that those who are doing pretty well don’t have to suffer at all.

    The high salaries and magnificent benefits paid to government employees are used to fund public sector unions, which then funnel a portion of that money back to the Labour Party, who vote for the pay packages of government workers. The unions have functioned as a pass-through from the taxpayers straight to Labour running for re-election.

    As a result, taxpayers have paid people to continually raise their taxes. The top campaign contributors to the Labour Party are public sector unions.

    Left-wingers don’t love big government because they think it’s efficient, compassionate, fair or even remotely useful. They love big government because they are guaranteed the support of nearly everyone who works for the government.

    In the private sector, a company that capitulated to such ludicrous demands would go out of business. When offered substandard products at exorbitant prices, the consumer will buy from a competitor.

    But with government, the consumer has no choice: We have to buy from the company store. Government employees will always have more passion and commitment about increasing their own salaries and perks than will the taxpayers, who have to worry about their own jobs and salaries. The public — especially the taxpayer — will always lose.

    That is a fact about government jobs that can’t be avoided. What doesn’t make sense is to implement a system that invites this kind of mutual back-scratching between the Labour Party and public sector unions, in other words, collective bargaining where there is no “management,” but only co-conspirators against the taxpayers on both sides of the bargaining table.

  49. 225
    HappyUK says:

    Another rant, in a similar vein:

    Iin my opinion, a great deal of headaches both previously and in the future could be avoided if we ensure that no government employees be allowed to unionize.


    The cost savings and increases in efficiency would be enormous.

    The need for a union boils down to this question: Do you have a boss who wants you to do more work for less money? In the private sector, the answer is often yes. In the public sector, the answer is a big, fat NO.

    Government unions have nothing in common with private sector unions because they don’t have hostile management on the other side of the bargaining table. On the contrary, the “bosses” of government employees are usually co-conspirators in milking the taxpayer to death.

    Far from being careful stewards of the taxpayers’ money, politicians are basically on the same side as government employees – and couldn’t care less about the taxpayer, who isn’t allowed to be part of the negotiation. As Victor Gotbaum, head of New York’s largest public union in the mid-’70s once said/gloated “We have the ability to elect our own boss.”

    Politicians don’t respond to unreasonable union demands by saying, “Are you kidding?”, they think “Fab – get me a raise too!”

    The Labour Party under Brown had tried to buy votes of government workers with generous pay packages and benefits – all paid for by someone else – and then expect a kickback from the unions in the form of hefty campaign donations, rent-a-mobs and questionable union political activity when they run for re-election.

    It does not take any courage to promise a deranged union extortionist that you will fight to get them more money.

  50. 226
    Anonymous says:

    Bet this is in the top weekly round up on saturday

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