April 14th, 2011

+ + + Another Screws Hack Arrested + + +


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Get them all, Including those at the mirror, then hang em!


  2. 2

    Quis custodiet custodies?


  3. 3
    Grammar School Boy says:

    Why just conentrate on the Murdoch owned NotW?

    Am I being unduly cynical?


  4. 5
    The Guardianistas says:

    You can’t touch us, copper.


    • 28
      Hard-Lazing Voter says:

      Maybe not lawfully.


    • 29
      There's a spy in Camp Grauniad. says:

      Maybe they can’t. But I can.


    • 84
      Nemo says:

      Now then sonny, what have you been doing, its no good struggling, we’ve got you banged to rights sonny, do not stuggle you might hurt yourself, there son I told you you’ve fallen down the stairs. Now where is that guy calling himself Andy Coulson nab him and I’ll a crown as well as a pip.


  5. 7
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Guido, you had a peice on here a while ago showing what papers/media outlets had been invovled in alleged phone hacking , I cant remeber what tag it was under , I dont suppose you could put up a link?


  6. 9
    Being in Labour, you should be used to rats says:


  7. 12
    Labour Party says:

    We only tell the truth.


  8. 17
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Mr Murdoch is very angry. He doesn’t like it when he’s caught out.


  9. 19
    Postlethwaite says:

    The government intercepts all our email messages and telephone calls.
    Logs them records them and reads them.

    A couple of hacks (nice pun) get hold of a few tid bits and next they are the return of the AntiChrist.

    What’s that all about?


    • 23

      If they monitored everything that everyone does, they would need more people than there are people.


      • 61
        Engineer says:

        Think they found the ratio about 2:1 in East Germany – one third of the population spied on the other two-thirds. Mind you, they didn’t have e-mail and mobile phones then, so that would increase the workload quite a bit.


        • 80

          Hi Engineer! Read Dennett’s ‘Consciousness Explained’ (1991). It blows away the “evil demons”/”brain-in-the-vat” theories very effectively. The East German situation was probably as good as it got, which was terrible (from an effectiveness point of view). I went to the GDR twice in the 1980s. The security forces were a joke. A nasty joke but a joke nonetheless.


      • 97
        Anonymous says:

        yeah !


    • 88
      Nemo says:

      Hacks, aren’t they old nackered horses?


  10. 21
    Deep Throat says:

    The lefties are really out to destabilise the government today by, typically, using the police force as their private army. It’s just like when Jacqui was in charge of the home office all over again. But they aren’t elected into office this time. Oh I forgot, they weren’t elected when they were in office either. Nothing changes much, eh? Watch your back Dave and the Murdoch’s. Revenge is sweet to these left wing nutters. Direct retaliation may be your only hope of survival now. I would take it, if I was in your shoes, it is perhaps the only method that works against the rabid reds.


    • 89
      Nemo says:

      DT how do you known that the old Tit and Bum and the Screws haven’t been hacking Dave’s, Gideon’s and other con party cabinet ministers.


  11. 25
    Jane Pig-grin says:

    Me and my pals had a nice big fat meal at Wagamama and you all paid for it. Ha ha! I love being a union rep and nurse. The perks are great!


  12. 26
  13. 30
    YorkshireLad says:

    They’re closing in, Andy old son!


  14. 43
    Sir William Waad says:

    What a job, eh? Listening to slebs prattling on the dog and bone and having to invent a story about it in order to keep a bunch of thick couch-potato Screws readers titillated. I’d almost rather be Gordon’s carer.


    • 49
      Engineer says:

      Can’t remember where I read this, but an article appeared a few weeks ago by an ex-hack describing how they filled column-inches on a slow news day. They just made things up about slebs.

      Is that any better than building a story around a voice-mail intercepted message or two?

      We all know that tabloid journalism is the pits (see Alistair Campbell for details); that’s why this ongoing saga is unsurprising, boring and probably futile, but like any gossip about the doings of slebs, it’ll fill airtime and column-inches.


    • 57
      Beast of Kircaldie says:

      You bigoted old man


    • 91
      Nemo says:

      SWW, I think it is a case of little things pleasing little minds, I do not subscribe to anything Murdoch.


  15. 48
    Beast says:

    Weather up Coulsons intimate circle or not is irrelavent
    This poor soul is innocent until found guilty (which of course he is)
    Shame on you Fawkes


  16. 51
    Stephen Milligan says:

    All this hacking and where are the bloody scoops????? Sienna Miller is a bit of a slapper. Who knew? I want to know who all the gay footballers are, who is into felching, and whether Nadine Dorries likes snowballing.


  17. 52
    Desperate Dan says:

    I know that there are men who spend their time phone tapping and listening in to police communications and who then ring journalists and say: “I’ve got a good story”. But these arrests suggest that journalists must have dispensed with the services of professional phone tappers and spent their time doing their own phone tapping.


  18. 53
    Innit blud says:

    Quite enjoying Cameron’s speech on immigration. Certain to get the lefties worked up.


    • 56
      Cynical-old-bag says:



    • 59
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      He does give a good speech , but what is he going to do about it? the only way to sercue our borders is to leave the EU , Unless he is keeping that one up his sleave which i doubt .


      • 66
        Enoch Powell says:

        No problem with immigration as long as you’re not handed everything when you get here as occurred under the New Labour Social Engineering Project.


      • 74
        Desperate Dan says:

        People should only be allowed to work or study temporarily here if its made plain to them, and they make clear that they understand, that they cannot under any circumstances claim British citizenship. Massive numbers of Britons work abroad but they don’t go round changing their nationality.


      • 78
        Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

        As always with our mealy mouthed politicians don’t listen to what they say – watch what they do particularly in relation to their own lives.


    • 63
      Blue Labour out says:

      He’s just worried about the May elections. As soon as they are over it will be back to heir to Blair mode and fuck all else.

      Are you always so easily had?


      • 69
        Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

        Based on his record so far I’m afraid you are almost certainly correct.


  19. 67
    Billy Bowden says:

    Westminster City Council is planning to move into the top six floors of Eland House, the Communities and Local Government HQ, to share offices with Eric Pickles and Grant Shapps, Guido Fawkes claimed today.

    The proposed move, which could happen before Christmas, follows the council’s decision to cut £60 million from its budget over the next two years.


    • 70
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      If they’re moving from Victoria Street to Eland House, they could put Victoria Street up for rent. Should bring in a few bob.


      • 72
        Billy Bowden says:

        Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said: “The Conservatives obviously believe that this is a marriage made in heaven. But what happens when the Conservatives lose the next General Election?

        “I doubt if the next Labour Secretary of State would want to share offices with Shirley Porter’s successors. This is a risky move by Westminster and could end up in tears, with the council homeless on the streets around Victoria.”

        “Westminster is so strapped for cash that it can no longer afford to pay the rent for a home of its own and has to go cap-in-hand to its friends in Government for somewhere to live. It’s a good job Westminster Council is not dependent on Housing Benefit or the Council would be forced to relocate out of London like many of its poorer residents”.


  20. 68
    Tory Troll says:

    “Just landed in Nevis,West Indies, camera-phone ready just in case I catch sight of @Lord Ashcroft in arrivals.”


  21. 75
    Penfold says:

    Oh dear.

    As NIXON found, it wasn’t so much the original crime that blew up, it was the COVERUP that did for him and his party.

    Murdoch must be incandescent.

    News International shareholders holding their collective breaths to see how much this will cost to make it go away.

    Ahhhhhhhhhh schadenfreude !!


  22. 95
    Realistic Perspective says:

    Whilst phone tapping is illegal and some at News International appear to have been hard at it, SO WHAT? A large fine should be imposed. Any damages should be realistic and be based on what soldiers would get should they lose an arm or a leg in Afghanistan – that would reduce the payouts to pence for “severely injured feelings”. Firstly it only affects a small number of people – some Celebs (who don’t go around GIVING money to the newspapers when they get acres of GOOD publicity), but mainly politicians like Prezza (who is incomprehensible anyway). Secondly, councils were allowed to listen in on all manner of people BY LABOUR POLITICIANS, so what is the great difference? If it is constituents private matters that are the problem, then using an insecure method of communication is the politicians fault – they could have put security codes on their voicemails.


  23. 96
    That's News says:

    Didn’t he used to be at the Mirror, too?


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