March 28th, 2011

Quote of the Day

Dan Hodges writes…

“Labour’s leadership team have a new narrative, one that charges Cameron and Osborne are trying to drag us back to the 1980s. They’re right, they are. And the reason they’re trying to do that is the eighties was a period of total, uninterrupted, unassailable Tory domination, and total, uninterrupted, unprecedented Labour failure.”


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    And we had the great Baronnes Thacter in charge.


  2. 2
    Rat's arse says:

    We did indeed Billy, and NOT ONE of Labour women MPs [or men] can hold a candle to her and that’s why they are so nasty and viscious about her. They are nothing but tow-rags, and yes, I am trying to be polite!


  3. 3

    Britain very badly needs a new political party – socially left but economically/financially right. Hard headed and at the same time kind hearted (but not soft hearted!). To halt the English Disease and the decline of British and Western Society. To embrace global values without surrendering to Chinese financial, economic and political hegemony. To govern for the People and not for the Governed. To work for the middle classes, the poor and the rich, and not only for the rich. Hell – I am writing a manifesto…. better stop…..

    Alex Weir, London, Gaborone and Harare


    • 9
      Doggie Fashion says:

      What a boring cliche “To work for the middle classes, the poor and the rich, and not only for the rich.” No party has ever been ‘only for the rich’. “Hell – I am writing a manifesto….” no you aren’t you’re just spouting inane ill-informed rubbish.


  4. 4
    Hellboy says:

    Big difference tho is that Cameron has stated quite openly that gov’s programme of cuts aims to replace all public services with private contractors i.e public sector jobs will be done for good and there will be no transparency about delivery of services as private companies are not subject to Freedom of Information Act.


    • 6
      Sungei Patani says:


      If a private organisation is working for the Government the Freedom of Information Act applies to that component of that organisation that is undertaking the Government work.


  5. 5

    The Eighties were brilliant. Anything seemed achievable. We didn’t have a huge unbelievable debt hanging over our heads. The country still valued invention and entrepreneurship. Bring ‘em back!


  6. 7
    Senator Bloodn' Gore, says:

    I think that you could say Lady Margaret was, fragrant. Not a term I would associate with any of Labour’s wimin’ now or in days gone by.

    What would you like for dinner Prime Minister?

    Steak please.

    And for the vegetables?

    They’ll have the same.

    Don’t make ‘em like her anymore.


  7. 8
    Fubar Saunders says:

    A fair summary!


  8. 10
    Ampers says:

    Reflecting on Lady Thatcher’s position in her government, she has the same problem of most powerful leaders. A cabinet of wets who rely too much on their parliament income to keep on course with anything that might lose them votes.

    There is one exception here.

    Cameron’s policy on not leaving the EU is losing the Conservatives more and more MPs because of voters moving to UKIP. But, for some totally obscure reason, the MPs, especially those with low majorities, are holding back from leaning on the leaders.

    We saw at the last election their loss of MPs was greater than the election before, and it was lucky they had the LibDems to shore them up.

    But what of the next election? The membership (this is paid membership) of UKIP is growing at a phenomenal rate. This could mean that Labour will get in, time and time again in the future.

    I have never been Labour but each time the bastards who took us into the “Common Market” (sick) – put the k in by mistake but thought I’d leave it there – lose an election because of UKIP I rejoice. I want to see them totally destroyed as a party as they are the real traitors.

    When asked on Television if he know the Common Market was going to become a political entity, Edward Heath had the audacity to reply “Of course I bloody did!” I just couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that.


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Mycroft says:

Have you read the last bit of Animal Farm?

You know where the animals are looking through the Farmhouse window?

My TV screen was that window at lunch-time today.

Be careful, the sudden self-congratulatory tone, the slightly pudgy outline of indulgence and you become exactly what you should despise.

The jolly face of the Quisling Cameron poses for your camera has mesmerised and deceived you, you who were once not so deceived.

You were no firebrand, you were a damp squib in my opinion, sorry.

You need a damned good kick up the ahse!

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