March 16th, 2011

Remembering Robinson

Nick Robinson will be reflecting on his career at the Frontline Club tonight. The invitation reads like some sort of pre-death obituary:

“Showing clips of his work and the work of those journalists who inspired him, Nick Robinson will be remembering the significant milestones in a career that includes stints on On the Record, Panorama and 14 years on the politics beat.”

Ever keen to help out, Guido thought he would dig out one such siginifcant career milestone:

No doubt his famed “David Miliband has won” clip will be played too, right?


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Prick Nobinson is a knb , and needs to get out of Goverments arse!

  2. 2
    Jabba the Cat says:

    What fuckwit is going to replace him?

  3. 3
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Damian Mcbride?

  4. 4
    Rick Nobinson says:

    I will be totally pissed missed.

  5. 5
    The new Midsomer Murders says:

    Hear me now, rudeboy. Der haz been a well wicked murder in da village. Some gangsta got shanked, blud. Me is gonna investigate. But first, me has to bang my bitches. Brrrrap! Peace out, motherfuckaz.

  6. 6
    The new Midsomer Murders says:

    You want some ganja?

  7. 7
    Backwoodsman says:

    Give it 30 seconds and the tame nulab troll ( The other one, not Toenails himself ), will be along to post that he used to belong to the YC’s and therefore the bbc is biased in favour of the Tories !

  8. 8
    Ed But Look Balls says:

    Toenails ! – What a knob-end, covered in Brown shite!

  9. 9
    Anonymous says:

    What government Billy?

  10. 10
    streamfisher says:

    Michael Fish.

  11. 11
    Guido knows my ISP says:

    Guido is just jealous because he (Robinson) was named blogger of the year in 2010, Heaven knows how but there it is.

  12. 12
    Tax Payer says:

    “The curse of Robinson strikes again. Barely 24 hours after this:

    BBC News political editor Nick Robinson says the reshuffle will be very limited and not a “dramatic shifting of the chairs at the top table”.

    We’ve seen the return of a former Cabinet minister who has resigned twice before in disgrace*, the return of a former Foreign Secretary (Margaret Beckett), the departure of two Cabinet ministers (one of which, Des Browne, appears to be forced), the creation of an entirely new ministry and a new chief whip. Make no mistake, this is a major reshuffle.

    And what does Mystic Nick have to say about this?

    “I’m gobsmacked.””

  13. 13
    The Graduate says:

    I knew his mother.

  14. 14
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    “Twat watch”

  15. 15
    Mass Debater says:

    “siginifcant”….. is Guido and Billy one and the same? It would explain how he always gets the first post

  16. 16
    Shane Warne says:

    Quote of the day

    “I know I am getting better at golf because I am hitting fewer spectators.”


  17. 17
    chutney chaser says:

    Who could ever forget Nicks interview with Christine Hamilton?

  18. 18
    Dick the Prick says:

    My gran?

  19. 19
    YorkshireLad says:

    Is he going somewhere???

  20. 20
    Tessa Tickles says:

    The testcard.

  21. 21
    Tessa Tickles says:

    His voice was a bit slurred in the first half of the video.

  22. 22
    Nick Clegg says:

    First [past the] post is wrong!

    It stops my brilliant party from winning elections.

  23. 23
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Yes, up Ed Balls’s arse.

  24. 24
    fantasy pieland says:

    No, he’s coming back……to reality.

  25. 25
    Iluvlabour says:

    The standards of the bbc have been falling for years this am that woman on r4 toady was abysmal, piss poor diction grammar and english total friggin disgrace.

  26. 26
    Penfold says:

    Gosh Nick, do you remember those dodgy expense claims, the laughs we had dreaming up events and people to claim for drinks travel and lunches.
    Oh what fun.

    What a load of sanctimonious claptrap these hacks engage in. The man’s useless with an overflated ego.

  27. 27
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Ed Miliband is a total Cock!

  28. 28
    Penfold says:

    My dear boy, he’s a very dnagerous fool, as he has bought into the Marxist-Leninist/Trotsky flim-flam scheme (brainwashed at birth by his father) and believes all the rot about social ownership, destruction of capitalism, and the state being in total control of everything.
    Like all of his ilk he seeks a client state by creating welfare dependancy and ensuring that the proletariat are ill-educated so cannot understand their feudal position, and provided they get their modern day version of bread and circuses will not kick up.
    So he had better change his attitude to smokes and drinkies as that will lose him his blind unthinking and unswerving supporters.

  29. 29
    Postman Pat says:

    This is one of Guidos boring anorak posts. This should liven it up a bit:

  30. 30
    NeverRed says:

    Suffering a bit of confusion! Labour are no longer the government.

  31. 31
    Soul Kitchen says:

    Do you mean the shrill anti-Gadaffi harpy that constantly interrupted and was completely unintelligable?
    She really put me off my toast and marmalade?

  32. 32
    Doc Trough says:

    An Evening with an Arsepiece.

  33. 33
    Woodward says:

    Did he jump or was he pushed?

  34. 34
    pankhurst says:


  35. 35
    Anonymous says:

    Ha !

  36. 36
    Thieving Scouse Bastard says:

    I used to be in the YCs and know for a fact that the BBC is biased towrds the tories. Honest la!

  37. 37
    Jeff Winter says:



  38. 38
    Rat's arse says:


  39. 39
    crystal tipps says:

    The funniest report on Today this morning concerned the Essex “travellers” who don’t appear to want to travel anymore. Their apologist was given an easy ride and allowed to promote the idea that “travellers” should be allowed to avoid the same planning rules that council tax payers have to abide by.

  40. 40
    DeCameron says:

    where’s Eamonn Andrews when you need him?

  41. 41
    A Genie says:

    THAT is the answer to it all!! Yes, just rename the series after some fictitious village in Grenada or Jamaica. And then we can all complain that there are no white faces in the cast. Simple. Boy am I a genius or what?

  42. 42
    Jabba the Cat says:

    Light up de spliff!

  43. 43
    Anonymous says:

    spekky cnut

  44. 44
    SaltPetre says:

    Why are there so many pedos in Wales ?

  45. 45
    SaltPetre says:

    You have stolen our hearts

  46. 46

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