March 14th, 2011

Balls Nearly Apologises for Being Chancellor

Guido would like to savour this moment as he reckons it’s the closest we are going to get to an apology. Balls finally coughed it:

Blinky Balls“Did we spend every pound wisely? Of course we didn’t”

As Paul Waugh noted, Balls was in quite a candid mood. He responded to a point with “You learn about being Chancellor…” De facto perhaps, but was there something Guido missed?


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    The state is no good at spending money!!!!!!!!!


    • 2
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:



    • 4
      Maddamar Qaddaffi says:

      I spenda on AK-47.


    • 10
      Balls's soundbites says:

      He was on DP and yet again would not say he would reduce VAT. Which is rather odd as he was campaigning against the VAT rise. He is now campaigning to bring down VAT on fuel but he knows this is against EU law. Like his name he is talking Balls.


      • 19
        ???? says:

        As usual the BBC allowed Balls unfettered time to spout his rubbish and the Conservative MP Mike Hancock about one minute to rebuff Ball’s monologue and then back to Balls for the final word before Anita Anand said to Hancock…”I’m sorry we’ve run out of time but I’m sure we’ll come back to this at a later date…! I’m sure they will with further unbiased coverage of the “Tory Cuts”


      • 80
        UGH says:

        Balls, balls, balls, balls etc.
        I am referring to all the newlab lot not just Blinky Eddy and Tomboy Yvette, but Harridan H ag Harman, her presumably transg ender hubby, that one who leads them, poop-nappy Broon, house-flipper Darling, that dwarf woman who’s changed her hair colour/style, Pawno-Jacqui, oh, I could go on and on and on and on and …..


    • 27
      Adolf Balls says:

      We don’t want more spending!
      we don’t want less spending!
      we want National Socialist spending!


  2. 3
    Anonymous says:

    closet? Freudian?


  3. 5
    purpleline says:

    Balls proved today that he is a complete economic illiterate, a man who will strive to find a hammer to smash the UK. He is more dangerous than Hitler same mentality blaming the Bankers for everything and taxing them for breathing.

    The Nazi’s did the same to the Jews in the 1930’s. No wonder that Nazi uniform fitted so well. Labour under Balls would be more akin to a national socialist party, with the useful idiot Ed Miliband being replaced at the final moment.


  4. 7
    Loungelizard says:

    Who released this fool back into the community?


  5. 8
    Engineer says:

    Did they spend ANY pound wisely?


    • 11
      dutchy in scotland says:

      Between him and his awful ‘lower fourth wife’ they would consider that we the British taxpayer did spend money wisely, ‘on the massive half a million pound expenses they submitted !!!


    • 12
      Mike Hunt says:

      Beat me to it E.

      All I can add is the answer:



  6. 9
    Steve Miliband says:

    Those plans in full:

    Raise £2bn from a bankers tax, that even Gordon Brown said wouldn’t work a second time.

    Borrowing will be £200m less, so that can be used for more Investment. That’s like making a saving with Ocean Finance and then spending the saving.


    • 13
      Tax Payer says:

      For comparison, it’s like having a weekly income of £600 and saving/re-allocating 20p. And making a big fuss about it.


    • 18
      the last quango in paris says:

      Labour they just don’t understand figures. Maths teachers for Balls and Browns jnr must tear their hair out whenever their homework comes back.


  7. 14
    The big D says:

    Balls’ throw away line shows the attitude all politicians have for the taxpayer funds.

    Politician’s own money ( expenses), are guarded with care that would be commendable in any other circumstance.

    Until those responsible for spending “our” money are faced with some sanction (jail?), the contempt for taxpayer funds will continue.


    • 22
      AC1 says:

      It’s why I argue for a citizens dividend funded from a single property rights taxation (land minus housing, patents and copyrights), then the cost of the state is removed an equally billed to each citizen…

      An incentive for everyone to have a right size state.


  8. 15
    Fukushima Reactor № 3 says:



  9. 16
    the last quango in paris says:

    can someone ask him if his ‘contemplation suite’ was wise especially as labout mps spent the last 13 years contemplating their navals.

    Ed Miliband will go the same way as Brown – both fought dirty to get the job they thought they were owed only to be dreadful at it.


  10. 17
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I really really really want beat the fuck out of Balls, He is the most vile politicon of any colur(Except Brown) , Lets face it who employ him in the private sector ?even mcdonalds wouldnt employ him!!!!


    • 23
      The BBC Labour Balls'Fan Club Groupies says:

      Take care Billy…you’re talking about the next Chancellor of the Exchequer you know


    • 43
      Balls in Beefburgers says:

      They could stick him in their beefburgers, but then they’d get sued for using unacceptable body parts.


  11. 20
    Balls will keep VAT at 20% says:

    Balls is Heckled by white van man at minute 7:10


  12. 21
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I have a sore arse this morning.


    • 30
      AC1 says:

      tat, you’re Freudian projection is a sign your dosage of medicine isn’t working. Please go back to your case worker.

      Hope you get well soon.


  13. 24

    Look after the pennies and the trillions of pounds will print themselves.


  14. 28
    Sir William Waad says:

    The issue is not merely that they spent vast quantities of cash unwisely but also that they spent too much overall. Even if every pound had been spent usefully it would still have been crazy to raise spending to such an unsustainable level, but of course so much of it was spent inflating the state.


    • 34
      AC1 says:

      The government/Bureaucratic classes just shouldn’t and cannot allocate that amount wisely. They will always do what’s best for bureaucrats, not the people it’s supposed to be spent on. If you don’t believe me see the staff attitude at the best case NHS, in the town halls the entitlement comples is much worse.

      Government is just there to oppose personal externalizations. Over that it’s waste.

      The states current % of the body of society is rather like someone suffering from Leukemia, the immune system has a part to play, but it expands at at a big cost to the longer term health.


    • 53
      Cato Street Conspirator says:

      The Tories didn’t agree with you in 2007.

      ‘‘Writing in The Times, Mr Osborne says that the Tories will deliver year-on-year real increases in public spending and will match Labour’s spending plans for the next two years.’



      • 67
        getting used to this now says:

        wan’t that before they got hold of the books to see what a complete ‘ed’s up’ labour had left them to sort out….. again…….


    • 69
      Mike Hunt says:

      “so much of it was spent inflating the state.”

      so that they will all vote Liebour.


      • 93
        Cato Street Conspirator says:

        Is that why the Tories were planning to stick with Labour spending – to inflate the state?


  15. 31
    thankmuckbrownsgone says:

    Balls should apologise for being Balls, put on his uniform and do the honorable thing. (Put down Ms Balls and blow his brains out, bugger that won’t work as he hasn’t got any)


  16. 32
    Socialism Ate My Future says:

    Jll Duggan an expert on carbon markets for the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Climate Action, another bureaucrat non accountable to us gets torn a new one over the Cap and Trade scam;

    ( if your interested of course )

    On Balls he’s a nonce case closed.


  17. 37
    Martin Day says:

    Right wing political bloggers are to be drafted in to help make Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding day a sparkling event.

    Royal aides and civil servants have been busy behind the scenes making preparations for the big day on April 29.

    But when it comes to making the grime-covered subway tunnels around London’s Hyde Park Corner Tube station clean, the right wing political bloggers were picked as perfect for the job.

    The right wing political bloggers, all deluded, will begin scouring the walkways and station entrances with detergent and heavy wire brushes later this month as part of the Ed Miliband’s Payback Scheme – where right wing political bloggers carry out local demanding work as a punishment


  18. 38
    (Right) Charlie says:

    I have a strong feeling that Balls knows everybody in the whole country sees him as a vile, talentless waste of space (including is lady boy wife) – He’s really not going to last very long in UK politics and will no doubt be packed off to the EU to increase his earning potential.

    In the meantime we may as well enjoy his comedy routine.


  19. 39
    oink says:

    I can’t help but wonder what exactly is being done in our name whilst the disaster in Japan takes all efforts by the media …. we cannot trust these MPs and Peers whilst they are still all alive


  20. 40
    A stinking old socialist bag in Edinburgh says:

    I like Ed Balls. l will support a bag of shit if it has a red rosette pinned to it.


  21. 41
    Bobg says:

    Clever from the eds. Osborne is now in a bind. If he reverses vat foe fuel it will look like he will have been forced to by labour and will also have been shown to be against the expected govt victory on Wednesday in the fuel duty vote. Or he and his coalition buddies can show the motoring lobby whose side they are on by keeping the rise. Crude but effective positioning by labour. Clever. Got hand it to balls he is class.


    • 51
      Engineer says:

      Is this the same Balls who’s “clever” political manouvres resulted in a deficit of £170 billion plus, and National Debt rising from £350 billion in 1997 to well over a trillion in 2011?

      If so, I think that’s the sort of intelligence the country can manage without, thanks very much.


    • 60
      The last quango in paris says:

      Instead of coming up with a credible policy he muddies the water – how is that the best way to act for the country? Xx


    • 65
      streamfisher says:

      As regards fuel prices its all going to be pretty irrelevant anyway, with all this kicking off in the middle east where is the dollar price of oil going to end up next at $100, $120, $150 a barrel?.


      • 86
        OPEC says:

        We certainly hope so. Transferring squillions of western dollars to our part of the world is a practice we dearly wish to see continue.


    • 68
      streamfisher says:

      As regards fuel prices its all going to be pretty irrelevant anyway, with all this kicking off in the middle east where is the dollar price of o*il going to end up next at $100, $120, $150 a barrel.
      FFS (mod).


    • 76
      Mike Hunt says:

      clever at propaganda, total shit at running finances.

      The problem for the government is that the propaganda is the bit that gets them elected.


  22. 44
    Student Grunt says:

    Ed is a hero. Pay for our beer money or we will wreck the place.


  23. 48

    Jeez! 13 years in power and he’s only just admitted that they frittered our money down the drain.



  24. 50
    Ed But Look Balls says:

    He is heir to ‘The Bogeyman’ as a figure of hate and ridicule and would have to be invented if he did not exist!!


  25. 56
    Tom Tom says:

    Don’t trust satnav if you are in Japan. The whole Island was moved 8 feet in the quake and it even affected the tilt of the earth by 4 inches.


  26. 59
    Eunuchonomics says:

    So no more deficit denial? The loony knows the public can see through his lies.


  27. 64
    Here we go. I just knew this would happen. says:

    What these events prove is that climate change is real. Stark memories of the earthquake and the tsunami that took 200,000 lives in Asia remain.


    • 74
      Socialism Ate My Future says:

      My god only a matter of time ey, how long before Moonbat and Mr Black from the BBC present this as fact.


      • 94
        Iloathlefties says:

        What a total lunatic. This was tectonic plates moving. Bugger all to do with “global warming/climate change” you moron


  28. 73

    Scaremongering tactics again.

    If people were to look back over history, they would see that this has happened before.

    I feel for the Japanese people and the tsunami is a terrible thing to have happened to them, but Japan has a huge population on actively volcanic islands and it was only a matter of time before a disaster like the one in Asia would hit again somewhere else.


    • 75
      AC1 says:

      It’s so shocking to the left because it contradicts their narrative that Mankind is responsible for everything that goes wrong. Hence the urge to fit it into the lunatic Climate change false narrative.


    • 79
      Titford Hat says:

      You wait. We’re overdue for a San Andreas event. When it goes it’ll make this Japanese thing look like a Sunday school outing.


  29. 77
    Up sh1t creek says:

    I’ve recorded a number of Balls’ interviews, and he’s said that Labour didn’t spend every penny wisely in a number of interviews, it’s not a recent phenomenon, at least he’s been on that line since Labour got kicked out of government, and Balls didn’t win the party leadership race.


  30. 78
    Hugh Janus says:

    Once a completely odious, incompetent and arrogant sh*t, always a completely odious, incompetent and arrogant sh*t…


  31. 89

    Anymore dirt on Blinky and the Turkish tart smearing the sheets together Guido?
    I’ve love to see Blinky caught out playing at home (which one?) by Mrs. Balls!


  32. 90
    Chris says:

    Well to be fair someone should apologise for him being chancellor (or have I got the wrong man)!!


  33. 95
    Puck says:

    This story about Balls is all very well, but why are there no more salacious stories about Shagger Noakes?


  34. 96


    Had to chuckle at TV series Midsomer Murders head honcho Brian True-May being suspended; seemingly over the lack of ethic faces in the Cookham Dean based long running TV detective/murder series.

    I wonder if this suspended Brian True-May is the very same Brian True-May who was once a location manager in the late 1970’s on the very first episode and location production shoot of televisions’ long running Grange Hill series?

    Answering a frantic call from Mr True-May to provide TV location catering. Brays Wine Bar in the Fulham Road, Chelsea (Prop. Julian Bray) had just a week earlier started an outside catering service and was gearing up to service LWT’s twice weekly World of Sport location shoots. The instructions from Mr True-May were very clear. A days film catering for the crew and actors and a case i.e. 12 bottles of Gordon Gin to be included in the supplies.

    Thinking the TV crew were having a celebration to finish the first days location shoot, Brays Location Services ( as the box van kitchen was liveried) loaded up the case of gin and a corresponding number of tonics, glasses, bags of ice and a box of lemons.

    On arrival and setting up the location kitchen, the catering crew were greeted by Mr True-May who immediately and earnestly enquired about the case of Gordons Gin. Confirming all the supplies were on board. Our fearless location manager then demanded the immediate production of the case of gin which was promptly locked into the boot True-Mays car and never to be seen again…….

    The caterers truly left holding the ice, tonics and lemons! Now if the tariff for securing a days shoot is still a case of Gordons Gin, the True-May residence could well have an adjacent warehouse stuffed full to the rafters with Gin!


  35. 97

    Well at least the japanese needn’t buy red luminous noses, the radiation should do that for them…is it still right to go ahead with Red Nose Day when the news from Japan will by Friday -red nose day – will fill the news agenda?
    A bunch of z listers doing silly things seems out of place…just sayin’


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