March 1st, 2011

Balls Still Denying Debt


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    Lefty McLeft says:

    “So What”


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      AngryEnglishJon says:

      If you’ve got to ask that, then I suggest you go and get a fitting for a new back fastening jacket.


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        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        Fuckin hell , Never seen that posted here…………….since the last time it was posted and the million times before that!


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          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          Fuckin hell , I post the same inane retarded toss here every day and I don’t even live in Britain…..I’m the most pitiful sad wanker in the world!


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          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          Fuckin hell , I post the same inane retarded shit here every day and I don’t even live in Britain….I’m the most pitiful sad wanker in the world.


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        your choice fatty says:

        Guido was close friends with Hull B&P was a city spiv bankr*pt and has dr*nk dr*ving charges.


        • 151
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          But is not standing for public office.


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          Poor Bill says:

          Boring boring boring. Look. The BBC is doing this. Look, Listen, Learn !

          1. Look Global warming. If capitalism is not defeated we will all DIE !!!!!

          2. Look poofs are funny and they can dance.

          3. Look Global warming. If capitalism is not defeated we will all DIE !!!!!

          4. Look half the male population are poofs, if your not one you’ll be left out.

          5. Look Global warming. If capitalism is not defeated we will all DIE !!!!!

          6. If you become gay, you’ll be able to dance like Rickie Martin.

          7. Look Global warming. If capitalism is not defeated we will all DIE !!!!!

          The BBC has now made the biggest mistake any entertainment / propaganda group can make…….

          They are now fucking boring us to death with their message.

          Look to North Africa you monkeys. We are aready tired of your Marxist Bull-Shit and you are still 2 years away from complete control.


        • 283
          pointless prattle monitoring unit says:

          get some help bill you’ve gone gadaffesque


        • 312
          I hate Blue Labour says:

          To be fair, Fawkes isn’t charging *us* for his stamps and secretary though.


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      Fony blair says:

      It’s because he’s never wrong and there is no such thing as ‘debt’ only ‘investment’!


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        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        Never seen that clip before……………….. well apart from evry other day its posted.


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        Cynical Old Man says:

        Balls is such a smug, self satisfied, arrogant bastard, he thinks he’s untouchable.


        • 193
          Bargepole dripping with shit says:

          He is.


          • Yeah, right..... says:

            He isn’t. Just becasue the BBC toady up to him and the Labour PPP run scared of him doesnt mean he is untouchable.

            Look what the electorate did in his constituency. A rock solid Lab seat turned into a wafer thin marginal that they would have lost if anyone had taken a closer look at the postal votes.

            Balls can bully, lie and smear his way to the top of the Labour party but voters detest him and he is unelectable.


          • Eva Precious Brick of Love says:

            spot on Yeah Right but unfortunately the great unwashed will still eventually believe the rubbish he espouses.


        • 298
          ichabod says:

          I’ve been watching Ed. Testicles on tv recently and have to the concluson that its all an act; he doesn’t believe the nonsense he spouts, but is clever enough to get away with it. It is all about being oppositonal, provocative and keeping up his high public profile. Ultimately I think he’s rather camp and will probalby end up something of a cult gay icon; the worst fate of all.


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      BillyBob.....beware, the jungle drums, Labia is revolting!! says:

      Chop off ‘is knob !!


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      Praguetory says:

      Balls is not a deficit denier, he’s a fiscal flat earther.


      • 125
        Ed Stench says:

        I’m dirty Balls, touch me!


        • 145
          A balls up backer says:

          He’s obviously very prudent with his cash – not wise but prudent, maybe even cheapskate ? He would make a good labour chancellor, he lies as well so a cert for the post, assuming edward the 0 doesn’t give up the ghost.


      • 226
        AC1 says:

        I always considered Marxists a bit like creationists in that the both beleive that nothing can evolve without an exterior guide.


  2. 2
    Ed Balls says:

    I am never wrong.


    • 32
      Dick the Prick says:

      I thought I was wrong once but I was mistaken.


    • 107
      Hugh Jardon says:

      But you are a c-unt.

      Says it all really – just curl up and die you 3rd rate piece of shit.


    • 115
      Tossflap Watch Is Still Very Much Alive And Kicking!!!! says:

      Never wrong?

      That’s what makes you such a despicable, brain-dead, parasitic, annoying, arrogant, smarmy, oily, Brown-mentored tossflap.

      And that you are allegedly unable to leave a property you have rented in an acceptable fashion just like your equally tossflapish former colleague Purnell.


      • 147
        Edward Balls the 1st says:

        Does that mean you dont like me?


        • 159
          Tossflap Watch Is Still Very Much Alive And Kicking!!!! says:

          I thought I had made that abundantly clear.

          Having trouble understanding English, tossflap?


  3. 3
    Barry W says:

    Dirty balls, not nice


  4. 4
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    He reminds me of the other historic socailist………….Hitler.


  5. 5
    the beast of proctology says:

    When will Mandelson be imprisoned for being a dirty orifice?


  6. 8
    Sir William Waad says:

    I misread it as ‘dirty orifice’ at first.


  7. 9
    Larry The Fat-Cat Banker says:

    “Quite why he hasn’t settled yet baffles Guido.”

    Er, he’s an arrogant f*cker who lost his grip on reality years ago?…

    Just askin’….


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      streamfisher says:

      Obviously as mad as his eyes might tell you, a Politician that aspires to the highest office in the land (o.k he is really just another plonker with delusions of grandeur), but he then runs away from a debt of about £2,000, Gordon ran away from a debt of £1 and a 1/2 trillion, he did it big time, plenty of people have done a moonlight flit but most don’t boast about it.


      • 51
        Dick the Prick says:

        Wakey’s proper Yorkshire too and the older women set great stall by cleanliness. What a prat.


      • 121
        Chuckies in love ( with himself) says:

        Now that I have arrived on the Political Landscape, The days are gone when an individual entered politics for their own self aggrandisement .


      • 170
        Cynical Old Man says:

        Has Balls already claimed office costs on his expenses? Perhaps Guido could, through the Sunlight Organisation, put the question to the Parliamentary watchdog?


  8. 11
    • 38
      Mr Bojangles says:

      Men of courage have to act in a shifty, mean, petty and spitefull way.

      Oh no, sorry, that should be cowards that act that way.


    • 48
      stilyagi_air_corps says:

      Probably thought he’d been stitched up again: ‘Arise, Sir Jobbie!’

      If any goddamn’ foreign geek deserves an honourary knighthood, it’s Linus Torvalds.


      • 77
        Four-eyed English Genius says:

        And Richard Stallman.


        • 87
          stilyagi_air_corps says:

          Abso-bloody-lutely! Imagine the scene at the acceptance speech!


        • 197
          Another Engineer says:

          I use Linux and a lot of Open Source software (and have even been known to write it), and I’m never quite sure whether it is a Socialist dream or sticking two fingers up at Corporatists…


          • stilyagi_air_corps says:

            I always thought it was an Operating System…


          • I have used Microsoft for 25 years and now I’m installing Linux on one of my machines. The other eight will follow as I get up to speed. I am fed up with being mucked about by them. Top of the range Ultimate lost all its filesharing and I had to upgrade to 7 – there was no cure. Got my validation back in November last and today it tells me it is not genuine! The straw that broke the camel’s back.


    • 86
      jgm2 says:

      That’s why the US Constitution specifically forbids its citizens to accept foreign titles. Precisely so that they will not debase themselves and act contrary to the good of the US just for a bauble.

      Which is undoubtedly what the Maximum Imbecile was trying to induce Steve Jobs to do. Come over here and lend his idiot regime some reflected Apple magic. In the same way that Brown was running around the world trying to bump into O’Maha like some love-sick teen doing wheelies on his bike outside the house of a girl he has a crush on.

      Oh hi, O’Hama, I didn’t expect to see you here.

      A monumentally sad act.


  9. 12
    Take Balls to the cleaners says:

    Can we set up a support group or support fund for the landlord? He’s heroic.


  10. 14
    Take Balls to the cleaners says:

    I wish Balls would just fucking die.


    • 17
      RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

      I know how you feel.


    • 27
      Bun says:

      Not so keen then


    • 30
      BillyBob.....beware, the jungle drums, Labia is revolting!! says:

      Slowly ??


      • 41
        Mabel from the Women's Institute says:

        In phenomenal pain. Skinned alive and burned all over with a blowtorch, then left.


        • 54
          Blinky is a cunt says:

          Far too lenient.


        • 83
          Dick the Prick says:

          Bloody liberals!


        • 88
          Not cruel or unusual punishment under the circumstances says:

          You forgot the salt. Skinned alive. Then salt. Then burnt.


          • Vlad the Impaler says:

            For lesser offences, I used to put the offender in the stocks, skin their feet, rub salt into them and then introduce a goat to lick the salt.


        • 276
          Rick the Roman says:

          Traditional punishment for a traitor (and a commoner) Balls should be hung, drawn and quartered. He should be hanged by the neck until almost dead – then revived in time to see a knife split him from nipple to navel, after which the executioner should reach in and spill 32 feet of his intestine, which should be placed on a griddle. His heart should then he ripped out and thrown on to the fire. His body should be cut in quarters and each piece sent to his constituency as a warning not to elect such a traitorous, obnoxious twat again. (£19.95 on Sky Box Office)


        • 293
          Yeah, right..... says:

          I’m in two minds about Ed Balls.

          On one hand I think he should be shot.

          On the other hand, it would be nice if he was hideously tortured for a few days and then hanged.

          I’m just saying that its important to see both sides of the argument.


  11. 15
    Doc Trough says:

    Keep out of W.Yorks lad. That way lies insanitary!


    • 52
      Sutcliffes pointless lobby fodder says:

      We have the bestest MP’s going in West Yorks.
      South Bradford’s non-entity for example.
      He gives morons a bad name.


  12. 16
    Steve Milband says:

    ”MP Balls sued over dirty office”

    According to the dictionary;
    To Sue: to blame someone else for your shortcomings, first used by G Brown MP


  13. 19
    Sres says:

    Please let him be personally bankrupt, please let him be personally bankrupt


  14. 21
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    So the ConDems are not the only one clearing up Labours mess.


  15. 24
    Hugh Janus says:

    This could be the exception to the rule that states: “There is no such thing as bad publicity”.

    What’s the betting we end up paying for the case, in the same way that we paid for his poppy wreath? This serial house-flipper shouldn’t be short of a bob or two (of our money). Otherwise he could somehow scrape together the money from the £100,000 he was paid by the Smith Institute for less than a year’s work…..

    PS Why is the ‘Expenses’ section missing from his Wiki entry I wonder??


  16. 25
    The Wakefield Express says:

    MP Ed gave shamed GP a reference

    Warning The photo is a bit odd. Friday caption material infact


  17. 33
    MI5 says:

    Not to forget the deniers of New Labour History starting with Tony Blair

    And, Guido, his Chief of Staff Jonathan Powell now with Morgan Stanley (one of the investments at the heart of the financial meltdown)

    Blair being the Machiavellian prince of darkness himself

    Blair is now himself personally implicated because of his complicity with Gadaffi, oil arms and bankiong deals with the miurderer this time

    Blair gave an interview for the Sunday Times from where ? Israel

    It is high time that he be indicted for high crimes at home and abroad..


    • 37
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Hang the Fucker!


      • 45
        Mabel from the Women's Institute says:

        A simple, yet effective, solution. And guaranteed to prevent re-offending.


      • 255
        anon says:

        Yes, let’s give him a fair trial – then hang the f***** – followed by the drawing & quartering. Sky could make a packet showing it & selling the DVD afterwards.


    • 46
      Straight sorts guy my ass says:

      He could pass on first, either Mondie, Tuesdie, Wednesdie etc.

      His daughter then oh, Deeeee-notice wasn’t it>


  18. 40
    D. Niall-Nollidge (Lawyers) says:

    My client has no recollection of trashing the economy office!


  19. 42
    Madoff Mandelson says:

    What happened to the New Labour Ponzi scheme ?

    Our economic advisers Gordon Brown, Balls and Milliband told Tony Blair and my worshipful hypocritical elf that we could just increase DEBT

    Which New labour did

    And then all of a sudden the Ponzi scheme collapsed

    Why ?

    Lazards have hired me to find out why Ponzi schemes do not work

    PS the rich have suffered enough, especially Jacob and Nat so lay off while I make my millions PLEASE


  20. 44
    SaltPetre says:

    Looks like Brown blocked Steve Jobs’ honorary Knighthood for political reasons:


    • 47
      Gordon got one thing right says:

      That, and iPods are (a) made by slave labour and (b) are environmentally unfriendly due to non-replaceable batteries.


      • 93
        thankmuckbrownsgone says:

        I changed the battery in mine


        • 134
          Gordon got one thing right says:

          I saw a YouTube video on how to change the batter in mine – you have to prise the thing apart with a knife – A KNIFE! – and the battery is actually soldered to the fecking circuit board! WTF? Why not just have a pop-open cover, like .. erm.. anything else with a battery?

          I hope Jobs dies of cancer.


      • 206
        Alex says:

        Whereas other tech companies NEVER manufacture their components in a similar fashion?

        Take your head out of your arse and do some research and I guarantee that you’ll find the computer you used to type your comments was made under identical circumstances to Apple’s products.



      • 281
        The Sleeper says:

        There’s a world of difference between slave labour and cheap labour. I’m quite sure Steve Jobs has no truck with the slave trade.

        A typical lithium ion battery will last about 3 years whether you use it or not. So what if you can replace it and throw it in th etrash? How is that enviromentally friendly?

        Does anyone know of anyone whose iPhone battery has failed before they have changed their phone?


        • 284
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          Anyone who has an iphone is likely to be one of them fickle phone changers.
          I have been using the same phone since 2005. The battery is fine thanks.

          But they said “ipod” anyway.


    • 50
      He wasn't the apple of my eye says Gord says:

      More likely to be personal psycho ones.


    • 68
      Hugh Janus says:

      This is just the kind of spiteful act for which Mr Ponzi-McBust is now famed.


  21. 53
    Catflap says:

    MP’s Ball’s sued over a dirty office.

    I think spunked over a strumpet is a better headline.


  22. 55
    Blinky is a cunt says:

    Balls is a Nazi who wants a final solution for beleagured landlords.

    Hey, Oona, if it’s OK for you to bandy around insane comments, then it should be for all of us!


    • 64
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Hitler was a socailist.


      • 75
        MI5 says:


        The historical mistake and the mirderaous disease that is called Socilaism was created by Marx, Lenin and Engels
        It was continued by thousands of Continental “intellectuals”
        And then produced more than 120 million deaths throughout the world
        It was also continued after WWI bvy the London School of Economics who are now reverting to type
        WIth the Marxist Milliband’s “LMectures” named after the Marxist ralth Milliband attended by Empty Ted

        And was brought


        • 78
          MI5 says:

          And was brought to a logical conclusion by Pol Pot who massacred one third of the population of Cambodia in the name of Socialism

          NEVER FORGET


          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            I never will.


          • Pussyfooting around the left has lead to the shit we are in today says:

            Every lefties dream is turn the clock back to year zero pol pot style thats why the rest of society should strike first and strike hard.


          • Democratic Deficit says:

            Pol Pot’s ‘year zero’ sounds awfully like the place where the greens want us to end up at.


          • Grumpy Old Man says:

            The NHS is a socialist construct.
            The elderly and infirm are left in soiled beds, in filthy wards,, infected with HAI.
            The elderly and infirm are not fed or helped to drink if it doesn’t suit the staff at the time.
            Sometimes medication is given at the wrong time of day, or it’s the wrong medication, or it’s not given at all. So the demented become more demented
            All this happened to my Mother and my Mother-in-Law 10 years ago.
            Dispatches have just caught up with the scandal
            Socialist Constructs are good at killing people.

            NEVER FORGET


          • Famines and Firing Squads says:

            But despite a hundred years which shows it always fails and leads to famines and firing squads the fuckers still believe that the next time it will work. Such a belief iN the face of all the evidence is only found in fundamentalist religions. The leaders of socialist movements are often raised to God like status and any departure from the one true way is treated as heresy and stampede on in a manner which would make the Inquisition proud.The truth is Socialism is a cult and a dangerous one at that.


          • The Sleeper says:

            Hang the evil bastards !


        • 92
          Robert Gabriel Mugabe says:

          LSE? That’s where I got my economics qualification.


  23. 56
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Shall we call him Debt-Balls from now on?


  24. 57
    Mr Speaker (Mandelson plant) says:

    Please Guido

    I know you have guiodised politics in this country

    But where is my Cicciolina ?


  25. 60
    streamfisher says:

    If only you could sue them for the other ‘dirty office’.


  26. 61
    Empty Ted says:

    Will someone detach me from my Balls ?


  27. 63
    Peter Mandleson's love child. says:

    Balls or Gaddafi, who is in most denial?
    Just watched one of the labour Eagle sisters on BBC Parliament. What a miserable bitch. Does anyone know where she lives as I want to send her some shampoo.


  28. 76
    The Muammar al-Gaddafi Memorial Lecture : Brought to you by The Miliband Family says:

    Oh dear Ed! Whoops much???????????????????????????????????? I think it’s time for you fuck off and die now :-) and your whole fucking party. #fuckingshitlabour #recklesscu₦ts


  29. 82
    OddBalls says:

    I don’t deny the debt.
    I readily admit I owe a great debt to Gordon Brown


  30. 84
    Reuters correspondent says:

    When will the cowardly tax avoiding, hedge fun benefitting Rushberger face you on television Guido ?

    It is high time… in the name of intellectual honesty


  31. 89
    8 Minute Eddie says:

    Fuck off Guido, I got other problems.


  32. 94
    Ed Miliband says:

    I am the leader of the 0 position.


  33. 99
    Ed Miliband says:

    Leave my Balls alone Guido or i will get really angry!


    • 109
      Screwem Shaftem and Flit says:

      I’m trying and see the reasoning behind not settling this case …balls is an arrogant two faced double dealing weasel but even he must see the stupidity of not doing so regardless of the circumstances…pathetic creep probably thinks any publicity is better than none.


      • 116
        jgm2 says:

        It’s the principle.

        If you acknowledge you’ve run up one debt then it’s much easier for your detractors to suggest you make a habit of it.

        Deny, deny, deny.


        • 162
          Screwem Shaftem and Flit says:

          fair comment jgm2 but given this man is a former high ranking minister it is a strange way to behave …I accept that my expectation that people in those type of positions in public life would want to avoid things like this happening is completely delusional.


    • 110
      Guido 2 says:



  34. 101
    Kim & Aggie helping you get rid of Socialist Scum. says:

    How to get rid off socialist scum in your office? Bleach, Bleach, Bleach and wire wool. I bet that Yvette is a proper scrubber. Use her head as a mop.


  35. 105
    John Cravens says:

    Only a bunch of uber Cu’nts as the British Labour parteh could have a shadow finance minister who’s being sued for unpaid bills.

    How was the office dirty? Wankstains?

    What is the correct term for a groupin’ of cu’nts?


    • 155
      jgm2 says:

      A Labour shadow cabinet?

      As in ‘Chris Evans is a proper Labour shadow cabinet’.


      • 166
        Tossflap Watch Is Still Very Much Alive And Kicking!!!! says:

        I think it’s unfair to liken the Shadow Cabinet to that ginger tossflap.

        Btw- did you know he went a bit mental a few years ago?

        Now there’s an interesting excuse for TFI Friday being shite,


    • 157
      Rufus Stone says:

      John – the correct term is Labour Party


    • 164
      LibLabCon = liars says:

      The collective noun for a group of c-unts is a “Parliament”.


    • 176
      19/57 says:

      Berks, as in Berkshire Hunts


    • 207
      Do as I say not as I do shall be the whole of the Law says:

      Remember this is also the Party who gave us a Chancellor of the Exchequor who flipped his home several times to avoid paying capital gains tax.


  36. 108
    The Left says:

    We don’t owe anyone any money.


    • 125
      The Far Left says:

      What is money?


    • 158
      Joined-up Labour thinking Gaddafi style says:

      And I have no official title and so cannot resign.

      Which is why everybody here obeys my orders when I tell them to kill the opposition.


      • 163
        David Camoron says:

        I have given the Lib yan people a cast-iron guarantee that I won’t abandon them. If needs be, the three or four bi-planes the RAF still possesses will protect them all. I guarantee it.


        • 264
          David Camoron says:

          Hang on, the Americans and the French have told me I can’t actually do anything at all. Something to do with me scrapping the military in the defence review (you know, when I said we didn’t need a military).

          Ho hum. I await my orders. In the meantime, I’ll shell-out another £11bn in foreign aid.

          Toodle-pip! What what!


        • 270
          The Paragnostic says:

          I believe T E Lawrence, a Brough Superior and the latest Vickers-equipped Sopwith Camel have been assigned to enforce the no-fly zone …


  37. 111
    London School of Eunuchonomics says:

    What an absolute moron. Balls is his own worse enemy.


  38. 112
    TJB says:

    All Balls, no brains.


  39. 114
    Jack Dromey fighting for women's rights. says:

    Cleaning is a woman’s job.


  40. 133
    End of his career says:

    British fashion designer John Galliano has been sacked by fashion house Dior following alleged anti S*mitic comments he made last week.

    Dior said it had decided to fire him after seeing a video clip allegedly showing Galliano telling two women in a Paris cafe: “I love Hitler.”

    “I very firmly condemn what was said by John Galliano,” said Dior’s chief executive Sidney Toledano.

    A lawyer for the 50-year-old designer said he denied the allegations.

    Toledano said Galliano’s alleged comments “totally contradict the values which have always been defended by Christian Dior.”

    It followed the footage posted online allegedly showing Galliano telling a Paris cafe patron: “People like you would be dead today – your mothers, your forefathers would be gassed.”


    • 137
      A Muppet Critic says:

      John Galliano was also heard to sing, “It’s Spring Collection time for Hitler and Germany.”


      • 148
        Mr and Mrs 'Satisfied' from essex says:

        what a real pleasure to see the obnoxious Galliano canned by Dior…couldn’t happen to a more deserving gentleman… even better to see it on video after his denials and legal counterclaim against the people involved. With any luck the french will prosecute the little creep.


        • 297
          Ironic That says:

          Ironically, Christian Dior was an avid Nazi supporter and he dressed all the top Nazis in Paris. His niece, was also a Nazi supporter during the post WW2 era. Galliano, it could be argued, is merely keeping up the Dior tradition.


    • 142
      Christian's Values says:

      Christian Dior? That’s the company that encourages Anorexia, isn’t it?


      • 146
        End of his career says:

        No. There’s a thing called personal responsibility. Blaming a fashion label for individuals’ anorexia is veering into nanny state/Labour territory.


        • 161
          Christian's Values says:

          Nevertheless, Dior encourages it. Like smoking. It’s down to the individual, but the tobacco companies encourage it.

          “Wanna wear our clothes? Starve yourself.”


        • 177
          Dack Blog says:

          Maybe they should be banned from using models with the BMI of a matchstick who look like adolescent boys. More fool women for supporting such a pile of fantasist cock-ture with their patronage.


          • Jeremy "Greek God" Clarkson says:

            You wouldn’t catch a Ferrari driving man falling for such bollocks.


          • Dack Blog says:


          • jgm2 says:

            Karl Lagerfield (sp) is the one for that isn’t he? Loads of quotes about fat women just being jealous and if they want to be sexy then they should just lose about three stone and then they’ll be able to fit into his dresses and look like androgenous heroin addicts too.


          • AC1 says:

            maybe the government should concern itself with vastly more pressing matters…


          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            you what mr AC ?
            “something must be done” “by the government”.

            PS: Fashion industry is bloody ridiculous, and in more PC forums you can’t point out this: Its nowt to do with straight men. Gok on TV might have been vilified for being a gay man telling women what to do, but that pretty much sums up the whole industry.


          • The Large 40DDs have it the large ones have it says:

            the craze for the emaciated model is a direct result of designer led demand so that the clothes they show are hung on a clothes horse to ‘show the line’ of the garment not the body within it. The whole industry is a joke and very largely responsible for the warped self image problems so many young girls develop.


      • 208
        The red rag trade says:

        To be fair anorexia is just a side product and a means to an end. The real goal is to make women look like pre pubescent boys.


    • 160
      jgm2 says:

      <It followed the footage posted online allegedly showing Galliano telling a Paris cafe patron: “People like you would be dead today – your mothers, your forefathers would be gassed.”

      Funnily enough it was the French themselves who did such a thorough job helping Mr Hitler ensure that so many J*ws were in fact gassed.


    • 204
      Anonymous says:

      Don’t like the dude but why is it a crime to say I liked Hitler? Not so many years ago so did most Germans.


      • 215
        Anonymous says:

        Ed Balls was such a fan he even dressed like Hitler in his youth…


        • 218
          Changing Attitudes says:

          So did many thousands of yoofs over the years. It is only in modern times that to dress up as and piss take the Nazis has become a crime.


          • Pussyfooting around the left has lead to the shit we are in today says:

            Why can people say they like Stalin and Mao or Pol Pot and Che but not Hitler.

            If you like at the numbers, the first three actually killed millions more than Hitler ever could of dreamed off and the fourth personally executed surrendered police and army personel and was a known mass rapist bet the Che t-shirt wearing hippies wouldn’t like it if I went around raping their sisters or mums though.

            It’s cool to like one set of mass murderers but not another according to the left wing…….


          • Augusto Pinochet says:

            Well said that man.


      • 295
        Lord Chufferbox says:

        its not a crime in the Uk Anon but frankly its quite difficult to think of anything to like him for… the one thing he could do was inspire the Teutonic masses but as soon as he turned left and headed for Russia rather than right and us he exposed his serious strategic flaw. Remove the Jewish issue and he would have been judged very differently however the venal reality of Nazi policies will forever slur German history.


  41. 178
    Billy Bowden's spellchecker says:

    Brown was the man who led us into the abyss, but Cameron is not the man to lead us out. In his terror of upsetting the Liberal media all he’s doing is laying the groundwork for Milliband, or more probably Balls, to win the next election just as soon as the LibDems collapse into a orgy of mutual backstabbing.
    Your worst fears are shortly to be realised.


    • 277
      Coalition of the unwilling says:

      If on May 6th Clegg has won the AV Referendum then “Dave” will be facing further dissent/rebellion from his party as he’s guaranteed that there will never be another Tory government after AV is introduced
      If on the other hand “Dave” wins the AV referendum Clegg is finished and will face revolt from is party but either way the Coalition is pretty much “fucked”


  42. 182
    Tom Denning says:

    How funny would it be if Ed was contesting the case because he had evidence that the landlord was the tool of a politically motivated smear campaign?


    • 185
      jgm2 says:

      Ned doesn’t need evidence or facts. He’ll just proclaim it to be true like he does all the rest of his lies.

      Idiot Uber Alles.


  43. 183
    Major Bonkers says:

    We should call him ‘Dirty Balls’.


  44. 191
    Ed Balls says:

    I thought everyone shat in the bin, sue me


  45. 194
    Smarten up dave says:

    Dave has got to be a lot more cunning over this Libya crisis. There is actually no hard evidence that Gaddafi attacked civilians from the air and a lot of hard evidence that gaddafi attacked ammo dumps in his opponents hands from the air.

    If Dave is not careful then Gaddafi will win the propaganda war. Fortunately for Dave wee Dougie has also fallen into the trap of supporting a no fly zone above Libya.

    What is clear though, is that if we end up with a West Libya and an East Libya then Britain will be a loser and Russia/China winners.

    Methinks Dave has said too much


    • 198
      The Saudis are revolting says:

      Not reported at all by the press and surprisingly not picked up by Andrew Neil on his own programe is that the guest Arab on the DP show said that Saudi Arabia will have a revolution.


    • 247
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Errr…. a BBC reporter last night said that he’d seen libyan aircraft carrying out attacks on the rebels, and that some libyan pilots were ejecting over rebel territory rather than bomb their own countrymen.


      • 257
        Truth is the 1st victim of war says:

        BUT where is the HARD evidence?


        • 307
          Ironic That says:

          When dealing with Arabs in such circumstances, it is always best to take much of what is said as hyperbole. After the fact, a clearer picture may or may not, depending on who is the victor, emerge.


  46. 199
    I need glasses says:

    Balls sucked over dirty orifice.


  47. 200
    Clarke says:

    SHOPLIFTERS could escape prison by just paying for what they pinch and saying “sorry”. Jail sentences and tough fines will be SCRAPPED as the default punishment for nicking from stores under controversial plans soon to be unveiled by Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke.

    Instead he wants thieves to make face-to-face apologies to victims and pay compensation. The move was revealed to Parliament by Prisons Minister Crispin Blunt.

    He said: “We want to make restorative justice and compensation orders the first point of departure for such offences so offenders can make good to their victims.”

    Mr Clark, 70, has enraged Tory MPs by threatening to scrap minimum jail terms for murder and order more community orders than prison terms. Last night critics warned retailers will be infuriated by his soft approach to shoplifters who last year cost £1.1billion.

    Tory MP Douglas Carswell fumed: “It’s the latest trendy thinking by the Ministry of Justice, and it will look like justice on the cheap.

    “Restorative justice is a fad. I’ve never met a victim of crime who wants this.”


    • 216
      Anonymous says:

      But as many shoplifters are hopeless junkies on benefits, it will be the taxpayer who’ll end up paying again.


    • 224
      comfortable job for life.... says:

      That Carswell must be getting fed up in a party which simply doesnt represent his views. Maybe one day, he’ll grow a set of balls and leave it.


  48. 201
    Eurofighter Typhoon says:

    Hehehehehehehehehehe yes!

    I get to have a go now I get to have a go now, finally I can pop my cherry!


    • 217
      nell says:

      Not yet! cameron is sabre rattling. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to the real thing.

      Having said that the real lib y ans are really holding their own against the gad afi thugs tonight in the towns in the west. They’ve repulsed several serious attacks by gad afi’s mercenaries today.

      Oh Sorry as mandy has told saif to say to Sky today in the interview he set up for him “gad afi is in control of the whole country and no-one anywhere is being attacked. Everywhere is peaceful.”

      It’s all in mandy’s spin!!!!

      mandy to saif ‘ how much is that worth? “250k surely. Just deposit it in my bank account. Thanks I’ll talk to you again tomorrow about the BBC interview I am arranging for you. We need to say that you’ve won back Zavireh. Oh! You’ve failed despite the fact that you used 4×4′s and fired on civilians with surface to air missiles!! Well go back and try again!”


    • 289
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      I was getting the impression that almost all libyan planes are broken, and hardly anyone can be bothered flying the three or four that worked.


    • 308
      Ironic That says:

      The last thing a Typhoon pilot would want, is to fly the piece of crap into a combat zone. It is outdated junk, with no stealth capability at all and an easy target for any ground / air, air / air missile.


  49. 202
    Anonymous says:

    the people who voted in new Labour are most to blame for fine mess uk is in. john major does not look so bad now. we all in big cesspit gordon brown and tony blair left behind. i don t see point in voting but proverb i came across said “don t vote for purpose of putting a person into power vote for the purpose for keeping the other party out” people vote in their own interests not in the country s best interest! voting for same party each time and expecting different results is madness new Labour was big hustle and as for tory liberals not much to do when cupboard is empty but Labour are shaping the uk in social engineering massive immigration etc tories like to clean up the mess and lib dems will have better respect for tories after seeing unflushed toilet=finances labour left behind.


    • 214
      nell says:

      I was out of breath after I read that unpunctuated rant!

      Not bad but could have done with some commas and full stops.


  50. 209
    nell says:

    What is it about the biblebelt yanks that they are so conned by bliar?

    He’s attending a california church this sunday to talk about his “quest for peace in the middle east” What a laugh!

    Why don’t they understand bliar’s only quest is for personal wealth. His only contribution to peace in the middle east, the ir aq war, has been to pour boiling oil on a fire!!

    And I don’t suppose any of the yanks there are going to ask him about his close, personal and financially beneficial links with li b ya.

    But then I saw a video awhile back about the average american and their view of the world. They struggled to name their own capital. Like pa lin they thought afri ca was a country and I doubt they’ve even heard of lib y a.


  51. 212
    nell says:

    militwit is assigning each minister a region to campaign in for the local elections due in May.

    He’s assigned edballs to East Anglia on the basis that he was born in Norfolk!!


    Maybe militwit isn’t such a twit after all.

    balls is on a hiding to nothing in this predominantly rural area that sees labour as the enemy.

    He will have the UEA and their left infested climate change bureau and bits of norwich, but he sure as hell isn’t going to win over any rural towns and villages or farmers!!

    Master stroke militwit. Well Done!!


    • 222
      Anne and Frank says:

      In the grand scheme of things, a few thousand inbred retards plucking banjos and battery farming chickens are hardly going to change the course of British politics.


      • 228
        nell says:

        Battery farmed chickens are for labour’s urban areas.

        As for banjoes , you only get them in america’s rural west like california.

        And that, of course, is where bliar is tonight talking about how he is ‘pursuing peace in the mid dle ea st.’


        The fact that he is actually pursuing personal profit in the mid dle ea st is completely escaping the yanks that he’s talking to. But never mind.

        We know him for what he is!!


      • 251
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        The Labour Party have been all too successful so far. why not let another few thousand inbred retards have a go?


        • 258
          Anne and Frank says:

          Demographics, old bean.
          Norfolk musters a whole nine seats.
          Take out nells bits of Norwich which are LibDem, and we’re left with seventy three in London alone.
          Maths not your strong point?


      • 254
        A spokesman for inbred retards says:

        We changed the course of British politics in 1997. And we will again. So-help our six-fingered hands a pointy-ears, we will!


  52. 220
    nell says:

    balls still denying his personal debts.

    mandy still denying that saif and lib ya are attacking their own people.

    bliar still pretending he’s a peacekeeper

    Brown still denying that he’s economically incompetent.

    strawb still denying that he’s morally b a nk ru pt

    gad afi and saif still denying that they’ve lost control of li b ya

    militwit still in denial about his incompetence as leader of the labour party


    • 231
      nell says:

      ??modded why??

      Are we suddenly being protective of bliar and mandy and their links to li b ya. Hmm??!

      You haven’t been bought out by saif have you ? Like the LSE? . I don’t want to believe that!!


  53. 234
    monkey for sale says:

    Better office than orifice .


  54. 235
    nell says:

    nat and jacob r are putting mon ies into bel arus.

    Interesting that over the last few days belarus is sending flights to gad afi with ar ms and gu ns.


  55. 237
    Dave "Junior partner" Cameron says:

    The use of air power and helicopter gunships by Gaddaffi to kill his own people is totally unacceptable.
    To kill other people is entirely a different matter.


    • 256
      Anonymous says:

      Can I suggest that the Coalition get’s a fucking grip on it’s press operation and stops making policy on the hoof which it then has to retract.
      It’s embarrassing and makes you look like a bunch of amateurs.


  56. 246
    Sick, sick, sick society says:

    Annie Lennox extolling Sky News’ International Wimmins day!
    Who needs irony?


  57. 252
    Soothsayer says:

    Balls looks a right ( left ) dirty Hunt, mad eyes and filthy underwear.


  58. 262
    From school to uni to pps and on to power says:

    Dave will join the pantheon of great T*ry leaders like Sir Anthony Eden and Edward Heath.


    • 271
      The Paragnostic says:

      Blame Suez?


    • 274
      The Daily Mail vetoes military action says:

      The first rule of “armed intervention”…. make sure you have support from those that you want to join you

      Second Rule; Make sure that you have sufficient forces available and that your Defence Secretary isn’t announcing swingeing cuts to your armed forces and capabilities whilst you are pontificationg on the World stage

      Third and most importnat; Don’t get involved in another foreign policy adventure whilst you’re still struggling to extricate yourself from the previous catastrophic “intervention”–support-pledge-action–rebels.html


      • 278
        annon. says:

        Bet wee Willy looks like he’s sucking lemons today.


      • 288
        Blue Labour out says:

        “But he also distanced himself from his own suggestions that the UK could arm anti-Gaddafi opposition groups.

        The Prime Minister said: ‘We are trying to step up our contact with them so we can get to know them better and know what their intentions are.’ But he added: ‘I don’t think we should go beyond that for now.’

        - – -

        “Get to know them better?” WTF is he on? Call me Dave is worse than Blair. He is trying to be Blair in what he says, how he says it and fails badly on both counts.

        Fucking twat, what an embarrassment.

        Say what you like about Blair but at least he was respected internationally.


        • 294
          Axe The Telly Tax says:

          Dave’s new foreign policy adviser says…


          • Anonymous says:

            Why can’t the Saudis or the Arab League put pressure on Libya- we’ve sold them enough fucking weapons over the years.


          • gaddafesque spectacle says:

            probably because Gadflap is so drugged up he wouldn’t listen to his nurse let alone the Arab League or the Saudis…to say he is detached from reality is a gross understatement and the faster the lunatic and his
            pseudo intellectual offspring Saif are dispatched the better.


          • Ironic That says:

            Gadaffi is President of the Arab League.


        • 299
          Lord GaGa says:

          Save us Blue..Blair was a devious self serving liar whose international credentials were shredded as soon as he served up the Iraq war.

          Realistic rational diplomacy dictates that no options are ruled out but if you think we want to get involved in the current middle east scenario you’re as deluded now as your ‘internationally respected’ hero was then.


          • voice of reason says:

            Any fule knows that an intervention by the West in this crisis will be a total disaster. Military action will inevitably result in civilian casualties, inflaming anti-western sentiment even more.
            We would become embroiled in an expensive and unwinnable conflict with no discernable objective for years.
            No-one in this country wants us to meddle in this- FFS let them sort out their own affairs and let’s concentrate on the many problems we have at home.


        • 300
          ???? says:

          “Say what you like about Blair but at least he was respected internationally.”

          Was he ??? I didn’t know THAT …


  59. 263
    Banki Moon says:

    We have suspended Libya from the human rights council.
    That should put the fear of God, or the USA into him.


  60. 272
    50 Calibre says:

    Blinkybollox is a serial denier.

    What do you expect him to do?

    Pay up?


  61. 273
    50 Calibre says:

    Balls must have been a product of the Gadaffi School of Denial to be that stupid.

    Perhaps not. Perhaps Gadaffi & Family learned the technique from Blinky. Yes, that’s where they learned it. Same eyes, same blank expression, same ability to rant and so on…


  62. 275
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    This conservative led coalition is cutting too fast and too quickly…..FACT !!


  63. 279
  64. 280
    Tacitus says:

    Sweet little Yvette? You are talking about a lady that can crack walnuts under her armpit!!!


  65. 286
    John Ward says:

    It was Colonel Mustard in Libya with the Gadaffi gas.

    Ed’s not paying because he’s a sweaty, grubby little crook, possibly.

    York’s not playing with Newscorp any more either…..


  66. 291

    Our esteemed host will be walking over the bridge right now, if he is taking the same route as yesterday. Hmmm. The lights in Balls office, then, may well have been the bi-spheroid one plotting how to resist this legal challenge. If you are an MP, you must put your pocket first.


  67. 292
    the last quango in paris says:

    hasn’t balls got better things to do then fight court cases?


  68. 303
    SocialGhism says:

    It should read: “MP’s Balls Skewered Over Dirty Orifice”


  69. 310
    Odilon Redon says:

    With a surname crying out for ridicule, I was surpised to hear that the nickname prefered by Balls’ local constiuency party is “Bowells.” Is it because he’s full of excrement waiting to be expelled, or does the nickname stem from some particular incident or episode?


  70. 313
    Anonymous says:

    Surely Sue had something to do with it.


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