February 25th, 2011

Hain’s Record On Arms Dealing

Peter Hain had a shocker on Question Time, being jeered and booed by the audience for his take on Britain selling arms to Libya:

If we found, as we did in some instances that they were not being used for the license they had been granted for… If that’s the case, then it was wrong to sell them and we wouldn’t do it again…

Which would of course be too late…

Hain’s ministerial record on arms dealing is far from squeaky clean:

Peter Hain, the Foreign Office minister with responsibility for Africa, yesterday told The Independent on Sunday that the Government would investigate the deal if any substantiated allegations were made… “nobody could object to Britain selling arms to South Africa”.

On the BBC’s Today programme ….

…the Foreign Office minister Peter Hain gave his personal assurance that new Labour had never sold arms to any government that used them for internal repression. At last month’s Farnborough arms fair, weapons and all manner of war equipment were on offer to Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey…

The Campaign Against the Arms Trade said: “The public were outraged and shocked in the role the UK had in being a major supplier of arms to countries like Indonesia. The fact that the government finally brought in an embargo given the atrocities in East Timor just recently shows that the public has become very concerned about where we are selling arms too.” However, Foreign Office Minister Peter Hain insisted the government had acted ethically and openly in its arms sales policy.

His conversion to the cause of peace seems to coincide with him being out of office…


  1. 1
    first says:



    • 5
      Dave says:

      What’s the problem? I’ve just spent all week selling arms to the arabs.


      • 8
        AngryEnglishJon says:

        That orange bastard has just cost me £450. Had to go to Comet for a new television after throwing a wine bottle at the screen. He really is a bullshitting pillock.


        • 17

          He went on about how the Libeyan’s release from jail was none of Labour’s doing. ” It was the Scottish executive..nuffin’ to do with us, mate…Doncha believe in democracy?..It weren’t us. wot dun it..They made their own minds up..We didn’t have nuffin to do with it..””

          Cheryl wasserface was very restrained calling him on his ridiculous lies.
          If it had been Warsi she’d have just smacked him in the face with the water jug.


          • Gordon Brown is a cunt says:

            For all her flaws, Warsi is cute and has a cracking pair of melons. Bet she gives a great soapy tit wank.


          • Labour: We did a deal, but we pretended we didn’t.


          • smoggie says:

            The Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) drew attention to the presence of arms dealers in Cameron’s delegation on his tour of the Middle East this week. They are accompanying him only days after revelations that the British authorities authorised the export of tear gas, ammunition and crowd control weapons to several authoritarian regimes in the region.

            “Mr Cameron doesn’t want to answer his critics’ most fundamental questions,” insisted Kaye Stearman of CAAT, “Why is the UK selling arms to the Middle East? He talks about democracy and the right of self-defence but in reality is flogging arms to some of the world’s most authoritarian states and nastiest dictators.”


      • 45
        U Luke Armless says:

        Better not to have blown their arms off in the first place.


        • 117
          Worthless Lib Dem Pledge says:

          Wasn’t Haine punished for fiddling £100,000 to support his Liebour leadership campaign. He was removed from cabinet. This is another example where he should not be allowed to hold public office. He is dishonest, right to recall please.

          Clegg, when are you going to sort out politics??????? Could you spare the odd day in between holidays and baby sitting? I suppose you will stop tuition fee increases or abolish them altogether, as promised, when your children are eligible to go.


      • 63
        Anonymous says:

        And still the economy contracts. Who’da thunk that while the private sector and individuals are deleveraging that swinging government public-sector cuts would have had such an effect?? Certainly not Giddyon or wavy Davey


      • 82
        Jabba the Cat says:

        It was a shame that the South Africans didn’t drop him out of the top floor window at the old BOSS HQ in the day.


        • 105
          I'm Peter Hain and I'm totally vain in an orange kind of way says:


          But how could he have then employed and paid his 80+ year old mother?
          I would think that she would have been employed to lick and stick the envelopes. What else?


    • 23
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Hain says Tony Blair saved the UK from Gadaffi having nuclear weapons… those the same things as Saddam’s “weapons of mass distraction” that could be launched in 45 minutes?


      • 38
        jonathan says:

        BRitsh Government, my arse. Gadaffi’s WMD are under lock and key in Tennessee, which was in the USA last time I looked.


        • 118
          Worthless Lib Dem Pledge says:

          Didn’t Blair also advise, act as a consultant, Gadaffi about where he should invest his oil billions. Perhaps Blair ought to be investigated to see if he profited from the advice he gave. Perhaps he ought to negotiate the release of another mass murderer for us? Blaire needs to be held accountable, investigated, charged and prosecuted for his crimes and tax evasion. His assets need to be seized.

          Get real, Blair does not do national interest. Did he listen to the million or so peaceful protestors to the prevent the Iraq war? No. However we hear how good the people are for their peaceful protesting in the middle east from politicians every day at the moment. When it comes to them they are deaf. When are they going to properly investigate the 300 MPs who fiddled their expenses? Isn’t this the same sort of corruption like we are hearing from the middle east. Did Blair behave like a PM or dictator in cabinet? Did he consult ministers on going to war? He and Straw claimed he not because of the fear of leaks.


      • 47
        City of Vice says:

        I posted something similar elsewhere but it is perhaps more appropriate to make the point here.

        Gaddafi had fuck all to get rid of in the first place. Note the Orange one’s carefully chosen words: Gadaffi had a nuclear weapons ‘programme’. No actual nuclear weapons of course…weasel words from an accomplished NuLab liar.

        Much like my programme for shagging Rhianna and Pamela Anderson after I win this weekends’ national lottery.

        The ‘Gadaffi had nuclear weapons which Blair convinced him to get rid of’ line is more NuLabour bollox to excuse them getting into bed with the despot. Labour are shameless.


    • 40
      Bob says:

      Hang him!


      • 67
        X Ray says:

        This is about Hain and Labour’s endless well of hyprocrisy. The trolls can drone all they like, only shows them up as the thin skinned propaganda monkeys they are.

        As with the exposure of The Guardian and it’s finacial dealings, the more the story hurts the left, the more they troll.


    • 112
      Iam a Kunt says:

      I think we should drop a nuke on Tripoli.

      I would be willing to sign an export licence to say it was for peaceful purposes.


    • 116
      anon says:

      the problem with Britains record of arms trade dealing is like an old 78rpm one, little cracked now but it goes on and on …..


  2. 2

    Ask any Socialist. No one is allowed weapons but them. For a good reason.


  3. 3
    Tan Go says:



  4. 4
    smoggie says:

    Hain him !


  5. 6
    Usually correct says:

    Surely, since GB imposes on it’s citizens the most repressive gun legislation in the world, that should extend to foreigners too?


  6. 7
    Gordon Brown is a cunt says:

    The orange faced c unt is an opportunistic mong faced twat who has a retarded look of surprised permanently etched on his luminously coloured face.


  7. 9
    Tacitus says:

    Let’s face it, no foreign or defence minister since the war is squeaky clean. The nature of the job demands arms dealing. What we need is to remove ouselves from the entire arms sales race


    • 64
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Now toddle off and enjoy your nut cutlet and beansprout salad lunch. Don’t bother coming back, the reality check will be too great for you.


    • 68
      Engineer says:

      Not many former foreign or defence ministers feel the need to pretend that they’re squeaky clean when interviewed about it on television panel shows, though. They tend to recognise that arms dealing is a dirty business, but, like prostitution, it has always been there and probably always will be.

      If we did remove ourselves from the arms business, the buyers would just get their kit from someone else. It would not make one jot of difference to the world arms trade. It would, however, lose us whatever influence we can lever in the world by providing security skills and equipment – sure, it’s dirty; but it’s a big, bad world out there. We won’t change the worst aspects of human nature by being precious about who we sell bullets to.


      • 80
        Anonymous says:

        Engineer, do you not think a large part of the problem vis a vis the arms trade is our attempting to maintain an appearance of holding the moral high ground whilst operating in the amoral area of selling arms wherever we can?


        • 121
          Engineer says:

          I’m not sure that everybody involved attempts to maintain moral high ground. Those taking a high-and-mighty moral stance often fall foul of their own hypocricy, as Hain did on QT last night. The more realistic souls tend to accept that the trade is grubby, but if a dodgy though not too unfriendly dictator is going to buy arms anyway, we might as well take his money and curry some favour. You never know when it might be useful. That approach can backfire (as it appears to be doing with Libya), but that’s the risk you take in international relations. International diplomacy isn’t always especially moral, and the wiser political heads tend to acknowledge the fact.


      • 86
        Mike Hunt says:

        Well said, better the sell them our weapons than have the frogs and yanks selling them theirs.

        British jobs (usually skilled and well paid) for British (arms) workers.


        • 125
          Mike Litorus says:

          Plus, given the useless feckless scumbags being vomited from schools these days, half the bullets will not fire saving more lives in the process.

          PS Do I know you?


  8. 12
    Way I tell 'em says:

    Benghazi? Isn’t that an analgesic heat rub?


  9. 13
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Peter Hain the unacceptable face of opportunism.


  10. 16

    This news might squeeze Hain into my top 10 of evil modern politicians.

    Top 3

    1. Balls
    2. Brown
    3. Mandelson
    4. Blair

    N.B. Despite faking reasons to start a war, Blair’s persistent day to day capacity for evil is lower than the top 3.


    • 22
      Gordon Brown is a cunt says:

      Al Campbell should be in top 3 with Brown and Balls.


    • 25

      Blair tried to do deals with Syri-A and Liby-A even though he risked further unpopularity at home. He knew it might end in failure but thought it worth trying.

      Whilst Gordon was an unpopular failure without even trying.


    • 69
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Straw must be in there – the archweasel himself. I’d also give places to Keith Vaz, Harriet Harman ( for her work in promoting inequality), Geoff Hoon, Jacqui Smith and Stephen Byers.

      Honourable mention (because they’ve never been important enough – not because they don’t qualify on the c’unt basis) to Phil Woolas, Vera Baird, Tony MacNulty, Margaret Moran, Jim Devine and Sion Simon.


  11. 18
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m horny.


  12. 19
    Penfold says:

    First class hypocrite.


  13. 24
    bob holmes says:

    Hain is the anagram of two faced git


  14. 26
    Immigration Official says:

    I am surprised and disappointed that Admiral Nelson Mandela has not requested the services of the great peace-loving Hain in South Africa. Then, happily, we would get rid of an immigrant who is and was not welcome to these shores.


    • 111
      Bit of A Mystery says:

      As you should know, Hain been granted leave to remain here forever, because since his successful campaign in South Africa, the place is as dangerous as fuck!


  15. 27

    Join the campaign to bring back Abbott to This Week! (Don’t worry, it’s not what you think): http://thecurrerball.wordpress.com/2011/02/24/925/


    • 31
      Dyanne Fatbott says:

      Me will only return to This Week if they pay me in buckets of da ryce and da peeea! Ireee one time bogle bogle.


    • 51
      NeverRed says:

      She needs knocking into last week, the fat, greedy, hypocritical, lazy, incompetent, definition of all labour MP’s/Supporters, a total git, same as Hain.


  16. 28
    Sarah Beard says:

    My hero never hit anyone. He’s a calm and gentle person. I love him so.

    Which is why we haven’t been seen together in public since my contractual obligations ended last May.


    • 89
      Magdas War says:

      You are though currently employed in the biggest rehabilitation exercise in history. It is a task that leaves the one carried out for Michael Jackson seem like Childs play.


    • 124
      Miss Canterbury 1973 says:

      Sarah my dear – come and have a look at my rug. It’s newly trimmed but a bit damp at the moment.


  17. 29
    Benghazi Bob says:

    Send the infidel to us, we will show him the meaning of cuts, we will fry his liver and feed it to our dogs, his head and tiny balls to our camels and his lying tongue to the serpents in the desert.


  18. 30
    Up sh1t creek says:

    We only supply to arms for “policing”….


    • 41
      Sandra from Accounts says:

      I see a number of eminent people who know more about British Defence than rusty Dave & his cabal of EU luvvie liberals of a Government do have written a letter to him.

      Google it as it does not seem to paste into this site.

      When will the real Conservative Party stand up to this clown of a leader?

      At this rate, this Heathite liberal will cost the Tories decades in power – starting at the next GE.

      I for one will not be voting Conservative again until rusty Dave is gone – read that letter to know why – it really is the final straw.


  19. 32
    Guido knows my ISP says:

    Here a list of UK arms exports from the last decade or so, click through and “enjoy”



    • 61

      Looks like a lefty site.
      If its anything like that False economy that were talking about on Q/T last night it will be just as full of misleading, exaggerated, and false data.
      Unconvincing conclusions with spurious scaremongering claims.

      On that False economy the data for the deficit stops at 2008. They say this is perfectly in line with the rest of the world. What they don’t say is that since then its DOUBLED.
      Funny the most important bit of detail that kills their argument is missing.


  20. 33
    Peter Hain says:

    Psst.. Anyone want some agent orange?


  21. 34
    Gordon Brown says:

    boo hoo, Peter’s being messing with my pea shooter


  22. 36
    ichabod says:

    Every Thursday evening as I watch Question Time I think that the particular Labour politician on show that night is the most onoxious, the most deceitful, the most absurd scoundrel of them all; each week’s specimen outdoes in buffonery the one from the week before. However watching the contemptible Hain last night i’ve finally decided that this perma tanned creep is the most thoroughly risible and objectionable of the lot. This is rather odd in a way because he looked a sadly dimished, indeed pathetic, figure last night reduced to shaking his head, interrupting with plaintive cries of ‘no, no ‘,and uttering desperate mea culpas. He suddenly looks very old and irrelevant. But still a complete and utter devious shit.


  23. 37
    Marcel Dassault says:

    Bastards. you should make sure that british politicians never ever sell weapons to dodgy countries.


  24. 39
    Engineer says:

    Politics is a field, as we well know, full of sanctimonious hypocrites, but among these, Hain is surely one of the worst. His performace on QT last night was beyond parody – the slow shake of the head when someone else on the panel uttered an inconvenient fact, the apparent unwillingness to accept that he could be anything other than perfect in his judgement, the total failure to recognise the straightforward facts of the nation’s economic position. If he were anything other than a senior politician, I would just consider him a bombastic fool, but as he is in a position to know the facts better, he clearly has far deeper character flaws.

    Why the Welsh put up with this arrogant, pompous, self-regarding pillock for so long is beyond me – they should have slung him down an abandoned mine-shaft years ago. The world would not miss him.


    • 43
      Sandra from Accounts says:

      They are afraid he may dig up their cricket pitches.


      • 49
        Engineer says:

        That’s another good reason to detest the twat – no decent person would disrupt a Test match in that fashion.


    • 46
      WVM says:

      Done with precision Engineer.


    • 55
      Steve Miliband says:

      It seems to be a trait of Labour politicians. They are always right and are just like double glazing salesmen who won’t leave until you agree with them.
      Can’t imagine they would ever be able to work in a coalition government


    • 66

      One of the audience last night did actually say it was Thatcher’s fault.
      Maybe that’s how he survived so long.


    • 73
      dave says:

      Hain does take some beating, but is he any worse than the dispicable Balls, Miliband, Cooper, Liam Byrne (perma grin), Alexander et al. Same old labour, bitter, spiteful and liars.


  25. 50
    Hugh Jardon says:

    Hain just looks like a badly fitting foreskin


  26. 53
    Nelson Mandela says:

    Why are you still in Britain, Peter?


    • 71
      exiled&angry says:

      Where’s Gordon? Here in Abu Dhabi lecturing students at the N.Y.U. campus of the Abu Dhabi University on theU.A.E’s special relationship with U.K. Being trailed as “it’s first distinguished global leader in residence…” Couldn’t make it up!!


  27. 57
    South of the M4 says:

    Cannot understand the fuss. You are either in, or out of the arms trade. Arms are made to kill and maim. You cannot have an ‘ethical sale’ of arms. Not much of a business plan to only sell to those that will not use them.


    • 115
      Odin's Raven says:

      If they didn’t think they might need to use them the purchasers would not buy them. To get upset when their products are used is just hypocritical of the sellers.


  28. 60
    Steve Miliband says:

    paulwaugh Yes, it’s true. Cam did indeed call the BBC the “British Broadcasting Cuts Corporation”.


  29. 65
    John Ward says:

    Hain is a cricket pitch uphill gardener of the worst kind, a liar, a humbug….and sadly, the planes used to bomb Libyans this week were supplied by Rasputin, not Blair. Such a shame, as Blair deserves to be put away whether he did it or not – but facts are facts.

    James Delingpole is a good egg, but also a tad awry on the facts vs makey-uppy thing….



  30. 72
    dave says:

    What a slippery two faced slimeball is Peter Hain. He just sums up labour’s denial programme. I would ask Hain if labour did so well, why then did they loose over one hundred seats at the last election. Maybe they even deny that happened.
    Does anyone know which beach, in Wales, he uses to keep up that perma tan. Must be hot and sunny there even this time of year.


  31. 78
    Laney says:

    Wasn’t Hain a terrorist sympathiser in South Africa?

    He needs to be assaulted when he is seen in the street!


    • 95
      Jabba the Cat says:

      Little f u c k er did a runner abroad before he could be killed.


      • 101
        Bit of A Mystery says:

        …by abroad, you mean here, we’ve always been soft on illegal imports.

        He certainly never got sent back even when it was nice and ‘safe’ in South Africa.


  32. 93
    Magdas War says:

    Am I alone in thinking if Gadaffi goes at least he is going with more dignity and less fuss than Brown!


  33. 100
    Tan analysis says:

    Anyone with a tan like that is suspect. Why is Hain still in politics given the donation debacle he was involved in? He is nothing but a dodgy unethical salesman.


    • 110
      Bit of A Mystery says:

      ….because he is covered in orange Teflon®

      …and his constituents must be as thick as….!


  34. 109
    Hainisapvainpain says:

    You need to look at around 05:55, Dimbleby asks about megrahi and Hain starts his answer by saying “well, one of the components to this negotiation…..” he then changes what he was saying and never completes the sentence! I think he very nearly dropped the last govt in it.


  35. 113
    Ricky Ponting's eyes are veryclosetogether says:

    there was an sleazy lefty creep called hain
    who would pimp for political gain
    with a stupid orange tan
    his mother his only fan
    we unanimously conclude he’s insane

    i thank yawwwwwwwwwww. pip pip!


  36. 114
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    It all comes down to…if we don’t sell them arms….someone else will get the order.
    So do me a favour bizness is bizness and money is clean.


  37. 119
    Terrible But True says:

    SKY (and, doubtless, others) covering themselves with glory as a UK broadcaster when the sh*t is still flying and lives in danger…



  38. 122
    Flashman says:

    What a joy it would be to see that recycled baby boomer street protester Hain poured back into his bottle and scrap-heaped in permanent disgrace.


  39. 126
  40. 127
  41. 128
  42. 129
    Tom Eden says:

    I was in the audience at said question time, and i can assure you that the Tory got infinitely more boos and jeers. Please stop with your biased, one sided nonsense.


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