February 23rd, 2011

A Wee Bit Off

Denis Macshane and Douglas Alexander are attempting to politicise the Libya situation. Macshane, who despite losing the whip, still falls into line to spin for Labour just told Jeremy Vine that he thinks the government had their eye off the ball. Alexander says they haven’t reacted to the situation quickly enough, which is odd given that he didn’t suggest the UK should be doing more when he appeared on Newsnight just two nights ago. A swift and convenient change of heart.

And do these two really want to open up that particular can of worms? When it comes to throwing blame around for this mess, Labour have a bit of a moral deficit on this one. Lest we forget it was Wee Dougie’s government that did “all it could” to get Megrahi released. It was Wee Dougie’s preferred choice of leader that was “working discreetly” to see the Lockerbie bomber returned to Gadaffi’s warm embrace. It seems Wee Dougie has forgotten also that it was Labour Minister Bill Rammell who was giving Libya legal advice too. And it didn’t just stop with Megrahi – throughout 2008 Lord Jones,­ Bill Rammell and Dawn Primarolo all popped into Tripoli for a cup of tea and a chat about trade. Perhaps Wee Dougie should have a quick quip at them for not acting swiftly enough.

It seems Labour very much had their eye on the ball, of sorts.


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    and poltiticons wonder why they are hated so much and people dont bother voting!

  2. 2
    Double ender says:

    It’s the right thing to do

  3. 3
    Urban Tory says:

    To be fair to them, they both know a lot about being off the ball, you just hear the shite that comes out of wee Dougies mouth makes it pretty clear

  4. 4
    Steve Miliband says:


  5. 5
    capt apollo says:

    Wee dougie showing a flexibility a gymnast would envy and liebour have the nerve to call the government opportunistic, practise what you preach and maybe just maybe the public will have a little more respect for you??

  6. 6
    A specimen of his nation says:

    Why isn’t that c’unt Mc Shane incarcerated. He is a thieving, lying deceiving bastard – any body else who’d embezzled £125000 from their employer would be in chains.
    What a fucking farce.

  7. 7
    nell says:

    weedougie just on Sky looking like he needs a good slap upside the head.

    According to him st tone and gord’s friendship with the lib yan monster was responsible for making sure that gad afi got rid of his wmd and so, hence, they saved the world.

    Chances are, like Ir aq there never was any wmd.

    Talk about opportunistic lies to try and re-write the history of the failed last labour govt.

    Talk ab

  8. 8
    do aas we say not what we do says:

    So much hypocrisy, so much Macshame.

  9. 9
    Burn the History Books says:

    Wee Dougie has just been interviewed by Boulton on sky. He was whinging (and quite rightly) about Hague’s slowness to evacuate the Brits. Fortunately Boulton was able to show film footage of British officials helping Brits into Tunisia which took the wind out of the wee man’s sails.

    But you are correct Guido, it is not a placxe where Dougie wants to go as he was reminded about all Labour’s dealings with the Mad Dog. But Labour do seem to be re-writing history it was president Bush who got Libya to give up WMD, not the UK Labour government.

  10. 10
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    I rekon you are barking up the wrong tree about big Al McGraherty.

    The shit would have hit the fan big style if the evidence was gone through in fine detail, in court, or some other “court of public opinion”. UK government might even have ended up paying compensation to his family.

    To me, I wonder how they negotiated getting Gaddafi to had over big Al, and how they managed to bang him up with such poor evidence.
    Even more interesting as it happened under Blair.

  11. 11
    Steve Miliband says:

    Mad, rambling, socialist, controlling, odd facial contortions, badly dressed.
    Years of practice with Gordon to realise Gadaffi was a wrong un.

  12. 12
    Phantom says:

    Ah! The Labour Jock mafia trying to make as much smoke as possible to the venal and disgusting and morally reprehensible decisions Labour made in power.

    Thanks to Labour’s ethical foreign policy Libyans choke on British made tear gas and come under sniper fire by SAS trained Gaddafi thugs.

    All for some gas and oil contracts.

    They made a deal with the devil, now they should reap the whirlwind.

    They’ll burn in hell for this….. good.

    The fact their argument is moot as the FCO fly out a charter and a warship turns up makes it look even more facile.

  13. 13
    Aesop o'Sardis says:

    Had it not been for FRED Gordon Brown (that is Fucking Ridiculous Economic Disaster Brown) we might have been able to do more. For example, we might have been able to send some carriers and warships with helicopters and lift our people out of the shit hole.

    Since, we have an incompetent, left wing government, we will lack such capability for many years to come.

  14. 14
    Aesop o'Sardis says:

    His time will come.

  15. 15
    ukFred says:

    If you look up and to the right on this page you will find that Matthew Norman was asking “Where is wee Dougie’s carer?”

    That tiny twit and his mentor Gordoom are the best arguments I have ever seen for capital punishment.

  16. 16
    Millsy says:

    Moral deficit is a good line

  17. 17
    Anonymous says:

    Wee Dougie needs to shut up and go the way of Jonah. Up north…

  18. 18
    White Van Man says:

    Hang him!

  19. 19
    Tacitus says:

    Before you start throwing mud at labour, remember it’s David “Tory Boy” Cameron that is hawking himself around the Middle east like a besuited pimp, hoping to sell guns to dictators.

  20. 20
    Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    The long nose c’nt was just on TWAO saying much the same thing, no film just old mother Karney letting him get his dig in on the backs of stranded Brits.

    Fuc’king bbc dave had better sort them out or this country’l have these nasty shits back in power.

  21. 21
    Where there is slime, there is a Mandelson says:

    Mandelson is written all over this. Despite being so called Muslems, many Arab men see nothing wrong with a bit of bum banditry. Even Reinaldo da Silva is involved.


  22. 22
    Sir Cum Spect says:

    At least the FCO has announced that it won’t charge the expats, no doubt many of whom went out there to make a lot of dosh, for the fare home. I wonder who will foot the bill…..?

  23. 23
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    that sounds ridiculously complicated (and expensive) when theres still the opportunity to send civil airliners over there.

    Which there is, in spite of the rumours of the airstrips being wrecked.

  24. 24
    Mornington Crescent says:

    What silly little pricks – must be desperate (and stupid) to politicise a situation like that.

    Do they want to ‘repatriate’ Megrahi, too, so he can serve the rest of his sentence in Jockshire?

  25. 25
    Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    “Why isn’t that c’unt Mc Shane incarcerated”

    I think incinerated would be more fitting.

  26. 26
    Ed Balls says:

    psst – don’t mention the USA

  27. 27
    Megrahi was innocent says:

    So much calling innocent people “bombers”.

  28. 28
    Desperate Dan says:

    Wee Dougie is doing the rounds of the studios hawking guesses, speculation, imaginings, unsubstantiated allegations and scare stories. Its just the sort of thing the BBC loves.

  29. 29
    Peter expat says:

    I’m amazed the media still keeps trotting this out, given that all the inconvenient evidence involving countries like Syria, who were wanted back on side, was left out in the original trial. It’s not exactly secret. Private Eye did a special report on it all.

  30. 30
    woodbine says:

    It started in America

  31. 31
    Phileas Fogg says:

    Use hot air balloons.

  32. 32
    Irene says:

    Hague to make a statement at 2.30 – will slap wee Dougie down?

  33. 33
    streamfisher says:

    Shurrely he should be getting in touch with comrade Blair, after all he is the Middle East peace envoy, Embassy an office in the Bahamas (everything’s gone tits up again).

  34. 34

    Labour’s manifold failures do not excuse HMGs slowness to take action on Gaddafi by telling him that his financial assets held in British banks and property will be frozen progressively losing access to more assets the longer he stays in Libya.

  35. 35
    Sir Barrington Minge says:

    Like the pictures Guido.

    Featuring corrupt leaders…with Colonel Gaddafi

  36. 36
    Anonymous says:

    No he will make a considered statement that will not inflame the situation while we still have British Nationals inside Libya.

  37. 37
    Alf Garnett says:

    Gosh, I’d almost forgotten about Dawn Primarolo, perhaps because of the latest J. Smith manifestation. Dawn had the makings of a fine moustache when last I looked, so I expect she’s got a “full set” by now.

    I wonder how the Shit of the Desert responded to her whiney, condescending tones?

    Maybe I haven’t seen our Eastern Dawn for while because she’s in the Great One’s harem.

  38. 38
    Sir Barrington Minge says:

    psst – don’t mention Ed Balls

  39. 39
    AC1 says:

    We did used to have an aircraft carrier with a big helideck…

  40. 40
    AC1 says:

    Brown and Ghaddafi,
    both took power without an election
    Both insane.
    Both Squander the countries wealth.
    Both have a thing for makeup.

  41. 41
    Lord Levy says:

    Very Special Middle East Envoy is my job.

  42. 42
    simon r says:

    Ahhh – I remember that photo of Gordon & Gadaffi from an earlier caption competition, lots of great jokes about having Arab boys washed and sent to his tent.

    Another Gadaffi related one for this Friday’s comp please Guido.

  43. 43
    Douglas Alexander says:

    What all you tossers forget is that I just don’t give a fuck about what you think.

  44. 44
    Peter expat says:

    Arms sales ultimately translate into shop floor jobs. In the absence of having much else manufactured in the UK that is attractive to other countries with the money to pay for them, it’s something of Hobson’s Choice.
    Arms, be they aircraft, guns or interrogation equipment, are some of the few things not outsourced to the Far East,

    So the Saudi-British Al Yamamah agreement involved bungs? If they hadn’t been paid, hundreds of thousands of British shopfloor workers would not have had jobs for the last 20 odd years. It is the way things are done in other countries and trying to tell them our culture is better than your culture is fundamentally insulting.
    Let them sort themselves out.

  45. 45
    Anonymous says:

    Erm, yes there were. They deployed them on the battlefield you fucking moron.

  46. 46
    dutchy in scotland says:

    ‘Wee Dougie’ and his ‘Chuka lipped’ sister Wendy are typical examples of whinging Scottish politicians who actually outside Scotland are not even recognised or considered as ‘fit for purpose’. Jim Murphy the Labour Defence spokesman is another unintelligent idiot (product of the Scottish Labour Party patronage) who knows more about running the Glasgow Uni bar than defence !!! and I believe he was sacked from that job, says it all really.

  47. 47
    Parro et supra says:

    Indeed it went like this “Gaddo send the next one in this ones split”. Puts a whole new light on dear Sarah’s meanderings in the Mail.

  48. 48

    Both have a low life expectancy.

  49. 49
    Parro et supra says:

    Thats funny you wanker because we don’t give a shit regarding anything you say. da da da dee

  50. 50
    Alfiebengal says:

    I’d also add to that the miserable reaction to the Tsunami that I personally experienced. No Embassy presence on Phuket unlike pretty much every other country with tourists there. All the others had erected little meeting points in the airport to help their nationals. No sign whatsoever of anyone from the UK apart from tourists who were mostly helped by the people working on the Swedish and German desks. Ten days after the event a chartered BA plane turned up at Bankok Airport and the Embassy sent out text messages to all tourists giving them two hours notice to get there for the flight. Effing useless if you happened to be where the actual disaster had taken place. It flew back pretty much empty.

  51. 51
  52. 52
    Spelling B says:

    Now, wait for it, Deputy Speaker in the Commons.

  53. 53
    Hugs and kisses says:

    Wee Dougie.

    The thinking woman’s non-entity.

    Come to that, anybody’s non-entity.

    And who can forget his fishwife-mouthed haggy sister, the motor mouth Wendy? Although many do try too.

  54. 54
    QWERTY says:

    The c u n t z at the BBC as usual are giving the one eyed jock bummer a free pass. The BBC have shown plenty of BLiar but it was the one eyed bum boy who sucked Gadfly’s cock.

  55. 55
    Desperate Dan says:

    They are also featuring a divorce lawyer who thinks cutting down on the payment of legal aid to divorce lawyers is a bad thing.

  56. 56
    Desperate Dan says:

    Perhaps the Foreign Office hasn’t yet realised that today’s British travellers are pathetic and helpless and can’t do anything for themselves except whinge.

  57. 57
    Ricky Ponting's eyes are veryclosetogether says:

    Yeah. Fuck off Tacitus you bleating pious dumb-arse lefty fuck-trumpet.

  58. 58
    Dave's Defence Policy comes to the rescue says:

    The siituation in Libya shows us if proof were needed why exactly the UK needs an aircraft carrier and planes to fly off it….we have no way of providing an air platform until at least 2014(and then no aircraft to put on it even if we don’t decommission straight after commissionng) to cover the evacuation of our nationals in the event that we need to go in to extract them from somewhere such as Libya……at least until a couple of months ago we had Ark Royal and Harrier Jets which could have been used in Libya if needed…………..

  59. 59
    ichabod says:

    Basically the British Foreign exists, in Norman Tebbit’s phrase, to look after the interests of foreigners. There have been so many occasions over the years when the FO ( a’nest of vipers’ as Enoch called them) have failed to look after, or been slow to look after, British nationals in trouble abroad. This is because they have an attitude of avoiding causing trouble with, or upsetting, the foreign power involved; any individual or group will always be considered expendable, at least for a while, as the FO continues on its course of limp wristed, but oh so superior, masterly inactivity— ( the defence usually put out is along the lines of ‘ but we are really working incredibly hard behind the scenes, and away from the spotlight)’. Compare the occasion when, a few years ago, some embassy officials were abducted in some ghastly African state; immediately there was an FO reaction and staff from London were flown out pronto to the area involved to seek and negotiate for their collegues. They couldn’t have moved any quicker–because they were looking after their own, not any of the great unwashed ( who pay their salaries) who might upset the balance of interests.

  60. 60
    titfer says:

    How many weeks would it take to sail there? Get real.

  61. 61
    Yarnesfromhorsham says:

    Guido surely its time with all info of this nature to copy in the BBC news desk – dont want them to say they did not know.

  62. 62
    Doc Trough says:

    Speaking of light fingered, one-celled lowlife. When is Devine sentenced?

  63. 63
    andrew says:

    Did Cameron pull BP out when he became PM no he did not.Tory spin again .France ,Portugal ,Turkey etc have all got their nationals out but what have we done nowt
    Andrew Edinburgh

  64. 64
    andrew says:

    And sold them sniper rifles ,but on heere they will use the jobs excuse or we may aswell sell him or someone else will excuse.
    Andrew Edinburgh

  65. 65
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    It seems a long way from that sort of stage though.

    If a foreign government refuses to allow you to evacuate civilians, there is nothing sensible you can do.
    keywords: Operation Eagle Claw debacle

  66. 66
    misterned says:

    We have warships already standing by on the Mediterranean coast!

  67. 67
    misterned says:

    Don’t mention anything that Ed balls hasn’t already approved personally!

  68. 68
    Rat's arse says:

    Agree Tacitus. Those guns would be better off stuffed up your poop shute.

  69. 69
    Rat's arse says:

    Andrew, please go back to school and finish your education.

  70. 70
    ALFRED THE GREAT[ guardian comment privileges suspended] says:

    Deja vu methinks, remember the run up to the Falklands? Tories cutting defence spending? The first duty of the government is the defence of the realm. As the founder of the Navy, i declare the government as not fit for purpose and be tried and hung all along the embankment, and the arrest and trial and execution of all members of the previous government.

  71. 71
    misterned says:

    Dave went with a delegation of defence contractors to Egypt. Where the Military have clearly demonstrated remarkable responsibility, reason and an adherence to human rights in refusing to slaughter protesters by the thousand. The Military made it clear that the people, acting by peaceful means, should be granted what they want and are now making progress to delivering real democratic elections in only a few months time.

    The Military now being the temporary new government of Egypt, it makes a great deal of sense to begin benign relations with them with a delegation of defence contractors. You would not want to turn up with a delegation of toy manufacturer’s would you?

    Selling defensive arms and logistical equipment to regimes that have proven by their performance and behaviour to be rational and upholding of human rights and a dedication to democracy, is a sensible thing to do. It helps rational regimes and it helps secure jobs at home. Something labour claim to be bothered about, but clearly are not, if they can lie to get political capital out of job losses.

    Dave has also suspended export licences, (granted under labour) to the mad evil deranged fuckwit dictator of Libya, who is ordering his own troops to slaughter his enemies.

    It makes a great deal of sense to promote an ethical foreign policy and promote trade by selling defensive logistics to rational regimes whilst blocking sales to the evil and deranged nutcases.

    It is typical of the deranged war criminals of the left to spin the sensible policy pursued by the coalition as being immoral or wrong headed.

  72. 72
    Bomb everything! says:

    Well the wee Mon has a point see under labour they would have phoned up Gadfly??? and got him to postpone the uprising until the democratic shortfall could be checked by the stakeholders under a new quango call Gadoff that would write up a interim report on all the possible risk assessments and legal problems! then speak to their union masters about issuing a statement which would then be stuck it in a filing cabinet in Camden’s council office basement marked ‘beware of the islamist’ and then phone up the BBC to get airtime to berate the Tories for doing nothing about it !

  73. 73
    Rat's arse says:

    Wee Dougie epitomizes everything that is bad with the Labour party. Nasty, lying. vindictive, useless, vile, and ‘everybody else is to blame but us’.

  74. 74
    Clare Arity says:

    The speed of this government’s response ( slow) to the current dangerous situation in Libya and the prevoious government’s duplicitious dealings with a repressive regime are two different proposals -and you can agree with both!

  75. 75
    andrew says:

    No doubt this will be Labours fault to!
    Andrew Edinburgh

  76. 76
    Jamie Young says:

    http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200304/cmhansrd/vo041021/text/41021w23.htm From Hansard
    Mr Macshane: The Government believe lifting the (arms)embargo sends an important signal to Libya, and other states, that there is a route back into the international community, and will open the way for the further development of EU-Libya relations.

    That went well then!

  77. 77
    misterned says:

    If labour and the MOD had not pissed away an extra 35 BILLION quid, then we might be able to afford such luxuries.

    As it is labour’s dangerous profligacy helped them ensure that we have no choice but to take part in a Euro-defence force, not as a major provider, but as a helpless dependent!

    To my way of thinking, this is treason and wee Dougie is just as much guilty as Brown et al.

    Prepare the gallows, we aughta gonna have us a hangin’

  78. 78

    Isn’t he the guy who did such a great job of the Jock elections ?

  79. 79
    misterned says:

    Well it was under the existing terms of an export licence which was drawn up and created by the labour Government, so yeah, it is!

  80. 80
    misterned says:

    Additionally, since the slaughter, the coalition have blocked these export licences.

  81. 81
    misterned says:

    And then the UN destroyed them all in the early 1990s.

    Saddam had NO WMD and was no threat to us, or her neighbours in the immediate run up to the invasion in 2003.

  82. 82
  83. 83
    Chamberlain says:

    Agreed, your Greatness. A sham trial with executions for all to follow.

  84. 84
    Dave says:

    What a piece of shite is Douglas Alexander. Snivelling little git.

  85. 85
    Cassandrina says:

    Good point – the odious and criminal McShane needs pilloring – as for wee Dougie the less said the better.

  86. 86
    Cassandrina says:

    Amen – the culture in the FCO has not changed for 40 years and needs a restructure. Same for NHS and BBC

  87. 87
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Better still. Start your education.

  88. 88
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Brilliant idea. 500 Brits in the hands of a madman and you advocate being rude to him.

  89. 89
    geoff says:

    The BBC are trying as hard as they can to lay the blame on the foreign office, Jon Sople even putting words into peoples mouths, absolute disgrace.

  90. 90
    Anonymous says:

    The so called expats went to Libya to get high salaries. Huge profits to their companies and tax paid to Libya.Once again the British taxpayer picks up the repatriation costs- an absolute fortune.Make their bosses pay for it. As for the expats, they knew trouble was brewing over a week ago so why didn’t they get out then.All down to greed knowing someone else would have to pay for their flights home. Their whingeing make me puke.

  91. 91
    Dave says:

    It’s high time the BBC was sorted out.
    Why do they need two people to read the news, another to tell us the weather, another to tell us the sport, another for the business news, and on and on.
    This is repeated on the local BBC tv stations, why?

  92. 92
    Chamberlain says:

    Because they get too much money and have got to spend it somehow. (Marr £600k etc, etc.)

  93. 93
    unablogger says:

    Why spend taxpayers money to get Brits out, after all those greedy c**ts are working on the oil fields of Libya and it is their fucking choice, no-one forced them to go, especially the UK taxpayer. Fuck em all

  94. 94
    unablogger says:

    Class, but you forgot to add the 20 or so gay and lesbian advisors that they would send to offer community advice

  95. 95
    Old geezer says:

    Can’t afford a trial, just execute them, and then send them the bill.

  96. 96
    Simon Stephenson says:

    I think you fail to see the obvious distinction here. Labour politicians are infallible, so apparent contradictions between past stances and present stances are in fact always intellectually compatible, even though it might be difficult for someone on the outside to see this. The rest of us, however, are fallible, and it is quite within the bounds of possibility for us to behave contradictorily. The bonus for us is that the infallible people on the Labour side are able to identify our failings with perfect accuracy, and to pass on their observations to us.

  97. 97
    Down with Brown! says:

  98. 98
    Down with Brown! says:

  99. 99
    Synonymous says:

    I would really like to know how our MPs can justify the reason that I keep seeing British military hardware being used by foreign mercenaries against innocent civilians in their own country? ESPECIALLY the Chinooks which are so very sorely lacking on the front line in Iraq and Afghanistan!

    It is sickening to know that we as a country have aided and abetted such a wholesale massacre.

  100. 100
    Worthless Lib Dem Pledge says:

    I am all for Blair and Brown (Straw and Campbell) to be investigated and tried for war crimes in Iraq. They imposed mass immigration upon us without any mandate and it was only to fulfil their political aims and they then deceived the public about the true extent of the figures. Economically left us nearly bankrupt while filling their own pockets. Blair’s expense receipts never found and he was a serial property developer.

    When is Blair going to be used as the first example to investigated, prosecuted to show that his greed and vanity was above any national interest. His personal fortune is amassing after our military who lost life and limb for his deceit to the country. He was even prepared to let out a mass murderer.

    Blaire needs to be held publicly held account for what he has done to the country.

  101. 101
  102. 102
    Tell it like it really is says:

    Several of my neighbours are rig workers, all ranks, most have tax effective systems set up ensuring no tax is paid in the uk. Come the revolution the first thing they do is wave the british passport.

  103. 103
    Tell it like it really is says:

    …………and he’s got a long snipey nose just looking to be smacked……

  104. 104
    The Masked Marvel says:

    The BBC manufactured this story at Labour’s request. Good little lap dogs.

  105. 105
    Susie says:

    No no no… they’re needed for the first two Iranian navy warships allowed through the Suez Canal into the Med in 40 years.

  106. 106
    Vlad the Impala says:

    The Vicennes / Iran / Hezbollah connection is so well-documented, only the crooks in Westminster and the morons in the mid-West are still pushing the Megrahi line. Let us hope that Natty Rotshchild and his chum Tony B have their Ceausescu moments.

  107. 107
    Vlad the Impala says:

    That way you end up selling arms only to those who won’t use them (much). Funny old world ….

  108. 108
    Elebos never forget says:

    All very interesting, but has anybody considered that Mad Ducky may have been harbouring a grudge all these years against the septics for bombing his house and killing one of his family? Revenge being a dish served cold etc..

  109. 109
    Terrible But True says:

    Those at SKY are as bad, but I can hurt them with the off switch. BBC… tribal ‘impartiality’ (h/t Helen Boaden) rules over actual public service every time.

    Giving Mr. Alexander free rein as this unfolds to be the ‘critics’ who ‘say’ is journalistically risible. Newsnight’s high horse stand as a consequence is a bad joke. And the little runt is everywhere, not being shown for the opportunistic scum he is as much as required. Those sound bites are too sexy to resist as he pops everywhere like a WhackAMole with his ‘twowrongsgetforgivenifthere’saheadlineinit’ blame culture stirring:

    @DAlexanderMP – Given flights fiasco & fact that British workers stranded, why is CoBRA only meeting for 1st time today to co-ordinate response? #R4today

    Meanwhile, back at dealing with stuff, how are the UK and other countries caught on the hop getting folk from remote places Labour was happy enough for them to be, and let the FO lose this last decade, when this seems more of an issue than a fleet of little ships turning up outside Dunqu… Tripoli to bob about until the nutter lets any military near the place to evacuate.

    I’d say that is more pressing than whether Singapore got its sub there on Monday or Tuesday, especially when the 1st plane in the circuit now established came back less than full.

    If we’ve got the politicians, and media, we deserve, karma must be very hacked off with the UK public (but maybe more with British passports earning tax-free amounts for various reasons overseas).

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