February 22nd, 2011

An Open Letter To Alan Rusbridger


  1. 1
    Tony says:

    I thought Hang ‘em all was your standard reply. Can’t say I dissagree with that answer in this case


  2. 2
    Ampers says:

    Any bets that Guido doesn’t get his questions answered?

    I should coco.


  3. 5
    Jack says:

    You wounded them with your pieces on their tax affairs

    This sinks them Guido

    Excellent journalism…

    Shows what one man and his dog can do in the journalistic desert in the UK…

    Almost as good as Damian I would say…!


    • 44
      B I J and the Guardian says:

      We dont’ investigate anyone who a member of the Labour party or assimilated


    • 158
      Postal Vote says:

      What will really sink the Guardian is a law that requires the government to spread its advertising including that for the well-paid public sector jobs across all newspapers and websites. Labour and the Guardian have been running a clever scam with labour channeling lost of job ads i.e. money to the Guardian in return for favourable coverage. Time to put an end to it, in the interest of democracy.


      • 173
        Eurolawyer says:

        Agreed, first class work Guido; can anyone hack into UKUncut’s website and post a ringing condemnation of the Islington Absolute Return Fund (Aruba) and maybe convene a flashmob at their offices? Perhaps the unpaid interns there could simply rise up on the spot and do the job.

        Re public sector advertising; there is a good case to be made that the systematic and exclusive use of the Graun (at what rates, I wonder?) is a State aid, unlawful under EU law. A complaint to the European Commission (which will have to react in some way) ought to be fun. Ideally it should come from a rival paper that could provide a credible alternative advertising platform.


      • 174
        Anonymous says:

        Wouldn’t place any adverts for public sector jobs in The Guardian. After all it has such a small circulation. Much better in the Daily Mail.


        • 184
          Postal Vote says:

          But Guardian gets quoted more often on biased BBC or its reporters invited more frequently to biased BBC, while overseas the Guardian commands more respect than the Mirror, which indeed is also very biased but caters to less qualified readership. Hence it’s more effective to get the Guardian do your bidding among the chattering classes, while the folks in the country read the Mirror.


  4. 6
    Polly says:

    I’m a hedgie

    I’m with it…


  5. 8
    Silvio Burlesque says:

    You wont get an answer, or at least a straight one.
    Its OK for the left to do as they please , but not off course the Right.
    You’ll maybe get some reply that as its a blog writing a letter its not a proper person or some such guff.
    Or they may just let it slide away with these matters are for the shareholders and board, and they comply with all UK Tax legislation yawn yawn


  6. 10
    Anonymous says:



  7. 11
    EdMiliband says:

    Do they sell hedge funds at B and Q?


  8. 12
    anne says:

    Well done Guido!


  9. 15
    Sir Hedgie Rushbridger says:

    Hoi Guido

    We are the pontificating critics not you

    You have no right to criticise us

    Polly (and your old friend Michael Shyte of that Ilk) tell me to tell you that we are morally superior to you…


  10. 16
    Anonymous says:

    Why don’t you send it in to the Guardian letters page?


  11. 19
    They're all smug, sneering Celt cunts at the BBC, 'cept Kuenssbergs whom I wish to bum intensely says:

    Any minute now news will hit the wires of a massive protest outside the offices of these lefty parasites

    Anarchists, anti-Tory agitators, Communists, Bob Crow’s gang of drunkards/malingerers, local Government paper shufflers, Aaron Porter’s cannon fodder, George Galloway, and hordes of somalis who want English money for Sky HD, will all be piling in.

    Yes mark my words, it’ll be huge
    It might already have started
    Any minute now……….


  12. 20
    Sir Rush Hedgiebridger says:

    I don’t like being hoist on my own petard

    Nor does the ancient Michael “the Failed Lobby” White

    Our ace reporter…


  13. 21
    Michael White says:

    Will will get a giant Marr-sized super injunction slapped on you Guido for telling the truth


  14. 22
    Gordon Brown says:

    tweet – Toby Carvery is my new financial advisor, nice chap!


  15. 24
    Instruction to the BBC says:

    Please can you organise a programme where

    our Guido can discuss this matter with a Guardian representative

    Preferably on prime time…


    • 40
      hypocrites apologist watch says:

      Quiet today aren’t you?


      • 53
        Steve Miliband says:

        Hello. Anybody in?
        The above facts are not in question.
        The point is the Guardian is hypocritical.


      • 56
        Al says:

        You are by far Labours worst troll.

        This story has got you masters backs up, so up you slither.

        Nothing you say negates the rank hypocrisy of The Guardian. The Guardian gives it out but cannot take it.

        You may go.


      • 57
        hypocrites apologist watch says:

        Er….the city and the conservatives don’t pretend that they’re anything other than capitlists you wanker.


      • 65
        Anonymous says:

        What? Like the Guardians you mean?


      • 95
        what a thicko says:

        Er…..Guido defended the right of the Guardian to evade tax within the law, he’s attacking them for having the rank hypocrisy to criticise Barclays Bank or anybody else doing the same. Are you thick or summat?


    • 148
      thankmuckbrownsgone says:

      Perhaps Brillo can nail Polly with it next time the sancatamonius prat is on DP, he seems to pick up on Guido’s stuff from time to time.


  16. 25
    MI5 says:

    The Guardian are experts on offshore whoring I think


  17. 28
    Alan Arsebridger says:

    We’re lefty hypocrites and not answerable to anybody, so do one.


  18. 32
    MI7 says:

    BTW Guido readers Paxman is doing a special on Newshite tonight about whether Newspapers are dead and in decline. And I could have told the BBC that newspapers are in decline 5 years ago. And I predicted to myself that there end was nigh back in 1997 the first time I went on the internet.


    • 39
      MI8 says:

      Instruction to Paxo

      Invite Guido to get the truth for once old boy !


    • 188
      Disgusted of Neasden says:

      The fascinating thing is, while all the other media agree that newpapers are a dying medium, the BBC seems to spend more and more time reviewing what they say. A cheap way to pad out your news programmes? Who are these newspaper persons anyway, that we value their opinions so m,uch?


      • 190
        MI7 says:

        Who are these newspaper and why should we value there opinions so much? because it pays there mortgage and gives them a sense of self importance having the final say on so called ‘news’.


  19. 34
    Guardian 'Elf, safety, outreach, gay and lesbian and cultural attaché says:

    Good God Guido

    You talk about reporting standards ?

    What on earth is that ?

    Has it something to do with my huge payslip ?

    You’ve got me seriously worried

    Come to think of it, I will call the FT to ask them to explain it to me…


    • 41
      Postie Pat says:


      That’s below my belt (and my wife’s)

      Us in New Labour we only hit above the belt you know…


      • 143
        Belt Up Nulab says:

        Those things you it above are socks not belts, belts are much higher up.


        • 168
          Slowjoe says:

          Anyone fancy a UK-Uncut style flash-mob-demo to the Guardian’s offices in Farringdon?

          Have to plan carefully of course.

          Don’t wash for a week. Print signs with spelling mistakes and shout “Pay your tax” very loudly.


          • Slowjoe says:

            Best to do it the next student protest day. Wouldn’t want to get too much press coverage.

            Avoiding an OTT police response would be on my radar at all. Oh No!


    • 51
      Anonymous says:

      That was a fucking good call actually given MP’s recent history in kweer street.


  20. 36
    jgm2 says:

    Holy shit.


  21. 42
    ten Doeschate says:

    Hup yours Straus & KP !!


  22. 45
    Maximus says:

    What is this ‘United Nations’? Is it what was called the UNO, but is now so disorganized that it changed it’s name? Or has UNO taken over the world without anyone noticing? I think neither.

    Come on, Guido, give that corrupted and corrupting bunch of socialist rent-seekers their proper name and designation.


  23. 50
    billy the bumbiter says:

    I’m an uphill gardener, can I help?


  24. 58
    Kevin T says:

    Stop public sector job advertising in the Guardian, and stop it right now.


  25. 59
    Andrew says:

    That will be Labours fault !

    Andrew Edinburgh


  26. 60
    Inspector Clouseau eh? says:

    Would that the same inspector who claimed that the Tories biggest donor wasn’t a banker and had no ties to the city despite the fact that he owned a bank?

    No, that would be Guido

    The same Guido who for some bizarre reason also failed to correct that pretty fundamental error

    Clouseau indeed……….


  27. 62
    Mr Scott of the said trust says:

    I must takes sides with you Guido

    I did not set up my trust for it to become a vehicle for speculation against the People…


    • 162
      Yeah, right..... says:

      Indeed. You set it up to spare your issue the tedium of inheritance tax, aka death duties.

      Plus ca change…….


  28. 66
    jgm2 says:

    Classic text on BBC…

    ‘From Anon: “That level of performance, against a team of journeymen with a few talented individuals, is shameful. There will be harsh words exchanged in the Netherl ands changing room.”‘



  29. 69
    The BBC says:

    What with Libya, NZ, the cricket, Bahrain; there’s no one left at White City


  30. 72
    Mulberry's Harbour says:

    If the paper side of the business is loss making and they are heavily involved with investing money in offshore funds, does this make GMG an investment company or a media company?


  31. 75
    MI5 says:

    The following gentleman is on the Board of Scott Trust

    He must know a thing or two about investment for sure.

    Mr Anthony Salz
    Joined the Scott Trust in 2009. He is an executive
    vice chairman of Rothschild. For most of his
    career he worked as a corporate lawyer with
    Freshfields, becoming senior partner in 1996. He
    was vice chairman of the Board of Governors of
    the BBC from 2004 until the end of 2006.


  32. 76
    Dum Fuk says:

    I’m terribly sorry, I forgot to tell you.
    I was mucking out last night and the electric
    fence is down again. There’s a **nt loose.


  33. 84
    stun says:

    From Cambridge Associates’ website:

    Client Investors

    Two longstanding clients invest in the firm due to their successful experiences as clients. These personal and charitable trusts represent our outside shareholders:
    Lord (Nathaniel Charles Jacob) Rothschild OM GBE

    Lord Rothschild is Chairman of RIT Capital Partners, the investment trust company quoted on the London Stock Exchange and in which his family interests are the largest shareholders.


    • 179
      First year Economics Student at LSE says:

      So wheels within wheels eh ?

      Cambridge Associates

      Jacob Rothschild

      Anthony Salz

      The Guardian group

      And hey presto the Guardian are speculators and hedgies

      And I collect my prize please Guido…


  34. 88

    To Guido-Bear and co

    You must be aware that our client – GMG is able, by virtue of their liberal outlook, to hold deeply conflicting views, simultaneously, on a range of subjects.
    In this instance it is perfectly clear that GMG, whilst minimising its taxable liability is only doing so in order that this Tory-led Coalition does not spend those tax receipts on guns or bombs or some horrid coal plants.

    In fact, our client, is actually helping the poorer citizens of the UK avoid the ravages of the Tories, and not, as you imply, sneakily stashing cash offshore in order to keep as much of it as possible in their own hands.
    Further, we would point out that if the board of GMG was not able to afford champagne to go with their Liberal views, all left wingers would only be represented bu dinosaur union leaders and grubby working class types, and not by a cadre of decent, semi-hardworking, left wing intellectuals.

    In closing, my client wishes you to know that it is not interested in completing a discourse with you , as
    1} They have good intentions
    2} They are morally superior to everyone else
    3} Polly Toynbee and co are saints and not subject to earthly judgments.
    3} They are just better than you.

    Do not attempt to enter into a correspondence with our client again.

    {Keeping the elites secrets since 1881}


  35. 90
    Lord Levy, Special Envoy to the Middle East says:

    I know all about Libya.


  36. 109
    Alan Rubbisher says:

    You’ll be hearing from my solicitors, as soon as I can raise them in Gibraltar.


  37. 119
    Porkie Pie Pickles says:

    He is either stupid or naive – My guess is both. Cambos silly little vanity tour will come to haunt him very quickly. “Opportunity democracy society yawn yawn”. Using all the key words that have nothing to do with the situation. – but aid his escaping domestic policy strategy.

    In 12 month the entire region will be run by either The Muslim Brotherhood, or another assortment of uncompromising nuts; while Israel looks on wettings its nappy. And Cambo choose to ignore the very groups who will, in a short while, be in power.

    Fag boy hails the momentous changes in the Middle East, but all those changes are gonna haunt Europe and the UK for many many years to come….Good Luck, fill up your car, and await yet another influx of expats


  38. 121
    Piss Toff says:

    Polly Toynbee. Now there’s a fine looking specimen. Love to take her up the hoop over a ciabatta and merlot.


  39. 124
    Porkie Pie Pickles says:

    errrrrrrr Guido. Any chance of publishing YOUR accounts.


    • 126
      • 160

        Thanks for reminding of this. Up against a real pro here, in Michael White, Guido! Whatever happened to “Levy’s trial” btw?


      • 170
        Terrible But True says:

        Speaking of Newsnight, Mr. Rushbridger seems to be in cosy company tonight, as the BBC goes into full Nelsonian ‘I see no shits’ mode with an ‘interesting’ choice of national and global topics, all things considered:


        ‘Libya’s Col Muammar Gaddafi has condemned anti-government protests in the country and refused to cede power, in his first major speech since unrest began.’

        Really? I’d have imagined he be cheering ‘em on.

        Tonight we’ll have the very latest on what’s happening inside Libya, and Jeremy will joined from Cairo by Baroness Ashton, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs.

        Always a big draw, er, being elected and all. And as there has been nothing else
        of world shaking significance anywhere else on the planet (that the BBC
        inhabits, at least):

        Then we’ll be turning our attention to the future of printed media.

        Of course, you will.

        David Grossman investigates if dwindling circulation figures mean the days of consuming your morning news in paper form are numbered.

        Maybe just those crippled by taxpayer enforced, unique funded competition?

        Anne McElvoy of The Economist presents a thesis on why amateur and citizen journalism can be no substitute for professional journalism.

        They really still pushing this notion and expect to be taken seriously. The BBC?

        Especially when….

        And Jeremy Paxman will be joined in debate by guests including Alan Rusbridger of the Guardian, FT editor Lionel Barber, Google’s Peter Barron, and Mark Thompson, BBC director general.

        So… a BBC boss, an ex-BBC editor, some bloke from the FT and a surprise
        guest from a poorly represented paper on the national broadcast airwaves..
        are going to discuss the UK national press situation????

        And they say the BBC doesn’t do good comedy.

        Alan may have tips on the double standard, bare-faced cheek stuff, too.


        • 171
          Terrible But True says:

          Oh, the upload doesn’t carry those carefully inserted intents. Guess I’d best learn HTML in future. Sorry. Guess you’ll need to suss out which is BBCspeek and which is a less than flattering critique from one who does not find it Aunty to be of the nation’s most loved institutions when it strays into outright Goebbelesque parody. In fact, this little outing puts her in my bad books as a very naughty girl.

          And utterly corrupted.


    • 130
      Lard Presclott of Bulimia, Bog Seats, Beams,Bellies,Banjos,Punches, Croquet, Pies, Jags 'n' Shags says:

      After you, skinny.


    • 149
      Porkie Pie Pickles says:

      errrrr and why should the Guardian !!!!!!!!!


      • 191
        Roundell says:

        Because the have been campaigning against off shore arrangements and hedge betting and low and behold they are at it.


  40. 127
    Ed Bollokov ( Son of Brown, Deficit-Admirer-in Chief ) says:




  41. 129
    I Remember You Hoo says:

    Thick does not even begin to explain the cretins obtuseness.


  42. 133
    Annnoyperson says:

    We await his reply with interest.


  43. 135
    A starstruck fan says:

    Good work Guido. Would also be good if someone could investigate Polly’s tax affairs including details of what she has done to minimise her tax bill. Leftist opinion leaders do hypocrisy very well.


  44. 136
    Anonymous says:

    Error #2048, can’t see letter!


  45. 140
    Question says:

    Who has more than a passing resemblance to this loyal Labour supporter?


  46. 142
  47. 145
    US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner says:

    “Remember your colleagues in the UK ran a strategy for a long time called light touch approach to financial regulation that was designed consciously to pull financial activity from New York and from Frankfurt and Paris to London. That was a deeply costly strategy in financial regulation.”

    Geithner rebuff to Ed Balls



  48. 151
    Make Mine Ermine says:

    Whilst you are at it Alan, for God’s sake scrap the good ship Toynbee, save a great deal of money, save us all from the eternal shite which she dabs on her keyboard whilst champagneing it up in Tuscany!


  49. 153
    Mobius says:

    Brilliant stuff. Now we only need a major newspaper or Sky to get this rank hypocrisy to the public. Maybe the BBC will cover it… hahahahaha what am I thinking the BBC and Guardian have shared so many bodily fluids they’re practically the same person.


  50. 156
    Yeah, right..... says:

    Am I the only one who didn’t hear sanctimonious twit George Monbiot mentioning GMGs failure to pay it’s fair share of tax during his pious rant against Vodafone and the like on last week’s Any Questions?

    Surely St George can’t be an hypocritical arse like so many of his fellow columnists on the Grauniad?


  51. 157
    Kevin T says:

    Of course lefties behave impeccably at university, in between taking controlled substances, hacking, stealing music and warez and lobbing the occasional molotov at the coppers.


  52. 163
    Yeah, right..... says:

    Presumably this organisation doesn’t concern itself with telling other organisations that they must pay more of the tax it itself chooses not to pay.

    This, surely, is the issue here. Corporation organises its affairs to avoid tax is hardly news. Sanctimonious corporation stuffed full of self righteous hacks avoiding tax is.

    Rubisher is living in a glass house on this one. He should stop throwing stones.


  53. 167
    Slowjoe says:

    Anyone fancy a UK-Uncut style flash-mob-demo to the Guardian’s offices in Farringdon?

    Have to plan carefully of course.

    Don’t wash for a week. Print signs with spelling mistakes and shout “Pay your tax” very loudly.


  54. 172
    Desperate Dan says:

    Rusbridger is on Newsnight tonight.


  55. 185
    Ophff Schaeayoeourr Schhcellphff FfphllWhore D*y*vah says:













  56. 186
    To$$er In Da Kyngs*Hed SrrhypBaar says:








  57. 189
    Ratsniffer says:

    I like the outing of guardian double standards but really, Guido, the paper is a ridiculous arse rag which no one except the public sector and bbc bothers reading.


  58. 192
    Ronnie Kray says:

    Fucking brilliant, Guido.

    They need it up them.

    You won’t get a reply, of course. But exposing their disgusting, repellent hypocrisy is music to the ears.

    I think I should invite Rusbriger to the Blind Beggar pub for a drink, what do you think ?


  59. 193
    Yarnesfromhorsham says:

    Guido – did you copy in Polly?


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