February 20th, 2011

Tories Demand Balls Doesn’t Use Taxpayers’ Money Sorting Out His Personal Financial Problems

Matt Hancock, George Osborne’s former economic adviser, has written to Ed Balls demanding that he doesn’t use taxpayers’ money to extricate himself from his personal financial mess which has seen him end up in Court over unpaid debts related to damage done to his former constituency office premises. Hancock observes wryly “At a time when the Coalition is trying to deal with the unpaid bills left by the last Labour Government, it damages the credibility of the official opposition to be leaving unpaid bills of their own.” Worth reading in full:

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Blinky Balls

Best comic line in the letter:

As the country knows only too well, this is not the first time you have vacated an office leaving behind you a shockingly poor state of repair.

Ed Balls, such an omnishambles…

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  1. 1

    Point of order Guido: isn’t all his money the taxpayers’?


    • 2

      If Ed Balls pays back the money he owes for wrecking his office, I’m sueing him for what he did to the country


      • 6
        retardEd Miliband says:

        My team ith a New Generation. They were not involved in the latht government.


        • 16
          Eds Balls says:

          I should be applauded for creating work to support the economy, the construction business needs more people like me to destroy offices.


          • Eds Balls says:

            I am with you – Ossie and Cammy should destroy parliament buidling and that would give loads of builders and electricians jobs.


          • Socialism is a mental illness says:

            No, it doesn’t.

            Cameron and Osborne changed their tune when they saw the reality.

            Ed and Ed are still in denial.


          • disingenuous twat. says:

            Socialism is a mental illness: Do you have any idea how much of a cock you sound when you defend Gideon and Camerons deficit denying?

            “When they saw the reality?”

            Wasn’t a huge fucking surprise to me and I’m not claiming to be capable of handling the countries finances.

            You bell end.

            Gordon and Balls fucked us all, Gideon and Dave fucked us quite nicely too by providing such a piss weak opposition and refusing to see the light or bring Mcdoom to account, indeed joining in the fantasy accounting and promises that got us into this mess.

            Just because they’re on your blue team doesn’t stop them from being incompetent twats of the very highest order and you’re defending them irregardless makes you look like nob also..


          • smoggie says:

            Kerrisssttt! Shut up about what you think Cameron and Osborne said four years ago. How many times have you said this? And you call other people bell-ends? You’re a fucking knobcheese you are.


          • Super Zuffle says:

            Cameron highlighting Labours debt before the crash hit


      • 13
        tedium personified says:

        Can I sue you for not printing comments? It goes against your raison d’etre.


    • 7
      knobsons choice says:

      That would be OK, but even his wages are paid out of public money.


    • 30
      Pompey Voter says:

      M Hancock is an unfortunate name.


    • 38
      The Weaner says:

      Everything that Balls has ever done in his entire lifetime has been financed by the public purse. Even his marriage to his ladyboy wife has been financed by the public purse. He has never been weaned off the state’s nipple.


    • 184
      bald old git says:

      … and why is Ed in this position anyway? Shurely all he needed the landlord to do was submit an invoice for the Fees Office:

      “To: necessary adaptations to MPs office prior to relocation: £1966.00′

      It wouldn’t even have needed a ‘Received with Thanks’ stamp on it …


    • 243
      Aneurin Bevin says:

      Taxpayer money pays his salary out of which he should pay for this dispute no additional money should be given. that was my understanding of what taxpayer money menat in this context.


  2. 3
    Ed Balls says:

    Filed carefully in ‘bin’.


  3. 4
    Catflap says:

    Soiled carpets and damage requiring re decoration.
    What did Blinky expect after inviting Gordon over for a visit.


  4. 5
    tedium personified says:

    19th Feb, a Saturday?

    The wankers can hardly bear to work for the benefit of the country between Monday and Friday. How can this piece of paper be taken at face value?

    Must try harder.


  5. 8
    tedium personified says:

    FFS, commenting here is getting more like Pravda and the BBC’s ‘Have Your Say’ each day.

    ˙ɹǝpɹɐɥ ʎɹʇ ʇsnW

    ¿ǝnlɐʌ ǝɔɐɟ ʇɐ uǝʞɐʇ ǝq ɹǝdɐd ɟo ǝɔǝıd sıɥʇ uɐɔ ʍoH ˙ʎɐpıɹℲ puɐ ʎɐpuoW uǝǝʍʇǝq ʎɹʇunoɔ ǝɥʇ ɟo ʇıɟǝuǝq ǝɥʇ ɹoɟ ʞɹoʍ oʇ ɹɐǝq ʎlpɹɐɥ uɐɔ sɹǝʞuɐʍ ǝɥ⊥

    ¿ʎɐpɹnʇɐS ɐ ‘qǝℲ ɥʇ61


  6. 11
    Blinky Testicles says:

    We’re Labour! We do as we please!


  7. 14
    Doc Trough says:

    He’s followed around by a gaggle of cackling Gorgons. Could he not have provided them with some mops, buckets, polish and stuff?


    • 25
      qui bono? says:

      I thought that’s why they were employed, to shovel up his shit, bottle it, and sell to cure the poor and vulnerable of society, going forward.


      • 85
        Lucius Cassius says:

        in causis quaerare solebat “cui bono” fuisset


      • 144
        Bono says:

        Please give your money to starving Africans!!!

        Me? Well, I’ll just avoid tax and live it up.



        • 230

          Now would be a good time for a loyal Irishmen, such as the saintly Mr O’Bono, to set up a charitable fund which benefits his homeland in its moment of need, rather than companies based in the Netherlands (or Netherlands Antilles) for perfectly reasonable considerations of their tax efficiency.


  8. 21
    Queensferry One Eye says:

    What a scumbag Balls is… hope he can cry on Yvetts’e rather large facial lumps!

    Mike Hancock is my new hero. I live in Ball’s constituency – he it a total fool. If you cant sort your own affairs out….. oh! sorry If forgot we all have to pay for the country’s….

    Here for a man who installed a £12k red kitchen.


  9. 22
    Cancer cells says:

    I’ll try and invade Mr Balls’ body as soon as possible.


  10. 23
    Madme Defarge says:

    God this bloke really is an utter moron. If he trashed the office he should pay for it. End of. I can’t believe he thinks that allowing himself to be sued will enhance his reputation in anyway.
    But then again it is Ed Balls we’re talking about.


    • 36
      tedium personified says:

      If Call me Dave trashed the office of state and allowed the EU to have supremacy you might have a point, oh hold on.


    • 280
      Brown and now Balls is a Tosser says:

      Its beneath Balls to get out a paint brush or lay a carpet – answered my own question yes of course it is. Fu*king twat.


  11. 34
    Final attempt says:

    Hang on,As the taxpayer pays him his wages wont we end up paying indirectly anyway?


  12. 37
    Anonymous says:

    Balls is in a no-win position – if he pays up immediately he’ll still look shifty & evasive, and if he continues to refute the liability then he’ll be hauled over the coals by every news organ and even (selected programs on) the BBC.


    • 42
      Dirty Balls says:

      Bollocks. Difficult position my arse. He could have done the right thing at the outset and not left his old office looking like a shit tip.


    • 47
      Anonymous says:

      “…..and even (selected programs on) the BBC.”

      Like what, Ceebeebies?


      • 125
        Anonymous says:

        Nah, HIGNFY, Mock the week & similar (if MTW is a BBC show). The point being that it’ll never feature in mainstream news programs, merely the light entertainment ones.


    • 52
      Cassandrina says:

      “and even (selected programs on) the BBC”
      You must be joking? There are none that will take up the cudgel.
      On BBC radio 4 World at One today that loony lefty Shaun Laye stated that Blair had talked Gadaffi out of his weapons programme (saved the world), and that BP had proved a hindrance to negotiations. Nothing about Blair and Brown agreeing to let a criminal go free using suspect medical practices.
      If I was Bob Dudley at BP I would be putting my lawyers onto the BBC and this ridiculous “news” programme.


      • 127
        Anonymous says:

        So what if Libya did obtain WMDs, namely nukes? They’d threaten Italy, but not the UK/US. And Israel/France/the US would probably kick their ass if they ever got close to a delivery system.


    • 112
      Eds balls says:

      Eds in a no win position already – he’s blinky ed – the economy blaster.


    • 137
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      If he’d only paid up when it all happened, this letter might never have been written.

      You reap what you sow, Ed.


  13. 44
    Final attempt says:

    Ed Balls is my 2nd most hated politicon(other being Gordon Brown), He sums up everything that is bad about politics, He lies,Bullys,steals,Plots(Even now) all for one reason and that reason is two words…………..



  14. 46
    The Quiet Man's righteous anger with Ed Balls says:


    • 53
      IDS a thinking man's man. says:

      Yep, people forget (as Balls did to his great embarrassment) that IDS was a serving soldier.


      • 59
        tedium personified says:

        An ex-serving solider should have encouraged his own party to look beyond the bollocks Bliar talked about war, Iraq and WMD and got to grips with the Labour war machine.

        He and they didn’t.

        Shame on them.


        • 67
          Reality check says:

          No. He was told by the labour government of the day that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and further more they had intelligence that not only would he use them he could also wipe out UK bases in the region within 45 minutes.

          How was IDS to know that it was all made up?


          • Anonymous says:

            Can’t agree Bob woodward. The argument at the time was not is Blair and Bush making it up but should we go to war to change a regime.

            And to be honest I think Blair and Bush did expect loads of WMD to be exposed once the war was done.


          • Tedious tedium says:

            Who cares? It sorted the ragheads out, didn’t it?


          • Spot on. says:

            I’ve got to say tedium personified that your adopted nickname is apt.


          • Tedious tedium says:

            Catastrophe? I think you meant to say “heroic victory”


        • 116
          tedium personified says:

          Please explain the reason for an ‘Official Opposition’.



    • 63
      Ratsniffer says:

      Balls is utterly odious – and the public can see right through him. Please make him labour leader when Millibland gets the heave ho.


      • 74
        Viva La Balls says:

        He is isn’t he? A totally odious and smug low life.

        I do believe you are right that the British public can see right through him. Obviously the nutroots can’t but nutroots do not an election win make.


        • 293
          nuLabour fucked my country says:

          The public voted nulabour for 13 fucking years, even after the Iraq war tragedy/debacle/atrocity – what the fuck do they know


      • 175
        tell it like it really is says:

        Balls obviously hasn’t borrowed Gordon McDooms Moral compass.


      • 202
        andrew says:

        Thats why Labour are 10 points ahead ,and this great Government ,s poll rating is -25 .Cameron has no chance of ever getting a majority he and Osborne don,t have a clue
        Andrew Edinburgh


        • 282
          Brown and now Balls is a Tosser says:

          What the polls say now means nothing less than a year into the election cycle. Of course they are going to be unpopular its the nature of the beast. It what happens by 2013-14 that will be inportant. Labour have big problems and a leader who cannot even hold a sentence together.


        • 294
          You're devolved says:

          Scuttle off back to your own “parliament” and leave real politics to the English.


    • 103
      Let us re-write History. It's what Socialists always do. says:

      So we have here a powerful Vid making Balls look like a load of obnoxious Bollocks.

      And what happens is that the nutroots come on this blog and say the Iraq war was all the Conservatives’ fault.

      Yet again the Socialists are playing politics with our soldiers’s lives.


      • 107
        tedium personified says:

        Let us rewrite the history of the Iraq War and how heroic the Conservatives were shall we?


        • 117
          Tessa Tickles says:

          You really are fucking tedium personified, aren’t you?


        • 154
          Anonymous says:

          Bliar lied. And he coerced the secret services to go along with his manipulation of intelligence.

          Why are the Tories complicit in Bliar’s lies when they were deliberately misled, in the same manner as the rest of us?


          • Non believer says:

            No one I know was fooled by Blair regarding WMD’s and neither were a lot of his party; at least a good few of those pricks voted against the war which is more than can be said for the Tories.

            Trying to paint all the conservatives MP’s of the time as poor innocent naive bunnies misled by Blair et al is 100% absolute bullshit and you know it. They were all in on it and you fucking know it

            Did you swallow that line of bullshit? Did you support the war?

            Then you were part of the problem too you credulous cock; judging by your posts to date there’s evidently no point in discussing this issue with someone like you, who has swallowed govt lies wholesale and has continued to do so to this day.

            Get a grip FFS.


          • Anonymous says:

            Blair stated to the House that Iraqs possession of WMDs was “beyond doubt”. He and Campbell have since been unable to provde Chilcot with the grounds for this unequivocal statement .
            Without grounds this statement is a lie and the smoking gun which proves Blair and Campbell misled parliament.
            This statement is the crux of the matter and Chilcot should have something to say about it.


          • tedium personified says:

            You would believe black was white too.


          • Mike Hunt says:

            They thought that not even the Prime Minister (Bliar) would tell a lie with such enormous implications, they still thought the office had some integrity.


          • It called lies says:

            Did you believe there was a good case for going to war, yes or no?


          • Anonymous says:



  15. 49
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’ve spent my birthday drinking fizzy orange and hitting women with my Nokia.


  16. 50
    Koba says:

    I like Matt Hancock’s style, we will hear more from this man in the future


  17. 55
    Final attempt says:

    So if he cant use taxpayers money he will have to pimp out yvette to pay the costs, or do stand up comedy dresssed as hitler…


  18. 71
    So What? says:


  19. 72
    Henry VIII says:

    Guido this is all rather small beer. Shouldn’t you be revising your getting something up on Anthony Blair and his Libyan business interests. Now that revolution has come will the new government be paying Tone’s consultancy fees or did Gaddafi Duck employ him on a private basis? Get your finger out Fawkes and don’t let this one slip!


  20. 77
    Steve Miliband says:

    Should’ve gone to Printsavers


  21. 79
    Steve Miliband says:

    It’s called politics. If he said he would not spend, then the BBC would have heralded the nasty Tory cuts in 2009.


  22. 80
    Dack Blog says:

    At least the fridge has been licked clean:


    Good job Prezzer popped by to help him carry the tea chests.


  23. 81
    Look behind you balls - everyone else's phone is working says:


  24. 86
    Balls is now Pimping for Rupert Murdoch says:

    Now at Wheldon Road for Castleford v Huddersfield – Cas pretty dominant so far – watch it on Sky..


  25. 90
    james purnells front garden says:

    What is it about Labour stinkpots that they leeave the country as big a shithole as they do their domiciles?


  26. 94
    tedium personified says:

    Credit where credit is due, he didn’t have a clue then and he hasn’t one now.


    • 102
      Anonymous says:

      A bit like you then.


      • 167
        tedium personified says:

        You can read me like a book.


        • 195
          Christy says:

          This te deum guy is getting on my nerves with his INANE comments,whoever you are why don’t you just get back under the rock from whence you came and leave others to comment.
          To me it seems you are somewhat one short of a six pack,I may be wrong it could be you are just out of the funny farm,but please get your brain in gear before you start driving.
          If you with your INANE ramblings don’t quite understand me maybe I can tell you in concise terms,why don’t you feck off and go and go and peddle your garbage elsewere.
          Aufrichtig xx.


  27. 99

    I prefer the solution of the much missed Freddie Flintoff myself – a shotgun up the arse would suit Balls well.


  28. 109
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Lets face it This bloke is a scruffy c*nt he is happy to live in a shit hole

    he denies the deficit
    he also denies his wife has a cock !


  29. 110
    Moley says:

    Seen elsewhere has this;

    “Five Howlers Made By the Guardian Over Barclays”

    Well worth a read, but it misses mention of the Guardian’s own tax avoidance schemes, and it forgets to mention the tax avoidance schemes of Senior BBC personnel, (e.g. Andrew Marr who is paid much more than double the salary of the P.M.) who, although paid with public money, have countless ways of evading UK tax via schemes which although legal are every bit as “repellent” as the (inaccurately) alleged but unfound actions of Barclays.

    The Co Op Banks is apparently no better.

    The Guardian should change its name to “Hypocrites R Us.”


    • 114
      Final attempt says:

      ” evading ”

      Hate to be a pedant but evading is illegal,Avoiding is legal.



      • 123
        the red fag flying here for 60 forlorn years says:

        Evading or avoiding, the Guardian et al are still hypocrites for witholding vital tax money from the shoeless and starving who now litter our streets in their death agony. They’re supposed to be socialists FFS. Oh I forgot, ‘socialist’ means conniving, thieving bastards.


        • 140
          Eco-warrior says:

          Surely the Guardian should cease publishing on the grounds that printing lefty cr*p causes much deforestation for no good purpose.


    • 119
      Moley says:

      The Guardian is joining the campaign against legal schemes of tax avoidance by Banks and other businesses, on the grounds that they are not paying their “fair” share of tax.

      Personally; I have no problems with anybody minimising their taxes, so long as they are not hypocritical in condemning other people for it.


    • 133
      bird with small brain says:

      I think you have made a logical error there but it would take too long to explain.


    • 161
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      They also print articles by that fat sweaty hoon Will Sutton who’s main answers to our economic ills seem to be membership of the Euro and cutting CEO pay Interestingly none of his articles ever mention the fact that the useless tit was trousering £180k a year for bankrupting the Work Foundation.

      We are also treated to anti-public school diatribes by Ali Campbell’s cock holster – the professional harridan Fiona Millar. Needless to say the Guardian neglects to mention that Rusbridger and most of his senior editorial staff are products of the public school system.

      It is truly the home of the hypocrite.


    • 169
      South of the M4 says:

      They did try that title, but a typo in printing had it as ‘… Heraclitus R us ‘ and now all Gruniard readers think they are expert philosophers.


  30. 115
    Kooeeeee says:

    Nah, his name like him being thick was somebodies imagination.


  31. 120
    Tom Baldwin says:

    Matt Hancock

    Another arrogant Tory twerp,going nowhere with his letter to Ed Balls

    A previous article

    Matthew Hancock MP: Ed Balls was the architect of Britain’s economic problems
    Matthew Hancock MP was Chief of Staff to George Osborne during his time as Shadow Chancellor.

    Ed Balls will wipe the floor with this Tory pipsqeak


    • 212

      From Ed Balls’ time as advisor to McRuin, the results of which culminated in his party’s loss of office, to his elevation to shadow chancellor – a colossus in his own mind, nothing in the world has happened to make him feel that he needs to change course. One may thus conclude that even the universe cannot expand fast enough to keep up with his spending plans.


  32. 121
    Tip of the iceberg - sort this Cameron says:


  33. 126
    At least someone talks some sense. says:

    “He and Ed Miliband have irresponsibly opposed every single measure the Government has taken to deal with our crippling deficit.

    “Now he comes here waving the blank piece of paper that is the Labour recovery plan to tell us: ‘Vote for us and we’ll do it all over again.’ “To try to claim that cutting waste will drive the country back in to recession is complete and utter rubbish.”



    • 193
      Eds comfort blanket says:

      Would be better if we had more employable people – thanks to bliar and his bluster -education education education – now we have 3rd world literacy and numeracy and benefit dependants cos they dont want to work – thanks liebore.


      • 199
        Mike Hunt says:

        But they did create many thousands of non-jobs with nice salaries and pensions to match: one condition, you must vote liebour but then the people employed are too dim to do anything else.


        • 203
          Hangups united says:

          None job ,nice salary,with a pension to match and you only have to vote Labour, I am not too sure that these people are so dim, I don’t see any difference between political parties as they are just the same as crap as each other.


  34. 134
    Martin Day says:

    And speaking of M.P.’s expenses

    Matthew Hancock, Tory MP for West Suffolk, spent more than £500 on advertising and nearly £1,900 on rent.

    His total of £7,784.03 also included a claim for a sat-nav costing nearly £160 and charges for letterheads and business cards


  35. 136
    julian capstick says:

    I’ve made over 27 girls want to fuck me just by asking these 3 weird questions.

    Learn about an accidental discovery I found that exposed a loophole in female psychology!


    oops sorry, wrong blog.


    • 218
      The Paraletic says:

      No it’s alright there are some Welshmen on here who would appreciate your offer, makes a change from sheep and those brown things around their arseses


  36. 141
    Eunuchonomics says:

    The eunuchonomics is making good progress. This nasty pile of sh*t Balls, should not be in charge of petty cash let alone the UK economy.


  37. 145
    Trollop says:

    Not to worry Sarah’s book is serialised in the Daily Mail from tomorrow.


  38. 146
    Glen Miliband says:

    Matt Hancock should have been a stand up comedian

    “Matthew Hancock’s question sent them over the edge.

    During topical questions, he said ministers were “looking to a Swedish model”.

    A rumble of laughter hit him from around the House. “What’s her name,” Labour wags demanded.

    The Tory MP for West Suffolk, pressed on, asking what ministers intended to learn from this Swedish model. “


  39. 148
    SocialGhism says:

    The trouble with Balls is that he’s NUTS!

    (boom boom)



  40. 150
    Hangups united says:

    Great big Northern lefty prick.

    Those Welsh lessons in Mold still had to get a translation.


  41. 156
    Radion Stretchmark says:

    Hancock needs to realise that if he continues to act as Osborne’s gofer, people will continue to regard him as a lightweight tit-end. He’s so far up Osborne’s arse, he can almost see Danny Alexander’s toes.

    Any chance of focussing on Osborne’s mortgages shenanigans, which were far more serious than some minor squabbles over a couple of hundred quid for an office. Thought not.


  42. 157
    It'sMyHumanrights says:

    Yorkshire Ripper could soon be getting Pension Credits



    • 158
      Final attempt says:

      Fucking hell, Soon they will say its against ya human rights to be deprived of liberty.


    • 177
      Anonymous says:

      So everyone elses pension is fucked because of Labour except the Yorkshire ripper who may get a good one thanks to ECHR which was introduced by er Labour.

      What a fucking mess!


  43. 159
    Gordon Brown says:

    Am I still prime minister?


  44. 174
    Steve says:

    This Hancock fellow sounds a right plonker.


  45. 187
    Final attempt says:

    If AV wins and get it ,How will this affect polling and pollsters?


  46. 190
    Polly Toynbee, John Simpson, Alan Bennett says:

    Expecting Ed Balls to pay for his legal expenses is a final solution that’s like waterboarding and child abuse.


  47. 191
    Hi Mr Winkie says:



  48. 194
    keep up the good work says:

    Don’t mention it, and a big thank you for your contribution.


  49. 197
    Licence fee dodger says:

    An earner for our host, and a place for t*ry trolls to gather where they feel safe among like minded folk, suffering as they do under the delusion that every dissenting voice is that of a socialist.
    One could almost describe it as a public service.


  50. 198
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin says:

    No ! I am !!


  51. 204
    annnnonyperson says:

    From the point made in Mr Hancocks’ letter it seems Mr Balls admits to liability regarding damage to the office and fixtures and fittings, the only point that Balls offers in his defence is:”I admit I left the office in a poor state of repair, but I deny the damages amount of money my former landlord is claiming.”

    And that’s a pretty weak defence. Judge Judy would say: “Wait there, Mr Balls… you have just admitted that you damaged the office that you rented and that you broke the terms of your leasing agreement which you must have known contained a stipulation that the premises were left in a good state of repair. Bearing in mind your acknowledgement that you owe your former landlord for repairs to the structure of the office and the replacement of damaged or worn fittings, the only thing we have to do now is to work out exactly how much compensation you do owe…”

    Under the circumstances I feel Balls should at the very least stand down from the role of shadow chancellor until this case is heard.


  52. 205
    Blair & the voice of God! says:

    Shaaaadup! Lets bomb Libya! Er, perhaps not…I have a vested interest in keeping a dictator in power.


  53. 208
    Car crash TV says:

    Comical Ali is alive and well, living in Lybia, and now calling himself Saif Gaddafi.


  54. 215
    Anonymous says:



  55. 227

    we all must remember what balls does not agree with cannot be true as did the one eyed mong and does his munter of a wife nuff said


  56. 231
    Jimmy says:

    “George Osborne’s former economic adviser,”

    You’d really want to keep that quiet wouldn’t you?

    Good to see the party still making full use of his talents.


    • 241
      smoggie says:

      Bloodbath last night with tat’s (tedium and tedious) sockpuppets strewn over the field.

      Shame nell didn’t make an appearance to bayonet the wounded.


  57. 232
    One of the Great Unwashed says:

    Don’t forget Ed “Deficit Denier” Balls ‘MRS’ will try to sneek through these expenses onto her account…….remember being economical with the truth is a New Labour Art Form…….refined & expanded over 13 plus years…..so nothing should surprise & should not be admitted even after being caught with one’s hands plundering the cash box……this is called news management thankfully also a very refined art form and practised everyday by the organ of LieLabour by the biased BBC………..


    • 233
      Eva Balls was in full propaganda mode on QT says:


      • 266
        julian says:

        i do like mr farage, he gets his point across every time he talks.

        get him in parliament, would make for some interesting times.

        ps. Get him and Nick Griffin in Parliament and bloody hell it would be even better fun.


  58. 236
    TattyBoy says:

    proasting at 4am wheeeeee wuv winkie sploot sploot!!!


  59. 237

    I appreciate that clarification, Filius Prodigus. Better had it been incorporated into the original statement … Hey chef! Is the fattened calf ready to serve yet?


  60. 240
    Tacitus says:

    You want to see a real waste of money? Wait for the AV referendum roadshow to hit town!!


    • 251

      Dear Tacitus, nice man.

      You talk as if the already wasted money by the last administration was not real. The AV referendum will be a waste of £91m for sure. But, in common with your much nastier Lefty comrades, you have ignored the order of scale.

      Compare the above figure with the trillion pounds of debt run up by Tony and Gordon, between 1997 and 2010, is like comparing the Mendip Hills to the Himalayas.


  61. 242
    smoggie says:

    Bloo­dbath last night with ta­t’s (te­dium and tedi­ous) soc­kpuppets strewn over the field.

    Shame ne­ll didn’t make an appearance to ba­yonet the wo­unded.


  62. 249
    Fuck 'Em says:

    I haven’t got my official invitation to the royal wedding yet but the king of Bahrain has – he ‘s the guy who was gunning down his own people last week – it’s good to know where our royal family stands on these things isn’t it – sack the lot of them, biggest benefit cheats in the world


  63. 250
    Hans Ardatverk says:

    Why did not the landlord, when he originally let the office to Balls, extract an extra month’s rent in advance to cover any subsequent damage (as most landlords do as a matter of course and such a stipulation is included in probably all basic lease documents).


  64. 252
    Tom Baldwin says:

    “Ed Balls to demand that Matthew Hancock Doesn’t Use Taxpayers’ Money to pay for his satnav”

    Get in there Ed,you’ll have himon the ropes


  65. 253
    Fuck 'Em says:

    Agh , yes

    people being killed in Libya with british bullets


    thanks Tony Bliar, our name being run through the mud for profit once again eh?

    Don’t you despair at the inanity of the british???


    • 271
      Sometimes I wonder,then I think says:

      So British bullets are again flying around Libya, no change since WWII then,if the bullets were French,German,Italian or Chinese, would the same moan or complaint be in the papers, will it feck,will it be in the aboves newspapers will it feck, oil costs money, real money not the rubbish hot off the British goverment printing sets, now that’s the scandal.


  66. 262
    Gordon Brown MP (part time) says:

    This all started in Normanton.


  67. 265
    thick as thieves says:

    Guido Fawkes, right wing political blogger said: “There is no question that the Con Dem cuts are targeting the buses and will massacre life-line transport services for millions in rural communities if they can get away with it.

    “The U-turn on forests’ privatisation shows that this shambles of an administration is there for the taking if we get our act together and the next battleground is our bus services.”


  68. 268
    Tom Badwind says:

    No, B£iar & Brown’s Broken Britain has already accomplished that.


  69. 269
  70. 270
    chuckey says:

    The Balls family have no income that does not come from the tax payer one way or the other


  71. 275
    Sir Barrington Minge says:

    In passing….

    Nice picture in the Telegraph of two men with blood on their hands – one M. Gaddafi and one A. Bliar.

    Two rotten peas in a pod methinks.

    On the subject of Comrade Balls..when oh when will we find some real shyte about this obnoxious little man that will nail him once and for all?

    Any Ideas?


  72. 283
    TomTom says:

    Northampton is that group centre for issuing such Claims isn’t it ? All the debt collectors run their block applications through this processing centre in the era of Mechanised Justice ? No wonder our courts are clogged up


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