February 19th, 2011

Balls Denies Debts in Court

Court Papers Ed Balls Bad Debts

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Ed Balls is the master of deficit denial, this week he has denied the deficit was a problem and told us the IMF, OECD and the governor of the Bank of England are all wrong and he is right. Now he is denying his own personal debts in Court.

Court papers obtained by Guido show that he has claims against him amounting to £1,966 over unpaid rent and damage to his Normanton constituency office. He refuses to accept the debt and has offered to pay only a few hundred pounds but the landlord has now had enough of his arguing about the debt and taken him to Court. We all know what Balls is like when it comes to admitting debts.

If only we could have him tried in the same way for running up the national debt…


  1. 1
    Final attempt says:

    what a suprise, Hope HMRC go after the flipping wanker, How do people like Balls get elected?

    • 7
      Are we paying for this? says:

      The report in the Mail includes this line from Balls’s constituency office:

      ‘The bottom line is that there will be no payment of taxpayers’ money that is not justified.

      Does this mean that Bollocks will use taxpayers’ money to fight the case?


      • 27
        Dave says:

        I gave a cast iron Guarantee that I would hold a referendum on Europe.

        • 145
          Eeu to me says:

          I,will take the referendum to court and get a tame judge to cancel our promises,then I will slip into Europe like a thief the following day,sign us in to slavery and get my picture taken on my own and slither away Gordan Brown writer of books on courage,you just couldn’t make it up..

          • Worthless Lib Dem Pledge says:

            Who is going to clean up politics? What party is going to clean up politics? We heard them all say they would, and since then nothing. When are they going to change the rules and be inspected by an outside independent body of which no one has a connection with these thieving corrupt people?

            Dave was all talk in opposition, so was Clegg and Brown never turns up in parliament any more and there is no redress for him not working or doing the job he is paid to do.

            Should Milliband or the speaker order him to attend as it is a waste of taxpayers’ money. All jokes aside, when is he going to act like an MP? Alternatively, is he allowed to remain in post for three years until he qualifies for his pension without doing the work?

        • 234
          Andy Murrrrray says:

          New balls in court.

          • Consumer of oil says:

            Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Jack Straw, David Millipede, Ed Balls, Alex Salmond, Kenny Macaskill, BP, and other lovers of Dictator Gaddafi … your people took a hell of a beating on Libya’s streets today .

      • 28
        smoggie says:

        I think it meant taxpayers’ money to clean up the fucking mess they made.

        There’s a first.

        • 124
          Ampers says:

          More mess than you realise.

          In my generation, our parents would say that Ed Balls has dirty habits.

          Was never quite sure what that meant as a child, but I imagined it meant that the person’s wife often had trouble sitting down?

          Yvette, can you confirm or deny this please?

      • 644

        Maybe the dreadful Balls creature can get a moneysupermarket.com gig like old Prezza?

        • 708
          Lard Presc'unt says:

          I am always conscious of my dignity and public profile and make sure I only endorse the classiest products like Tracy Temple who I managed to endorse several times at my desk even leaving the door open on occasion.

    • 20
      how original says:

      …and then saw sense. What about you?

      • 35
        single issue fanatic with more time than sense says:

        No I’m going to run away crying because Guido won’t let me spam all the posts and tells me off now and then. I’ll never every come back and I’ll bring down this site with my semi-mystical geeky powers. That’ll teach him.

      • 37
        Labour's deficit says:

        We had the worst deficit in the G7 before the banking crisis hit. Fuckwit.

      • 48
        Eduardo Cajones says:

        So it’s Cameron’s fault we have a massive deficit and an unprecedented national debt, because of something he said when he was not it power?

        The logic excapes me. I thought Labour was in charge the last 13 years.

      • 54
        "George Osborne and David Cameron the Deficit Deniers" denier says:

        Who was in opposition? The party in power were the ones wrecking our economy, spending 3 times what was raised in taxation, not the ones sneering at them. Prickpiece.

      • 71
        Eduardo Cajones says:

        But they are actually dealing with the defecit as so they should. Labour are still in denial about it as so are you.

        It’s not me who is the idiot, pal.

        If you’re not an idiot then you are a fucking liar.

      • 76
        taxdodger says:

        Anyway back on topic…

        When is Balls due in court? Or will he bottle it and pay up?

      • 83
        Bully Boy Balls says:

        Pay what ?? There is no debt: it’s ‘investment’.

      • 91
        taxdodger says:

        Do you think Crawley will beat man U this afternoon?

        (Since we’re totally off topic, I’d like to talk about something in the present day)

      • 101
      • 113
        taxdodger says:

        First bit of sense I’ve read all day, Bill.

      • 129
        Anonymous says:

        ..said the brainless leftie troll

      • 158
        khoustello says:

        The bankers only gave in to peoples greed
        although they are just as culpable.The labour party and Blair told us Britain was
        booming but forgot to tell us it was all on credit.I remember Blair and company slagging off the French and German unemoloyment rates only five years ago.

      • 200
        The big D says:

        Seeing as Labour never revealed their spending ( cutting) plans before they did not win the election how can any Labour supporter condem the Tory plans which spent (cut) the same amount? Pot and kettle a non white colour?

      • 257
        Tea with the Taliban says:

        Come off it Mr Wuv. You adore Gordy

      • 265
        Can spot a left wing cnut miles away says:

        George Osborne and David Cameron the Deficit Deniers says:

        Your moniker shows you to be probably the biggest left wing twat on this board.
        I shall therefore will waste no futher pixels key strokes on you

        • 277
          lols says:

          I’m sure the feeling is mutual after that!

        • 374
          Anonymous says:

          GODCDD makes a point that you CCHQ shills are too thick to see – namely that Dave and George would have done exactly the same as Gordon if they’d been in his position and we’d be in exactly the same mess if they’d had their hands on the tiller. You obviously have trouble understanding what “We will match labour’s spending plans’ means.

          Even now the Tories are making the argument that they wish they weren’t having to make these cuts but the deficit means they have to. In other words if the tax revenue was there they’d be quite happy to see the state the same size as it currently is. For anyone slightly right of centre and in favour of small govt then that’s just ideological bollocks. SDP entryist bullshit at its finest! I was pretty sure I couldn’t loathe anyone more than Gordon but I despise this Tory govt with the intensity of a thousand suns.

        • 457
          annnnonyperson says:

          In the context of his weaselly denial of being a Labour supporter with his posting name, he made me laugh!

      • 349
        Alex says:

        Is that the best this Deficit Deniers twat can offer – a link to an article from four years ago?

        Seriously, you’re just embarrassing yourself.

      • 456
        digger says:

        Surely he can find a bit of spare change down the back of the sofa considering all the dodgy expenses him and the missus claimed???

        • 667
          A Tenant says:

          Do you not know how difficult it is to scrape by on 500 grand a year? These thieving landlords can go whistle for their rent.

      • 594
        Osama the Nazarene says:

        Hey Deficit Deniers here is what the Vulcan was saying in 2008 read it and consider it for there are many more such pearls of wisdom on his blog. All you can come up with is a mantra, just like the best Liebor spinners of the Brown Balls school.

        David Cameron’s response was hard hitting and down to earth. He drew attention to the high taxes, the surging borrowing, and the unpleasant inflation that the budget encompasses. He said Labour should have put something aside in the good times for the not so good times. They should have mended the roof when the sun was shining, for now it is blowing a gale.

        So what would mending the roof entail? Above all, it should entail getting the public sector into the way of thinking that it has to do more with less, or in the case of health and education to raise standards by more than the increase in cash.

        Mending the roof means controlling the massive overheads. Why do we need regional unelected regional government in England? Its unpopularity in the North East referendum should be proof enough to alert politicians that it would be best swept away.

        Why do we need a huge national identity bank and ID cards? Let’s stop the spending on that doomed project now.

        Why do we need 750,000 civil servants, when previous governments could run things perfectly well with 200,000 fewer? Shouldn’t we impose a staff freeze immediately, so natural wastage can start to get the administration back into shape?

        Why is the absentee rate so much higher in the public sector than in many private companies? Shouldn’t Ministers start managing this, and motivating their staff better so more turn up?

        Why won’t the government produce a plan to get the £25 billion it has lent Northern Rock back to an agreed timetable?

        Why has the public sector taken so little action to improve building insulation, install heating and lighting sensors and controls so they only operate when needed, and to put in more fuel efficient lighting?

        Why can’t the government curb the inefficiencies of its nationalised industry, Network Rail? Why can’t it find new revenue streams to avoid the closures and the costs at the Post Office?

        Wherever you look at this government’s public sector you see the same lack of leadership from Ministers, and the same casual approach to taxpayers money. Senior executives receive large bonuses and substantial incomes for performance which many service users think is inadequate.

    • 31
      Akvavitix says:

      Have you seen the amoebas that form the population of the Socialist Republic of Normanton?

    • 85
      Tessa Jowell says:

      I do not understand this issue.

      • 96
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        Notice how the lefty drtoids move the thread away from the real problem? The Constituency Surgery office is a justifiable expense, So I ask myself, “Has Balls claimed for the rent on his office. and why hasn’t he paid up?”

      • 153
        Is she an idiot or a liar says:

        Tessa Jowell, the woman who was a government Minister and was in fact charged with the responsibility of organising the London Olympics yet who claimed she didn’t understand what she was signing when she put her name on a mortgage form!!!

    • 118
      Andrew says:

      He will be the next chancellor and will do better than George Osborne any day .We would be bankrupted if he had took us out of the bank crisis .Now ill admit Brown made a mistake with the Gold and 10p tax.He should have regulated the banks better BUT KEPT US OUT THE EURO
      Andrew Edinburgh

      • 263
        Fucking Hell Don't Try And Rewrite History That I Remember Well says:

        He only kept us out of the Euro because the polls kept showing the public was massively against it even in tribal Labour heartlands and it would of probably cost them the election if they had pegged us on the Euro.

        At the time Labour and the left wing media and trolls and astroturfers where calling us all stupid, little englanders, pig headed, thick, short sighted etc. etc. every name under the sun for not wanting the Euro and using every fallacy and dirty trick in the book to guilt trip us about it and emotionally blackmail us all to try and strong arm to change our minds.

        The only reason ‘we were kept out of the Euro’ was because of Browns cowardice and Labour was genuinely scared of the public reaction for once in a rare ocassion.

        • 351
          Alex says:

          To be honest, I thought he kept us out of it purely in the interests of sticking two fingers up at Blair.

          He made the right decision, but for purely personal vanity reasons, not the good of the country – that was just a bit of serendipity.

        • 354
          Phil says:

          There was another reason namely that Brown was in a permanent war with Blair over who sat in the driving seat and anything Blair was really keen about , pro joining the Euro for example, I suspect automatically turn gordon anti.

    • 164
      Peter Grimes says:

      And we’ve just had Bollox’ spawn Chucker Humungous on the telly lying again that the deficit is all the fault of the wicked bankers!

      And the sheeple will believe this loon-eyed liar!

      • 307
        Iloathlefties says:

        No one, not even a 3 eyed beast from a sink estates in Liebours heartlands would believe a word he says. He a Evet are just lying loathing twats!!

    • 312
      Lord GaGa says:

      because the arrogant little shit believes the crap his spin produces..weak at the despatch box..weak in defence….nutless

    • 336
      Rat's arse says:

      They get elected by brain dead Labourites ‘Final attempt’. It worries me that so many people in this country are now so stupid that they’d vote for a pig if it had a red rosette on it. Truly pitiful.

    • 606
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Just remember, it is all Ed’s fault.

  2. 2
    AngryEnglishJon says:

    He really is a useless bastard. Imagine him running the treasury. UKplc would be like Zimbabwe. Balls…the white Mugabe.

  3. 3
    Ed Balls says:



  4. 4
    That's nothing says:

    1,966 is nothing to what him and his mrs owe the country.

  5. 5
    77% of the Last Labour Government were English says:

    English Twat

    • 6
      The last Prime Minister, Chancellor, and Speaker were Scottish says:

      Up yours Hunt.

      • 163
        Anonymous says:

        What’s the problem is is English and he is a twat, stop being so chippy Englanders

        Oh by the way Darling was English as well, do your homework dickhead and as far as the speaker goes you now have that English tit Bercow and his attention seeking idiot of an English wife so that’s alright then.

        • 296
          The last Prime Minister, Chancellor, and Speaker were Scottish says:

          Anonymous you’re a moron. He was born in London to SCOTTISH parents before his family moved BACK to Scotland when he was a toddler.

        • 355
          Alex says:

          Can someone please just give these cretins the independence they so desperately crave and then laugh when scotland becomes one big mass of boozed up drug addicted losers?

          Ah, hang on – stable door, pony bolted.

        • 465
          annnnonyperson says:

          really? A relative was a Scottish MP, he went to Scottish private schools, attended a Scottish university, passed the Scots bar and is an MP for a Scottish constituency. Yeah. ‘course he’s English…

          • Anonymous says:

            He was born in England you FUD !

          • Anonymous says:

            As was Sarah “Magda” Macauley who is also English. Is there no end to the amount of leftist arseholes which England has bequeathed to the World?

          • A nation of fucking useless liars says:

            Och the noo!

            T Blair
            G Brown
            A Darling

          • A nation of fucking useless liars says:

            D McBride
            A Campbell
            A Salmond

          • A pretned nation of fucking useless liars says:

            Apologies: A PRETEND nation of fucking useless liars.

            Och the noo! We’re a REAL country! Honest! We just have to leach off England because we can’t stand on our own two feet!

          • Useful idiot alert says:

            The “och the noo ” wanker has bit on the bait good and proper. I love it when a plan comes together . His patter is pish I’m sure you will agree. He produces a list of mainly English twats and pretends they are Scottish. His delusion is total.

      • 176
        Caledonian invasion says:

        Make that the last TWO pm’s were Scottish

    • 17
      Scotland the queer says:

      The other 33% were retarded deep fried mars bar eating drug addled racist bigots.

    • 22
      Sporran Bollocks says:

      Good to see the scotch punching above their weight

      • 165
        Anonymous says:

        Scots have always punched above their weight ever since we kicked the Numerically superior English Army led by their mincing King out at Bannockburn. The English are pussies.

        • 184
          Yawn says:

          I know it’s so difficult finally ridding yourselves of those shackles of…. 700 years ago

          • Anonymous says:

            Isn’t it funny that the English love dishing it out on here but when they get it back they don’t like it and cry foul ! Wankers.

        • 233
          O Cromwell says:

          True, but we’ve been keeping you workshy trannies ever since.

        • 339
          Adrian Swall says:

          We pussies got our revenge a couple of hundred years later at Flodden when we really stuffed you and your King

        • 344

          As a Welshman, may I just say 24-6, you Jock fanny.

          Also, we’ve been subsidising you and wiping your arses ever since the Darien adventure led most of you to lose your shirts, so say thankyou to the nice English taxpayers.

          • Anonymous says:

            You are clearly confused about your nationality, your welsh not English you sad old git. Having said that your nation has been completely absorbed by the English who are your overlords so that explains your confusion.

          • Anonymous says:

            I await your reply Welshman though as it’s the weekend I appreciate your probably out shagging sheep as we speak.

        • 357
          Alex says:

          So it went really well didn’t it, given that you went on to become a part of the UK a couple of centuries later and haven’t managed to free yourself yet.

          Anyway, don’t knock it too much – personally I hope you get independence ASAP, but kiss goodbye to free university, prescriptions and a whole load of other things when you haven’t got a sugar daddy to scrounge from any more.

          • Anonymous says:

            Why don’t you vote for English independence honestly why not, I’d support you 100%. you haven’t got the bottle though have you,your all mouth and no trousers. Like I said pussies.

          • A brick wall named Adrian says:

            Ah, if only wavy Dave would give us the option….

          • Anonymous says:

            What’s Dave got to do with it, he is leader of the Conservative and Unionist party, no self respecting seeker of independence for England would vote for a unionist party would they? Oh don’t tell me you do and you just haven’t thought things through .
            Listen mate if you really want English independence vote for the English Independence party or alternatively shut the fuck up.

    • 603
      The English trait that dare not speak it's name says:

      I admit the Scots have given the world some fuckwitted labour types but it’s the English who bequeathed the world the “Champagne Socialist” and for that you should be deeply , deeply, ashamed.

  6. 8
    Ed But Look Balls says:

    I see Chucka Obama is showboating again about Barclays corp tax being too low as they did the legitimate thing and included 2009 losses. Al-Beeba giving him all the oxygen he wants without anyone being put up against him.

    FFS DC sort out the Liebour Shills – Al-Beeba Grauniad etc

    • 24
      taxdodger says:

      So he’s talking truth again to the banksters.

    • 30
      ichabod says:

      Yes ,but the quiet and persistent Evan Davies ( apols if i’ve got the name wrong) still managed to point out his sloppy thinking, and Chukie is so unimpressive anyway that it’s unnecessary to set up an opponent. When his gorgeous features can’t be displayed he across as a complete ass; Berger King insists on the light being on at ALL times.

      • 51
        Ed But Look Balls says:

        Good point Ich, but if they have the Hunt on then they have to make sure that he is made to make himself look a proper Hunt and in the 9 o’clock soundbites make sure that Evan Davies riposte is heard not just Chunta Munta!

      • 189
        Yuka says:

        Erm feel obliged to represent the laydeez, here
        Chuka makes me wanna… well… Chuka

    • 58
      I Squiggle says:

      Chuka doesn’t seem to understand the concept of carried forward losses, and that profit earned outside the UK may be subject to other, local, taxes. This man sits on the Treasury Select committee. Relaxed everyone?

      • 149
        Tom Tomos says:

        Perhaps he should sit on Billy Bowden’s £19 Argos chair instead.

      • 166
        Anonymous says:

        Chucks another English twat.

        • 569
          Colonel Blimp says:

          I thought he was on the dark side of the shade card?
          If so he cannot be English (neither is Miliband).

      • 225
        I Squiggle says:

        As an afterthought, the extension to Chuka’s argument is that you should tax losses. Even Brown and Balls didn’t think of that..

        • 249
          vote no to av,vote no to sandal wearers says:

          We as a nation got into a mess spending non existent money on non existent jobs and now we are to tax non existent profits as well,just as well I refrained from running for parliament I clearly havnt this chuks intellect

        • 459

          If spend=invest, then tax=subsidise. I’m sure that this could be made a Labour policy in time for the next Election, if not the next Conference. In fact, isn’t that how things used to work back in the days of British Leyland and the nationalised mines?

      • 588
        Tell it like it really is says:

        I see the bbc have chosen not to air the Barclays statement which ends by saying they find Chuck Ups pronouncements “simplistic”.

    • 136
      Dopey Dave says:

      I give you a cast-iron guarantee that I will work to stop the blatant pro-liberal bias of the bbc.

    • 212
      Anonymous says:

      The arrogance of the UK Uncut mob is astounding – saying that Barclays branches should be converted into libraries, and ‘lawfully and peaceably’ trespassing on private property by having a sit-in.

  7. 9
    Mass Debater says:

    It just makes the dismal tosser a man of the people in the perception of the cretins who vote Labour

  8. 10
    I hate Ed Balls intensely says:

    Someone give this landlord a medal.

  9. 12
    PD77 says:

    Guess he ballsed up his line of thinking if he thought he don’t have to pay, I certainly hope he get’s the Liebore party to fund his defence.

  10. 13
    I hate Ed Balls intensely says:

    I know it’s a terrible thing to wish cancer on another person. But Balls is evil. I hope he dies a slow and painful death, preferably and poetically from testicular cancer.

    • 34
      Ex-Labour voter says:

      Ordinarily, it’s a terrible thing. But it Ed’s case, it’s perfectly understandable.

      Not only would I like him to die of testicular cancer, I’d like his wife to die of it, too. I’d like her vag to mutate into male genitalia and then get cancer. She should get it first, of course, so he gets to watch her die before he gets cancer.

    • 201
      Hate Them Both says:

      Since I feel the same way about Prescott – can they make a cheesy film together like “The Bucket List’ or ‘Another film where the irritating protagonists die and nobody cares’

  11. 14
    Final attempt says:

    Serious point,Cant we get the SFO involved to go over the PFI deals to find out if a crime has been commited, the we will know if it was delebrite or in compatence?

  12. 15
    I hate Ed Balls intensely says:

    Chucky Yamumma has got quite possibly the most annoying voice of anyone in British politics today. And it doesn’t help that the smug twat always speaks in such an affected manner too, inflecting every sentence with obnoxious and showboating facial expressions. Fucking useless c unt.

    • 178
      Anonymous says:

      Thank you for encapsulating my feelings about chucky in a manner far more eloquently than I could.

      • 202
        NotaffanofUmooner says:

        Makes me want to chukka uppa every time he opens his gob

        • 219
          I'm Mr Smugggggggggggggg says:

          Chuk-as a sick bag.

          He’s not that modest, yet has much to be modest about.

          • smoggie says:

            Chucky Simplistic was moaning on BBC about the banksters tax contribution.

            “We, the taxpayers..” he rapped, as if he contributes to the exchequer “We”??

            He is a civil servant and he is paid entirely by the taxpayer. He contributes not one penny. The fact that he takes 70% from the public purse instead of 100% is because he has no choice.

  13. 16
    Sally BigCow says:

    well, I’ve tried him and he’s crap

  14. 18
    Ed But Look Balls says:

    Sarah Brown, wife of the ex prime minister Gordon, has spoken of her frustrations that her husband was “misunderstood”.”I met him as a politician. He is immersed in politics and in public service……..

    …….”He’s still working as an MP – he’s still engaged with the international world, making a real difference. Gordon would never walk away.”

    WTF! And still getting paid by the taxpayer!

  15. 21
    Tom Baldwin says:

    We shall wait and see if judgement is entered against Ed Balls.
    Ed Balls may have a perfectly valid defence and I’m sure if the landlord had such a cast iron case against Ed Balls he would have gone directly for the bankruptcy route and issued a statutory demand.

    Grow up and stop behaving like a deficit deceiver,Guido.

  16. 29
    Short Sterling heavy bomber, target Frankfurt says:

    Oh you fucking beauty, Balls, you deranged fuck

    He told the Court ‘these debts are a figment of my right wing landlord imagination’

    • 67
      Sir Stuart Bells says:

      It would in my opinion be perfectly acceptable to claim this money from the fees office, or those IPSA pricks

      • 177
        Eduardo Cajones says:

        Those IPSA suckers, yeah!

      • 369
        Sir Stuart Bell-End MP says:

        You Sir, are an imposter.

        Have you been claiming money from the fees office pretending to me?

        • 381
          Sir Stuart Bells says:

          How dare you Sir, I am a Labour grandee, & as such am above reproach

          You are clearly an imposter, who should be purged from politics

          • Ken Clarke says:

            I’m a much loved Conservative grandee and national treasure.

          • Sir Stuart Bell-End MP says:

            No Sir- YOU are the imposter.

            I know this to be true because you do not sign off your posts with….


          • smoggie says:

            You are both impostors. Sir Stu the Invisible Man is not named so for nothing.

          • Right Of Recall Now!!!! says:

            The real Sir Stuart Bell is an imposter.

            He’s pretending to be an MP and to represent his constituents.

    • 268
      Yvette Cooperers says:

      It was the right thing to do

    • 458
      bird with small brain says:

      Owing to a Spoonerism cognitive error, I misread ‘Balls, you deranged fuck’ as ‘Balls, you free-range duck’. I think I prefer that…!

  17. 33
    Herr Balls in his new Office says:

  18. 38

    Normanton. Says it all.

    They are all up to their eyes in debt up there. Believe me, I know.

    They have never known any other way – neither has Balls.

  19. 39
    White Van Man says:

    Hang him!

  20. 55
    Joss Ayinglike says:

    But better than B£iar and Brown’s Broken Britain.

  21. 59
    Ed Bollokov ( Son of Brown, Deficit-Admirer-in Chief ) says:

    Debt is GOOD !!!

  22. 62
    Ex-Labour voter says:

    I agree.

  23. 73
    Bollock King says:

    Bollocks is now even attacking Mervyn King. Methinks this is not a strategy for a shadow Chancellor


  24. 80
    White Van Man says:

  25. 86
    Martin Day says:

    Has judgement been obtained by Ed Ball’s landlord yet ??

    Have you had sight of Ed Ball’s defence to the claim ?

    This thread is pitiful and the landlord issuing the claim has gone about this issue in totally the wrong way.

    I put you on notice Guido that proceedings under the Data Protection Act will be served on you personally. (You have breached the Act, end of.)

    • 89
      taxdodger says:

      It would be cheaper if Balls just paid his bills.

    • 122
      Jon Snot. says:

      Martin …. please let us know how you get on. Thanks.

    • 171
      Anonymous says:

      Smokescreen alert !!!

    • 282
      micky says:

      Ow Guido, since you’re goin down under the breach of the Data Protraction Act anyway, could we please have Martin Day’s IP Address. I wanna do a detailed trace??

      • 681

        “Protraction!” What a tit!

        The Data Protection Act applies to personal information. The name “micky” does not cut the mustard here. Even if you had put your surname, “mouse”, it would not do so. IP Address does not qualify under the Act either – yours will be dynamic anyway – because you are a loser, you are probably using your mum and dad’s.

        Then there is the issue of jurisdiction as mentioned below. I detect a serious outbreak of mong fever in the UK.

    • 362
      Alex says:

      Good luck with that – neither this site or its owner are under UK jurisdiction.


      • 405
        ffs another gayer says:

        I see you like the taste of arse and cock.

        • 469
          Alex says:

          Not particularly, but I don’t like bigoted wankers like you either.

          To be honest, I think it’s a bit disturbing that you’re so interested in the sexual preferences of strangers on the internet – think you’ve come to the wrong website.

  26. 87
    Chuka Banker on the Fire. says:

    If this Chuka wallah is so bright. How come he doesn’t know that last year’s losses can be offset against this year’s profits?

    Or perhaps he does know and he also knows this is what every business does and he is just participating in banker bashing because he imagines it makes him look good to the less well informed Lefties.

    • 126

      Don’t confuse him. He’s a lawyer. He can ignore inconvenient facts.
      Like the attorney general and WMD. its just trivial detail.

    • 190
      Chicke Chukka Tandoori says:

      It was the bankers who were responsible for Brown’s 10 years of profligacy. They also forced him to sell off the nation’s gold reserves at giveaway prices. The people have a right to know this!

  27. 100
    The last quango in paris says:

    What damage? Nokias to the Walls?

  28. 104
    Dave says:

    It’s my gift to Nick and Vince for taking all the flak on Tuition Fees.

    AV is just tinkering around, it won’t alter the outcome of an election.

  29. 105
    pete-s says:

    On Question Time this thursday, his wife said when asked what was the deficit under Labour. Said she did not know. Strange considering she was secretary to the Treasury 2008-2009. Seems the Balls family are VERY coy to talk about the deficit at any time. Maybe there is a BIG problem in explaining it away and they wish to avoid it.

    • 115
      Ex-Labour voter says:

      Hmm. Perhaps she should be waterboarded for a day or two. Maybe it’ll refresh her memory.

    • 117

      Why should she know? Its not as if it was her debt.
      She’d know if she only had a few hundred thou’ left in the current account, but why bother about some debt belonging to someone else?

    • 169
      Anonymous says:

      Exactly, there are strong grounds to suspect the Yvette was lying her fucking head off when she said she didn’t know.She didn’t want to say more like, she’s learned that little trick from her pal Harman who has also used this strategy in the past.

    • 509
      annnnonyperson says:

      If she really didn’t know, then it is clear how Labour got it all so terribly wrong.

  30. 116
    The Big Societeeeey says:

    Oh Christ I am going to be sick. The guy is a fucking idiot.

  31. 120
    TheCaptain says:

    The landlord is wanting the debt repaid dangerously quickly and is motivated by purely political reasons. Why shouldn’t he be able to reduce his deficit by half over a four year period?

    • 135
      Bollock Ed says:

      That is a really important point. Paying down our debts this quickly could cause a double dip recession in Labour party finances.

  32. 123
    CEO Blues says:

    Can somebody help me by advising on how I should invest my hard earned cash please?


  33. 125
    ex Con(ned) voter says:

    Fuck off you lily livered Europhile fuckwit.

    Go on, do one you utter c u n t.

  34. 134
    Final attempt says:

    Ed Balls repesents everything that is bad with politics.

  35. 138
    anonymouse in the IPSA skirting boards says:

    Somebody better watch his expenses claims to see if he tries to get us to stump up for the fact that he could not keep his office staff from trashing the place.

  36. 143
    khoustello says:

    Havent we got rid of the death penalty?

  37. 154
    Sir Barrington Minge says:

    When is someone going to nail this fat useless fuck once and for all?

    Balls = fat corrupt fuck

  38. 159
    Sarah Ferguson says:

    I wouldn’t go to the wedding even if they invited me………….

  39. 160
    streamfisher says:

    Trash the place and then run away owing lots of money, hmmm! where have I heard that one before.

  40. 162
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:


  41. 168
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Shouldn’t we wait for the court to decide whether he owes the money or not?

    • 175
      Engineer says:

      You can be be pretty damn sure that if the landlord is willing to put himself through the hassle of legal proceedings, it’s because he’s tried and exhausted every other available avenue to get his money.

      • 187
        nell says:

        And what’s the betting that if the court rules in the landlord’s favour that the poor chap will still have to get another court order and use bailiff’s to get his money?

        balls is the epitomy of a dishonest, venal politician.

        • 196
          Final attempt says:

          Nah , Balls will just call damian and ask him to smear the landlord,Look out for a anon letter in the mirror.

        • 221
          nell says:

          turnips, of course, are a down to earth, versatile, honest vegetable with a wide range of uses.

          Not that I’d expect you to know that. labourites don’t do rural do they?

          They think all food comes out of a freezer, prepacked just like all their lies.

        • 227
          annnnonyperson says:

          Well said, Nell!

        • 244
          Ex-Labour voter says:

          And the Chancellor’s involvement in this story is what, precisely?

      • 512
        annnnonyperson says:

        My boss uses a very persistent firm of debt collectors. No violence, all perfectly legal. But very, very nasty, with it. Very high percentage of successful conclusions, even with deadbeat debtors like Ed Balls.

  42. 173
    streamfisher says:

    Is that a still from the re-make of the Whicker Man?.

  43. 179
    S.B.S. says:

    Once saw a Tee-Shirt,
    “A tree”
    “A politician”
    “A rope”
    “A result”
    My Tee-Shirt will read,
    “Balls, a rope, a tree= A result”

  44. 180
    Final attempt says:

    Things can only get better.

  45. 181
    nell says:

    bullyballs and debt denial fit together like madashattergordon and cowardice, straw and lies or militwit and petulance.

  46. 183
    Dave says:- My Grandfather was a Banker, my Father was a Banker and I'm a Wanker says:

    Let the poor and middle class suffer to bring us to our rightful place in society!

    • 195
      nell says:

      Well 13 years of labour have proved they aren’t going to do it for you.

      Unless of course you’re one of their newly created benefit troughers , then no doubt you think they’ve given you the promised land of idleness and money in hand.

      • 220
        Dave says:- My Grandfather was a Banker, my Father was a Banker and I'm a Wanker says:

        Nell you are obviously the sort of person that would even vote for Gordon Brown if he wore a blue rosette. Maggie Thatcher really understood British society and did her best for the population of this country; even standing up to the E.U! Your darling Dave and his insipid followers come from a different planet and have very little understanding apart from the privileged society they were spawned from!

        • 231
          nell says:

          Afraid not.

          Nobody in their right mind would vote for gordon under any political ticket!!!!

          This invisible MP, being paid taxpayers money to sit at home and brood whilst he’s pretending to be an ‘international statesman’, was the very very worst chancellor and pm of all times.

          He brought ridicule and financial destruction upon us as a nation . In my view they should lock him up in his kirkcaldy house and throw away the key.

          • nell says:

            ‘brown lost, get over it’ ?

            the day madashatter gordon gives up the £65k mp’s salary he’s being paid whilst not doing the job, the £84k ex pm’s perk he’s being paid to run a private office with staff, the £100k he’s being paid for round the clock security and the huge undeserved pension fund he’s built up, and withdraws into private life with his odious wife, never to be seen again, I’ll happily stop talking about him.

          • Lets blame Thatcher & Regan says:

            Thatcher is on her death bed get over it.

        • 247
          nell says:

          ‘very little understanding apart from the privileged society they were spawned from’

          let’s see. who has as much money and privelege as dave.

          the kinnochios, the wedgie-benn family, hattyharpic with her titled connections, balls with his private school upbringing, bliar with his seven or is it eight mansions, the militwits aren’t doing badly with their £multimillion london property portfolio ring-fenced against imnheritance tax……………

      • 239
        Tommy testicles says:

        Thick as a brick!

      • 368
        Randy Sailor says:

        Nell, I like the cut of your jib.

        • 410
          doh! says:

          Fucking hell you really are a psycho stalker aren’t you.

          Predictable as well as pathetic. Change the record arse hole.

    • 198
      Rastamouse says:


      Enjoy the EU dominated muzzie majority hell hole you you seem to be so happy with nurturing.

      Screw you.

      • 246
        Dave says:- My Grandfather was a Banker, my Father was a Banker and I'm a Wanker says: says:

        You been on the weed boy?

    • 199
      Labour councillors rape children says:

      So simple!

      • 232
        Izzy says:

        Yep and Tory Councillors ride motor bikes and probably do all sorts of nasty things, too many to mention! TIT for TAT, He’d like that!!

    • 250
      Aw shucks, Labour do care about us after all says:

      So the middle class are back in Labour’s fold then?
      And I thought we were just the hardworking cash serfs

      • 255
        Lard Prescott of Pies says:

        Everyone’s middle class now.

        • 259
          nell says:

          well everyone except prezza and a few other labour greaseballs that have never managed to drag themselves out of the gutter despite their massive troughing off the taxpayer.

          • nell says:

            4 labour mp’s charged with fraud and two jailed to date, 2 to follow and possibly two more in the pipleline. Pity uddin’s not amongst them but there you go.

            One tory lord charged and jailed and no more tories to follow.

            Suggests doesn’t it, with prosecutions running at 4 to 1, that labour were the bigger troughers?

          • 0/10 says:

            It simply suggests that the governing party has done a better job of covering up. Do you get out often.

          • Sherlock fucking holmes says:

            0/10 when you factor in the fact that today’s court cases are as a result of charges which were made before the last election, as a result of police investigations which occurred well before that, it would seem that the current Government had little say in the matter.

            Labour= institutionalised corruption.

  47. 185
    streamfisher says:

    Does it go snap, crackle then Pop!

  48. 186
    look at me!!!! says:


    What a pretentious arse hole!

  49. 191
    Mervyn King says:

    “this country needs a fiscal consolidation starting from its largest peace-time deficit ever.”

    So fuck off Ed the Governor knows best.


    • 308
      The Right Stuff. says:

      At least Dave is doing the right thing with the deficit. Putting country first is something that is alien to a Labour government.

      So Fuck off Lefty, The Governor knows best.

  50. 194
    David Cameron says:

    What an illuminating and probing comment.

    Thanks for sharing.

  51. 209
    Who can forget this classic. says:

  52. 217
    annnnonyperson says:

    It’s likely Mr Sampson doesn’t matter to Ed Balls. Mr Sampson is a small businessman, so one of the “Little People” that Ed “Leona Helmsley” Balls doesn’t give a damn about.

    It reflects very badly on Ed Miliband. The first shadow chancellor he picks is a nice enough chap but not up to the job at all.

    And the second one he chose is an arrogant pill who cannot be arsed to pay his own way in life, leaving massive debts (massive to a small business, mind!) behind him. Actually, that’s pretty much how Labour ran the economy, isn’t it?

    PS I wonder how many more debts Mr Balls has ignored?

    • 264
      Final attempt says:

      It does make you think how stupid any politicon would be to argue over less than 2k , Lets face it even if Balls is right not to pay how on earth can he/labour party spin this?

      It will be attacked as anti buisness and some who has the same talants as his master

  53. 222
    Ed Balls says:

    So what?

  54. 226
    Magic roundabout says:

    A revolution on a roundabout seems quite apt.

  55. 228
    Engineer says:

    It would appear that Balls’ power-grab within the Labour ranks has extended to Troll Control. He’s got them all out in force on this thread.

    It’s almost sad, isn’t it? We windowlickers can wander off any time we like for a cup of tea, read of the paper, bite of lunch or to do a bit in the workshop, but the poor trolls are chained to their computers, fearing the lash of Balls’ tongue if they so much as look up from posting bile and Osborne vids from Youtube. It’s a hard life, trolls, but you chose it….

    • 262
      Final attempt says:

      The trolls arent as good as they used to be….

      • 270
        The Book Of Raptor Jesus says:

        The quality went down hill fast when Labour realised they had no money left a few months before the election and had to cut the last generation loose.

    • 267
      Billy Goat Gruff says:

      I wouldn’t undersestimate the power of the net and trolls……the Labour spin machine stopped working under Brown but it never went away….”Dave” is starting to suffer hits on his policy and strategy for dealing with the deficit……take a straw poll…the Labour spin is gaining traction…the majority of the electorate think that the Coalition is responsible for the cuts in local services NOT councils and certainly not Labour…Daves’ policy on forests failed spectacularly and his Big Society Idea is holed beneath the water line….why do you think there is panic within the Tory party ?? If he loses the AV referendum coming on top of the expected losses in local elections you’ll really start to see the shit flying within the party and coalition

      • 271
        micky says:

        Yup, a few more Youtoob vids is all it takes.

      • 273
        It's the BBC innit says:

        What a pile of shit! Labour spin gains traction the same fucking way it always has, through the Fucking BBC and assorted friendly media outlets. Nothing do do with non-msm internet media.

      • 276
        Engineer says:

        Actually, that’s not the general impression I’m getting. Nobody much likes cuts (especially Gaurdianistas and council non-jobbers) but the tone from the BBC this week has been a bit less rabid about deficit reduction, with seemingly more interviewers prepared to press the lefty interviewees about the need for spending reductions. I dare say it’s just an aberration, and we’ll be back to normal shortly.

        As for government U-turns, they’ve agreed to think again on some minor points, but they haven’t wavered so far on the real business of controlling the deficit. (A more definite growth strategy would be welcome, though.) They didn’t back down on tuition fees, and rightly. The NUS has now accepted that the proposals are progressive, according to Vince Cable on QT.

        If there’s real panic in the Tory party, why do we hear so little about it? Sure, the right of the party rumbles and grumbles, but then it always does. Some back-benchers are not happy about the government’s approach to the EU (and I don’t blame them), but there are no mutinies or acrimonious meetings being reported.

        • 319
          Lord GaGa says:

          agree entirely engineer…the cuts were always bound to cause grief and whilst councils ignore ‘cuts behind the front line services’ dictum the socialists are loving the deflection away from the causes of the problem…13 years of labour governance.

        • 370
          Rat's arse says:

          Got it in one Engineer. Why oh why are Labour supporters so effin THICK?

        • 513
          The wizz says:

          ENGINEER: Or could it be that Chri Patten is to take over as chairman?

      • 280
        Eeu to me says:

        Agree ,Dave’s PR has been a total bag of zero’s since he cheered Bliar off on his worldwind tour of the country,he robbed and screwed ,the amount of times he could of kicked the excrement out of Brown and didn’t,he should have won May 6th last year but he screwed that up,this “Big Society” is the latest cock up and the worst of all is to let Spelman who should have gone long ago try to sell off the tree’s,the Liebour PR is totally in charge and Davy is still using “play up and play the game” as his motto,when he should be kicking the life out of Liebour,Local voting and this crap AV will be the end of him

      • 331
        Liebour Troll says:

        Have you seen me?

    • 414
      Jesus wept - stop press says:

      Fuck off you overly sensitive soul.

    • 417
      how sad says:

      Sounds like you’d prefer a circle jerk of yes bores in your world. how sad.

  56. 238
    QWERTY says:

    Ed Balls, jump off a bridge you fat c u n t .

  57. 245
    Balls gets a lesson on how to pay off debt says:

    • 248
      Joss Taskin says:

      Who was holding the autocue for that woman ??

    • 251
      retardEd Miliband says:

      Thith woman’th teaching Ballth? Holy Thit, I thould thack him and hire her!

    • 258
      Live within you means. says:

      Jean “Because we do have to live within our means”

      And Balls does not disagree. So what has changed in Balls’s mindset since?

    • 373
      Balls gets told we need to live within our means and it goes over his head. says:

      You notice that she says “we do have to live within our means”. This is precisely why we are in this mess because Brown and Balls did not live within the countries means, that’s why we have such a huge deficit. Balls is such a clown that the very piece which he believes supports him actually undermines his position.

    • 403
      Balls and Brown just do not get it. says:

      The reality in this piece is that Jean (like Mrs Duffy) realises that the country is over spent and says that our debts must be paid off and we should live within our means.

      Both Balls and Brown failed to realise that both Jean and Mrs Duffy were criticising their spendthrift habits and the debt has to be paid off.

  58. 269
    micky says:

    I see Tat’s all over the place this afternoon. His handlers must have him on double rations.

  59. 279
    Larry The Cat says:

    I heard the staff at No10 say the previous prime minister’s wife loves pussy.

    • 290
      Slimey Mandy says:

      Yes I know that tobe very true & is a clause in the contract with Gordon, however does not effect me we all know what I like…….now where is my Brazilian hole

  60. 281
    Bullingdon Dave and his Bullying Right Hand Man says:

    For all my flaws, I at least am not a violent misogynist. Gordon Brown loved shoving secretaries out of their chairs.

  61. 283
    Ed Testicles says:

    This is a tewwible lie. I do not owe this landlowd any money. How many times must I wemind you I am a man of twue pwobity and integwity?

  62. 284
    The name is Cock, Handycock. says:

    I will lend you the money Ed, so long as you pay me back with 7% interest. I can easily afford it; after all, I am the biggest Trougher in Parliament. Innit?

  63. 285
    Sequel to True Grit says:

    A biopic of Gordon Brown. TRUE SHIT

  64. 286
    Tax Payer Joe Public says:

    What will happen to Ed “Deficit Denier” Balls after he loses the case, how will that effect his position as a over paid tos*er leeching off of the Tax Payers, will he then be disqualified from being an MP, that could’nt have happen to such a nicer scum bag………

  65. 287
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin says:

    I hope I managed to hide my smug satisfaction in that film ???????

  66. 289
    Katya says:

    The codename I use for you in communications with my bosses in Moscow was Tiny Cockski. You have very tiny cockski, Mr Hancockski. You thought I actually fancied you. You are ugly man! Very ugly! You are, how you say in your country, dirty old man. Very shit in bedski. Word of advice, Mr Hancockski. If pretty girl like you, there is ulterior motiveski. Dossvedanya, Tiny Cock!

    • 302
      Handycock says:

      Give me another chance Princess, I love you.

    • 497
      Anonymous says:

      Can anyone enlightenment me, is Mike Hancock English by any chance ?

      • 518
        The wizz says:

        Probably an Ancient Briton.

      • 547
        HRH The Duke of Edinburgh says:

        The quintessential English Pervert. When the f*ck are MI5 going to arrest him and throw away the key? This country is well and truly f*cked.

        • 721
        • 726
          Handycock says:

          Hello your Dukeship, once again. I am hoping that after my stint in the Commons I may be elevated to the Lords and perhaps we can sit together. I doubt MI5 are going to interview me, because, as you say, the country is f****d. I am making enquiries at the moment about being an MP, a Councillor and a Member of the Lords, all at the same time, then, I will truly be the greatest Trougher of all time. Sorry have to go, am in Court tomorrow, something to do with children. innit?

  67. 292
    P. Mandevilson, the Eminence Greasy says:

    Haven’t the rich suffered enough ???

  68. 294
    Ed Balls Spokesman says:

    Ed Balls doesm’t give a damn.

    After all he is a member of “The Peoples United Community”….TPUC

    and not many people know that.

  69. 297
    Revolting Arabs says:

    See. If Blair had only waited a while then there would have been no need to invade Iraq, hang Saddam and set up a democracy.

    • 425
      Didn't he do well! says:

      He sucked up well to his Conservative war criminal wankers in Washington well though didn’t he. Somebody has to make a profit when it comes to selling bullets and bombs.

  70. 299
    Dave says:

    “Ed Balls is not just misguided; I think he showed a complete lack of judgment in attacking the governor of the Bank of England in the way that he did,”
    “Quite, quite wrong. But not untypical.”


    • 306
      Make Peace, Not war says:

      Labour seem to be doing their best to make enemies of anyone who is not in the Labour party.

      The Governor of the Bank of England, Sir Gus O’Donnel, The Lib Dems, The middle classes, The rich, The banking Industry and that’s just today.

      Blair must be wringing his hands in despair as all that he achieved is being destroyed.

    • 427
      lols says:

      “lack of judgement”? Ha bloody ha, rather like his plans to sell off forests then.

      • 434
        A Spell on Dave. says:

        As far as I know it was Spelman’s Idea to sell off the woods.
        But given Spelman’s track record I fail to understand why Dave thinks her minister material. Nannygate and all that.

  71. 303
    Final attempt says:

    whoose book will sell more, Gordons or Sarahs?

    • 310
      Cracked Yarn says:

      But as it is being srealised by the Mail next week and can be read online, who would part with real money for a hard copy of Sarah’s book?

      Other than the BBC, local Libraries, Universities and nutroots?

    • 311
      nell says:

      gordon’s book sold did it?

      I thought amazon knocked it into the bargain basement on day 2 of it’s release.

      The only person I heard of that got a copy was omaha. gordon personally delivered it to the gate of the white house hoping for an interview to ask omaha for his support for that international job he’s desperately trolling for.

      Unfortunately he never got to the front door.

    • 315
      It's ALL Rubbish says:

      Sarah is asking for comments on her Daily Mail interview.


  72. 305
    Beards R Us says:

    I see Magda is bringing out her Biography will it be called “Canterbury Tales”

    • 313
      Times Literary Supplement says:


      It’s called “the Kitchen Sink”

      Or “a Beard’s view of he World”

      It will be simply fascinating

      Worth a Nobel Prize I would have thought

    • 318
      nell says:

      I think you go a bit far in calling it a biography, that suggests it will be about the truth.

      Any woman who can state to the media with a straight face, as sarah did yesterday, that gordon is’ busy making a difference with his international work’, does not have a very grasp of reality or truth.

      • 321
        Final attempt says:

        But both Gordon and sarah are out courting publicity for thier books , So fair game.

      • 325
        nell says:

        madasahatterbrown may have lost the election but he’s now drawing more taxpayer’s money for doing nothing than he drew when he was pm.

        Until this troughing couple withdraw from public life and surrender up their taxpayer funded worthless luxury lifestyle, the electorate should not take their eye off them.

        • 341
          nell says:


          ‘everyone says’??

          oh dear that sounds identicial to bullyballs take on the economy does’n’t it??

          He says ‘everyone thinks that the coalition’s deficit reduction is wrong’ – except the truth is, it’s only he and militwit who think that.

          Anyone who tries to win an argument by saying that ‘everyone agrees with them’ generally have an ego problem and don’t actually relate to real people or hear what real people are saying.

          Very labour.

        • 378
          Rat's arse says:

          Way to go Nell. You tell the scumbag.

  73. 309
    Blinky Testicules says:

    My philosophy is simple

    It learnt it as school

    It is always someone else’s fault

    It works wonders…with children…

  74. 320
    Wacko Gordo says:

    This week I will hit some women with my Nokia and tell Ms Macauley she won’t get a payrise till she does more interviews talking about me and my work.

  75. 326
    Sarah Ferguson says:


  76. 330
    White Van Man says:

    If it comes to it how would you rank ‘em?


  77. 335
    micky says:

    It’s funny innit. The only place the Arabs are happy seems to be in Palestine.

  78. 340
  79. 342
    Times Literary Supplement says:

    What do Tony Blair and Moammar Ghadafi have in common ?

  80. 345
    Jack says:

    Not only did Blair/Brown/Mendelson wreck the country’s finances for a generation with their Ponzi scheme

    But they are now making fortnues out of it

    And their contacts with Dactaros with bllod of their hands

    Is there no end to this ?

    Blair is a Pariah…

  81. 367

    The whole of the Labour movement is in debt to Balls.

  82. 371
    HappyUK says:

    This is only way to deal with scum like Balls that think they can treat their creditors like dirt…

  83. 372
    Commissioner of the Met says:

    Here is the corrupt Tony Blair giving lessons to the world

    While he makes ten of millions from murdering dictators


    Wake up Tony Blair we know who you are now…

  84. 379
    Gordon Brown says:

    i am sick of people ring

    my bell needs repairing, i never know when someone is ringing at the back door

  85. 383
    streamfisher says:

    And tucked away out of sight, still plenty more porkies awaiting the light of day

    • 426
      A housewife says:

      I could have told you that one.

      Lies, damn lies, statistics, government statistics and then galaxy-sized humongous statistics with bells on: government inflation statistics.

  86. 384
    Agent 99 says:

    43.stuartbonar Stuart Bonar

    #Labour MP Chuka Umunna attacks #Coalition for Barclays paying so little corporation tax in 2009.
    Repeat: 2009.

    Can you spot his error?

  87. 387
    Agent 99 says:

    Gordon Brown was ‘misunderstood’, says wife Sarah


    Read but only with a barf bag to hand

  88. 389
  89. 394
    Ctesibius says:

    I just phoned up the UK Uncut number 0759 1992825.

    Nice lady answered. She said she’d be happy to target The Guardian but apparently UK Uncut had no idea that The Guardian is a tax evader. She thanked me for bringing to her attention that The Guardian evades tax and said could we all please get in touch with her and send them any information we might have on The Guardian’s tax evasions.

    Her email is ukuncut@gmail.com and twitter: @ukuncut.

  90. 398
    This is why Farage should be PM says:

  91. 401

    Rather a lot of riff-raff in here today. The great unwashed trollers, the peons of society, the imbeciles, the plebeians, the proletariat, the rank hoi polloi, the mobile vulgus who will only vote for a government who will send our borrowings to the outer reaches of the universe. Ragtag and bobtail, all of them. Begone.

  92. 406
    Brokeback Hague says:

    Nice hat!

  93. 408
    Labour are imploding. says:

    Yes and on reflection Dave was right to praise Blair and provide an opposition that supported the Government when the opposition thought the Government right.

    Red Ed and Bollock Ed’s constant whinging about EVERYTHING that the coalition produces is wearing thin.

    Tony Blair managed to turn around Labour and appeal to the masses, the two Eds are turning around Labour to appeal just to the nutroots.

  94. 412
    Free the NHS to provide what the customer wants. says:

    I do wish the NHS would look at providing single room accomodation in their hospitals for those who request it or if that is unaffordable then let people pay for an upgrade.

    Why does everyone have to be reduced to the lowest possible denominator when it come to NHS care? Is it some socialist ideal?

    • 415
      no money left, hee hee says:

      It must be, it’s totally unaffordable.

      • 424
        The black Spot. says:

        A private room in an NHS hospital means you are going to die within 24 hours or they have given you CDIFF. It’s the Kiss of Death, the black Spot.

        • 429
          A housewife says:

          One of my chav cousins gave birth recently (in a Manchester NHS hospital). She didn’t much like the lower-order chavs with which she had to share a room, so she moaned continuously and got.. her own room!

          Whine like fuck and ye shall receive.

        • 431
          room service says:

          Easy, and not quite so drastic…..make sure you’ve got MRSA, Norovirus or D&V and you’ll be given at least a seperate cubicle in a ward.

          • Something to avoid says:

            Do not whatever you do. Do not rejoice at getting a private room in an NHS hospital. It means that they have decided you are going to DIE.

          • F1 says:

            You’re right, I work for the NHS and the patients are just a fucking nuisance. All we want to do is to talk about celebs and shagging and steal a few drugs to be honest.

    • 494
      Simon "Fat bastard" Heffor says:

      What right do PAYE mongs have to the finest medical care available?
      After all, it’s not as if they’re anybody important like MPs, Peers, media slags or royalty.

  95. 413
    Lord Palmerston, a face full of kedgeree says:

    How contemporary, you’ll be making jokes about Lord Palmerston next FFS.

  96. 430
    Sandal wearing lefty says:

    We should have unlimited immigration, cap salaries at £10,000, bring in Sharia law, and increase foreign aid by 524%.

    • 439
      Call me Dave says:

      That’s more like it!

      • 574
        The wizz says:

        Last word! You sound like a banshee in a brothel.

        • 621
          nell says:

          Last thought for the night.

          Please God look after our lads in Afg han istan that bliar and gordon abandoned out there for their own monetary and political gains.

          And Please God look after those people in L ib ya who want democracy whilst bliar and gad hafi plan there £milliondollar raid on the l ib yan people’s oil wealth.

          • You haven't seen me, allright? says:

            Last thought for the night?
            Fuck off nell.

          • nell says:

            Last thought for the night:-

            The Kinnochios, uddin, sugar, foulkes, brown, bliar, alasatairc, aintbustinagut, philhope, kevan, twatson, woolas, straw, the carrott topped one, pornojacqui, hattieharpic, militwit, bullyballs, madashatterbrown, spanishmoran…

            We wouldn’t want the world to forget any one of you and your troughing evil ways.

            We’ll always be here to keep reminding people how absolutely stellar you all were at being self-serving, lying, troughing, backstabbing and generally venal!!

            Rest assured your reputation for being the worst of the political gutter is safe with us!!

          • Anonymous says:

            Last thought for the night.
            Duncan, Maude, Spelman, Wiggins, Cameron, Osborne, Yeo, Winterton, Pickles, Steen, Hogg, Kirkbride, Mackay, and a whole host of names too numerous to recall, all living in a Westminster cushioned pension that only the proles could dream of.
            Such is a political life.

          • You gotta Laugh says:

            Max Mosley wanting to become a Liebour MP is amusing, but I suppose he wanted to follow in his dad’s footsteps. Try telling the Guardianistas that another Mosley was clearly a Labour man!!!

          • Daily Wail? says:

            Hoorah for the blackshorts eh?

      • 706
        Labour councillors rape children says:

        Your right about being a mong.

  97. 433
  98. 442
    Dave says:- My Grandfather was a Banker, my Father was a Banker and I'm a Wanker says: says:

    Poor night on the tele then?

  99. 445
    John McEnroe says:

    You Cannot Be Serious. The Balls is OUT.

  100. 446
    YokshireLad says:

    I wonder how long he’s been practising to be a five star twat or does it come naturally to him?

  101. 461
    Sarah Beard says:

    My husband was misunderstood. People thought he was a reasonably rational coherent human being being, but actually he was a mad bad incompetent terminally deluded fuckwit who should have been locked up years ago.

  102. 462
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    His He/She wife also strugled to admit there was a deficit
    on question time on thursday

    what a vile odious couple they are
    they should both be melted down fopr glue !

  103. 464
    Tapestry says:

    Balls is the Central Bankers’ UK agent, with numerous Bilderberg visits under his belt. They want all nations buried in such vast debts that none can never be free again. The One World Exploitation System of the central banking cartel will rule over all for 1000 years.

  104. 466
    off topic says:

    just for info, the ipad2 has just been launched

  105. 467
    I hate raghead terrorists says:

    Let’s just bomb all the raghead countries. Normally I’d say bomb them back to the stone age but they’re already stuck there.

    • 477
      Lt William Laws Calley says:

      Let’s just bomb America. Normally I’d say bomb them back to the stone age but they’re already stuck there.

  106. 468
    Real Tory says:

    Do we still send debtors to prison? Oh, I do hope so!

  107. 478
    Dave says:

    Caroline Spleman.

    Stupid Woman!

  108. 483
    Anonymous says:

    Where’s Billy Bowden?

  109. 484
    Publius Aelius Hadrianus says:

    Why did I build a wall? Easy. There was no way I was going to let those parasitic ginger haired fuckers to the North be part of the Empire. We just couldn’t afford the benefits bill.

    • 489
      Anonymous says:

      You built a wall because you feared us as you were unable to conqueror as you did the English who were pussies even then.

    • 500
      Government of all the talents says:

      Rebuild the wall, and throw every MP, Peer and Royal tit sucker over it.

      • 554
        The wizz says:

        Why was Hadrians Wall built? When Hadrian landed on the shores of the Briton he looked and took over everything. However, when reaching the borders of Scotland, he took one look and said ‘Bloody hades, I don’t like the look of that. Brick it up’.

  110. 488
    Cool says:

    Well Guido you must be doing something Right to attract so much Left wing Traffic. :cool:

  111. 502
    Bob Daimond Geezer says:

    1% tax.
    Suck on that losers!

    • 508
      grobdj says:

      Why don’t we just admit that banks are just part of the tax machine

      When we take out a loan, pay a sensible APR (instead of the ridiculous rates offered by the high street banks) plus VAT at 20%. Split the direct debit between the bank and the taxman

      Government gets the cash it needs earlier, on a monthly basis, instead of giving it to Bob Diamond to launder through his multinational machine, before repatriating our cash as ‘foreign earnings’, and avoiding UK taxes

    • 515
      jgm2 says:


      Big surprise. Inflation figures rigged from 1997 till 2009 to underplay inflation (and justify low interest rates so that the great British public could bury themselves in debt using cheap money).


      BBC leading with Barclays paying ‘only’ 113M in tax last year and ignoring Brown rigging the fucking inflation figures for over a decade to justify low interest rates and fuel his borrowing fuelled ‘boom’.


  112. 506
    annnnonyperson says:

    I prefer the spike Milligan version:-

    “I talk to the trees, that’s why they put me away”

  113. 514
    Anonymous says:


    Big surprise. Inflation figures rigged from 1997 till 2009 to underplay inflation (and justify low interest rates so that the great British public could bury themselves in debt using cheap money).


    BBC leading with Barclays paying ‘only’ 113M in tax last year and ignoring Brown rigging the fucking inflation figures for over a decade to justify low interest rates and fuel his borrowing fuelled ‘boom’.


  114. 556
    nell says:

    Let’s hope so because brown’slabour society left us absolutely covered in dung.

  115. 563
    President Herman Van Rompuy says:

    You lost!
    Get over it.

    • 568
      nell says:

      Haven’t you learnt any more words than ‘ get over it’ ?

      You’ve been very repititious today.

      Are you one of the 80% of those labour comprehensive persons who haven’t bothered to get an education because, under labour, you were taught that you could earn more in the welfare benefit sector by doing nothing?!

      Hopefully you are about to get a rude awakening!!

      • 575
        President Herman Van Rompuy says:

        Haven’t you grasped the concept of “were all in it together” nell, or are you just that sort of lady who swallows rather than spit?

        • 596
          nell says:

          What I am is rural and independent.

          I don’t look to the state and I don’t look to anyone else to pay my bills and grow my vegetables.

          It’s all about self respect and looking after yourself.

          balls and brown of course want you to become a brain dead puppet living off their nanny state with loads of taxpayers money for poker and vodka and living in poverty.

          You go for it if it’s what turns you on.

          Just don’t expect to live a full and happy life!!

          • Minimum wage troll says:

            No nell. What you are is a shit eating mong propping up a discredited system of corrupt and self serving elitists, who rely on sowing seeds of division in order to perpetuate the myth of good old British democratic choice.
            Self respect? You wouldn’t know it from the cowpat that your head is composted from.

          • nell says:

            Oh there you go!!

            Very labour!

            Live off the state – be dependent on balls, militwit and crow !

            If not you are elitist

            Love it!!

            Very socialist/communist/nanny statist!!!

          • Alan Duncan says:

            Living off the state and treated like shit.
            I feel his, or hers, pain.

          • nell says:

            ‘minimum wage troll’

            you’ll be uddin then in that marble palace with servants in bangleland built with taxpayers money or maybe moran in her spanish villa still living it up at taxpayers expense, or bobcrow in cuba with his luxury lifestyle or prezza and his hairdo missus on their luxiury cruises!

            Isn’t labour grand!

          • Francis "Three doors down from sanity" Maude says:

            As a minimum wage troll, you’re overpaid for the shite you produce.

      • 580
        nell says:

        Well ken, you’re one of those people that I like but at the same realise are dispensible.

        Your days are numbered . I want to see David Laws in your job.

        As for rumpy pumpy well he and baronesskathy can pretend they are important all they like but they are of less effect on the international scene than sooty and sweep.

        • 601
          nell says:

          I can live with the concept of your rentboy david as long as you’ll introduce some common sense justice policies like hanging for murder, burglars given at least five real years inside and even heavier penalties for violent crimes.

          I’m happy with damp, leaking, prison ships , for the worst of our crims, anchored out in a rough north sea if we haven’t got enough capacity on land.

        • 612
          nell says:

          Yep I can live with that.

  116. 565
    nell says:


    Oh for crying out loud!

    piers morgan, in response to the publication of her ‘book’ or rather fictional, over the top, name dropping nonsense! says ‘sarahb is our most amusing first lady ever’

    What a load of self serving, introverted, out of touch twaddle!

    By the by piers we haven’t gone republican yet. Thank God.

    And neither bliar’s slotgob, prezza’s hairdo nor gordon’s odious ‘wife’ are yet the first lady of the land.

    We still have Her Maj and Thank the Lord for it !!!

    • 576
      nell says:

      Thankfully the monarchy has it’s standards.

      slotgob, prezza’shairdo, gordon’s wife , militwit and his unworthy partner that as he told piers ‘ he does not want to marry’ and sarah’s toes are all excluded from the wedding.

    • 579
      President Herman Van Rompuy says:

      Her Maj loves you nell.
      That’s why she signed your arse away to me.

      • 607
        nell says:

        If rumpy pumpy thinks that he’s an idiot.

        rural folks of any nationality are independent.

        If he thinks he owns us he’ll find out like cau ces cu that history overtakes eventually and always!!

        • 613
          President Herman Van Rompuy says:

          Rural folks like you are ten a penny in Romania, and voting much the same.

          • nell says:

            Well as I said earlier labour don’t do rural’

            They don’t actually do urban either. T

            They only do ‘Elite’ as sarahbrown’s book serialised in the mail tomorrow shows.

            In the last 13 years labour have only mixed with the great, the good and the wealthy.

            They have no contact with the real working classes and only marginally with the welfare benefit class that they deliberately created as a voting block, in the hope that it would, perpetually, keep them in power.

          • President Herman Van Rompuy says:

            There’s no fooling you nell, thank fuck.

    • 583
      Al Fayed says:

      But for the “Accident”, Abdul, Williams half brother, could have been the best man.

  117. 584
    Dack Blog says:

    Hmmm… my hateometer is wavering between politicians and landlords. Don’t care who loses on this one.

    • 602
      Dack Blog says:

      I think you’re confusing me with everybody else.

      • 627
        jgm2 says:

        Yep. The dumb fucker is full-on Nu-Labour. Everybody who ain’t ‘on-message’ is just waiting to be boxed up and hated.

        You’re a ‘racist’. You’re a ‘T*ry’. You’re a ‘bigot’. Whatever. Boxed-up. Parcelled off as a non-believer. Your views? Your legitimate concerns? All safely to be dismissed because you now have a party-sanctioned off-message ‘agenda’.

        Because they say so. Because that way they don’t have to question their own utter fucking idiocy.

        Their own invincible fucking idiocy Uber-Alles.

    • 610
      Not a lentil-eating leftie says:

      Difference between a dead dog and a dead politician.

      Skid marks next the dead dog.

  118. 586
    Stiched up like a kipper says:

    Just learned today that my redundancy pay after 30K is going to be taxed at 50% instead of 40%, but i might get that 10% back after a year. I along with others are giving the treasury an interest free loan. Crazy. Thank you Gordon Brown, it’s your fault, you useless, worthless lump of shite. If i see you in the street i swear i’ll beat you to a pulp for the damage you’ve inflicted on this country. Same goes for Balls.Look at the middle-east now, it’s long overdue here now, put their heads on spikes over traitors gate, seriously.

    • 619
      jgm2 says:

      Take a good fucking look at your redundancy agreement. You might think the first 30K is tax-free but you’re only ‘entitled’ to a week (might be a month) per year of some maximum (not a lot) nominal salary ‘tax-free’.

      You need to get the first 30K characterised as an ‘ex-gratia’ payment or some-such to have it qualify under the ‘first 30K’ rule – another figure that hasn’t changed for 20 or so years by the way.

      Seriously. Get a grown-up to have a look at your confidentiality agreement before you sign it. Don’t assume the first 30K is ‘tax-free’. Because it’s not unless it’s properly designated.

      • 622
        jgm2 says:

        Sorry. ‘per year of employment’. A week (might be a month) per year of employment…

        If they pay you off in accordance with your contract – ie three, six, twelve months whatever notice then all that – after the small legal tax-free figure based on time served is taxable at the full whack. You need to get a compromise agreement that gets that 30K tax-free and I seem to recall the phrase ‘ex-gratia’. It don’t come automatically.

        Get a grown-up. Get the cost of the grown-up written into the compromise agreement.

        • 634
          Well! says:

          Minimum is a week for each year up to 30k taxfree if you get more than that you get taken to the cleaners,

          They have to stick to a script if they make you redundant and if they miss the T and don’t dot the I,then they can be taken for more,listen to every word they say to you and look up redundancy on the internet it’s an ambulance chasers dream..

          • jgm2 says:

            I defer to your greater knowledge on this subject. But I do know the 30K ‘tax-free’ figure is not automatic. GET A GROWN UP.

          • Well! says:

            If you work 5 years you get 5 weeks redundancy pay,30 years=30 weeks redundancy pay is the law after that it is up to the company,31 years = 30 +1 week if the company agree to pay you that week,if the redundancy pay is say over £30k say for working 5 years you pay tax,I’ve no idea if the company is going down the tubes and can’t pay.
            It was changed when the dockers were getting thousands tax free and most of it went on booze,as usual the clergy complained and the goverment at the time saw £ signs.

            GET A GROWN UP, I really don’t understand some peoples attitudes, it was an explanation informed or not and it happened and happens,

          • English teacher says:

            Comma, and then a space.

            Comma, and then a space.

            Comma, and then a space.

          • Well! says:

            Ps, above is a presumption you don’t have a written contract when taken on,when a company makes you redundant and puts you on the market,all trusts, privacy,responsibilites are nulled between you and the company when they pay you, unless you have a shutup contract,you don’t owe them and they really don’t owe you,but it’s your responsibilty to maximise the opportunity to your advantage,after all business is business.

          • Well! says:

            Will take note, thank you for the English lesson mr pedant.

  119. 595
    Minimum wage troll says:

    Isn’t it time for Engineer and Billy Bowden to take over?

    • 623
      the madness of king billy says:

      Billy is dead, long live Billy!!

    • 630
      jgm2 says:

      State schools half term. Probably off on holiday with the kids.

      It’s like Calpol.

      If you had kids you’d understand.

      • 633
        Anonymous says:

        Tell Mr I.
        He hangs on your every imbecilic utterance.

        • 638
          • Anonymous says:

            Fuck me! It’s easier to lead a mong voter to the ballot box than you to the truth.

          • jgm2 says:

            Eh? You swapping moniker names all over the shop isn’t helping. What is your point caller?

          • jgm2 says:

            Oh, Mr Ishmael’s blog. Naaah. He doesn’t hang on my every utterance. It’s only my stalkers, like you, who hang on my every utterance.

            It’s actually quite flattering – to have my own personal stalker – there being no such thing as ‘bad-publicity’ and all that but you might want to reappraise your priorities stalking me all over the interweb. I’m not going to single-handedly bring down the Labour Idiocy (ongoing). So why you would take it personally if I give it the old college try is a bit of a mystery to me. It’s an utter mystery.

            Except it’s no mystery at all in the light of the Labour Apologist agenda.

            All you do is look like Blair/Brown/Balls high-kicking cheerleader. A kind of Jesuit political apologist. A little bit of dissing the Dear Leader and the Maximum Imbecile (to ‘challenge’ the young novices) followed by full-on hatred of the ‘others’.

            Just saying. Wouldn’t want you to look lop-sided. You being all about ‘balance’ and all.

            Maybe you’re all over LabourLies posting pro-T*ry points. For Balance. But then nobody will ever know because nobody goes there and you never use the same moniker.

            Just saying.

          • jgm2 says:

            I’m seeing a witty repost with ‘whine’ or ***PRESS*** (unaccredited) in the very near future.

          • jgm2 says:

            PS. You forgot to change your moniker.

          • Anonymous says:

            You flatter yourself. Perhaps you should enter politics with such a self inflated ego.
            Just pointing others towards your partisan gobshite that somebody of far more erudition than i can elucidate.

          • jgm2 says:

            Just pointing others towards your partisan gobshite that somebody of far more erudition than i can elucidate.


            Is this where you have to jumble the words to make a sentence or is it a giant anagram. ‘Cos as it is it’s pure garbage.

            Just saying. Stalker.

          • Anonymous says:

            I’m still in a sweat after struggling with such big words, but even with my limited intellect, i can spot a c’unt when i see one.

          • jgm2 says:

            Fucking Hell. It’s John Prescott on t’ blog.

            ***BIG WAVE TO LORD JOHN***

          • Anonymous says:

            Big wave to the colossal brain of jgm2 that reduces itself to interacting with a subhuman IQ like mine, when he could so easily convince another with his perfectly reasoned argument of why voting C’onservative will solve all our problems.

          • jgm2 says:

            ‘Stalk on, Lord John,
            With hope in your heart,
            And you’ll neeeverrr stalk alone,
            You’ll Neeeeeeveeeeerrr stalk alone’

          • Anonymous says:

            Many thanks for your attempts to sink to my level, but not being a mong who sings brainless footie anthems, i have to get an early night in order to be up at the crack of dawn to prepare for signing on at the ungodly hour of 11:30 on Monday.
            Why not nip over to Mr I, who awaits competition with such a wit as yourself?

  120. 620
    You haven't seen me, allright? says:

    Is nell really that much of a c’unt, or just just an anarchist leading us sheep by the nose?
    I’ll get me tin foil hat and coat.

    • 632
      nell says:

      Not about anarchy sweetie.

      It’s all about learning to think independently.

      Labour want to lead you by the nose, pay you pocket money and tell you what to think.

      Time to be grown up, bake your own bread , be free, abandon bullyballs and depressed gordon and enjoy life!!

      You don’t even have to like the coalition.

      Think your own thoughts!!

      • 636
        Francis "Three doors down from sanity" Maude says:

        And vote C’onservative.

      • 645
        nell says:

        You’re a poor thing educationally aren’t you?

        A real product of the last 13 years of impoverished labour education.

        Try thinking laterally for a while.

        Vote tory, coalition, labour , lib dem, independent.

        Doesn’t matter as long as you start thinking for yourself and not what labour tell you to think!!

        Let your brain free sweetie. Sometimes it will agree with the tories sometimes with libdems , sometimes others.

        And there might be a time when labour finds common sense in the future when a sensible brain will say it even agrees with them.

        Not under balls and militwit of course but perhaps there will come a day when labour again has a leader like John Smith when reasonable people will again think about voting for labour.

        Who knows!

  121. 629

    And it came to pass that the One from a southern cathedral city went off into the sunset, under a cloud of dust and tiny pebbles, and did one.

  122. 649
    Sir Elton John says:

    White couples are to be allowed to adopt ethnic children.
    I’ll have a dozen assorted.

  123. 651
    Bob Diamond says:

    Taxes are for little people.
    Those who vote, for example.

  124. 652
    Ed Milliband says:

    Remember William Hague in the baseball cap getting down and dirty at the Notting Hill carnival?
    How we laughed at his pathetic attempt to portray himself as a viable alternative government.

  125. 680
    The blame game gets even nastier says:

    “Dave’s” flagship Big Society project championed by”Sam-Cam” is closed by Labour Council who blame the Coalition’s cuts for the decision in a flurry of insults between Sayeed Warsi and Camden Council Leader…….


  126. 688

    Brown’s friend, Gaddafi, killed 140 of his own yesterday. Proud of yourself Gordon? Yes, you showed real courage there, didn’t you?

    Sleep well from the strains of being a constituency MP.

  127. 696
    Daily Wail? says:

    Hoorah for the blackshirts eh?

    • 707
      Wigs on the Green says:

      Mosley was fucked the minute he put on that silly uniform and started to strut about like Mussolini and Hitler….nobody took him seriously after that apart from a few aristos who mriaculously had never supported fascism after 3 September 1939 much like there were no nazis in Germany after 8 May 1945

  128. 697
    Ed Balls Spokesman says:

    “Global and General Nominees, a Nevis-registered firm offers some protection, as plaintiffs are required to deposit $25,000 in court before commencing any action in Nevis.”

    The said amount will be deposited on Monday.

    See you in Court,Mr Fawkes.

  129. 701
    Daily Wail? says:

    Blackshirts obviously….. iPhone predictive text issues….,,

  130. 716
    Final attempt says:

    Wow the trolls were out yesterday, Hope they gettin paid at least the minwage , wouldnt want labour to break the law……

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Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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