February 17th, 2011

Come Vote With Me

Last night’s Newsnight special hardly covered the referendum in glory, despite the best attempts of the BBC to nail their colours to their sleeve. With the headline “Majority want overhaul of voting system, poll suggests” you would have thought that it was good news for the Yes campaign, but get to the second paragraph of their story and you find: “63% of those polled said a referendum on changing the system is a waste of time and money when there are other pressing needs in the country.” Hmmm…

Jo Swinson did not help her cause last night with her strictly quite ridiculous suggestion:

On Twitter in the aftermath even her own side rejected the idea. Messy.


  1. 1
    Gordon says:

    Be there or Be Square


    • 4
      Gordon you don't half talk a load of crap. says:

      You don’t seem to be very popular with your fellow scotch Goirdon, judging by the comments.

      “We still talk of Thatcher’s children – a whole generation whose lives were blighted by years on the dole.



      • 5

        The argument appears to run, “I want it but, when I get it, I will become bored with it.”


      • 9
        llloyd george ate my pussy says:

        that’ll be a first


      • 49
        ST says:

        “The Strictly model” Jo Swinson may have just helped shaft her own cause. What a way to make AV ridiculous.

        I reckon if the yes campaign wins it will be due to low turnout.


        • 62
          PD77 says:

          Voter apathy was how labour got re-elected twice.


        • 108
          voter says:

          ?? won’t it be on preferences


        • 124
          Disgusted of Neasden says:

          @AV or not: You are right, the cost argument is spurious. If it’s a problem, then why do we have elections at all?

          When questioned about STV, the Lib Dems should have pointed out that AV is STV with single-member costituencies.

          As for “it’s too complicated”: I would have thought that even the products of our worst schools could manage “Number the following in order of preference.” And, while counting under STV is complicated, AV need only add a couple of hours’ overtime on election night.


      • 86
        Never held a real job says:

        To be Fair, Jo Swinston is barely out of school therefore the references to Strickly and the X factor are perhaps more relevant and cutting edge to her than to the rest of us.


        • 117
          Worthless Lib Dem Pledge says:

          Lib Dems haven’t kept to a promise in their manifesto; why would anyone want AV so they do not even have to provide an excuse for their lies or be held to account for anything.

          Swinston was piss poor and admitted she wanted more if this came into existence. She appears to be already out of her depth- a bit like socialist Cable and Clegg.

          The Propaganda broadcasting association was its normal socialist self. Once more, failing to comply with its own independent broadcasting policy. Come on Dave, FFS, do something about it.


          • Disgusted of Neasden says:

            It’s not necessarily just the Lib Dems who would benefit from AV. Presumably most UKIP voters would put Conservative as 2nd preference, (and probably some vice versa), which could save the odd few seats for the right.

            And probably Labour would pick up votes from the further-left parties.

            Also interesting that Newsnight guesstimated that the result of the last 6 elections would have been the same.


      • 89
        Anonymous says:

        Kind of kills of the “Scotch” stereo type much loved by little Englanders on here doesnt it. We dont want brown either he was/is a disaster along with some other English disasters like the two Eds, God help us !!!!


    • 11
      Was it the expenses? says:

      Why did the Lords suddenly back down? all that effort into blocking the referendum including an all night sesh then they suddenly cave in.


  2. 2
    Turkey says:

    We want Christmas


  3. 3
    Mrs Bercow says:

    Anyone for a boundary change?


    • 119
      Postal Vote says:

      If there is grass on the wicket ….

      By the way, the introduction of AV will do great economic damage to the UK because it will help labour to regain and keep power becasue within an AV system labour and lib dems will quietly cut deals together to help eachother by encouraging their core voters to give the second vote to the other party.


  4. 6
    John Cravens says:

    I wanna cum over Jo Swinson’s face, even though she’s a Scotchist


  5. 8
    Rip van Winkle says:

    This is the result of the UK’s ‘superb’ education system, is it? Thousands of taxpayers pounds spilt down a black hole for each of these morons to be let loose into our ‘elite’ to spout mindless drivel.

    Really, do I want a complete tw@ like her (and there are simply hundreds and hundreds of ‘hims’, too) running my life, having an influence on me and my family?


    • 29
      Mad Hattie Harman's curiously cavernous front bottom says:

      You may not want it, but it will be. Your life will be controlled by the state. All decisions regarding your education, welfare, healthcare, housing and job are mine to make. Your interference is forbidden. Your opinions are irrelevant.


      • 82
        Lord GaGa says:

        you will do what you are told ..how you should do it and the expected outcome. You will obey…obey…obey.

        Keep the sytem we have its time tested. The real problem is getting the vote out…on the blogs is one thing ..on the hoof is another..widespread apathy towards these type of subjects until the soundbite run-up to voting day.


  6. 10
    John Cravens says:

    Anyone hearing this fucking drunken fucking doctor on Vicky Pollard’s show at the moment?

    A fucking Doctor who’s pissed out of her head at 11.48 in the am, drinking Guinness whilst she’s on the fucking radio.

    Unite/Unison will arrange a day of action if the NHS fire her


    • 12
      Bob Crows says:

      My proud working class members will bring the Toob to a standstill if the Tory scum have her fired for being an alcoholic Doctor

      She works better when she’s drunk anyway, like my members


    • 21
      BBC Editor says:

      Her problems are due to the Tory cuts


      • 26
        Kirsty Warks says:

        I second that!, English Tory vermin must be stopped from having drunken doctors fired

        Who will be next? Nurses fired for leaving elderly patients to lay in their own piss for days?

        Is that what you want Cameron you toff bastard?


      • 130
        BBC gay wankstain says:

        put the kettle on luv


    • 30
      Ben Elton says:

      Who is responsible for this?

      Mrs Thatch!


      • 99
        Celebrity Warmist says:

        I may have one of the biggest fuckin Carbon footprints in History but I offset it with Carbon Credits. They are totally awesome and work a bit like medieval indulgences, you know pay the money up front and sin away till your hearts desire.

        I so with the students by the way.


  7. 13

    “nail their colours to their sleeve. ” Sounds a tad messy to me.

    Best nail them to something wooden, like, I dunno, a mast, say? Leave the sleeve as a place to wear one’s heart, or possibly colours.


  8. 14
    It was the best of times;it was the worst of times;the age of reason;the age of foolishness says:

    “Dave” thinks that AV was a “price worth paying” to get “Nick” into the Coalition and even if less than 40% of the UK Electorate vote in it….. the result will be valid..and the LibDem Hegemony of British politics will be complete rather than their annihilation as a party in 2015 on the present first-past the post system………………


  9. 19
    the last quango in paris says:

    she sounds (and looks) like a halfwit.


  10. 23
    tatmong says:

    I’m tat! I’m a mong! yap yap yap yap! Wheeeeee!


  11. 25
    BOB CROW says:



  12. 27
    Quote of the Day should be says:

    Cameron just said at his press conference “I do listen to Today on occasion even though it gets in the way of my wellbeing”.


  13. 28
    Larry The Cat says:

    I prefer First Past The Post.


  14. 34
    Why do the BBC want AV? says:

    Serious question, how does it benefit them?


    • 52
      Why do the BBC want AV? says:

      no seriously, what motive is Guido ascribing to the BBC here? Just wondering how it benefits them.


    • 70
      Jack says:

      The BBC want anything which will further trash the country

      And keep them in the luxury, coke, travel, rentboys inflated salaries and expense etc to which they think they are entitled with our money

      And AV will just produce shit coalitions

      Which will never be able to abolish or flog off the BBC as it should be…


    • 90
      It was the best of times;it was the worst of times;the age of reason;the age of foolishness says:

      That’s easy AV will ensure that all future governments are either Labour or a Coalition with the Libdems and that you will never get a Tory majority government ever again and whichever way you look at it…is a result for the BBC


    • 122
      Fog says:

      Because if Labour and Libdem voters all vote in favour of AV, Yes will win, and most likely in future there will always be a Labour led coalition?


  15. 37
    Unelected Emperor Herman van Rumpypumpy says:

    Thank you, my puppet. Good little puppet. Give me another £45,000,000 today, puppet. You may scrap more of your Royal Air So-called Force to pay for it if needs be. Or raise VAT again. Whatever. Gimme gimme gimme.


  16. 40
    Brendon Barber says:

    Fuck the Post, where’s the Piss


  17. 43
    Penfold says:

    And she represents LieBore?
    Nuff said.


  18. 44
    Larry The Cat says:

    I heard Mrs Brown loves pussy.


  19. 46
    I hope someone embarrasses the cunt in public with awkward questions says:

    Jonah at George Sq theatre in Edinburgh tonight at 7 for talk and book signing, tickets £4.


    • 56
      PD77 says:

      He won’t take questions, the clues in the fact that he’s just going to talk, and only certified sycophants will get the chance to get a book signed, so don’t expect a Mrs Duffy moment!


  20. 51
    Tonight's QT should be a corker says:

    Farage, Hezza, Cable and Mrs Blinky on panel.


  21. 53
    Gordon Brown says:

    Today I will consider bottling my book signing again.


  22. 60
    Sir William Waad says:

    I prefer the voting system in Liechtenstein, where it’s your Count that votes.


  23. 64
    The Sky is Blue Hilton says:

    Please Guido

    We are only doing this referendum to keep the Mexican General on board…


  24. 65
    bunch o' wankers says:

    So a few people put their heads above the parapet and the forest changes are kicked out.

    Millions want out of the corrupt EU juggernaut and their bizarre law making yet nothing is done.

    Fucking wankers.


    • 98
      Dripping Wet Lib Dem says:

      The EU is a sacred, honest wonderful institution and if we withdrew britain would immediately be isolated, shunned and hated by the rest of the world. Plus we want to get oour snouts in the EU trough when we are kicked out.


  25. 66
    streamfisher says:

    Bounders!, the lot of them.


  26. 69
    Gordon Brown says:

    i have taken to reading toilet pan splatter in order to predict the future


  27. 73
    Gordon Brown says:

    our headboard is made of bacon


  28. 75
    The Daily Hobbit says:

    ++++ LATE SCORE ++++

    Ents 1 (Cameron, o.g.) Wizards 0 FT


  29. 76
    Damien McPoison says:

    You can’t beat a bit of bully.


  30. 79
    Blinky says:

    Ed Miliband has to have his speeches cleared by me first. He’s my bitch.


  31. 84
    Gordon Brown says:



  32. 92
    Ratsniffer says:

    What needs to be sorted – and this is what liebore is really scared of – is the re-drawing of boundaries and the culling of a few seats so that labour MPs do not have an inbuilt advantage in every election. That and sorting out postal vote fiddles should see them off for a few decades.


  33. 93
    Lovers apart says:

    Isn’t it funny how Ms Macauley’s always in London and her hero’s always in Scotland? It must be sheer misery for them to be so far apart. It coincidentally coincided with his departure from Downing St. Funny, that.


    • 100
      streamfisher says:

      Parting is such sweet sorrow.


    • 103
      from the heavily gilded office of the Prime Mincer says:

      shes coming to her senses after a long run nightmare with the chingrinner. Time and distance strategy…as afar away and as often as possible . Not unlike myself ..even if I say so myselfI think I have been singularly quiet of late…just putting the future finances in order…pip pip


    • 107
      Lord GaGa says:

      just think of Ed Von Ballsup and his henchwoman Eva Brickup Cooper in No 11 and the little boy with birdshit on his head in No 10.

      Could anything be less appealing ?


  34. 94
    the old Dufflebag says:

    thats a yorker BB we’re in it matey bubblebath and staying…..level playing field for trade and commerce..sovereignty retained. Best in the tent influencing the future
    than outside it whining in the cold.


  35. 95
    Ann says:

    I once put it in your corned beef sandwich.


  36. 105
    an australian says:

    Comentators are always banging on about how great it is in Oz because they have preferential voting, no one mentions its absolutely hated because you end up with some loser who no one want but hasall the preferences.

    First past the poll, approx a fraction less that half of people are unhappy, the other fraction more than half are happy, preferential voting, no one is happy.

    One thing they don’t mention, the donkey vote gets more votes that a lot of candidates.


  37. 110
    going where no man wants to go again...A Voyage to Uranus says:

    whats that behind you Gordon ?…yes that black dangling thing with your protection officer behind it…….


  38. 113
    MPs says:

    We want change to the voting system

    But only on our terms


  39. 123
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    Couldn’t organise a referenDUMB in a nut house.


  40. 127
    lybdum says:

    Death of Libdems announced. When the vote turns down AV they’ve effectively lost their raison d’etre. That and everyone hating them.

    Still, you’ve got to laugh.


  41. 135
    sandown says:

    The BBC are a collection of leftist Euro-toadies. They know that, under AV, there would be a permanent LibDem minority holding the balance of power.

    That means that there would be no prospect of Britain ever standing up to the EU, much less leaving it. Furthermore, the BBC would never be privatised.

    The AV campaign will be like the last General Election — once more, dear Beeboids, to the breach once more …


  42. 136
    Barry says:

    How about a write-in at the Referendum


  43. 139
    Chris says:

    On and on the ball runs and argument goes on and on and on!


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