February 17th, 2011

A Wonky Circle

Q. Which think-tank did policing Minister Nick Herbert work at before he became an MP?

Q. Which department do the think-tank Reform call the “the success story” in their review of Coalition public service reform?

Always good to keep in with the old boss…


  1. 1
    same old, same old says:

    you suck my cock, I’ll suck yours.

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer twat.


    • 64
      Roundell says:

      I thought Reform was a spin off from the TRG. (The Old Wets)


      • 69

        What is the ‘B’ in the image, I wonder?


        • 83
          Worthless Lib Dem Pledge says:

          Is it any different to Spelman and her appointment to DEFRA when Cameron knew she and her husband have a business to lobby DEFRA. She only transferred her share to her husband six months before the election.

          Clegg is dumbing down university education for socialist values as well as breaking his promise to abolish tuition fees, he is now breaking his promise to prevent pensioners selling their house to pay for their care home fees. Good old socialist values. You can live in social housing while your neighbour lives in the same house or better for free, when you have paid off your mortgage you have to sell it it to live in the same care home as your neighbour who does not have to pay anything.

          The new welfare reforms do not bring these socialist views to an end. It simply does not pay to work hard to get good A levels, nor does it pay to work to buy your own house. Clegg will provide them free to those on welfare. Clegg’s promises are pretty worthless. Con man like Blair.


          • Peter says:

            I cant help thinking that Nick Herbert would have already done a better job at DEFRA than Spelman. He was shadow DEFRA Minister and he did help set up the Countryside alliance. He is a very able politician and should not be underestimated.
            He is also my local MP.


  2. 2
    Gordon Brown says:

    we built this city on socks and coal


  3. 3
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    You tweeting this Guido?

    They need time to prepare the spin.


    • 29
      Gweeedo's gimp says:

      I’m not saying you’re a party troll Billy but you tow this blogs party line so hard it’s unbelievable, you’re like a random phrase generator spewing out the same few poorly constructed cliches every few minutes (with the occasional suck up comment thrown in)

      It’s hard pretending you’re capable of free thought when it’s obvious to all of us that Guido keeps you locked in a chest in his basement, where you wear a gimp suit and ball gag with only an iPad open at Order Order for company.


      • 80
        Guidos recruiter says:

        You feeling left out? Im sure if you ask Guido nicely he will let you have a turn!


      • 82
        Sockcucker says:

        Toes the party line, actually

        The only thing worse than a poorly constructed cliche is a misspelt, misunderstood poorly constructed cliche

        And surely cliches are prefab, not constructed?



      • 86
        Robert the speller says:

        It’s “TOE” not “TOW” (the party line, etc…) piillock


    • 36
      tube_thumper says:

      i dont suppose they care about such trivia


  4. 4
    Do the dickheads think they won't get caught out says:

    He should try telling Inspector Gadgets crowd ,the reform of the police was successful,second thoughts they might kettle him.


  5. 5

    Eeyup Moniker -still up and still being philosophical at this time?

    Meaning is, and can only ever be, an accommodation between reader and writer, or speaker and listener – it assumes shared values and assumptions.

    What say you to a law that prioritises the assumptions and culture of the listener or reader over the speaker or writer? I’m thinking of Harridan Hatesmen’s Equality Act which tries to muffle the opinions of the majority for the peace of an unwelcome minority…

    It all looks like bollocks to me…


  6. 6

    Lol Billy you been talking to my mate Marty?

    She refers to me and my mate as ‘the two Herberts’, for some reason – we’re more like Bird and Fortune without the tweeds if the truth be known…


  7. 7
    Larry The Cat says:

    I don’t approve of this.


  8. 8
    Loony Left strike again says:

    Labour are getting desperate. A Labour plant, a c unt called Patricia, has called into Talksport radio to say the government’s changes to welfare are as bad as Nazi Germany. Polly Tuscany would be proud.


  9. 12

    O/T, but this woman needs to be credited with the good sense of taking a ludicrous prosecution to the Crown Court and jury trial – if anyone thinks that bin diving for food is ‘theft by finding’, then please explain…


  10. 15
    Dick the Prick says:

    Home office is fucked


  11. 17
    Tacitus says:

    You wouldn’t be suggesting the minister is a keeping his job options open would you?


  12. 19
    John Ward says:

    Who’s policing the central bankers, that’s what I’d like to know.

    Bernanke chucking money at the wall, Merv ignoring inflation, and Trichet panicking about bank solvency.

    What do they all fear?………..Find out here:



    • 21
      Brillo says:

      It’s the old question

      Who regulates the regulators ?

      In fact what has happened is what economists call “regulatory capture”

      That means the regulators have been captured by the regulated (the banks)

      The opposite of what shoudl happen

      With the disastrous results we know

      And the problem is still there

      That is why bankers will keep printing their own massive bonuses and salaries whil the rest of us get screwed…

      A massive case of market failure…


      • 23
        Bob Diamond says:

        Capture by blackmail more like

        “I’m too big to fail”…


      • 49
        AC1 says:

        The credit bubble was regulated into existence deliberately. In part to use credit to cover up the falls in the economy caused by transfer-taxation, in other parts to allow bureaucrats to spend more without tax.


    • 52
      Sir William Waad says:

      I don’t trust anybody who misquotes as badly as this person. Conan Doyle wrote:

      “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”


  13. 20
    Tom Baldwin says:

    Call a General Election now,”Bottler” Cameron,you useless P.M.
    CON 35%, LAB 45%, LD 10%; APP -26


    Again, with feeling

    CON 35%, LAB 45%, LD 10%; APP -26



  14. 22
    Martin Day says:

    Is there no end to Cameron’s U-Turns ????

    We have a Prime Minister with no backbone,sooner he goes the better.

    The highly contentious plans for a £250m sale of England’s forests will be abandoned because of the furious backlash that has hit the Government.

    David Cameron humiliated his Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman in the House yesterday, and shocked MPs, when he disowned the policy.

    The Prime Minister signalled the retreat when he admitted he was unhappy with the proposals under which woodlands owned and run by the Forestry Commission would be sold off over the next decade


  15. 38
    oink says:


    there’s nothing like a bit of incest to keep it in the family – how this shite country has been operating for centuries


  16. 39
    tube_thumper says:

    christ what bollocks


  17. 42

    I don’t know ?
    go on tell us ?


  18. 43
    BBC Editor says:

    We were going to run a story on the news about this but then we just completely forgot and the peice of paper with it on fell in the waste bin!



    • 70
      Dave Call me (gut less) C'Ameron says:

      Yes but we must fund their religious schools
      so they can be taught why they nhave to hate us so much !

      It’s the right thing to do !


  19. 47
    The forgotten Miliband says:

    The Premier League club Sunderland has announced an annual loss of £25.5m in a year of “growth and development”.


    We are running the club in the Labour way


  20. 48
    Sir William Waad says:

    One can only conclude that something is a success if there is evidence of a good outcome from it. Thus far, police reform hasn’t reduced crime or costs because it is only just happening.


  21. 54
    Mine d'Boggles says:



  22. 55
    Martin Day says:

    Another U-Turn from the conservative led coalition

    It’s understood the Government has dropped its controversial planned policy to cut the housing benefit of jobseekers who have spent 12 months or more looking for a job.

    It follows a campaign by the National Housing Federation who feared the policy could plunge thousands of jobless families into poverty, debt and even force them out of their own homes as they struggle to make up the shortfall in rent following the cut.

    The proposals are due to be left out of the Welfare Reform Bill which Mr Duncan Smith is to launch at an event in London today with Prime Minister David Cameron.


    • 59
      Steve Miliband says:

      Changing your mind, altering things for the better and taking account of opinion seems to be an alien concept to the Gutless party -The Labour party knows best and it will impose it on the State because ‘they know what’s best for the citizens’


    • 72
      It was the best of times;it was the worst of times;the age of reason;the age of foolishness says:

      Quite honestly I can’t see IDS’ Crusade succeeding on ANY front…it’s doomed unless the jobs are actually there…and his contention that there are plenty ofjobs available is incorrect….the jobs if any are part-time and have probably already gone to Eastern Europeans…and the proposed Immigration cap won’t solve that…likewise if graduates can’t get what were until a couple of years ago the preserve of school-leavers or the unqualified AND they still can’t get employed I don’t hold out much hope for those IDS is targetting…much like “Daves” Big Society idea it’s likely to just “peter out”


  23. 61
    Martin Day says:

    And now the conservative led coalition has this….

    A think-tank has delivered a scathing verdict on the coalition’s plans for shaking up public services, dismissing them as “mired in inconsistency and contradiction”.

    Policy is “all over the place”, with ministers frequently resorting to “halfway house” compromises, according to the centre-right Reform.

    The tough assessment came in a report rating departmental actions against David Cameron’s key criteria of accountability, flexibility and value for money


    • 77
      Do the dickheads think they won't get caught out says:

      So their is a smell of freedom about and not something that’s get buried because it doesn’t suit Bliar or Brown and co,honest mistakes are allowed so long as it’s learn’t from and in the open and not spun .


    • 79
      Divorced from New Labour says:

      Id still rather rub shit in my eyes than vote Labour again!


  24. 65
    Gordon Brown says:

    Carved on a tree in the park



  25. 71
    Prepare to meet thy doom Oxford. says:

    Gordon says that Oxford is the best University in the World.



  26. 73
    Gordon Brown says:

    i am going to start painting portraits on naan breads


  27. 84
    Labour roolz says:

    It’s going to be super when Labour get back in.
    Why did we ever get rid of them?
    We really need Gordon back at the helm.


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