February 14th, 2011

Who’s a Lucky Boy?

Michael Gove is getting a fair bit of stick in his tricky brief, but it’s not all bad news for the wily Education Secretary. According to his wife’s column in the Times the Member for Surrey Heath is in for Valentines treat. In an in-depth discussion about sexy underwear shopping to find something “flirty and colourful” for the larger breasted lady, Mrs Gove, AKA Sarah Vine, goes into almost Sally B levels of detail.

A quick peek at sexypantiesandnaughtyknickers.com, the designer of Mrs Gove’s choice, gives us pictures of the Paradise set that she picked up. Sorry to ruin the surprise Secretary of State…


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Lucky lass and lad , Aint love grand ………..


  2. 3
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Maybe they are not for him……


    • 22
      Worthless Lib Dem Pledge says:

      Perhaps he likes wearing them!

      This sort of thing will be lost on Clegg; he wants to see equality extra long Y fronts to be the order of the day.


      • 222
        RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:



        YIPPEE !! :)


        • 257
          AC1 says:

          It’s the effects of his medicine, repetitive behaviours and lack of memory are side effects or the treatment for his horrific mental problems.

          I hope he gets better soon and starts his blog.


  3. 5
    Dick the Prick says:

    Genuinely don’t want to know – the mental image is too frightful


    • 35
      Madge the Vag says:

      I agree with Dick.
      Please stop- you’ll put me off my romantic Valentines dinner.


    • 379
      Anonymous says:

      Well it was said Elvis used to put a piece of rubber hose in his knickers so I suppose Grover can put a stick in his briefs to give a certain machismo to his image if that turns him on, women have known about that trick for years though.


  4. 6
    Badger Mandelson of Lizards says:


    Can you do me the Petal range like a good duckie…


  5. 7
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    “Larger breasted lady” ? ? ?
    With that photo?

    Larger than who, jane birkin?


  6. 9
    Editor of Mumsnet says:

    Please show us the knickers that go with that bra Mrs Gove

    Just dying to know…


  7. 10
    Fingers Maguire says:

    Is Ms Vine trying to catch up with our Sally ?


  8. 11
    Ed Balls' Cookbook says:


    • 58
      Mark says:

      Worth watching to see the lovely Ms Teather smiling :)


      • 181
        Mornington Crescent says:

        Oh, she’d scrub up OK in a pair of Mrs. Gove’s finest, methinks.

        I read that whenever little Sarah upset her housemates in her housesharing days, they would get their revenge by placing the breakfast cereals on the highest possible shelf, well out of reach…


  9. 13
    Gordon Brown says:

    I dont like women.


  10. 14
    Gordon Brown says:

    Today is my gibbon phase.


  11. 16
    Guido knows my ISP says:

    another O/T to follow up on my last post:


    I wonder whether Gorgon is wetting his pants in anticipation


    • 99
      AC1 says:

      “And German euro skeptics may be gaining ground.”

      They say it like it’s a bad thing! I personally think 60ish year old history suggests German efforts at European “unification” regardless of the European peoples views are a little prone to problems…


  12. 17
    Gawkes says:

    Uplifting story, bra-vo


  13. 18
    Bob Frost says:

    FFS. I was about to eat.


  14. 19
    Old Fuc**r says:

    Not half! I’m on their mailing list.


  15. 20
    Dave Cameron says:

    Hang on a mo Michael !

    Don’t ever forget “We’re all in this together”


  16. 21
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    Not a ticklin’ stick…it’s a ticklin’ bra. Lets have more ThongLeaks.


  17. 23
    Michael Gove says:

    Not tonight, love, if you don’t mind. I’m absolutely knackered what with all those lefties in the Department and media giving me grief. It’s given me a stonking headache.


  18. 25
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I heard she was shagging a fellow Journolist.


  19. 26
    English Gentleman in France says:

    Hello Guido…………. Give us a wave

    I hope your weekend at the Eden in Rome was suitably enjoyable for you and Mrs Fawkes..

    Did Silvio give you the Order of Caligula BTW ?

    But do let us keep a little class on this blog


    I like it real you see

    As Lord 2 shags and 3 jags Prezza serves me my third G & T…


  20. 27
    Gordon Brown says:

    Due to emergency parliamentary business, I will be unable to spend Valentine’s with my beloved wife, Ms Macauley.


    • 32
      Editor of the Tatler says:

      Oh dear what a calamity

      Gordo’s locked again in the lavatory

      He stayed there from Monday to Saturday

      And no one knew he was there…

      Or something like that…


      • 208
        Pickled Wizard says:

        presumably he’s wearing similar to mrs gove under his kilt tonight. Watch oot ye scottish truckers…


  21. 29
    Puke says:

    I just saw Sky’s poll. Please tell me they were drunk or high when they put Harridan and Caroline Flinty as No2 sexiest women in Westminster.


  22. 43
    Martin Day says:

    In the past week, voters have seen more clearly than ever this Conservative-led government in its true colours: a single-issue government making huge sacrifices of the things we value on the altar of deficit reduction. Recontaminated. In deep blue. A traditional Tory government.


  23. 44
    Connaisseur says:

    But Priti Pratel is great…


  24. 50
    Tom Baldwin says:

    Pressure is set to mount on the Bank of England tomorrow as inflation is expected to surge and trigger another letter of explanation from Governor Mervyn King to Guido Fawkes.

    After jumping to 3.7% in December, Guido Fawkes expect tomorrow’s inflation figures to show a rate of 4.1% for January, as the VAT hike from 17.5% to 20% on January 4 and soaring commodity costs pushed up the cost of living


  25. 52
    Jack says:

    Whatever happened to the phone hacking scandal Guido ??

    Have “they” threatened the Daily Mirror ??!!

    Let’s go to town on Toilets and the Labour hyporcisy AGAIN …


  26. 55
    jack says:


    Here is the MD of the IMF

    Card carrying French Socialist and member of the Socialist International – the Dictators’ club…

    Would you buy a second hand car from him ?

    PS And another Lizard


  27. 59
    staying in touch says:

    That site only goes up to an FF cup. Nothing there for a 32G.

    Ah well, I’ll have to lure Gove some other way.


  28. 60
    M Moran says:

    Anyone wanna see my underwear?


  29. 63
    Crosby Lady says:

    I always thought Gove was gay. All of his housemates were.


  30. 68
    A valentine for a retard says:

    If I were a cabbage.
    I would half myself in two.
    The leaves I give to others.
    The heart I keep for you.
    Dribble x


  31. 74
    Editor of Mumsnet says:

    And here is a real choice of lingerie Guido

    Let class reign in these somber days of decline and fall



    • 76
      Harvard Professor says:

      There is total beauty and sensuality in the female body

      It is at the very heart of European art and civlisation

      We have to come here to Guido’s blog to vaunt it

      Knowing that the PC fascists have no answer…


  32. 77
  33. 79
    Gordon Brown says:

    Tonight I will be eating an asparagus. My beloved wife Ms Macauley has had to leave for an urgent business trip to Canterbury.


  34. 83
    More from the religion of peace says:

    Well done to Channel 4 for exposing this. Tonight’s Dispatches at 8pm:

    Documentary that goes undercover to investigate allegations that there are teachers who regularly assault children in some of the 2,000 Muslim schools in Britain run by Islamic organisations. The film also explores claims that a selection of these educational institutions secretly teach a message of hatred and intolerance


  35. 85
    Freedom Fighter says:


    Keep up the good work

    We are getting there…

    The peoples of the world have revolted against the oppression of Socialism and coercers in all their forms for more than 30 years now

    Francis Fukuyama was right…

    The End of History is coming about…

    I would love a reply from any leftie pseudo intellectual now…


    • 96
      Freedom Fighter says:

      There is no blog in the UK apart from yours which can even begin to duscuss these

      real subjects…..

      Some of us who have suffered real socialist oppression can speak..

      But the MSM in the UK do not want to know…

      But it was you when no one dared denounce the madness, smearing, lying fraud and disinformation of the Brown years, who spoke out loud and clear despite the threats and abuse of the Thuggie Whelans of this world……

      You deserve the Eden and more, much more, young man…(and Mrs Fawkes and the Fawkettes !)


    • 103
      anthony charles lynton blair says:

      come back when you’ve finished your gcse’s


    • 107
      Anonymous says:

      You are stupid.


    • 148

      The “End of History and the Last Man” was a good book and correct about almost everything except for history coming to an end*.

      * with the exception of our education system where it did just that.


      • 358
        Sacre bleu says:

        I saw a French cartoon last week depicting the end of French history. It showed a line of thick books titled “French History” except for the final one which was titled “The End”. The drawing showed a room full of burka-ed muzzie women in the library. Very subtle I thought.


  36. 87
    Ed Balls says:

    For Valentine’s, I’m going to be having a 69 with Yvette tonight.

    That’s the menu number for the sweet and sour chicken at our local takeaway. What did you think I meant?


  37. 89
    Polly Toynbee says:

    Would you like to see me in lingerie?


  38. 90
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    If i were PM
    I’d take on a lacky
    i chose Nick Clegg
    he’s a bit of a spackie


  39. 94
    Col Heywood Jablowme (retired) says:

    Nothing better on a cold night than a heavy breasted filly wearing a bit of the old stockings n’ lace. Nursey! Hurry with the ointment!


  40. 102
    Dack Blog says:

    Does it come with a frilly blindfold?


  41. 109
    Freedom Fighter says:

    The modding is on auto drive now

    Give me another G&T Prezza…


  42. 111
    Freedom Fighter says:

    It not on auto drive

    Its on auto block everything until Uncle Guido gets the girls to bed…


  43. 114

    How would you like to chew my gusset ?


  44. 118
    Freedom Fighter says:

    Hey Guido

    Don’t shut down the blog like that during Prime Time FFS

    But do give the Fawkettes a kiss from us all none the less…


  45. 120
    Watch Channel 4 says:

    Dispatches on Channel 4 at 8pm goes undercover in muzee faith schools were they’re taught hatred and bigotry.


  46. 125
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’d like to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day.


  47. 130
    Raymond's review bar says:

    For all upwardly mobile Labour frauds and slappers, to find Empty Ed and Uma Berger this evening…


    Easy way to climb the greasy pole…


  48. 153
    Gordon Brown PM says:

    Tonight I will be wearing fancy dress – a frilly bra and open crotch knickers. I will then play my favourite game – charades.


  49. 162
    smoggie says:

    Recommended reading for the Education Secetary, George Orwell’s Coming Up For Air


  50. 163
    The truth did out. says:

    Good to Marcus Brigstocke falling flat on his face on just a minute. A programme that requires both wit and intelligence.


  51. 164
    nell says:


    militwit and sadkhan are revamping the face of labour. No more ‘new’ labour , just old labour like it used to be during the bad old days of power cuts, perpetual strikes, rubbish on the streets and closed crematoria.

    And just to make sure that we get his message he’s off to a left wing union rally with bobcrow and all those local government non-job jobsworths, next month, threatening to bring the country to a grinding halt to save their expensive worthless jobs.

    sadkhan says he’s taking the class war to tory toffs , but doesn’t seem to know what he’s going to do about the labour toffs like bliar, militwits mentors the kinnochios, hattyharpic niece to a countess, the multimillionaire wedgie benn and his son hillary, and those two fat millionaires gorbals mick and prezza to name to name but a few. Oh and let’s not forget both militwits are millionaires and inheritance tax dodgers through their inherited property arrangements.

    militwit’s blank sheet of paper is shaping up nicely then.


    • 166
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Thats what we need , The public dont like class war because most aspire to be in the next class up .


    • 174
      We're Alright says:


      • 177
        We are All White says:

        I was at that time more than a little puzzled why the Welsh Wind Bag (Who was totally against Europe and the house of Lords then) Kept Shouting out “WE ARE ALL WHITE” and the Labour mongs cheered him.


    • 187
      BBC says:

      Want a job?


    • 197
      Dave can Do. The Whinging Ed's Can't do. says:

      I think it will back fire on Red Ed. Clearly a die hard Question Time audience will never blame Labour for leaving the country in so much debt but the man in the street is a lot more intelligent and can see that Red Ed and his Bollock Ed are talking Shite.

      They come across as negative, negative, negative and most do not like negative. Most like Can do and that is what Dave pushed today.


      • 202
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        and spending will still increase over this parliment.


      • 213
        George keeps his word. says:

        In 2007 Gideon Osborne pledged to match Labour spending.

        In 2010 Gideon Osborne pledged to return government spending to 2007 levels.

        In my book that is a pledge met.


      • 245
        anthony charles lynton blair says:

        shouldn’t dave be pushing can’t do – more his style.

        or possibly time to move on to – game’s up, i’m fucking clueless but full of shit


  52. 169
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Dear Guido

    Can i just say thanks for the public service you provide for free to us windowlickers .

    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever!

    Ps Thanks to all the staff , The sec , The drinks lady, The driver, The cleaner, the legel team .


  53. 171
    Islamosocialism says:

    BBC 2 is doing an Anti-Geert Wilders propaganda doc atm.


    • 172
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      You sound suprised!


    • 211
      Anonymous says:

      No such word in OED as “Islamophobic”,my understanding of a phobia is an irrational fear of something. To be fearful or gravely concerned about Islamism isn’t irrational, no matter what religion your are.


    • 274

      Funny, that – I’m all for insisting that immigrants at least try to integrate, but can’t bring myself to stand alongside a shabat goy like that, or indeed to join the ranks of the EDL while they continue to allow wankers to parade the Star of David at their events.

      Certainly made me think about the bouffant fifth-columnist in a new light!


    • 374
      110% hetero and proud of it says:

      lovely bloke but have you ever seen him in the same room as billy hague?


  54. 178
    Politicians and love songs says:

    The bit on Blinky will make you vomit

    Labour leader Ed Miliband has revealed that Angels by Robbie Williams is the song that lights his romantic fire.

    He said he and partner Justine Thornton sang along to the hit ballad “at the top of our voices” while driving.

    Mr Miliband’s married Labour colleagues Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper go for Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love.

    But Tory Education Secretary Michael Gove opts for the more upbeat Bring Me Sunshine by Morecambe and Wise, the Times newspaper reports.

    The politicians are among a host of famous couples who outlining their favourite love songs for Valentine’s Day

    There has been Westminster speculation that Mr Miliband will propose to Ms Thornton, a barrister and mother to their two children, soon, perhaps even choosing the most romantic day of the year to pop the question.

    The Labour leader said recently that he would marry eventually, but added: “The more people challenge me on it from a political standpoint, the more resistant I will become.”

    In the Times, Mr Miliband reveals that Angels, whose lyrics include “I sit and wait” and “I know that life won’t break me”, is “always in the CD player in the car when we get away for a weekend together”.

    He adds that, unlike Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, a former cruise ship crooner who released an album of love songs last year, his and Ms Thornton’s singing along to Mr Williams is “something we should really only share with each other”.

    Mr Balls, the shadow chancellor, and Ms Cooper, the shadow home secretary, recall that their romance blossomed in the mid-1990s when they used to drive home from Westminster together in his Renault 5 automatic.

    They would serenade one another to the lines of Mr Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love, culminating their performance by harmonising the word “love”.

    Mr Gove and his wife, Times columnist Sarah Vine, are altogether less outwardly emotional in their choice.

    She says the light-hearted Bring Me Sunshine, the theme tune to the Morecambe and Wise Show, “encapsulates everything there is to say about our relationship”.

    Ms Vine says that, at parties, “we are in many ways a lot like Eric and Ernie – the one standing seriously (Michael) while the other (me) does a little show-off jig (although neither of us smokes a pipe in bed: not yet anyway)”.


  55. 183
    Iran protests says:

    Thousands of opposition supporters have clashed with security forces in the centre of the Iranian capital, Tehran.

    Police used tear gas and detained dozens of protesters, who called the rally in solidarity with the recent popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia.

    The BBC also received reports of similar protests being held in the cities of Isfahan, Mashhad and Shiraz.


    • 185
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      So where o bummer calling for dinner-jacket go?


    • 188
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      When we start having them on the streets of England
      Give us a shout !


    • 200
      125,000 BBC staff says:

      …however, because there are no Business Class flights to these awful places and because we’re settling in here in Egypt quite nicely on expenses, we’ll stay put, thanks.


  56. 189
    Free the BBC says:

    I think it is probably time that the BBC was privatised. This government clearly will never have the time or the inclination to do this in the current parliament. But a future government should be softening up public opinion NOW.

    Come on Chuka free the BBC.


  57. 190
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Is that Jo Brand with him ?


  58. 192
  59. 198
    Alistair Campbell is a ginger haired jock cunt says:

    I wonder if Chris Bryant buys his knickers from there.


  60. 212
  61. 215
    Confused of Ealing says:

    Look I am just a tad confused here.

    The government say they are returning public spending to 2007 levels.

    Local authorities say this means they must cut services by 25%.

    I can’t recall inflation rampaging out of control by 25% between 2007 and 2010.

    What is going on?


    • 219
      Gordon the incontinent spender says:

      The shocking truth is that Gordon Brown increased public spending by 25% between 2007 and 2010.


    • 228
      Gordon the destroyer. says:

      Gordon went Mad with the public purse. He just could not spend other people’s money fast enough and commit them to a lifetime’s debt.


      • 229
        Snotgobbler says:

        It was the right thing to do. Tough choices had to be made. This was a global solution to a global problem. Hard working familes. I really fucked up with gold. Er, the sale of bullion was in keeping with a balanced portfolio.


    • 230
      nell says:

      local government increased spending by more than 25% during that period. Don’t forget gordon said he was creating 500,000 more jobs.

      Where do you think they came from. It wasn’t frontline services like nurses and doctors or even the soldiers that were badly needed on labour’s created war front.

      He created 500,000 local government jobs by creating refrigerator police to inspect what you buy and eat, locally based climate change officers to persuade people that anthropogenic climate change was happening, walk to work officers to persuade people to give up their cars, officers to encourage positive local attitutes to homosexuality and lesbianism, officers to encourage you to grow more veg in your garden, officers to count pram wheels, officers to discourage foul language and on and on……………..and all of them earning in excess of £40k pa.

      And now that cuts are on their way you’non=d expect some of these looney jobs to get the chop. Not in labour councils. In labour councils these idiot non-jobs are still being advertised at huge salaries whilst they are busy cutting frontline services to the elderly, library services and anything that will hurt the most and make the voter think voting labour is the best option.

      The electorate will not be so fooled.


  62. 233
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Guido , That lad eoin from the green benches says that John redwoods site is better than yours ( Tho he keeps pimping on here and wont put a link to your site)


  63. 235
    Lord Mandelbum says:


    Look at the tits on that!


  64. 238
  65. 254
    MI5 says:


    It was good to see Sky News follow up on our lead this morning denouncing the lateness of the reaction of the UK authorities regarding freezing Mubarak’s assets

    Sky were using the same terms as we used this monrning and citing Switzerland etc and why the UK had not rzacted since Friday last..

    I think we need some royalties from Sky for our good journalism…


    • 276
      Jack says:

      Tony Blair for one…


      • 293
        AC1 says:

        Are the both Socialist International members?


        • 319
          AC1 says:

          Because I favour brilliant military strategy of Fighting Alky Ada with Troops over There instead of fighting Alky Ada with Police Over here.

          There’s a history of the winning general choosing the battlefield without the other side being away they’re falling into a trap.

          Obviously a knowledge of history and an awareness of genius are things which you lack, but I hope when you get better you are able to appreciate them and not be bitter all the time.

          Get well soon, all the best on your recovery to sanity.


        • 334
          Sarah "I can see AC1's tongue hanging out from here" Palin says:

          Kill a thousand Alkys in Afghanistan? Who cares?
          One dirty bomb in London, and you’ll be off to Alaska.


        • 356
          AC1 says:

          Oh dear tat,

          you’re therapy was going so well and it looks like I’ve set off one of your mental rant bombs.

          It looked like you were getting less insane and then I broke you. I’m sorry. Get well soon. Maybe starting a blog would help on your path to recovery?


  66. 257
    Another New Labour legacy says:


    • 279
      Red Ed's Blank Sheet of Paper says:

      This was never going on under Liebour.


      • 282
        Gordon Brown says:

        Tonight I have celebrated Valentine’s Day by eating a bit of cabbage and hitting someone with a Nokia.


      • 287
        He's not anonymous, i am says:

        We did. Last year as a matter of fact. And we thought things would be different. Sadly not. Thieves still thieve. EU still EUs. The streets are still full of sh*t, and so are the shrills from Luvvieland.
        We just look forward to La petite mort.


    • 283
      pc plod says:

      Move along now, nothing to see here.


    • 285

      Thank you, “Mr Faith” Blair. You will have done more than any person alive to bring the following words true:

      “As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood.'”

      Enoch Powell – April 20, 1968


      • 298
        Anonymous says:

        CRMM can currently be seen wearing Lederhosen, immediately behind Nick Gr*ffn, in Lenny Reefers-Hall’s “Triumph of the willy” DVD in all good beanpee bookshops, available now, while stocks last.


        • 317
          AC1 says:

          Try CiF for your “Enoch Powell is a wacist” crap you’ll be able to get away with the opposite of the truth there.


  67. 265
    ultimate deterrent says:

    typical – you look everywhere for a weapon of mass destruction and it’s standing right next to you


  68. 273
    Billy Bumblefuck says:

    Guido, who do you think has the biggest tits on this blog, Sir William Waad, Tuscan Tony or concrete pump (sadly, no longer with us)?


  69. 278
    Michael Gove lights a cigarette says:


  70. 280

    O/T, but if anyone wants to see the Black Country imbecile that is Adrian Chiles say c’unt on telly then That Sunday Night Show is being repeated on ITV at 11:30.

    Can’t wait till the Mail gets outraged :-)


  71. 284
    I wuv Gordon! says:

    Yap! It’s all Thatcher’s fault! Splooot!


    • 289
      I wuv Dave! says:

      Yap! It’s all Brown’s fault! Splooot!


      • 299
        Where have you been the last 13 years? says:

        Actually, it IS all Brown’s fault.


        • 303
          I wuv Dave! says:

          Typical t’ories! Concentrating on the minor negatives after 13 successful years of making good the wreckage left after Thatchers scorched earth bigoted dogma. Education available to your kids? NHS there ready for if you need it? No waiting lists of six months? Your old granny looked after because you’re too busy being a “player” in the big society?
          That’s Labour! People are more important than a few quid owed!


  72. 295

    Moving only slightly downwards from the subject matter, and with the esoteric mixed with the erotic, we have in the Grauniad:

    Pubic hair removal: The naked truth


    I don’t think Bidisha gets it…


  73. 300
    Gordon Brown says:

    I spent Valentine’s Day with my beloved wife, the rocking horse. Ms Macauley had to go to Canterbury.


  74. 301
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Hey ar moniker !
    the wife was complaining that she gets very little sex or exercise
    so i bought her this


  75. 306

    Doesn’t it all make you want to get away?


  76. 308
    AnotherAnon. says:

    wee willy flashing the cash again. There goes another £5 Million.


    • 320
      110% hetero and proud of it says:

      half on rent boys – sorry special advisers


      • 324
        Eeu to me says:

        How about spending your own money on supporting human rights, civil society & freedom of expression in whatever country decides it wants to change from a dictatorship to an army dictatorship,our money is needed for the Big Society,charities,EU,MP’s,Lords,Councils and uncle Tom Cobbly and any feker who winds up on our shores,petrol,electricity,water, gas,car taxes,tv taxes,Vat,windmills,broadband,mobile phone,council tax,bin tax,parking tax,plane tax,green tax,c02 tax,HMRC,death tax,europeans who visit our shores and have an NI number,their wives,their kids,return of Vat when they leave the Euro zone.


      • 326
        Eeu to me says:



      • 327

        Catamites and sodomy are important to retaining good business relationships with the goatherds and camel train operators who happen to be sitting on all that oil…


    • 339
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Bill , Lad , Look after OUR intrests FFs!


      • 345
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        You dont understand , If the gerrys had won the 2nd world war you wouldnt have this freedom , The freedom of speech , The left are related to the nazi party, Get over it and apcept your faid socailisim.


  77. 329

    20 selected countries in order of external debt ordered by GDP, showing also total debt and per capita debt. Note USA – We would love to have their percentage. What are we doing at 416%?

    Luxembg ……$1892bn tot….$4028 per capita…3854%
    Ireland ……$2131bn tot….$515 per capita…1004%
    NL ……….$2344bn tot….$226 per capita…470%
    UK ……….$8981bn tot….$147 per capita…416%
    Switzerld $1190bn tot….$182 per capita…271%
    Belgium ……$1275bn tot….$126 per capita…267%
    Portugal …$497bn tot….$47 per capita…223%
    Austria ……$755bn tot….$97 per capita…212%
    Denmark ……$559bn tot….$110 per capita…196%
    France ………$4698bn tot….$80 per capita…188%
    Greece ………$532bn tot….$49 per capita…167%
    Spain ……….$2166bn tot….$52 per capita…165%
    Sweden ………$853bn tot….$72 per capita…165%
    Germany ……$4713bn tot….$63 per capita…155%
    Norway ………$2232bn tot….$113 per capita…143%
    Italy ……….$2223bn tot….$39 per capita…101%
    USA ……….$14392bn tot….$46 per capita…97%
    Australia $1169bn tot….$42 per capita…92%
    Russia ………$480bn tot….$2 per capita…30%
    PR China …$406bn tot….$0 per capita…7%

    Thank you The Rt Hon Dr James Gordon Brown MP


  78. 330
    Valentine Dave says:

    I’ve been busy plugging the Big Society!
    And boy, was she satisfied.


  79. 337
    Islamosocialism says:


  80. 338
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    you know what you trolls are out here to destror democrcy , Freedom of speech and the net , But you dont get it , The state can not control the net , Nor thoughts or speech .

    Socailism is dead

    Its return of the private sector( Avoiding tax at all cost)


  81. 344
    Gordon Brown says:



  82. 352
    Tatmongtard says:

    Please please please watch my shit videos, just like the one above!

    If you don’t I’ll scream and scream and scream until I’m sick, then smear more of my own shit on the walls of my Guildford bedsit


  83. 367

    Oh! You do have something in common with us, then… I had thought you were from another planet.


  84. 368
    Reimer says:

    I can see a convergent path with that of now-retired blogger Iain Dale somehwere amid this (predominant) tittle-tattle.


  85. 369
    nutter says:

    is this what they mean by the big society?


    soldiers sacked by email


  86. 375
    Gordon Brown says:

    i think they are living in the canal


  87. 376
    Tacitus says:

    Oh God … the thought of Michael Gove in a bedroom fills me with horror. Still, there is a positive side. I suppose shares in whips and chains went up on the day as a result of this posting :-)


  88. 382
  89. 384
  90. 385













  91. 386

    Tama blogi on loistava. Olin aivan varma, etta ihmiset loytavat mielenkiintoista, koska en todellakaan.


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