February 4th, 2011

Don’t Mention the Debt

There is something a little Gordon like about Ed Miliband’s flurry of activity today. The Prime Mentalist went through relaunch after relaunch and the Son of Brown’s latest attempt to lead the agenda has all the hallmarks of his metaphorical father. Ed is set to tell the people of Newcastle that they won’t have the same opportunities that their parents did because of the spending cuts. Once again the head is in the sand and the fingers are in the ears.

If the next generations suffer it will be for because of the tax burden they are under to service the government debt. Given every kid born under the last Labour government will have to overcome the weight of £17,000 as their share of the debt, it’s no surprise Labour’s pollster Stan Greenberg can pull out stats that say over 60% of people think life will be tough for the next generation. They’re broke…


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    jgm2 says:

    In Newcastle, he’s preaching to the converted. They have no problem at all believing in debt denial.


    • 2
      jgm2 says:

      And deficit denial.

      And the magic money tree.

      After all, isn’t the fact that they haven’t all starved to death or frozen to death proof that government money springs eternal.


      • 5
        Steve Miliband says:

        Tough gig for Ted.
        They just don’t get it, 13 years of spending. Imagine if all the PFI had been on the books!


        picture no 3 is very funny


        • 53
          Tyke says:

          That was one of Maggies little wheezes, unfortunately, each successive government has used it more and more culminating in Pa Broon era where it was considered the right thing to do, the mentality of pound down and a pound a day, did not appear on the balance sheet so that they thought no one would notice, money growing on trees just like that. The trouble is governments seem to only cut relatively small items in the buget, true Cammers has cut ID cards (but wait a while it will raise its ugly head once more), the Trident replacement could be put on the back burner, it will cost many billions, and if past costs are anything to go by, it will cost many multiples of the original cost, but we have to give the Yanks some work I suppose.


          • Dave loves PFI says:

            Anyone care to name the PFI and PPP the Tories opposed ?
            That would be none of them.


          • Steve Miliband says:

            Think you need to do some research into the topic before making some pithy pathetic remark.


          • Steve Touristtwat says:

            Well what with all the ones you just named.. oh you didn’t, shame.

            And we’re not talking about PFI’s in Britain, where you don’t live.


          • tattwat says:

            oh dear


          • Tyke says:

            Now then little boys you probably little boys or babies doing lots of Gordons in your little pull up pampers, can not recall them but they did excist, you don’t think Gordon and his little friends could have though of that one.


          • the babbling of a retard nutter says:

            Now then little boys you probably little boys or babies doing lots of Gordons in your little pull up pampers, can not recall them but they did excist, you don’t think Gordon and his little friends could have though of that one.


        • 88
          Osborne and Cameron The Debt and Deficit Deniers says:

          The debt didn’t bother Osborne and Cameron when they pledged to match Labour spending. Or did you forget about that again ?


        • 251
          Up sh1t creek says:


    • 4
      misterned says:

      As labour admitted as they left office:


      The ‘spend like every Wednesday is a Black Wednesday’ labour party CAUSED the necessity of the cuts.


      • 14
        retardEd Miliband says:

        If there ith a defithit, which there ithn’t, by the way, then it’th the fault of the finanthial thervithes thector.


        • 19
          The other Ned, the one with the blank cheque. says:

          Quite right Ned. Everything was perfectly fine in 2007. A decade of double-digit house pr*ces under our belt and record low inflation figures begat by cheap Chines plastic crap was infinitely sustainable. If only the banks hadn’t stopped lending money to complete imbeciles we’d still only be running 3% deficits in a boom instead of 12% deficits in a bust.


          • Anonymous says:

            Is he looking in the back of a spoon?


          • jgm2 says:

            Dunno. But that is seriously Ned-squared’s economic proposition. Everything was ‘normal’ until 2007 and then it mysteriously went wrong overnight.

            Well, no mystery, it was just the banks that spontaneously blew up overnight. Completely out of the blue and for no reason. And now they’re not lending the same amounts of money out of pure spite.


          • Gideon Osboobery says:

            Which is why we pledged to match Labour spending.


          • misterned says:

            The tories pledged to match labour spending until the crash. They soon stopped making that pledge when labour’s spending exploded after the crash.

            I do not know where you have been for the last year, but normal people who still have functioning reason, cognition and a neuron firing recognise that the tories are NOT matching labour’s spending, nor do they believe that labour’s insane level of spending (post crash) was acceptable.

            Some of us still believe that even the lower levels of tory spending now, is still far too high.


          • "Everything was perfectly fine in 2007..." oops! says:

            So now the spending was only a problem AFTER the bank crash.




          • misterned says:

            No actually the spending was a problem before the crash too. But at least the tories and liberals now know that the spending was an even bigger problem AFTER the crash, Unlike the dolts in labour and their braindead fuckwit supporters who STILL want to keep spending higher and falsely STILL claim that Osborne and Cameron are wanting to match labour’s spending.

            If you read many of my previous posts over the last 3 months, you will see that I cannot stand Cameron or Osborne. I am growing to hate more and more things about this left of centre coalition, but even I do not suggest the insanity that Cameron STILL wants to stick to those spending plans!


          • misterned says:

            Additionally, the tory’s plans on spending were different from labour’s even before the crash. They were (wrongly in my view) planning to spend the same amount as labour, but on different things, with a greater emphasis on promoting private enterprise so that the economy would grow, therefore business would make more revenue, therefore businesses would be generating bigger profits, therefore businesses would be generating more tax revenue therefore the government could spend as much as labour, but with higher revenues, they would not have to carry on with the fiscally insane idea of having a deficit when at the peak of an economic boom. (especially a fickle, fragile, debt based mirage of a boom that was completely unsustainable)

            The fact that labour changed the banking industry in 1997, removing oversight from the Bank of England, and set in place wholly irresponsible kinds of regulation, creating and fueling an irresponsible debt based boom, and then massively over-taxed that boom and wasted much of the proceeds, and STILL had any deficit whatsoever during that boom, shows that they are never ever to be trusted with the British economy ever again!


          • misterexcuse says:

            “the tory’s plans on spending were different from labour’s even before the crash”

            so were the Lid Dems in fact since no Party ever has the exact same plans for spending it’s a non-point

            they are currently enacting their private sector based strategy for growth so we’ll see just how successful it is, won’t we ?

            “The fact that labour changed the banking industry in 1997, removing oversight from the Bank of England, and set in place wholly irresponsible kinds of regulation,”

            The fact that Cameron agree with it all as did previous Conservative Leaders with the proviso that a few times they said the regulation was TOO harsh


          • Thick As Pig Shit says:

            Why can’t people understand that there can be less, but more effective, regulation. The FSA was staffed with imbeciles making sure stupid process and procedures were followed. A regulator with half the people but focusing on asset quality and lending practices – err, like the BoE did beforehand – would work twice as well.


          • mister Thick As Pig Shit says:

            Eveyone believes the Conservatives would have been more effective regulators by having less regulation for the City and the Bankers.

            That much is obvious.

            If you’re a retard.


        • 60
          Tyke says:

          Right and talk like that Teddy people will start talking!


    • 58
      Arfer Dayly says:

      Frankly there are two options: the dole or fuck off overseas. Np child is obliged to underwrite the deficit and if they do they will be electing to do so


      • 163
        Condemned to hell says:

        Not sure he cares about children with his marxist views about family and marriage. People should wake up and see him for what he is.

        He and Balls helped create the financial mess but do not want to take the responsibility to solve the problem. He should be apologising to Newcastle for his poor advice to McDoom and Bust and demonstrate his contrition for being a wealthy highly educated half-wit who has no experience of running a business or managing people therefore should have kept his opinion to himself. He wants to continue extolling his adolescent ideology that he learnt at university- I suggest he grows up and get a real job before he pontificates to others.

        All the political elite appear to be the same- educated, no real work experience, do not know the consequences of their decisions because they have no real value or appreciation of the real world and have never experienced anything outside the House of Corruption (Westminster). Institutionalised lunacy, greed, self-indulgent, childish views. They tend to forget this is not a rich man’s game, it is our lives they are fcking about with.

        I want a radical change with experienced people from outside the political bubble. People who have worked in the public sector and private business. At least they can speak from experience and understand the likely consequences of their actions, not like these childish idiots.

        Clegg’s view on marriage is a bit odd as well-in fact the sooner he has a break down and clears off the better. Cameron has proved to be completely useless- no cuts in immigration, no cut in the contribution to the EU budget or repatriate powers back to the UK, defence is a shambles, prisoners allowed to vote and have early release, prisoners treated better than pensioners, still kow towing to the Americans, politics still discredited and filled by self serving greedy people who have not been investigated by the police, too many Lords and MPs (only 435 congressman) we have 1,400 wasters. etc etc


      • 177
        A Pensioner says:

        Arfer: don’t be too sure. Some ingenious bastard could think of a way of making that current/future debt a legal obligation.


        • 214
          ukFred says:

          It’s really quite easy. All MPs elected in 1997, 2001 and 2005 and their descendants be subject to a 30@% surcharge on their world wide net income for tax purposes until the whole increase in Government debt over that period is repaid and not be allowed to become non-resident or non-domiciled until the increase in debt is repaid unless the can prove that their vote was cast against the budgets put forward by B-Ruin and DarrrghLing in the official records.


      • 225
        Old Nick Heavenly (cue Dutrou vids and lots of foaming at the mouth) says:

        Perhaps the yoof of Britain will start rioting, because of the lack of jobs? If they leave Britain they will find it difficult. They will have to stand on their own 2 feet instead of depending upon the State and the foolish taxpayers. I am sure the bright ones are already planning on leaving a country that is much less democratic than say Belgium, for example.

        7 months without a government and everything just rolls among fine in Belgium!
        The politicos collect their wages and do nothing. It’s a bargain and cheap at double the price.


    • 236
      Ben Bernaked says:

      Lets just print our way out of this shit. It works for the US.


    • 250
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Ed Miliband would like to not mention the UK deficit and who caused it… so let’s not go back there. Let’s instead attach the coalition who are trying to sort out the deficit (left by Labour).


  2. 3
    Ed Bollokov ( Son of Brown, Deficit-Admirer-in Chief ) says:

    Deficits & debt =more votes=good thing.

    Budget cuts=austerity=Tories eating babies.


  3. 6
    what a fucking ED the BALL says:

    So all the people of Newcastle are babies
    who’s parents are all under thirteen
    who all prospered from the Brown ere to which he refers


  4. 8
    marcus Aurelius says:

    It’th the prethive thing to do


  5. 10
    what a fucking ED the BALL says:

    Ed never quite seemed to fit in at school


    • 22
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      I love the labour party.

      I’m sure theres a large faction they just vote someone in for the comedic value. They haven’t been this strong since Foot’s time.


    • 46
      Mystick1 says:

      He learnt fuck all the first time round. Clueless twat with a useless degree.


  6. 11
    Gonk says:

    Went to Newcastle many years ago,
    Jesmond–something. Handsome city full of dog shit.
    Perhaps things have changed.


  7. 12

    Sorry this is a bit off topic but I have just heard that Baroness Ashton The EU Foreign Policy Hoon say she ” urges the continuation of demonstrations on the streets of Egypt in order to lead to a transition” Absolutely bloody incredible. A woman who has never won an election, who holds an unelected position of enourmous influence (and pay packet) CALLING FOR CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE TO GET RID OF UNELECTED RULERS. I take it we can assume that she would also support us in Europe taking the same attitude. When does the rally to get rid of Von Rumpy Pumpy and the hypocritical one start!!!


  8. 13
    Martin Day says:

    Dirty gits !!!!

    David Cameron has warned visitors to Downing Street to look out for nits after two of his children came home from school with head lice.

    The Prime Minister told journalists arriving at No 10 for a briefing that if they found their heads were itching, it was down to his daughter Nancy, seven, and son Arthur, four.

    “If you find them when you get home, I apologise. Let me know and and I’ll send you a comb and some ointment,” he was reported as saying.

    Mr Cameron’s spokesman dismissed suggestions that the problem was spreading through No 10. “I think it is contained,” he said


    • 15
      jgm2 says:

      You are proof that, on the internet, you’re never more than a few nano-seconds away from a total fuckwit.


      • 20
        Martin Day says:

        This would never have happened under a Labour Government.

        By the way when was the last time that am opinion poll had David Cameron’s Conservative’s in the lead???

        No it’s not a trick question


        • 21
          jgm2 says:



          • Don't Believe it! says:

            Opinion polling is plugged into the mass media, as they are usually the ones who pay for these polls. It’s hardly surprising that they so often match media narrative. It’s another con trick in the Labour-Media axis. It’s all about communication luvvie. Create the perception that Tories are so unpopular whilst Millitwit is propelled to Blair ’97 levels of support. It’s a complete fantasy, of course, it is reality for Labour and their media friends, but bugger-all to do with the real world. It then sets up the narrative as to why Labour lose in 2015, not because Labour are as popular as cancer amongst decent people, but because of the evil right-wing press, or Milliband being useless or satan casting a spell on the land so the Tories could win etc. etc. Labour have to swan around in opposition as though they are popular but are then just unfortunate victims when they get their arse kicked at the Election. The media are in full, save Labour mode. How many media outlets actually bothered to point out that the coalition parties polled more votes in Oldham and Saddleworth than Labour…. almost NONE! It is a communication trick, which in case people hadn’t noticed, was what New Labour were all about.


          • Don't believe it! Remenber we were right before the election! says:

            There was no hung parliament and Cameron won a 100 seat majority!!


          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            He would have had a 100 seat majority but for one small fact, he is stupid.


          • misterned says:

            Actually the country voted overwhelmingly for a conservative government in 2010.

            In 2010, Cameron’s tories got more votes than Blair’s labour in 2005 and a MUCH larger winning margin over labour, than labour had over the tories in 2005.

            Had the votes in the 2010 election been exactly reversed and labour had got all the tory votes and the tories had all all the labour votes, then labour would have won with a very large landslide majority and labour supporters and the media would then be proclaiming that this country had voted overwhelmingly for a labour government. From exactly the same number of votes cast as were actually cast for the tories.

            So that can only lead to one conclusion.

            The gerrymandering of the boundaries hid the true level of support for the tories, and this country DID vote for a conservative government, but had that result stolen from them by the rigged boundaries and several examples of rampant postal ballot fraud.

            You cannot claim that the country voted for a labour government in 2005 and did not vote for a conservative government in 2010 when the country actually voted far more strongly in favour of the conservatives in 2010 than they did for labour in 2005.

            This is where the extent of the rigging of the boundaries towards labour had even broken the FPTP system. The FPTP system is supposed to exaggerate the winning margin of the most popular party at the election.

            In 2010, it reduced the size of their victory handing the losers far more seats than the votes merited.


          • misterexcuse says:

            it’s the British public’s fault for being left wing and biased against the Tories


        • 27
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          Good tactic.

          So politics is currently about who has the least useless leader.
          Dave is pretty useless, but Ed is something special. (ever seen “diner de cons”? it was on the other week).


        • 233
          Martin Day says:

          This would never have happened under a Labour Government, not just nits anyway, we had proper vermin like the lying murdering jock fucker and the one eyed jock minging nose picking idiot, i hear Mr Cameron had to have the place fumigated when the clown left.
          Labour not only infested number 10 but the whole country with 12 year old kids with kids of their own, criminal illegal immigrants and lazy bastards living the life of luxury on every benefit they could give them, all for their votes.

          By the way when was the last time that you heard a labourite fuckwit say anything that was the truth.

          No it’s not a trick question.


    • 17
      Socialists = Sociopaths says:

      Of course, socialist children never get nits……Oh, hang on, what about Gordon Brown, Red Ted, Mad Ed, Harridan, Wee Doogie ?? They’re all nits, aren’t they ??


      • 30
        Gonk says:

        Lice only live on healthy, clean, heads of hair.
        Gordon never had a problem. Nor did Liam Byrne


        • 40
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          1st sentence a bit of an old chestnut and its bollocks. They’d live anywhere.

          They’re quite hard to catch really, you tend to need to have head-to-head contact, usually with children that are 3-10 years old.

          I’m being too serious about this pillock, but basically it sounds like “martin day” hasn’t had children.


          • Smig says:

            No chance of him having children. He’s a fully paid up member of the Wanker Society.


          • misterned says:

            It depends on the School and other parent’s attitudes.

            The school my daughter went to had children attend who ALWAYS had headlice. Their parents had headlice and did sod all about them. In a staunchly LABOUR town with a labour local authority under a labour government!

            My daughter would come home with headlice and I would sit in excruciating agony bent over her head painstakingly removing every louse and every nit too. It would take many many painful hours.

            Then when her hair and scalp were clear she would return to school and within days, she would be re-infested. This cycle continued for several years.

            The creams, lotions, foams, gels and all the other chemical products from the chemist were SHITE! None of them worked.

            A mixture of essential oils worked for a time, but the headlice eventually gained immunity.

            The ONLY thing that worked was the painstaking, back-breaking leaning over and careful removal of every nit by hand.

            Headlice will happily live on clean or dirty hair and girls are particularly susceptible because they like to share headbands, hair bobbles, hats and the like and this is where contact occurs. Girls are also more likely to cuddle and have head to head contact with their friends, than boys are and girls tend to have longer hair.

            Martin Day, you really are a know-nothing fuckwit.


          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            Mr.Ned. I shall ignore all the ranting about Labour and lice. I thought that was a harry enfield joke. anyways.

            The actual lice poisons are getting useless. the lice have evolved.

            The mechanical stuff does work. Its basically a detergent that gets in their breathing holes and drowns them. I got some at a chemist and read the label. Precisely the same stuff in some shower gels. I’ve heard a recommendation to put conditioner in the hair, and leave it for half an hour. Presumably they’re too old now, but I’m pretty convinced those things work. (I think I even saw this method mentioned in tommorows world in the 1980s.)


          • Peter Mandy shitty dick says:

            Martin is one of those gay boys with oily skin and body odour who work in oxfam shops, so the chances of him having kids are zero thank god, imagine any child having a fool like him as a parent.


    • 28
      Anonymous says:

      Martin Day has warned visitors to his filthy bedsit to look out for nits after two of his children came home from school with head lice.

      The wanker told fellow dossers arriving at his shithole for a bumming that if they found their heads were itching, it was down to his daughter Kylie, seven, and son wayne, four.

      “If you find them when you get home, I apologise. Let me know and and I’ll send you a comb and some ointment,” he was reported as saying.

      Mr Days spunksman dismissed suggestions that the problem was spreading through his lair. “I think it is contained,” he said


    • 34
      what a fucking ED the BALLS says:

      Yet more proof that Westminster is full of parasites !


      • 52
        Nit nurse says:

        Tea tree oil is the best way of killing nits.


        • 172
          A maniac says:



        • 174
          misterned says:

          My daughter’s headlice became immune to tea-tree oil. Even a combination of oils. Careful removal of every single louse and nit by hand is the only thing that will work. Even that is no guarantee of success if your child shares headware or has head-contact with other kids.

          Of course cutting the hair really short helps this. My daughter refused to have short hair when at school, so now she is in her 20s and has not had headlice for the last 6 years, It pains me to see her with very short hair.


          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            I have a bad reaction to tea tree oil. Its an irrational fear of irrational middle class women who say “essential” and “natural” and you think they’re only ever one step away from saying “energy” and “toxins” or “booosing immune system”.

            Anyway. the secret is that some hair conditioners kill them if left in the hair for an hour.


          • misterned says:

            Not in all cases. I had left conditioner (tea-tree conditioner as it happens) in my daughter’s hair overnight once, sleeping with a plastic hair-cap on, she awoke the next morning for me to check her hair again and the head-lice were happily swimming in the stuff in the morning!

            Conditioner is good for combing the hair through and getting the lice out and some of the nits, but the only way to be sure is to sit and painstakingly check every hair and remove the nits (eggs) by hand.


          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            its more hit-and-miss than DDT.
            But thats very interesting… there are some treatments that kill agricultural pests slowly, and farmers weren’t happy seeing half-dead-but-moving critters. It might not have had a satisfying result but there might be a 24hr death rate well over 90%.

            Oh, and from memory its the silicates in the hair conditioner/shower cream that does it. So perhaps not the kind of thing in wimmins-natural-tea-tree conditioner.


    • 45
      what a fucking ED the BALLS says:

      Breaking news Downing street “nits” turn out to be the conservative party


    • 47
      Eeu to me says:

      And ?.


    • 64
      annnnoyperson says:

      I think you find that the really big Lice left Number 10 last May…


    • 148

      Must have been left by Brown. All he had for a brain were head lice.


      • 182
        A Head Louse says:

        Here! Don’t blame us, mate. Those were filthy, despicable crab lice in Gordon’s head. We’re respectable, clean-living arthropods, we are, only claiming our insectoid rights ent we?


  9. 18
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    10 months out of office after 13 years of government by clusterfuck, leaving the nation paying more in interest on Labour’s debt each week than is spent on education in a year, and denialist Ed blames the Tories for the decreased life-chances of the coming generation. What’s worse is that 40% of the population believe this crap. Truly does a democracy get the government it deserves.


    • 24
      jgm2 says:

      It’s amazing what the right sort of ‘education, education and education’ can do.


    • 141
      I Remember You Hoo says:

      At the risk of becoming boring about this, the real problem as I have said many times before, is Cameron and his inability to take out his biggest enemy, the BBC. It should have been objective #1, day #1, his failure to act, is seen by the corporation as weakness and fear and rightly so. He has, if he has any at all, balls the size of peanuts.


      • 215
        Tell it like it really is says:

        Just musing on the adage *set a thief to catch a thief* and wondered if this is the line of attack on the bbc that Dave is following in appointing his latest media guy.


      • 222
        The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

        Not forgetting the “slip of the tongue” by the Today presenter and later the same morning by the “wing nut” when mentioning the culture secretary’s name.

        Slip of the tongue? Don’t make me laugh. It was a little joke cooked up in the green room and a jolly good jape to thumb their noses at a “Wicked, baby eating Tory” daring him to do something about the deeply entrenched leanings of our state broadcaster.

        I can imagine afterward in the Beeb canteen Jim ‘n’ Andy rocking gently in quiet mirth.


  10. 23
    Sue Doughty says:

    Hereditary rights talk from a Labour person? Hypocrite!


  11. 25
    T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

    My kids are going to be alright !!!


  12. 26
    Sally BerCow says:

    I am so incensed by this inequality that I am going to strip off, covered only by a bedsheet, and pose in front of a window.


  13. 31
    Lord Blagger says:

    It’s worse.

    That debt figure is just for Gilts.

    It doesn’t include Civil servants and their pensions

    It doesn’t include PFI

    It doesn’t include the state pension

    It doesn’t include the state second pension

    It doesn’t include nuclear decommissioning

    It doesn’t include the bank bail out

    The list goes on.

    The real debt is well over 300,000 per house hold.

    Add on top the uncomfortable fact that 50% of UK households have no savings and bugger all retirement funds as well. They will want bailing out.

    Housing benefit, Minimum income guarantee, care in homes if needed, health care ‘because its free’, and you are talking even more money.

    17K is peanuts, because its not the real figure.


    • 170
      Sir William Waad says:

      I suggest putting the present United Kingdom into liquidation as United Kingdom (Realisations) Limited and forming a new one, United Kingdom (2011) Limited, to carry on the activities of the UK without the debt burden. We should register the new company in Jersey to take advantage of their much stricter banking supervision. Instead of Minsters we would have directors.

      Everybody in the UK would own a share in the new company and would receive a dividend if it was competently managed. There would be a Supervisory Board with the the power to sack incompetent or dishonest directors, who would receive large bonuses if they managed the national finances well but would be personally liable if they goofed up.


  14. 33
    TedMiliband says:

    We are the Progrethive Labour Party.

    There is no defisit, just great investments.


  15. 35
    Spank Sinatra says:

    DeadEd giving a speech? No need for Mogadon in that case. Perhaps he should just do tricks with balloons such as making sausage dogs……..


  16. 36
    nell says:

    It’s true that governments being kicked out of power tend to fall into a panic regime for a while.

    But I’ve never seen one this clueless before. The Labour opposition really is an empty vessel making lots of useless noises.

    militwit’s blank sheet of paper indeed!


    • 54
      Mike Hunt says:

      With the BBBC covering it as if it was gospel.


    • 94
      Eeu to me says:

      Nell I think you have the same problem as rusty and his PR mates,you are still beliieving your own PR dross,get a grip and realise that Liebour had 13 years of fingers in the till and I bet stashed a few gold bars for this day,their PR is WORKING, rusty Camerons is definatly not,you should not under estimate Liebour for one second.


  17. 37
    Socialists = Sociopaths says:

    Wasn’t Adolphe Miliband, Red Ed’s father, a fan of ‘Sunny Jim then’ ??

    “We used to think that you could spend your way out of a recession and increase employment by cutting taxes and boosting government spending. I tell you in all candour that that option no longer exists, and in so far as it ever did exist, it only worked on each occasion since the war by injecting a bigger dose of inflation into the economy, followed by a higher level of unemployment as the next step”.

    Jim Callaghan, Liebour.

    Liebour Party Annual Conference Report 1976, page 188.
    Speech at the Liebour Party Conference, 28 September 1976. This part of his speech was written by his son-in-law, future BBC Economics correspondent Peter Jay.


    • 49
      jgm2 says:

      There’s a remarkably similar passage in the Labour 1997 manifesto – I’ll see if it’s not been expunged from the internet [goes to google]


      The myth that the solution to every problem is increased spending has been comprehensively dispelled under the Conservatives. Spending has risen. But more spending has brought neither greater fairness nor less poverty. Quite the reverse – our society is more divided than it has been for generations. The level of public spending is no longer the best measure of the effectiveness of government action in the public interest. It is what money is actually spent on that counts more than how much money is spent.

      Hahahaha. Lying, incompetent, economy-destroying arseholes.


  18. 41
    Capt Mainwaring says:

    Here at Swallow Bank, Walmington-on-Sea we are fed up of being blamed for the Financial crisis.


  19. 44
    Righty Right Wing (Mrs) says:

    As much as we the enlightened here can mock this millionaire marxist deficit denier, and of course know his complicit guilt in assisting McMental to ruin us, rusty Dave does not seem to be laying a glove on him.

    That does not bode well for Continuity Labour – sorry, the Conservatives – remember, rusty Dave could not secure a majority against the most unpopular Government in our history led by a fiscal lunatic.

    Labour should be in the gutter being kicked to death with the facts & consequences of their time in office – instead they are resurgent.

    It really is time for the Conservatives to start p[reparing for the post Dave era & getting back to true Conservative values.


    • 66
      Eeu to me says:

      After watching some of QT last night rusty has a major major PR problem no matter what crap he spouts via mr whoo Iam on tv,Liebour spout even more crap that’s believed by the braindead ,they also have uncivil servants local and national who are more interested in keeping their jobs than worrying about the nation being in debt on Liebours side


      • 143
        any excuse says:

        It couldn’t be that Dave is a shit lightweight of course, it’s always someone else’s fault. I know, Coulson! That’s who we can blame once he’s gone.


    • 67
      Steve Miliband says:

      Unfortunately 40% of the population believe Labour lies and cutting public spending is unpopular.


      • 77
        Anonymous says:

        Selling off the Forests is a stupid f*ing idea.


        • 86
          Kenny Rogers says:

          They’re just a crop in a field


          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            They aren’t.

            Some of them, in the far flung corners of scotland or the Keilder forest might be, but theres a lot of them that count as “public parks”.

            Theres about 4 debates in one that go into this. A mess.


          • Steve Miliband says:

            Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 – the right to universal access to the land . The act specifically establishes a right to be on land for recreational, educational and certain other purposes and a right to cross land. The rights exist only if they are exercised responsibly.


          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            Crap. that makes a 5th debate.


        • 87
          Gonk says:

          Forestry Commission have been awkward
          squad for years but in a list of things to do,
          Doesn’t even get in top 20. Puzzling politics


          • Steve Miliband says:

            Diversionary tactics?
            Might get the axe


          • Righty Right Wing (Mrs) says:



          • Squirrel Nutkin says:

            The Forestry Commission is reasonably good value for money.
            I don’t know about the FC leadership, but the Rangers and ancilliary staff work f*ing hard for little reward because they love their jobs.


          • I'll have some of that says:

            Car crash politics. Not thought through at all.

            FC should continue selling off small parcels of woodland, as they have been, with little or no problems, and wind down the Forest Enterprise division. Keep the land, sell the standing timber to private contractors, with replanting and maintenance contracts, and oversee the contractors with Forest Authority staff, including Keepers/Rangers.

            That would protect public access, and the conservation issues, and at the same time improve the profitability of the timber production element, since state run harvesting and marketing teams are expensive and not as efficient as they pretend to be, given the high level of oncost attached to their operations.


  20. 48

    Three Trillion pounds in debt, on the mining strike ship Ed Dwarf, Holly awakes Ed Lisper from his cryogenic sleep.

    “Where’s everyone Hol?”
    “They’re gone Ed.”
    “Whacha mean, gone?” he asked in his strange, strangulated lisp.
    “They’re all Tories now, Ed.”
    “Wha..what about Mandelson?”
    “He’s a banker..Lazards.”
    “Not Tony? Tony invented New labour!”
    “Tony was the richest man alive. Even his pants were 22ct gold”

    Lisper thought..

    “Kinnochio.. he can’t be a Tory”
    “Superstate bureaucrat. living a tax-free expenses lifestyle for 2 hours work a week, hiring all his family on the payroll. How much more aspirational Tory can you get?”

    “Not thumper Prescott. He can’t be a Tory?”
    “He’s a lord. An ermine clad, garden party elitist with flunkys and finery.”
    “Wh’ora about LaSmith..She was smegging useless.She couldn’t be a Tory.”
    “Consultant at the banks. BBC media luvvie, in the 80% tax bracket that you introduced..”

    “Me? I introduced a 80% tax levy?”
    “Gordon Browned it!..this is hard..Yes..you were PM..briefly…80% was the basic rate of tax..”

    “So…What are you trying to tell me Hol? ”
    “You’re the last socialist alive Ed..If you don’t count Ballsy! – Edballs-hole Rimmer, the hologram. Its just you, your red Flag and three trillion years worth of overspending debt.”


    • 51
      jgm2 says:

      Where’s ‘Spitting Image’ when you need it – that sketch would be priceless.

      Genius Bill.


    • 55
      jgm2 says:

      Where’s ‘Spitting Image’ when you need it – that sketch would be pr*celess.

      Genius Bill.


      • 74
        Eeu to me says:

        Wasn’t “Spitting Image’ dropped when Liebour got in 1997,it had done it’s job.


        • 84
          Don't Believe it! says:

          In about 1994. after ratings had plummeted because script writing had gone badly down-hill. Although satire during the last government was very muted at best.


        • 118
          the site that irony forgot says:

          it’s funny because it’s a clumsily written rant for likeminded mongs to pretend is satire because they’re too dumb to know any better

          geddit ?

          Tee Hee Hee


        • 197
          Jabba the Cat says:

          Problem is that Spitting Image was run by a bunch of socialist fuckwits who were only interested in having a go at the Tories.


      • 75
        Jock Strapped says:

        + 1


      • 76
        Grumpy Old Man says:



      • 112
        oh it's funny allright, but not in the way you think it is says:

        priceless for a windowlicker

        it shall be displayed to uproarious laughter on a mockery and satire site later as with all the more hilarious attempts at humour by the windowlickers here

        please keep them coming


        • 151

          .. your not going to like the ‘Oliver’ sketch, I can tell.

          “Please voters..’can we have some more{cash}”

          “Fools, glorious fools..”

          “consider yourself..in debt”

          “you’ve got to lick a postal vote or two”

          “my old man’s a socialist revolutionary but he still fiddled the inheritance tax threshold on his estate.. no point pissing it away is there, anyway it was within the rules, if you know a good accountant “


          • Righty Right Wing (Mrs) says:

            Bill old chap, you are on fire today – changed your morning tipple?


          • oh it's funny allright, but not in the way you think it is says:

            this is top drawer stuff!

            could you try make them even more clunkingly obvious and embarrassing please

            why not channel your astoundingly cutting 6th former school of comedy into hilarious satirical punning on bodily parts and shockingly rude things like…
            Ed MiliBUM, or GorDUNG Brown or even Ed BallSACK

            please keep your incisive Swifian satire coming
            it’s priceless and far funnier than you will ever know


          • ROFL! says:

            id’s verrree punny!! geddit!! pun EE

            Hurrr! huurrrr! huuurr! huuurr!


    • 136
    • 161
      Righty Right Wing (Mrs) says:

      * Applause *

      Fantastic Bill


    • 184
      they simply don't get it, which makes it even funnier says:

      I rest my case M’Lud.
      The windowlickers speak to the sheer unwitting hilarity of this more eloquently than I ever could.


  21. 57
    Anonymous says:

    “But I’ve never seen one this clueless before.” Possibly not, but their past record was an indication of a pretty convincing headless chicken act to follow when in opposition (with apologies to chickens of course).

    As you say, Liebour is an empty, noisy vessel ‘led’ by Buzz Militwat. This nincompoop stood by while his political dad set about a systematic wrecking of our economy, and who therefore is in no position to lecture the present government about the risk of wrecking our economy.

    Liebour have shown that they are highly accomplished in the area of financial destruction. Until they atone for their crimes, they are little more than a sick joke. How they manage to achieve their current poll rating is a mystery to behold.


    • 68
      Anonymous says:

      Far from atoning for their crimes, they’ve promoted Balls who was one of the main architects!


    • 81
      Don't Believe it! says:

      Current poll rating is a fiction created by Labour friendly pollsters and their media friends. It has nothing to do with voting reality. Polls have been bullshitting for Labour for decades, now is no different.


      • 144
        Harry the Camel says:

        Liebor friendly pollster ??

        oh you mean Baron Peter Ashton, he who is married to highest paid but most useless civil servant in Europe , all thanks to McRuin


  22. 61
    Ratsniffer says:

    Debt denial is not just forgetfulness it’s labour policy. Listen to Question Time: the discussion is quickly “moved on” everytime a conservative tries to mention the huge debts inherited from labour. Or “the bankers” are blamed.

    Mostly, conservatives meekly allow themselves to be shouted down by shrill, mouth-foaming lefties, about the “savage cuts”. History is being re-written, and the public are being conned, aided and abbetted by all the usual media suspects.

    Will there be a panaorama investigation into our gold being sold off cheaply, against treasury official’s advice? Into the profligate spending by labour on PFI projects, massive public sector non job creation, or syphoning funds away from the south and into labour heartlands in the north? Don’t hold your breath.


    • 200
      A BBC Spokesperon says:

      There were no government errors, failures or micalculations, between 1997-2010. Quite the contrary, the Labour government was a unique success, a dazzling blend of intellectual dynamism and accute financial prudence.
      The ‘golden legacy’ inherited by the conservative led coalition, is being squandered, whilst the poor and vulnerable are being systematically preyed upon, by the huge cuts on frontline staff and education removal, instigated by this chancellor.


  23. 71
    Ed Balls says:

    Today I will be ignoring the positive economic news again and keeping my Ed down


  24. 73
    Wobble says:

    Is Ed some sort of contortionist then?

    I’d have thought it would be quite difficult to put your fingers in your ears if your head is buried in the sand.


  25. 82
    Taxfodder says:

    “Once again the head is in the sand and the fingers are in the ears”

    Fingers up arse more like!


  26. 85
    bollocks says:


  27. 95
    Calamity Clegg says:

    Today I will be pledging growth. So it’s in the bag.


    • 104
      Fabians are Evil. says:

      If they had any sense of shame they would shut the fuck up!

      We have the sex offenders list – why oh why, can’t we have a failed politicians list?

      The fukkers should not be allowed to stand by ‘effin law!!!!


  28. 102
    Martin Day says:

    Nick Clegg has jusr ensured that Labour will win with an overall majority at the next General Election

    “Nick Clegg signals middle classes tax squeeze to help poor”

    Middle income families are set to shoulder further tax rises to reduce pressure on those on low wages, Nick Clegg has signalled

    May I be the first to congratulate Prime Minister Ed Miliband


    • 108
      Fabians are Evil. says:

      Martin, listen Lad – can you imagine what it would be like if Labour got in again? are you serious or are you just having a laugh?


    • 135
      Eeu to me says:

      I would have thought the next PM is the other Milliboy,get the impression that they are using the two Eddies as shields to collect all the shit and waiting for the braindead to forget what a shower of shite banaboy was and roll him out as Britains second saviour,with Brown being the first of course and just in time for 2015.


      • 154
        Et tu Boris ? says:

        Except Dave is being beaten in every single poll and he’s got more to worry about with David Davis and Boris gathering backers steadily.

        Not to mention Clegg’s inevitable removal before the next election.


        • 169
          Eeu to me says:

          I think Rusty is not a true Conservative just look at the wimps and moneygrabbers he has as a cabinet,fckin hug a hoody,being green and huskies,windmills,banks,I don’t think he has a clue if he was a good PR man he would be on top of what was happening, but if people yell he changes his tune and something else thats not in the public eye takes the hit.


          • Ed Balls says:

            Quite. And this is why I will be the next prime minister.

            The only question that remains to be asked is: who shall I appoint as my chancellor? My wife, or Gordon?


    • 205
      Martin's Mum says:

      Martin! Get off that bloody computer! The short bus is here to take you to school.


  29. 105
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Is it just a coincidence that on the day that Sally Bigcow gets her kit off
    everyone in downing street gets crabs ?


  30. 107
    The BBC says:

    Today’s news agenda is to go massive on Ed in Newcastle. We want to really ‘big up’ his message and gets some much needed anti Tory propaganda.

    The ‘only Tory in the village’ has gone, so this one is for you Craig


  31. 110
    Mr Ed the talking horse says:

    He talks he talks, he’s a horse of course…it’s Mr Ed


  32. 114
    Canny Bugger says:

    eeee little >`•.¸.•´¯`•…¸> when the bort cums in like tha nars.


  33. 117
    Sally says:

    I’d shag him tho’…its all that power :-)


    • 120
      Fabians are Evil. says:


      • 203
        Anonymous says:

        The most “amiable man” also supported Hitler and the gasChambers. These are the roots of the Fabians.


      • 209
        Anonymous says:

        “I appeal to the chemists to discover a humane gas that will kill instantly and painlessly.
        Deadly by all means, but humane not cruel ”

        George Bernard Shaw- Fabian Socialist


        • 232
          Billy Bongo is the shittest tourist ever ! says:

          So he wasn’t a Kiwi then Billy ?


          • Famines and Firing Squads says:

            News just In,

            A number of Dead Nazi leaders have lodged an appeal against their conviction and subsequent execution for War Crimes after it was revealed that no dicussion had taken place during the trials as to whether any particular witness came from new Zealand or not.

            A solicitor acting for the dead Nazis stated that ‘the real issue was not whether these men had encouraged by word or deed ghastly war crimes involving the deaths of millions but whether anyone in particular who raised concern about these issues was or was not from New Zealand and futher to this i think the sad old git on Guido s web site posting as billy bongo for raising this important matter””


  34. 123

    £17,000 is a gross underestimation of Labour’s contribution to the debt, IMHO. What about all the unfunded pensions for all those new state employees for a start? I will not continue as I am not strong enough to write an essay right now…


  35. 124
    The Heir to Blair is off Europe to today to promote Climate Change measures says:


  36. 149
    The Speaker says:

    I said to my doctor I want some viagra, he said I need some proof that you need it, so I showed him a picture of my wife.


  37. 155
    Sir William Waad says:

    I like going to Newcastle and Gateshead, or Ny’CASSle and Gyetshead as the locals would have it. They’re impressive places with the Tyne running past them and those fine bridges. Grey Street is simply the best-looking urban street in the UK, while parts of Jesmond have a lovely Victorian-terrrace studenty feel. A visit to the North-East also allows me to watch my money being spent, or it would do if I paid tax.


  38. 157
    Dave Loves the BBC says:

    Today Dave will be sending his lovely new BBC spindoctor to help Nick out with his speech while Andy Coulson looks very sad.


    • 173
      Eeu to me says:

      Dave should be crapping on the BBC from a great height,his new spindoctor should be put out to pasture after last nights lefty lynching.


  39. 167
    Yeah, right..... says:

    Not Ed’s fault. He knows, and will be constantly reminded by his pollsters, that the public will swallow his revisionist nonsense if he keeps repeating it often enough.

    We are no longer at war with Eurasia, tractor production increased by……. etc etc

    Truly, the voters get the politicians they deserve.


  40. 194
    Hi Guido says:

    Why weren’t you on TV last night?


  41. 205
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Come on Guido , He has speical needs………..


  42. 207
    Comfort Zone says:

    Here’s an idea for Milliwank, why not visit some of the provinces, especially some of the constituencies that Labour have lost since ’97. See the reaction of people there to Labour, and I mean real people, not local Labour stooges?

    Of course he won’t do that. He’ll probably next visit, Liverpool, Glasgow, Merthyr Tydfil, East Ham, you know, somewhere challenging like that!

    Labour are as popular as cancer where decent people live.


  43. 208
    Woeful Warsi says:

    Don’t mention the debt….LOL

    Don’t you mean…Don’t mention, Barts and The London NHS Trust to cut 635 jobs, including 260 nurses posts.

    Don’t mention Big Society nonsense – dead in the water

    Don’t mention UK citizens abandoned by Billy Vague in Egypt

    Don’t mention the pubs up and down the country who are about to dump Sky Sports for EU satellite providers without fear of Murdoch boot boys fining them.

    Nice to see Cleggy out and about again explaining the growth strategy. I take it Gidders is back in the box with Warsi


  44. 218
    Desperate Dan says:

    An Arab commentator has said about Arab youth that they’re educated but not well enough educated to be useful or to compete on the world’s stage. That just about sums up the sort of British youth whose votes Ed is hoping he can count on.


  45. 228
    Penfold says:

    It’s quite clear that the red’s have decided to accept the strategy of the blackshirts when it comes to PR or rather propaganda.
    Goebbels would be so pleased to know that his strategy of telling porkies ad infinitum is being used.
    The policy hangs on a knife edge, as it relies on the gullibility and stupidity of the receipients and the lack of clear and repeated rebuttals.
    So, the jury remains out on whether Red Ed’s gamble of lying and spinning will work.

    Thought though, does Labour have to pay royalties to Goebbels?


  46. 243
    Get Me Outta Egypt says:

    When next British soldier is killed in Afghanistan. I think the partner or parents of the soldier should pay £300 for the body to be repatriated to the UK for burial. Discuss !!!!!


  47. 244
    Ma Cistdyou says:

    its all part of the plan.

    what happens when they win though?


  48. 246
    Porkie Pie Pickles says:

    Not like the old days. 4 -5 threads a day, 400 posts per thread.

    Guido and the rest of his flock must all be out doing good work as part of the Big Society initiative…..whooopppppss


  49. 247
    Porkie Pie Pickles says:

    Not like the old days. 4 -5 threads a day, 400 posts per thread. Guido and the rest of his flock must all be out doing good work as part of the Big Society initiative…..whooopppppss


  50. 258
    bert twigg says:

    anyone think they have seen that picture before.well I have found the link,guess which ones ED…



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