January 26th, 2011

BBC’s Pesto Spinning for News International

The BBC’s Robert Peston is, as ever, pleased with himself. He will be pleased that his News International source gave him the inside story on Ian Edmonson going. He tweets about breaking the news :

Guido merely notes that Pesto is mates with his Muswell Hill neighbour Will Lewis. Will, the former Telegraph editor, who is the newly appointed group manager in Wapping. Watch Pesto’s line on developments from Wapping. Don’t be surprised if he undermines Rebekah Brooks and bolsters the prospects of Will Lewis. No one really thinks Will Lewis is content to remain general manager under Rebekah…


  1. 1
    Gorgan McDoom says:

    Pesto helped me save the world !

  2. 2

    Lord Peston for General Manager!

    Perhaps there are plans afoot to procure him as the next Mr. Elisabeth Murdoch.

  3. 3
    Breton says:

    Thought BBC hacks were only friends with lefties.

  4. 4
    Russell howard says:

    What a smug Hunt!

  5. 5
    anonymouse says:

    I did think his exclusive was more political that business, I thought he was after toenails job.

  6. 6
    Scootaboy says:

    Pesto is a bit of a Numptee anyway, Rebekah Brooks a scary mary
    All a bit like Rats fighting in a barrel

  7. 7

    Oh, Mr. HBOS insider deals sticks his oar in?

  8. 8
    Guido sounds seriously Jealous says:

    Pesto Rules OK!

  9. 9

    Beks is waaaaay overpromoted. She should be a linesman.

  10. 10
    Joss Taskin says:

    ‘Breaking off chat with bank chair’

    Is Peston a stool pigeon ??

  11. 11
    Tessa Tickles says:

    I don’t wish to show my ignorance, but who are Pesto and Rebekah Brooks? Will Lewis – as explained – is a former Telegraph editor (from the days before it became utter drivel written by illiterates who don’t check their work?) – so I’ve got one of the three names mentioned. But the other two..?

  12. 12
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Ian Edmondson.. Nope. Who’s he?

  13. 13
    ++BREAKING NEWS++ says:

    Sky Sports football presenter Richard Keys has resigned

  14. 14
    Pasta Lover says:

    I like pesto with penne.

  15. 15
    Bill Quango MP says:

    I know his brother..Milton.

  16. 16
    streamfisher says:

    She was a ‘linesman’ but now all are over promoted (regardless of gender) to Assistant Referees, do keep up with play (said Andy).

  17. 17
    John Bull says:

    Its a pity the justice meted out to thieving, lying mps isn’t as brutal as Murdoch’s, and these guys were only having a laugh. Fucking hell fire.

  18. 18
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Yeah, I know him, in a roundabout sort of way.

  19. 19
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    It’ll take some offer to match the job satisfaction he’d get from working with Dave and £400,000 pa.

  20. 20
    John Bull says:

    I can’t listen to the c’unt. He presents things as though they were second hand and fed to him through a poor quality wire. By the time he has finished his piece to camera I’ve forgotten why I was in the room – fucking appalling.

  21. 21
    ++BREAKING NEWS++ says:

    Richard Keys has resigned as a Sky presenter following his sexist comments about female referee Sian Massey.

    Apologising for his remarks, the 53-year-old Keys accepted they had been “unacceptable”, adding: “I’ve reached the decision it’s time to move on.”

    Pundit Andy Gray, 55, had already been dismissed by the broadcaster after further allegations of sexist behaviour by the former striker came to light.

    “Going forward without Andy would have been almost impossible,” added Keys.

  22. 22
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Be grateful for small mercies – we won’t need sub-titles when watching Sky Football any more.

  23. 23
    Tessa Tickles says:

    It’s really scary. A little office banter and *pow*! There goes your career. Home repossessed, bankruptcy, the lot.

    Work for a big company, say something – anything – un-PC and if someone films it and puts it on YouTube, the thought police destroy your life within 24 hours.

  24. 24
    Cockpit news says:

    And Cameron dining with James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks over Xmas, proves Rupert has both hands on the joystick of power.

  25. 25
    Gobbledygook says:

    Would the person who came up with the phrase “going forward” please hang themself?

  26. 26
    Move along please says:

    Looks like Rupert is having a clear out in order to “move the story on”
    They say no one gives bollockings like Rupert – you can bet there have been a few today.

  27. 27
    Anonymous says:

    Mind bleach!

  28. 28
    The Right Honourable Harriet Harman MP says:

    Both these men are potential rapists, and should be removed from the 21st century for the safety of women everywhere.

  29. 29
    Well Wisher says:

    I don’t rate him that highly.

    His voice should be used for the treatment of constipation. It certainly gives me the shits.

  30. 30
    Anonymous says:

    Wheels within wheels son. Will Lewis is the brother of Simon Lewis, Gordon Brown’s former Director of Communications.

  31. 31
    Jonathon 18 million quid Ross says:

    Life just ain’t fair for some people.

  32. 32
    Tessa Tickles says:

    You are Andy Burnham and I claim my £10.

  33. 33
    Oh do be quiet says:

    Actually, it wasn’t just banter. Gray wasn’t sacked for his comments about the referee. That WOULD have been too much. He was sacked because he was a pervy ugly man in his 50s thinking it’s hilarious to ask a young woman if she’d like to button up his flies. It’s got fuck all to do with political correctness. It’s so tedious when rancid old farts try to justify everything with “it’s political correctness gone mad”. You’re probably the type who thinks rape victims are asking for it.

  34. 34

    You’re not from around here, are you?

  35. 35
    Anonymous says:

    Heard him on the radio today. Listening to him is like listening to nails being run down a blackboard.

  36. 36
    The Bitch is a Poor Linesman says:

  37. 37
    Tessa Tickles says:

    It wasn’t really TV presenters I was thinking about.. more anyone who works for a FTSE-100 company. Any well-known company. Unigate Dairies, FFS.

    Say something un-PC in the workplace which embarrasses the employer and.. you’re toast. So it would seem.

  38. 38
    QWERTY says:

    Peston is such a Hunt.

    “Gordon Brown has been behind the marriage of Lloyds and HBoS and it shows what a great statesman he is”

    A couple of weeks later

    “Gordon Brown never really had anything to do with Lloyds getting together with HBoS, they didn’t do their due diligence properly”

    Two cheeks of the same wanker.

  39. 39
    Shit sticks says:

    Rupert won’t be bollocking them for doing wrong.
    His only concern is that they got caught.

  40. 40
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Nope. I have been asked by “pervy men in their 50s” to button their flies, though.

    I can’t say I did, nor did I make a big deal out of it.

  41. 41
    Corrigendum says:

    I think that should read ‘it shows what a great state he’s in’

  42. 42
    Don't miss Posh & Posher BBC2 9pm says:

    David Cameron and Nick Clegg seem made for each other: Eton and Oxford meets Westminster School and Cambridge. But does the return of public school boys to the top of our politics say something worrying about the decline of social mobility in Britain?

    Andrew Neil goes on a journey from the Scottish council house he grew up in to the corridors of power to ask if we will ever again see a prime minister emerge from an ordinary background like his.

    In this provocative film Andrew seeks to find out why politicians from all parties appear to be drawn from an ever smaller social pool – and why it matters to us all.

  43. 43
    Oh do be quiet says:

    What are you, 89 years old? Doesn’t count.

  44. 44
    Scootaboy says:

    Well Rebekah Brooks is a ginger haired scary mary— way scary looking animal, and peston in the BBc’s answer to a suppositiry, something shoved way up your arse.
    Hop this helps

  45. 45
    Andy Capp says:

    I’ve been asked by women in their 50s to zip up the back of their dress…so what…I worked in a factory full of women and you wouldn’t believe what their so called banter consisted of….far worse than any male banter I have heard. It’s only the shrill mouth-foaming guardianistas who give a toss.

  46. 46
    Shit sticks says:

    So like a LibLabCon voter, you just swallowed it.

  47. 47
    Reality says:

    Pesto gets the biscuit.
    Guido is fed the crumbs.

  48. 48
    Scootaboy says:

    Tuscan & Stream,
    I’m hoping Andy Gray will get her job!

  49. 49
    Tessa Tickles says:

    No. I think 89’s your IQ.

  50. 50
    Gordon Brown says:

    Going forward I’m going to hit someone with a Nokia.

  51. 51
    Scootaboy says:

    Life in Socialist Britain, was Animal Farm written so many years ago , so far from the modern day truth?

  52. 52
    Net Curtains says:

    Murdoch is kicking arse big time today.

    He is NOT a happy bunny.

  53. 53
    Liv says:

    One of my pet subjects is BBC impartiality, or lack therefore of. Does anybody know if Peston is, or has ever been a member, or supporter of the Labour Party?

  54. 54
    Is your hubby out with his mistress tonight? Or has he hired an escort? says:

    I think all these laws about rape and molestation are just PC gone mad, wouldn’t you agree? So what if some get raped. Just because it’s un-PC doesn’t mean someone’s life should be destroyed. It’s all PC gone mad. Everything is PC gone mad!

  55. 55
    Unvarnished reality says:

    Pesto’s in a leftwing straight jacket so can’t get to the biscuit.

  56. 56
    Joe Ordinary says:

    Can’t understand why Nick thinks allowing terroists to use the internet is a good thing.

  57. 57
    So true, old boy, so true says:

    So true, old chap, so true. I’d like to come around and ask your wife to suck me off, what. It’s so perfectly reasonable a request. No one should get all menstrual about it, what. Just a bit of fun. All these whores are asking for it, you know. In the old days, we just raped whoever we wanted, what. Just tell your missus I’ll be round at 9 and I’ll rodger her senseless. There’s a good chap.

  58. 58
    Scootaboy says:

    Thats not too far from the sort of crap HH would really spout. In reality its a bit of banter just blown up. Where I work ( yes I do work and dont claim benefit, parlimentary allowance, disability allowance , job seekers allowance etc) there is always banter between the men and women. The battle of the sexes is always funny as long as someone doesnt take it too seriously and yes the girls give back more then they get!
    HH has probably never been anywhere near a real work place, take her bling off and put her on the counter at Tesco for a few months, see what life is really like. She would be a better person for it

  59. 59
    Scootaboy says:

    NO he is just a plain simple little wanker

  60. 60
    Student says:

    Calm down. Calm down. I’m the first person to graduiate with a degree in The Beatles. I’m now just waiting for the job offers.

  61. 61
    Pesto says says:

    I am an Incoherent Tosser!!

  62. 62
    Ed not Balls says:

    Gutted that I didn’t have some money on Gray being fired – after he thought it wise to sue Murdoch despite receiving £1.7m a year – it was a certainty. Guido, can you facilitate some book on future ‘political’ special events?

  63. 63
    Scootaboy says:

    By Allah you will prejudice their rights. Even if they are plotting to blow you up with suicide bombs, you shouldnt interfer with their rights to access the web and connect with others and download technical manuels on making bombs, watch martyrdom videos and promote thier right to express Jihad.
    Whatever next?

  64. 64
    wicki dicki flicki pricki licki says:

    “Peston is the son of economist and later Labour peer Maurice Peston and his NHS-employee wife. The couple believed passionately in state education, and sent Robert to the local comprehensive school, Highgate Wood Secondary School, in Crouch End, North London.[1] Peston graduated from Balliol College, Oxford in 1982, and then studied at the Université Libre de Bruxelles after winning a scholarship”

  65. 65
    QWERTY says:

    Does writing a glowing biography of a mad one eyed c u n t from Fife count as supporting Liebour?

  66. 66
    local boy says:

    ‘e be a stranger.

  67. 67

    Member of Common Purpose UK, which sounds a bit iffy, also published a biography of the Fifeshire financial dimwit, “Brown’s Britain” in January ’05.
    So he’s got form.

  68. 68
    QWERTY says:

    This is what Ed Miliband and mongo Balls thinks is a golden legacy


  69. 69
    Nokia sales-being says:

    Can we interest you in our new Australian model ? (We recommend ducking – but not in your case.)

  70. 70
    South of the M4 says:

    Unfortunately you are about to discover a world without love where you will need to work eight days a week to pay your bills. Still, I guess you know what to do.

  71. 71
    local boy says:

    His dad was a Labour peer and his mum worked/works for the NHS. Can’t get much more Labour than that apart from owning whippets and having permanently grazed knuckles.

  72. 72
    Anonymous Misogynist says:

    No, just a stool..!

  73. 73
    Treat people with respect on the way up..... says:

    Banter between those who enjoy the crack is one thing, but did that young girl fiddling with the wires really get off on a leering old arsehole putting her in a possibly embarrassing position?
    Some people don’t like being the butt of crass humour.

  74. 74
    Dack Blog says:

    Maybe Sky will do something about that fat ugly old lech Eamonn Holmes who sits on the sofa surrounded by young attractive female minions every morning.

  75. 75
    QWERTY says:

    Mohammad and Abdul might like to download kiddie porn, after all they workship a man who gave it up the arse of an 8 year old child.

  76. 76
    AC1 says:

    It must be his skill and ability that got Lord Pestons son the job at AlJabeebya.

  77. 77
    Dack Blog says:

    It depends on context and relationships. Banter’s fine – but Gray was a cock.

  78. 78
    AC1 says:

    What colour is the sky in your world?

  79. 79
    John says:

    Peston is a wanker who is single-handedly responsible for the failure of Northern Rock.

    Without his poorly anunciated exclusives NR would have had a hard time but wou NOT have failed.

  80. 80
    Comrade Paul T says:

    Peston is a shit stirring twat…

    he’s like the little bastard at school who would provoke you and then go running to the teachers when you smack him in the mouth…

  81. 81
    Quadruple Agent says:

    So Theresa May is using the Blair defence of ” If only I could show you what I can see then you could only agree with me”

    I suggest a radical alternative. Publish the lot and be damned.

  82. 82
    Charlotte Hawkins says:

    He makes my skin crawl. It’s as much as i can do to grin and bear it.
    What a girl has to do to get on in Murdoch’s empire. Laugh at his jokes, or page three here i come.

  83. 83
    Abdul says:

    Hey! She was the grand age of 9 when our beloved profit nonced her with his islamic johnson.

  84. 84
    Charlotte Hawkins says:

    He makes my skin crawl. It’s as much as i can do to grin and bear it.
    What a girl has to do to get on in Murdoch’s empire. Laugh at his jokes, or page three here i come.

  85. 85
    QWERTY says:

    Notice that since the mad twat from Fife has gone from Downing Street Peton has had no ‘Government exclusives’

    He seems to have to sniff around making up shit.

  86. 86
    weirdy beardy says:

    He’s just flagging his Liberal credentials of being a right nutter.

  87. 87
    Engineer says:

    Am I the only one to be somewhat underwhelmed by all this phone hacking stuff? OK, so it’s naughty and they shouldn’t do it, but the worst that it can result in is embarrassment for some celeb. caught in the wrong bed, or a politician caught out plotting. Nobody ends up deceased. It’s hardly going to affect the nation in the same way that tackling the deficit might, or the possible ramifications if the teetering Euro suddenly falls off the perch. It’s a bit like arguing about the colour of the door handles during a nuclear power station conceptual design meeting.

    I can sort of see the point of Labour (and their PR agents, Aljabeeba) trying to use it as a diversionary tactic, but apart from those who’s jobs might be directly affected, why are the rest of us bothered?

  88. 88
    Haven't you noticed? says:

    Balls is back.

  89. 89
    Brillo Fan says:

    Don’t miss Brillo’s documentary Posh & Posher at 9 on Beeb 2, about the high number of politicians and PMs from upper class backgrounds.

  90. 90
    Tom Watson says:

    Why ruin a good story for the sake of fact?

  91. 91
    Hugh Janus says:

    +1 – only in my case the radio or TV goes off at the slightest hint of anything from him, thus preserving what is left of my sanity. He really is a total James Blunt.

  92. 92
    Engineer says:

    He’s Irish, so it’s ‘blarney’ and therefore OK.

  93. 93
    Ross Kemp says:

    Rebekah is a nasty cow.

  94. 94
    De-Facto says:

    The Beatles started out OK but when they became all psychedelic they became Shite. FACT

  95. 95
    Hugh Janus says:

    Tessa, I’m afraid the serious (and probably terminal) decline of the poor old DT started before Will “Thirsty” Lewis arrived. Under him it just accelerated. It seems to be competing with the Mail for banality and trivia, and at this rate it could well win the race – to the bottom.

  96. 96
    Gonk says:

    I think they both ought to apologise
    for not apologising quickly enough.
    And then ritually sling their dogs off a cliff.
    Then say sorry.

  97. 97
    ichabod says:

    What is enjoyable, when Peston appears on the TV to be interviewed by, say, one of the newsreaders, is the barely repressed look of irritation that they present. A look that hardens as Peston’s peculiar speech patterns develop. And at the end, the sense of relief that Huw Edwards, et al, convey as the pious self regarding bore finally manages to end a sentence is nearly audible.

  98. 98
    The Project is not dead merely sleeping says:

    Because “Al-Jabeeba” can use it to attack Cameron by association by repeatedly running the fact that Coulson was Editor of NOTW and insunuating that he MUST be guilty of something and that Cameron’s judgement is in question…you get the picture ? They will go on about this “ad nauseum”…..”Al – Jabeeba” won’t be happy until they have brought down the Coalition….and plunged the country into crisis

  99. 99
    Eamonn Holmes says:

    Sounds like you fancy me love.

  100. 100
    Engineer says:

    What does it say about some of the political class that they’re making such a song and dance about it? Coulson’s resigned, so they’ve got their scalp, and there can now be no direct link to Westminster. Yet still they bang on about it.

    How about sorting out the things that really affect people like me? Balancing the nation’s books, getting your hands out of my wallet, and giving me some value for the obscene proportion of my income that you do extort from me?

  101. 101
    Cassandra says:

    Oh poor old Guido – missed out on a big story so instead trying to run anticipatory spin so he can pretend he always knew this was going to happen.

    Guido – your political prejudices meant you ignored and then tried to bury this story. That is the problem with pretending to be a libetarian when in fact you are a tired old thatcherite tory hack. It worked when you were in opposition but not any more.

  102. 102
    Engineer says:

    See what I mean?

  103. 103
    Gonk says:

    All men over 40 should be chaperoned
    and all men under 40 should be clamped.

  104. 104
    Dack Blog says:

    And the Beeb can get rid of some of the male old timers like the Dimblebores or that old walnut Humphrys twinkling through the wrinkles on Mastermind (we know you’re a miserable old git really you faker).

  105. 105
    Engineer says:

    Well, maybe not single-handedly. Adam Applegarth and his minions may have had some input.

  106. 106
    ichabod says:

    And if the person who first used the phrase “time to move on” would follow that precedent..

  107. 107
    Dack Blog says:

    Men! (Mainly). And posh! Double whammy. On BBC2 now.


  108. 108
    Gonk says:

    I’ve heard several comments today like,
    ‘ If Rupert has a word in your ear, look out’
    Or ‘Rupert gets very wound up if
    he doesn’t have his coffee with hot milk’
    No one, not even Rupey, can match Miss Harries form 1-7

  109. 109
    Anonymous says:

    Well if you think it’s acceptable for grubby tabloid knobjockeys to delve into anybody’s private life, someday it may happen to you, even if you are a nobody. In the pursuit of a hidden scandal is one thing, but fishing for tawdry sensational headlines is another.

  110. 110
    Exclusive says:

    Strikes me that hacks haven’t twigged that any half dozen of them could set up a site like this, have complete editorial freedom and make more money.

  111. 111
    Eamonn Holmes says:

    You should have stuck to The Monkees mate, fucking fantastic!

  112. 112
    Anonymous says:

    Murdoch and the Barclay brothers. Three tax dodging arseholes setting so much of the political agenda.
    Ever get the feeling you’re being manipulated?

  113. 113
    Engineer says:

    Can our politicians put some time into sorting the nation’s economic woes, please?

    Oh, I forgot – Labour created most of the current woes, so they don’t want us talking about the measures to sort it out, do they?

  114. 114
    Gonk says:

    Slightly naughty.
    On a criminal scale—nicking a Mars Bar,
    Not burning down the Scout hall.

  115. 115
    Vox Populi, Vox Dei says:

    I’m not an upper class twit. I am a man of the people.

    Now piss off you unsufferable little oik.

    Extract from Brillo’s prog.

  116. 116
    Anonymous says:

    And as predictable as a party lickspittle can get, you equate all dissent as the work of lefties.
    You’re a sad old man living a sad life.

  117. 117
    Must get a pseudonym one day says:

    You can be certain that some muzzie imam will be able to prove that the Koran specifically states that Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Facebook and Google are not only halal but must be made available to all good muzzie mosque-boys whenever they want it.

    It’s a bit like 13-year-old white girls…….

  118. 118
    grobdj says:

    Not you’re not the only one Eng

    But these are hard times, and this is a business opportunity. Greedy people respond to cuts in greedy ways.

    Which is why they are dragging the police and CPS into the frame, so costs can be claimed from the public purse.

    The hype should add another zero to the lawyers fees

  119. 119
    Engineer says:

    This all surfaced about three years ago. Court case, two found guilty and gaoled. Questions in the house from the opposition, and the government line was ‘move along, nothing to see’. What’s so different now?

    And when the Labour drones going to say sorry for the deficit and let the government bring it under control?

  120. 120
    Just a cotton pickin' minute says:

    True, true.
    Sergeant Pepper may have been clever but it was a shower of shite.
    Even contaminated real groups like the Beach Boys.
    But then Elvis was shit after he left Sun records.
    ‘Twas ever thus.

  121. 121
    You can call me Sarah, honeybum says:

    Red white and blue, sprinkled with stars and stripes.
    Just as you see.

  122. 122
    Just a cotton pickin' minute says:

    Bit pointless watching cause the bastards aren’t about to do anything about it.
    Now they’ve kicked the ladders away, they can control us from the battlements.

  123. 123
    Totaly gnostic says:

    Me three, as soon as the word Pest on comes accross the air waves off goes the tely or wireless. The Lord’s son makes me want to iron girder.

    Peston = string vest

  124. 124
    The Kings Speech says:

    Mmmmmmmm mister ssssssssssspeaker

  125. 125
    c.eng says:

    Distracts the proles from anything meaningful in the news, so the political classes can go ski-ing without any awkward issues arising.

  126. 126
    Brillo Fan says:

    Brillo now on the subject of SpAds on Beeb 2

  127. 127
    Escape From The UK Starring Kurt Russell says:

    Murdoch Jnr needs to take the reigns sooner rather than later as old Rupe has lost his touch. Like Don Corleone and Michael Corleone at the closing chapter of the Godfather.

    Sad to say, but being the news instead of creating it just proves the point ontop of Murdoch Snr’s incessant fascination with giving the bile spewing left wing a fair crack of the whip.

    If the old geezer read some of the stuff the Guardian says about him especially these days, his ticker would of had an attack long ago.

  128. 128
    A ? says:

    Do’nt ever go to FRANCE DARLING.

  129. 129
    Brillo Fan says:

    Hilarious. Brillo’s programme: a traditional working class Labour man was blocked by Labour from standing in a northern seat. Mandy’s upper class friend was given the candidacy instead. And these Labour c unts have the nerve to always bring up Cameron’s background. Bunch of fucking hypocrites.

  130. 130
    Totaly gnostic says:

    OK that’s enough lessons have been learnt, now let’s draw a line underneath it. I can’t just wave a magic wand you know, as there is no magic bullit . . . . drone, drone

  131. 131
    Brillo Fan says:

    Postie’s getting interviewed now.

  132. 132
    Cameron 2ndChancer says:

    Yes it would really cause a massive loss in value and risk several make-or-break multibillion dollar deals if a Unigate dairy labourer said something sexist.

    No way you could expect someone who makes a living from talking on TV to lose his job because he said the wrong thing on TV.

  133. 133
    News just in another rag head bombing says:

    The Russians need to fuck over the rag heads BIG TIME and show the rest of the world that iron spirit again, two attacks in two days on them, can’t blame the CIA either this time rag head lovers either.

    The Russian Mafia should wipe some major international rag head players out as a point of pride also.

    I’d rather work for the Russian Mafia than a rag head.

  134. 134
    Philosophy according to Engineer says:

    I had to vote for a expense thieving, further EU integrating, authoritarian, we’ll keep a welcome in the hillside for 70 million Turks, Uncle Sam’s junior partner, blame it on the boogie party, just to keep Labour out.

  135. 135
    Twistram Hunt says:

    “Mandy’s upper class friend”

    That’s a euphemism for ‘cuпt’ right?

  136. 136
    Postman Pat Johnson says:

    Boo hoo me wife loved getting done up the shitter by the burly security while I was on me rounds.

  137. 137
    Anonymous says:

    Brain dead morons are always in demand.

  138. 138
    farmer says:

    AC1 give us another hilarious al-bbc thing, I just love your “sense of humor”

  139. 139
    Anonymous says:

    Just goes to prove that all in it together refers only within the bounds of Westminster.

  140. 140
    farmer says:

    Going forward, Mr Richard Keys and Mr Andrew Gray (Plaintiffs) have nothing to lose now by hiring a lot more of lawyers in seach of an cool million quid, like Gordon Taylor of the PFA got!

  141. 141
    Anonymous says:

    you lot are fooked even Old Brillo is agin ya now!

  142. 142
    Anonymous says:

    News International’s top lawyer – Tom Crone – said in front of the Select Committe in July last year that an investigation had ALREADY been done at the time of sacking – including a trawl of emails – and had found nothing to implicate other staff members. see below. How come this new investigation has suddenly hit pay dirt? Do you think first time round it was bury under the rug time? Looking back, this doesn’t look good now…”there was subsequently an email check done which went to 2,500 emails; and that produced no evidence either.”

    Q1389 Paul Farrelly: Did that investigation go wider than investigating the circumstances because the court case was coming up of the Mulcaire/Goodman connection? Did it go wider and ask people such as the deputy editor, the managing editor, the news editor, the chief reporter as to whether they had been involved in any way with Mr Mulcaire? Did it go wider?

    Mr Myler (New NOW editor hired to clear up hacking mess): I do not know whether or not the police—-

    Q1394 Paul Farrelly: No, it is not the police. It is the News International investigation when you arrived. I want to know what your knowledge was of how far the remit went?

    Mr Myler: My recollection was that a very thorough investigation took place where there was a review of everything from how cash payments were processed. You have to remember that the Mulcaire contract, which the judge in the Goodman/Mulcaire trial said was absolutely above board and legal, meant that the staff had access to him 24/7. He was conducting enquiries perfectly legally and lawfully that meant journalists could call him for checks on electoral rolls or whatever. As I understand it, the inquiry was thorough; and to the executives that were there at the time they were happy with that.

    Q1395 Paul Farrelly: Mr Crone, how wide was the inquiry? You understand the questions I am asking?

    Mr Crone: Yes. I got back the Tuesday after the arrests. They were arrested on one Tuesday and I was there the week after. By the time I got back, which must have been August 15, Burton Copeland were in the office virtually every day or in contact with the office every day. My understanding of their remit was that they were brought in to go over everything and find out what had gone on, to liaise with the police—

    Q1396 Paul Farrelly: Everything to do with Mulcaire and Goodman?

    Mr Crone: Yes, but what you have got to realise is, at the time the only case being looked at was an access of a Royal household—voicemails. The other names did not become known to us or, as far as I know, anyone else apart from the prosecution and the police, and the defence lawyers probably knew slightly earlier; the other names did not come out until November 29, which is five months later. What I think was being enquired into was what had gone on leading to the arrests; what, in the relationship with Mulcaire, did we have to worry about. Burton Copeland came in; they were given absolutely free-range to ask whatever they wanted to ask. They did risk accounts and they have got four lever-arch files of payment records, everything to do with Mulcaire, and there is no evidence of anything going beyond in terms of knowledge into other activities.

    Q1397 Paul Farrelly: I want to wrap-up fairly shortly. When the other names came into the frame after November 29, did the remit of the investigation in News International broaden?

    Mr Crone: Yes, to some extent but the questions had already been asked. Was anyone involved with Mulcaire, or doing this, that or the other? Burton Copeland had looked at all of the financial records; and there was subsequently an email check done which went to 2,500 emails; and that produced no evidence either.

    Q1398 Paul Farrelly: The question: was anyone else involved with Mulcaire? The answer was: no. Nothing else was found?

    Mr Crone: No evidence was found.

  143. 143
    Totaly gnostic says:

    The fuss being made over phone hacking by the labour’s propaganda media, is totaly out of proportion considering the mad jock fuc’ker wanted the state to ‘spy’ on every phone call, email and web search


  144. 144
    The Comedian says:

    Well it doesn’t take many brain cells to blow yourself up in a market.


    Thank you, thank you i’m here all night!

  145. 145
    Anonymous says:

    Luckily, you qualify.

  146. 146
    animalfarmer says:

    It doesn’t matter if he was a member of the Labour Party.

    What matters is that if he ever expresses and opinion about anything, he should be shot. BBC impartiality is the most important problem facing this great country. As James Murdoch said, its the greatest threat to his empire no humanity this country has ever faced, or something.

  147. 147
    Tossflap Watch Is Back With A Vengeance!!!! says:


    Tossflap is more like it.

    And your voice is even more grating than EdAnoid Millipede’s grating tones.

    You smug, self-satisfied, licence fee subsidised, spunkbubble of Satan, uber-tossflap.

  148. 148
    animalfarmer says:

    does that make all the catholic weirdo nonce priest secret islamics? thought so

  149. 149
    animalfarmer says:

    at least they go after girls, unlike the catholics and the christian priests, they love a different mysterious whole

  150. 150
    Abdul says:

    How dares you! I am prouds rag head! I worship holy profit moo ham mad who nonced 9 years old with holy islamic johnson! Death to the west! But gives us free benefits first! Allahuuuu crapbar!

  151. 151
  152. 152
    Engineer says:

    Philosophy according to anonymous troll (aka tat).

    Don’t think, just throw pathetic insults.

  153. 153
    Twistram Hunt says:

    True dat.

  154. 154
    Strictly Come Noncing says:

    Oh dear, tat’s been on the crystal meth again.

  155. 155
    Tell it like it really is says:

    Agree Animal farmer, John Snow on C4 last night was laughing and gurning while he rejoiced at the latest economi figures. He was so happy, I’d be more happy if he was permanently removed.

  156. 156
    Measure once, cut twice says:

    Don’t think, just blame it on tat.

  157. 157
  158. 158
    Mrs Jaqueline Dromey says:

    I hate sexism and inequality.

  159. 159
    It's Mr Winkie again, getting ready for all night posting because he's sad and has no life says:

    Yap yap yap yap yap!

  160. 160
    It's Mr Winkie again, getting ready for all night posting because he's sad and has no life says:

    Wuv wuv wuv

  161. 161
    animalfarmer says:

    I was being sarcastic

    I don’t really think anyone should be shot for expressing an opinion

  162. 162
    animalfarmer says:

    I agree i’m a catholic priest and I follow your weirdo prophet”s teachings. I like young boys though, not girls, is that still ok?

  163. 163
    lol talk about getting ready for all night posting says:

    I like to contradict myself in public

  164. 164
    lol talk about getting ready for all night posting says:

    Sheriden only got 3 years for lying. Mr Crone …..

  165. 165
    jgm2 says:

    But Guido broke the big story that Peston was going to be Ed Miliband’s communications man. It was wrong like most of his made up shit these days… but still, it’s a story.

  166. 166
    AC1 says:

    get a life tat you sad nutter

  167. 167
    Acting Sgt Pepper says:

    Dear Mr Graduiate – when you learn to spell I shall think about employing you. Meanhile, continue taking the tablets.

  168. 168
    Acting Sgt Pepper says:

    er… whose …

  169. 169
    Acting Sgt Pepper says:

    So let’s bring out the siege engines, and begin to undermine the towers then.

  170. 170
    robert peston's speech therapist says:

    And there was me thinking I had made progress with this incoherent apology for a communicator.

  171. 171
    Hugh Janus says:

    You speak the truth, Eng. I would much rather plod spent this vast amount of time and effort investigating a lot more MPs for thieving and fraud. If the defence that ‘they are all at it’ didn’t work for Lord Fraud, then surely the sky’s the limit now? At the moment the hit-rate is pitiful, when there is so much potential.

  172. 172
    Liv says:

    Yes, he is a well known trot.

  173. 173

    PESTO, will some one replace his spring and wind him up.
    (He’s at 16 rpm)

  174. 174
    Used Bike Clips (Boris) says:

    Why are loo papers sales rocketing in Murdochbabwe?

  175. 175
    Used Bike Clips (Boris) says:

    How is Crone pronounced?

    Rhymes with Gone !

  176. 176
    yalleriron says:

    I used to live in Muswell Hill. If this bumptious prat Peston now lives there, it’s a bloody good job I moved away. Mind you, the delectable Linda “Kit Off” Bellingham lived down the road – that’s the kind of neighbour you need.

  177. 177
    So Sharp he'll Cut Himself says:

    Hey – screwed.

  178. 178
    Hugh ffishingly-Whittlingstool says:

    Where’s Assange and his bravery when it might really put the shits up us enough to get some knee-jerk legislation voted through a stampeded House?

  179. 179
    Hugh ffishingly-Whittlingstool says:

    The BBC’s consequence-free environment makes it the wolf in sheep’s clothing amongst 24-hour news services. There is no owner to keep happy and – unlike the services which it likes to pretend are its peers (MSNBC, CNN, FOX…) – it has no audience/profitability targets to reach.

    Result: it can do more or less as its hive mind pleases. Power without responsibility.

  180. 180
    Father Jack says:

    That would be an ecumenical matter.

  181. 181
    Hugh ffishingly-Whittlingstool says:

    Well noted. As I read your logic, then the BBC’s obsessive hounding of Coulson over alleged interception of private phone messages is covert black ops aimed at discrediting the former Brown regime.

    The fissiparous nature of left-wing politics suggests this is could well be true.

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