January 11th, 2011

+ + + Sitting MP Eric Illsley Pleads Guilty + + +

Sitting Labour MP Eric Illsley has pleaded guilty to three counts of fraud. He was already expelled by Labour and was technically an independent. The LibDems and Tories are tied in his Barnsley constituency for second place, by six votes:

  1. Labour: 17487 (47.26%)
  2. Liberal Democrat: 6394 (17.28%)
  3. Conservative: 6388 (17.26%)

How many more by-elections will there be this year….

UPDATE: PA reports:

“His barrister William Coker QC said his client admitted wrongly claiming a revised sum of about £14,500. The claims were made for council tax, telephone usage, service charges and maintenance, and insurance and repairs at his second home in Renfrew Road, Kennington, south London. In a five-minute hearing, the disgraced MP sat in the dock rubbing his face and frowning. He spoke only to confirm his pleas, saying ‘guilty’ to the three charges.”

After months of denial, is conviction politician Illsley now eyeing up a similar reduction in sentence granted to David Chaytor on Friday?

UPDATE II: Sentencing in around a month.


  1. 1
    Hugh Janus says:

    Wake up Billy, new thread!!

  2. 2
    Freddie Mercury says:

    Another one bites the dust darling eyoh !

    • 4
      Selohesra says:

      He may be biting on the soap to supress the squeal of pain when he takes a shower

      • 7
        Lord Hanningfield says:

        Lord Archer tells me it’s great fun so I’m looking forward to it.

        • 55
          Joss Taskin says:

          How many Liebour piggies are there left to be tried ?

          • you can be a piggy apologist too says:

            How many Tory piggies are there left to be tried ?

          • Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

            Devine and Morley for sure. McShane’s file has been passed to proseutors so hopefully he’ll be up as well. Then we have Hanningfield and Taylor from the Tories. I had in my mind there were 10 in total so I must be missing 2 or 3. Sadiq Khan is still being considered as far as I am aware.

            There are plenty of other particularly Baroness Uddin who should be in front of a court.

          • Neil Kinnock's bank account says:

            The latter is protected, and not because she is a phoney-baloney Baroness.

  3. 3

    Room for one more Mr Chaytor?

    • 40
      Mike Litorus says:

      In his R-Sole? I’m sure there is room for plenty more over the next 18 months…

    • 92
      Diane Abbot's rectum says:

      urrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, orrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, ugggggggggg thieving labour cu’nt, orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, arrrghhhhhhhhhhh, ttthhhhhhhppppppppp, plooooooooooooooooooooppppppppppppppp

  4. 5
    169995 says:

    The Laundry at HMP FORD is the job to go for now apparently also should apply for rule 43 straight away as we do not want any dropped soap incidents do we

  5. 9
    Cynical-old-bag says:

    Firstly. He should be sacked, have his pension rights withdrawn, and never be employed within that framework again.

    Then let him rot in prison.

    End of.

    • 14
      Is it all within the rules ? says:

      He’s plead guilty to a criminal charge. I know they are all a bunch of fucking crooks but this must mean he has to step down as an MP ? Does anyone know ?

    • 35
      jgm2 says:

      Definitely. Go after his pension.

      Fucking crook.

      • 37
        Lord Archer says:

        And strip the Lords on charges of their titles.

        Fucking crooks.

        • 46
          jgm2 says:

          Lefty apologists are putting up a bit of chaff this morning Ginger.

          • They were ALL at it stupid says:

            I see dave’s little poodles like jgm2 are still deranged enough to think it’s only Labour who were crooked fucks. You must love being a hypocritical expenses pig apologist.

          • jgm2 says:

            Are you the same apologist who likes to downplay Labour destroying the UK economy?

            Run along little Labour apologist stalker.

          • smoggie says:

            There seems to have been more Labour paws in the cookie jar than Tories. What do you say to that tat?

          • Aahh….troll foam…lol!

          • you can be a piggy apologist too says:

          • jgm2 says:

            Hurray. Just as ordered. A Labour apologist video clip.

            You are so predictable.

            Do one of them blaming the banks for Labour’s economic clusterfuck now. Go on. You know you want to.

          • Mike Hunt says:

            You missed out Maggie and Ashcroft. Were they not on your briefing list for today?

          • jgm2 loves tory piggies because he's a hypocritical twat says:

            Hooray! more feeble excuses from the biggest tory poodle on the site
            Face it little doggie, only partisan twats like you are deranged enough not to believe they weren’t all at it

            I have no problem calling the labour pigs scum and laughing as they go to jail but you are so demented and spineless you can’t being yoursef to do the same for the tory pigs

            But then you do have your head stuck up Cameron’s arsehole little doggie. Ha ha ha ha!

          • Keep foaming 11:21, you could extinguish a burning oil rig with the amount of sh*t spouted forth from your trap………

          • jgm2 says:

            You’re fooling nobody Labour apologist.

          • Steve Miliband says:

            Yes fuck off

          • They were ALL at it stupid says:

            oh dear! not one of them has the guts to criticise the Tory piggies

            Maybe when you grow up you will also grow a spine little poodles

            Ha ha ha ha !

          • It makes you wonder about the sanity of these lefty apologists, doesn’t it jgm2?

            They are supporting someone who has had it away with a substantial amount of state dosh whilst the spotty apologist is just getting his benefit money. What a utter tosser!

          • They were ALL at it stupid says:

            What part of they are SCUM for the Labour and Tory Pigges are these imbeciles finding too difficult to understand ? I think they just might be a bit ‘special needs’.

          • @ bedwetter troll stupid. Well, we know that you won’t let facts get in the way of YOUR judgment. True those who have been alleged to have acted criminally are from all parties. Only one, Labour, in case you or the BBC have not noticed, has been found guilty and sent down. One further MP, again Labour, in case you or the BBC have not noticed, has finally put in a plea of guilty having (like Cheater Chaytor) tried every trick in the book to wriggle out). There will be more, we can be sure. But one thing, my dear bedwetter, which we can also be sure of is that the Labour ones, LABOUR, in case you or the BBC have not noticed, will outnumber all the others put together. That tells you something about the Labour party. It attracts more crooks than all the other parties put together, Labour are primarily the party of crooks, in case you or the BBC have not noticed.

  6. 10
    Anonymous says:

    why did he get re-elected?

    • 11
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      People have short memories.

    • 17
      Mike Hunt says:

      His constituency is one of those where a dog-turd with a red rosette will get elected.

      And that’s what they got.

      • 49
        Mike Hunt says:

        Got put on mod list :-(

        His const*tuency is one of those where a d*g-t*rd with a r*d r*sette will get elec*ed.

        And that’s what they got.

        let’s see if that improves things.

        • 56
          jgm2 says:

          He should be allowed to keep his seat. There’s a lot more political capital to be made by reminding Labour and Labour voters of the crooks that they elected, even when it was quite evident what a shower of fucking crooks they were.

          It is why Brown got an even bigger majority from his fuck-witted constituents. The same reason George W. got an increased majority. Folk would rather persevere in their idiocy than admit they’d made a fucking horrible mistake. That they’d been conned. That he’s not the messiah.

          • jgm2 loves tory piggies because he's a hypocritical twat says:

          • jgm2 says:

            C’mon. Just a teeny video of the bankers to divert attention from Labour destroying the UK economy. Just one. Go on. I know you’re gagging to do it.

            Just another teeny apologist video for Labour. They love you you know. They really do. They’re very happy with your work.

            Go on, go on, go on, go on. You will, you will, you will….

          • jgm2 loves tory piggies because he's a hypocritical twat says:

            C’mon take your head out of Dave’s ringpiece and admit the truth for once in your life.

            Everyone else knows they were all at it but you are such a hopeless lickspittle you can’t even bring yourself to criticise the Tory piggies.

            The Labour Pigs are scum.
            The Tory pigs are scum.

            See how easy it is if you just grow a spine and stop wanking all over Dave for a few minutes ?

            Just admit the truth. It’s a new experience for you but don’t be so scared. Just admit they were all at it.

            Go on, go on, go on, go on. You will, you will, you will….

          • Steve Miliband says:

            By election called only if he is jailed for 12 months or more or in the unlikely event that he resigns

          • very informative.. ta says:

            Thank you Steve.Why couldn’t Guido put that in the story?It means the odds are for a by-election after the length of Chaytors sentence.

          • The troll is on the dole.
            The troll is on the dole.
            The troll is on the dole.
            The troll is on the dole.
            The troll is on the dole.
            The troll is on the dole.
            The troll is on the dole.
            The troll is on the dole.

          • Can't remember he's a Belgian Pedo says:

            “Can’t remember my moniker says:
            July 7, 2010 at 11:21 pm

            There is only one kid who ever lived that I would loved to have got my hands, on in their early life
            There is only one kid who ever lived that I would loved to have got my hands, on in their early life
            There is only one kid who ever lived that I would loved to have got my hands, on in their early life
            There is only one kid who ever lived that I would loved to have got my hands, on in their early life
            There is only one kid who ever lived that I would loved to have got my hands, on in their early life
            There is only one kid who ever lived that I would loved to have got my hands, on in their early life
            There is only one kid who ever lived that I would loved to have got my hands, on in their early life

          • You confuse child abuse with mercy killing.
            You confuse child abuse with mercy killing.
            You confuse child abuse with mercy killing.
            You confuse child abuse with mercy killing.
            You confuse child abuse with mercy killing.

          • Can't remember he's a Belgian Pedo Child Killer says:

            Can’t remember my moniker wants to kill children.
            Can’t remember my moniker wants to kill children.
            Can’t remember my moniker wants to kill children.
            Can’t remember my moniker wants to kill children.
            Can’t remember my moniker wants to kill children.
            Can’t remember my moniker wants to kill children.
            Can’t remember my moniker wants to kill children.

    • 22
      Gerry Mandering says:

      Its tribal says Peter.

    • 31
      Steve Miliband says:

      He wore red rosette

    • 59
      Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

      Because liebour voters are stupid, Darling,Blears, ….. all got re-elected

  7. 12
    Steve Miliband says:

    So presumably the LD’s will reciprocate the laissez-faire Oldham election effort?

  8. 13

    And i thought Prescott and Pickles were fat c*nts, i think Illsley’s ill gotten gains were eaten…


  9. 15
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    More good news – if anything will stop the dishonesty on MPs expenses it is the prospect of a stint in the slammer. Hopefully more will be joining Ilsley and Chaytor in the very near future.

    • 23
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      I’ll bet many have fraudulently obtained money they weren’t entitled to, but I’ll also bet there’s so much arse-covering going on, that only a few actually get banged up for it.

      • 27
        Chris Bryant says:

        I detest arse covering.

      • 29
        john in cheshre says:

        Of course Blair destroyed all his expenses documentation, so I doubt he’ll ever get to savour the delights of incarceration in one of our prisons.

        • 67
          Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

          This is the greatest scandal of the last parliament. Where are all the good investigative journalists when you need them. There is a story here; is no one looking.

          • jgm2 says:

            The only journalists worthy of the name work for Private Eye. The rest of them aren’t fit to shovel shit.

          • Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

            I largely agree – lobby journalists have long been too close to MPs. They are frightened that their spoonfed information sources will be shut off and they will have to get off their fat arses and do some proper journalism rather than sitting in the pub copying “press releases” and anonymous briefings into their laptops.

            There are a few good ones around – Jeff Randall is excellent and Oborne not too bad.

          • Glyn H says:

            If he did not keep them for at least six years, like any other tax document, is he liable to a penalty – and the assumption that something has been hidden?
            (and if the former Miss Booth had any hand in the matter would that surprise us?)

          • Archer Karcher says:

            Computer hard drives hold lots of information, even when deleted.

          • Strong smell about these says:

            Here are a few stories which should be looked at as they ain’t going away till they are.
            1Tony Blairs shredded expense claims
            2 Gordon Browns cleaner
            3 Stephen Purcell

          • Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

            Guido we need to start a campaign to find out what happened to Bliar’s expenses and what role Campell and the wicked witch had. Someone must know, civil servants do not shred the private papers of a Prime Minister by mistake.

          • jgm2 says:

            There was no mistake at all. He submitted a claim for the cost of shredding them.

          • Unable to produce papers counts as an admission of guilt by HMRC for ordinary people. What can Blair claim (apart from God) to exculpate himself?

          • Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

            A better question for Brown is to ask him which house he was actually paying for. He lived in state provided accommodation for 13 years and claimed his Queensferry North home on second home expenses so which fucking house was he paying for???

          • OINK! OINK! says:

            David Cameron took out maximum taxpayer-funded mortgage – then paid off own £75k loan four months later

            David Cameron revealed that he paid off a loan on his London home shortly after taking out a £350,000 taxpayer-funded mortgage on his constituency house.

            Dave claimed for expenses on a second home – the mortgage interest, when he only had one mortgage. He was also one of the largest claimers of this expense in the commons for many years.

          • You twat. Is that your plea for defence of the labour MP’s, Labour, in case you or the BBC have not noticed, who have gone through, or are in the course of going through, due process in the courts presently?

            Sub judice applies – so be careful how you answer, please. But is that your defence?

            When did you first discover that you did not have a brain?

  10. 19
    John says:

    Good news. Hope he finds his way to the nearest prison, do not pass go, do not collect £100.

  11. 20
    annnnonyperson says:

    Gosh. A new meaning to the term: “Conviction Politician!”

  12. 21
    Postie says:

    My main qualification for being Shadow Chancellor is that I am not Ed Balls

  13. 24
    Wilt says:

    Freddie Mercury already stated my first thought – “another one bites the dust” He has to go to prison, surely – if there is justice.

  14. 25
    blackbyle says:

    Another Bye Election for DC to funk ??

    • 30
      When ? says:

      Oldham was rushed in record time. Will Dave push for another quickie to help Clegg or lump it in with Mays Elections ?

  15. 32
    Chaytor says:

    If you don’t mind, I’m feeling a little illsley…

  16. 33
    jgm2 says:

    And with all this hanging over him the Stepford voters of his constituency still re-elected him with a majority of 11,000. They must really hate Thatcher.


    The BBC has taken the unusual step of calling him a ‘Labour MP’ even in its headline. I think we can expect that to be redacted fairly shortly.

    • 54
      Steve Miliband says:

      Your blog is empty!

    • 102
      Stop funding Labour with my licence fee says:

      Indeed – he is now the MP who was expelled from the Labour Party

      • 116
        jgm2 says:

        Swami jgm2 sees all. It won’t be long before ‘Ex-Labour MP’ is dropped from the headline and opening paragraph too.

        What do you reckon? Will he get more than 12 months thus meaning we get another by-election or will the judge give him 11 months?

        If he gets over 12 months will he claim some protection under the Magna Carta in that they’ve deprived him of his livelihood?

        This could be even more delicious than it already is.

        • 132
          Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

          It’s roughly the same amount as Chaytor so you would expect him to get roughly the same sentence. The only possible additional mitigation he could claim is that he did not indulge in all the legal chicanery tp avoid standing trial.

          I still think he’ll get 18 months which is a shame as having him in the Commons after he gets out would be entertaining indeed. Hopefully his arse will be so sore he’ll have to bring an extra cushion in to sit on.

          • jgm2 says:

            Yep. He should very definitely be given a year less a day to enable him to come back and sit in the HoP as a five year reminder to Labour and Labour voters and indeed the general population as to what a bunch of fucking crooks they are.

  17. 36
    Hammond says:

    Any idea who the 10th MP is who had their file passed to the CPS just before Xmas?

  18. 38
    jgm2 says:

    Surely only a small matter of time now before Dave brings up the fact in PMQ that, thanks to Coalition policies, Labour MPs will still be allowed to vote from prison.

    • 45
      they were all at it, jail all 650 says:

      Unlike Tory Lords.

      • 48
        jgm2 says:

        Looks like more Labour apologist chaff Ginger.

        • 64
          They were ALL at it shit for brains says:

          Looks like Dave’s poodle still doesn’t want to admit they were all at it twatboy.

          • jgm2 says:

            Hello again Labour apologist stalker.

            Shouldn’t you be posting some clips to try and deflect attention from Labour destroying the economy and being a bunch of crooks. Just like you usually do.

          • Grumpy Old Man says:

            “Please, Miss, they did it too” a schoolyard excuse by a schoolyard mentality.

          • jgm2 loves Tory piggies says:

            Hello again Toryboy poodle.

            Shouldn’t you be cleaning Dave’s ringpiece with your tongue as usual little doggie ?

          • all the excuses for the Tory Piggies says:

            What part of they were all at it are you too stupid to understand ?

            You’re the ones excusing piggies because they are Tories.

            I’m calling them all crooked expenses thieves because they were.
            Labour, Lib Dem and Conservatives.
            It’s what sane people call a FACT.

            Even you thick cun’ts like you should realise that makes you the apologist hypocrites.

            Did you whine as much as this when Guido highlighted the Tory pigs ?
            I doubt you had the balls.

          • jgm2 says:

            It’s a deliberate tactic from Labour. Bringing in crooks like Archer from 20 years ago to try and muddy the waters. Remember – Labour were elected back in 1997 on a carefully nurtured wave of popular revulsion over crooks like Archer and Aitken and so they seek to bring them back in now that it has been revealed what a bunch of crooks their own MPs are. It’s the same reason they mention ‘Thatcher’ and ‘Eton toffs’ at every opportunity.

            It’s just a distraction technique.

            These are Labour MPs and they’re crooks. Deal with it Labour apologists.

            I’ll start him off on another one soon. Just watch. He won’t be able to resist jumping in with Labour apologist distraction techniques. It’s Pavlovian. The poor chap can’t help himself. I do hope he’s getting paid but I suspect not.

          • Liebour Troll Warning System says:

            Liebour Troll Rule One:

            When you lose the argument, get down in the gutter.

          • rupert says:

            Yeah, stay down in the gutter tat.

          • They are still too spineless to admit the Torys had expenses thieves. UNBELIEVABLE! says:

            These thick wankers think it’s impossible to hate expenses thieves from all Parties just because they don’t. They’re hypocrites.

            I’ve never voted for Labour and I’m also not tat so it’s clear how deranged and foaming at the mouth furious jgm2 is because he’s been caught being an expenses pig apologist. Now he’s going round the bend with paranoid conspiracy theories. He’ll be looking for a gun soon.

            So why didn’t they call Guido a Labour Party stooge when he highlighted the Tory Expenses thieves ? Hmmm?
            They won’t answer that one.

            They’re SO fucking stupid they don’t understand that when someone call a Labour expenses thief SCUM, it’s because they are scum. And when someone calls a Tory expensese thief SCUM, it’s because they are scum.

            Come on little poodles, just admit the truth for once in your sad spineless lives.

            The Tory had expenses pigs too and two of them could go to jail.

            We all know they did so you just look like complete tossers for not admitting it.

            Keep embarrassing yourselves by staying stuck firmy up Dave’s arse.

            They really are this stupid by the way. It’s not an act.

          • jgm2 says:

            You’re trying too hard Labour apologist. Your slip is showing.

          • They were ALL at it stupid says:

            Are you calling Guido a Labour apologist for going after the Tory piggies little poodle ? Hmm ? Come on, admit the truth little piggy apologist.
            Everyone knows they were all at it.

            You’re just making a massive cun’t of yourself by not even having the guts to criticise them. I did it but you can’t.

            Because you’re Dave’s little poodle. Bark for me little doggie. Yap! Yap!

  19. 41
    david1 says:

    Interesting byelection as Tory and Libdem were very close to each other at the GE. Will Cameron do his best for the Libdems yet again? A shoo-in for Labour of course, but who will get the protest vote?

  20. 42
    Cynical-old-bag says:

    Illsley has admitted claiming for Council Tax, maintenance and untility bills.

    As a cynical old bag, I couldn’t possibly think that he could have claimed for much much more, but has opted for the easiest way out, now could I?

    Is this the tip of the iceberg?

  21. 44
    Cast Iron is Brittle says:

    No doubt CCHQ will source some completely useless, hopeless candidate from the Shires to stand.

    They need some with principles and morals, not some part qualified little minded distict councillor with a dodgy accounting record.

    In the real world E-On put up their electricity prices by 9% next month. 9%!

    Meanwhile on Planet Dave the Base Rate remain 0.5%.

    Yes we are living in a mad world.

    When noone has any savings left and noone can borrow, the lights will go out.

    • 100
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      When the wind stops blowing, the lights go out.

      • 128
        Engineer says:

        Wind only amounts to about 2.5% of installed generating capacity, and usually delivers about 1% or less of electricity consumed. Gas, on the other hand, makes up about 40% of installed capacity, and delivers about 40% of electricity consumed. If the world price of gas goes up (and it has) we pay twice – once on the gas bill, and again on the leccy bill.

    • 105
      Mike Hunt says:

      The country is fucked, totally completely and utterly fucked.
      It will take years to get things even remotely ‘normal’ with respectable interest rates, decent pension growth and no deficit.

      And who fucked it? bankers were just a symptom, not the cause. It was that one-eyed Scots moron and his cabal of sycophants and liars.

    • 124
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      You should always lock into a fixed priced deal at the end of summer. Prices nearly always go up over the Autumn/Winter.

      I locked in, for a year, with Scottish Power back in August :-)

  22. 50
    donkey with a red rosette says:

    “How many more by-elections will there be this year….”

    And the northern slopeheads will just return another Labour trougher. What’s the fucking point?

    • 126
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      They could put up a cross between Stalin/Hitler/Manson and Garry Glitter and the tribal sheep would vote for it.

  23. 57
    Wonga says:

    The silly boy should have said it was a ‘mistake’ and offered to pay it back then everything would have been OK. This solution has already been set by many other high ranking politicos, over expenses, and they have not been prosecuted for fraud have they? Numerous other MPs have gone down this route, all have now a clear conscience as they have recompensed us tax payers for their oversights, FFS

    • 145
      pissed off voter says:

      How do you know they recompensed us, the ‘new transparency’ does not run to publishing such matters?

  24. 61
    oh la la says:

    You start to wonder if the people of this island deserve to be ethnically cleansed seeing they are so tribal aka would vote for a lump of shit with a red rosette anyway……

  25. 65
    • 113
      HandsomeDavid says:

      And this is what Speaker Martin tried to suppress and spent £200K of taxpayers money on legal fees – to withold the truth from people.

      He is now Baron Martin of Springburn.

  26. 95
    Engineer says:

    Those MPs and peers convicted of financial impropriety should be banned from holding any public office for life. They have clearly demonstrated that their integrity is at the very least ‘flexible’, so they can’t be trusted with public finances or matters of security, or to deal honestly with the electorate.

    Woolas was banned for three years (not long enough, methinks, given that he was found guilty of telling outright lies) so similar sanctions should apply to other parliamentary wrongdoers.

  27. 97
    Doc Trough. says:

    Who is this Upchuck Mooner of whom people speak?

  28. 98
    Jacquerie says:

    Tumbril for Mr Illsley!

    • 103
      Stephen Byers says:

      Need a cab for hire ??

    • 111
      jacquie smiff says says:

      He made a mistake-just like me.

      • 120
        Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

        She should be in the dock too, the list is just endless of flippers, house repairers, pot plants, leaking pipes and floods …….. Why have these low level MPs been prosecuted and not 300 other thieves. The stench of sacrifical lambs is nauseating

        • 129
          Cynical-old-bag says:

          How many Prime Ministers have been questioned by the Police while still in office? I can’t think of any in my lifetime.

          They might well be crooks, but the onus is upon us to prove it.

          As most of them have law degrees, this may be difficult.

        • 133
          Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

          Uddin is the worst case. Margaret Moran’s is worse than Smith as well.

  29. 154
    voter says:

    who the fuck re-elected this scum?

    how much more money has he taken of the people since?

    when is he going to die?

  30. 156

    A gd point made by Mr Anonymous of Launceston on the Eric Illsley GO Petition. If Illsley intended to plead guilty why did he run in the GE?

  31. 157
    Anonymous says:

    Show me a socialist and I’ll show you a crook.

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