December 17th, 2010

Leaky Brown-Era Downing Street Aide “Resigned”

Back in those heady days of June as the government were getting their grip on Whitehall, Guido highlighted a strange move in the Downing Street comms department:

“Interesting to note that Mark Flanagan, a Brown-era hire, brought in from the private sector by Stephen Carter, hasn’t been dumped but instead booted upstairs to a “strategic role”…”

Well Mark didn’t last long upstairs. He ended up at Portland PR after it was discovered he had been leaking sensitive information out via email. Funnily enough Mark isn’t returning Guido’s calls.  It isn’t clear why he was allowed the dignity to “resign” instead of being sacked outright…


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    He was stained by Brown , And you know they like shit sticking !

    • 21
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      More like he has the dirt on someone senior and so is virtually bulletproof

      • 83

        Spot on me Laydee.

        • 191
          Anonymous says:

          kept around in exchange for all the dirt on the old team and instead passed on all the dirt from the new team. got booted out on a cushy pension to go seek a fortune in the private sector. may well reappear playing for red team. smart move.

    • 22
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Fired means smaller pension, can’t have that with Labour bods, so resigned it is.

    • 51
      Anonymous says:

      He looks a wrong un. He has that gay mien about him. If he isn’t already a shit stabber then he should be.

      • 60
        Peter Grimes says:

        He certainly looks as though he deserves a bloody good slapping!

        Smug, self-satisfied git!

    • 148
      Bono make me puke says:

      I see the Sainted Bono has been advertising exclusive luxury travel luggage. What a hypocritical Hunt !!!!!

      • 195

        Saint Bono of the Netherlands is actively being considered for an act of Debeatification . Its a painless process whereby he simply become an ordinary Irish taxpayer. The make Bono history movement is still active I see!

        • 253
          Anonymous says:

          The C UNT that is Bono regularly makes demands on governments to spend money on various sainted projects throughout the world. Of course this money is gathered via taxation which the c unt goes to great lengths to avoid paying himself.

          • Paddy says:

            I didn’t like Bono’s involvement in plans to bash about Georgian Dublin in order to create some modernistic hotel for plutocrats. Those plans cropped up during the boom before the euro got sick, of course.

  2. 2
    WTF were they expecting? says:

    They kept on a Brownite who ended up leaking info? OK. And tomorrow, they’ll suddenly discover 3 follows 2 and A is the first letter in the alphabet.

    • 17
      Sarah Palin says:

      Does it? Gee.

    • 28

      I remember when Guido posted it. The only sensible explanation back then was it was a sting. Tory HQ were waiting to discover who he leaked too, how he managed it and who his accomplices were. Then Tory security team alpha could swoop on the whole lot and boot them out as a warning to the others, or use him to feed false items to the Labour front bench.
      That would have been a possible, sensible explanation.

      Instead we discover that it was just plain old incompetence and total lack of judgment.

      • 56
        Dick the Prick says:

        That would require CCHQ being any way good at their job and in my quite limited experience they’re fucking useless. Before the election we were making shit up on regional policy because the daft bastards hadn’t even bothered to have a plan. Sure, hubris prevents a lot especially as it’s turned out to be a coalesced administration but is it too fucking difficult to outline policy options especially to the daft bastards doing the job. It’s all very well having qualifications on paper but politics is a contact sport and if the weasels don’t know that then, I fear, it’s just a slow walk to the inevitable.

        • 69
          Susie says:


          Their energy minister Huhne with Cameron’s full support, picks what is shaping up to be the coldest December on record (since records began in 1665) to announce measures which will add at least £500 onto fuel and heating bills in every household “because of AGW” which will be given to various wealthy landowners, corporations and in-laws.

          Everyone knows this amounts to a virtual death sentence for thousands of pensioners on fixed incomes who can barely afford to heat their homes now. They are Barking, Upminster and Crouch End, there is no doubt about it now.

          • Righty Right Wing (Mrs) says:


          • Animal says:

            Like any product or service, if energy is cheap it is wasted.

            We have finite resources, a dependency on foreign suppliers and a complete ignorance of the need to conserve gas and electricity. While I agree that the hiking of bills to pay for Al Gore’s hypocrisy and greed is shameful, the willingness of people to throw their money on lighting and heating when not required is on a similar level of denial of the real issue confronting us.

            As for your assertion that this will mean more pensioners dying, that’s fatuous rubbish. Pensioner don’t die from not affording heating, they die from not knowing they’re fine and can afford to keep warm. Spare us the Liebore drama queen posturing Susie.

          • Major Eyeswater says:

            Yes. Thank you Susie, absolutely right.

            I think that when the public realise the extent of the stupidity planned by Huhne & co the AGW scam will lose the passive acceptance of several million more Brits. No matter how complicated they make the carbon tax appear to be, these regressive bills will hit people’s doormats and AGW scepticism will soar.

            Which mainstream politicians will be first to break ranks to capitalise on this discontent? The libertarian tories? Old Labour?

            …Oh and Animal, can you think of any other ways to improve energy efficiency other than hiking bills by 40%? Please try.. after all the scarcest resource is money and the most precious is freedom.

          • Alex says:

            No surprise that someone like you is the kind of scum that dismisses the thousands of deaths by hypothermia of old people during cold snaps Animal.

            Scum, plain and simple – that’s what you are.

  3. 3
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    He was resigned ? Should have been hung !!!!!

  4. 4
    NeverRed says:

    O/T but I wish Guido would spend some time looking into what is happening with McNulty.
    The fat thief appeared in a drunken stupor, glazed eyes next to Charlie Kennedy of all people(who appeared sober!) on the DP fronted by that labour supporting woman with a face like an arse.
    Shouting his loud mouth off at every opportunity, he must have gained 3 stone since the election so must be stealing money off the taxpayer from some other method.
    What is it with the bbc paying our money to put on ‘guests’ such as McNulty, Blears, Smith, Prescott and all the other thieves?
    Brillo and co have a lot to answer for, he even had the fat slag Abbot back on ‘This Week’ just to ruin everybody’s xmas.

    Instead of an advent calender, Guido should produce a rogues gallery version with every crooked MP Chaytor, McShane, Vaz, etc.and Lords/Lady’s Prescott, Martin, Udin etc. having a window which is opened to reveal their picture behind bars as they are committed.

  5. 5
    ST says:

    I take it he wasn’t leaking to you then Guido. ;-)

  6. 6

    Trouble is, he’s just representative of the Fabian fifth column that Liebour have left in place all over public life – we need a proper 1920s style purge of our public institutions to rid it of these lice.

  7. 7
    Cynical-old-bag says:

    Not only should he have been sacked outright, he should also have been escorted off the premises.

  8. 8
    Gordon Brown says:

    I leak every day.

  9. 10
    Will never vote Lib/Lab/Con again says:

    Doesn’t surprise me. With the exception of Eric Pickles, this Cameronian led coalition are only marginally better than the Brown shower – and they were the most incompetent government in living memory! It is said, a nation gets the government it deserves. What the hell was it we all did?

    • 12
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      And even when their jobs in public office come to an end, there’s always a very lucraative book to be written. I wonder when Mark Flanagan’s will be on the shelves at Waterstones.

      Were re these people ever made to sign the Official Secrets Act?

    • 16
      Nora Batty says:

      You were told before the election that Cameron was just another wishy washy EU liberal, but did people listen? Did they fuck! They had their chance to make serious change, and to let the political traitors know that they’d been rumbled, but instead voted for more of the same.
      It could well have been our final chance.

    • 20
      Mine d'Boggles says:

      What “we” did was to change from being a society where honour was of the highest importance to a society where money was of the highest importance.

      • 39
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        What we all did was to leave it all to the ,”professional”, politicians. What we are still doing is leaving it all to the “professional.” politicians. If we continue to leave everything to the ,”professional”, politicians we will continue to impoverished by their mistakes, hidden agendas and corrupt activities. We either get a grip or continue to get shat on.

    • 78
      Susie says:

      I never thought I’d say this, but they are actually worse. They do a backtrack on each and every policy a week — at least ol’ Brown was stupid but steady and you knew he could be relied upon do they worst possible thing…

      This lot get your hopes up and then BAM! — it ends up worse than ever.

      • 137
        Anonymous says:

        Yup, they’re even talking about giving Forgemasters the loan promised by Labour that they subsequently withdrew because we’re skint. They couldn’t find their arses with both hands but they can magic up some money to help out their bezza mate Cleggy now he’s reeling on the ropes.

        As others have so eloquently put it – they make my fucking piss boil !!!

        • 201

          And their all traterous Hoons to boot!! Right up the EUs back passage. What was all that crap Cameron used to bang on about when he was in opposition about how we need more Harriers in Afghanistan. Ah that would be why he;s scrapped them all. The mans a complete Tosser!!

  10. 13
    googley on me 'ed son says:

    Chingrinner’s wikileaks ….haha

    • 14
      already camping in the mall for a good place on the day says:

      from what we’ve read already everyone thought Brown was a walking disaster at the right place in the wrong moment.

  11. 18
    Guido Tweet says:

    ” “Looks like I’m the only right-winger on R4 Any Questions tonight against Laurie Penny, John Healey and Oliver Letwin”

    • 32

      Looks like an Assange heavy show.
      Might skip it.

      • 64
        Dick the Prick says:

        Is it just me shitting myself about Oliver Letwin’s role in formulating the cabinet forward plan considering he’s still on the board at Goldman? I don’t wanna sound like a ‘troofer’ but ffs, this is fucking ropey.

        • 120

          Not at all sure about Letwin. Don’t know if he’s one of us, one of them or one of the other.

          • 6EQUJ5 says:

            He’s probably all three.

          • Anonymous says:

            If you’re unsure if he’s one of the other then better ask that young pullet he invited into his house for a piss (as you do) and who subsequently “mugged” him.

            Another wrong un in the Tory party ranks. When will people wake up to the fact that they really are out to shaft us, either intentionally or through their sheer fucking incompetence.

          • Anonymous says:

            “invited in for a piss “???

            Sounds as believible as being found on the common at night “looking for badgers” !!!

        • 274
          Anonymous says:

          It’s just you, Dick. Letwin has never been anything to do with Goldman. He was or maybe still is a managing director (a fairly senior managerial but definitely non-board position) at Rothschild’s.

    • 36
      Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

      Just heard the line-up, Guido. Despite your constant and unjustified modding, I hope you give ‘em hell.

      (What did I do to cause permanent occupation of the naughty step?)

      • 77
        ST says:

        I suspect all of order-order’s modding is carried out by a chicken Guido has trained to peck at a keyboard.

        Still it must be nigh on impossible to do it t’ old fashioned way with such heavy traffic and if I were Guido I wouldn’t trust us lot to police ourselves.

    • 40
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Don’t forget to bitch-slap Dimplebum at every opportunity.

    • 68
      ST says:

      Laurie Penny, fucking hell, well I don’t think I’ll be listening then.

      She’s an adolescent radical lefty know it all who is too self assured and blinkered to see the other side of the argument. All of which I could deal with if it wasn’t for the fact she dressed it all up in revolutionary pseud speak.

  12. 19
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    Now were these StrategicLeaks or perhaps StrategyLeaks?
    We should be told more.

  13. 23
    Phil says:

    Sir Gus’s Plan B scenario falls under the same category.
    Trouble is there are so many lickspittles still in place from the last lot it makes you wonder why Cameron does’nt fire the fxxking lot and start again commencing with the quango king’s and queen’s.

    • 25
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Because iDave is virtually indistinguishable from NuLabour

      • 33
        Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

        Yep, Blair = NuLabour;

        Cameron = BluLabour.

        He had a clear choice between principle (being a Tory) and power (conceding to LibDem ideas). He chose power.

        After the election he had the moral position to justify running a minority government, but preferred the coalition as likely to last longer. It will destroy the LibDems electorally (no bad thing IMHO) and must be making many people like me consider options other than Canservative in future.

        Maybe we ought to have seen it coming. I put the ‘heir to Blair’ thing down at the time as a piece of inconsequential PR-inspired hubris. Now I’m not so sure.

        • 82
          Susie says:

          Me too. I could have written the above word for word.

        • 122
          Tapestry says:

          Blair was not Labour. He was One World Exploitation System. So is Cameron. They are put in place to deliver the policies required by the System.

          The System were worried about a Conservative outright victory in case the backbenchers became overly powerful. They were equally worried about a Conservative fourth defeat as the party could have fallen victim to a coup from the Mainstream, someone like Fox. So they rigged the ballot to get a hung parliament.

          Cameron’s job is to destroy what’s left of our democracy, and bury Britain deep in the EU, where the tendency to want to rebuild our independence will be crushed.

          The Mainstream will have to push Cameron out or see the Party’s support collapse. It would be better to lose ‘power’ back to labour and get the Conservative Party working than to sit there while Cameron does his work. That way there could be a Conservative future once more. It’s the only way to go. CAMERON OUT NOW.

      • 42
        Anonymous says:

        Hard left or hard right parties usually can’t win elections, they need to be controlled by a centrist PR leader to keep the public happy.

        I suppose Cameron is adopting a Tory-style Fabian approach, ie, don’t upset too many people all at once. War of attrition over time rather than risk outright war with the unions. I think Cameron will shaft 20% or so of the public sector, hopefully upset another 10% into leaving, by then the remainder will be the dregs, mongs and fabians and the public will squeal to chop the rest.

        While I am in general supportive of the generous loan terms of the new student fees row, I am left wondering if this is all about standardising EU nation budgets in the long term so they can be eventually brought under EU control.

        • 55
          Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

          Trouble at the moment is that all three parties leaders look identical – rather like pink blancmanges.

          All this blurring and ambiguity of policy objectives just pushes people further towards the margins where the nastier alternatives lurk.

          Read any Labour or Tory bulletin board – it is full of people decrying the lack of traditional Labour or Tory values. I think politics might be better if Miliband was more overtly left wing and Cameron more overtly right wing (the Lis will be confused as they have been for 40 years – Thorpe about his sexuality, Ashdown about his duty to his wife and Kennedy about how many glasses of chardonnay is wise before making an important speech or TV appearance).

          Part of the problem is also that Labour has been in power so long that many important positions have been filled by their placemen and Cameron has lacked the balls to deal with this. First to go should have been Gus ODonnell followed swiftly by the ludicrous (and ludicrously named) Suzy Leather. The only decisive move in this regard I can recall the Tories making wasn’t even Dave but when Bojo managed to fire that archetypal Nu Labour copper Ian Blair right under Fat Jacqui’s nose.

          Anyone expecting radical change from Cameron or any kind of robustness towards Europe for example is severely deluding themselves.

        • 234
          Anonymous says:

          You sound like the Fink -confusing the centre with being mainstream. The general public’s ideas for immigration, law and order, the EU are well to to the right of centre but are mainstream. The traditional Tory approach to these matters would hoover up those people that can no longer be bothered to vote becasue the three main parties have decided to dance on a pinhead re their policies.

          • Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

            Absolutely spot on, Sir or Madam!

            The Blessed Margaret was not exactly central in her positioning, yet hoovered up votes by the bagful. Had Dave but acquired principles and testes he would have gone for the same group. There are a lot of us.

    • 26
      Eeu to me says:

      Maybe rusty is playing a wide game with them,keep the info from them and wait a while,he’s not paying them,after while get rid them,the only information they will hold will be when they were last in the loop,won’t be worth anything after a year.

    • 29

      And politically motivated placepolicemen who allow the rabble to desecrate the Cenotaph and Winston’s statue…

      And the majority of the Blair-tainted judiciary…

      And… ad bleeding nauseam, I’m afraid – it is truly frightening that the Fabian Fifth Column are so deeply entrenched.

      • 90
        Susie says:

        Every parish council, every GP’s surgery, every hospital ward, every school, every university lecture theatre, every newspaper, every TV programme, every radio programme, every quango, every charity, every workplace…

  14. 27
    Gordon Brown says:

    Tonight i will be a Coffee table .

  15. 35

    Top Shop still allow a student discount.
    Time to put a stop to that Sir Phil.
    They won’t thank you for it.
    You could refuse to hire anymore students as well. About 12,000 on the payroll at the moment.

  16. 38
    Bob Geldof says:

    Whatever ! , Just give me the fucking money !

  17. 41
    streamfisher says:

    Flanagan-Ace of Spads. Couldn’t they get HIM extradited for cyber attack.

  18. 45
    anonymous says:

    is Sepp Blatter getting fatter?

  19. 48
    Red Ed's Blank Sheet of Paper says:

    This year’s mustn’t have.

  20. 52
    David Cameron says:

    I am a man, and I have done my Christmas shopping. I haven’t followed the typical stereotype for men and done it on Christmas Eve at whatever garage I could find, I have spent a lot of money as well as putting considerable time and effort into tracking down to the right presents. For instance, for Samantha, I purchased tickets to their favourite band which cost a fortune. I also bought a sparkling diamond necklace for my mum. For my sister, nail varnish and a day at a spa, my brother I got him some dry sherry and a delicious little plant pot. I can’t wait for Christmas, watching films and enjoying that lovely cosy warm feeling that comes with it. I believe I have made a great effort and have done a great job.

    I am also gay.

    • 62
      Gordon Brown says:

      Being Scottish I never do any Xmas shopping, In fact my golden rule in life has always been only to spend lots of other peoples money, however I have sent out several dozen surplus copy’s of Beyond the Crash (in Brown paper wrapping) to people I don’t like, I too am gay (but in the modern sense of the word).

  21. 53
  22. 57
    Tim Lovejoy says:

    I bumped into Mark Flanagan at a paty once ….

  23. 61
    Labour Policy Forum says:

    1) No Cuts in housing benefits or Allowances
    2) No public sector job losses
    3) No cuts in EMA
    4) No increases in Tuition fees
    5) Loan to Sheffield Forgemasters at 0.5% interest
    6) No reduction in funds to Councils
    7) No increase in VAT
    8) No Quango closures
    9) Erect a statue of Gordon Brown in Trafalgar Square
    10) Allow unlimited immigration
    11) ?
    12) ?
    13) ?
    14) ?

    • 70
      nell says:

      11) create another 500,000 public sector non jobs.

      • 79
        Cynical-old-bag says:

        12) Go cap in hand to the EMF

      • 87
        streamfisher says:

        Finally move somewhere abroad sharpish with your stash, the States, Bermuda,Tuscany or if you are extremely thick and lacking in vision… Kirkcaldy.

    • 97
      RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

      Nationalise everything.

    • 105

      5) is a good idea – if Forgemasters get the loan, they can enter the market for nuclear reactor pressure vessels, which will be a good export to snag for Britain.

      The other ideas, unfortunately, are total shit, but then you know that anyway unless you’re fucking deluded.

      • 156
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        If 5) was that good an idea -ie a commercial proposition – venture capital would be falling over itself to get a slice of the action. In fact, the idea is a commercial lead balloon, but vital to the UK if we are to retain any capability for freedom of action by controlling our own power supply. Hence Sheffield Forgemasters should be supported by Taxpayers money as a strategic resource. As our “professional” political class are hell-bent on throwing the Country to the EU wolves for personal advancement, Sheffield Forgemasters don’t stand an earthly of obtaining Gov’t support.

  24. 63
    Gordon Brown says:

    Tonight I’ll be a ZX Spectrum with the game Jet Set Willy.

  25. 73
    Danny says:

    Looks like he takes it up the coco box like Gordon.

  26. 76
    nell says:

    Coldest December temperatures since records began.

    I see antropogenic global warming continues apace.

    • 81
      Fitness Tips For Winter says:

      you need to get out in those marshes nell…get your jugs out drop your kecks and get a good seeing to…its does wonders for the circulation

    • 85
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      No, no, Nell. It is now referred to as Global Climate Change (or as we used to call it, weather).

      That way, it can relate to any type of weather at all.

      • 250
        Cynical Old Man says:

        You’re a bit behind the times, Cynical Old Bag. At Cancun they were calling it Global Climate Disruption. The disciples of Al Gore are falling over themselves trying to explain the Arctic conditions currently upon us instead of the Sahara -like heat they forecast would be the norm.

        The Moonbats are trying to convince us that every type of weather event is the result of too much CO2 in the atmosphere.

    • 86
      BillyBob - Ooman Rights Legislation, just a load of bollocks!! says:

      You are right nell, this Global Warming is f*cking freezing !!

      • 91
        Peterborough Carpark Monitoring Unit says:

        bet you could get more than 200 a go Nell once a year..are the hobnobs still free

      • 94
        Susie says:

        You haven’t seen what’s in store for the day after tomorrow… don’t tell the Luhne Huhne he’ll want to kill himself out of embarrassment, oh hang on…

    • 89
      ST says:

      Don’t say you haven’t been warned nell…

      • 101
        nell says:

        Even jones of the uea privately admits that there hasn’t been any statistics that would prove anthropogenic global warming for at least 11 years. It’s doubtful there ever was!

        But you have understand he and pachauri of the ipcc have great jobs with fantastic salaries trying to convince the rest of us that their sleight of hand is real.

        • 110

          Ah – Geographer Jones and Railway Engineer Pachauri – obviously well qualified to lecture the rest of us on the ways of atmospheric physics, ocean carbon sinks and the urban heat island effect.

          I, for one, welcome our new unqualified overlords.

        • 158
          Grumpy Old Man says:

          Dear Nell. Jone’s admission that there had been no measurable warming was in an interview with the Guardian – OK, it was a private statement known to very few.

        • 179
          nell's hero Dave thinks she's full of shit says:

          Mr Cameron said: “If you want to understand climate change, go and see Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth.”

          • nell says:

            Trouble is darling. Cameron made his statement years ago before the truth about jones and pachauri’s lies were discovered!!

            Now we know what they said was fairy dust .

            They were, and they are, all about bolstering their excessive saleries with false statistics and lies.

            Not many of us are ever going to believe them again!!

    • 95
      Sir William Waad says:

      It’s Weather if it’s cold. It’s Climate if it’s hot. The science on that point is settled.

      • 103
        streamfisher says:

        Anyone for Hockey?.

      • 172
        Another Engineer says:

        To be fair, Greenland has been getting our mild winter weather instead.

        Pumping CO2 into the atmosphere probably will warm the planet – the radiation physics make sense (even if the computer modelling is mostly fiction).

        However, I just don’t think it is worth getting into a tizz about, as the planet may or may not warm at its own (or the sun’s) convenience, whatever we do.

        • 210

          I take it we’ve given up on the plan to sacrifice a virgin, if only because we couldn’t find one in Peterborough?

        • 228
          ST says:

          Absolutely, there is no doubt that an increase in the atmospheric CO2 will warm the atmosphere, it is a greenhouse gas. But what about the wider dynamics? The models are just code for which the old saying “rubbish in, rubbish out” still applies. We have no idea what the increase would be for any given amount of CO2

          • Cynical Old Man says:

            All these computer models are the result of bad science.

            It may be a long time ago, but I remember whenever we conducted experiments in the school science lab we always had to have a control experiment to check against.

            We only have one Earth. If they conducted their experiments properly they would have to have at least four Earth’s, including one control. One Earth to pump full of CO2, One Earth to pump full of Methane, One Earth to pump full of a mixture of both gases and one Earth to leave alone to see if the temperatures would change on their own. Basic good scientific practice.

            The fact they cannot do this means that most of their findings are based on guesswork which equals bad science. In fact it’s not science at all, it’s propaganda.

          • Phil says:

            There is only one guaranteed way to curb excess CO2 and its cheap, easy to implement and has a negligible carbon footpprint.
            PLANT A TREE FFS.

  27. 84
    BillyBob - Ooman Rights Legislation, just a load of bollocks!! says:

    Chop off ‘is knob…….I assume he dresses to the left????

  28. 93
    Whooa there little donkey says:

    Nell do you look like sarah palin or sarah brown…do you saddle up ?…are you good on the bit ?

    • 107
      Seasoned Local says:

      I’ve heard it said shes a bit of a looker that Nell from Peterborough Dale..perhaps its just a tale but some say shes had it from behind the shed and put it aboutin the gardener’s cottage …. only tittle tattle mind but ‘nuf said.

  29. 96
    Ruud van Driver says:

    Get out of the ***ing way you ***ing mong!

  30. 99
    Excellent News says:

    B&P’S Griffin defeats contempt legal bid

    Excellent news for democracy!

    • 133
      Himmler says:

      Jah, mein fuhrer! I am uber happy!

    • 160
      Stop sucking Nick's diseased cock says:

      Do you usually swallow after Nick has jizzed in your mouth?

    • 161
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Totally agree with you. It means that next election, people can be reminded just what a complete arsehole the man is.

      • 174
        V. Reasonable (Mrs) says:

        They certainly won’t need reminding what a sell out Cameron is!

        • 188
          Himmler says:

          Fear not, mein fraulein! Soon ve vill start up the ovens and chambers again! Sieg Heil!

          • The future's really rosy says:

            Don’t worry; Britain, like most of Western Europe, will have descended into civil war long before anything like that happens.

            It’s called diversity…or Balkanisation to be more precise.

          • Excellent News says:

            What is so wrong with a country just being, and wanting to remain, a bloody country – looking after itself, respecting it’s history, culture and wanting to repel undesirables from it’s borders?

          • Tattooed_Arry says:

            Excellent News said:
            December 17, 2010 at 10:16 pm

            “What is so wrong with a country just being, and wanting to remain, a bloody country – looking after itself, respecting it’s history, culture and wanting to repel undesirables from it’s borders?”

            It doesn’t fit the into the Socialist Dystopia that the Reds are trying to bring about.
            To paraphrase a certain Austrian chocolate box painter.
            One (multi-cultural) People
            One Government (Socialist)
            One World (No Borders)

            And thousands of Gulags for the dissenters.

  31. 102

    Leaks undermine good government and cost able ministers their jobs. Everytime one is exposed regardless of the party in gov. they should be equally codemned. Sadly, it does not work this way…. each side always tries to get one over on the other in this backhanded way… This is precisely the wrong type of politics…

    Leaks, unecessarily, will be the death of this government just as they were for Brown’s

    • 114

      You are being intentionally satirical, I trust?

      Leaks expose the lies and hypocrisy of ministers and their staff, and inform the populace of the activities of their soi disant lords and masters.

      If the swine played with a straight bat, we wouldn’t need leaks to catch the slippery buggers out.

    • 115
      Aunt Hilda says:

      Tena make a very good pad..the all day will even let you sneeze twice before letting the wind try them

    • 141
      nell says:

      Leaks, as in wikileaks, are good for democracy.

      Fear of exposure will make governments think twice about lying to the public.

      Let’s hope such exposures on the web become even more frequent!!

      • 202

        Leaks can be dangerous, and compromise good people trying to do their best. I feel that we lose too many good ministers that way.. I am a red but Gove is a likeable enough fella. A leak will be the death of him, you’ll see. Education is so pro red, I am sure there is a dossier somewhere… Likewise reds in the Home Office.. Blunkett was basically a decent man, and he came a cropper. Its a sad affair really. The UK has some of the highest quality ministers and we force them out on rumours. It would have been a shame if Hague had gone, since he is the best foreign sectreary we have had since Robin Cook [oh there's another rumour that nearly cost him his career].

        • 206
          nell says:

          Sorry there was nothing decent about blunkett.

          He shamelessly used his office to shore up his personal position.

          And to boot he was hated by the police force because of his extreme biased leftwing opinions!!

        • 233
          night of the long knives says:

          gove and hague good guys that planet are you on

  32. 108
  33. 129
    Righty Right Wing (Mrs) says:

    The Lady is with UKIP.


    Will all real Conservatives form an orderly British queue to join UKIP.

    The post Dave era approaches…..thankfully

  34. 139

    I think I’ve got this human rights thing sorted out now. I’m ready for the Today program.

    Mcnumpty- “ intend to repeal the human rights act in the UK and replace it with a UK wide bill of rights? But that will surely have to remain secondary to the European Court. that’s enshrined in the Treaty of Rome and its various amendments.

    BQmp. – “No, it take priority. All UK laws that conflict with Eu directives will take priority in all cases.”

    McNumpty- “but that isn’t possible. You can’t break the treaty or ignore the human rights act that you’ve signed into law.?”

    BQ- “Well, I’ve done it already. Ripped it all up.”

    McNumpty-”But you’ll be fined!”

    BQ- “So?”

    McNumpty- “So! So! People will still go to The Hague and have your ‘Britisher rulings’ overturned. you’ll be fined billions of euros..”

    “So? we won’t pay any fines.Or pay any attention to the judgment.”

    McNumpty- “..but..but..but you’ll be fined for non payment of fines..”

    “Really? well we won’t pay those either. We won’t take any notice. Just a polite reply to any demands “we received your judgment of the blah blah on the blah of 2011 and are currently considering our options..And then just ignore the whole thing..”

    McNumpty- “But..but..its unconstitutional..the courts! parliament! Shami Chakrabati! I God..what ..what..”

    BQ- “Calm yourself McNumpty. UK courts still have the highest powers. UK MPs still pass UK applicable laws..We used to manage all right before the 1970′s. What’s the problem?”

    McNumpty- “I…The Problem! Are you insane..the problem..the problem is…..the project demands compliance from member states and..and ..You can’t just ignore the highest court in Europe..I ..I… aghhhhh…”

    BQ- “Oh dear..He seems to have fainted..never mind..Here’s desert island discs with James Dreyfus..”

  35. 144
    Looks like the far right aint got the monoploy on nastiness anymore says:

    LOL do as we say, not as we do eh homophobic lefties?

  36. 146
    Dack Blog says:

    Dimblebore sounding a bit waffly. They should pension him off with Bruce.

  37. 157
    the lady is not for turning says:

    so….maggie and ukip a lady with bigger balls that camsham would ever hope to have

  38. 159
    Complete Dick Cameron, Complete Dick Clegg,and Complete Dick Osbourne says:

    Cameron – Today I am mostly calling you a dick!

    However, today I also have something good to talk about. Maggie Thatcher and UKIP. Now there’s a turnaround and one which hopefully will make you quake in your boots and stop your dicking around with our economy, country and asset stripping. It would be nice to think that this is the start of something special, something that will bring your little plan to a complete halt. Your a dictator through and through and you need stopping.

    You dick. Oh and by the way Clegg you don’t get away with it either,because I am now also going to call you a dick…Dick! And Osbourne, as I’m sick of saying dick, there’s so many of you in the coalition…I’ll call you a Prick. Its only fair.

  39. 162
    No, No, No says:

    @ 152 yes I remember at PMQ’s around three weeks ago, Cameron said that they where the children of Thatcher. If so you must be illegitimate children as she obviously doesn’t recognise you and instead has given her attention to the true Tories, UKIP.

    • 166
      Nora Batty says:

      If Thatcher was so fucking wonderfully anti EU, why didn’t she bring us out?

      • 169
        No, No, No says:

        If you look at the history of it, Maggie was trying to stop the country being swallowed up by this rediculous, greedy, money mop called E*U, however her own party got the knives out to her. John Major in particular who was parachuted in to help in ensuring her downfall along with the ‘controlled’ poll tax riots.

  40. 168
    night of the long knives says:

    they got rid of maggie for standing up to the e*u farage ended upside down in his plane for the same thing at least the lady was not for u-turning

  41. 170

    Looks like someone Mandelson would have taken advantage of
    on many occasions

  42. 180
    Pokemon says:

    Got to catch them all!

  43. 181
    Dack Blog says:

    Blimey Guido you were a bit passive on Any Qs. Were the ‘evil BBC luvvie’ audience levelling pitchforks?

    And what panto’s got a donkey in it? Were you confusing it with the nativity scene?

    • 185
      Nora Batty says:

      He was a wet lettuce.

    • 189
      Engineer says:

      It always follows that pattern. There’s always one or two panellists who never use one word when twenty will do, and one panellist who says more in fifteen seconds than the rest do in twenty minutes.

      Letwin – made sense.

      Guido – didn’t say much, but made sense when he did.

      Laurie Penny – liked sound of own voice, no idea about real life.

      John Healey – defending the barely defensible by playing to the gallery.

      • 208
        Dack Blog says:

        I thought Guido would have had more to say on the educ allowance – he could have pressed it. Penny was okay I thought – echoed what I was saying about back-door privatisation. Letwin trying to be reasonable. Healey chose non-examples to make his main points, doh.

        I wonder if Guido imagined he might one day be an advocate for the death of the dtp when he was delivering the dailies in his youth?

        • 267
          TitterYeNot says:

          I’m struggling to remember anything Guido said of note..sorry Guido but you should be a bit more contentious on the hoof

  44. 182
    Windmills of my mind says:

    “David Cameron’s inlaws earn 3.5million a year in renting their land to wind farm developers”. So its not surprising that Cameron is pushing for green wind farm and solar power development. His family are on for a ‘Wind Fall’ pardon the pun, now he’s going to rip our electricity network out. AND to take the PISS even more, he plans to charge us all a THIRD more on our Electricity bills. Can you guess where that will be going?

    • 187
      No, No, No says:

      It’ll be keeping nice and warm in the Cameron family pockets while we freeze to death and have to put up with electricity power cuts. Mind you, our money will be safe in Cameron’s hands won’t it? NOT

    • 196
      Engineer says:

      I think the electricity generation announcement contains enough ambiguities in it to cover a multitude of possibilities. They seem to have put nuclear in the same subsidy bracket as wind, by guaranteeing a price for power supplied to the grid. There seems to be an opening for gas, in that they’ve called for backup for renewables – not sure that’s wise long-term, given the international uncertainty over forwad prices, and our increasing dependence on imports. The loser seems to be coal, because Carbon-Capture-And-Storage is a non-starter as things stand (and is pretty unlikely ever to be a starter). We could have done with replacing our existing coal-fired generating capacity with new-generation coal-fired stations, but that would have given Huhne a political problem with the green lobby.

      • 246
        ST says:

        We could always get the gas we need for power generation, as opposed to domestic use, from coal. I’m not sure if the green lobby would wear it though.

    • 199
      They are only bothered cause others are playing with their toys in better ways says:

      Yeah but the leftwing koonts are only bothered that Global Warming is a scam now because people like the Camerooons and most of the right are making mega bucks out of it.

      Bit late to have a damascus conversion.

      • 204
        Jethro says:

        You have a point, the silence was deafening and critical questions lambasted when climate change was solely progressives plaything. Now others are getting in on the act and everything kicks off and dummies are being thrown out of the pram.

    • 200
      Engineer says:

      Modded – try again.

      I think the electricity generation announcement contains enough ambiguities in it to cover a multitude of possibilities. They seem to have put nuclear in the same subsidy bracket as wind, by guaranteeing a price for power supplied to the grid. There seems to be an opening for gas, in that they’ve called for backup for renewables – not sure that’s wise long-term, given the international uncertainty over fuel cost in the future, and our increasing dependence on imports. The loser seems to be coal, because Carbon-Capture-And-Storage is a non-starter as things stand (and is pretty unlikely ever to be a starter). We could have done with replacing our existing coal-fired generating capacity with new-generation coal-fired stations, but that would have given Huhne a political problem with the green lobby.

    • 215
      Engineer says:

      The true cost of electricity generation will have to be paid. Whether the cost is paid by the consumer or part-funded by the taxpayer is a political decision, and given that many ‘vulnerable’ consumers have part of their fuel costs paid through the benefits system, taking the load off the taxpayer is arguably sensible. The problem could be in saddling business with higher energy costs- not good.

      • 236
        anonymous says:

        why don’t they round up all the poor and put them on the bonfire that is the ability to live on this fucking planet anymore without the establishment telling us what we are going to have to do???

      • 244

        I’d import unemployed Northerners to run on treadmills to cater with peak demand. Suspending a black pudding just out of reach works wonders.

      • 248
        ST says:

        Hmm, well the cost of just about everything will steadily rise as demand is starting to catch up with supply, especially if you put barriers in the way such as not using coal. Food, energy, and anything which involves chemicals (that is to say everything).

        What’s interesting for me as a chemist is that we’re going back to the old papers to see how they did it 50-80 years ago before petrochemicals displaced other sources of feedstock chemicals. Most of us are now finding we’re back doing fairly old fashioned research, that is to say reinventing ways to make basic synthetic chemicals or crop fertilizers which is a bit of a shock given that the field since the mid 1960′s moved away from that into very blue sky areas.

        My girlfriend is a chemist as at a major chemical company and she is engaged in finding and assessing alternative sources for various chemicals other than petroleum. The problem is biological sources invariable have batch to batch inconsistencies and are therefore difficult to use.

        Now if we could use coal as a source, well that would be a different matter. But, for now, we’re being pushed down the route of seeing what we can squeeze out of a compost heap.

    • 237

      If that is the case
      then MilliClueless should write that at the top of his big blank piece of paper as ammunition for PMQ’s

  45. 186
    No, No, No says:

    And what’s that supposed to mean? Please advise lol

  46. 194
    nell says:

    ‘windmills of my mind’ just made me think of gordon, buzzmilitwit, aaronporter and bobcrow.

    ‘I saved the world’ said gordon.

    ‘I’m labour’s saviour’ says ed

    ‘I’m going to make the students the rulers of the world’ says aaron

    ‘I’m going to bring the government down whilst I’m living it up with my lowly paid servants in cuba’ says bob.

    labour are such lovely people!!

    • 212
      Dack Blog says:

      nell – is there anything that doesn’t bring them to mind? We should try word association. I’ll start:


      • 213
        Dack Blog says:

        Actually, I’m off out. (I know what your answer will be anyway).

        You never answered my coalitionplan-specific Q on the NHS the other night (or whenever) tho’ ;)

      • 216
        nell says:

        Word association?

        How about ‘I solved boom and bust’ ??!

    • 227
      streamfisher says:

      ‘windmills of my mind’
      That one made me think of George Monbiot nell.

    • 232
      No, No, No says:

      Nothing to do with fucking Labour, they can ram a fucking ‘red’ hot fucking poker right up where the sun doesn’t shine anymore! So far they can fucking ram it even harder! The problem we have is that this lot ARE ‘Labour’ in disguise.

      • 235
        anonymous says:

        No no no, No no no, it’s the establishment that is the problem …. how many of them have had trouble travelling recently – flying off to europe and the sun – whilst the rest of the c’untry stands still because of the snow??? bolcked motorways, blocked mail offices, no one getting to work … what a wonderful fucking c’untry this is!!!

        • 239
          No, No, No says:

          Well I couldn’t agree with you more. That is very true. All of them are a bunch of ‘TWATS’, at least the three idiotic parties that have existed in parliament in bigger numbers not allowing others through because of they’re bullying….apart from the odd ‘pea’ (green) of course – and thats because if you say green in parliament you can guarantee BIG money! However, while I don’t want to sound a CONspiracy theorist – weather fiddling!

    • 256
      Comfortably Dumb says:

      Charlie Gilmour the New generation !

  47. 207
    Nick 'Nack Paddy Wack Give The Hack A Bone' Robinson says:

    David Cameron pledged to make asylum seeker Mohammed Ibrahim ‘Minister of Transport’ today after he received the right to stay in the United Kingdom and dismissal of his death by driving case.

    Prime Minister Cameron stated;

    ”Well he has got plenty of invaluable first hand experience with fucking over the British and getting away with it, so he will be a perfect addition to the team”

  48. 209
    nell says:

    Guido’s probably right then isn’t he?!

    Thing is. Labour would have been worse!!!

    • 217
      Nora Batty says:

      Working on the basis that losing a leg is worse than losing an eye, your judgement is impeccable as always nell.

  49. 220
    BleedingHeartNearey says:

    Who will rid us of this (man?)?

  50. 221
    Common man says:

    Fooking freezing here. Where can I sign up to sue the twats that want to cool the planet down?

  51. 230
    night of the long knives says:

    @Tapestry…..yes you are so right

  52. 241
    Excellent News says:

    Hope Nick can now get to sorting out the J oos in this country. A pity we didn’t finish them off last time.

  53. 242
    Osama the Nazarene says:

    O/T Excellent appearance on Any Questions tonight, very measured wihtoout compromising your views. Good radio presence.

  54. 243
    Ken Dodd says:

    hello, hello

    what a wonderful day to phone up a global warmist and thank him for the indian summer we are having ….

    • 263
      Global Warming Mong says:

      The cold weather is caused by warm weather, which is caused by global cooling, which is in fact caused by global warming which is caused by four wheel drives, flushing toilets and Sony playstations. It can be cured by giving vast amounts of public money to professional whingers, bent scientists, data fiddlers and the owners of those windmills. the ones which do not work in winter becuase they are covered in snow and there is no wind in winter anyway.

      That’s the beauty of global warming – eeeeeasy money courtesy of the incompetent shits in parliament!!

  55. 247

    Leaks are usually bron because of a disgruntled employee. Question: why might an employee be disgruntled? I don’t have the answer, but by nature it makes me less likely to trust what they have to say…..

    If you had to give a reference on your CV, would you give your ex-partner? Again, I do not know the answer> My hunch is that you might prefer to pick someone who is batting for your side…

    My point: leakers have an axe to grind. From a personal perspective, it makes me treat them with caution. Also, the results of their leaking can be devastating. It causes me upset to see someone’s life ruined in that manner…

  56. 249
    "You're full of shit" says:

  57. 268
    BBC archive dept says:

    …when the yaks finished humping grandma

  58. 271
    Gordon Brown says:


  59. 272
    Anonymous says:

    “It isn’t clear why he was allowed the dignity to “resign” instead of being sacked outright”

    It’s got nothing to do with trying to give people dignity when you ask them to “resign”, it’s purely to protect yourself legally/financially.

    If you sack someone then you have to have enough evidence to be able to prove things in court.

    If you have enough evidence to know yourself for a fact that they’re guilty (eg you saw them do it), but for some reason not enough evidence (or it’s not admissable) to prove it in court, then you really have no option but to ask them to “resign”, otherwise they’ll take you to the cleaners for unfair dismissal.

    When someone gets fired for something like gross negligence or something similar, then it’ll kill their whole future career; you need to have the evidence to backup the sacking so that you can avoid a potentially massive compensation claim against you.

    Remember that witnesses can lie and can’t be the only evidence for a successful case. If the only witness was the employer then the case will never stand up in court and the person who was fired would get compensated.

    Unless you have a dozen independent witnesses, a paper trail, video/camera footage, and electronic proof/logs, then you can’t really fire someone.

    I can’t remember the last time someone was actually fired (rather than being forced to resign), it’s extremely rare. Usually only happens in situations where someone’s punched their boss in front of 100 clients, or where someone got their todger out while standing on their desk in front of 100 people.

  60. 273
    Jeezus was a dirty yhid says:

    Dirty yhids should go in oven at Christmas.

  61. 276

    It isn’t clear why he was allowed the dignity to “resign” instead of being sacked outright…

    Could it be the samereason he managed to keep his job last May? Which leads us to a far more interesting question: “What dirt does he have and upon whom?”

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