December 7th, 2010

To Russia With Love

Early Day Motion 1137 wasn’t very popular yesterday:

That this House believes that it would be a good idea if all those individuals and organisations involved in the failed World Cup bid showed a little humility and good grace instead of continually whingeing and moaning about the unfairness of FIFA and the bidding process; while regretting that England was able only to accumulate two votes out of 22, congratulates Russia and Qatar on their success in bringing World Cup football to two parts of the world which have never hosted the World Cup before.

Only the most devout of pro-Russian MPs would have signed that surely? Guess who was only one of two signatures…

Yep… Handy-cock.


  1. 1
    No Cricket Scores ( Not a Sport blog) says:

    OMFG , Hang him for treason !!!!


  2. 3
    You can still do it Dave! says:


  3. 4
    Another Woolas? says:

    Roger Godsiff
    Further controversy followed when he used images of convicted child sex offender and nursery worker Vanessa George in a campaign to smear the Liberal Democrats by association


  4. 6
    Katia says:

    Mr Handy was very crapski in bedski. He has tiny cockski.


    • 11
      Barry Obama, painter and decorator says:

      How much do you charge?


      • 19
        Dave's Obama loving Conservative lickspittles says:

        I won’t charge a thing Mr US ambassador and I’ll send Liam Fox and William Hague round to lick your boots and ringpiece.


    • 21
      The Ape Man Commeth says:

      So, nothing ‘handy’ about that cock then . . .
      though come to think of it if he get’s shoveled, like he should do, the combination of hand and cock will be all the tramp has left, without any vunerable women or forign agents closing their eyes and thinking of the Motherland, around.


      • 63
        Number 10's cat says:

        He’ll be off to Romania, again. I wonder if there’s any truth in the rumours about a pregnant 14 year old.


        • 132
          Judge Dread says:

          The pregnant 14 year old was a schoolgirl at a school in Portsmouth, a school that he was Governor of. Watch the media, it is all coming to Court soon.


    • 97
      Engineer says:

      You should have made use of his tongueski. Though on reflection, I dare say the dangers of beard entanglement with muffski or scratching on insides of thighskis might have outweighed the possible enjoyment.


  5. 9
    Tessa Tickles says:

    The nation’s down the swanny to the tune of £4.8trillion, but at least our MPs are devoting their energies to the big important issues facing the country..


  6. 12
    hypocrits...all of them says:

    So the BBC/Panorama was slated for raising doubts over the “intergrity” of FIFA (unpatriotic was one of the phrases used). Now, following Engaland getting humiliated in the votes, all and sundry are suggesting that the reason for not getting the world cup was that there is a problem with err, the intergrity on FIFA.

    Suddenly, free speech is fashonable again……..


    • 29
      No Cricket Scores ( Not a Sport blog) says:

      I have no problem with the BBC making the program , However i have doubts , Had Labour been re-elected as a goverment would the BBC have aired the program and would it have aired it so close to the vote ?


  7. 14
    yarnefromhorsham says:

    Despite Hanccock’s support there is a serious issue here – why on earth should we expect to stage another Football World Cup. Surely the idea of sharing the event round the world is not unreasonable. Frankly, and it seems par for the course that FA GB and media got carried away. Dome, 2012, Football World Cup – come on – we have got form. Get a life.


  8. 16
    Simon says:

    This puts the tin hat on it. It looks very much like use of parliamentary position to promote the interests of another country, not something I feel at all comfortable with.

    Some Qs for Mr H:

    – who pays for your airline tickets to visit Russia (as I’ve read you do ‘frequently’)?

    – who pays the hospitality bill when you’re there?

    – whom do you meet, why, and what do you discuss?

    – have you enetered into any agreements with representatives of a foreign power? If so, what are they?

    – why do you not admit the hypothetical possibility of your assistant being a spy, rather than defending her unconditionally?

    Finally, will your next EDM ask what HMG is doing to promote the rights of women and homosexuals in Qatar?


  9. 17
    Anonymous says:

    We don’t have free speech, we have a free press


    • 27
      No Cricket Scores ( Not a Sport blog) says:

      We dont have a free press , Otherwise sites like this would not be needed .


    • 52
      Cosy Status Quo says:

      We have a state approved press and media, where by ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ our fearless 4th estate agrees not to rock the boat.


    • 124
      Anonymous says:

      We have a free press?? If we did, Hancock would be driven out of office and arrested for treason.


  10. 20
    Mike Ock says:

    One of two? So what?
    Some of us believe in oligarchy


  11. 23
    Calamity Cleggski says:


  12. 26

    2 signatures….I bet the ‘Fareham Flid Fiddler’ is proud of that.

    Someone should tell the Hampshire Mencap to install dead locks on their ‘sunshine busses’, in case there’s any mongs wearing make-up.


    • 70
      Professor Henry Brubaker, Institute for Studies says:

      Now come one! I really must take issue with this type of language. I know this is a forum where people express views that are not exactly PC but sometimes people go too far.

      Its deadlock not dead lock. Surely a quick check via the interwebs wouldnt go amiss.

      Also I have just spat coffee all over my keyboard at the thought of ‘mongs wearing make-up’


  13. 28
    Dazza says:

    What a fifa.


  14. 31
    LAdy Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Does Handycock go about his business with the express intention of proving what a c’unt he is to the population at large?

    If so he is being very successful at it.


  15. 34
    Sophie says:

    Who voted for this treasonous commie hoon?

    I mean, who – really?

    A letch, a commie & an expenses thief.

    A Lib Dem who vociferously supports the “Butcher of Chechnya?

    No wonder the Lib Dems LOST seats at the last GE – they are all traitors – either via their unwavering support for the EU, their frequent Cuba missives or Handycock licking Putin to death.

    I want to see him banged up in the Tower & beheaded at Tyburn – there is nothing that brings treasonous liberals to their senses like executing one of them.


    • 56
      F. Raudster says:

      Perhaps they should look into vote rigging in the Portsmouth South area.


      • 115
        Mike Hunt says:

        Students and the ‘Clegg effect’

        Students should only be able to vote ‘at home’, most Portsmouth South residents would happily never see this hoon again but the massive student population of Southsea swung the vote.


  16. 35
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Yippee! The crosshairs are on Hancockski the tard botherer. Next weekends Sundays will finish him off so he can fuck offski to his motherland.


  17. 36
    Sarah Tweet says:


    • 37
      Gordon Brown says:

      Now get out and earn some money while i sign some books or you get another nokia chucked at you !!!


      • 38
        Too many Tweets make a Twat. says:

        Must say I feel a tad sorry for Gordon. Having to put up with a woman who is constantly fiddling away on her phone and telling the whole world what they are up to, can’t be much fun.


        • 43
          Anonymous says:

          Be fair, she’s trying to give the assasins as much help as possible…..


        • 53
          Different names, same crowd says:

          It’s more the he told us while he was pissing away our money on courage books,oh and the £4.5 trillion.


          • Anonymous says:

            Another Amazon review:

            “Just because the rest of the world is in trouble does not absolve this awful man from 100% blame for the state of the British economy.
            Shame on you Gordon, stop wasting time writing books nobody wants to read and get back to the job you are paid to do at Westminster. Better still resign and stop stealing from the British taxpayer. “


          • Bruce says:

            Where does he get rest of the world from? There are many countries who did not have a recession


        • 65
          Steve Miliband says:

          What else can she do to avoid talking to him?


        • 68
          Mrs B says:

          I did not have sexual relations with the gay bogey muncher.


    • 39
      Anonymous says:

      Canterbury trains go from Waterloo, don’t they?


      • 51
        Gordon, Sarah, Aides, Plod Protection squad and Uncle Tom Cobbly says:

        I hope Gordon isn’t going to put their rail fares on expenses. Launching his own book is hardly a Parliamentary duty.

        Does he get his own carriage for his entourage?


  18. 40
    Katya says:

    You should have those crosshairs aimed at his knob.


  19. 42
    Zurich Gnome says:

    The UK will bankrupt by 2018. Russia won’t be. The USA will be bankrupt by 2022. Qatar won’t be. FIFA had no choice.


  20. 46
    Anonymous says:

    First sensible statement I’ve seen on this from anyone.
    Of course, the illiberal jingoists here wouldn’t think so.

    Just be thankful our stolen tax money isn’t being spent on another pointless sporting event.


  21. 48
    Ed Miliband says:

    It’s sooooo unfair that the Government won’t let me take part of my gap yah in Afghanistan!

    I will have to go to a Kibbutz instead


    • 54
      Miliband Should Resign says:

      Have you tried a job at McDonald’s or is that only for graduates these days?


      • 60
        Ed Miliband says:

        Under my proposals there will indeed be a BSc Burger Flipping course available.
        I ask the honourable member again ‘what is he going to do about it? They are very complacent aren’t they? Remember I ask the questions!


  22. 57
    Observer says:

    The misplaced “only” strikes again. I think you mean that he was one of only two.


  23. 62
    Mike ( I hate the English football team) Hanky Panky cock says:


  24. 64
    Tris says:

    It’s disgusting. FIFA should be being corrupt on behalf of Britamerica not some filthy bloody foreiners who don’t only NOT speak English but they don’t even write in English writing. They probably eat children and don’t stand when they play “God save the Queen”.


  25. 66
    gildedtumbril says:

    How sad that the British bribes on offer were insufficient.
    Handycock merits trial for treason.
    We can swop the tart for a couple of ours once they get arrested in Russia.


  26. 67
    Sir William Waad says:

    “Our bid failed because it wasn’t particularly good and we didn’t present it very well.”

    Well, it could happen.


  27. 69
    Steve Miliband says:

    Gordon Brown has claimed that taxpayers could have avoided the £50bn part-nationalisation of RBS and HBOS if British bankers had paid themselves 10% less in the boom years.

    What a twat


    • 84
      HandsomeDavid says:

      Lol, you have to admire the strength of his delusions.

      There is many a junkie that would pay good money to live in his world.


  28. 71
    Carey in a wheelchair says:

    Handycock! He might see the wheelchair as a bit of a come on. I am fwightened. I should get tooled up just incase. What a creep!


  29. 73
    Lexander says:

    Absolute miracle he has stayed in parliament. Says something for the voters in his patch!


  30. 74
    Gordon Brown says:

    Early day motions are my speciality.


  31. 79
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin says:



  32. 80
    Steve Miliband says:

    What are Wiki’s and why do they keep leaking?


  33. 83
    HenryV says:

    What a cock is Handy-cock is……..

    He should be doing something about protecting the RN and helping Pompey people keep their jobs.


    • 96
      Job Centre clerk says:

      There should be a couple of job vacancies pretty soon – for an MP and a ‘research assistant’.


  34. 85
    Pope Benedict XV says:

    Hancock is typical of the many bent MP’s we have today. Fiddling his expenses, representing foreign nations interests (Taiwan) without declaring it, Sexual Predator, marathon Philanderer, Mega Trougher (MP and Councillor + wife, at the same time), and now frequent visitor to Russia, although he does not know how many trips he has made because ‘I lost my passport in the sea.’ Add to the above, seducer of eastern european leggy beauties, who he gives jobs to, for his own sexual satisfaction, and we have to ask the question. Why isn’t he already in jail? Especially when you also take into account the many allegations of planning corruption in Portsmouth:


  35. 87
    Ho Hum says:

    Desperate attempts to spin Dave out of the World Cup failure……YAWN


    • 100
      retardEd Miliband says:

      If I wath the prime minithter, I would have got the world cup for Thcotland. Or wath it Waleth? Who knowth, but get the world cup I thertainly would.



      • 109
        streamfisher says:

        He’s still pondering policy, he wants to go on a journey and find the Holy Grail but he’s not sure yet what this is or even if it ever existed.


  36. 89
    Ho Hum says:

    Really loving the anti Lib Dum sentiments. When they fall, they will pull you down with them – Excellent. Keep up the bad work Guido.

    PS Any news on Shaun Bailey….whoops


  37. 91
    In Soviet Russia says:

    joke inserts you here!


  38. 93
    • 110
      Engineer says:

      To keep going in the face of overwhelming odds smacks of determination and courage; but to keep going in the face of well-established facts smacks of a limited IQ.


  39. 94
    nell says:

    So how much are the russkies paying him to ask questions and table motions in their favour in the HoC?


    • 108
      Engineer says:

      Never underestimate the power of a short skirt and a cheeky smile on certain types of male (I won’t say ‘man’). Some males think for themselves, some can be lead by the nose, and some by their – er – other bits.


    • 135
      Lembit O'Divvy says:

      I like cheeky girls too. Used to have a thing about weather ladies on TV. Is there a pattern?


  40. 95
    Wacky Leaks says:

    Final evidence of where Mr Brown has been kept during stays in Queensferry


  41. 106
    Beast of the urals says:

    Mr Handoncock is just giving hard working eastern european disabled folk the chance to help polish the reputation of his enormous throbbing democratic mandate


  42. 107
    Nick Clegg says:

    Now we know what he is doing with some of the money he gets from the Russians:

    Well done Mike, you are now our biggest Donor.


  43. 116
    Ex E-Bay seller says:

    Pay pal can fuck off now.


  44. 120
    Groucho says:

    According to the Telegraph, Handycock seems to have been instrumental in stopping a Portsmouth resident from being deported several years ago, despite the belief by the immigration authorities that her marriage was a sham.

    You’ll never guess – she was a young, attractive, blonde Russian girl. What are the odds, eh?


  45. 122
    The twat that keeps using the word Lickspittle says:

    Oral sex =£10
    Full Anal= £15

    A worthless written piece of shit designed to wind up normal bloggers=priceless


  46. 125
    streamfisher says:


  47. 128
    wikiwankileaks says:

    boil the Hunt in a vat of his own excrement


  48. 138
    Will Tell says:

    Portsmouth News portrays Handycock as the victim.

    “I have enemies and people are out to get me. But I’ll carry on”
    It does depress me a little he said. Its very tiring and it’s been very terrible for my family. I won’t be beaten by this, I’ll fight it, but more importantly I’ll get on with my job, which I was elected to do.

    Poor diddums is more upset about what he’s going to do with his stock of Teddy Bears.
    Suggestion: Hire a Santa Suit, volunteer to work unpaid at Harrods and get as many 14year old schoolgirls to sit on his lap, giving them a cuddly teddy bear.


  49. 139
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    Randy-Cock more like.
    FIFA is obviously an outdated, corrupt, money in brown envelopes please, organisation, which is badly in need of reform. Or was that the House of Commons???


  50. 140
    Anonymous says:

    Check the bottom of today’s EDM list, Hancock withdraws his name from EDM 1137


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