December 7th, 2010

Guy News: BBC’s CuntryFile


  1. 1
    The BBC says:

    We resent that! We are fair and impartial!

    And now the first in a 20 part series to mark the release of Beyond The Crash by Prime Minister Gordon Brown. I mean, former Prime Minister.


    • 51
      billy bumboy is the cheapest bumhire ever ! says:



    • 68
      Well Stoked says:

      How do you pronounce Tristram then?


    • 70
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Given the three people in question are c’unts themselves it’s hardly an effective term of disparagement for them.

      Of course as a Christmas theme instead of the three wise men we could have the three stupid BBC c’unts.

      I nominate Marr, Toenails and Crick


      • 116
        Peter Grimes says:

        You would think that assholes like Numpty would have learned by now that you can’t express your Leftist thoughts on air in such a derogatory way. Numpty has form here – it’s obvious that C. unt is how he habitually thinks of H.unt and probably how he refers to him in conversation with his fellow-travelling Al JaBeeBa colleagues – like Marr!


    • 91
      Beyond the crash to Beyond new generation Labour says:

      So how is it that a used Beyond the Crash costs more than a new Beyond the Crash ? Also, as Gordon’s epic only came out this morning, why are there used copies on sale already?

      The first review is not promising much for Gordon’s insight either.


      • 104
        Aesop o'Sardis says:

        I am surprised that any publisher thought it financially viable to publish such a book by such an author. I am guessing that the whole project has been underwritten by taxpayers money!


        • 107
          A Foreigner says:

          Yep Gordon wrote his book during firm’s time on full pay. He even claimed expenses off his firm so that he could go down to London and meet up with the publisher. The UK taxpayer has funded Gordon’s book from cover to cover.


          • Greychatter says:

            So will the royalties from Gordon’s books help to fund the cu’t (sorry cuts) necessary because of the last governments disasterous policies.


          • TakeMeGently. says:

            It was written by a Ghost.

            Probably Bliar – we haven’t seen him lately.


  2. 2
    cunt says:

    WOW what insight, what analysis


  3. 3
    No Cricket Scores ( Not a Sport blog) says:

    Guido , The BBC must be scrapped , Its getting like NPR in the states a leftie hot bed


    • 5
      No Cricket Scores ( Not a Sport blog) says:

      Just to add , sorry Guido , I hope he proposes a 50% cut in the BBC budget .


      • 9
        No Cricket Scores ( Not a Sport blog) says:

        I would prefer compation ( subsciption, Choice) , Do i want my taxes going into Pollys pocket ? Or Yasmins ? Or anyother “Guest” .

        The BBC and parliment are so removed from real life that they dont see what happens ,.

        Do we need parliment ? I ask this sometimes because of waste , Lies , Spin , Bullshit , Theft . And for what ??? Higher taxes , Higher waste , More lies , More Spin . What is the answer ? .

        1 . Dictatership ?

        2 . Better MPS that care ? And listen ? and Act ?

        3 . Is there a better way ? All Parties are dancing on the pinhead , We have a red mafia and a blue mafia .

        Is there a better way ?


        • 19
          Ivor Tapeworm says:

          Compation? That word is not cromulent.


        • 28
          rick says:

          “Do we need parliament ?”

          A very, very good question.
          Many of the major decisions that effect this country are taken behind closed doors (in the case Zanuliebour, major decisions were not subject to even cabinet scrutiny). Parliament is there merely to give our corrupt politicians a veneer of legitimacy in the eyes of the sheeple.


          • misterned says:

            Many of the major decisions take place, not only behind closed doors, but in a foreign country by unelected foreigners.


        • 43

          With the characteristic shite spelling, you are Billy Bowden and I claim 4 leg byes…


      • 14
        Ed Millicock says:

        How about 100%


      • 58
        Righty Right Wing (Mrs) says:

        Team Dave will never do what is necessary – cut the BBC in half & then some.

        Team Dave has committed £18 billion pounds of taxpayers TV Tax for the next 6 years for the BBC to carry on with their internationalist anti English left wing agenda.

        He is using taxpayers cash to essentially fund a political organisation that is too big & too powerful – the BBC stifles & strangles the broadcast market globally.

        As well as giving at least an extra £8 billion to the undemocratic EU, he has prioritised both the BBC & the EU as higher in importance than defence of the realm.

        Blue Labour out.


    • 55
      Fawkes says:

      Get a life Billy.


  4. 4
    The British Broadcunting Cuntoration says:

    Hey! Anyone can mangle their words occasionally.


  5. 6
    A Superior Being says:

    We’re gonna need a new, top-dog word. This one’s a bit fishy.


  6. 7
    AC1 says:

    The TV-Tax is an abomination, akin to charging people a letterbox tax in order to deliver junk mail 24 hours a day.

    The BBC needs to be run on subscription, and it’s board needs to be elected by subscribers.

    Time to end entertainment funded by threatening to kidnap people (The unique way AlJaBeebya is funded).


    • 44

      I told them 4 years ago to piss off until they had a warrant – now I just get the silly letters and ignore them.

      They haven’t got a leg to stand on anyway – under Phony Tony’s Ooman Rights Act, the telly tax is illegal anyway – they can regulate broadcasting but not reception.

      Article 10 is the one to look at – read it and let Crapita weep.


      • 75
        Sophie says:

        Approaching 4 years of wilful non payment.

        Know your rights and TV Licensing, the thugs of the BBC, cannot touch you.

        I absolutely refuse to pay a tax to fund a left wing subversive organisation that undermines my country, its history, my heritage, my culture and my language.

        It is every English persons duty to boycott the TV Tax.


    • 71
      Front Bottom says:

      Well said sir.


  7. 8
    EastEnders is ok says:

    Mark Thomas on Talk Sport saying he supports the protests at Top Shop. But presenter Ian Collins is criticising the hypocrisy of the tuition free protestors.


    • 25
      Panorama was interesting ... says:

      I suppose we should be grateful for the fact that half of our ‘students’ are seeing some daylight and breathing some fresh air.
      According to Jeremy Vine, the other half are hopelessly addicted to their computer screens ;-O


    • 45

      I can’t listen to Ian Collins – he’s a prime candidate for the next Peter Hitchens. Some good ideas, but a statist at heart.


  8. 10
    Not a sport blog (what's the weather like down under?) says:

    Some cun’t just got fingered.


  9. 16
    No Cricket Scores ( Not a Sport blog) says:

    The BBc could never had such good sport covarge and innovation without compation ( Sky) , There innovations ( HD , 3D ) have changed tv .

    Ashes cover is better


  10. 18
    Parapraxis says:

    I might start listening to the R4 Hunt Programme now. It’s that fucking shit and biased it’s funny. ‘Mike Crockart’ was funny on WATO too. BBC News & Cu███nt affairs programmes are amateurish bollocks.
    The Guidoization of Politics has come full circle and the BBC now allows a word the great man dare not allow.


  11. 21
    No Cricket Scores ( Not a Sport blog) says:

    Hang on . I thought you could say whatever you wanted in parliment under privlge ? You are meant to reflect your voters views ( and those that didnt vote for ya ) . If your constiuants want you to call someone a c-unt then shouldnt you do it ? I mean , freedom of speech , Or doesnt that exsist in the highest court in the land * ?

    * Excluding the EU, America and anyone else we arse lick .


  12. 22
    Guido Tweet says:

    “Very amused that Guardian editorial today links to Guido’s blog. Nice to know that the leader writers are addicted co-conspirators.”


  13. 23
    No Cricket Scores ( Not a Sport blog) says:

    The Sun is shining for England , When we get lower taxes and less waste we can be more happy


  14. 26
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am not a c unt. I am a tree.


  15. 27
    Osama the Nazarene says:

    Truly the Guidoisation of broadcasting, taking a cue from the window lickers.


  16. 31
    Gordon Brown says:

    Today i will be a suicide bomber .


    • 149
      Rufus Stone says:

      At last. You could have done that 13 years ago. Have a practice first though – somewhere quiet with no-one around.


  17. 34
    Edward Gonads MP says:

    Can I light the touchpaper please, sir?


  18. 38
    Katia says:

    Handy was very shitski in bedski!


  19. 41
    Cupid Stunt says:

    i ust 2b on itv


  20. 42
    Brown fails at yet another thing says:

    This will give everyone a laugh. Beyond The Crash is ranked 717 on Amazon’s sales chart! :-D


  21. 46
    Bish Basher Bosh says:

    Is Basher’s decision to vote against the increase in tuition fees a calculated manoeuvre against Cameron?


  22. 47
    Down With Brown! says:

    What do you call a group of BBC journalists?

    A bunch of c*nts.


  23. 48
    Rat's arse says:

    Fan-bloody tastic Billy! 1 – 0 to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  24. 49

    Time to let Liebor pay for their propaganda machine. The whole place has been stuffed with Fabian Society adherents for years now. Non-biased and impartial? Not the BBC, that’s for sure. The Fabian dream of a single party socialist state run by the “intellectual left” for the benefit of all ignorant ***** who can’t see the ‘fairness’ of allowing them to dicate what we think, do, say and eat.

    Cut the Beeb’s funding off now, sell off the lcence and let Liebor and the Fabians find a new means to propagate their lies.


  25. 54



    • 78
      Backwoodsman says:

      Nah, more quietly enjoying watching the spectacle of the bbc realising the tide has turned against them.
      bbc waste of public monies , an accepted fact. Check.
      bbc left wing pro-labour bias, an accepted fact. Check.
      bbc on the defensive in all areas. Check.


      • 115
        David Cameron says:

        “I’m probably the most pro-BBC Conservative leader there’s ever been.”

        “I would never do anything to put the BBC at risk.”

        That’s why I love the BBC license fee, and will continue to use the threat of imprisonme*nt to ensure you pea*sants keep paying it.

        Speaking of paying, I’ve got to pay today’s EU membership fee – £45million – with your money. So work harder, peasant*s!

        Toodle pip..


      • 126
        they really are this stupid. it's not an act says:

        simply putting FACT after an opinion doesn’t make it a fact you fucking retard

        what you are doing is called assertion you dumb cun’t
        try looking it up


  26. 56
    BillyBob - Ooman Rights Legislation, just a load of bollocks!! says:

    Get rid of the BBC and the licence fee…… now that would be a cunning stunt !!


  27. 57
    Steve Miliband says:

    The speaker in ‘did well’ shocker.

    ‘The opposition did not hear what they thought they heard’


  28. 59
    Steve Miliband says:

    “I am neither a finance expert nor a trained economist ”

    Extract from which book?
    Answers on a postcard


    • 109
      Aesop o'Sardis says:

      He cannot even get humility right!


    • 122
      Librarian says:

      “Economics 101″ by G Brown, or “How I fucked the economy in ten easy lessons”.
      Available in bins outside your local Oxfam shop, £0.99.


      • 152
        Dick Tator says:

        But is it “peer-reviewed”? It does cause global warming when burned.

        Perhaps WWF, Oxfam and Greenpeace should be told.


  29. 64
    Dazza says:

    You can all mock. But Gordon ‘Jonah’ Brown still grabbing the headlines…


  30. 65
    Non says:

    Fuck Bercow is an insufferable little Hunt. I bet he thinks his interventions are just so funny.


  31. 66
    Taxfodder says:

    The BBC political comment/reporting is questionable however the programmes BBC – Nature UK such as Autumn and Spring watch and a whole host of drama productions would be a great loss.

    All those that call for BBC scrappage must be in favor of the likes of Rupert Murdochs mindless repeating advertising 5 mins out of every 20 and crappy yank junk programmes bought for a pittance and shown at vast advertising profits to drippy couch potatoes.


    • 79
      Steve Miliband says:

      The programmes are made by production companies havinng been commissioned by the BBC.
      The production companies could still make them and they could get aired elsewhere if there was no BBC


    • 87
      misterned says:

      Make the BBC a subscription broadcaster with the option of pay-per-view on individual programmes, for those who do not wish to subscribe.

      If it is as popular as the BBC and their brainwashed supporters believe it is, then they should make more money and still provide the “quality” entertainment and without resorting to ‘seedy’ advertising.

      What are they afraid of?


      • 148
        Hugh ffishingly-Whittlingstool says:

        A rolling plebiscite on the popularity of their shows. The ability to test the price elasticity of demand on a per-show basis. The possibility that the quasi-mythical viewer panels used to determine TV ratings contain systemic bias. Being made to face cold hard fact, rather than snuggling up with their internalised pre-judgements and the deadening Groupthink of the White City collective.

        Any more for any more?


    • 89

      Fuckin hell is Jeremy Kyle a Yank ?


    • 90
      Sophie says:

      Look moron,

      No one is saying that we should stop quality original content programming in Great Britain.

      Look at Top Gear, look at all the exported “product” the BBC sells globally – it can commercially stand on its own two feet in the free market.

      Cut the funding & let the BBC decide from a commercial viewpoint what it is going to keep (the profitable stuff that they sell already) & what must be scrapped – you know programmes – the Welsh history programmes, the common purpose programmes, the Scottish history programmes, the institutional left wing propaganda programmes, BBC News, BBC Persia the list of political programming that the British are forced to pay for under threat of prison if they refuse is endless.

      And “Rusty Dave” has just given them over £18 billion pounds for the next 6 years – £18 billion of our money.

      There is nothing Conservative about Dave Cameron and those here that hope he will do what is necessary to the BBC is deluded.

      The only way forward is non payment – and there is no reason on earth why the English should pay for a political organisation that clearly hates and despises us.


      • 119
        Ho Hum says:

        arh bless Sophie. You said “there is nothing Conservative about Dave Cameron”……so why did you vote for him then…apologist


        • 123
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          ‘Chris Packham shows us how changes in nature around us provide solid proof that climate change is already happening.’

          Lying, it’s what the BBC do, in everything they do too.


          • Another Engineer says:

            The climate changes. That should not be a surprise. Trying to stop climate change, however, is definitely for Knuts.

            100 generations or so ago, there was ice half a mile thick here.

            Adapt or die!


        • 133
          Sophie says:

          I didn’t, I voted UKIP.

          I was never going to vote for a Blue Blair, especially when he actually told everyone that he was Blair MKII.

          Happy to help you out there.


        • 135

          Pwned again, wanker – you get it wrong lots……..don’t ya…?


      • 130
        Taxfodder says:

        reality continues to ruin my life


    • 97
      The BBC should be scrapped. says:

      Simple solution. Instead of a paper telly Licence issue a viewing card. Then those who want Nature watch can both watch and pay at the same time.

      There would be no need to police the streets to spy on people to see if they are watching a telly as only those who have paid to watch the BBC would be able to watch the BBC.

      Of course they won’t as they know their revenues would dry up. Which leads to the reason why they have made their material so easily obtainable over the www and satellite, which is they can carry on charging the telly tax.

      Not forgetting the BBC staff pensions which the best part of the telly tax goes to.


  32. 72
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Speaking of Hunts and the BBC, please, christ on a fucking bike, say its not true Woss is about to Weturn.


    • 77
      We Ed says:

      Cummorfit – In vis PC world it veally wude to mock someones speech


    • 88
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      Another 20 million quid the taxpayer will have to shell out
      for another c*nt who i wouldn’t give a job at McDonalds !


  33. 81
    Geoff Boycott says:

    Today I will be supporting the students’ boycott of the Lib Dems


  34. 86
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    If you shout c*nt in the house of conmens !
    647 c*nt’s will turn round


  35. 92

    So many c*nts in one room
    must smell like Grimsby docks in there !


  36. 93
    Sarah Tweet says:


  37. 103
    Ed Millicock says:

    Fair play,i know i would.


  38. 108
    xopek says:

    Good job Balls, keep it up !!

    UK schools ‘fall behind Estonia and Slovenia’, says OECD

    UK schoolchildren today plummeted down a major international league table after being outscored by pupils from countries including Estonia, Lichtenstein and Slovenia.


  39. 110
    Ho Hum says:

    Arrrhhhhhh. It all make sense NOW.

    The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, has been arrested by the Metropolitan Police in London.

    Marly Lights Dave, just so happens to have skipped the UK today…. We can only wonder why. Assange just a little too politically hot for our light weight PM


  40. 112
  41. 113
    street sweeper says:

    So James Numptie has used a four-letter word and finds it funny. Typical of a pseudo-intellectual type that is very common in the West End of Glasgow


  42. 125
    Jess The Dog says:

    Easy to make a slip-up on air. Like referring to the family secrets of certain prominent media figures.


  43. 127
    I Remember You Hoo says:

    ‘Jeremy will deliberately and maliciously target the BBC,’

    If only he would, the poisonous corporation and it’s vile, propagandising residents, need a thorough cleansing. Unfortunately, Cameron has neither the balls or the inclination to do anything of any substance at all.


  44. 131
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am now penning my searing, in-depth study of post-punk popular music, Beyond The Clash.


  45. 132
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am now penning my searing, in-depth study of pre-school childcare, Beyond the Creche.


  46. 134
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am now penning my searing, in-depth study of pottery restoration, Beyond the Crash.


  47. 137
    Gordon Brown says:

    everything i own, eat or drink is as a result of others hard work, risk taking and creativity


  48. 141
    Choking Hazard says:

    Changing the subject guys there is the most breathtaking article by Poll today:

    Breathtaking not because of what she says (usual tripe) but because of the level of her hypocrisy. Amazing stuff. I’m beginning to think that you chaps are right and she actually does have a tile off.


  49. 147
    Minge Campbell says:

    What’s a hoon?


  50. 153
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    AsaHuntry gentleman I find it all rather jolly, that such a delightful olde English word should be banded around. Not just on the Beeb, but also in the mother of all Parliaments, by a Minister of the Crown. We must all pay particular attention to the Queens speech this year, who knows, perhaps, maybe she will drop one in!


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