December 6th, 2010

“Progressive Nonsense” on Hilton’s Policy Announcements Grid

Guido has been worrying for some time that the government is in thrall to left-wing progressive nonsense and drifting towards the soggy centre. Thankfully a document has turned up in the inbox that suggests otherwise – the Steve Hilton / Rohan Silva policy announcements grid. Whilst in opposition Steve, Rohan and the rest of the zen-men had their heads in the clouds with blue-sky thinking so much that they forgot to take one of their rather revealing policy strategy agendas out of the photocopier:

Standard Cameroon opposition fluff is all covered, along with key points to be addressed. “Progressive Conservatism” was top of the agenda with “Red-Tory” Philip Blond flavour of the month with the chattering classes, and clearly open to having his strings pulled:

CCHQ were so keen on pushing the Guardian-friendly “Progressive Conservatism” agenda that they even made a video:

Blond came up with the goods in PR terms over and over again with some ever so helpful mood-setting articles.

However there was one firm policy point on the grid to be pushed that really struck Guido:

Clearly this wasn’t a sincerely held all-encompassing broad policy, it was cynically designed to land blows on the Labour government in the pre-election air war, it was an effective ploy to spin how much the Tories were a changed ‘progressive’ party. Guido is reassured that even the likes of Steve Hilton thought it a load of nonsense…


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of cuts

    • 32
      AC1 says:

      Progressive Taxation is a dangerous nonsense.

      As Relative pay is relative to market productivity*, making the effective pay of the productive lower, lowers the wages of those working (as they tend to be employed by those with a higher market productivity). Add in the discouraging effect of fines for working and you get a typically fucked marxist economy.

      *Related to Demand v Supply of workers

      • 66
        Sir William Waad says:

        We also taxed earned income more severely than investment income. We impose National Insurance Tax on the former but not the latter. The only plausible reason for this is that the governing classes tend to have relatively more investment income than the governed.

        • 85
          AC1 says:

          and still less tax on rent-seeking in property. Leading to house affordability collapses and hugely damaging credit bubbles.

          • Bob The Builder says:

            Eh bah Gum, this is roight grande in Chunkie land

            d’ya geet theese’n from a reet builder too lad?

        • 391
          Marketing Guru says:

          Aahh, but the New Tories are on the left and this is just spin on spin to try and reassure the doubting voters.

      • 284
        Call me Infidel says:

        When I hear the words “progressive politics” I reach for my Smith & Wesson.

    • 76
      Crikey says:

      Hows the great repeal bill coming along? Not kicked into the long grass I hope. Rolling back big government and labour’s stasi state is something that should appeal to con/lib dem alike? It might even provide the coalition with a non contentious carrot to deploy.

    • 91
      john in cheshre says:

      Progressive = Marxist.

    • 296

      Guido, oh Guido you’re a bit of a wet sack aren’t you. Easily taken in. No wonder you were so effortlessly rumbled four centuries ago. If cameron and his bunch of hoony chums are really Conservatives, then im really the King of Sardinia!! They are Common Purpose twats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • 404
        misterned says:

        You don’t actually believe that the guy that writes this blog is the REAL Fawkes, do you?

    • 313
      Sebb Blatter = Seb Coe says:

      Am I the only one to feel more than just a bit manipulated?

      I was glued to the last half hour of Corrie expecting to see the best thing since Star Wars.

      What I actually got (right at the end) was an obviously model tram floating unrealistically down on a model bit of Corro street.

  2. 2

    “They forgot to take one of their rather revealing policy strategy agendas out of the photocopier.”


    Or was it left there…?

  3. 3

    In my day, Hilton was synonymous with a tall story – like the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, where I had many a tall story.

  4. 4
    Tessa Tickles says:

    If only Dave’s Cast Iron Guarantee and EU referendum locks on transfers of power weren’t just cynical ploys, too.

    • 98
      Anonymous says:

      Don’t worry, Ken Clarke’s just told the BBC that they’re ditching their election promise to jail anyone found carrying a knife. You can add that to the evergrowing list of Tory U-turns.

      • 175
        Tessa Tickles says:

        I wasn’t aware there were any more pre-election promises left to break, but it comes as no surprise that Ken Clarke came up with something.

      • 253

        I had reason to attend a magistrates court recently, and was informed by the jobsworth who was pretending to be ‘security’ that he had to confiscate my 1 1/2″ penknife because it was technically a lock knife.

        I now have nothing to peel my lunchtine apple with – wankers.

  5. 5
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Progressive bolloks is straight from Marx and co , WE just got rid of one lot of leftie wankers and ended up with ummmmm another lot of leftie wankers , If we had a real Tory party then we would have a chance of creating wealth and being able to better ourselves , Now we see the chavs doing fuck all with more than those who work .

    No reward for failure ???

    Get out the fuckin EU , And restore personal responsabilty .

  6. 6
    Another bloody blank sheet of paper says:

    Slightly O/T Great Jon Sopel v Lord “Paddy”Ashdown knockabout just before 4.30pm to-day on BBC News Channel on “Tuition Fees”.Ashdown: You’re not listening and seem to have no concept of what I’m trying to tell you !” Sopel: I’m not here to answer questions and you’re patronising and lecturing me.Have you tried to lecture Ming Campbell or Charles Kennedy?”

    Doesnt Sopel,who has recently returned from breaking his hip on his scooter relaise that Pady was a Royal Marines Commando ? A quick karate chop from the slightly miffed Lord and Sopel could be in traction …again. Still pretty amusing stuff on a cold foggy afternoon

    • 10
      Tessa Tickles says:

      I used to like Paddy Pantsdown, I respected him, but I saw him on Question Time at a friend’s house the other week and we agreed we’d never seen a more smarmy, patronising, arrogant little bastard in our lives.

      • 17
        Anonymous says:

        He’s in the same ‘Fucked by Blair’ boat as everyone but Blair, so we should show our support.

      • 28
        barefootcontessa says:

        You’ve summed him up to a T. He’s a fake.

        • 408
          misterned says:

          I cannot respect a former marine who was totally in favour of selling our sovereignty to the EU.

          Well, not selling exactly, more like paying them a fortune to take it off our hands!

          The word for such a person is traitor!

    • 19
      Bob says:

      Pantsdown’s shelf life has expired…

      PS He was against the Coalition BTW…so he is eating his words, hat and pants (down) every day…a difficult act to pull off with elegance……

      • 39
        shellingout says:

        Is Paddy Pantsdown not yet a Lord? If not – I am surprised.

        The natural progression from the Commons is the Lords, which all the old git’s aspire to eventually.

      • 409
        misterned says:

        He was against the coalition on principle at first, but when he saw how quickly the tories were dumping policies, he changed his mind.

    • 43
      AC1 says:

      Let me guess. AlJabeebya was attacking his views (which is fine) but only from a left wing perspective?

  7. 7
    Empty Ed Milliband says:

    Please Guido

    Tell Blue Skies Hilton that I want him on my huge staff..

    Free tickets to any footie match he wants…and free Labour birds and the tra la la à la Prescott……(2 shags and 2 jags and a life peerage to boot)

    You must know by now that I am the representative of progressive nonsense…

    I will not tolerate imposters like Cameroon vying with
    me for the most nonsencial progressive…

    • 9
      Thuggie Whelan says:

      You are crying already Ed ?

      I put you in as Labour Leader to at least keep a stiff upper lip…

      You have let us all down…

    • 13
      David Miliband says:

      “I will not tolerate imposters like Cameroon”

      Imposters?! How dare you talk about imposters, you little shit. When I finally take over the Party, you are so toast, bro.

      • 25
        Thuggie Whelan says:

        Hello David

        Have you recovered ? Or are you doing a Jonah ?

        I sent Florence Nightingale to see you the other day…she told me you were still crying…

        You have no idea of what fighting means, kid, and before you dream of leading the Labour party you must know that my friends will destroy you, AGAIN,

        You are even worse than your bro…and that is saying something…

      • 42
        tolpuddlemartyr says:

        Arrest warrant out for Julian Assange, and it comes from that whiter than white Nobel Peace Prize giving country Sweden. What next? US will be behind it, they don’t like it up ‘em do they?

        • 52
          George W says:

          I cannot tell a lie.

        • 72
          Sir William Waad says:

          This is the country that sold Hitler much of the iron ore he needed and allowed armed German troops to travel through its territory on their way to attack Russia.

        • 412
          misterned says:

          I have no sympathy for Julian Assange.

          He foolishly allows himself to be played as a patsy, thinking he is some sort of “big man” for unwittingly passing on doctored diplomatic cables, believing them to be the real deal.

          What a fuckwit! An easily disposable fuckwit too!

          Compare how the media are treating wikileaks, with how they treat any other other major leaks? Climategate? Sibel Edmonds? How much critical thinking are the media applying to the wikileaks info? Are they source checking before publication? or are they rushing to print information that is helpful to one nation’s foreign policy objectives, so no critical thinking is required?

  8. 8
    Righty Right Wing (Mrs) says:

    Sorry Guido, I do not share your optimism where Team Dave & their “progressive Blue Socialism” is concerned.

    Low taxes.

    Small state.

    Repeal of draconian legislation that interferes with our freedom & turns us into State clients for life – this is what should be being rammed through now for the good of all.

    But no.

    Team Dave are judged by their actions & found wanting – there is nothing Conservative about them.

    • 29
      Bob says:

      Dear Madam

      We are fighting here to try to make Britain a proud country again…

      You are right about Team Dave…

      The last chance we had of having a Conservative Gioverment was when Hague led the party

      He has lost interest now…

      We have second rate no tories leading a second rate government doing second rate things, sadly, and it will not improve…

      • 97
        Merry Christmas says:

        Bring back IDS?

        • 196
          Tessa Tickles says:

          Yep, that’ll do.

          Cameron = worst Tory leader ever, by far.

          • Borneo Bob's dylseixc raungo-utogan says:

            Ewdrad Haeht?

          • Tessa Tickles says:

            Heath? He signed us up to Europe. Cameron lies prostrate at van RumpyPumpy’s feet and hands over billions of pounds whilst England goes down the plug-hole.

            Heath was an imbecile. Cameron is a traitor.

          • Aesop o'Sardis says:

            Actually, Heath was a traitor. He admitted, after retirement, that he lied to the electorate to get us into Europe. His rationale was that we were too stupid to be allowed a democratic process.

            The political classes, including Cameron, share that view. We live in increasingly dangerous times. They have convinced themselves that they are benign guardians of the people and that democracy is an anachronism. Only they know what is best for us and any means justifies the end of establishing the new aristocracy.

            They only really care what each other thinks. There is no fear of public opinion because the public do not matter.

            In Westminster, the only important people live, work and play within a few hundred metres of the Hs of P. So, their policies converge into centre left fudge that pleases the press and reduces the chances of demanding debate. As more of them occupy the same policy space, the ground sinks under their weight and it becomes more difficult to move away from the central position.

            None of this matters, of course, as it is only the game itself that matters to the political classes. The people are an abstract notion that they use as a rhetorical device.

            I have reached the view that the only thing that can save our society is a revolution – which will probably be economic rather than physically violent. However, when the Euro collapses and we cannot recover what is owed us, there will be a lot of misery and violence when people have real trouble feeding themselves.

            A very large proportion of people would not be able to grow or rear food if there is an economic collapse.

        • 210
          random moonbat says:

          Bring back John Ball (1381 peasant uprising)

    • 117
      Anonymous says:

      Guido’s been fed this nonense by CCHQ to get your waverers back into line. It’s what guys like Hannan are used for. Just when you think the Tories aren’t worth a bucket of warm spit some ersatz right wing git pipes up with a sniff of red meat to get you all chiming, “Mmm, maybe the Tories aren’t such a lost cause after all… Not with Hannan/Cash/Hague on their team”.

      Time to strike out on your own and leave the SDP entryists to their ‘progressive nonsense’ . Fuck the Tories and fuck them hard – it’s all they deserve.

      • 198
        Tessa Tickles says:

        “some ersatz right wing git pipes up with a sniff of red meat to get you all chiming”

        After 13 years of Labour’s lies, we’re all finely tuned to the lies of politicians, and our Liarometers go into overload whenever Cameron even thinks of opening his lying mouth to spout lies, and that’s never going to change.

        Cameron’s a traitor and a liar, he’s openly anti-English and anti-Conservative and there’s no hope whatsoever of a second term for him and his party.

        (Unless Labour stick with Miliband, of course. But they won’t, so Dave’s Tories are a one hit wonder.)

  9. 11

    We’re all reassured that the tactic employed by certain Conservatives – lets call it a Blairite tactic of reach-around – to pretend progressive is highlighted as blatent pap.

    What would Peter Hitchens say?

  10. 12
    MI5 says:


    I like the extract you do not highlight

    “Our transport strategy, (if there is one)”

    As a matter of fact, I have worked in the transport sector for about 25 years

    Seen all the Ministers come and go…

    Hammond is a decent sort of fellow (would have been good at the Treasury IMO)


    but it is covered up by earthshaking announcements about how it could be…

  11. 14
    Buzz Lightweight says:

    I am trying to persuade Tony Bliar to stand as NuLiebore candidate in Oldham.

    Buzz Lightweight.

  12. 15
    Engineer says:

    “Progressive nonsense” – yes, a lot of it is; or at the very least, woolly thinking.

    However, the Hilton/Silva zen policies (Happiness index, for example) have not been totally expunged from government strategy, so there is still some room for improvement.

    Look chaps – the public would like you to keep it simple. Identify the problems facing Britain, and address them. Cut public spending, reduce tax levels, encourage private sector growth, distance the UK from the worst excesses of the EU Superstate (or leave it altogether), promote good relations and trade with the rest of the world (remember the Commonwealth? Our natural mates?), get educational attainment back up the international league tables, ensure a secure food supply and energy supply, address the housing shortage. When you’ve done all that, worry about woolly happiness indices.

    • 22
      Tessa Tickles says:

      If your last paragraph there, from the word ‘Identify’ onwards, had been the Conservative Party’s election manifesto, they’d have won outright.

    • 40
      Bob says:

      “When you’ve done all that, worry about woolly happiness indices.”

      Indeed, when they have done all of that…

      There will be no remote need for a Happiness Index or the zen crap…

      PS And a good national manifesto could be written on two A4 pages…

    • 50
      AC1 says:

      You miss out a few rather important ones.

      Make it always beneficial to work.
      Stop rewarding failure
      Stop Punishing Success
      Stop Government Debt.

      • 318
        Simon says:

        All of those, AND…

        …get really worried about the effects of the last 20 years’ *mm*grat*on; and do something about them!

    • 399
      Facts are Stubborn Things says:

      “get educational attainment back up the international league tables.”‘

      Learn a lesson from the example provided by the US. You will do more to improve education by controlling who enters your borders than anything having to do with classrooms. When 3rd world populations are removed from the testing mix in the US, the scores for even the worst US states start approximating those of less diversity inclined high performing nations. Daily Mail says that the white population of UK is declining. If so, unless you are bringing in only northern Asians to add to your population base, your scores are sure to fall not rise, regardless of your educational programs.

  13. 16
    Different names, same crowd says:

    Bit late for cast iron to “forget” to collect a piece of paper from the photocopier,he has already marked himself as a bag of horsemuck and as it sticks,people can’t wait to go to the polling booths.

  14. 18
    genghiz the kahn says:

    336 pages of Progressive Nonsense coming to a remainder store near you.

    Gordon Brown Beyond The Crash.

  15. 30
    Rohan Silva says:

    Listen, yeah. I’m the main man around here, yeah. I get shit done, yeah. I’m the original asian bad boy, yeah. I’m a geezer, yeah. The ladies love me, yeah. And if they don’t, I make ‘em, yeah. I’m a man about town, yeah. I’m a playboy, yeah. Don’t fuck with me, yeah. I can shout, yeah. I’ve got a bad boy temper, yeah.

  16. 33
    Down With Brown! says:

    Hilton should know all about nonsense.

  17. 36
    Heelo! I innocent assistanski! says:

    • 49
      shellingout says:

      Does it matter now? She should never have been employed in the first place – and neither should her boss!

    • 81
      Sir William Waad says:

      I love the way the TV people are terrified by a Still Picture. If it doesn’t move by itself they have to twizzle it round, frame it, dissolve it, zoom into it or otherwise fuss about in a kitschy way with their little electronic box of tricks. I wonder what their homes look like.

  18. 37

    R5 keeps running an advert about how 30 years we lost John Lennon.

    He wasn’t lost. He’s not Maddie!
    ….stop looking for him..He’s dead and buried in the cold,cold earth.

  19. 38
    DAVE (all wind and piss) CAMERON says:

    Call Me “U Turn” Cameron will get his sorry bull shitting arse kicked on the fee’s vote
    the headless / gutless glib-dumbs are going to scupper his big idea
    i feel an election brewing

  20. 46
    Ben Bradshaw says:

    Point of order, Mr Squeaker,

    I say a badger on your terrace…

    It really friiiighhtened me…

  21. 51
    Chinese Prime Minister says:

    I think you Europeans need your heads examined…

    I get calls every day from some two bit European government asking me for
    financial help…

    In what world do you live please ?

    • 65
      Governor of the Bank of England says:

      We live in a European world, Sir, where money grows on trees…

      Sadly our trees are all dying now…

      So we need your trees please…

    • 93
      AC1 says:

      You know those dollars pounds and euros we owe you?

      We’re running them off the photocopier right now.

    • 261

      So there’s no chance of you lot defaulting on your sovereign debt in the near future then, due to all your growth being swallowed up in a property boom and it costing nearly 2 yuan in issued money for every one yuan in growth, then?

      Ambrose Evans-Pritchard and the RBS (OK – no recommendation, that) seem to disagree…

      • 311
        Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

        If I was the Chinese Prime Minister I would be very much more concerned about the effects of the credit bubble that is about to burst in China than anything that is going on in Europe.

  22. 54
    Down With Brown! says:

    Was randy Jug ears thinking about Jackie? Or Alice? Or one of his research assistants?

  23. 55
    Nick2 says:

    It’d be nice to believe that the Tories weren’t in a death-dive towards soggy centre-left consensus with the Lib Dims & elements of Labour – but it’ll take more than an amusing stray photocopy to convince me that Cameron et el understand Conservative values, let alone implement them.

  24. 57
    TGF UKIP says:

    Et tu Guido? This is straight out of the Fraser Nelson “Let’s all give Cam the benefit of the doubt” school of wishful thinking.

    You are getting far too credulous, Guido.

    • 62

      Yes that is what they all say all the time in Downing Street…

    • 307
      Benbow says:

      Ah, the neck vein throbbing, eye bulging TGF UKRAP, hates the Speccie so much he spends so much of his pitiful time posting his bitter bedsit bile there ad nauseam.

      Take a bottle of scotch and a pistol to a dark damp corner of a park somewhere and end it all dear.

  25. 59
    Czech Embassy, London says:

    Mr Fawkes

    I want you to know that the Czech Government has officially given
    up the idea of taking on the Euro as our official currency

    We have understood from reading your blog that the Euro is doomed

    Thank you

    Good King Welceslaw…

  26. 68
    Gordon brown says:

    To mark the launch of my book, tomorrow I will be a teaspoon.

    • 78

      “Sign ‘ere guv.. You must really like this book{ looks at manifest} Mr Brown.
      25,000 copies of “Causing the crash”.. Or you’ve got a lot of friends wanting a Christmas thanks mate..i don’t think its my cup of tea.. No… really, mate, if its all the same to you..oh well if you insist. Make it out to Daryll…No mate..He’s my brother -in-law.
      I can’t stand him….

      Well , thanks for that..mind how you go..
      Oh! and mate..your flies are undone…I won’t have mentioned it but that tartan thong don’t leave much to the imagination…cheers then pal…What? Ok Mate..I’ll take another for the birdcage, sure why not?

  27. 69
    Ed Miliband says:

    I’m growing progressively more nonsensical.

  28. 71
    I hate New Labour says:

    At last!

    Finally, some decent exposure of the fact Cameron is nothing more than Blair with a blue tie. And just as useless.

    What with most LibDems deserting the spineless Clegg and disaffected Tories going to UKIP, I’d imagine Cameron will be a one-term PM.

    100% guarantee that Labour will get rid of Milibrown and replace him with a media friendly stooge not far from the next GE and Cameron will be finished.

    Note to Tory HQ: next time, pick a proper Conservative and don’t choose an old etonian (unless their name starts with Boris and ends with Johnson).

    • 82
      nell says:

      labour will get rid of milibrown?

      Not anytime soon.

      The inflexible, out of date rules for the labour party kept gordon in power long after his sell by date. Those rules have not yet been changed, nor can they be without a wide ranging debate and vote within the party.

      They’ll be years getting round to it!!

      Meanwhile buzzmilitwit is still driving his teenage banger headlong into the next car crash!

  29. 73
    FT Correspondent says:

    Has anyone seen or heard from the Criminal Woolarse..

    Examplary Labour Minister…

    Racist and part time expense fiddler

    Do the whole of the Labour Partyy support him still ?

    • 90
      Steve Miliband says:

      Ever heard of advertising – for a clue look at them all around this site.
      Do you think he does this nonsense for free?
      Anyone can advertise here I’m sure, but not really the Labour Party target audience

    • 108
      nell says:

      Well I don;t know that the whole of the labour party did support him, hattyharpic sure didn’t.

      One eminent MP though did throw his weight behind woolyarse and that was edmilitwit!!

  30. 75
    chris says:

    I wonder if anyone else saw the story in The Times.

    A company owned by Guido Fakwes was paid £29’000 by the Conservative Party Central Office, in “advertising fees”.

    A portion of this £29’000 was then passed on to the likes of Ian Dale, and Tory Bear, by Guido’s company to fund their blogs.

    Can we stop with all of this “libertarian” mumbo jumbo. Guido’s a conservative party funded blog, like any other.

    • 79
      FT Correspondent says:

      Give us a real quote chum

      Since no one here goes past the Times paywall !!

    • 80

      Yawn, it is called advertising.

    • 83

      Message Space you mean?
      Do some research yourself and then come and tell us all about it.

    • 87
      Sir William Waad says:

      Iain Dale has explained the truth of the position on his blog. The Times has not done its research.

      • 110
        chris says:

        Ian Dale failed to state that Messagespace is owned by Guido Fawkes

        • 115
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          Yeah and ??? Messagespace carries leftie ads as well .

          • chris says:

            I find it rather an odd conflict that the person who is supposed to the chief critic of political parties, owns a company that is quite reliant on their good will.

          • chris says:

            And surprisingly, the Conservative party show above average good will to the likes of Guido and Ian Dale

          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            Thats enough about the Guardian , whats your beef with Guido ?

          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            Unoions with Labourlist , is that wrong ?

          • chris says:

            I have no beef with anyone.

            Well, other than bloggers who try and claim they are none partisan.

            Labourlist, left foot forward, Red rag – the clue’s in the title

          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            And you point about how the tory party spend thier money ? Buy advertising to try a attract voters , Thats what election campaigns do !!!!

          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            Guido gives all parties shit !!!!

          • chris says:

            Do you think Political Parties advertise on favourable blogs to get exposure? Or to just hand them money, so they can keep operating?

            As for Guido, the vast majority of his attacks, in and out of government have been on Labour, and the left wing media.

          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            I dont know the stats , But i would say from what i have seen he attacks both tories and labour and the lib dems ( Have i left anyone out ?) , Whats wrong with attacking the left-wing media ? Highlighting hypocrsy, Like the G|uardians fake outrage over Phillip Green and they do similer things as to avioding Tax ( Legal of course ).

          • chris says:

            The problem comes when your attacks are so much more regular against single parties, and single Newspapers, that it becomes obvious that you’re probably an agent of the other side.

            I’ve yet to see a Guido expose on the Daily Mail

          • Could it be because Guido loathes socialists and Guardianistas?

          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            the guardian does nothing but attack toffs??? as with the mirror , Guido attacks Politicons and thieving Piggies , Bill wiggin ???

            you either are thicker than me ( I doubt it ) or you are he to wind people up .

          • Steve Miliband says:

            There’s more to work with on the left

    • 94
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Nope i dont pay !

    • 100
      Steve Miliband says:


      Ever heard of advertising – for a clue look at them all around this site.
      Do you think he does this nonsense for free?
      Anyone can advertise here I’m sure, but not really the Labour Party target audience

      • 112
        chris says:

        I’m sure if I wanted to make sure a favourable blogs kept going strong, during an election campaign, I’d be flooding them with advertising money as well

        • 121
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          All paties do it , The unions pay for advertising , Labour buy advertising , You really dont understand the point ???

          • chris says:

            I agree fully. But these blogs admit they are fully partisan.

          • chris says:

            It’s a bit farcical that you have Ian Dale on Sky News, asking to be referred to as a “political blogger” and denying that he is a Conservative party blogger, when he has a disclaimer on his web site, noting a conflict of interest he has, as he receives substancial funding from Lord Ashcroft!

            You can try and be too clever. And I feel Guido and Ian are in that territory

          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            How Lord Ashcroft spends his money is his buisness !!!! , how the unions spend there money is there buisness , How i spend my money is my buisness , If i wanted to take out a advert sayin vote Monster raving looney party and paid the right money , Guido would proberly take my cash , that does not mean he agrees with my advert !

          • AC1 says:

            Guido is fully partisan and an admitted libertarian, i.e. quite rightly an anti-marxist.

            He’s by no means a conservative.

      • 149
        chris says:

        That all rather depends on whether you were giving your money to these bloggers and expecting something back for your money.

        Lord Ashcroft probably does

  31. 77
    chris says:

    Guido Fawkes holding company, received £29’000 from the conservative party, in a one off payment, during the election campaign.

    For someone who’s made a name uncovering sleaze, scandal, and corruption, could I enquire why the author is taking payments from parties during election campaigns?

    • 95
      Sir William Waad says:

      You haven’t got the real story. Guido (or Adolf bin Laden to give him his real name) is really funded to the extent of £4 billion a year by Bilderberg, the Illuminati, Slash ‘n’ Burn (a shadowy consortium with interests in oil, gas, nuclear waste and logging), and giant lizards from the planet Sn!Arggz.

    • 96
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Adverts ???? You also see adverts for tony blairs book , and mandy , and brown , ian dale advetrs on labourlist etc

      • 106
        Illiterati says:

        Adverts? Is that what they were?

        I’d thought they were wanted posters

      • 107
        chris says:

        So the Conservative Party paid Messagespace to put up adverts for Tony Blair’s book?

        You’d need an ant size brain to see it’s just their way of funneling money to their blog network

        • 113
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          Anyone can place a advert ( as long as both parties agree a fee) , There was one a week ago sayin ” Bobs right , Bollocks to the cuts” , that wasnt paid by tory hq , Proberly a union .

          • chris says:

            You may be a person who thinks political parties hand right leaning bloggers thousands in advertising funding, as it’s a way of attracting those vital 75 votes they need.

            I just think it’s how they fund their blog networks.

            Donation. Advertising revenue. Gift Aid

            Call it what you want

          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            So no party should advertise anywhere then , No blogs , no newspapers , Billboards ????

          • chris says:

            It depends whether you believe parties actually advertise on favourable blogs, to actually get exposure (I’m sure nobody on Ian Dale’s site even knows who David Cameron is) or to keep them churning out attacks on a party you don’t particularly like?

          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            Thats politics , and at the end of the day is up to voters at the ballot box .

          • chris says:

            I agree fully.

            I’m just saying, the likes of Ian Dales content, and Ian Dale’s funding mechanism, aren’t quite similar through pure coincidence.

            For the likes of Guido and Dale to deny they are none-partisan, libertarians, is ludicrous

          • Dale is a Conservative, Guido is a libertarian.

          • AC1 says:

            Because “dave” is just sooo popular on here….

          • chris says:

            David Cameron isn’t very popular with the conservative movement in general.

        • 127
          nell says:

          Message Space also placed adverts with the graudian. You need the whole balanced picture. Nothing wrong in making a living from advertising.

          • chris says:

            Well, I wouldn’t be trying to bring Cameron down, if he’s handing me £29’000 a year in advertising fees

          • nell says:

            No disrepespect but as iaindale pointed out earlier in the day – his advertising share of the £29k was about £600.

            What was the guardians, guido’s. and the rest of the media and blogosphere?

            It’s not likely, is it, when it is spread so thin, that you’re going to buy friends.?

            Advertising is a respectable way of making a living. OMG! Even labour do it!! Although to be fair, when they were in office they preferred to buy union support by channelling £millions of taxpayers money into union treasure chests instead!

            Do stop being such a silly!

          • chris says:

            “No disrepespect but as iaindale pointed out earlier in the day – his advertising share of the £29k was about £600.”


            I’d say £600 for an election campaign was fair going. The payment was only for a 2 month period apparently

          • chris says:

            I just don’t get how political parties can funnel money into blogs, through advertising companies, owned by prominent bloggers, and blog readers can’t smell a fish.

            I realise blogs need to be funded. However, you have to ask whether they’re given funding based on what they write, or write to get the funding.

            Either way, I fail to understand how they aren’t partisan

          • nell says:

            You can’t smell a fish when there isn’t one.

            And believe me when there is one ( as at the moment with mike handcrook) you can’t fail to smell it.

            Of course you might be a labour urbanite, one of those folks that never venture outside of their multi story blocks in the middle of the city. Might I suggest you take to trip to grimsby or lowestoft or anywhere else where they deal in fresh fish.

            Where it is you can’t fail to smell it.

            But as far as Message Space is concerned you’re up a creek without a paddle and not a fish in sight!! Give it up you’re wasting your breath!

          • turnip watch says:

            you can safely ignore nell since she’s about as unbiased a source as her fantasy man eric pickles

            if Dave shit in nell’s mouth she would tell us all it’s delicious chocolate

            she has no spine or mind of her own and is a conservative party drone

          • nell says:

            Bless tat you’re such a twit.

            How about you do something serious for a change like advocating voting independent in the forthcoming oldham election 2011.

          • Must get a pseudonym one day says:

            What no-one seems to have spotted is that Guido Fawkes is actually a pseudonym. In this case, it’s disguising the political operating arm of Sepp Blatter and FIFA, working their devious magic on UK politics – that explains the Incredible Coalition.

            Their next challenge (it should be a doddle for Sepp & the Boys) is to get the 2014 Winter Olympics for Saudi Arabia – as a famous Russian meerkat observed after securing the World Cup, “Simples”.

  32. 114
    DAVE (all wind and piss) CAMERON says:

    Another tory election pledge bites the dust
    “People caught carrying a knife can expect to go to prison !”
    NOT !

    Ken (spineless) Clarke says
    now we haven’t got the room to keep locking people up
    any way it doesn’t work
    Another tory “U” Turn
    time to start packing” Gutless Dave”

    • 123
      Gordon Brown says:

      I’m ready to lead the nation again.

    • 125
      ItWasAllAPackOfLies says:

      We’re on the same wavelength Dave

    • 416
      I hate New Labour says:

      Really, is anyone surprised by Tory u-turns with Cameron leading them?

      He is Blair with a blue tie and less charisma.

      Anyone with a remotely traditional Conservative viewpoint should steer of the Tories until they get rid of this lefty stooge and replace him with a real Conservative. I know I am.

  33. 120
    ItWasAllAPackOfLies says:

    Another one bites the dust

    • 152
      Harriets Hairless Hatch says:

      I prefer Queens version.

    • 185
      Sir William Waad says:

      I always carry a knife when I’m out in the fields.

    • 418
      I hate New Labour says:

      I think we can conclude election pledges are truly worthless now.

      We always knew this, but I can’t remember a time where such naked abandonment of them occurred. Even Labour tried to spin their deceit on the euro referendum. The Tories clearly don’t even have enough respect to try that.

      The Labour ads for the next GE are already writing themselves.

  34. 122
    chris says:

    You know, I read this earlier:

    “Messagespace has one majority shareholder, ‘Global and General Nominees Ltd’. The only other enterprise that Global and General Nominees ‘own’ is Guido Fawkes blog.”

  35. 124
    chris says:

    As I’ve said before, don’t think the double dealing, corruption, and sleaze ends in the commons.

    The bloggers are normally part of the system as well

    • 142

      I am… Now give me £2k and I’ll write a puff piece about ‘Solid Ed’
      If you don’t I’ll do the one about soiled Ed instead..

      Make cheque payable to BQi-investments. Same offshore account as guardian media.

  36. 146

    Dear CCHQ i think Dave Cameron is the most fantastic leader this country has ever had
    he is just so good looking and rumour has it he has a massive cock
    George Osborne with his chisled looks and he man stance would grace the arm of any super model
    the coalition is the most fantastic idea this century
    and as for those fuckin students
    i would call in the troops and shoot the scruffy fuckers
    right how’s that ?
    i’m not greedy so if you send me £20,000 i would be most chuffed thank you

  37. 147
    nell says:

    Watched the mike hancrook story today unfold.

    Why is it he hasn’t also been arrested for espionage?

    His EU peers say they have long expressed concern over his close links with r+ss ia. Fellow libdems in the HoC say they have persistently warned him that his string of easteuropean women in his office were potential spies but he has ignored them.

    He’s been noted to ask searching questions about defence, of ministers, whilst having no valid reason for needing to know such information.

    When asked by a reporter today, how many times he has visited ru+ss ia , he replied “I don’t recall as my passport fell into the sea”

    It could just be that mikehancrook is a quite sharp spy hiding behind the personae of a bumbling fool!

    Methinks our se cu rityser vices are being a bit naive!!

    • 204

      Or could it be that he’s just a bumbling fool, who has been mistaken for a masterspy?

      • 224
        nell says:

        Well Bill if that’s the case why was he asking those detailed defence questions of ministers, that as an mp, he had no need to know?

        Questions, incidentally, that attracted the attention of our sec+ urity ser+ vices?

        Why has he visited ru+ ss ia so often, but can’t tell us how often, because he says, his passport fell into the sea. Where was that and how did that happen? It wasn’t thrown perchance was it?

        Let’s remember , this mp has an even murkier past than prezza when it comes to dodgy s+xu al pursuits. There are rumours, as yet unproved, that he targetted a vulnerable young romani+ an lass on one of his easteuropean junkets.

        If you study the handbook for spooks and who to target – he tops your list because he has so much to hide. He’ll happily work for you if you know his secrets!

  38. 148
    Down With Brown! says:

    Woolarse says goodbyeeeee:

    Down with Brown says fuck off Woolarse.

    • 227
      nell says:

      Wonder what he’s going to do now?

      Think he’ll turn up as buzzmilitwit’s spin doctor?

      That would be fun!!

      • 272

        Well, nell – the only time I ever encountered Woolyarse was during the student grant demos in 86 when the c’unt was sat on top of a bus shelter near Westminster Bridge with the police photographers, pointing out people he could identify.

        He was chairtwat of the NUS at the time, and I was the one that started the sit down protest that buggered up the Glasgow SWP’s plans for a scrap with the cops as soon as the first banners were thrown.

        I’d guess he’ll be enrolled in the ‘supergrass’ programme and exiled to Canada, if there’s any justice…

        • 273
          Tim Lovejoy says:

          I bumped into Phill at a New Labour party once ……

        • 280
          nell says:

          Exiled to canada!! Oh Paragnostic what are you thinking??!!

          Canada’s a great place to be even in the winter.woolyarse would be far too comfortable there!!

          Couldn’t we exile him to the antarctic? No s’pose not that would just pollute the really clean places on earth wouldn’t it??!!

          • Quangocrat says:

            The eminent former member of the HoC, will be found a nice and cosy, amply rewarded sinecure in Quangoland. The parasite class look after each other.

  39. 151
    Andy Coulson says:

    You’ve been had,Guido.
    That photocopied document was a spoof

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  40. 164
    Anonymous says:

    Given that Labour spent 13 years dragging us back to the 1970s, it’s pretty hard to argue that the Tories aren’t progressive.

    When compared to Labour’s determination to re-enact failed socialist policies that even the Soviet bloc rejected 20 years ago, pretty much anyone looks progressive.

    • 178
      chris says:

      Look up definition of “progressive”

      It’s not a literal term.

      It means taxing rich people more than you tax poor people.

      • 187
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        Yep , How much of someones income should the state take , To be progressive ? 20% , 30% ? 50% , You do know the private sector pays for the public , The public sector does not create wealth .

      • 197
        Mr Plum says:

        But when you hear the term “Progressive” why do they always finish the sentence with “going forward” if it is not used literally.

      • 200
        Engineer says:

        According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary, ‘Progressive’ means, “moving forward; proceeding step by step, successive… rates increasing with the sum taxed….”

        So, progressive taxation is the punitive taxation of those paying more tax. OK up to a point, but if you take it too far, those paying most tax pack up on the grounds that the activity incurring the high tax is no longer worth the effort, so you end up losing. Progressive taxation is not the answer to all ills.

        • 203
          Mr Plum says:

          The more you think about it the more taxing it is

        • 277

          OK Eng – you’re brighter (or maybe just a bit older) than I – I’m in favour of a high tax threshold, a ‘social wage’ or ‘citizens dividend’ and then flat rate tax – no progressive taxation at all.

          Can anyone tell me why this is wrong? I’m just a simple mathematician who wants the state to get the hell out of his life, and don’t pretend to understand the verbal machinations of so called ‘economists’.

          My manifesto wouldn’t even fill 2 sides of A4, let alone cover Eric Pickles’ modesty…

          • 6EQUJ5 says:

            Google Laffer Curve.

          • Engineer says:

            Parag. – thanks for the compliment, but I wouldn’t claim more than modest intelligence.

            I think that, in general, the simplest solutions are best. I’d go for a generous tax-free allowance (say £10,000 at today’s values) and then a flat-rate income tax of (say) 30%. Those on modest incomes can thus pay their basic bills from the tax-exempt part of their income, and keep 70% of the rest for discretionary purchases. Those on higher incomes would have more spending power, so there would be a trickle-down effect as they purchased goods and services. Someone on £200,000 a year would have net income of £144,000 – if they spend only £80,000 of this, they are affectively supporting about four other jobs.

            Yes, flat-rate tax sounds good to the wider economy to me.

          • data mining says:

            Why not just put the laffer curve on the blog Guido?

      • 288
        luminary says:

        I agree with Chris. A tax bill of £100k is clearly more than a tax bill of £5,000.

      • 375
        AC1 says:

        Progressive means fining people for creating wealth and rewarding people for destroying it.

        Progressive means lowering the market wages of the poor.

        Progressive means more unemployment.

        Progressive means economic destruction

        Progressive is a synonym for marxism.

      • 389
        Anonymous says:

        No, dumb-dumb. That’s merely the meaning that your leftist friends have given it because they want to pretend that their regressive policies will actually bring progress.

        Now go away and contract cancer.

    • 182
      nell says:

      Can you imagine even trying to attach the expression ‘progressive’ to bullybrown or edballs?!

      And you sure as hell can’t attach it to the juvenile buzzmilitwit whose still charging around in a gocart smashing into haybales!!

      • 225
        Dave sucks Obama's cock says:

        Dave on the other hand is a lightweight heir to Blair always keen to please his boss in the White House just like his hero Blair.

        • 232
          nell says:

          Sorry can’t see cameron and the leftwing omaha having much in common.

          Even less after the last week’s wikileaks revelations.

          Going to be fun if omaha loses the 2012 election to palin the bullying yank who thinks northkorea is her ally.

          I suspect even hague is now sending secret cables to his ambassadors in the US of A saying, ‘treat these people like the clowns that they are’!!

        • 234
          nell says:

          Ah! omaha the lightweight!!

          • turnip watch says:

            Obama who Dave called BRILLIANT! and who’s ministers prostrated themselves to the US ambassador

            because Dave is as far up Obama’s arse as you are up Dave’s


          • nell says:

            Despite public statements of support, I doubt very much, after the wiki8leaks revelations, that the UK govt is privately giving much support to omaha and the U s of a!!

          • God bless our dead troops. only joking!! fuck them now it's my hero Dave's problem says:

            apart from all the dead troops in Afghanistan you mean?

            amazing how quick you keep forgetting about them isn’t it nell?

  41. 166

    Students are laying siege to the Tate Britain gallery where the Turner prize presentation is taking place

    • 177
      nell says:

      Very suitable place for them too.

      Hopefully temperatures are around -10 tonight.

      So what’s up for the turnerprize in 2010 +++yawn+++

      another emin soiled unmade bed, pile of broken bricks, or is it a heap of dirty M25 melting snow?

      • 180
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        “another emin soiled unmade bed,”

        Yep , No 10 donated Gordons old bed .

        • 208

          Someone seems to have entered an old Rocking Horse.
          Lots of chipped paint and the saddle smells of something familiar, yet unpleasant.

          It’s bound to win.

      • 184
        IAN DUNCAN'S SPLIFF says:

        Maybe the pile of shite they leave outside
        will win it as a last minute entry ?

      • 190
        Engineer says:

        Is the Turner Prize an inscribed copy of ‘Lathework for Dummies’?

    • 242
      South of the M4 says:

      Banksey had the best comment on the Tate. He stencilled ” Mind The Crap” on the stairs outside.

    • 279

      Maybe they’re hoping the KLF are going to turn up again and this time they’ll get there before the bonfire…

  42. 174
    Liebore thuggery says:

    Labour MP Paul Farrelly says he will not face disciplinary action for wrestling a man to the floor inside the Houses of Parliament last month. The incident happened at a karaoke party at the Sports and Social club. A newspaper seller claimed the MP for Newcastle-under-Lyme punched him, leaving him with a cut above his eye. Mr Farrelly said he acted in self-defence and has told BBC News there will not be a parliamentary investigation into the altercation. At the time, Scotland Yard said it had not received complaints about the incident on 6 November.

  43. 179

    David Davis to vote against the tuition fee rises !
    one down how many more to go ?

  44. 181
    chris says:

    It seems if you state that the Times claimed MessageSpace is owned by the same company that owns this blog, you get moderated out.

    “Messagespace has one majority shareholder, ‘Global and General Nominees Ltd’. The only other enterprise that Global and General Nominees ‘own’ is Guido Fawkes blog.””

    Here’s to libertarism!

    • 192
      Sir William Waad says:

      Well, the scales have certainly fallen from my eyes and no mistake!

      Seriously, why does that matter?

      • 213
        chris says:

        It doesn’t. I just find it amusing, that a person who seemingly makes a living looking for juicy details, and conflicts of interest, regarding politicians, owns the advertising company, that funds political blogs, through, in general political donations.

        And then moderates people who, post quotes from newspaper articles on the subject.

        Probably ranks alongside his (failed) attempts to censor his own Wikipedia page, and sue other blog writers who write articles on him!

        As I said, here’s to libertarism (as long as I’m not the subject”

        • 286
          nell says:

          Well you’ve just said it and he hasn’t moderated you.

          That rather nullifies your argument.!!

          • AC1 says:

            He’s said it about 27 times.

            I wonder is it projection? He sounds like he’s someone who’s easily bought, but then most narcissists (the core personality disorder underlying marxism) are easily influenced.

  45. 183
    OiOi says:

    Ken Clark strikes again.

    How very Progressive of him and “Dave”.

    Ken Clarke to drop Tory knife jail pledge

    • 201
      So wet you could grow water lillies on his back says:

      Wet Ken is the criminal’s friend. The lefties in the CPS – the Criminal Protection Service – must love him. One would hope – perhaps unkindly – that he would one day have his house burgled by criminal scum and might then change his mind.

      But as a former home sec he no doubt qualifies for maximum security and can therefore live out the rest of his life in a safe, crime-free, body-guarded bubble…while telling the rest of us that crime is just a figment of our imagination….and that criminals are all jolly nice chaps really…

      • 207
        Fat Ken Loves Crims says:

        Wet Ken lives in Nottingham who have the worse ranked police force in the country and one of the highest crime rates in the country.

        • 215

          I’ve just come back from there.
          If you want a plate of chips at any hour of the day or night I’d recommend it.

          The only other place I can recall where the chip wraps and celloplates are actually knee high at about 4am is Cardiff.

          I’d rather go there.

      • 209
        Aaron puffter says:

        see post 114 posted at 6.15
        do try to keep up

      • 214
        Tessa Tickles says:

        “But he [Clarke] said those guilty of using a knife would face a “serious” jail term.”

        Hmm. A serious term of.. 3 weeks, being called “Mr” by the prison officers, whilst playing on their in-cell Xboxes?

        If I’d bothered voting in the May election, I’d be feeling pretty cheated today. Fortunately, I stayed at home.

      • 219
        chris says:

        There is a vast conflict in wanting to be “hard on crime” and “low on taxes”.

        • 268
          Tessa Tickles says:

          Really? I thought most crime was committed by a ‘hard core’, so shove that hard core into an unlit, unheated prison cell for, rough estimate, 50 years, and feed them nothing but slops and rainwater.

          Cost? Piss-all, really.

  46. 186
    chris says:

    Anyway, I’ll leave you all to your fun.

    Here’s to 2015 ;)

    • 191
      Engineer says:

      …by which time the deficit might be eliminated, but the National Debt will have increased substantially.

      • 250
        Engineer says:

        It should also be pointed out that had we now had a Labour government, by 2015 the deficit would not have been eliminated, and in consequence the National Debt would have increased even more, and would be continuing to increase.

        • 293
          albacore says:

          We have a jellyfish LibCon government that might just fudge, mudge and smarm it all the way to 2015 but, by that time, it has as much chance of eliminating the deficit as our cat.
          (Oops, sorry, Scruffy, compared with that sack bag of pussies you’re a sabre-toothed tiger for defending your territory).

          • Engineer says:

            Compare the two approaches. The Coalition plan to eliminate the deficit in one term, Labour planned to halve it. Which approach leaves us better off in 2015 (assuming things go nearly to plan)? is it better to stop digging if you’re in a hole, or to keep digging, but slower?

          • albacore says:

            Wasn’t it Healey, another Lib/Lab/Con economic genius, who, in a rare episode of lucidity, promulgated that the First Law of Holes is that, if you’re in one, you stop digging?

          • albacore says:

            Trouble is, Digger Dave and his cast-iron spade are still at it like a demented mole.

          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            Dave’s three billion a week hole, is certainly big enough and progressive enough to cause a lot more pain, than it solves.

    • 276
      Ed Sillitwat says:

      Thankyou Chris,and we’ll leave you to splashing the lingerie section in your mums freemans catologue.

  47. 189
    Trashbin Alibi Clown says:

    Do you love me? If you answer no, I’ll report you to the police.

  48. 202

    that fuckin cretin Aaron Porter says that the lib-dems should vote against tuition fees because it was students that elected them
    Wrong !
    very many of the people who elected them
    are tax payers who are sick to death of funding your three year drinking binge
    now fuck off and get a job

    • 211
      Mr Plum says:

      Aarr but most students who voted lib dem will not be paying it, only those starting uni next year will, so they never lied.

    • 217
      chris says:

      To be fair, 90% of top earners are graduates.

      And they pay so much tax, to subsidise the middle classes bills, so you get nice lives, on the cheap, so you can afford caravans and foreign holidays.

      So, I’d be a bit upset if I paid for my entire law education, personally, then was asked to subsidize middle income earners for the rest of my life, as I tried to pay off my huge levels of student debt.

      The truth is, if you’re asking students to pay for their own education, they should have their own taxation system as well.

      If we all paid our own way, we’d all be poorer. You’d be paying 35% income tax for one

      • 220
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        Top rate of tax is 50%

        • 230
          chris says:

          I’m saying, if everyone paid fair tax (as in the same % of their earnings) you and I would be paying a LOT more every year.

          It’s no good moaning about graduates, and asking that they take on huge amounts of debt to get qualified, to be doctors, and lawyers, and architects and dentists, then ask them to subsidies people who put nothing into the system, for the rest of their lives, rather than pay off their debt.

          A lawyer could pay of £60k in debt quite fairly, if they were paying fair tax once they qualified.

          You try paying off that sort of money, when you’re giving 60% of your salary to the government, so they can cut middle class taxes to stay in power

      • 221
        Welcome to the real world students says:

        Students want there cake and to eat it too, if they don’t like it they should try going to another countries especially an EU countries University and see how far they get expecting a free education.

        I.e. Not fucking very far.

        • 233
          Listen very carefuly, I vill say this only once says:

          If you go to uni in france and you try to skive by skipping lectures and getting pissed, and being mediocre you will very quickly be shown the door. They work like trojans and treat university as a priviledge, not a right.

    • 222
      chris says:

      I went to uni free, but I’d be pissed if I was a 16 year old.

      The baby boomers have taken and taken and taken for decades, and what do they get as punishment? Protection from the cuts that they created. Pensioners are the least affected demographic.

      What do 16 year olds get, who’ve done nothing to create the debt? Told that they’re hopes of doing something with their lives, may be dictated by their willingness to borrow £24k+ at high interest.

      You know, wouldn’t you be annoyed?

      50 and 60 year old passing their debt on to school kids?

      • 229
        PAYE says:

        Er, excuse me the baby boomers have also worked and worked and paid their taxes for decades….

      • 237
        The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

        Pay attention Chris. This middle aged boomer worked from 16 until now, paid my way in tax and everything else. Didn’t go to university, just kept working and paying tax and funded my offspring so they wouldn’t have any debt when they graduated.

        If you think I have had anything for free then you are very much mistaken. The workers of this country cannot be blamed for the stupidity and calculated cynicism of our political masters.

      • 283
        Anonymous says:

        There’s a simple answer to this – if you don’t think a university education is worth it , then don’t go !!! Simple.

      • 300
        IAN DUNCAN'S SPLIFF says:

        Er excuse me mr prospective lawyer
        i am a fifty odd year old left school with no qualifications
        went to collage learnt a trade and have worked for 39 years never having a day out of work
        i for one am sick to fuckin death of paying for free loaders whether they are students or dolite scum
        i put my kids through uni with tuition fee’s introduced on the English by Scotish Welsh and Dup and Labour politicians
        who in my and many other peoples opinion had no right to vote on policy that did not effect them
        we paid for our kids who both worked as well as went to uni
        no help from the state they had debts and have paid them back so what is the problem ?
        the party who introduced the fee’s have also destroyed my right to retire
        after paying a pension for 39 years it is now fuckin worthless and that does piss me off
        i will never get another chance to put away money for my retirment
        so i am condemed to work till i drop
        so dont tell me that you are middle class if you own a fuckin caravan FFS fuckin gypo’s own caravans and i wouldn’t put them as middle class !
        the very people that drain my tax money will be the very people who you will make your vast fortune from

      • 386
        AC1 says:

        > I went to uni free,

        Really the professors and lecturers were volunteers? Where is this university? Is it at the end of a rainbow?

    • 387
      AC1 says:

      One of the best uses for debt is to fund an education.

      It makes the borrower think…

      “Hmm will my higher wages be more than the interest on this course?”

      That calculation then helps the economy.

      Hiding the course fees in extortion has the effect of damaging the economy in a number of ways. As this is bad for the country I expect marxists to support it.

  49. 206
    Jerry Adams says:

    Has anyone got a wee cool tin of cola for Bobby Sands?

  50. 216
    • 226
      Mr Plum says:

      Tried reading it but lost the will to live

    • 244
      Trashbin Alibi Clown should get stoned...on ganja, of course, nothing else says:

      Does the article end with Trashbin vowing to kill herself? If so, I’ll read it.

      • 252
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        Yeah .

        • 260
          Trashbin Alibi Clown should get stoned...on ganja, of course, nothing else says:

          It’s not right to get someone’s hopes up like that.

          I am outraged that this evil sack of dogshit has the audacity to piss on the country who welcomed her and pays her a nice salary. Can you imagine the howls of outrage if someone wrote the sarcastic things she says about Britain?

          Are Britons not the luckiest, nay most ingenious, people on the planet? Their ancestors – at least the power merchants among them – contrived the first parliament in the world and in time, after desperate struggles and sacrifices, came universal suffrage. Makes one proud. In the 21st century this plucky nation took people power that much further, that much higher, created The X Factor! Strictly Come Dancing!! I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!!!

          Rather live in a country with X Factor than countries which stone to death rape victims and broadcast “children’s programming” that teaches kiddies that J ews are pigs and should be killed.

          Please someone fucking strip this c unt of her citizenship and deport her to Uganda.

    • 264
      Up sh1t creek says:

      I tried to read it all, I really did, but I just could not. Someone pays here to write this garbage?

      How about this line “Simon Cowell is more powerful than all MPs put together”

      Really, so Simon somehow takes my money even though I don’t watch his tat, or buy his tat records? Ooh, that’s power.

      Meanwhile the MPs steal my money on a hourly basis for their friends, and the bankers, and the rest of the hangers on. And once every four or five years you get to decide if you’ve had enough and a different crook steals from you for another five year term.

      Oh yes, Simon REALLY is powerful. NOT.

  51. 228
    The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

    Why do we delude ourselves that “progressive” is synonymous with “Good”. Some deadly diseases are “progressive”

    Any way these words are not as important as Jim Naughtie’s blunder this morning. He does have ‘previous’ on this score he once went to say “ballot box” and it came out “bollock bats”.

    There is also the Woodcraft Folk, who sound like a sort of amateur band who sing country ditties at W.I. events. Their name sounds cute but they are a lefty version of the Scouts who want to bring the benefits of the great outdoors and camping to budding Marxists. Oh, I nearly forgot, they also want them to join protests against tuition fees.

    What with all those country pursuits, maybe they should change their name to “The Whittler Youth”

    • 235
      Baden-Powell says:

      I think the Woodcraft Folk are having a sing-along outside The Turder Prize presentation right now.

    • 236
      chris says:

      Because everything is progressive.

      Conservatism doesn’t exist. They’re just progressives who try and progress as slow as possible.

      If you told a conservative voter 100 years ago, that they’d have gay MPs, and black MPs, and MPs who were taxing the wealthiest at 50% of earnings, you’d be declared a heretic.

      • 239
        Liam Bryne says:

        Sorry , Theres no money left .

        • 247
          I don't think humanity will make another century says:

          All the non partisan or agenda based intellectuals from the middle of last century if they are still alive must be laughing at our stupidity and also crying in despair and how we are basically perpetually reliving the same cycle and mistakes all over again.

          Can you imagine being alive in the times of Hayek after he debunked and torpedoed socialism well and truly, seeing former staunch supporters like Orwell and his ilk admitting they where wrong and pouring scorn on the very ideas they onced championed.

          To go through all that and then the Milton Freidman years to witness the fall of communism and the end of the socialist experiment in most of the east.

          To realise the whole ideology is a cancer on the world.

          To where we are today, with people wanting to go keep giving it a go and nutters like Brown at the till for thirteen years with nothing being said about his barmy wealth re-distrubiton schemes like stealing peoples pensions and bankrupting the country.

          All in all we are fucked well and truly they must be thinking and glad they won’t be around to watch it happen again I bet.

      • 243
        nell says:

        If you’d told it to the old labour party, they’d have told you the same!

      • 245
        Engineer says:

        By that measure, there should be no Labour Party on the grounds that most of their members do not labour, in the dictionary-definition sense of the word.

        Arguing about semantics might be fun, but it doesn’t solve any of the country’s problems.

      • 248
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        If you asked a progressive a 100 years ago they belivied in Eugenics has that changed ?

  52. 246
    Is she a Labour voter? says:

  53. 249
    Hallelujah says:

    Heard on PM this evening that HM Gov is considering relaxing MOTs from 3 years to 4 years for new cars and then every 2 years hence.

    Have to say that I was gobsmacked that for once the government is relaxing a rule and freeing up its citizens.

    Of course the BBC immediately found some MOT industry bod who said this would mean death on the streets but he came over as pissing against the wind.

    • 274
      Must get a pseudonym one day says:

      It’s just another bit of EUSSR regulation – that’s the target standard for all the EU, so Cast-Iron Dave is trying to claim it as his own policy because it will be generally popular.

      Who wants their car totalled by the Grease-Gun Gestapo every single year ?

      Remember, it was the Ten-Year Test when it first came in – that made lots more sense and was a genuine safety test, rather than all the nonsense they’ve included in it now.

      Trouble is, they’ll then introduce Government Test Centres, rather than private licensed operators, and it will cost lots more bung to get a dodgy pass. You’ll still got one, it will just cost more in folding stuff.

  54. 255
    Up sh1t creek says:

    The BBC wet themselves at the prospect of Julian Assange being arrested.

    • 259
      Libertarian my arse says:

      That sounds like a state sponsored attack on free speech.

      A subject real libertarians care about.

      So it has no place here on Fawke’s blog of Conservative Party spin.

    • 262
      A question of timing says:

      They are probably jealous that he has reported more “news” in just one week than they have in their lifetime.

      Assange should though IMHO slow down and stagger his releases. But well done him for Providing more info than the BBC has ever done.

    • 291
      nell says:

      The beeb long ago gave up the mantle of professional, impartial news provider.

      It happened the day that bliar was first elected as pm.

      Champagne bottles not only littered the corridors of the beeb but the streets outside.

      They have been comically left wing biased, and completely partisan ever since!!

      Why on earth do they even bother to produce a daily news programme. It is always such rubbish. Only the most uneducated rabble would ever bother to listen to it!!

      • 299
        Noel Edmonds says:

        And only the sheep would pay for it.

        • 346
          The Sheikh Of Araby says:

          That creepy fat cun t Mark Stephens, who represents the fucking weirdo Aussie pervert just had his firework pissed on big time on Newsnight: if diplomats don’t have the right to confidentiality, shouldn’t the same apply to journalists and lawyers? Say “sayonara” to client confidentiality, you fucking serial-killer-eyed sweating-like-a-fucking-rapist keg of walrus sperm.

      • 347
        she really is this stupid says:

        Greg Dyke was sacked after the Hutton whitewash you dumb twat

  55. 270
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Question : I was surfing the net and came across a piece on the 1980s , The first few years there was a downturn (resessicon) in the USA , Did Lady Thatcher cliam ” It started in America” or was it just Gordon Brown ( very Part time MP ) that used that line ?

  56. 278
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Now if only we had some gold to sell , We could pay of some of the deficit.

  57. 289
    nell says:

    Canada looking at prosecuting people who advocate harming assange.

    Pity the u s of a aren’t doing the same againsrt palin!!

    • 305

      He needs to get to Canada ASAP because theres nout so sure that this country will hand him over to America even if it is via the Swedes We have a one way extradition treaty with America !

      • 315
        The world went mad or was it us? says:

        It’s a sad fucking testament to modern times to say he would be safer in fucking China of all places than the USA.

  58. 294
    Anonymous says:

    chris huhne has resigned from the government over the tuition fees vote, he says that clegg has not shown leadership over the issue.

  59. 324
    Red Ed fucks up says:

    For those who missed it, and for those who want a good laugh, here’s Red Ed’s shambolic interview on Today in which Humphrys pretty much demolished him.

    • 330
      Anonymous says:

      He truly is an utterly useless cock.

      • 339
        Isn't he just ? says:

        • 343
          Psycho Alert says:

          Oh no, he’s back. The one who posts at 3 in the morning. Mr Wuv and Winkie.

          • Fuckwit Alert says:

            Awwwww.. the little pussy is going to start crying again.
            Try not to laugh at his tiny tears of frustration as he wails and stamps his feet because his wankfantasy Dave is proved to be as big a twat as he is.

          • Anonymous says:

            He must be a chutney shoveller,this subject is clearly close to his heart.

          • Cast Iron Cameron the Hier to Blair says:

          • Anonymous says:

            I think he wants to do Daves uphill gardening,Cammers prefers fish mitten though so don’t build your hopes up.

        • 355
          Brokeback Cameron says:

          Brokeback Cameron loves Nick shovelling his chutney.

          • No Cricket Scores ( Not a Sport blog) says:

            Are you anti gays or anti Tories ?

          • Yawn says:

            Apart from anything else, don’t you at least get tired of monomaniacally posting the same comments again and again? At least bring a bit of variation to your deranged posts. You’re obviously a very ill man who’s lonely but try to broaden your vocabulary if not your life experience. I’ll help you with a simple suggestion. When replying to someone you delusionally believe to be a Tory employee, vary your response and say something imaginative like “Stop reading Coulson’s scripts out”. Always relying on “little baby’s gonna cry” or “lickspittle” just gets tedious.

          • No Cricket Scores ( Not a Sport blog) says:

            @ Yawn . Me ????

          • Yawn says:

            @No Cricket Scores, no, that was directed at the fruitloop who has a fixation with anal sex and beginning his posts with Aaaaww. He’s a very troubled person.

          • No Cricket Scores ( Not a Sport blog) says:

            No worries Yawn .

      • 361
        the truth says:

        There couldn’t be a more useful idiot. Lets hope he stays.

        • 381
          Anonymous says:

          He’ll still be there in 2015.
          Liebour mongs are under the impression they have themselves a winner.

    • 332
      WTF ? says:

      Complete and utter babble.

      I’d tear up that blank sheet of paper and use it as a toilet roll.

    • 338
      Beowulff says:

      Thank you for that, Ed demonstrates that he is a total wanker

    • 344
      Miliband Should Resign says:

      Trying to be all things to all men. Total waste of space.

  60. 337

    Just saying like …

    • 410
      Postlethwaite says:

      Plus one

      If your man is in UK and needs somewhere to stay, the list is long

      I wonder if anyone is trying to decypher his one and a half gig file? And what success?

  61. 356
    Dave the chutney shoveller says:

  62. 359
    No Cricket Scores ( Not a Sport blog) says:

    Full on socailisim cant work due to the black market , But also full on free market cant work either . However i do think goverment is to big , You cant have free market army ? Maybe all parties dance on the head of a pin ?

    • 364
      blqckbery says:

      Apreciiate the senriment ,

    • 367
      Not a sport blog (what's the weather like down under?) says:

      ‘You can’t have free market army.’ Thanks. I’m going to fall asleep churning that one over.

      • 369
        No Cricket Scores ( Not a Sport blog) says:

        Sunny at moment .

        • 371
          Not a sport blog (what's the weather like down under?) says:

          Ta Billy. 243-4 ?

          • No Cricket Scores ( Not a Sport blog) says:

            Yep , Cant chat cricket as Guido dont like it , As its his blog his rules .

          • Not a sport blog (what's the weather like down under?) says:

            Oh, OK. A comment’s a comment, a hit’s a hit, an advert’s an advert, I would have thought but if Guido wants to keep his gaff tight, I’ll go somewhere else.
            Billy Boredom started it, anyways.

          • No Cricket Scores ( Not a Sport blog) says:

            Thats life .

          • No Cricket Scores ( Not a Sport blog) says:

            Fuck it , Sorry Guido , Hussy gone.

            Labor are in power in austrailia ????

  63. 370
    Anonymous says:

    Well Fatty,

    Your post reads as if you were drunk when you wrote it.


    • 373
      Anon says:

      I’m not fat – I’m curvy.

      I don’t do ‘drunk’ – just gay abandonment.

      Big regards,

  64. 385
    Christy says:

    most of what I read is about politico’s selling us down the river big time,and yes whilst this it is true.
    when oh when are we as a nation going to wake up and smell the coffee as to what is being done in our name.
    Firstly we had (Liebour/EUSSR) signing us up to the EUSSR albeit that the Scottish Plonker McBroon could not be seen doing it under some pathetic exscuse.
    Balls and backbone seems to be in short supply in this coalition bunch of arseholes,when is Cameronian and his pals going to grow a pair and spell out what this country really needs.
    currently they are arseing around with all sorts of not really important issues and the public really needs to wake up to this.
    Student demo’s so what, does this really lead to bringing a government down if so then in my opinion this government is not worth JACK SHIT.

    • 388
      No Cricket Scores ( Not a Sport blog) says:

      Yep !

      Small goverment is needed .

      1 . V.A.T 5%

      2. Tax 5% for everyone

      3 > Leave the EU

      4 . MPS and ministers will be paid the avarge wage 25k ( Including speaker)

      5. Goverement provides Armed forces , NHS , Education upto 16 .

      6. Any Local wants , Referrendum the local people .

    • 390
      No Cricket Scores ( Not a Sport blog) says:

      Yep !

      Small goverment is needed .

      1 . V.A.T 5%

      2. Tax 5% for everyone

      3 > Leave the EU

      4 . MPS and ministers will be paid the avarge wage 25k ( Including squeaker)

      5. Goverement provides Armed forces , NHS , Education upto 16 .

      6. Any Local wants , Referrendum the local people .

      • 392

        5% wouldn’t work – even assuming 100% employment and a minimal state (there are, after all, too many people in the world to have no state at all), 15% is a reasonable estimate – if you factor in structural unemployment you come to 20-25% with a ‘social wage’ fof arond £10K or those unable or unwilling to contribute.

        And why VAT which is a consumption tax? That would deter people with spare money from spending it, which is generally a bad thing.

        I’m still trying to understand AC1′s land value tax – I know it’s been around since Adam Smith but I can’t see the property meerkat adjusting fast enough to growth in production to make it work – income tax is wrong, but less wrong if you get my drift.

        Defence, policing, education, and infrastructure that brings growth – that’s the limit for me – even the NHS should be cut to the bone as far as I’m concerned – critical care only.

        And why, oh why can’t we have a proper written Constitution that defines the contract between State and Citoyen?

        • 393
          No Cricket Scores ( Not a Sport blog) says:

          “And why VAT which is a consumption tax? That would deter people with spare money from spending it, which is generally a bad thing.”

          No it would mean they have more off the money that they earned to spend how they wish .

          Goverment is a servent of the people not the other way round .

  65. 396
    No Cricket Scores ( Not a Sport blog) says:

    Just in case , Next thread

  66. 397
    mrjohn says:

    Got to hand it to the Tories, high boredom threshold.

  67. 402
    Muuurty's Ghuuurst. says:

    You mean to say people PAY to advertise here and other idiots read the rubbish?

    Good grief.

  68. 405
    Mamooth says:

    is Geoff Boycott a political activist? what is his real name?

  69. 407
    Cherry Blair says:

    I keep my farts in a kilner jar

  70. 417
    FF's nemesis says:

    Off topic Guido but …

    I hear that the two independent TDs are going to support the Irish Budget today. How I feel sorry for the Irish People who are being comprehensively shafted by their political class.

    • 419
      I hate New Labour says:

      I don’t feel sorry for them at all.

      They had a chance to show their political class who’s boss by rejecting the eu referendum.

      But they rolled over and took it like spineless cretins. They deserve everything they get frankly.

      They were frightened into voting ‘yes’ like lost little children. So now their politicians have so little respect for them they’ll do what they hell they like.

      Jokes about the stupidity of the Irish seem more factual than humorous now…

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Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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