December 6th, 2010

More Left-Wing Tax Hypocrisy from Richard Murphy

In what is a bid to soothe ruffled LibDem feathers, rather than in response to the looter’s protest, the government has just announced a new clamp down on tax avoidance. Guido mentioned at the weekend how quiet the left were about the Guardian’s tax avoidance in contrast to their attitude to Philip Green. There hasn’t been a squeak from the likes of left-wing millionaire Richard Murphy, a Rowntree and TUC funded, self-styled “fair tax” expert. But then he did give the Guardian Media Group accounts his seal of approval, after GMG made a £302 million profit in 2008 and paid not a penny in corporation tax.

Murphy, of the Toynbee school of hypocrisy, seemingly wears his principles on his sleeve and argues for anti-avoidance measures and crucially that the philosophy behind tax collection should be judged by the spirit not the letter of the law. However has Murphy  always practised what he preached?

Before he discovered the cause of “Tax Justice” between 2001 and 2003 he wrote technical articles for The Guardian advising how to minimise tax on employing a nanny, how to minimise tax for the self employedmaximise your tax allowance through taking out a stakeholder pension and attacking legislation which requires accountants to report tax evasion. On second reading Murphy’s recent line that he was just highlighting the holes doesn’t really wash, especially when his own tax practises are examined.  Although Murphy puts his home address on all his business literature – it is the registered address for all his companies – he does not pay business rates on the property. Not quite within the spirit of the law now is it…


  1. 1
    Barry Obama, painter and decorator says:

    What a Jeremy Hunt!


    • 6
      socialist scum sucking hypocrite says:

      Is this the origin of “Murphy’s Law”?


      • 189
        Osama the Nazarene says:

        This was the Naughtie who encouraged the ditherer Brown and his henchwoman Primarola to introduce IR35 on contractors. What a naffing hypocrite!


    • 49
      The Penguin says:

      Over at Anna Raccon’s, a worthwhile cause

      The Penguin.


    • 115
      Anonymous says:

      However the new measures will not affect people who have already set up trusts to protect their estates from inheritance tax.
      They will also not require existing trust schemes to be closed.
      Trusts are one of a variety of measures used by affluent individuals to protect their assets for their heirs. Chancellor George Osborne will benefit from his father’s luxury wallpaper firm via a trust.
      Labour leader Ed Miliband and his brother David were also accused of using a tax planning device to reduce the inheritance tax liability on the family home.
      ‘These changes deal with longstanding loopholes which Labour failed to close,’ an adviser to Mr Gauke told the Financial Times.


      • 176
        albacore says:

        His heirs will live long enough to find themselves members of an ethnic minority in the UK (assuming that they don’t skedaddle to greener pastures while the going’s good).
        A fat lot of good those precision-engineered trusts will do them then.


    • 119
      AC1 says:

      End of freedom of speech in EUSSR.

      Euro-Freedom Watch

      With little fanfare, the EU adopted new legislation this week that makes “certain forms and expressions of racism and xenophobia” criminal offenses — and allows individual EU nations to prosecute the citizens of other nations for those offenses. And no, it’s not European anti-Americanism that’s being targeted by the xenophobia provisions. Advocates of free speech in Europe are quite clear that what the new law will criminalize is analytical, factual, or hortatory discussion of Islam and Sharia by non-Muslims.


      • 131
        England pre-veils says:

        I suggest we dig-up Edward Heath, bring him back to life, and then kill him again.


        • 145
          Right Right Wing (Mrs) says:

          He has no right to rest in English soil.

          Men of honour will have to restore the nations pride & dignity by digging up that traitor & dumping his remains in his beloved EU.


        • 147
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          Where does Cast Iron stand on this? Oh I know, we are not in the Euro so none of this will effect us, er….until it does.


          • Tessa Tickles says:

            The blog referenced by AC1 references another blog, which points out that if Turkey became a member of the EU, we’d have 74.8million people who could have us arrested and deported to one of their jails if any Turk got offended by anything we say about their religion.

            David Cameron fully supports Turkey’s efforts to join the EU. The Conservatives really have lost their way.


  2. 2
    Peter Grimes says:

    Would one expect anything other than hypocrisy from ANYONE connected with the Guardian?


    • 5
      The Principled Left says:

      It’s in our D – N – A


      • 35
        Anonymous says:

        is that your DNA or the DNA you harvest from as many “citizens” as you possibly can?


        • 47
          biology pedant. says:

          I do hate the expression. It will be dead and gone in 5 years time I hope.
          I really don’t see how people can propose any sort of protein that would make one a tax hypocrit.

          Oh, and the DNA record in the database doesn’t really indicate anything about you. Other than how the DNA splits up when you muck about with it in a certain way.


    • 192
      Hew Gold says:

      I think you’ll find that freedom and freedom of speach are in fact in Our DNA.

      Google : Pelagian Heresy


  3. 3

    “the philosophy behind tax collection should be judged by the spirit not the letter of the law.”



    • 8
      The Principled Left says:

      Yeah, like Labour ‘socialist’ M.P.’s not even following the letter of the expenses law, never mind the spirit……


    • 67
      Tessa Tickles says:

      Oh, it only appears vague on first reading, but it’s actually very simple, Mr Pump.

      Just hand over all of your income to the Inland Revenue, and hope they give you some of it back.


      • 80

        So, in effect, the Inland Revenue is the pimp and i am a whore. Prostitutes earn money and give it all to their pimp, the pimp gives them just a bit now and again to keep them going.
        There is an excellent ‘Southpark’ clip which explains this very well. But i can’t access youtube from work anymore….


        • 95
          Tessa Tickles says:

          “Prostitutes earn money and give it all to their pimp, the pimp gives them just a bit now and again to keep them going.”

          Yeah, that’s how the government would like it to work, I’m sure. Certainly, that’s how it would work if Brown had taken tax-credits to their logical conclusion.

          PS: I’m South Park aficionado, but I’m not familiar with the tax episode and a Youtube search drew a blank. :(


          • The episode is where Butters becomes a pimp, the ‘acorn’ scandal is also sent up. Series 13, i think.


          • AC1 says:

            Governments are worse than whores.

            Whores earn there money.

            Governments operate more like bank robbers. They extort from people. This should be no surprise as government evolved out of basic protection rackets.


          • Tessa Tickles says:

            Season 13, episode 9, “Butters’ [sic] bottom bitch”?

            Not sure how I missed this one.


          • Progress says:

            Correct Mr.AC. The first government was swept into power on the back of a manifesto promising not to steal your sheep, rape your daughters or burn you out of your cave in exchange for doing what your told which may or may not include sheep stealing, daughter raping or cave burning. Nowadays they promise to do less raping, but all else is unchanged.


  4. 4
    Ed Simpson says:

    This really is a great example of ‘whataboutery’.

    As it happens you are right that GMG should not escape the wrath of the protesters. Doesn’t excuse Green though does it?


    • 7
      no longer anonymous says:

      His wife owns the company. She lives in Monaco. Do you suggest she should be compelled to move to the UK?

      Or perhaps her earnings could be treated as his? We could go back to the days when men basically owned their wives’ possessions by default.


      • 9
        The Principled Left says:

        We don’t think we need to take things to their logical conclusion, especially when there is some posturing to be done.


      • 13
        Ed Simpson says:

        Ah yes, Tina Green the Arcadia group head. Of course, she is indeed the one who is renowned for making Arcadia the success it is. Get a grip, it’s a tax con pure and simple. This isn’t a left and right issue it’s one of morality.


        • 19
          Anonymous says:

          Ah, right. So, if your wife owns £1 more than you (or you £1 more than her) then it’s a tax con…….?

          And how would this ‘moral tax’ work, exactly?


        • 23
          Blue Porcupine says:

          Stop making it about morality. It’s a silly approach, because Guido et al will rightly point to the GMG case. Make it about simplifying tax law. Stop trying to put yourselves on pedestals.

          This is honest advice. There is a good case for reform. It just isn’t going to be made by making Green out to be some kind of Satan. Nobody seems to have any problem running round the streets screaming at the government for things it has next to no control over, like a thirty-year rising trend in tertiary education. Why don’t we try screaming at them about something they do control?


          • AC1 says:

            How about a properly moral tax?

            Just tax what the state provides, like the land monopoly rights, and patents and taxing connectivity.

            This is called the Land Value Tax.


        • 27
          no longer anonymous says:

          Please explain how the tax system would have to be changed so that dividends paid to the owner of a company who lives in another jurisdiction could be taxed by the UK government.


          • Blue Porcupine says:

            You’d have to look at domicile and residency laws. To be fair to him, this is one of the things Richard Murphy is calling for (though as a bit of an afterthought). It would be a total can of worms, and it’s unlikely that any government will touch it – the last one certainly didn’t. But just directing our wrath in the right direction would be a start. People are a lot more aware of this topic now than ten years ago.


        • 28
          Dino says:

          Yep, the Left don’t need the law, they just point their fingers and howl, until it all gets magically fixed. They’re not exactly into “delivery”, as we saw from the last 13 years.


        • 31
          spot the fucking self-righteous moron says:

          The morality of having the state confiscate your money and then piss it up the wall – that morality? You fucking lefty imbeciles bang on about ‘morality’ yet your idiot ideology would have us all crawling on all fours. Green will invest his money much more wisely and productively than any number of state bureaucrats.


        • 50

          Actually, Ed Simpson is right. It is a tax dodge, and should be seen as such.
          But Mr green doesn’t go around complaining about others doing the same.

          After all, he isn’t Bono.


          • Anonymous says:

            I think most of us agree it’s a tax dodge.

            What we’re not sure about is:

            a) is it morally (rather than legally) right ? and

            b) what, if anything, could or should be done about it ?


          • Tax Havens are Great! says:

            There’s no law against running a business in Britain and declaring your taxes as a resident in say.. Switzerland at 18%. People like Lewis Hamilton and wealthy business people can choose this option if they like as oposed to paying 50% in the UK.

            If Green wanted to, he could take up residency in Monaco and pay nothing in his own name if he likes.


    • 10
      Long timer says:

      About half the stories on this blog are a form of ‘whataboutery’. Are you in the right place?


    • 120
      The Stink of Romulus says:

      ‘whataboutery’ you mean hypocrisy?


  5. 11
    Arctic Roller says:

    BBC “In a new book published today, Gordon Brown reveals that the deficit has increased under the coalition and Britain faces a depression from which it may never recover.”

    Brown is human waste a bucket of curry filth, if he suggests that he has nothing to do with the current economic problems


    • 106
      AC1 says:

      “I take full responsibility and sacked the person responsible” AKA “A big boy did it and ran away….” : Gordon Brown

      What do you expect from a Malignant Narcissist? (count out Aspergers as they don’t like to lie, unlike our Gordo)


  6. 12
    What sort of a fuckin country is this ? says:

    How about this !
    There are more children in poverty in working families than in the families on benifits


  7. 14
    Backwoodsman says:

    labour luvvies = hypocrites R Us.
    Bit like the jeremy hunt on the bbc just now, defending handycock – “all she does is answer complaints about holes in the road, blah, blah.” No mention of the dubious defence questions Fawkes found handycock had asked !


  8. 15
    Blue Porcupine says:

    To be fair, at least Murphy’s document does call for some specific bits of law to be reformed (right at the end, and only on domicile). Which is at least practical.

    Toynbee and others think it’s about personal morality. Which is very unlikely to result in anything actually changing, as well as laying them open to the charge of being total hypocritical bollocks-mongers.


    • 107
      AC1 says:

      Yep they’re morality is that everyone is a slave of the state and they control the state as they are our Dunning Kruger superiors.


  9. 16
    Popeye says:

    Just your usual multi-millionaire champagne socialist, preaching one thing for the great unwashed and another for the Toynbee’s


  10. 17
    Steve Miliband says:

    Richard Murphy is really odious.
    The BBC love him – you never hear ‘left wing tax expert’. He always spouts a load of lefty claptrap and they never have anyone to balance the arguement. If he was just stating some facts it would be ok, but then goes on with his opinions. Typical


  11. 18
    Handycock's Russian spy says:

    ITV News has a report coming up on Handycock’s Russian assistant, complete with photos of her on a beach. She’s no Anna Chapman.


  12. 21

    Time for a quote:

    “You hear me talkin’, hypocrite boy? I ain’t through with you by a damn sight. I’m gonna get medieval on your socialist ass.”

    – (almost) Marcellus Wallace (PBUH)


  13. 22
    On the eve of Beyond The Trash, let's enjoy this moment again says:


  14. 24
    streamfisher says:

    The Guardian (of what you might ask yourself).


  15. 25
    Carey in a wheelchair says:

    I bet he is claiming winter fuel allowance. Hunt!


  16. 29
    How to shoot your own feet says:

    The govt should start by clamping down on the hypocritical leftists first.


  17. 30
    The Cunt of Cuntingham says:



  18. 34
    Penfold says:

    Hypocrisy is the sign of the left particularly with taxes.

    Polly owns her foreign homes through companies to avoid inheritance taxes locally and of course to avert the principal of primogeniture, which gives property and assets to the eldest male child and does not allow for any other distribution, notwithsatnding what is said in a legal will.

    Bah humbug.


    • 87

      Penfold, primogeniture can these days quite legally be overridden by a will in Tuscany, my lawyer assures me. Not sure the same is so in France, though.


      • 136
        Call me Infidel says:

        Wasn’t primogeniture abolished in Fwance after the revolution? hence all the (CAP subsidised) farms where the farmer tills a 1/4 acre or less.


        • 142
          Nigel S says:

          I blame Napoleon.


          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            It is indeed all his fault. One has no choice in france as to who gets the farm, one is not allowed to make a will, disinherit someone, give a bit to cousins/friends/the not-R SPCA, one’s unmarried partner,, , etc.etc.etc.

            Equal shared go to one’s legal partner and offspring.


          • Mike Hunt says:

            With good cause.
            He cost us Nelson, and all that money we pour into the CAP each year.


        • 188

          CMI apols, you’re right re France of course. And 1/4 acre is considered an extensive property there I understand.


    • 200

      Hmmm. I think Green is tax-dodging and something should be done to stop it. But then I look at what the government spend tax money on – kids like this, for example – and wonder.

      It’s a shame there isn’t some kind of middle ground between Toynbeeista nutters and no-state libertarians…ah yes…the Lib Dems!


  19. 36
    The Blair Foundation says:



  20. 38
    Chucka Umanna says:

    Talk about me. I’m a future prime minister.


    • 180
      Problem Detected says:

      You aren’t going to let the voters decide that?

      You could be right not to worry about that. It may well be that Yvette will just get a court ruling to that effect and bingo!


  21. 39
    • 45
      Steve Miliband says:

      I am sure it is all very interesting in his own mind. For the rest of us it’s cliche ridden meaningless bollocks


    • 55
      streamfisher says:

      Global, the Global, Global economy, Global global global, its the Global, its the new Global, I have seen the shining from my ceiling rose light in Kirkcaldy and its global and round and shiny and the flies keep banging their heads against it.


    • 84
      What a Jeremy says:

      I fell asleep after the first line – what year is it???


  22. 40
    Anonymous says:

    Will the government go after Vodaphone over their £6bn tax saving takeover?

    No, of course not. So it isn’t about morality, or fairness. It’s about posturing, as always.


  23. 41
    Greg Beales says:

    Quote of the Year

    Guido Fawkes

    “The real problem is that we are in the midst of a recession manufactured by speculators and perpetuated by a government which is diverting cash from public services to bail those same speculators out.

    The government is doing it despite the harm that it’s doing to society at large and in defiance of all the economic signals, which indicate that the path they are taking leads directly from recession into slump, a depression to rival any in the modern history of capitalism.

    Financial collapse is rolling across Europe country by country , fuelled by this multinational bailout, the biggest daylight robbery in the history of the world and, despite protestations to the contrary, this country is no more immune than Greece, Ireland or Portugal.

    And the real losers in this robbery are the elderly, who are losing much of their care and security in old age, and the young, who are being robbed of their future.”


    • 46

      How do you manage to reach around to wipe your arse, do you use tongs….?


    • 54
      Gordon Brown says:

      Yes. Nothing to do with me.


      • 61
        The Conservative and Bankers' Party says:

        Let’s blame Gordon, then we can keep claiming our unearned bonuses at the expense of students, low paid workers and the disabled.

        Trebles all round!


        • 64
          QI says:

          How can you claim an unearned bonus?


          • The Conservative and Bankers Mutual Masturbation Party says:

            By refusing to lend to creditworthy mortgage applicants and creditworthy businesses and stuffing that money in your own skyrocket instead!

            Next question. Try to make it a more intelligent one.


          • QI says:

            Hey thicko
            Think you meant to say ‘then we can keep claiming our undeserved bonuses’

            Bit of a difference between unearned and undeserved enh Mr Intelligent

            Now kindly fuck off


          • sensible questioner says:

            do you live with your Mom?


          • The Conservative and Tax Evaders and Bankers Mutual Masturbation Party says:

            As the bonuses would not be possible without the banks being bailed out by the taxpayer they are clearly unearned!

            You’re as thick as shit!


          • QI says:

            As the bonuses would not be possible without the banks being bailed out by the taxpayer they are clearly unearned!

            Unearned would mean er unearned, so it could not be claimed as there would be nothing to claim.

            If you believe they do not deserve a bonus then it would be ‘undeserved’

            Back to your student politics halfwit


          • The Conservative and Tax Evaders and Bankers Mutual Masturbation Party says:

            They are unearned by the bankers because the taxpayers bailed them out of their insolvent position and instead of lending to creditworthy mortgage applicants and businesses the bankers would rather steal that money for themselves.

            The bankers don’t give a fuck about the economy, which is rather strange when you think how much they bleat on about capitalism yet when push comes to shove they have no faith whatsoever in the system they champion/have destroyed.

            Karl Marx must be laughing his fucking socks off at the morons in the City of London.

            They wrote his final chapter for him.


        • 70
          What a Jeremy says:

          So you actually think that stinking stoodents and thick, lazy low-paid workers desrve the bonuses that hard working bankers and clever industrialists earn through ability.

          Are you aware of the incredibly high taxes these people, and their millions of employees pay, are you???

          Sometimes I wish the Philip Greens and other captains of industry would close down their operations putting millions on the dole and depriving the NHS, schools and every other public service of revenue.

          Britain would colapse in a week and all the f*ckin lefties would starve, lovely jublee.


          • The Conservative and Tax Evaders and Bankers Mutual Masturbation Party says:

            It is interesting that you attack students. The assault upon students by the Tory party was a fatal error. Up until now they have shrewdly been bought off by the political class with the promise of free education.


          • Ed Miliband says:

            Yes, we will do something completely different to these proposals.
            We just just haven’t decided what yet. It’s a bit tricky because we don’t all agree as yet – some people in my politburo think a graduate tax would cost the students more!


    • 62
      Ed Miliband says:

      Is this good or bad?


      • 82
        sensible questioner says:

        the average student can’t get out of fucking bed let alone rumble a government

        lets have a fight

        Students v Forklift truck drivers


    • 111
      AC1 says:

      You shouldn’t bail out banks and you shouldn’t subsidise students.

      Both mistakes of Browns regime.


  24. 43
    A Lib Dem MP says:

    I will state publicly that I would rather resign that vote for a tuition fee rise.
    That should get them off my back for a bit.


    • 169
      Katia Zatuliveter says:

      Sweety! You are letting them on your back? I thought you said you would only be allowing me to do this! I am worrying now that you will be allowing them to put Mr Tiddles in their mouth also! I am very sad now. I may cry when your authorities are deporting me.


  25. 44
    Ho Hum says:

    Poor old Guido… supports the Tories 100%, and now it is they who are coming to get the tax evaders – eerrrrrrr such as Guido himself…Ho Hum

    What a Jeremy !!!!!


    • 48
      Anonymous says:

      Doesn’t the fact that successive governments have talked about clamping down on tax evasion but never managed it suggest that it’s either too difficult or too inconvenient?


  26. 51
    Stick your koran up your arse says:

    A group of teenagers were arrested last week for an arson attack on a newly built mosque in Stoke On Trent.

    And people keep saying teenagers don’t do anything useful.


  27. 73
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    One rule for the elite , one rule for the rest of us , of course aviodence is legal , Maybe if we didnt have 2nd longest tax code /rules then so many would not aviod , Or if the politicions on the left and there media mouth pieces keep cliaming that all wealth creators are bankers ( Same thing going on with Barry o bummer and the dems with the Bush tax cuts ) , If you invest YOUR OWN MONEY , THEREFORE TAKE A RISK AND SUCSEED you should be allowed the rewards .



  28. 76
    Sir William Waad says:

    Tax avoidance is a good thing because:

    1. Tax in unfair. It is a compulsory levy by the unproductive on the productive, backed up by the full coercive powers of the state.

    2. Taxation is a decision to spend rather than invest. Overwhelmingly, tax is dissipated in current spending. Individuals and businesses are much more likely to use money to form capital investment.

    3. You are less likely to waste the money than the Chancellor is.

    4. Unless there is some resistance to higher taxation it will continually increase, to a disastrous level.

    5. Since no political party supports lower taxation, taxpayers as such are disenfranchised and some form of direct resistance is essential.


    • 92
      GOING DOWN THE PAN says:

      Well put !


    • 100
      streamfisher says:

      But Sir, if we don’t keep paying all these punitive taxes how are they going to fund all our MPs, Lords and assorted Quangos who are essential to running the Country and indeed life as we know it?.


    • 102
      Absolutely Passionate says:

      UKIP would:
      – Abolish National Insurance
      – No income tax below £11,500, then a flat rate of 31%
      – Cut Council Tax by scrapping EU laws
      – Abolish Inheritance Tax


  29. 83
    Postlethwaite says:

    If tax were not so onerous, then people would not try to avoid paying it.

    19/6d in the Pound – result, you do everything you can to avoid tax.
    2/6d in the Pound – result, not worth risking the prison sentence.

    And yes it was the last labour government that levied 97.5 percent taxation . . . who else?

    Looks like a cast iron guarantee that this will not increase under cameron


  30. 88
    Ann Widdecombe says:

    See me live at Wembley Arena next year on the Strictly Come Dancing Tour.


  31. 90
    What sort of a fuckin country is this ? says:

    I wish i was earning enough to warrant trying to avoid tax !
    This recession is getting worse
    my earnings have gone down each year for three years


    • 98
      Tax Havens are Great! says:

      Try changing jobs then.

      The problem with the low-paid is that they buy crap. They buy it because it’s cheap and justify buying it for that reason.

      The middle classes buy liabilities such as BMWs, over-priced second homes and expensive holidays.

      The wealthy buy assets, they buy things that make money rather than things that cost money, such as bonds, businesses etc.

      That’s why the poor and the middle classes never get rich.


      • 130
        What sort of fuckin country is this says:

        I have been in building for 39 years
        i run my own business it’s all i know
        it’s a bit late to start at the drive through window at McDonalds


      • 137
        Let them eat shite says:

        The problem with the low-paid is that they buy crap

        What, stuff like food and clothing you mean?

        Not a lot of ‘assets’ you can buy on a minimum wage, when all your wages go on essentials.

        You should try leaving your ivory tower once in a while.


  32. 94
    Mike Hunt says:

    We should tax all foreigners living abroad….


    • 108
      Asil Nadir says:

      That is the best thing I have ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever heard.


    • 117
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Thats quite funny . Marxists want a world goverment , Why do you think Gordon was after ” Globel solutions” for any problem , if you look at the words of George Soros ( o Bummers handeler ) , you will se that this is the solution they want for the world .


  33. 96
    MB. says:

    Tom Harris was on the Today programme this morning and talked about the hypocrisy of the demonstration outside Top Shop and said similar things to Guido about the amount of wealth and jobs they create. He also commented on the Guardian’s tax avoidance.

    The weekend saw demonstrations at high street shops across the country against tax avoidance by big businesses. Labour MP Tom Harris and Neal Lawson of the pressure group Compass debate over the rights and wrongs of tax avoidance.


  34. 97
    Right Right Wing (Mrs) says:

    The problem with Teams Daves “Blue Socialism” is that in essence it follows on & is a natural extension of “Red Socialism”.

    They are the Government. The Government of any hue desires to increase the State. They need more of our money to do that.

    Will the real Conservatives who desire a small state, low taxes & minimal legislative interference in our private lives please join us in UKIP.

    And now Dave & George are going to squeeze us some more & take control of more of the individuals hard earned monies – they need the money to hand over to President Van Rompuy & Baroness Ashton.

    Conservatives my arse.


    • 113
      marcus aurelius says:

      agreeed but UKIP with its endless schisms behaves as if it were a Europhobe plot to drain all the Euroscepticism from electable parties.


    • 125
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      I was tempted with a bus related metaphor, but…

      The choice is you go on the jumbo jet with dave, and end up somewhere you don’t want to be, or go in the Wilga with Nigel.


    • 144
      Mr Plum says:

      I’m all for voting ukip but you have to do more to attract labour voters, I will vote ukip in the eu elections but in a general election it is just too risky, the thought of letting labour in or lib dem in my area would be like shooting yourself in the foot.
      I would sooner vote tory and shoot myself in the toe


      • 148
        Righty Right Wing (Mrs) says:

        “I would sooner vote tory and shoot myself in the toe”

        Then be prepared for no change & more blue socialism.

        Team Dave are not Conservatives & must be exposed as such.


        • 152
          Mr Plum says:

          Its up to ukip to do more exposing then and become a party that left and right can vote for otherwise it will always be a wasted vote by letting in the loony left


    • 149
      Backwoodsman says:

      No, because as has been pointed out by Sir William earlier, you are unavoidably associated in peoples minds with the bowls club. And your MEPs are crooks.


  35. 105
    AH says:

    Have someone got a url to some actual evidence on the guardians tax dodging?


  36. 114
    Chutney Rollover says:

    The Conservatives are like your mate who wants to borrow some clothes, aftershave and a couple of hundred quid in order to get a shag. It is only after complying with the request that you realise it is your sister who your mate is after


    • 116
      annnnonyperson says:

      Bit of a hypodick, isn’t he?


      • 125
        chutney fountain says:

        Labour are like your mate who wants to borrow some clothes, aftershave and a couple of hundred quid in order to get a shag. It is only after complying with the request that you realise it is your brother who your mate is after


        • 127
          Tax Havens are Great! says:

          If it’s Labour I think you’ll find it’s a farm animal or their mother they want to shag


        • 135
          Another bloody blank sheet of paper says:

          Labour are like your mate who wants to borrow some clothes, aftershave and a couple of hundred quid in order to get a shag. It is only after complying with the request that you realise they’ve spent the cash on booze etc; flogged your gear on e-bay and arranged a bank loan in your name


    • 150
      Engineer says:

      This is hardly a problem. After all, you’d hardly be competing with your mate for your own sister…..would you?


      • 155
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        There is some sort of mindset where people don’t like people shagging their sister. I’ve never understood it.


        • 160
          Engineer says:

          It’s the sister’s business whom she shags. Provided she’s happy about it, it isn’t really any of anybody else’s business. Unless she’s only 15, of course.


          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            Indeed. its a strange brand of outrage. But it does exist, and you don’t have to go to far away lands full of brown people to find it.


  37. 122
    Sir William Waad says:

    One of the clever tricks that Governments play is to make you angry because other people are not paying much tax. Instead, you should be angry because you are paying too much tax.


  38. 129

    Can I please lay to rest any suggestion that I like calling government ministers c u n t s?
    They may indeed be c u n t s but I always keep my own leanings out of it.


  39. 133
    Katia says:

    Heelo! I innocent Soviet girlski! I mean Russian! Oopski!


  40. 143
    Gordon Brown says:

    Please buy my book. Or I’ll hit someone.


  41. 146
    Anonymous says:

    Do the unions invest members money into companies that then avoid paying tax to pay there share holders more in dividends ?


  42. 156
    Jack says:


    You are right to hammer home the utter and blatant hypocrisy
    of the Left in Britain..and throughout Europe for that matter

    Co-conspirators should never forget that socialism was invented
    in Europe by we all know whom, exported with fatal effects to
    unsuspecting Third World countries like China and India, which
    have now realised that it is a pernicious cancer if not removed…

    The Left in Europe is left naked…

    The only game in town for the Left is to lie, fraud, thieve, con
    and generally do anything to hide their moral bust…

    Illustrated so well by Empty Ed Milliband…

    The last of the Hamstead Champagne socialists who wil
    lead the Parteh to oblivion (if he is not swiftly removed)


  43. 157
    Squeaker says:

    I slap down MPs because I cannot give my wife the beating she deserves..

    She is too big for me…


  44. 158
    Groucho says:

    Since HMRC only have to establish non-compliance to civil law standards, i.e. balance of probability, and work on the basis that you are guilty unless you can prove otherwise – giving them the power to enforce the ‘spirit’ of the law will create a nightmare situation for many taxpayers.


    • 163
      Engineer says:

      It already does. The HMRC combination of uncontestable power and institutional incompetence drives many honest taxpayers up the wall, and wastes many hours that could otherwise have been used usefully or profitably.


  45. 170
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    More Leftisms do what we tell you not what we do.


  46. 171
    Vince Nog-Shagger says:

    I’d enjoy paying tax if it entitled me to burn the faces off MPs with a blow lamp. But it doesn’t. I pay tax and have to watch the fucking filth in parliament lying and thieving like Nigerians, while voting like sheep for the agenda of the evil hook-nosed Nazi Satanists that control the junkie golly in the Whart Crib.


  47. 174

    Can people on this website stop using the name Mike Hunt? I know it seems funny, but as my brother Jeremy knows, its hurtful, childish and downright mean to be called a c u n t.
    After all, I don’t refer to James Naughtie as James “Slap and Tickle” just because his name sounds like naughty.
    And I bet he is naughty, anyway


  48. 175
    The Sheikh Of Araby says:

    I don’t know who’s worst when it comes to fucking tax hypocrisy- Leftie jizzrags like this or those fucking head-that-lights-up-in-the-dark jabbering idiots who reckon they’re “freemen-upon-the-land”. “Freeloaders” would seem to be a more accurate description.

    They take their cue from David Icke’s website (should be enough said there, surely) and reading their completely misguided babblings about admiralty law, common law, bills of exchange and legal personae is like being bukkake’d by stupidity.

    “I wish to pay no council tax because I have no contract wand use no services”. What do you do then- fucking hover above the pavement?


  49. 178
    Aristander of Telmissus says:

    Oh dear. I’ve just been across to take a fresh look at his website, having abandoned it in the spring. The economic thinking was so muddled, and the language so irrationally partisan, that it became increasingly irrelevant. He would not debate, but merely piled insult upon disparagement and contempt for anyone who dared to take issue with his more outlandish suggestions.

    Although I cannot subscribe to many of his theses, and I’m never going to be part of his ‘constituency’, I was distressed this afternoon to note how the quality control on his blog has deteriorated in the intervening months. For all that I usually disagreed with him, at least he wrote lively English in clear sentences, with a commendably attentive approach to sub-editing. Now it’s simply sloppy journalism. Perhaps that’s why he has commion cause with the similarly and notoriously slipshod (and tax-avoiding) ‘Guardian’.


  50. 179
    Aristander of Telmissus says:

    Oh dear. I’ve just been across to take a fresh look at his website, having abandoned it in the spring. The economic thinking was so muddled, and the language so irrationally partisan, that it became increasingly irrelevant. He would not debate, but merely piled insult upon disparagement and contempt for anyone who dared to take issue with his more outlandish suggestions.

    Although I cannot subscribe to many of his theses, and I’m never going to be part of his ‘constituency’, I was distressed this afternoon to note how the quality control on his blog has deteriorated in the intervening months. For all that I usually disagreed with him, at least he wrote lively English in clear sentences, with a commendably attentive approach to sub-editing. Now it’s simply sloppy journalism. Perhaps that’s why he has common cause with the similarly and notoriously slipshod (and tax-avoiding) ‘Guardian’.


  51. 183
    chris says:

    I wonder if anyone else saw the story in the times. A company owned by Guido Fakwes was paid £29’000 by the Conservative Party Central Office, in “advertising fees”.

    This £29’000 was then passed on to the likes of Ian Dale, and Tory Bear, by Guido’s company.

    Can we stop with all of this “libertarian” mumbo jumbo. Guido’s a conservative party funded blog, like any other.


  52. 185
    Atlas shrugged says:

    Do you believe that parliament and all that goes with it is now corrupted beyond salvation?

    Do you feel increasingly or completely alienated from the people you once very stupidly trusted to rule over you, in almost all regards?

    Do you believe that your entire main stream media, especially your BBC is working towards something you know in your heart you are not going to like one single little bit?

    Do you believe that your Royal family have abandoned its role of protecting your nation, and therefore your much bled for national constitutional rights?

    Do you believe that the American people are basically taking the piss, and that they increasing deserve what ever nasty things are most surely coming to them. Likewise the Irish and the rest of the common people of Europe?

    Do you increasingly despise many of the ordinary people of your own country, namely recent immigrants, and the ever growing numbers of mainly white dole trash that seem to parasitically inhabit every village, town and city in The UK?

    Do you believe that the EU is some kind of later day Nazi inspired authoritarian nightmare, run by some kind of unaccountable criminally inclined mafia?

    Do you no longer trust the official right cheek anymore then the official left cheek, and visa versa, while liking the odorous shit that squirts from between them even less?

    Indeed, can you no longer rationally detect any note worthy difference between any of our 3 major political parties, especially when they are actually in government?

    Therefore do you have the ever growing suspicion that all of our political parties are either essentially or utterly controlled by a far higher power, of which you as well as our political representatives have absolutely no control over, and little more knowledge of?

    Are you generally laking in confidence, and can only see worse times ahead?

    If so, then you are not alone. You are in the vast majority along side all other still independently thinking individuals world-wide.

    The question to ask yourself is WHO or WHAT could possibly be making you collectively and individually feel this way?

    Are you getting ever more seriously depressed and/or profoundly paranoid for no reason, or is this general sense of desperate foreboding a perfectly reasonable state to be in given the facts as currently presented to you?

    I very strongly contend that you feel the way you do because the powers that control your existence very much wish you to feel this way, for now at least and for a VERY important for them type of reason.

    When an empire, nation, country, political or financial system is about to be DELIBERATELY destroyed, it must first be made MAD, preferably insane, and very much seen to be so by the masses involved. Good becomes BAD, BAD becomes GOOD, in other words as much of cohesive society as possible is gradually or otherwise turned up-side down.

    IMO nothing that is reported as happening in this country, Europe, indeed world makes any logical sense whatsoever, unless one understands that the entire social, political and financial structure of the western world is being deliberately taken apart from the inside brick by brick, hopefully to be reconstructed at some time in the not to distant future.

    Our once solid looking house has now lost so many bricks that our largely mortgage company owned dwelling no longer effectively exists and therefore cannot possibly be worth saving.

    A system that uses paper or debt created money magic-upped from thin air from a national central bank, working under the complete control of a world central bank is not FREE anything, barely capitalist, as well as by definition not in the slightest bit national.

    This type of system is Planet sized MARXIST COMMUNISM by definition. Where all wealth is owned and therefore controlled by a very few, for the exclusive interests of even fewer. Some kind of ever evolving-cross between leftist totalitarian authoritarianism and rightist totalitarian authoritarianism, with libertarianism only thrown in when it can be used to help people enslave themselves.

    If there is any good news at all, this is it.

    It has always been this way.

    We have never lived in a free world, country or financial system. We have always lived within a wholly corporatist dictatorship. The only real difference now is that this once covert system of control has now removed its gloves as well as more gradually removing its mask. This very much like it did in Central Europe and Western Asian back in the twenties and thirties, only this time we all have nowhere to run and therefore nowhere to hide, worse still, the proverbial THEY now know this to be the case.


  53. 186
    Ctesibius says:

    here’s a thought. why don’t we all go over to and help them organise a campaign to target The Guardian?


  54. 187
    Nick2 says:

    On the subject of ‘fair’ tax and leftie hyprocrisy, today’s ‘Toady’ interviewed Neal Lawson of the pressure group Compass. He said “We lose about £70bln in evasion, we lose about £25bln in avoidance. That money would make up more than the government cuts in 4 years”. For ‘balance’ Toady had Tom Harris (a Labour MP) and Evan Davis.

    Both Lawson & Harris seemed to agree that companies should pay ‘fair’ amounts of tax, albeit in Harris’ case after changing the law.

    The link is here.

    It’s an education on how some people appear to look upon wealth creators as a resource to be exploited. And a great source of hyperbole – Lawson appeared to compare the protesters in Top Shop to suffragettes & opponents of apartheid…


  55. 191
    Nick says:

    “Before he discovered the cause of “Tax Justice” between 2001 and 2003 he wrote technical articles for The Guardian advising how to minimise tax on employing a nanny, how to minimise tax for the self employed, maximise your tax allowance through taking out a stakeholder pension and attacking legislation which requires accountants to report tax evasion.”

    So because he did some things before he realised how awful they were, he is should henceforth practice self-censorship and never ever speak out of turn, so that the City can get away with whatever it is that you want them to get away with? And similarly for the Guardian – they should self-censor?


    • 199
      bodo says:

      Murphy is a typical lefty, makes his fortune out of tax avoidance, then decides it’s awful and nobody else should do it. But he’ll keep his dosh.
      Bet he went to a grammar school too, and now wants them abolished.


  56. 194
    i pity the fool says:

    labour and the unions during good times were raking in the money and not giving a damn when big corporations were exporting their wealth and not paying tax proportional to their earnings. the bad times are here its about time public sector did their share.governments should hang their heads in shame when indigneous people cannot get work in their own country cos of imported cheap labour. gordon brown and labour will not be paying for immigrants so he was very wrong to criticize gillian duffy. as for peoples anger it should be directed towards those who put labour into power in 1997 theres no point in picking up a scorpion or snake then complaining when it bites you. labour betrayed a hell of a lot of people its a sad shame that poor disabled marginalised have no voice whoever is in charge but labour tory or liberal dems do not represent the majority poor we don t live in a democracy as no politician is accountable to the people. people vote in their best or own interests eg unions who should be impotent are not and public sector know they do better money wise under labour government but with welfare reform being irreversible through universal credit labour could truly be finished for all time as it only benefits public sector and unions. polly toybee should stop talking as though nation are all fools as labour 1997-2010 are not on side of poor +labour always reinvent themselves they always get back in the question is why not bet at bookies as to when they ll get back in. jim callaghan was not the end! those who vote labour should have their testicles kicked by a donkey like in jackass 3d in 2015. the sad thing is i cannot see merits of voting we don t live in truly democratic society =cannot complain no one will listen. ed milliband still appears to be on starship enterprise does he not remember everything that new labour did during 1997-2010


  57. 195
    Anonymous says:

    as for gordon browns book tony blairs memoirs or john prescotts biography how many trees had to be axed to provide the paper for them in all the bookstores i don t think many people will buy them to read them or wipe their asses with them when toilet paper runs out. i ll never forget rory bremner throwing prescotts book into the bin when doing show called silly money in front of a live audience do not forget that labour and lib dems want the euro in uk but stop take a look at our neighbours in freestate ireland once the euro is in uk you are done for as neighbouring eu countries resent helping each other irelands lifejacket came with an anchor attached.


  58. 196
    Anonymous says:

    its socialism for the banks and capitalism for the rest of us i heard a person once say agree?


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