December 5th, 2010

Polly Missed Guardian Tax Justice Demo

In February 2009 Guido’s co-conspirators held a tax justice demo outside the Guardian’s spanking new HQ. Shouting “Scott Was a Tax Evader” and “GMG Fat Cats Pay No Tax”. We didn’t manage to get any support from multi-millionaire, three home-owning, anti-poverty campaigner Polly Toynbee. We would have dragged her out if we could…

The Guardian Media Group is one of the shrewdest corporate avoiders of tax in Britain, in 2008 it made a £300 million profit and yet managed to pay no corporation tax, the following year in 2009 it still paid no corporation tax, it uses the offshore Caymans tax haven to own assets, it uses tax efficient trusts and deploys all manner of perfectly legal tax shelter strategies to avoid paying tax. Polly seems silent about this tax dodging…

See also: Guardian’s Tax Hypocrisy is RidiculousTax Justice Protest Against Guardian Tax Dodging


  1. 1
    Guido's spad says:

    Polly Wolly only Doodles


  2. 2
    Cynic says:

    Given that Polly Filla’s huge salary is paid by the Trust’s stealing money off the back of the country through outrageous tax evasion, will she voluntarily agree to pay extra to make up? Even better, will she resign on principle?


  3. 4
    Cynic says:

    PS Guido …. sad you missed Handy Cocks latest escapade


    • 15
      Sarf of the River says:

      Me too!

      “MP Denies Russian Aide Is ‘Sleeper Spy’
      Sky News Online
      An MP has denied his Russian assistant is a spy amid reports she is about to be deported from Britain on suspicion of espionage.

      MI5 decided Katia Zatuliveter, who works for Liberal Democrat Mike Hancock, was secretly working for Moscow’s intelligence service as a “sleeper”, the Sunday Times has reported.”

      – – –

      Perhaps it’s an ‘excuse’ for him to gracefully retire from politics…


    • 16
      Handy Cock says:

      Brass yer nob sir?


    • 27
      all the news that's fit for CCHQ to print says:

      yeah but that’s interesting and not spinning for Dave’s tax dodging advisor or against those who upset Dave

      surely you see the difference ?


      • 106
        what a W*nker says:

        Remind us of how much Lakshmi Mittal and Lord Paul donated to Labour? A pair of real charmers them.


  4. 5
    They're all smug, sneering, Celt cunts at the BBC, 'cept Kuenssberg whom I wish to bum intensely says:

    Wasn’t her Majesty back in Tuscany by then?


    • 10
      A well hung Parliament please!!! ex BBC cunt, Ben 'buggering' Bradshaw says:

      I think she was at her second home in Lewes


      • 55
        Let them eat shite says:

        Lilly white Lewes? That aint very multiethnic and diverse. Surely Polly’s got a place in Peckham or Oldham.


        • 88
          Mohammed #2,153,456 says:

          You are sayings plenty of roomings and opportunitings in Lewes? Thankings for tippings off. Friends, family and relatives on way in flyings machine from Asia right now as I am speakings.


    • 14
      Anus BBC Homo says:

      We need these lefty parasites back in Government for politics to be fun again.

      Why shouldn’t barely literate half wits have their 3rd class degrees in dance, media, and sociology paid for by the workers?


    • 26
      Jackie Ashley's anus says:

      She was sucking off me usband all day and I can prove it


  5. 6
    Terrible But True says:

    Perhaps some tax dodging is more [insert colourful tribally appropriate phrase here] than others?

    Or maybe she’s just an unequal opportunist offender?


  6. 7
    A well hung Parliament please!!! ex BBC cunt, Ben 'buggering' Bradshaw says:

    You fucking beauty Handcocks

    Not only does the right honourable gentlemen get arrested outside the secure accomodation of a sexy but vulnerable female, he’s got one of Putin’s gorgeous female spies working for him
    Fucking juicy.

    Mr Handcocks can I workings for you?
    May I see your underpants on a daily basis my dear?
    Of course Mr Handcocks.
    Whey hey!!!
    Mr handcocks, I am wonderings, do you know the future plans your Government has for the Royal Navy’s force structure and what it’s tactical priorities will be?
    Can I see your bottom my dear?
    Of course Mr Handcocks.
    Whey hey!!!
    Mr Handcocoks do you know the priority your Navy places upon anti-submarine warfare in the for instances, the Greenland gap?
    Would you like to see my underpants my dear?
    Of course Mr Handcocks.
    Whey hey!!!


    • 18
      Anus BBC Homo says:

      So he’s been arrested for allegedly harassing a vulnerable female, is employing a Russian spy, and yet he’s still on Portsmouth’s City Council?

      The fucking outrage


  7. 8
    oldrightie says:

    Hypocrisy is another word for socialism. Simples.


  8. 11
  9. 20
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    A key tenet of Socialism is that only other people’s money is used to supply society’s needs. Thus Gordon was able to tell us it was our duty to actively seek to pay as much tax as possible while claiming £thousands paid to his brother for window cleaning.


    • 33
      Lord Ashcroft says:

      What a hypocritical bunch of cun’ts!


      • 65
        AC1 says:

        You seem to have a problem with numbers.

        Ashcroft PAID less tax than you’d like, but was perfectly legal.

        Brown Extorted far more in tax than the country could afford, but it was “legal” because he makes the law.

        You just have to keep educating marxist thickies about morality as they’ve got it upside down.


        • 70
          smoggie says:

          The Guildford One has trouble with more than numbers.


        • 92
          smoggie = tat says:

          Blair said the Iraq war was legal. Didn’t make it moral, clever or even legal.
          How many weapons of mass destruction did your heroes Blair and Bush find since you like numbers so much ? The clue is ZERO.

          As for smoggietat, go fuck yourself four times if you can count that high you witless Cameron lickspittle.


  10. 25
    Anonymous says:

    “We” ???


  11. 29
    Anonymous says:

    Yesterday, you were celebrating the ability of that schmutter schmuck to dodge tax.

    Today, you have a problem with exactly the same practices.

    Your politics are personal.


    • 34
      only one is a friend of Dave says:

      what’s a little hypocrisy between Conservative Party friends ?


    • 39

      Schmutter schmuck? Don’t say you’ve got a down on Levantines for some reason?

      Since Polly Twaddle turned up to protest against Arcadia, I think the tax affairs of her own employers are fair game – never mind the quality, feel the width of that well padded posh lefty arse.


      • 48
        hear no evil, speak no evil against Dave and his friends says:

        Who employs Philip Green as an advisor again?


        • 75

          Well, if you want advice on cost cutting in the overstuffed public sector, it seems sensible to me to employ someone with experience in the cutthroat world of the High Street.

          Would you suggest taking Polly’s advice on public sector waste instead?

          Besides, Wavy Davy’s being far too soft, and the proposed cuts are about a quarter of what are needed to really get the finances in order, so as far as I’m concerned he’s just another posh lefty.


  12. 30
    Anus BBC Homo says:

    Me application to that cu’nt wot controls Radio Five Coma

    Dear c’unt
    I wish to apply for a gig on Chris Addison’s 7 day sunday ‘humourous review of the weeks new show’, on BBC Radio Five Coma on sunday mornings.
    I feel I am well qualified for a spot on the show as I am smug, unthinkingly leftist, and deeply unfunny.
    I will expect to hear from you promptly, if not immediately, you oily eap of shit.


  13. 31
    Hancock cock up says:

    So Mike Hancock’s mad candle girl is a spy after all

    “She would walk around in very short skirts and high heels with Hancock,people,news,mi5-arrest-25-year-old-russian-spy-in-house-of-commons


    • 38
      Anonymous says:

      If she’d walked around Handycock with a Burka on he’d still have been fumbling under his desk sweating and dribbling.


    • 47
      House of Scum says:

      What’s the betting most of our MPs are being bribed or blackmailed by outside parties to work against this country’s interests?

      It would explain the anti-common sense, nation wrecking policies pursued by all three mainstream parties.


      • 51
        Liam Fox and William Hague says:

        Are you saying some MPs are hopeless lickspittles for another country?

        Now if you will excuse us we are off to polish the US ambassador’s cock.


  14. 37
    Nick2 says:

    Socialists seem to have very well developed senses of hypocrisy. So the Grauniad practices effective tax avoidance whilst publicising hysterical campaigns to tax individuals/relatively small groups the ‘fair’ tax due on their income/capital.

    In addition, the Political class (many of whom appear IMO to be socialists of one hue or another) have a very well developed sense of entitlement. So some MPs will claim for every possible expense, from cleaning to wreaths to confectionery.


    • 52
      Lord Ashcroft says:

      How do they have the brass neck to do it?


      • 66
        AC1 says:

        Because they have a false and immoral entitlement to other peoples money rather than a well developed and sensible attitude to keeping money they earned.

        These marxist thickies, they just are morally inverted.
        For them Man who creates wealth = bad. Man who extorts and wastes other peoples money = good.

        They really are insane, no wonder implementing marxist ideas caused the murder of 150 million last century.


  15. 49
    Amongomous says:

    Will someone please explain to me why the media keep asking nutty polly for her opinion.


  16. 74
    Red Ed's Babes says:

    Labour are putting their women all over the telly today.

    Yvette Balls
    Caroline Flint
    Hazel Blears

    Who next?


  17. 78
    Mr Lomax and jamjar says:

    Is Ms Polly Twaddle still claiming her winter fuel allowance? Peter Stringfellow told the government to take his winter fuel allowance back or he was going to give it to charity. He is wealthy and does not need an allowance and he had the decency to tell the government it should be for the people who really need it, i.e the poor. Is Polly poor or just lacks decency?


    • 80
      Aesop o'Sardis says:

      All indiscriminate benefits are a waste of our money. The child benefit is an anachronism, tinged with feminist ideology, that morphed from a tax relief to encourage population growth.

      It now indiscriminately encourages the feckless to breed children for the workers to provide for.

      They take our money by force and then use it to bribe us for our votes.

      All politicians are thieving, lying, self obsessed scumbags who encourage us to feel that we are dependent on the state – which they rule over. The UK would be a much better place if a couple of thousand of the political class were to contract a deadly virus and drop down dead.


    • 83
      chipolata says:

      Stringfellow made a very valid point. He had a letter saying his winter fuel allowance would be paid into his bank in 4 weeks time. All it needed was a tick box at the bottom to say no thank you.


      • 100
        Anonymous says:

        There isn’t, but there should be an option to refuse it. Giving it to charity isn’t the answer. The money belongs to tax payers and should stay in the pot.


  18. 82
    Anarchist are wasters says:

    Wher are all the spotty, scabby pond life anarchist “protestors”? Why are they not picketing GMG HQ?


    • 86
      ROFL! says:

      Didn’t you see the photo ?


    • 93
      Wed Ed's Wevolution says:

      All too busy avoiding paying tax by stealing from shops and university bookshop, buying fags and drugs on the black market, choosing the benefit lifestyle, doing a bit of ebay or cash in hand on the side, not registering to pay council tax…….


  19. 84
    Adam Smith says:

    I think tax avoidance is a patriotic duty,bearing in mind how much the last lot wasted. The real issue is the disjunction between the paper’s editorial line and its actual behaviour.


  20. 90
    String emUp says:

    is this a better view of her

    the years are not always kind


  21. 97
    Kim Jong-il says:

    Fuck Agent Toynbee OK? She’s like way too Left wing for me anyway dog! I’m gonna have her liquidated Tuesday.

    OK I’m gonna have to go now, one of my Comwade-Slaves just scratched my owiginal copy of ‘Elvis’ Chwistmas Album’. Somebody’s gonna be in twouble!!


  22. 98
    jgm2 says:

    The students might want to blockade the Milibands too seeing as how they got a Deed of Variance on their dad’s will to avoid Inheritance Tax.

    Tch. Leader of the Labour party fucking with his dear dead father’s will just to avoid tax. You think he’d be delighted to pay his way wouldn’t you? Probably could have afforded to pay a couple of nurses or something with all that money.


    • 115
      Maximus says:

      Deed of Variation is just the beneficiaries agreeing among themselves to divide the estate differently to what the Will specified. The operative word is ‘agreeing’. IANAL but if you wanted your beneficiaries to conform to your Will, it might be a good idea to leave a small bequest to, say, the Battersea Dogs Home. But how a few individuals organize their private affairs to mutual advantage is quite different from that state-sanctioned and enforced theft called Tax.


      • 120
        jgm2 says:

        As I understand it they ‘agreed’ to vary the will in such a way as to completely avoid inheritance tax.

        Tax avoidance.

        Legal. But suddenly that’s not allowed by the NUS and the union shit-stirrers. Just thought they might want to blockade the Milibands multiple properties.


  23. 99

    Clearly tax for all entities should fall due where it is earned. No ifs no buts. However that is not the law and expecting GMG to behave in “socially responsible” way re UK tax is problematic. They are doing all these crappy, rather right wing publishing things to be able to sustain the Guardian and Observer which as Guido is fond of pointing out lose money hand over fist. I wouldn’t let them off. But Polly works for loss making progressive (ahem, they support the travesty that is the Lib Dems) organs. And this all looks like a not-thought-through attack on “economic man” – in this case economic man which lets your sworn media enemies continue at his expense, albeit after he has squeezed the tax man until the pips squeak.


  24. 105
    NBeale says:

    Polly pontificates about many subjects (like Economics) about which she is laughably ignorant. Interestingly her highest academic qualificaton is …. one A-level.

    (And if you mention this fact on the Guardian CIF it gets deleted by a “moderator”)


    • 121
      Kim Jong-il says:

      That’s Left-Libewalism for you. Thwee cheers for fwee speech!


    • 125
      Ars Gratia Artis says:

      I got banned from the Guardian Comment is Free for mentioning Polly Filla’s one A level. If I had mentioned her multi million pound multi houses as well, they would probably have sent around their wet workers to torture my children.


  25. 107
    Down With Brown! says:

    I think there should be a special Polly tax on Tuscan villas.


  26. 111
    don't forget Purcell says:

    Off Topic

    Remember Guido’s scoop on Wendygate back in 2007??

    Today’s Newsnet Scotland is getting closer to the truth

    “The Electoral Commission has sensationally revealed that the source of the illegal donation that led to the resignation of Wendy Alexander as leader of Scottish Labour in 2007 was altered on official campaign documents prior to submission.”


  27. 118
    Polly put Martin Kettle on says:

    My wife’s a manageress of a retail establishment and this is her most stressful time of year – long hours, massive queues, nigh impossible sales targets. Imagine how the poor staff at Top Shop felt when a mob of zit-riddled ‘students’ and lefty millionaire twat Toynbee turned up to fuck them around and prevent them doing their jobs. Fucking arseholes. Put ‘em in the stocks and throw Big Macs at ‘em!


    • 119
      South of the M4 says:

      They should have left them there, and placed a banner in the window saying ” super glue – 1st floor. Buy one get one free “. Or something.


  28. 123
    Ed Butt says:

    Well let’s hope a lot of their untaxed profits have been invested in Irish and Spanish government bonds.


  29. 126
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    That is always the rule of the left. Do as we say….NOT as we do!!!


  30. 127
    Big Government is Evil says:

    “Polly seems silent about this tax dodging…”

    It’s a true pity that the silly great bovine Fabian cant just be silent…


  31. 132
    I hate New Labour says:

    So it’s ok for Philip Green to dodge tax, but not GMG?

    Doesn’t The GMG provide jobs?

    This is hypocrisy – if tax dodging is wrong, there can be no allowances made depending on your political leaning….


  32. 135
    tory boys never grow up says:

    The Guardian hardly needs to be one of the “shrewdest tax avoiders in Britain” to avoid paying tax – its general business is loss making in recent years and its profits have risen from the sale of shares in businesses which are CGT exempt. A basic corporate tax primer will tell anyone how to avoid paying tax in such circumstances.

    If Guido really wants to identify a top quality tax avoider could I suggest he has a good look at News International who have a low effective tax rate for many years – or failing that I daresay he may wish to look at his own tax affairs. Come on Guido what is your effective tax rate??


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