December 4th, 2010

Saturday Seven Up

7upGuido’s favourite story this week was about Katie Myler, Ed Miliband’s chief spokesman, committing Twitter suicide by accusing the Prime Minister of “pimping himself”, whilst Guido was on on the phone to the Labour Leader’s office asking if Ed stood by his spokesgirl’s comments she twittered an apology and withdrew her remarks.

We were faster than the papers in going through the party election returns, identifying Labour’s unpaid bills from the taxpayer and the Tory Bambi killing expenditure first – pixels beating print yet again.

This week the blog had an above average 422,866 page views from 251,700 visits by 87,979 visitors. Including feed readers Guido had some 2.5 million hits in November, with student unrest related stories being the most popular and perhaps consequently the blog seems to have more earnest, angry, left-wing flavoured reader comments section, presumably from misguided students. The top 7 stories last week in order of popularity were:

You’re either in front of Guido, or you are behind…


  1. 1
    HandsomeDavid says:

    “presumably from misguided students”



    • 2
      All your favourite CCHQ spin needs under one roof says:

      Guido’s favourite story this week was the World Cup till it blew up in his face.


    • 3
      Left wing twat says:

      Missunderstood students!


      • 4
        Obama's Pet Conservative Party lickspittles says:

        But what does Obama and America think of misunderstood students????

        Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!! Obama might not love us anymore so we’ll have to send Liam Fox and Hague round to the U.S. Ambassador to clean his arse out with their tongues.


        • 42
          Phil is out on his Woolarse says:

          And yet you spend every waking hour of your life on this site posting. What a sad life you must lead. I’d say you should get out more but I doubt you have any friends to get out with.


        • 49
          Tessa Tickles says:

          “But what does Obama and America think of misunderstood students????”

          I doubt Obama and America give a rat’s flying fuck about our idiot students.

          Nobody does.


        • 69
          I see that soared clean over the windowlickers heads says:

          WikiLeaks: Britain mocked by US over ‘special relationship’

          US officials privately mocked Britain’s ‘paranoia’ over maintaining the ‘special relationship’, cables released by WikiLeaks suggest.

          Richard LeBaron, the US deputy chief of mission, said the obsession with the alliance would “be humorous, if it were not so corrosive”.

          He also reported to Washington that it would be “tempting” to take advantage of Britain’s attitude.

          The documents show that senior Conservative policians met with members of President Barack Obama’s administration before the election to promise a “much more pro-American” regime.

          Don’t worry, it’s only our own troops being killed to keep the US laughing.


          • Anonymous says:

            Hai doggy doggy jump cameron jump. Be a good boy don’t lick doggy hague’s ass. Look your mummy thatcher, the old dog has lost it.


    • 11
      7 years hard Labour says:

      It seems Chaytor is a bigger scumbag than everyone thought.

      The reason he pleaded guilty was that he had involved his daughter in the “landlady” scam and the police had emails that incriminated her and she would have ended up being sent down too. He also forged his mother’s signature who was incapable of signing anything. His plea of Guilt is purely self serving.


      • 16
        Must get a pseudonym one day says:

        Chaytor should not be able to exonerate his daughter simply by pleading guilty himself.

        She was probably involved in a conspiracy to defraud and almost certainly an accessory to the act. Without her complicity, the fraud may not have happened, so she should stand trial and answer for her conduct.


        • 46
          T'Beast of North Allerton says:

          Charge the daughter , exume the mother and hang the corpse from the walls of the tower with the father and the daughter left to starve top death under the corpse with visitots £1 a view
          It will certainly raise more money than the olympics
          £5 to throw a turd
          £2 to piss on them
          £50 to sear them with a hot poker
          £100,000 to wield the axe
          £250,000 for a drawing and quatering


        • 65
          Woolas - cunt by birthright says:

          That Phil Woolas was born in Sc+unthorpe. Says it all really.


    • 21
      Chuck says:

      Ballistic students (gravity-assisted) ?


    • 23
      Snow White says:

      What’s the Happymeter reading today ?


    • 54
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Before the general election, the Conservatives went to the US promising them the UK will remain their poodle. So much for British Bulldog!


      • 70
        Liam Fox says:

        Yap! Yap! Yap! Yap! Yap!


      • 107
        Reichschancellor ( in-waiting, and waiting and waiting ) Balls says:

        Look at what the yanks think of the next ( failed ) Liebour leader !!!!

        ED BALLS
        Super-bright but charmless
        ‘Super bright, relatively young, Ed Balls … has performed badly as schools secretary and is accused of shirking responsibility for the failings of his department … Critics point out that since coming out from the shadows and entering the public arena, Balls has shown himself to be less than suited to the top job: his public speaking is derided as “dull”, his slightly awkward manner as “charmless”, and he has many enemies within the party, precisely because of his relationship with the PM. Party insiders accuse him of cowardice because he tells Brown what he thinks Brown wants to hear.’


  2. 5
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    All Politicons are whores !!!!!


  3. 6
    Neil 'Tossflap' Kinnock says:

    I still think ‘Red Ed’ is greeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaat!!!!

    Well, alriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!!!


  4. 7
    Taxfodder says:

    An entertaining and highly amusing week, thank you Mr Fawkes and fellow commentary.


  5. 8
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    England on top in the Ashes , fuck the world cup !


  6. 9
    GEOFF HOON 07796938196 says:

    How so ?
    Red Ed son of brown = 179 posts
    Basher and minx = 183 posts
    Honund dog minister = 137 posts

    Lembit (Friday caption) =385


  7. 12
    Anonymous says:

    Move along quietly, nothing to see here.


    Insufficient evidence to secure a likely prospect of conviction, perhaps?


  8. 13
    Anonymous says:

    Fox news update …………………..
    Wiki-Leaks update Assange is charged with having unprotected sex as his condom split during intercourse. Unprotected sex is a crime in Sweden….


    • 20
      IVOR BIGGUN says:

      It hardly justifies Two international arrest warrants being issued by them and broadcasting to the world that he is wanted for “Sex Crimes” in Sweden
      looks like they too are doing the Americans bidding !

      Is having a massive cock also a crime in the capitol of porn ?


      • 28
        MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

        Have just been to a swedish porn site (Purely in the interest of research)
        of the four films i clicked on (purely in the interest of research)
        there were seven men six of which were not wearing condoms
        does this mean the porn industry is exempt from said law ?
        please dont respond for the next fif-teen minuites as i will be errr out walking the dog !


  9. 15
    Anonymous says:

    Consensual but unprotected sex constitutes rape under the Swedish law


    • 17
      Must get a pseudonym one day says:

      Therefore all natural pregnancies must result from rape – what bollocks, Anon.


  10. 22
  11. 24
    Tim Lovejoy says:

    I bumped into Guido at a party once ……..


  12. 25
    Another Crooked Labour MP says:

    Yasmin Qureshi Labour MP Bolton

    Mrs Qureshi billed the taxpayer for £1,005 in train fares and spent £64 on taxis. She was banned from driving for six months in August for using a mobile phone at the wheel and driving without insurance

    This is plain wrong. Why should the taxpayer pick up her extra travel costs when she breaks the law?

    PS Yasmin Qureshi is also a barrister practicing in criminal law.


    • 26
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Stone her !!!!


      • 39
        Mad Mullah says:

        Perhaps you will now begin to understand why we make our women cover up and walk behind. Give them freedom and you will end up with a nation of Yasmin Alibhai-Browns.


    • 40
      wota cow says:

      Does the silly bitch come from Uganda too?


      • 47
        She's taking the Piss says:

        No born and bred in P@k1stan. It was also her second offence for using a mobile while driving plus she had two speeding convictions on her licence. She would have been well aware (as a criminal barrister) that another offence would result in at least a six month ban. No way should the taxpayer pick up the bill for her extra travel costs.


    • 59
      GAZZA STRIPS says:

      She would not get away with that in Saudi Arabia
      women arn’t allowed to drive there


    • 157
      Anonymous says:

      She doesn’t have any ‘extra’ travel costs, she was travelling by train before she got banned. It would actually cost more if she went by car, because the mileage allowance is more than the train ticket price.


  13. 27
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Am i the only one who isint getting excitied about the wikileaks stuff , I mean hace they revealed anything new ?


  14. 29
    Geoff Hoon says:

    Hey , Dont forget the fact that i am a utter Hoon .


  15. 30
  16. 34
    Vanity Photo on expenses. says:

    Jonathan Reynolds Labour MP Staylybridge

    Claimed £11.75 for a photo of himself at Parliament


    • 53
      T'Beast of North Allerton says:

      Cameron is far more parsimonious he spreads vanity photos over a 12 month period for a mere £35,000 a year
      Worldnt surpise me if he hasnt got a few boy on girl action shots of Boris at our expense


      • 63
        Tessa Tickles says:

        You have to add about £3,300 employers’ NI contributions to that, too.

        Cameron is a spendaholic socialist c*nt.


  17. 41
    Ed Miliband says:

    Comrades! This has been another successful week for our party! We are on our way back to power!…Look, please don’t get rid of me. I can do better, I promise.


  18. 43
    Gordon Brown says:

    Today , I will be a washing line ,


  19. 44
    Prick Fucknall says:

    I want to apologise to the 1000 or so mongs I shagged by lying to them that I was Charlie Drake’s brother.


  20. 45
    Very satisfying to see David Cheator brought down says:


  21. 51
    Phil is out on his Woolarse says:

    Isn’t it rather ironic that Kate Myler’s boyfriend, the grotesquely and morbidly obese Greg Beales, is a spad on health policy?


  22. 61
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    O/T i know but you must read this
    after yesterdays post LimpDick Toothpick will have many friends calling at his house
    this fucking religion is wierd beyond belief !


    • 90
      12 Iman Stuck Down A Well says:

      God has a cruel sense of humour for letting these nut cases live for so long without wiping them all out with a flood or something.


  23. 62
    Gordon Brown says:

    Today I will be playing with my happiness index.


  24. 66
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    120% of stats are wrong , Fact !


  25. 68
    LibLabCon go to hell says:

    The c u n t Brown wants your tributes.

    Brown on life after Downing St


    • 71
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Just some of it and the comments , One was saying once the people have read your book they will understand better FFS Care in the comunity has really gone down hill !


      • 83
        The Guardian can suck my dick says:

        What a surprise, a sycophantic puff piece on Jonah by The Grauniad. What a pile of shit. Funniest bit was the claim that Brown belonged to the politics of a century ago where morality and principles counted the most. Fuck off you stupid lefty c unt. That man is a congenital liar, crook, bully and smearer who ruined the country. He doesn’t have any morality.


    • 76
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      I would just like to thak Gordon For stealing my pension and if by chance i ever meet you
      I’ll Rip your fucking head off and piss in your dead skull !

      but in the mean time a long slow painful death to you


    • 85
      Dont teach me how to suck scat says:

      His book wont sell anyway…Tesco is still selling toilet rolls for 51p


    • 150
      shepshedRichtea says:

      I liked the fact that Brown said he was not a businessman – too right – look what he did to our country!!!


  26. 75
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    If you cant afford kids , Dont fucking have them !


  27. 78
    Dont teach me how to suck scat says:

    It says in the paper that Phillis Woollyass now faces a massive legal bill, is it possible for him (it?) to wiggly and wriggle his way out and use taxpayers money to pay his legal bills? Is Guido and his “little helpers” keeping an eye on him.

    I dont want him using tax payers money, IMO he should be imprisoned for at least 5 years, but I will settle for him being driven into bankruptcy.


  28. 84
    Dack Blog says:

    The top two are ‘into the evening’ threads, and the subjects more ‘Joe Public’ than many. (Oh, and folk were snowed in I guess). Maybe these juicier bones should be more regularly thrown after working hours?

    I don’t get chance to be on here during weekdays (lazy leeching public sector scumbag that I am) – but evening threads are often on life support by the time I get to check in.


  29. 88
    Council Worker says:

    Walked past County Hall yesterday. As the light was fading all the lights were on inside and I could see the staff hard at work. Putting up the Christmas decorations.


    • 89
      Engineer says:

      At least they’re allowed some, and haven’t had them banned because they might offend an ethnic.


      • 93
        Oh Yes It's True says:

        Only because most councils are Tory controlled again and at least the pretend to feign patriotism and traditionalism while selling us down the river like the other two.


      • 95
        The reason for the season says:

        Why would an ethnic be offended by Christmas decorations? I would have thought a Christian would have more reason to be offended by most Christmas activities that now occur in this country.


        • 133
          Engineer says:

          I have never understood the “it might offend someone” argument. Do Christians complain that they find the celebrations of other religions offensive? If they do, I’ve never heard about it (and wouldn’t agree if I did hear about it).

          The only complaints you hear about concerning Christian religious festivals comes from the politically correct up-themselves brigade, who should be ignored as a matter of course. If people want to celebrate religious festivals (whatever the religion) then let them get on with it; if you don’t want to get involved, then don’t get involved, just shut up and leave them to it.


          • Mike Hunt says:

            But that’s not the Leftie way. As a Leftie SOMETHING, ANYTHING must be DONE, Righties take a relaxed ‘English’ attitude to things.


        • 134
          Dehli Boy says:

          Ethnics offended by Xmas decorations? Only in the heads of Marxist white boy gramscians. Ethnics sell most of the fucking Xmas tat anyways, FFS.


  30. 91
    Up sh1t creek says:

    Slavery in the UK…. Work for 50p per parcel delivered, no, that’s not slave labour according to Irwin Stelzer. How much was Irwin Stelzer paid for his appearance on Newsnight? 50p?


  31. 94
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Keep the Goverment and Labour away from commenting on the Ashes !!!


  32. 97
    2 world wars & 1 world cup says:

    Why not burn a Wembley goal post and put the ashes in a jar? Then every year we could have a football tournament with Germany.


    • 99
      Back 2 Babylon says:

      Why not with other like minded countries just leave FIFA and the EU. The corrupt charade would soon fall down upon it’s self.

      But then that would require a backbone.

      A rare commodity in humanity today.


      • 102
        CallMeDave, Billy 'traitor' Vague, Osborne & chums says:

        Hear hear! Oops, as you were. Sorry!


        • 108
          Dave was trying to sell when he should have been bidding. says:

          Why did the English bidding team make up a pack of lies about why they wanted to hold the world cup? Silly things like football stops blacks getting involved with gangs and we’ll give the Africans football pitches are just pathetic.

          Just tell the truth. We’ve got the stadiums, the fans and we want to win the world cup again.


      • 136
        Engineer says:

        Back to Babylon – spot on. Three cheers, sir.


    • 154
      T'Beast of North Allerton says:

      The Germans would always get the ashes
      Far better manufacturers of crematoria


  33. 100
    David Cameron says:

    First !


  34. 111
    Sarah Tweet says:


    • 112
      Gordon Brown (Full Time MP) says:

      “I am not going to the House of Lords. Never. That’s not who I am. That’s not where I am. I want to do something for Kirkcaldy and Fife. I am a full-time MP, not a businessman.”


      • 115
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        ” I want to do something for Kirkcaldy and Fife. ”

        How about turn up and vote ?


        • 124
          Sarf of the River says:

          Hopefully she has been reading some of the comments . More hopefully, the arch loon himself has too.


          • Awaah says:

            “I am not going to the House of Lords. Never.”

            You can’t really blame him. Who would join a club that had Two Butts Prezza as a member?


          • Labour are serial Hypocrites says:

            Think you’ll find that Both Prescott and Kinnock said the same thing


    • 113
      streamfisher says:

      Trying to get the top off the fizzy orange bottle?.


    • 114
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Thought the contract had expired ?


    • 117
      Harridan Harmanhater says:

      I fear for the residents of Kircaldy and Fife now that the Doomwatcher-in-Chief is in their midst.

      At least secretaries and staff in Downing Street must be feeling happier now they’re not having phones chucked at them and they’re not being bullied all day.

      Anyone for a slice of cooked goose ??


    • 152
      Mike Hunt says:

      People ask where the fuck that stupid Scots C unt is, because he is never to be seen and not doing the job I am paying him for.


  35. 122
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Jeff sterling for PM !!!!


  36. 130
  37. 138
    Begorrah! Has your £7billion from Osborne been delivered yet ye soft-headed feckers says:


  38. 145
    Clunge says:

    Gordon switched on the christmas lights in Fife. Don’t be surprised if the lights suddenly go out in a few days.


  39. 155
    PC Dim O'Plod says:

    This is how it works. 1/ Plod over-reacts. Seals everything off. Calls in swat teams. 2/Normal, non criminal person realises that it’s all bollocks, tips out bags which are full of rags. 3/ Plod now has egg on face and needs someone to arrest. 4/ Arrests citizen – after all – he’s white, middle class and has shown them up for being cissy. This man is a danger to society!!


  40. 156
    These Terror Laws need repealing says:

    As an upstanding member of the community you must abide by police cordons.’

    So if he wasn’t an upstanding member he could have gone through?

    I thought Dave and Nick were going to repeal Labour’s silly terror laws?

    Must admit I never realised that crossing those blue tapes that the Plod hang everywhere was an act of Terroism.

    But why didn’t the police just say thank you?


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