November 28th, 2010

Read Ed’s Speech, Not Impressed

“Being rooted in people’s lives is not about a slogan, it’s not about going out and just saying ‘tell us what we should think’, but it is about saying we need to be reconnected to the hopes and aspirations of the people of Britain.”

Having read Ed’s speech twice and learnt nothing from the platitudes, Guido fears he still knows where Ed wants to take a Labour Party “rooted in people’s lives”. Ed says he is a “socialist” and wants to tax people who are successful more than half their earnings, which sounds like a Labour government too rooted in people’s bank accounts. More of a blank cheque policy than a blank policy sheet.

Guido was never going to be impressed with a younger, more humanised but still wonky version of Gordon Brown, unfortunately for Ed his own cabinet also seem unimpressed; on the Sunday shows Alan Johnson told Marr, in coded language, that he wants to dump the 50% tax rate policy before the election, Douglas Alexander confirmed to Adam Boulton the shadow chancellor was looking to dump it and Liam Byrne said just now on the Politics Show “…you have to decide your tax priorities closer to the time”, translation “we’ll dump it before the election”. They all know that Ed stood for the leadership ideologically committed to squeezing the successful: ‘Let me say plainly: I would keep the top rate of income tax at 50p permanently’.

Punters are beginning to write Ed off and the left-of-centre commentariat is unimpressed. The only conclusion to draw from all these cabinet David Miliband supporters opposing Ed’s key policy objective is that they don’t really want him to lead them into the next election.


  1. 1
    Keep up like that and Labour will be out for a decade says:

    Liam Byrne died on his arse in that interview this morning.

    Truly cringeworthy stuff.

  2. 2
    Keep up like that and Labour will be out for a decade says:

    Also yessssssss beat Billy to the first comment!

  3. 3
    Mandy the mincer, Lord of the ever open flies. says:

    All you will ever hear from this twisty faced knob is spin bullshit and lies, just like the LIAR and the Gobshite.

  4. 4
    Helpful says:

    Does this mean at the next General Election we will have a choice between the Coalition partners in favour of 50% Income Tax (because it is the right thing to do) and the Labour party in favour of a lower rate? Interesting!

  5. 5
    KINNOCKIO says:

    Rejoice !!! I’ve got my Party back !! The Welsh windbag is re-born in Red Ed Sillyman Milibland

  6. 6
    why don't they all just fuck off? says:

    “Ed says he is a “socialist” and wants to tax people who are successful more than half their earnings, which sounds like a Labour government too rooted in people’s bank accounts. More of a blank cheque policy than a blank policy sheet.”


  7. 7
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    One has to remember, always, who Miliband’s are friends in Europe. These people will not give up because someone garbles his lines when interviewed by Al Jabbeeba. They have had a long-term plan for a long time, and are not deviating from it. The fact that the plan isn’t going to work does not worry them one bit: they don’t feel the pain, we will.

    So, don’t go soft on socialists, just because you think they are cretins.

  8. 8
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m ready to lead my party again.

  9. 9
    Anonymous says:

    What did they (the Labour Party) expect?

    Ed has ‘loser’ written all over his gormless face.

    It will be interesting to see what happens when McClusky, Crow & Co. start pulling the strings. In fact that will be the only point of interest.

    Ed clearly hasn’t got a clue which way he’s heading, let alone a ‘moral compass’.

  10. 10
    Billy Bowden gets on my tits says:

    Billy has made Fawkes a cricket widow, bless.

  11. 11
    Labour meltdown fun says:

    A Labour civil war? Yes please! I’ll have fries with that!

  12. 12
    13eastie says:

    Наvе а lооk аt Rеd Еd’ѕ nеw wеbѕіtе, “Frеѕh Іdеаѕ”:

    Not only does it have perhaps the most ironic URL in the history of the internet, but it’s probably the most hideously-designed also.

    Ed should have quit while he was ahead with the “blank sheet of paper” idea…

  13. 13
    streamfisher says:

    Will there be fizzy orange and Jelly?.

  14. 14
    It's the right thing to do says:

  15. 15

    Cum wisit wwwth doth fwesh-ideaths doth orgth doth uks/


  16. 16
    13eastie says:


    Nісk’ѕ & Dаvе’ѕ bеhеmоth ѕtаtе juѕt gеtѕ bіggеr аnd bіggеr…

    Ministers follow Asda in setting minimum price for wine, beer and spirits

    Statutory price-fixing is taking the piss. Nobody outside the transaction can claim to ‘know’ the paramters within which the price of a good should be set.

    The duty+VAT formula is the thin end of statist wedge that a true Conservative government should be opposing tooth and nail, rather than giving in to self-righteous, ideoligcal, single-issue lunatics.

    The Government does not even seem to know WHY it wants to do this ― you can be sure that the more reasons are put forward for a policy, the weaker and more UNreasonable any of them must be individually.

    Public Health? Most alcohol is drunk responsibly with no impact on health. This is straight out of the ZaNuLab top drawer of punishing society at large at the expense of the freedom of the individual. The liver-lobby have completely lost sight of their place in the value chain: the NHS was constituted to deal with ill-health, NOT to interfere in the ordinary business and enterprise of the individuals that own it. The burgundy I give my relatives this Christmas will affect their health in just the same way, no matter how much you penalise me for choosing it.

    Anti-social Behaviour? ‘Sarah Matthews, from the British Liver Trust said: “This doesn’t go anywhere near far enough to make a difference. It won’t hit wine at all…’ These are the kind of fascist zealots who are writing policy nowadays. Please tell me, Sarah, how raising the cost of my family Sunday lunch will make it less dangerous to catch the night bus, or safer to leave my golf clubs in the car? Most crime is comitted by badly-brought-up scum BECAUSE they are badly-brought-up scum.

    NHS Budget? Acohol revenues are five times the NHS’ own estimates of its ‘cost’. This is bullshit. (And the same goes for tobacco, btw).

    And when all of this fails (and it will) the puritans will tell you that it’s because they didn’t do it ENOUGH…

  17. 17
    Frankfurt School Of Marxism & Collected Scumbags says:

    Don’t say too much please comrade.

  18. 18
    Red Ed Stalin says:

    I will be the nexth prime ministerth!

  19. 19
    retardEd "permanent 50pc tax" Miliband says:

    No, it doeth not. I with taxth and taxth and taxth, forever! Even if I don’t need the money. Comradthe, onwardth!

  20. 20
    streamfisher says:

    Ed’s got a ships binnacle.

  21. 21
    Reuters says:


    They have recovered the black box from the plane that crashed into a built up area in Karachi.

    The pilot’s last words were, “Did you say flock of bats?”

  22. 22
    Polly Tuscany says:

    This site wants a final solution for Ed Miliband.

  23. 23
    Mike Newland says:

    Those poor socialists.

    They have no proven method for producing wealth. They merely nowadays tag along behind capitalism offering to redistribute the wealth created.

    It’s a one policy ideology!

    Worse, their appetite for redistribution is now so great that it threatens wealth production in the first place.

    They are bankrupt.

  24. 24
    Anthony Lynton Blair says:

    Hi proles! Being Labour leader and prime minister made me stinking rich! I don’t give a fuck about what happens to Britain. Stick your deficit up your arse! I’m off to one of my 25 homes around the world! Bye proles!

  25. 25
    Anonymous says:

    Urrgh..what a vile colour scheme. It’s like a 1980’s 3D comic.

  26. 26
    retardEd Miliband says:

    Thtop taking the pith!

    And furthermore, my retro websiteth thuperb. I only paid £299,000,000 for it. Thuper value!

  27. 27
    nell says:

    I like, what is becoming, his most famous empty phrase, ‘the squeezed middle’.

    Anybody know where it is?? Red Ed is undecided which economic group he is referring to, tessajowell says it is a cumbersome and undefined phrase…..

    I notice nobody else in the labour party is using it, but Red Ed keeps repeating it ad nauseum..

  28. 28
    nell says:

    We’re patiently waiting for those wikileak documents that are gonna show what they really thought about you acting as foreign minister for the US of A.


  29. 29
    Karma juggernaut says:

    I’ve got you in my sights.

  30. 30
    dr. sipp says:

    ED is DEAD

    thats message im getting from labour MPs an his brother

  31. 31
    nell says:


    OK what’s wrong with talking about Red Ed’s most favourite subject , the squeezed middle??!

  32. 32
    Shire Tory says:

    Cretins? Please no more comments about vertically challenged people!

  33. 33
    Boudicca says:

    Red Ed has nothing of any interest to say to the British people. Nigel Farage does.

    I hope Cameron is starting to sweat. The ANTIs (as defined by Tim Montgomerie in ConHome) are organising – at last.

  34. 34
    retardEd Miliband says:

    I hate athpiration!

    I will cruth and dethtroy the thqueezed middle clatheth!

  35. 35
    Anonymous says:

    The biggest problem is the rank and file Labour members did not vote for him, and it is these people who stuff leaflets through letterboxes, man the stalls on market day and canvas during elections

    Which is why Ed is facing an uphill struggle to find acceptance within the mainstream Labour Party, and why shadow ministers after listening to their CLP’s are making policy without him.

    The CLP’s are the one’s who know why 5 million voters turned their back on the Labour Party since 1997 and they are the one’s who will fix it, with or without Ed’s consent.

    Ed’s days are numbered don’t kid yourself otherwise.

  36. 36
    Sarf of the River says:

    I can’t understand why you went to the effort of reading/watching/listening/other anything to do with the Labour party.

    There is no point in them. They tried to run a country and failed. They are now indulging themselves in a Marketing Hunts wet dream of re-positioning, segmentation and market share. There is increasingly less of a reason to believe that the Cons are any different. They have had the last few months to prove themselves and they have failed.

    Why do you read, analyse and sometimes re-print any old crap that the Cons throw up by the way?

    When will the people who hold the reins of power, albeit very temporarily and most of the time notionally, realise that quite a few have had enough of their “Nanny knows best” attitude? It might, debatably, have served a purpose when food production could only have been managed successfully with strip cultivation, Turnip Townshend was ‘king’ and the ‘Norfolk four course crop rotation’ was in vogue.

    I suspect ‘they’ are getting pissed off and slightly concerned if the plod and Nominet are planning to get in to bed.

    Hopefully the EU, the Euro and the latest EU Diplomatic guff will be halted in their tracks as people slowly wake up to the fact that they are being ‘managed’ and not for their own good.

    The statu quo has been fucking me off intensely and I would rather put my energies to ‘fighting it’ than being ‘pissed off by it’.

    I suspect that the ‘powers that be’ are slowly realising that they are rapidly becoming irrelevant.

    About time too.

  37. 37
    rustygecko says:

    Did he mean Rooted in the sense of f@cked?

  38. 38
    Ed Miliband and The Sheeple's Party says:

    Labour are really struggling here. They cannot claim the progressive ideology that ground albeit a bit ropey is covered by the Lib Dems. They cannot claim to be the party for business that is claimed by the Tories. So what do they stand for? The regressive party harking back to the good old ’70’s consisting of student politics, protests and strikes.
    The rubbish is beginning to pile up in the Retro Labour party with student idealism, taxing the rich and kow towing to the Unions. This is just the start. Ed’s days are numbered.

  39. 39
    Kinnochio says:

    Ed’s all right! He’s all right! And my son’s done nothing wrong! He’s all right!

  40. 40
    Crikey says:

    Ed we don’t want you “rooted ” in our lives. You are one of our employees. Forget that at your peril.

  41. 41
    NBeale says:

    It is hard to overstate how damaging this insane 50% tax is. It raises essentialy no money but acts as a major deterrent to senior and top management locating here. It is vital for the UK’s future competitiveness that we remain a preferred location for multinationals, and this tax rate causes severe problems.

  42. 42
    Tessa Tickles says:


  43. 43
    Anonymous says:

    But do any of you really think it would be any different if Red Ed’s brother, David Banana Militwat had won? I do not.

    I think the Irish Daily Star headline of ‘Useless Gobshites’ applies to these two brothers just as much as to Cowen.

  44. 44
    Wed Ed says:

    We mutht we mutht impwove our butht

  45. 45
    Margaret Moran says:

    Any of you naughty lads wanna squeeze MY middle?!

  46. 46
    Lil Olmey says:

    Would that be one fitted with Kelvin’s Balls ?

  47. 47
    Pickled Wizard says:

    Can I have a ticket for the front row please, and am I allowed to throw rocks?

  48. 48
    Maximus says:

    And the intelligence of ship’s barnacle.

  49. 49
    LibLabCon go to hell says:

    Labour are dead, the Cons are racing up the inside and the photo finish in a year or two will show that both should have been destined for the knackers yard years ago.

    Weird, I have been posting quite a few off-message posts today and my BT Home Hub seems to be losing it’s connection to the Net much more often than I would expect. I’ve never had so many disconnections in a day as far as I can remember.

    A conspiracy theorist might posit a relationship.

  50. 50
    The Sheikh Of Araby says:

    Liam Byrne is a fucking detestable little wankstain

  51. 51
    Maximus says:

    Spoonerism, the only Ism worth preserving for posterity.

  52. 52
    A Curiously Coloured Sea Cucumber says:

    Guido. You say Miliband Minor is a “more humanised but still wonky version of Gordon Brown”. “More” is a comparative, implying that Brown is in any way humanised. Please amend!

    Thanks. Back to my grotto now.

  53. 53
    Lil Olmey says:

    Is that what the CEO of Next is called these days ?

  54. 54
    St Augustine says:

    But not just yet, Lord.

  55. 55
    Bruce says:

    Got it one.

  56. 56
  57. 57
    Tao te Ching says:

    We learned how to manipulate you long ago Karma……

  58. 58
    Maximus says:

    Daily Maul online has a savoury piece about Sarko fscking up Tony the B.Liar’s chance of being President of the EU — and as a bonus managing to get McBust to lose his rag completely. It doesn’t say, but fully explains, why McFuckwit got his World Statesman award.

  59. 59
    LibLabCon go to hell says:

    How about an English civil war to reassert who actually gives a toss about who is here who is not, why and not be afraid of saying why!

    And you think it’s a party political ‘thing’?

    Think again.

  60. 60
    We're all in this together and SOMEBODY's gotta pay for it says:

    Liam Byrne was struggling on to-days Politics Show to actually define the “squeezed middle” and seemed to plump for a wide range of people on incomes from £16,000 to £46,000 pa waffling on about how the cost of living varies from “oop North through the Midlands to the South East where people have to pay train fares apparently and household bills(I assume that he thinks the rest of the country actually doesn’t and I don’t actually think that train fares or energy bills are actually priced differently north of Watford).Labour is all over the place and even the usually pro-Labour Jon Sopel was having difficulty understanding Labour’s arguments and suggested that perhaps the squeezed middle was also applicable to people o£80,000 plus p.a which Byrne didn’t dis-agree with.

    Incidentally Byrne was also forced to admit that he would have preferred DAVID Miliband to useless Ed to lead the party and he’s supposed to involved in Ed’s policy review!!! You couldn’t make it up.

  61. 61
    In the grand scheme of things says:

    True the unions don’t speak for the public anymore either.

    They and Ed will pay for being out of touch with the core public left winger who has to do all the donkey work.

  62. 62
    Pickled Wizard says:

    Most definitely one of Nigel’s finest

  63. 63
    LibLabCon go to hell says:

    Do YOU think Dave is any better?

  64. 64
    A Yupp says:

    Sounds like Red Ed’s speech should have been entitled ‘The Lightweight Dirge’.

  65. 65
    LibLabCon go to hell says:

    Will that particularly poor criticism stop them in their tracks?

  66. 66

    I’m waiting for what they have to say about a certain ex-Hartlepool ‘honourable’ member and his penchant for yachting and aluminium…

    If we’re really lucky, perhaps we’ll find out where his mortgages came from too.

  67. 67
    Don't stand for it anymore says:

    Lets face it, the scum will just mug more innocent people to meet the costs.

    All stuff like this does is make the scum more vicious and ruthless in society to live the lifestyle the have become accustomed to.

    Ordinary people will bear the brunt of all the pain and suffering while the ones in their Ivory towers look on.

    A few MP’s need to be made example off as well for it to sink in me thinks…..

  68. 68
    PD77 says:

    So no improvement to the boom then? Now we see who came up with the budget speeches for El Gordo!

  69. 69
    Don't stand for it anymore says:

    Power is an addiction like Herion, it will kill you in the end unless you truly let go.

  70. 70

    Nah – heard it had dry rot, you addled old bag.

  71. 71
    Anon says:

    Mine slowed down to a halt yesterday as well while on this website which was strange…

  72. 72
    Anon says:

    Byrne was also praising the Coalitions handling of the economic recovery lol don’t think Ed or many in Labour will be too happy about going that far off message to save your skin in an interview.

  73. 73
    Maximus says:

    A more sensible fellow would check his microfilters first.

  74. 74
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Johnson might favour removing the 50% rate but he will never be allowed to do it. Miliband looks like Labour’s equivalent of IDS. Perhaps the biggest problem is the all three leaders of the major parties look and sound the same – affluent, middle class and fully bought into the nonsense like the EU and MMGW.

    A pack of wankers who are going to find the electorate increasingly angry with their wishy washy policies and refusal to stand up for the UK and for ordinary voters.

  75. 75
    Cynical Old Man says:

    As I’ve said on a previous thread, I saw some of Red Ed’s speech on AlJabeeba yesterday and he came across as a clueless prick. The bit of the speech I really noted was when he stated that his policies will have “climate change” at their core. Referring to “Global Warming” on the day that the country was covered in a blanket of snow, the earliest November snowfall since 1993 AND the COLDEST night on record in some parts of the of the U.K., show just what a lardhead he really is!

  76. 76
    John James Cowperthwaite says:

    What planet is Ed Militant on? 50p tax? Get a grip!

  77. 77
    LibLabCon go to hell says:

    Do you work for BT (in India?)

  78. 78
    Shocked of Sheen says:

    Thtop taking the pith pleath, ith juth not fair…
    Really did noone at Union HQ notice that Red Ed and the appalling Balls are united in their speech impediments?
    It’s stutterly appalling…

  79. 79
    Red EDs is a Tory mole says:

    Well if he is a lardhead his head will be warm lard is a wonderful insulation, yes your general observation is right he is a geuine 100 % dick of the highest order, there was a rumour Georgie punched the air when they gave it him, they know just what we know talentless twat,i have had a pet theory for some time that many high up in the union movement are Tory plants they always take action that seems in the end to aid the Tory cause.Now there is talk of Yvette Jesus H Christ that silly bint could not get laid at an orgy, get real Labour you are out for ever and a day people remember and you gave them plenty to remember.

  80. 80
    Martin Day says:

    Both David Cameron & Nick Clegg are not fit for purpose.

    Liars, both of them

  81. 81
    LibLabCon go to hell says:

    What planet is David Cameron on?

    Teen sex lessons?
    Plain brown paper fag ciggie packs?

    Get a fucking grip or get the fuck out of my life.

  82. 82
    Christy says:

    Don’t forget Jethro Tull,he made it a lot easier too.

  83. 83
    Al says:

    Farage is the best of the tragic pile of dinosaur dung that is UKIP.

    What a bunch of past middle age, frustrated old heart attack potentials.

  84. 84
    Pontiuth Pilate says:

    I have a vewy gweat fwiend in Wome named Biggus Dickus!

  85. 85
    Al says:

    Hello Martin, nurse will be round to change your nappy just as soon as you and Gordon finish your fizzy orange drinks.

  86. 86
    LibLabCon go to hell says:

    It’s all Lab vs. Con with you isn’t it? Think for yourself FFS!

    You would have had a better chance of ‘talking/spinning’ people over to the Conservatives if you had said what the Cons were doing differently!

    They are one and the same.

    Fuck the Cons, Lab and Lib. Fuck the EU too. Fuck the Euro.

    When are YOU going to start thinking for yourself?

  87. 87
    Dave says:

    Watch the expletives

  88. 88
    Nick2 says:

    Ed’s merely the warm up act for the death of the Labour party convention. Who will lead the party into the Valley of Death? Who knows, but IMO not Ed.

    His role will, like Brown’s before him, be the disaster that all of the next batch of contenders all try to distance themselves from/look good by comparison to.

  89. 89
    Al says:

    Your trolling LibLabCon is..

    A) Boring
    B) One dimensional, thus boring.


    C) Tedious.

    You may go.

  90. 90
    Dave says:

    Just had a thought, whats to stop all the irish relocating to the other EU countries.
    Who will repay their debts

  91. 91
    Greg Beales says:

    Best thing you’ve uttered in ages ,Guido

    The savage cuts in benefits were never just about finding money to pay off the country’s deficit.

    It is nothing but a very crude attempt at social engineering, forcing the poor back into the society of the 20s and 30s.

    This will never work without chaos and pain for the most vulnerable. This is not fairness by any definition and it certainly will not bring happiness to the poor.

    Guido Fawkes

  92. 92
    Harry the Camel says:

    A superb testament it is too to McRuin’s magnificent negotiating skills.

  93. 93
    Al says:

    When you change the record LibLabCon,

    You are dull,

    and therefore dismissed.

  94. 94
    eez da mong! says:

    Is he a clinical imbecile? He sounds like a right fucking mong. Has the Hunt got a forked tongue like a snake? Fucking hook-nosed Nazi bif.

  95. 95
    Mandy says:

    And jism.

  96. 96
    13eastie says:

  97. 97
    Nick Clegg says:


    This comment has been removed by a moderator. Replies may also be deleted

  98. 98
    What a load of ov vacuous nonsense says:

    He needs to look to Dave for some real substance, stuff like the Big Society.

    Now there’s a antidote to years of glib meaningless sound bites.

    Thank god for Blu Labour

  99. 99
    LibLabCon go to hell says:

    Are you thinking what I am thinking?

  100. 100
    Anonymous says:

    the phrase may have origins here:

    “…saying his aim is to create “an expanded middle class, not a squeezed middle class”.”

  101. 101
    Anonymous says:

    I know where I would like to locate Labour, under lock and key in a prison cell.

  102. 102
    LibLabCon go to hell says:

    Bless! Are you in the Sunday night Conservative damage limitation exercise gang?

  103. 103
    curious says:

    None of them are any good, really, are they?

  104. 104
    Euston Bear says:

    Send him an email. It’s such a crap site that it allows total rubbish to be entered in the fields. How apt.

  105. 105
    nell says:

    O/T sorry.

    wikileaks has been saying in the last couple of minutes that they are under ‘ a mass distributed denial of service’ attack.

    Anybody know what that means??!

  106. 106
    curious says:

    You should have thought about that before spunking billions of cash you don’t actually own! It’s my cash you c u n t, leave it, and me, alone.

    Go have an EU wank with your mates in Brussels and leave me, and my cash, out of it.


  107. 107
    nell says:

    Sorry beast I didn’t see that before I posted below.

    What does it mean??

  108. 108
    curious says:

    Are you referring to Gideon?

  109. 109
    ST says:

    Have to agree.

    Farage is entertaining and I agree with most of what he says, but it not for nothing that UKIP presents itself as a party of one.

    The rank and file are a rag tag bunch, few probably agree with the libertarian line that Farage follows.

  110. 110
    South of the M4 says:

    Actually people forget and Dave is giving them plenty of reason to do so.

  111. 111
    Anonymous says:

    All they need to do is release the key, if they know what they doing that is…

  112. 112
    dr. sipp says:

    US & UK gov sending them every foookin thing they can to mess up there site

  113. 113
  114. 114

    Stop living in the past. It makes you look thick as a brick.

  115. 115
    Ophelia Balls says:

    He’s not that good!

  116. 116
    wtf says:

    From Wikileaks Twitter … “El Pais, Le Monde, Speigel, Guardian & NYT will publish many US embassy cables tonight, even if WikiLeaks goes down”

    So, how do they possibly know something that the rest of us don’t?

    If Wikileaks want to remain impartial they should release, or not. Not fuck around.

  117. 117
    David Cameron says:

    This comment has been removed by a cast iron moderator. Replies may also be deleted

  118. 118
    tax payer says:

    Labour have got two tit Ed’s on their books
    One talks a daft as the other twat looks

  119. 119
    wtf says:

    They are bigging up their game or else being twats.

    Your choice!

  120. 120
    Ophelia Balls says:

    Come, come. Don’t be Grumpy.

  121. 121
    Steve Miliband says:


  122. 122
    nell says:

    Those papers have been working with wikileaks for a while.

    It’s time for government’s to accept that trying to control the web is like trying to hold water in a sieve.

    As my old grandma used to say ‘ the truth will out’

  123. 123
    Neil 'Tossflap' Kinnock says:

    Labur is back in the hand of the Tossflaps!!!!


  124. 124
    Hacked by the CIA says:

    Interesting isn’t it.

    As good as an admission that it’s the US Government who infect people’s PCs so they can deploy botnet attacks like this.

  125. 125

    I think it means the US authorities have a botnet Nell – a collection of compromised computers from which huge amounts of traffic can be directed at the Wikileaks servers. They have taken down a few botnet operators in the past, and may have kept the nets active for just such an eventuality as this.

    Either that, or it’s the Russians worried about potential revelations about their politicians and businessmen – they do have form in this area, having DDOS’d most of Estonia a while back.

  126. 126
    Buzz Lightweight says:

    Leave him alone, he’s a very important member of my top top team.

    Buzz Lightweight.

  127. 127
    Buzz Lightweight says:

    I have every faith in Postman Prat, he’s a member of my top top team!

    Buzz Lightweight.

  128. 128
    Buzz Lightweight says:

    I’m not ashamed to say I’m a socialist!

    Buzz Lightweight.

  129. 129
    marcus aurelius says:

    871 views by 5 PM Sunday and a handful of trustafabaian psychophant comments. Not exactly dialogue with the British people Ed is it?

    We know where Cameron’s family money comes from. If Red Ed wants to get down with me, how about telling me how his family got so wealthy so quickly?

    As you can see from the name I’m a bit Middle European myself but always interested to see how exactly a family like the Millibands made it so big over here so quickly.

  130. 130
    Buzz Lightweight says:

    I’m pitching for the squeezed muddle.

    Buzz Lightweight.

  131. 131
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    The best thing about liebours imminent civil war is, being out of office, they can’t do any harm. If they were still in power they wouldn’t have given a shit about the electorate and gone right ahead anyway. Thankfully they are now irrelevant so can rip themselves apart with no real consequence apart from the comedy angle.

    Note to Red Ed – Hatty “Disgrace” Harman was also all nice and smiles to her leader at the time when she held a secret meeting to overthrow him, not far off a year ago now.

  132. 132

    See above – it’s more likely that they are simply reusing a botnet they took down in the past, or that it’s the Russians doing it.

    I wouldn’t rule out the CIA being involved, but I doubt they’d have the internal resources to mount this sort of attack without using an existing net.

  133. 133
    Buzz Lightweight says:

    Leave the twitching corpse for the flies and maggots. We’re moving Beyond Reality in the New New Liebore Party.

    Buzz Lightweight.

  134. 134
    The end is nigh says:

    The redistribution of wealth.

    That is just about the bottom line, the worst part about it is they aren’t even honest about that anymore.

  135. 135
    Buzz Lightweight says:

    I’m going to hire the Pros from Dover to help focus my attention on the squeezed middle.

    Buzz Lightweight.

  136. 136

    Expected release time is 4:30pm EST – or 9:30 our time Nell.

    The papers involved have all had the relevant files for weeks, unencrypted – the 2 gig encrypted file that was torrented earlier in the week was just insurance in case the Septics play nasty.

  137. 137
    Ophelia Balls says:

    They speak for the Public Sector ‘Digestive eaters.’

    They’ll be quiet, however, when the Teachers get next week off work, citing elf ‘n’ safety while the schools close in the snow.

  138. 138
    marcus aurelius says:

    Outrageous, along with the news that 90000 public sector jobs are now, according to Sunday The Times “safe!”. I’m livid.

    I voted for mass unemployment emigration and ideally suicide in the class of boxt-icking “jobs worths” that make my life a misery under the thin disguise of implementing policies from lofty “know-it-alls” in Brussels and Westminster.

  139. 139
    ST says:

    Or WikiLeaks is talking itself up ahead to the leak….

  140. 140
    Buzz Lightweight says:

    My Hero!

    Buzz Lightweight.

  141. 141
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Not for the first time, I’m confused.. which Ed is which? They’re both equally repellent and appalling. Both look weird and talk weirdly.

    Balls has the more punchable face, though. Or maybe not.

  142. 142
    Ophelia Balls says:

    oh dear,modded again. What are the key words to avoid?

  143. 143
    tax payer says:

    This McKlusky bloke , is he any relation to Sam McKlusky who ran the Seaman Union in the Early 1960s, He had us all out on strike for weeks for fuc* all the twat

  144. 144
    Anonymous says:

    It’s twats like you give us baby eaters a bad name.

  145. 145
    Fedel Castro says:

    I am. As I said, Socialism doesn’t work. I have wasted my own life, as well as murdering countless others.

  146. 146
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Guido. Is there a conspirator keeping an eye on Hatttie’s Goose Dinners?

  147. 147
    13eastie says:


    The Pirate Bay is still going strong; unless every torrent host is DOS’ed it will be simple to distribute the key, even if this can’t be done by via their own site.

  148. 148
    An example says:

    Nominate Liam Byrne, I volunteer to administer punishment with the assistance of some ants, just a matter of deciding which end to start

  149. 149
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Aha! I would have voted for the same reasons you did, but I guessed Damp Dave would basically blow it, and I wasn’t wrong.

    Cameron’s a total cock. Blair 2.0 and Brown 2.1, both rolled into one.

  150. 150
    Yoo No Hoo says:

    I think I can see a chink in your armour.

  151. 151
    Assanges monstrous Ego says:

    It means Julian Assange is having a tantrum at not having quite enough attention directed at him for the last 15 minutes?

  152. 152
    Anonymous says:

    And you think CallMeDave is any better?

    Jesus wept.

  153. 153
    Shane says:

    Or maybe the site is just very busy ‘cos every feckin’ media outlet on the planet is talking about it.

    The Wikileaks information has already been sent to loads of major newspapers round the globe, so there’s no point in ddos’ing the site.

    If it ain’t legitimate traffic it’ll be a few redneck patriot botmeisters taking the law into their own hands.

  154. 154
    13eastie says:

    Yes, but the current state of affairs precludes anyone from saying ‘told you so’.

    Whatever incumbent party you voted for has cheated you.

    (Unless you voted Green in Brighton Pavilion, in which case you need fucking locking away for your own good).

  155. 155
    Down With Brown! says:

    Wed Ed = Pitt the Younger from Blackadder:

  156. 156
    Tessa Tickles says:


    “He [Brown] felt betrayed by Barroso and became so angry he lost all self-possession.. he phoned Ashton and demanded she intervene personally.. Brown ranted at Ashton for 20 minutes, with a stream of abuse and profanities.. He then phoned Barroso .. It was the most offensive exchange he had with a foreign leader in three years as Premier. Again, he swore repeatedly down the telephone and shouted at Barroso.”

    And his cabinet kept telling us how great he was.

  157. 157
    dumbfucks says:

    Dont panic, Labour Partyy (Northern Irelnad) are coming to the rescue…

    First Meeting of NI Policy Forum

    The Committee Room of Geography Building at Queen’s

    Across from the Catholic Chaplaincy on Elmwood Avenue

    This meeting will form the subcommittees and set major objectives of policy development and composition of the manifesto.

    All members are welcome. No long term commitment to policy forum is expected, but it is important to have as much input as possible in the initial stages in order to ensure that the policy direction is representative of the party as a whole.

    If you can not attend, but are interested in participating please contact Bethany Waterhouse-Bradley at

    And after the manifesto is completed, it can sit on a shelf as Labour arent prepared to stand candidates in Northern Ireland.

  158. 158
    ST says:

    What the fuck are you on about?

    You want me to qualify everything I say by defining it relative to something else?

    Jesus wept.

  159. 159
    Mrs T says:

    Oooh get you!

  160. 160
    Mrs T says:

    Carry on regardless.

  161. 161
    ST says:


    The most probable explanation.

    But doesn’t “under attack” sound much cooler? The pack of twats.

  162. 162
    ST says:

    Calm down ladies. This isn’t Moonraker.

    Why would governments, who already know there is knack all they can do, bother?

  163. 163
    Julie Anna Sange says:

    It means You’re Not Being Served.

  164. 164
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    The vast majority of “them” are not bankrupt. We are the ones who are bankrupt

  165. 165
    fuck them all says:

    Carry on wanking over a sepia tinted picture of Maggie if it makes you feel good.

  166. 166
    fuck them all says:

    You seem to know the value of nothing much, granted.

  167. 167
    ST says:

    I refute it thus.

    The value of “fuck them all” = fuck all.

  168. 168
    Mister Spock says:

    One member up to six votes.

    Labour makes sense tome!

  169. 169
    Anonymous says:

    That’s made my day!

  170. 170
    Tony says:

    Tax ? What is that ?

  171. 171
    Kinnock Jnr says:

    Don’t ask me, never heard of it.

  172. 172
    joe 90 is Belgian Commie says:

    Brown Killed The wealth of England with his Scottish Banks and his deregulated lend an tax the shit out of it system. Then of course telling the ridiculed for being so Prudent during Broons Boom, Lloyd’s TSB, to buy the crazy lending HBOS
    The thought of this bunch of anti English pro regionilist creeps being voted for by anyone just goes to show how many real immigrants live in England.
    English Parliament now!

  173. 173
    Gordon Brown says:


    Once again I’m ready to serve and lead my country back to prosperous times just like it was in 2007.

    No more boom and bust

    errrr ——- and this time I really mean it I’ve even promised this to Sarah who has agreed to stay on as my carer.

  174. 174
    Al says:

    Nope, just amazed at how dull you are ducky.

  175. 175
    Son of Frodo says:

    Ed is my father.

  176. 176
    the old Dufflebag says:

    as lightweights go Ed is way ahead of the field as shadow leader..reconnecting in his airy fairy way will mean nothing..indeed just a new rendition of Blairs new labour mark 3 …4…or however many it is now…like recycled announcements a la chingrinner I’ve lost count.

    The new plan is PR bollocks leading them no-where. Loathe then or love them at least Blair had at that time a good spin team under his belt and everything to play for having the ’18 years of the Tories’ jibe an the expectant great unwashed electorate and a very healthy economy.

    Little Ed has drawn the short straw…bad cards…zilch and nothing he can aim for except more of the same dragging behind him a lame set of yes men too spineless to dump Brown then and powerless to neuter wonderbrat now

  177. 177
    Taffyduck says:

    anything sensible

  178. 178
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    Dear Mr. Ed,

    I’d like to go on a journey, ideally to the municipal tip (not the recycling centre), and dump you and your tedious, out of touch ilk right in it, with rotting detritus above your heads so that toxic leachate surround syou and slowly corrodes and erodes all of you down to the slime you are.

    Alternatively please take yourself to the knacker’s yard.

  179. 179
    blubberbum says:

    he started the road to penury with the raid on the pension funds and never looked back – easy come easy go particularly when it was our money

  180. 180
    The last quango in paris says:

    You reap what you sow ed – he is crap

  181. 181
    Postlethwaite says:


    My contact tells me that the uS have been orchestrating ”denial of services attack”s via the Israelis for the last few hours. 8.10 p.m. GB time.


  182. 182
    Coulson's bought and paid for mouthpiece says:

    The poor fucker is beating the tories in the polls so Guido must be right and he’s finished.

  183. 183
    Unsworth says:

    It’s a reference to his gastric band.

  184. 184
    Coulson's bought and paid for mouthpiece says:

    He’s doomed!

    YouGov’s weekly poll for the Sunday Times has topline figures of CON 40%, LAB 40%, LDEM 9%.

    On the regular approval trackers everyone is down – government approval is minus 14, with 50% disapproving of this government for the first time.

  185. 185
    Unsworth says:


  186. 186
    Southern Softie says:

    Ed should explain what sort of socialist he is – Clem Atlee Socialist? Lenin Socialist? Pol Pot Socialist? Hazel Blear Socialist? The nation demands to know!

  187. 187
    Gordon Brown says:

    Miss me already?

  188. 188
    Yurak Hunt says:

    Yawn c u n t chops

  189. 189
    Yurak Hunt says:

    R U Gay?

  190. 190
    Yurak Hunt says:

    You were abused by your mother, were you not?

    Want to share?

    Have free lentil bake if you do…..

  191. 191
    Miss Whiplash says:

    Come now, leave poor Mr Light-Weight alone. He simply has a corsetry fetish – what could be more normal ?

  192. 192
    Cowboy Neal says:

    National Westminster did a good job of that so much so that they had to “rescued” to form a bank that was too big to fail which went out and did that.

  193. 193
    JohnBellingham says:

    Mr Milliband V.2.1 was due to appear in Gillingham this weekend. I was interested to hear him speak, but on enquiring, I was informed that his movements were “confidential”.
    He did however appear on the BBC “The Politics Show” where he explained that he was in Gillingham “to meet the ordinary voters”.
    “ORDINARIES”—That’s what Aland B’stard called people wasn’t it?
    By the way–he has a speech impediment.

  194. 194
    Taxfodder says:

    The truth is there is little mileage left in our current two party system the same old story that nobody wants to hear, Ed’s path is the same old well mapped one, walked in different boots…..

  195. 195
    Dick Sole says:

    Ed is ahead in the polls because his name is not Gordon.

    Ed is unhappy with this as are most of his shadow cabinet because they all served under someone called Gordon.

    So, in an effort to show his “popularity” is not based on his name not being Gordon he is to pretend to reinvent the Labour party in order to recover its popularity.

    You will note that nobody serving in the shadow cabinet has either Gordon as their first or second name

  196. 196
    Old dog no tricks says:

    Oh pleeeeeeeze start at the ar*e end I wanna see his face ! (Well the expression anyway !)

  197. 197
    maxy says:

    Let us have some honesty please. Is it not the case that whatever Ed Miliband said be it lacklustre, inspriational, outstanding, average etc. you would dencounce his speech. Is there also not some hint of anti semtism in the criticism’s of Ed Miliband’s alleged speech impediment.

  198. 198
    Old dog no tricks says:

    No it doesn’t !

    I told you so……..

    Didn’t trust the slimey b’stard(s) long time ! They could have won if they’d said they were going to string up all the dole blodgers, baby poopers and box tickers but they didn’t ! Now they ain’t even gunna sack them ! So now we have to continue funding their 50 grand a year salaries instead of just their 65 per week dole !

    All they need to do now is increase child benefit for single females and we’ll have Ed Mwilibwand with a mask !

    Six months in and they have reneged on every single commitment made in the election campaign. I thought they spend so many years formulating a policy that they wouldn’t announce in case Labour stole their idea’s – really they were just listening and taking notes !

    Yup ! I told you so !

  199. 199
    Cowboy Neal says:

    You fogot the honey. (Or sugar it is all good so long as it attraacts ants)

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