November 25th, 2010

The NO to AV Coalition
Tory and Labour Big Beasts Unite Against LibDems

If you thought the government coalition negotiations were complex and a turn up for the books, Guido thinks it would have been fascinating to have been a fly on the wall when this campaign coalition against the LibDems was brought together. Here is the first look at the list of “patrons” of the NO to AV campaign who under the presidency of Labour’s Margaret Beckett will represent the campaign for next May’s referendum:

  • David Blunkett MP
  • Lord Falconer QC
  • Lord Prescott
  • Lord Reid
  • Emily Thornberry MP
  • Ken Clarke QC MP
  • William Hague MP
  • Steve Norris
  • Baroness Warsi

Seeing old enemies Hague and Prezza united against the LibDem dominated Yes-2-AV campaign will be interesting…


  1. 1
    Red Ed says:

    Thith ithn’t fair!


    • 6
      Anonymous says:

      AV is fairer than what we have now but I will vote against it this time as I don’t want back stabbing liars to gain from it.


      • 34
        bye bye coalition says:

        Clegg thinks it’s a miserable little reform anyway


        • 90
          Splooge says:

          Prezza and Ken Clarke are both against it!

          Bugger! Now I’ll have to vote “Yes”


          • The Court of Public Opinion says:

            But the last great liebour leader, the one who saved the world, announced on the steps of Downing St he was all for PR! Ok, it was obviously a desperate deathbed conversion but I notice it wasn’t lost on Nick Clegg who recently said 2 out of the top 3 parties in the Uk supported it this year. Clever.


          • Osama the Nazarene says:

            I’d use a long spoon when supping with the likes of Prezza, Faulkner, Blunkett and Reid. New Liebor borrowing addicts the lot ofthem.


        • 99
          Stooge says:

          My hero Dave is against it!

          Bugger! Now I’ll have to vote “No”


      • 48
        Bartholomew - George Osborne's teddy says:

        You prefer other back stabbing liars to benefit from the current system?


        • 205
          Worthless Lib Dem pledge says:

          When things are so tight it is scandalous that we are paying for a political LIb Dem folly. We do not have enough money to afford their political whim. Look at the cuts they are making, more immigration not less and pouring taxpayers money into the EU. Libs could not keep their promise not to raise tuition fees but can keep their pledge for a referendum on AV- I will vote against it just because it is an abuse of power and taxpayers’ money and because Lib Dems want it. I shall do the same in May for the local elections and at the next general election.

          I shall take the same stance with Tory because of their failure to stand up for the UK against Europe, immigration and keep ploughing money on both as if there is no tomorrow. They are still conceding sovereign powers to Europe. I do not want to be part of European state. About time Tories and Libs understood to act on their promises for national and public interest rather than individual and party interest. About time they acted on their promise to clean up politics. Fck Sam and her sunny holiday, I hope it pisses down wherever she is.


      • 190
        One person one vote says:

        AV most definitely is not fairer. Like the Liebor party leadership election, some people get many votes others just the one. How is that fairness?


        • 215
          smoggie says:

          Why does it have to be fair? Fair to whom?

          AV is more likely to create a coalition government than the present system. Is that better for the country or not? Do you want a strong government or do you want to be like the fucking Italians?


          • One person one vote says:

            Fairness irrelevant, great. Smoogie gets one vote and everybody else no votes and we get strong government. Wow Hitler introduced strong government and so did Franco a definite no no.


    • 7
      Iain Dale's Stunt Codpiece says:

      I’ll be voting for AV – anything to break the monopoly of Labour and the Conservatives – anything to make them actually compete for their respective supporters and reflect popular will, rather than the current anodyne duopoly. And I say this as a lifelong Conservative supporter. You only have to look at the No2AV list of has-beens and wannabes to see in whose interests AV isn’t. And hasn’t Shagger Norries realised yet that he’s so far past it he’s almost gone round the clock?


      • 14
        Charles says:

        AV doesn’t break the power of the largest parties, it simply makes it harder to for MPs to be de-seated because people will register protest votes but still put the incumbent as the alternative.


        • 21
          wayne trombone (Czar) says:

          What the fuck is AV?

          Go Sarah Palin. (Telling that interfering do gooder Mrs O to get fuck off royally)

          We need some middle ground home ground common sense here in UK – Palin would do a great job

          at least we would not have murderers let out after 15 minutes to go on the rampage breaking every law in the book.


        • 148
          Seymour says:

          Not true.
          AV will allow people to mark their 1st preference for who they actually want to win and then the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc in case their 1st preference doesn’t win.

          I suspect that there will be a few suprises in store, UKIP or Green or SWP/BNP supporters will be able to vote their conscience and not have to vote for their 2nd choice because they fear that doing so will let a party they hate will win.

          It’ll totally blow out of the water the stupid claiming that any vote is a wasted vote or vote for X get Y that are so often spouted.

          People will be able to vote what they actually believe, it’ll simplify life for the voter.

          I look forward to seeing a few non-main stream party MPs elected.

          It should also be adopted for Euro elections, say 4 MPs per constituancy and voting by STV. That’ll bugger up the present party list crap we have just now.

          In both cases, MPs and those who manage the main parties fear it because it lessens their control of the process.


    • 32
      Choices. says:

      can’t understand this.

      The Labour lot was all for AV before the election.

      Me I am a die hard Tory but I fancy the Chance to vote both UKIP as 1st choice and The Tory wimp as second.


      • 49
        jgm2 says:

        Labour lied. Again. Because they’re liars.


      • 59
        Cast Iron Cameron says:

        What do you expect from Liars?


      • 69
        Mr Ned says:

        I would vote UKIP first choice and as second choice I would vote for B&P.

        I am guessing that labour are now against the same AV they wholeheartedly supported in the election a few months ago, because it gave them Ed Miliband as leader.


        • 154
          Al says:

          UKIP and B&P eh?

          Doesn’t say much about you Ned.

          Red faced dinosaur right winger with a smelly splash of racist national socialism.

          Not good. You may go.


          • Talmud Student says:

            More like the only two national parties who still give a fuck about this country and the people in it.

            I would far rather see UKIP in power with the B&P as the official opposition than any of the current top three in power.

            The other top three parties are slaves to a foreign elite and their supporters are traitors to this country.


          • logical says:

            National sovereignty is the overwhelming issue. Prefer non-racially based, but in an emergency – i.e. now – I will hold my nose and do it.


        • 202
          Hypocrites at Large says:

          Mr Ned…first choice a going no-where party and second a bunch of racist thugs…says everything about you and the pap you post


      • 179
    • 193
      Anonymous says:

      Anything the theiving, lying, corrupt, rotten-to-the-core liblabcon fuckwits don’t won’t will get my vote.


  2. 2
    Dazza says:

    Who’d have thought?


    • 53
      Bartholomew - George Osborne's teddy says:

      Looking at the list of patrons I think I can safely say not one of them has experienced a thought in their life (unless it involves personal gain, friends wives or rent boys).


  3. 3
    jgm2 says:

    Labour renege on manifesto commitment on AV referendum yet again. Just like in 1997.

    What a shower of lying c*u*n*t*s eh?


  4. 4
    Wat Tyler says:

    Wow! Interesting group there
    Surely Ben Bradshaw must be in their somewhere, after all he never supported AV


  5. 5

    Looking at that list makes me very pleased I am a Lib Dem.


  6. 8
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:



  7. 9
    Mr Plum says:

    I was all set to vote no to AV until I saw that list


  8. 10
    nell says:

    If labour had been in power now they would have been hankering after electoral change to AV not because it was fairer to the voter but because they thought then that it would keep them in power for longer.

    Now labour have retrenched and think that maybe , since they have lost much of the popular vote, that AV, will not get them back into power again and they need a different electoral system, so they won’t vote for AV now!!

    It’s all about labour and not the electorate!!!

    They’re idiots if they think we believe they have our best interests at heart rather than theirs!!!


    • 62
      Dave's little yapping dogs says:

      So where did Dave say he was in favour of an AV referendum before he had to get Clegg to save him?


  9. 11
    Tommy says:

    Do UKIP or the BNP have a chance of getting in under AV?

    I want to make life for the big three in Westminister hard so if it does then I’ll vote for it.


    • 172
      Talmud Student says:

      Almost certainly not, however it is a long time to the next election and if three or four more EU countries need bailing out, there could be a lot more national newspapers start campaigning to get us out of the EU.

      In those circumstances, if any of the top three parties do not move towards getting us out of the EU, then UKIP or the B&P could then pose a threat.

      Otherwise, they barely have a chance of winning a single seat, with or without AV.


  10. 12
    Tommy says:

    Do UKIP or the B / N / P have a chance of getting in under AV?

    I want to make life for the big three in Westminister hard so if it does then I’ll vote for it.


    • 16
      nell says:

      Sorry tommy not a hope = don’t even waste the energy in putting a cross on the ballot paper.


      • 31
        Nick2 says:

        Maybe We, The People should press our MPs for a ‘none of the above’ option on the ballot paper.

        In fact, I’d really like a NOTA option on EVERY ballot paper.


        • 40
          Mr Plum says:

          No chance of slipping in a leave the EU option, I guess this referrendum is all about getting in to line with the rest of the EU or we would not be allowed one otherwise.


      • 70
        lolol says:

        the turnip has spoken and she knew it wouldn’t be a hung parliament


    • 43
      Bartholomew - George Osborne's teddy says:

      Dick Sniffin would like to know who AV is and whether he has a chance of getting into him. Then he’ll think about politics.


    • 47
      albacore says:

      Go for it, Tom.
      It’ll be the first time your vote amounted to more than a brass farthing’s worth.


      • 71
        Tessa Tickles says:

        Better to attach the ballot paper to a brick, and throw it at your least-liked candidate’s head.

        Or, use it as a fuse for the petrol you poured through the local LibLabCon area-party office’s letter box.

        I’m considering it seriously, anyway.


        • 79
          albacore says:

          Now, now, Tessa.
          With ideas like that, you’ll get Plod dropping in for a 3 a.m. breakfast and a session with his 50,000 volt tickling stick.
          Far more satisfying to tick the AV “yes” box and give the Lib/Lab/Cons the finger.


  11. 17
    Poor Bill says:



  12. 19
    jgm2 says:

    Anything opposed by John Prescott has to be worth considering.

    This ‘alliance’ ticks all the boxes for ensuring a solid vote for AV.

    T*ries will vote for AV because that moron Prescott is against it and Labour will vote for AV because Ken Clarke and Hague are against it.


  13. 24
    Engineer says:

    Was the AV Referendum presented in the same Bill as constituency size equalisation, or have I missed something? If the referendum rejects AV, do the other provisions of the Bill continue regardless?


    • 29
      Mr Plum says:

      Hope so, but this might just be a slippery way of getting tories to vote for AV


    • 176
      Talmud Student says:

      The referendum will solely be on AV.

      The Bill was to get a referendum and the other provisions through the house of commons.

      The tories agreed to a referendum because they are confident of a no vote. The referendum does not concern the other constitutional issues.


  14. 38
    Bartholomew - George Osborne's teddy says:

    The big question is….who shares a hotel room with Sweet William as these oddly matched bedfellows roam the country boring us all to tears. I think poetic justice demands Steve Norris.


  15. 45
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Trough trough fucking trough. They just can’t stop themselves. Straight bananas and prisoner votes all round!

    The EU and its marvellous currency is a wonder to behold indeed.


  16. 60
    Thank you and uh goodbye says:


  17. 63
    Smiler Dave Cameron says:

    (Bugger. New thread).

    Hi cheery chaps. Wondering if you’d help us out formulating our happiness survey. Most grateful if you’d answer the following questions:
    1) on a scale of 1 to 10 – how happy are you currently?
    2) what should the happiness equation be?
    3) when were you happiest – and why?
    4) what one thing could we Coalites do to make you happier?

    Many thanks,

    Smiler Dave.


    • 73
      Engineer says:

      1) Sort of.
      2) Balanced.
      3) Gentlemen don’t tell.
      4) Tell the EU to **** off.


    • 83
      Ewanme says:

      Hiya , Smiler , petal xx .

      I’ll do the survey .

      1) I’m currently half-cut so I’ll give it 5 .

      2) h=m/i x gE where h is happiness ; m is money ; i is sense of irresponsibilty ; g is guilt an E is ego .

      3) Happiest the second before I woke up coz I woz havin a erotic dream involvin MAN ON WATERLOO BRIDGE .

      4) Hmm. Is this a trick question ?? You could try doin thins that we want you to , I spose .

      Good survey .

      Byeeee .

      E x .


    • 163
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      I’m sure theres a joke about wanting ‘appiness and getting a-penis for PM.


    • 219
      the contents have it says:

      1. 10
      2. hers divided by mine
      3. 5 minutes ago
      4. put yourselves on my logburner


  18. 64
    Howard Flight says:

    I’m very very very very very very very very sorry!!


  19. 65
    Ewanme says:

    Nope .

    Sorry , darlin x . Don’t know these names.

    Is they the cast for Alladin at The Swan, High Wycombe ??

    Tickets available for all performances .

    E x .


  20. 66
    Gordon Brown says:

    Nobody can mince like me, honey!


  21. 67
    Cast Iron Promises you can believe in says:


    • 93

      Right (Call me Dave) we did what YOU said and voted Conservative !
      Now you do what YOU said and give us an opt out referendum NOW !
      you know it’s the right thing to do !


  22. 77
    Dear Emily Thornberry says:

    Who ate all the pies?


  23. 80
    QT says:

    Question Time in a minute: Ken Clarke, Paddy Pantsdown, Nigel Farage, former weather reader turned Labour MP Gloria de Piero, and author Kate Mosse. Should be a good one!


  24. 84
    Christy says:

    I’ll support anything that keeps these liebour shower of marxists out of power over peoples lifes for ever.
    Just when are they going to cotton on that their marxist utopia hit the buffers some years ago compliments of gorbachev,now they are scrabbling around like ferrets in a sack looking for an exit,and as sure as hell they have’nt found it yet,actually they see it as this pie in the sky EUSSR adventure which we see unravelling before our very eyes.
    Yes EUSSR you are now seeing the people who are after all are being asked to pay the price of your profligate behaviour starting to rebel against your dictats,my opinion is long overdue that the peoples of europe wake up and say to this cabal of unelected and so far unaudited collection of fools are really put in their place When oh when are the peoples of these lands going to be told the truth about what is going on in their name.
    Peoples of Europe you who have had many years of self determination when will you wake up and put an end to this communist/marxist attempt to control your destiny.
    The communist dynasty failed and now we are into another phase of keeping this utopian dream alive,believe me the socialist arsehole in this country will try by whatever means possible to keep this dream alive.
    The choice is yours friends, do you want a country that is balanced and running it’s own economy or do you want a country that is subservient to foreign powers.


  25. 87
    EU comedy says:

    Cameron and Coulson thought it was a good idea to put Fat Ken on QT this week ??!! What a pair of fuckwits.


  26. 94
    Nigel Farage is King says:

    Yes. No2Europe and NO2AV!


  27. 95
    Whaaaaa! Dey make fun of my Eddie! Sploosh! says:

    Don’t cwy liddle Liebore lickspittle. Wed Ed will wipe away your tears and kiss your winkie better. He wuvs you.


  28. 97
    Margaret Beckett says:

    Lick my clunge.


  29. 100
    Dick Scratcher (Smash the BBC Party) says:

    Flight was right – anyone seen the film ‘Idiocracy’? If not, you should get a copy & see the future.


    • 121
      Nick2 says:

      “Idiocracy”. Promised much, delivered not much.

      But it will be a great resource to historians – of a time where (some) people were happy enough not to strive. Suspect those days might be ending for a while soon…


  30. 101
  31. 102
    Ewanme says:

    Fuck me .

    This is an insult to my intelligence , sweetheart xx .

    If you fancies revoltin , givvus a bell at

    We MUST make our voice heardtoecaps count , honey .

    These people have lost the plot x .

    E x .


  32. 103
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin says:

    British jobs for British workers !!!


  33. 106
    Bullingdon Dave and his Bullying Right Hand Man says:

    I wuv Gordo. He was so manly when he shoved a secretary out of her chair.


  34. 107
    Cast Iron Cameron says:

    EU bailouts for Irish bankers !!!


  35. 108
    Bullingdon Dave and his Bullying Right Hand Man says:

    Fist me, Gordo! Fist me!


    • 110
      TaT the Guildford Tramp Gobbler says:

      calm down TaT! you’re only a sad lunatic who said he was going to shut down Guido’s site with your magic nutter powers


  36. 109
    TaT the Guildford Tramp Gobbler says:

    I wuv Dave and I think of him as tramps come on my face.


  37. 114
    Nigel Farage is King says:

    Can Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs measure happiness?


    • 131
      South of the M4 says:

      Was not Maslow’s work on organisational behaviour, and linked to motivation/de-motivation in the work place? We are not all in the same ‘ work place ‘ and thus happiness is a subjective issue and cannot be measured – least of all for comparative purposes over time.

      If PR Dave actually had a brain he would focus on putting right what obviously de-motivates the majority of the people in the UK first. The issues are clear. To spend time and money on softer, incongruous issues shows either a lack of foresight, or perhaps a deliberate attempt to avoid the tough issues.


  38. 116
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Wee Willy wants the petition slipped under the door of his closet where he will sign and return it presently.


  39. 119
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Let the voters have the say !


  40. 120
    Atlas shrugged says:

    We don’t need AV or proportional representation, however we most certainly do need voting reform.

    The first and most important one being the end of postal balloting as we currently have it ASAP.

    Voters must not only be made to present themselves at a polling station, but should also be required to present at least one form of conclusive ID. If a political party cant be bothered to get their less fit or young potential voters to the polling booth, they don’t deserve their vote. SIMPLE.

    I am not in any way suggesting that the current system is corrupted, I am stating this as FACT. Exactly how much, and what difference it makes to anything, are the only questions worth debating.

    IMO Not much at this time, but times may change very dramatically indeed.

    IMO what the proverbial THEY fear most of all, is a party emerging that truly represents the interests of TAX PAYERS. Which is of course virtually everyone, and why such a party, or political ideology does not exist, has never existed, and has little chance of ever being called into existence anytime in the future given our current highly corruptible/corrupted system.

    I wonder why this should surprise anyone?

    Surely it has never been in the interests of an established/establishment OWNED political party to wish to actually reduce net taxation, and therefore net government spend, wast and therefore borrow at interest.

    At best only a respective political parties spending priorities differ from each other. However the fact that they all spend,wast, borrow and then tax until the pips squeak to pay for it all, is a well established gimme.

    I present as my evidence, 5 years of a Wilson/Callahan , 18 years of a THATCHER/Major, 13 years of a Blair/Brown, and the next 5 years of a Cameron/Clegg government.

    Only radical increases in private sector productivity, the systematic robbing of our parents wealth through inflation, as well as our children’s using pan-generational debt, has appeared to ease the pain.

    Also of course the cheapest, and generally crappiest material goods from establishment controlled slave colonies such a China and India, usually designed to fall apart before the idiotic buyer has even half finished paying for them. Yet living standards are falling sharply, and have been doing so for now many consecutive years.

    Of course there was a method by which you could have avoided most of this poverty inducing nonsense. That would have been doing as I advised, and very much did. Which was buy as much gold, or any other precious metal as possible.

    My entire net wealth ( already not inconsiderable ) increased by 5% in the last 2 weeks, which is pretty amassing, especially these days, is it not?


  41. 125
    a belgian... says:

    Fuck me, bloated Ken, smug Pantsdown, and those two airhead women…absolute insults to the intellgence.
    Farage cleaned the floor with the lot of them.


  42. 127
    They have stolen my country says:

    Anything that those people are against is enough to convince me I must vote for it!!!
    The way UKIP MEPs have been treated by Brussels, particularly Godfrey this week, has thrown up enough warning flags. Support the LibDems with their AV and we may yet get some UKIP Members of Parliament, just what we need.


  43. 129

    And here’s another liar
    Pinocchio Clegg


  44. 130
    AnotherAnon. says:


  45. 132
    Socialist Worker says:

    Comrades! We should have the Euro! We should have unlimited immigration! We should abolish private schools! We should establish collectives!


  46. 134
    Hating McDoom says:

    Just want to say thanks to all the jolly funny fellows here who make this site such a good laugh. Respect to Bill Quango, Sir William and Billy Bowden. Anyone who hates Brown with such vehement passion is all right in my books.


  47. 136
    coalition kid says:

    AV is the most important issue for those on the left of the Lib Dems and for Labour – the idiots in Labour who would benefit from it will probably vote against to get at the Lib Dems.

    They should be careful what they wish for. Just supposing the Coalition does better than expected – and the majority of Lib Dems team up with Cameronites ditching the hard right and perhaps a few of the Social Liberal crowd.

    At the last GE the core tory vote was about 30% and it looks like the Lib Dems are not melting away (say it’s 16%) – that makes 46% – this is at a time when there’s such a terrible backdrop of cuts. Let’s say it goes down to 40%. That’s still a potential majority in an FPTP situation.

    Perpetual Government from a `liberal conservative` party – bring it on!


    • 140
      meltdown says:

      say it’s 16% all you like
      the reality is it’s now in single figures of 9% and falling with Clegg becoming a figure of ridicule and hatred among voters yet even he’s ruled out any permanent pact as a fantasy


  48. 137
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am going to hit Ed with my Nokia. Only I can be prime minister and Labour leader. Isn’t that right, Mr Macauley?


  49. 138
    the beast of gaza says:

    Precott thinks that its a vote concerning the ‘avs and the’av nots


  50. 141
    let's get pissed on this £7 billion from Osborne says:


  51. 144
    screw all politicians says:

    If they are the answer I know which way I’m voting.


  52. 145
    The political establishment (and the EU) can go to hell says:

    “Police chief warns of new era of civil unrest”

    Good, all politicians will take note of what is happening and wonder if they are next.

    It’s about time they lived in fear of us and not the other way around.

    If all it takes is a few soap dodgers to stir things up it demonstrates how shaky the politicians grip is on reality.

    LibLabCon go to hell.


    • 146
      And now it's the final of Strictly X Factor Come Dancing with the stars of Eastenders says:

      Yawn…..sorry but revolutions in the UK will always fail because the protesters have to go home in time to watch Countdown. The “Silent Majority” are stuck in front of the TV and basically can’t be arsed to get out on the streets especially in this weather


    • 195
      Anonymous says:

      “wonder if they are next”

      No, not next. But coming.


  53. 147
    Seymour says:

    If two jags is against it, I’m for it.

    I’ll just see how many postal votes I can get.


    • 150
      pissed off says:

      Hear hear, am surprised the tossers have the gall to put their heads above the parapet.

      Do they think we give a shit what they think any more? They are elected to keep the accounts in the black and defend the country. That’s about it. They can’t even manage that.

      Get back to your offices and shut the fuck up you failures.

      Follow the money.


  54. 152
    Christy says:

    The three main parties can pontificate all they like about their self preservation.
    This chick for one will be voting for a party which at least represents the interests of this country.
    We now have the barmy notion of having a nationwide survey of what makes people HAPPY,this has to be the joke of the century.
    Wakey wakey politico’s just where have you been all my life in never never land from the sound of it.
    We need to get rid of the lot of you and fast so that some sense of purpose can return to this land.


    • 188
      The Golem says:

      I think this happiness survey nonsense is a gesture of contempt.

      They are very arrogant people who believe there is no longer any risk to showing their true feelings about us.


  55. 155
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Knobber Norris excepted, that cast list is a very good reason to vote ‘yes’ – and I was hitherto a ‘no’ supporter.


  56. 157
    Nick Clegg says:

    “Kettling” and “Waterboarding” are too good for that shower of shit.

    By the way,Get Britain Out


  57. 159
    Zodak the Priest says:

    sell Euro now


    • 165
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      And buy what?

      (Of course, the most obvious answer is Gold, but the obvious option is likely to be the wrong one. [with partial thanks to that ancient Kennedy. JFKs Dad.])


  58. 160
    It's not going to happen says:

    Who is on the yes list ?

    Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband… er that’s about it… so they’re fucked then.


  59. 164
    Steve Miliband says:

    If we a bit short of helicopters I have the answer;

    Strap Gloria Del Piero on top of a car and get to speak, the arm waving will get that car airbourne.


  60. 167
    Fed up with non elected bods telling us what to do says:

    Lord Falconer QC, Lord Prescott, Lord Reid, Baroness Warsi, well guido, you can discount these 4, who voted for them, they out of it on the voting stakes


  61. 169

    Eric Pickles gets a “chutney cupboard” into his blog

    I try to visit as many as I reasonably can, although it is impossible to visit them all. Last weekend there were a staggering 37 separate events. Visiting events is useful to me not just to replenish my chutney cupboard but also to meet people at ease before they need the help of a Member of Parliament. Past experience has taught me that this is an easy way to break the ice.


  62. 171
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Is this site being DOS attacked? Perhaps by all the people in the world under 5’3″


  63. 173
    Andy C says:

    Where’s the SamCam post gone?


  64. 181
    Steve Miliband says:

    Red Ed is vacuous.


  65. 189
    Greg Tingey says:

    Vote for the comfortable (for those in power) status quo.
    Vote for 1ptp!
    Erm …..

    What a stitch up, for the convenience of the existing elites.


  66. 192
    Dave Call me (Le Dave) C'Ameron says:

    Wheres the bloody post gone again ?
    RE Sam Cam throwing toys out of pram
    This happened yesterday as well


  67. 199
    Andy Coulson says:

    Why don’t you all just fuck off.

    I’m going fishing


  68. 201
    Martin Day says:

    What is the task now facing Guido Fawkes? It starts with the job of responsible political blogging. Holding Mr Cameron’s government to account. Standing with the majority in Britain who say that cutting too far and too fast is a reckless gamble with growth.


    • 204
      Bollock Omaha says:

      Ha fucking ha, never in a month of Sundays will fawkes ever hold the Cons to account.

      He’s as tribal as many of his windowlicker followers here are.

      Can the Cons fix it? No they fucking can’t!


      • 213
        Murgatroid Smith says:

        So Martin gays girlfriends are here now !
        “He’s as tribal as many of his windowlicker followers here are”.
        hmm funny how every one you don’t agree with is tribal but you are what ? progressive? new wave ? a new red Ed baby or one of those tossers who thinks not voting is brave and clever totally forgetting not voting for change is voting for things to stay the same !
        Can you dig it? No you fucking can’t!


  69. 203
    Portugal fucked now says:

    Come on Dave, you’re going to stand up for the UK and tell the EU to fuck off aren’t you! We’re broke don’t forget, cuts occurring left, right and centre.

    You are, aren’t you?

    You aren’t!

    You C U N T


  70. 207
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Yippee! Charlie Whelan has told Ed he *can* play with the thtudenth


  71. 208
    sorry to hear ...... says:

    Bernard Matthews has died


  72. 212
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    what happened to the Sam cam thread ????


  73. 214
    Mornington Crescent says:

    O/T, I see our immigration policy is now determined by Simon Cowell and a wanabee pop star and illegal who happens to be black. FFS.


  74. 220
    yalleriron says:

    I hope that Clegg likes goose, as even with this bunch of swindlers, has-beens and hypocrites lined up against him, that particular bird of his is well and truly cooked.



  75. 221
    Ed Miliband says:

    Yes I know what I think on this one, it’s….what is it?


    • 222
      Anonymous says:

      “I was quite tempted to talk to them,” he told the Today programme.

      Mr Miliband repeated the ambiguous line three times during the course of the interview but declined to clarify exactly what he meant.

      Asked why he did not act on his temptation to speak to the demonstrators, he said: “I think I was doing something else at the time, actually.”


      What an arsehole.


  76. 223
    German Shopping Blitzkrieg To Buy Up Europe says:

    I see the Eu are now pushing Portugal to accept a bailout “to save Spain”

    Er, hang on a minute, wasn’t that why the Irish were obliged to accept a bailout just last week?

    More to the point, is this not just a pre-Christmas shopping trip by Germany to buy up smaller countries whilst they are broke?

    50 years ago Panzers rolled across the plains of Europe and took the continent by force. These days a few EU and IMF accountants roll into town in stretched limo’s and expect unconditional surrender in return for cash.

    Same shit, different day. Rommel himself couldn’t have planned it better.


    • 224
      Luftwaffe says:

      Nice line from that article:

      “Ireland’s government resisted seeking aid and denied all reports of a bailout for a week before it admitted last Sunday that it had gone into EU and IMF receivership.”


      • 227
        6EQUJ5 says:

        Germany will be shitting herself if she has to bail out Spain ‘cos next (big) stop will be Italy and that’s a ‘buy too far’.


  77. 226
    The last quango in paris says:

    I don’t understand a v! Does that meant that everytime you cast a vote 6 months later you get a result you didn’t want?


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