November 23rd, 2010

Rohan is on a Roll

One of the biggest nights in the propeller-headed wonks calendar is The Prospect magazine’sThink Tank of the Year Awards. David Sainsbury’s new plaything, the Institute of Government, took away the big prize leaving many on the right feeling a little put out as they thought they’d had a pretty good year when it came to influencing the policy agenda.

The judging panel was somewhat slanted to the left: Ben Rogers from IPPR and Demos; Kishwer Falkner the Liberal Democrat peer; David Goodhart Prospect’s editor; the FT’s James Crabtree and for balance from Downing Street, Rohan Silva.

Hardly the most balanced of panels, but made worse by the fact that Silva didn’t bother showing up to meetings at which the awards were actually judged. In the right-wing think-tank world, where one would expect Conservative Downing Street policy advisors would be tight in with, there are some who were ticked off with him for not holding up the side. Rohan just seems to make friends wherever he goes…


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Cant they work for the country instead of themselves ?


  2. 2
    Peter Grimes says:

    Aren’t all the Leftoid ‘think-tanks’ running on empty?


  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    Is that McDoom in the yellow hat?


  4. 4
    King Tiger says:

    who cares about think tanks?


  5. 5
    Sir William Waad says:

    Biffo’s enthralling the Dáil right now with his cogent explanation of how it all went wrong but it wasn’t his fault.


  6. 7
    Tim Lovejoy says:

    I bumped into Rohan at a party once ……


  7. 8
    Rohan Silva says:

    Listen, yeah. I’m the guy they all fear, yeah. I’m the main man, yeah. All the girls love me, yeah. And if they don’t, I make ‘em, yeah. I don’t fuck about, yeah. I’m a hardcore bad boy, yeah. I get shit done, yeah. I’m a ladies man, yeah. I treat my bitches like shit, yeah. Cos that’s how I was brought up, yeah. Don’t fuck me about, yeah.


  8. 9
    Mark Oaten says:

    Is Rohan in deep shit? Maybe I can help.


  9. 10
    Penny says:

    Hi guys

    Just a bit of research

    Would anyone be interested in a tailored dating site for political bloggers?


  10. 15
    Tattoo Tats Twin says:



  11. 17
    Anonymous says:

    Are you sure Liabour lost the last election?
    Does not look like it from here.


  12. 18
    Rohan Silver says:

    Wicked, innit? Check out the bracelet, guy. Clock the threads, bro. This timepiece cost 18,000 quids, man. Does my bum look big from that angle?
    Does I jangle when I walks?


  13. 21
    Sophie says:

    He really is a talentless git.

    No rewards fro failure?

    Maybe, but certainly rewards for being the right ethnicity in Team Dave.


  14. 26
    Unemployed Moderater says:

    Any Jobs Going Fawkes ?


    • 34
      Rat's arse says:

      At the rate I get modded ‘unemployed’ Guido could do with all the help he can get, and I STILL don’t know why my comments are modded, I just don’t think he likes me [sobs uncontrollably]!


      • 101
        Just Sayin' Like... says:

        Because your handle reminds him of the state he spent most of the 80s and early 90s in. Rat arsed.


  15. 28
    White Van Man says:

    Contrary to popular belief!


  16. 31
    Wed Ed says:

    My mind is blank


  17. 33
    Bob the Builder says:

    Who is that man with the yellow helmet ?

    It must be Alky Campbell grinning at the spiteful Millar…


  18. 36
    Laws the total hypocrite says:

    I like Oranges up my khyber..

    If you know what I mean

    I will be a Minister soon so I must not speak like Gordon Brown, Charlie Whelan, MacPoison (the Chencalloe is a c**t”) and the other has beens…


  19. 40
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    What a Wonker !


  20. 41

    The David Laws quote is interesting, i thought ‘oranging’ was what Michael Hutchence was doing just before he died.

    Is ‘oranging’ a thing particular to Lib Dems…?


  21. 49
    Disco Biscuit says:

    Is it worth mentioning Rohan Silva’s time serving in Gordon Brown’s Treasury?


    • 142
      Tessa Tickles says:

      Ah, suddenly it becomes clear. The sort of qualification EuroDrone Cameron looks for when hoovering-up talentless crap for his team of crappy cretins.


  22. 54
    An honest citizen says:


    Re you reference

    “John McTernan is a commentator and political strategist who works internationally. He was Political Secretary to Tony Blair and has been an adviser on health, welfare, defence and Scotland”.

    He is giving advice to Ed the Red…

    Given that Tony Blair destroyed the credibility of Britain with the war in Iraq on a falsified dodgy dossier, led the country to ruin through gross mismanagement of the NHS and overspending on a scalle never seen in British history, that Blair has left Britain with no credible defence capacity (aircraft carriers without aircraft FFS), and gave autonomy to Scotland which has become synonymous with political crime…

    I think he might just shut up….


  23. 60
    Gordon Brown ( Kareoke star) says:

    Ok Guys and Girls after 4 , 1 , 2 ,3 ,4

    Things can only get better …………


  24. 62
    Labourlist says:

    Vote for Labour is a vote for freedom , We wont rule like the current millionaires.


    • 147
      Tessa Tickles says:

      Hmm. Teaching hat on.

      A Vote vote for Labour is a vote for freedom , We we wont won’t rule like the current millionaires.”

      No, just like the last bunch of millionaires. Mainly because the last bunch of millionaires are still sadly in retardEd Milimong’s “new generation” shadow cabinet.

      BTW, if you are going to go to a state school, do it under a Tory government. Labour doesn’t like to produce winners, and that’s why you’re illiterate.


  25. 64
    Ed's already in trouble says:


  26. 65
    Parasite expert says:

    Leftie think much use as a dose of tapeworms.


    • 82
      Medick says:

      I saw one once, it must have been 30 foot long and came out of the bloke’s nose …..


      • 99
        Dr Grossen-Outern says:

        Worst thing is when you shit the end of one out, and pull it, and it unravels like a ball of string, yards and fucking yards of it, coming out of your arsehole. In the end you pull yourself inside out cos the little bastard is clinging on for all it’s worth and won’t let go.


    • 129
      Tories love left wing thinktanks says:

      Rohan Silva is Senior Policy Adviser to the Prime Minister.

      He was previously Senior Policy Adviser for the 2010 General Election and Economic Adviser to the Shadow Chancellor George Osborne. Prior to this, Rohan was a Policy Analyst at HM Treasury ( under Labour ).

      Rohan is also a trustee of the Battersea Arts Centre and on the advisory panel of the Progressive Conservatism project at the think tank Demos.


      • 176
        W/C and Proud says:

        so, he’s erm, got street cred then eh?

        never been a milkman then?


      • 206
        Mr Ned says:

        No, it means he’s from DEMOS. a Marxist think tank allied with COMMON PURPOSE. Which means he’s a dirty little communist trator. And so apparently is the twat who employed him!!!


  27. 80
    Reading The Telegraph destroyed my brain says:

    I always fill up with Shell. You can’t beat a tiger in your tank.


  28. 83
    Gordon Brown ( Kareoke star) says:

    I am the leader , I am the leader , I am the leader of my gang i am …….


  29. 90
    Sir William Waad says:

    “Think Tank of the Year” – so you can be a winner and a loser at the same time?


  30. 93
  31. 98
    nell says:

    I see red ed today has appointed peter’you’ve been tangoed’hain to review party policy and get labour back into power.


    • 110
      Lord Chuffedasfuck says:

      the boy wonder being led by the inane…what a prospect…ed must be completely nuts to bring a has-been like Hain back into focus…..a slippery two faced double talking scumbag …shows how out of the loop the new shadows are.


    • 114
      Hain Is A Total Hain says:

      Ten years of anyone but Labour, then. Yippeee!!


    • 123
      Mr Recap says:

      In the 1960’s Hain was a long haired leftwing yob who tried to stop the Springboks playing England by sprinkling broken glass on the Rugby pitches of this nation. Then there’s the bank robbery as well.

      Peter Hain was arrested in Downing Street in 1969. As a student he led the demonstrations that disrupted a Springbok rugby tour of the UK and led to the cancellation of a tour by the South African cricket team in 1970.
      Picture here:

      The twat wears a suit now and has swapped his grimy anorak for a haircut, but Hain remains as one of the worst pieces of leftwing filth ever to have been imported to Britain from overseas.


      • 127
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        and he was part of the thugs that desicrated the hallowed Lords pitch !


        • 135
          nell says:

          The idiot student hain being arrested in downing street.

          Yep. rededmilitwit, hain is absolutely the right person to entrust with labour’s policy review.


          • Camoron or Milimong? Take your pick. says:

            Makes sense. Milimong is the “new generation”. Nothing to do with the “old generation”.

            Apart from writing their manifesto.

            And having most of the old generation’s cabinet members in his shadow cabinet.


        • 138
          Mr Recap says:

          The guy needs a good fucking, he’s a typical arsehole!


        • 154
          10 cc says:

          Don’t tell me he was the hoon that pissed on the pitch.


          • 10 cc says:

            That link was shite. So is this one.


          • Sir Patrick Mower OBE says:

            Fascinating. Do you know from whence 10 cc coined their moniker?

            Apparently, the average gay/normal male’s ejaculate = 10 cc.

            Test tubes were notoriously inaccurate in those days, though.


      • 158
        nell says:

        Bank robbery what was that about?! Was it something to do with gordon’s spend spend spend policy.

        Was hain trying to cover up for gordon’s maxing out of the nation’s credit card before he got kicked out of office in May?


      • 173
        South of the M4 says:

        Choosing Hain is not a good move for Ed’s Nu-Nu Labour. Ed seems to have fucked up his first 100 days by being absent (a critical time in any new job), and chosen key players who all represent the past. Britain needs competent government and a strong opposition. We had neither for 13 years, and seem to have neither now.


      • 184
        AC1 says:

        Why does Hain remind me of YABmonster?


    • 189
      Tell it like it really is says:

      He’s also appointed Liam Slime Byrne – joint appointee. ?This is the best on offer? …………..retches!


  32. 102
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


  33. 106
    Andy Coulson says:

    Tom Watson is right this time.

    I’M OFF


  34. 111
    Axe The Telly Tax says:


    ‘kin ‘ell. Just goes to show, don’t junk anything.

    Wonder how much my BBC micro is worth?


  35. 137
    Confucius he says:

    Moderation is the last resort of the weak sinnerconfusedblog owner.
    Fuck it. My mouse just died.


  36. 140
  37. 141
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Guido and Co , you are all fuckin legends .

    Respect to you all

    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever !


    • 156
      barefootcontessa says:

      We believe you.


    • 163
      Sir Patrick Mower OBE says:

      We know that, Billy. 2-1 you say? I’ll have to swat up on the game of …of…


      Help me out, someone.


      • 165
        Anon says:

        I got one;

        Whats hit more balls than Ian Bothams cricket bat Billy? ……..

        Dale Wintons chin!


      • 171
        Eva Prawn says:

        Are you on the grass, Mower? CRICKET. ASHES. LEATHER. WILLOW.

        That’s enough about your face.

        Yeah, kick off is after the next two sleeps.

        Not at all fishy. I’m gonna tuna my ariel and get the plankton round my plaice to have a whale of a time.

        If cockle happens (whelk, it wouldn’t the first time), I’ll perch naked on the telly and show off my pilchards.

        My fish pie has to be tasted to be believed.

        Everyone breams at the sight of my open clam.

        For a squid, Alan Mullet is welcome to have a go with his rod.

        Yeah. England 3-1.


  38. 144
    nell says:

    And talking of failing left wing organisations and their idiots, apparently katieprice aka jordon has been offered a guest editorial role on bbcradio4.

    You can’t get any dumber than that!!

    Then again maybe she’s what rededmilitwit needs to sex up up his act.

    Y’know like alicampbell sexed up that iraq dossier!!


  39. 157
    Gok Wank says:

    Rohan is soooo last year sisters.
    Get into North Face!


  40. 160
    David 'SuperMarket Sweep' Milliband says:

    Please let me post it one more time Guido for a laugh!


  41. 166
    Is he related to Prezza or Fatson? says:

    “A diner who racked up bills worth thousands of pounds at restaurants, before fleeing without paying, has been banned from parts of central London.

    Janis Nords, 27, of Stoke Newington, north London, admitted three counts of leaving without paying at restaurants.

    In total he owed nine restaurants £5,880. Westminster Magistrates court ordered him to repay the money.

    Nords was given a 12-month community order banning him from six London postcodes.

    The postcodes – W1, WC1, WC2, SW1, SW3 and NW1 – are all home to a high concentration of expensive restaurants.

    Nords, a filmmaker, was also given a 90-day curfew forcing him to remain in his home address from 1800 GMT to 0600 GMT every day, and he must wear an electronic tag.

    The charges relate to a £349 bill at the Glass House in Richmond, a £965 bill at the Connaught Hotel and a £1,021 bill at L’Oranger in St James’s Street.

    Nords was caught after being seen on CCTV leaving the Michelin-starred L’Autre Pied restaurant in Marylebone on 17 November.

    He and a companion ate hare and venison, drinking both a £124 Larmandier pink champagne and a £285 bottle of 1997 Bollinger.

    They left the restaurant to smoke before walking off.”


    • 172
      South of the M4 says:

      Is he an MP?


      • 178
        streamfisher says:

        They wouldn’t have either the imagination or good taste to pull a stunt like that, my local Sweetshop has a sign on the door now though; No more than 2 MPs allowed on these premises at any one time.


    • 190
      Lard Presclott of Bulimia, Bog Seats, Beams,Bellies,Banjos,Punches, Croquet, Pies, Jags 'n' Shags says:

      Wasn’t it with the rules ?


    • 203
      Non-smoker says:

      I’ll try that one, then. “Just popping out for a passive smoke, good fellow. I and my 5 fellow ‘smokers’ will be back to settle the £450 bill as soon as we’ve sated our imaginary cravings. Look, we’ll leave this state-of-the-art Sony Walkman on the table as security. Byeee.”


  42. 167
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’ve been sent to bed without having my dinner and fizzy orange. The horrible woman said I’d been naughty and shouldn’t have done a ploppy at the dinner table in front of the other patients.


  43. 170
    Polly says:

    I am sitting relaxing in my Tuscan villa having just had my chimney swept by Gino my handsome Italian man servant. I had to pay him 50euros but it was worth it. I am looking forward to a roaring log fire during the festive period. I must say that the immigration cap the Tories are seeking to impose strikes me as the Final Solution. Ciao


  44. 174
    Who Gives A Fuck says:

    Mandelscum on channel 4 now – what a k.unt


    • 193
      Baron Mandelson of Foy in the County of Herefordshire and of Hartlepool in the County of Durham says:

      As long as i have one fan, dear boy, it’ll all have been worth it.


    • 211
      Anonymous says:

      Thank fuck I never watch Channel 4.Or the Beeb yet I gotta pay for the licence !!!


  45. 182
    albacore says:

    Uh! Oh! Dave’s been consulting those huggable hoodies for his latest inspired policy blockbuster.
    Good job he got everything else sorted first.


    • 187
      Anonymous says:

      I always distinguish between what politicians think is important and what the rest of the country think is important. It’s the only way to stay sane.


    • 194
      streamfisher says:

      Any other world leader (Sic) going to Switzerland especially Zurich given these hard times would be trying to figure out how to get some of that stack gold back they’ve got stashed away in their vaults which Gordon, err! lost, instead of which we seem to be angling for chief patsy again, as if the London Olympics was not enough now we aim to subsidise the World Cup as well for another set of International crooks called FIFA.


    • 213
      Camoron or Milimong? Take your pick. says:

      Spot the difference.


  46. 183
    Who Gives A Fuck says:

    you guys think the beeb’s today programme is bad enough now, wait until christmas


  47. 191
    Paddy Banker says:

    I’m dipping my balls in £7 billion worth of cash thanks to you suckers


  48. 201
    Well what a fucking surprise says:

    Her lawyer actually tries to justify it!

    “A radio presenter who falsely claimed £18,000 in benefits while working as a DJ for the BBC has been committed to Crown Court for sentence.

    Birmingham Magistrates’ Court heard that Lubna Qazi failed to inform the authorities of her work on the BBC’s Asian Network despite claiming carer’s allowance for almost seven years.

    Magistrates heard that the DJ – who broadcasts under the name Kanwal Qazi – began to claim carer’s allowance after her husband suffered a stroke in 2002. But she then failed to declare that she was receiving an income in excess of the permitted limit while claiming the benefit between March 2003 and January this year.

    It emerged in court that Qazi was earning £24.47p per hour at the Asian Network, working a three-hour shift on both Saturday and Sunday. Her show is said by the BBC’s website to feature “timeless classics” from the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

    Defence solicitor Carl Vasey told the court that his client had reached a settlement with the authorities after receiving a total overpayment of £18,014.

    Mr Vasey told magistrates: “There is a great deal of personal mitigation in this matter and there has already been a civil settlement reached.””


  49. 202
    That Irish referendum vote with the benefit of hindsight says:

    Vote for the Lisbon treaty or it’s curtains for the Celtic Tiger.

    So that worked out alright then.


    • 208
      Mr Ned says:

      “Vote for the Lisbon treaty or it’s curtains for the Celtic Tiger.”

      That was a typo. They meant to write “Vote for the Lisbon treaty AND it’s curtains for the Celtic Tiger.”


      • 216
        Camoron or Milimong? Take your pick. says:

        “Vote for or against the Lisbon Treaty, and you’ll get the Lisbon Treaty regardless. And it’s curtains for you. And all your neighbours will be sucked into the chaos, so it’s curtains for them, too.”

        EU Democracy in a nutshell.


  50. 218
  51. 220
    albacore says:

    “In the right-wing think-tank world, where one would expect Conservative Downing Street policy advisors would be tight in with…”
    Nice sentence structure, Fawkes.
    Who’s this “one” and what’s he on, though?
    Our Dave taking advice from anybody tarred with the “right-wing” stigma?
    As if.


  52. 221
    yalleriron says:

    What bunch of chimps….er, chumps….er, whatever.


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