November 19th, 2010

Harman’s Coup String Pulling Confirmed

Remember how quiet Harriet Harman was on the Hoon/Hewitt attempted coup day?  Guido has been scanning the footage and column inches from that cold day in January and the only person who came to Gordon’s defence any later was brave David Miliband. Note her absence from the Guy News round up of that day. The rest of the cabinet hardly gave a ringing endorsement either though:

Harman hosted a New Years Eve goose roast with the other plotters at her country pile just six days before the attempted coup. Again this raises questions about why she didn’t run herself in May. It seems she was sensible enough not to wield the knife herself, but she clearly had her eye on the crown. Harman’s reputation as the mother of the party, uniting factions and holding things together has taken a massive hit with this news. Red Ed should watch his back – there have been stirrings while the leader has been away on paternity leave. Has Harriet been hosting any dinner parties this week?


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    How many splits now forming ?


    • 3
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      you know what they say ” Keep your friends close but keep your Enimies closer “


    • 16
      Curious of Redditch says:

      Is Harriet’s country retreat a grand place?


    • 34
      PC Bent Fawkes says:

      ‘goose roast’? Me and and Old Arsehole are non-stop, 24/7, fingering and spit-roasting juvenile projectile lobbers; keeping the country safe, for upstanding members like PC Filth, what got off with jury conviction on aggravated assault on a woman in custody, thanks to a fellow upstanding mason – judge.

      Keep ‘em peeled!

      Anyone wanting to grass anyone up – obviously not brave, untouchable filth or anyone important like – ring C untstoppers – now!


    • 43
      The Man Who Came In From The All Woman Shortlist says:

      Contrary to Popular belief , Harriets Jacket is NOT made from Giraffe Skin, it is in fact made from Lizard Scales which she can shed at will depending on the advantage to be gained.


  2. 2

    A favour – for the sake of cleanliness and hygiene can you avoid using the words “Harman” and “roast” in the same sentence?


    • 10
      Potkettle says:

      I’d eat a bit of Roast harman.

      Cant be any worse than the Horse that the little dwarf Sarcastic serves up in paree


    • 13
      P. Doff says:

      Being a vegetativarian I agree… although I welcome the fact that her goose dinner turned to cold turkey.


  3. 4

    “Harman’s reputation as the mother of the party, uniting factions and holding things together.”

    Where the fuck did you get that impression from…?


  4. 6
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Has all the Woolass shenanigans been settled then? What happened to all the grass roots support he was claiming, and his judicial review? Sounds like the cold hand of Harman has silenced everybody and liebour are just waiting for it all to become a memory so they can rewrite history again.

    I was looking forward to more of her colleagues calling her a disgrace to her face. Did we ever find out who this was?


    • 65
      Mr Ned says:

      The high court judges are still deliberating. It is possible that he could yet get his judicial review as his legal team argued that a smaller number of high court judges at an election court make an election court inferior to the high court. If he gets the judicial review go his way, he could theoretically get the annulment overturned in the high court and remain as the elected MP.

      it ain’t over yet!


  5. 9
    fibdems says:

    And Guido, it was Mr Harman who turned up the heat on Blair over Labour’s donations!


  6. 18
    Good fun says:

    Let Labour implode. We’ll enjoy the spectacle.


  7. 19

    When the mouse is away, the cat will play


  8. 22
    Gordon Brown says:

    I want to be leader again. Only kidding. I know I still am leader. I’ll make a statement about Mrs Harman’s betrayal at 2.37pm.


  9. 24
    Cassandrina says:

    Someone really needs to cook her goose.


  10. 25
    Anonymous says:

    Typical Harman:

    Secretive plotting; clear but deniable support for the plotters. Do enough to get rid of Brown, but avoid bloodying her own hands. Slip through the middle when the vacancy does occur.

    She is truly a ghastly woman…..


    • 49
      Backwoodsman says:

      and just think of all those poor giraffs that died in vain, to produce that outfit she usually wears for pmq’s.


  11. 26
    Upchuck Umanna says:

    I’m the new leader in waiting.


  12. 28
    Polly Tuscany says:

    This site wants a final solution for Harriet.


  13. 29
    Gordon Brown ( Karoke star) says:

    Do you wanna be in my gang , My gang , My gang ?
    Do you wanna be in my Gang ? Oh Yeah !

    I am the leader , I am the leader , I am the leader of my gang …….


  14. 32
    You couldn't make it up says:

    Her username was her first name and her password was her surname. She really is that thick.


  15. 33
    Steve Miliband says:

    Balls, Cooper etc not exactly in the limelight at the moment are they?
    Oddly quiet


    • 40
      Balls, Cooper etc says:

      Are you suggesting that we are keeping a low profile to avoid being associated with Ed’s disasterous and doomed leadership?


    • 42
      Anonymous says:

      Refreshingly quiet.


    • 58
      Baroness Thatcher says:

      Balls was grumbling in the Staggers this week; something about not be told what to do by the leadership. I think he still misses his mentor.

      Mrs Balls was on PM on Monday babbling about the unfairness of life in general and how beastly the new government is being by weaning all those laywers off the teat of legal aid.

      These two like the sound of their own voice too much to ever engage in a tactical silence.


      • 63
        Unsworth says:

        She was also on Today sometime this week giving it her all about how unfair something or other was. Forget quite what she was bellyaching about, but I did notice that the past thirteen years or so seem not to have happened.


  16. 35
    Charlie Whelan says:

    There’s no need to Unite the Labour party. We’ve already done it. Geddit?


  17. 37
    Nick Robinson says:

    I can exclusively reveal that there is no letter, no plot, no dissent.

    It’s the right-wing bloggers causing trouble. Again.


  18. 39
    Tim Lovejoy says:

    I bumped into Harman once ………….

    Tim Lovejoy

    BBC Legend


  19. 44
    mugwump says:

    Sauce for the goose……Harriet / stuffing / carving knife, might well be on someone’s Christmas list…..hopefully.


  20. 46
    nell says:

    I wonder if hattieharpic is involved in the current round of blood-letting in the labour party?

    But not to worry militwit macavity II has announced he will hit the ground running on his return to politics monday and unite the party behind his ‘decisive’ leadership.


  21. 48
    White Van Man's latest headlines says:

    Lord Young has just resigned this minute.


    • 54
      Selohesra says:

      Sad really as he was only stating the obvious – albeit a bit tactlessly. Still knows how to behave and resigns – don’t get that sort of honour with the previous shower


      • 66
        Mr Ned says:

        Boulton trying to re-ingrsatiate himself with labour again bekkyaching about how long it took him to resign…

        Under the last shower, there was open warfare against the people and they mostly never resigned. The few that did lingered on for days or even weeks!

        How long did it take for Mandelson, or Blunkett to go? Prescott never did even when he shagged his secretary on his desk!!!

        As for Brown, who could forget those days of labour MPs and SPads briefing against family members of the opposition, then Brown eventually taking full responsibility for it and sacking the man responsible, by sacking someone else!!!



    • 56
      • 57
        Rat's arse says:

        Nell, If I’d got his money, I’d eat somewhere like that instead of the greasy spoon cafe I go to once a week! I used to be envious too at one time, but don’t bother now, and my blood pressure has finally stabilized!


      • 64
        Unsworth says:

        Overpriced and mostly over-rated. Still, there are worse places to eat.

        The Peers’ Diner in the Lords is a bit School Dinners. Most of the cutlery is past redemption. Service is always a bit motherly, but pretty much OK. Frankly I’d rather eat there than anywhere run by a Roux. Difficult to decide which has the most criminal clientele, though.


  22. 59
    StrongholdBarricades says:

    Hattie wants the crown, but knows that the Labour party do not want to win the next election unless the economy is storming away again, and the deficit has been reduced effectively so that any incoming NuLiebour executive could begin spending again


  23. 60
    Michael St George says:

    Guido, please don’t use the words “Harriet Harman” and “goose” in the same sentence. I’ve just spilled my medication.


  24. 68
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Has anyone been keeping an eye on the little skunk John MacTernan? He still has ambitions to be Harriet’s Malcolm Tucker.


  25. 70

    Harperson became MP for Peckham as I was leaving it. Worst slum in Europe then, it still is now. Not very efficacious. Oh and she put on dire cockney accent when canvassing. Think Jason Statham but without the charisma. (Last line to be uttered sarcastically).


  26. 71

    Nice video Guido. Strange that we’re not getting whiffs of conspiracy from the Lib Dem camps . . .


  27. 72
    nerdy aliens says:

    Who the F*** would goose that ugly minger?


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