October 22nd, 2010

Coulson Thais Tongues

There was a quiet mention last Friday of Dave’s Christmas plans. Ephraim Hardcastle reported “friends of the Prime Minister say he plans to take his family to Thailand, where he will enjoy the hospitality of Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.” Eton and Oxford educated Vejjajiva is a contemporary of both Cameron and Boris, although the Mail played a straight bat others were quick to notice Dave’s old school chum’s atrocious human right record and willingness to employ emergency powers at the drop of a hat. The little matter of a coup d’etat against a democratically elected government and the shooting by snipers of dozens of peace protesters in May. Strangely there was nothing in print though…

Guido understands that at a number of Sunday papers were ready to question how appropriate it is for Cameron to be kissing under the mistletoe and sharing turkey with such a controversal figure, even if they did know each from school, but the Downing Street machine had other ideas. Andy Coulson and Henry Macrory deployed the security line to put off at least one Mirror hack from filing their piece. Apparently, despite the news of the visit already appearing in print, the PM and his family would be at risk if the Sundays picked it up. Yes, of course, that’s why they didn’t want the story running. An heir to Blair indeed…


  1. 1
    pimpo per cuпtestruzzo says:

    We’re all killing people together.

    • 13
      Jimmy Five-Bellies says:

      The middle pic is of Gazza on a quiet night out on the town!

      • 61
        Alan Philip Bonggg says:

        When I was four I thought everybody died spreadeagled on the floor like the bloke in the middle picture. I wasn’t the only one – when I was at primary school our teachers had to inform us that someone had died. A friend of mine then threw himself on the floor and said “did he die like this Miss?”

      • 76
        Mr Plum says:

        Thought it might be some new lefty traffic calming measure

      • 288
        Gazza says:

        Looks like the gunning down of Moaty to me.

        • 291
          Disaffected says:

          In Dave’s speech to the Tory Party, he forgot to include the list of things he promised and has failed to deliver or act upon. The most startling ommission being to clean up politics. Expenses, lobbying, old boy network etc all appear to be distant memories. This hoon has little chance of adressing the national interest because his lack of morals and moral fortitude is bassed onhis culture and upbringing. The same applies for Clegg. Unfortunately a character trait of people attending Oxbridge is a superior attitude that they are better than anyone else. They also forget that some are there not based on merrit, but their connections. Dave will not and can not change his attitude.

          When we consider Mickey Mouse courses with the recent university cuts, then the biggest one that springs to mind is Politics. It does not help the health anyone and it does not create wealth for the country. It is a social course for people with extreme left or right political views and toffs. It should be scrapped as a course especially at Oxbridge. More places for science, health, wealth creating courses for the benefit of the country- with a bias toward UK students. Perhaps security services from all nations would be less interested in using the universities as a breeding ground to infiltrate.

    • 183
      Ampers says:

      “…and the shooting, by snipers,”

      I think it is just pure jealousy that we can’t do that here.

    • 287
      Gary Glitter says:

      Thailand? lucky Dave.

    • 289
      trumpet stalk says:

      Does anyone other than the socialist left give a fig about Dave going to Thailand?

      • 298
        Anonymous says:

        The lower middle class who voted Tory and who are now at risk of losing their jobs and their homes probably care.

        Serves the stupid bastards right.

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    I hate New Labour says:

    Oh dear.

    Tories are determined to lose the next election aren’t they?

    The stupid electorate will have forgotten all about Browns disastrous errors by then and Labour will just exploit the tory/lib dem toffs line over and over again.

    Milibrown is a stop gap, by 2015 the lefties will find someone else not tainted by Blair/Brown.

    Bingo! Tories out for another 13 years…

    Why on earth did they chose an old etonian who’s never had a proper job to be their leader? It will come back to bite them in the ass.

    • 3
      concrete pump says:

      ‘by 2015 the lefties will find someone else not tainted by Blair/Brown’.


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      It's the economy that'll decide says:

      What will decide the election is whether the “gamble” that Cameron/Clegg/Osborne have taken pays off.

      If the deficit is repaid and the economy is on the up with unemeployment falling together with taxation whilst public services are leaner and delivering what the people want and the “feelgood factor” is back then the Tories(Coalition)will win another term

      If the opposite applies then Labour will be returned and the Coalition will lose as many seats as they gained in 2010 and both Cameron and Clegg will be out as will Osborne and all the other Cameroons and the LibDems will have ceased to exist as a viable parliamentary political party

      But as you say the electorate have very short memories and always have

      • 19
        Buddha says says:

        So you mean that if i find that ..erm..what was that again, I’ve forgotten.

      • 269
        Tessa Tickles says:

        Deficits aren’t ‘repaid’, they aren’t spent in the first place.

        And Dave “utter c*unt” Cameron is set to increase the deficit, not reduce it.

        Never mind the national d*ebt, about which he’s doing nothing whatsoever.

    • 16
      Maximus says:

      As recently as September, the UN can be found bemoaning in private its lack of influence among finance ministers, especially galling as it can number so many of those ministers’ leaders as its special ‘friends’. I have put this lack of leverage down to the few quiet words that the Bank for International Settlement can relay to them via central bank governors, name “fsck off”. Yet in this week’s spending review, the UN should be delighted to have found a new special friend, George the Biscuit, just where they want, and ready and able to promote the agendas of the UN clique at the British taxpayers’ expense.



      Yet hark, a bell tinkles (and in a way it speaks of tea-time):

      He said: “This Coalition Government will be the first British Government in history, and the first major country in the world, to honour the United Nations commitment on international aid.”

      Sound familiar? because it should. Did not comparable shamelessly bald rhetoric dribble gushingly from the mouth of the Demented Bunny, Ed the Red, in connection with ‘climate change’ when he was nu layber’s Minister for Climate Change?

    • 231
      • 244

        We Wont be Druv

        Fuck the politicans who wont holiday in Sussex!!

        • 273
          dragon den says:

          Fine place Sussex

          • Unsworth says:

            Indeed, Dragon. Sussex is lovely country – that and much of East Kent. The Unsworth family seat is inland from Guestling – down a mile-long unmade private road – listed for taxation in the Domesday Book by those thieving Norman bastards.

            This time of the year is really the best. The long views down the stunning secluded valley, virtually all to one’s self. Winchelsea, Rye etc close to hand for victuals, fish in the river, pheasants in the woods, wild mushrooms, hedgerow fruit, pears and apples fully ripened, wood smoke from the chimneys, etc. Only spoilt in recent years by the McCartney’s proximity – particularly that nutty bint. Still, mustn’t grumble, eh?

    • 272
      bergen says:

      He’s going to blow it by not sorting out the BBC whilst he has any ghost of a chance to do so.Only here could the opposition have its own TV station funded by a tax at everyone’s expense.QT on Thursday for “unbiased Comment”anyone?

  3. 4
    Sarf of the River says:

    He’s nothing more than a media whore just like Bliar was and is. No wonder Iain Dale is in love.

    What a tw*t.

  4. 5
    David Cameron just a fucking cunt says:

    David Cameron really is scum, isn’t he.

    David Cameron is right at home with his fascist friends, after all, he is happy to see our soldiers die and for our tax money to be wasted supporting the Americans’ illegal occupation of Afghanistan.

    How may Alqaida are there in Afghanistan? According to the latest reports there are less than a hundred yet according to David Cameron, our troops dying to secure Afghanistan from less than a hundred people.

    What a load of fucking rubbish, eh?

    • 20
      concrete pump says:

      There’s probably more Al-qaida in Leicester and Bradford….

      • 28
        Cameron's a Warmongering Cunt says:

        Precisely. And they have been radicalised into being members of a terrorist organisation because of the American occupation of Afghanistan.

        So, rather than protecting British interests, our collaboration with the American occupation of Afghanistan is generating terrorists in this country.

        It is time for us to immediately withdraw from the country for by remaining there the Conservative government is directly responisible for degrading this country’s security.

        • 49
          Deep Who says:

          For all his many and manifest failings, warmongering is not one of them. He’s been landed with this shit pile and only the pathalogically naive can think the British Army can just walk away. It’s facile thinking that ignores the complex interrelated nature of foreign relations. So, if it’s Hunts you’re after, look in the mirror.

          • Cameron is a war profiteer says:

            Deep who, if you think you are so clever then do please tell us exactly what the fuck we are doing in Afghanistan(apart from generating terrorists in Great Britain, of course).

          • Deep Who says:

            I certainly don’t believe all that nation building or herion industry fighting shit. It’s face saving pure and simple. But it matters in the long term even in this whole operation has been a clusterfuck.

          • Tories Love War it Makes Their Arms Manufacturing Friends Lots of Cash says:

            So, we are agreed, the only reason we are in Afghanistan is to save David Cameron and Liam Fox’s blushes.

            Our soldiers are dying to save face for David Cameron and so Cameron has our soldiers blood on his hands and all for his own personal gain.

            Not only are our soldiers dying because of the vanity of David Cameron but this country’s security is also being degraded as the Conservative government’s policy of occupation of another people’s country is generating terrorists in this country.

        • 97
          Tariq Ali Bongo says:

          They were ‘radicalised’ long before the yanks ever dropped a bomb on Afghanistan.

          Few people now days seem to remember the steady stream of muslim youth from British cities disappearing to Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan for paramilitary training in terrorist camps back in the 1990s. Some would even turn up fighting in Kashmir against the Indian government.

          Let’s hope 9/11, 7/7, Madrid, Paris metro bombings, Beslan, Bombay massacre etc, have started to ‘radicalised’ Kaffirs to the toxic nature of islam.

          • Charlie Wilson's Barman says:

            That’s right, and no small amount of radicalisation was done by the British and American governments in the 1980′s. At that time they thought that an Islamic nutter was far preferable to a commie, so they decided to encourage Islamic nutterism to encourage jihad against the commies. The British gave training to Islamic nutters in Scotland, the Americans handed over some juicy hardware, rookloads of dosh, and training from CIA paramilitaries.

            In short, we took the serpent by the tail, and now it’s turned round and bitten us. Let that be a warning when it comes to getting involved in ideological wars in other peoples’ countries.

      • 39
        Sarf of the River says:

        Are authorities investigating UK Muslims funding domestic and foreign terrorism? How is this progressing? Any report due soon?

        How are cash collections and all other sources of income in Mosques applied? Are they audited? Are random specimens taken away forensic analysis? Are reports available? My father is a CofE treasurer for a number of churches in a parish and every penny collected by any means and where it ends up has to be accounted for. I should know as I end up doing the annual accounts spreadsheet set for him. It’s his Christmas present to me.

        On a wider scale, what monitoring of Islamic banking practices in the UK (governed by Sharia law by the way) takes place?

        • 44
          The entire political class have got my Goat! says:

          I would be most suprised if there was any detailed monitoring of Sharia Banks! Dave wouldn’t want to frighten the fastest growing voting bloc in the UK.

        • 53
          Sarf of the River says:

          correction – “for a number of churches in a parish Diocese”

  5. 6
    Em says:

    As an avid student of South East Asian politics, it can safely be said that Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has almost nothing to do with the practical business of governing Thailand.

    If you want someone to pin an appalling human rights record onto, look at the head of the Army, Prayuth Chan-ocha.

    • 10
      So that's alright then! says:

      So that makes it okay for the British Prime Minister to visit a country that assassinates its citizens and carries out military coups against democratically elected goverments just to go on a jolly?

      Fucking hell, what planet are you from?

      • 17
        The entire political class have got my Goat! says:

        Well said. Dave is without Morals (he is an old etonian after all) they are bred to be of an Ubermensche mentality!!

      • 50
        Deep Who says:

        Get a life you boring moralising Hunt.

      • 79
        Em says:

        Planet Earth you deluded c.unt

        1. Clearly if you believe that there was anything democratic about the Thaksin government you are not qualified to talk about fucking Thailand you mong.

        2. If a British Prime Minister is not allowed to holiday in nations which have a slightly questionable human rights record – which is what Thailand has, it is not a Burma, or an Equitorial Guinea, or an Eritrea – then he can’t go anywhere. Should he not go to France seeing as state sanctioned illegal rounding-up of an ethnic group and forced deportation has occurred there recently. Should we not sell aircraft to the Saudi’s even though they are the only force holding the Arabian peninsula together, and thousands of British jobs are provided by their cash? Should we not holiday in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia? Should hoards of British travellers not go to Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand or Indonesia?

        Don’t be an idealistic tit. The world is how it is, some people are c.unts and some people are even bigger c.unts. Not going on holiday there is not going to change anything. Going on holiday there is not going to change anything. And people like you who piss their hysterical girlypants every time something like this comes up sure as fuck aren’t gonna change anything.

        So in sum: Fuck off.

        • 100
          pompa per calcestruzzo says:

          Nicely put.

        • 184
          Planet Earth to Em says:

          One must lead by example, Em.

          Take you, for example, you are a complete fucking moron and pompa per crackhead is following your example.

          Monkeys do as monkeys see. And it is up to Great Britain to offer a moral and ethical example to the world.

          A task that is clearly beyond David Cameron.

          • pompa per calcestruzzo says:

            Calm down sweetheart, you’ll pop a haemorrhoid. You of all mongs know my opinion of David Cameron.

          • Em says:

            We definitely don’t have any obligation to lead by example.

            Monkey do whatever Monkey wanna do. And we should not be jetting around the world telling Monkey to put a suit and tie on.

            So get off your stupid sanctimonious liberal democratic high horse…we’ve got enough problem holding these cockheads to account at home…we don’t need to be worrying about all these lunatics abroad.

          • Restandbthankful says:

            You mean the likes of what went on in Iraq. I see Wikileaks have published thousands more papers detailing what went on in Iraq.

      • 141
        Gotta go somewhere says:

        Following your rather idealistic principles would mean he would not be able to stay here for Christmas either.

        Oh no, sorry, he can. He was Brazilian.

      • 292
        Abshit Dave's mate from Eton says:

        David is my buddy, and he has promised me loads of your taxpayer’s money in foreign aid. He therefore deserves a holiday here, besides we have other business to do together with our other Etonian buddies.

    • 43
      in a bunker far far away says:

      Do you work for the Labour party? They fail to take responsibility for anything in much the same way.

      • 185
        Bunker Buster says:

        No I don’t. And I will certainly not be joining the Conservative party either, you lot are so negative and untrustworthy.

    • 128
      Anonymous says:

      I am delighted that Dave is visiting Thailand for Christmas. I have heard that the decorations in Soi Cowboy are delightful.

  6. 8
    Hey soldier boy! says:

    • 12
      As America was Defeated in Vietnam so Will it Be Defeated In Afghanistan says:

      Yeah, the Americans really got a good hiding in Vietnam, didn’t they.

      Had to evacuate the country with their tails between their legs if I recall correctly.

      So you could say they really did get fucked. Fucky fucky.

    • 118
      Grunwald says:

      Did you know that the hooker scene was filmed in London – the ISLE OF DOGS?

  7. 11
    The entire political class have got my Goat! says:

    Yes Call me Dave is really full of crap isn’t he.

    Bonfire of the Quangos my Arse, how many non jobs will actually go? Not many.

    Massive defence cuts. Thats not a very Conservative thing to do is it.

    Fails to denounce his eco fascist friends at 10:10

    cuts the Police anti terrorism budget by 10%, perhaps hes had a chat with Osama Bin Liner already and hes agreed to cutback by 10% as well so thats alright then.

    The man is a complete walking left wing Hoon of a disaster

    • 14
      Hear Hear says:

      Cameron is a complete wanker.

      • 22
        Complete Wanker says:

        How very dare you!
        Take that back right now!

      • 34
        The entire political class have got my Goat! says:

        If only that he were. Unfortubately he also masquerades as a Conservative! Makes out he is PM as well. He wouldn’t recognise a conservative policy even if it slapped him around the chops with a wet stinking Kipper!! As far as I am concerned if he wants to go somewhere interesting and different for Christmas he can go and stick his head up a dead bears arse!!

        • 52
          Deep Who says:

          The way I see it is that if he’s the leader of the party, democratically elected, then by definition his policies are the Conservative policies. Whether C(c)onservatives like it or not. So they should fuck off to another party if they don’t like it. Why don’t you set up a Tea Party like those swivel eyed right wing wankers in the US.

          • s says:

            Good idea Deep Twat.

          • titfer says:

            said the twat

          • Old Cynics Have The Last Laugh says:

            When it’s voting time at the election this prize koont called deep who will be begging us all not to vote ukip and b*n*P and other parties incase we ‘split’ the tory vote lmao.

          • Deep Who says:

            Nope, couldn’t give a fuck. Live in the US actually so watch with bemused half-interest from afar.

          • Deep Who's In a Deep Hole says:

            So you are an American. Should’ve guessed by the drivel you post.

            How’s the whole hopey dopey Afghanistan occupation going for you?
            Not so good, eh? Getting your arses kicked I see, it’s just like Vietnam all over again, isn’t it.

            You loser.

            The Yanks are gaining something of a reputation for being a bunch of losers. You occupied Iraq and now the Iranians have more clout in that country than you do.

            You would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

          • stun says:

            I see your Obama and raise you a Huhne

          • Deep Who says:

            Just said I live here, I’m not a Yank. Fuck me you’ve got no idea how bad it is over here in a ‘vibrant’ democracy. It’s force-fed bullshitting 24/7

          • stun says:

            Fair enough. Unfortunately we both continue to have leaders who won’t address the real issues. Although Palin’s an idiot, she is a bit of a MILF and her ‘How are your changy things’ comment was spot on. Her tits aren’t bad either. Concrete pump wouldn’t hesitate.

  8. 21
    Andy Coulson says:

    “I had no idea that journalists working under my strict instructions were tapping people’s phones.”

    Brothel Madam says: “I had no idea the ladies working in my house were prostitutes.”

  9. 24
    Sir William Waad says:

    These blasted OEs still think that they own the world. Doesn’t dave have any normal friends? Silly question I suppose.

  10. 26

    Rooney – transferred out
    Valencia – inj
    Zamora – inj
    King – inj
    Harper – inj
    Kyut – inj

    My fantasy footy team has got more cripples than Ed Miliband’s front bench.

    • 29
      Sir William Waad says:

      Um…Bill…Rooney’s transferred in again. It seems that he just needed another £4 million a year or so. We can understand that.

      • 58

        No, I mean I transferred him out of my fantasy squad.
        I’m not tolerating my virtual players behaving like that.

        I even chewed a stick of gum and roundly cursed him in a Rab Nesbit style whilst I swapped him.

        The lazy feckker will probably score a hat-trick this weekend.

        • 66
          Mr Plum says:

          Is his ankle better

          • I don’t know or care. He’s dead to me now. Its a tough game.

            But this season I seem to have the luck of the Brown. Third from bottom in a 32 team league.

            It’s got so bad I’ve even considered asking Roy Hodgson for some tactical advice.

          • ffs! says:

            My lodger is around 245,001st in the Sun Dream team.

            You’ve got to be in it to win it!

  11. 30
    Mr Plum says:

    Didn’t realise Dave had such a nice pair of moobs

  12. 32
    Sniper says:

    The Tories need to up their game or they will be out of power.
    Though Cameron can use this opportunity to tell his Thai chum to grow a moral spine and deal with his country’s issues in a more humane and decent manner. If he can then David Cameron can return with credit and not just a fading tan.

    • 35
      Cameron is unworthy of the British people's trust says:

      While David Cameron is guilty of enforcing an illegal foreign policy of illegally occupying other people’s land he is in no position to lecture others on their domestic policy.

      • 55
        Deep Who says:

        Shit up you single issue wank stain. So Blair and Brown have nothing to do with Afghanistan then? Fucking dribbling moron.

        • 192
          Deep Who's A Wank Stain says:

          Afghanistan was of course George Bush’s idea. Why he chose to invade a country that had nothing to do with the attack on the twin towers can only be explained by the fact that the terrorists were Saudi Arabians and George Bush is their best friend.

          So it could be argued that President Bush was a traitor to his country and chose to attack Afghanistan to cover up the fact that he was collaborating with the enemies of America.

          • Deep Who says:

            Agree. BTW my wank stains on your daughter’s ass

          • Tell it like it really is says:

            Listen dope – I distinctly remember the LAB|OUR defence spokesperson saying the LABOUR government were sending our troops into Afghanistan but ” hopefully not a shot would be fired” U R A DICKHEAD!

    • 38
      The entire political class have got my Goat! says:

      Dont make me laugh. Cameron is a Hoon just like all the rest. Do you honestly think old etonians give a Sh** about morals? is that how they have controlled the levers of power for 500 years by going all queasy about each others moral failings? I dont think so!!

      • 54
        Deep Who says:

        Sounds like you’ve got an inferiority complex there gayboy. Whilst pricks like you moan about Etonians it actually just embeds their position. If more people shut the fuck up and challanged these people, the balance woudl change. It worked in the City.

        • 91
          Old Cynics Have The Last Laugh says:

          Stop projecting yourself onto others Deep Who

          • pompa per calcestruzzo says:

            He’s got a point.

          • Maximus says:

            It’s called a ‘full stop’ or ‘period’. He’s also got several inconsistencies, mixed up metaphors, and chips on his shoulder. Too tedious to list them.

        • 113
          The entire political class have got my Goat! says:

          Deep Who, you really are getting to be a bit tiresome! You’ve hardly been on this blog two minutes than you start throwing your weight around like a spivvy city trader. Why dont you actually analyse what people say rather than trying to be insulting all the time. Otherwise you wont go very far. And please dont tell me you’ve made lots of money already, next you’ll be telling us you’ve got a big dick!!

          • Deep Who says:

            Afraid both are true, but I won’t rub your face in it.

            I thought abuse and insult was the majority of what this blog’s about. It’s what makes it more interesting than Toenails or other dry blogs.

          • Deep Who says:

            Yep, afraid both are true. I won’t rub your face in it though – and of course, you can never have too much money anyway.

            I thought abuse and insult were OK on this blog – if I wanted dry political analysis I’d go to Toenails.

          • Fair enough. So you’re not modest. but there is no need to post your message twice. No really Cameron is a Hoon isn’t he, I mean all this banging on about eco crap and whats a big society. He is not what he claims to be. He is a fraud, a cad, a bounder, the illegitmate descendant of a debauched monarch and not to put to fine a point on it, he is a bit of a bad egg!!

          • Ahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NpsJydU7Zs&feature=fvwnyway lets all stop bitching and have a laugh at this lot!!

          • stun says:

            You are really crap at links. He said, unhelpfully.

          • Deep Who says:

            Yes Cameron is a Hoon, but he’s not necessarily to blame for everything he gets stick for on here. Still, he’s there to be shot at

  13. 33
    MI5 says:


    Aie Aie Aie

    Does the PM have NO JUDGEMENT……..LIKE HAGUE…sporing himself with a young man?

    Where is our old friend Gabs Bertin in all this ?

    She has a good touch of common sense and strength

    You and I have nothing agaist Old Etonians…

    But there are always the good, bad and indifferent in any school..

    And when you are PM of Britain you should not associate publicly/privately with a bad ‘un…

    Come on Gabs, get it right please

    Now please get this right…

    • 37
      Time to face the facts says:

      Cameron is just a wrong ‘un.

      • 40
        The entire political class have got my Goat! says:

        like that Tory party a complete pile of Poo. Best vote for a proper conservative party like UKIP!!

        • 46
          Anonymous says:

          Hear hear. Farage walks the walk and talks the talk.

          Farage’s performances in the EU parliament are faultless.

          I voted B & P in the last election as UKIP weren’t fielding a candidate.

          • Muzee Benefit Fraudster says:

            You stupid fucking english scum. Just keep your stinking heads down and work to pay my benefits and we won’t blow you up. I might fuck your daughter though even though they are kaffir scum.

          • Anonymous says:

            You voted for a socialist party because a libertarian one was not fielding????!!!!

          • Old Cynics Have The Last Laugh says:

            Why not? they scare the life out of all the other parties. Always good for a laugh, not like they will ever get into power anyway.

          • Cambs-or-bust says:

            Should have voted for Old Holborn.
            That ginger haird one-eyed freak is always good for a laff.

    • 42
      Jack says:

      Where was Gabs when the lights went out ?

  14. 36
    Toilets Maguire says:

    I was on the other end of the security line from No 10, Guido,

    I told Downing street to go bob, bob, bobbing..like Bad Al Campbell’s friend Maxwell…

    You know me…

    I have always been independent

    Even when I kissed Labour’s arse…but that is the past…

  15. 41
    Mrs Millitwat says:

    “I cannot understand it at all, my Ed slaughtered the Prime Minister at PMQs on Wednesday but I haven’t seen or heard about it on any BBC programs at all. Do you think I should write to the Director General?”

    • 45
      Dame Polly Toynbee of Badminton says:

      I think there must be a meeting of the Hamstead and Finchley Marxist Society (named after Adolphe Milliband the father, son and all fellows) before the Director General of the BBC or the Editor of the Guardian will be able to reply to your most pertinent question.

    • 47
      Ralph 'Wormfood' Milliband says:

      Your cooking finished me off bitch

  16. 48
    gildedtumbril says:

    What is needed is a grassy knoll.

  17. 51
    Sniper says:

    @Cameron is unworthy. Cameron inherited the Afghan war. Most people supported the invasion due to 9/11. Now the war has dragged on for so long it is unpopular. There is an exit strategy in place and finally we can see an end in sight. It is unfortunate it has taken so long and caused so many deaths.
    The blame for that lies with Bush and Blair’s insistence on invading Iraq and taken their eye of the ball in Afghanistan thus allowing things to get out of control.

  18. 57
    Who dares say Muslims are backward? says:

    “Two Syrian children aged five and three may have just become the youngest couple ever to get engaged of their own free will.

    Their parents are taking their betrothal seriously, and even arranged an engagement ceremony and bought rings which the couple exchanged.

    Five-year-old Khalid met Hala, three, while he was holidaying with his parents in Lattakia, on the Mediterranean coast of Syria.”


  19. 59
    Anonymous says:

    They really do appreciate a good drop on snakeoil out there.

  20. 64
    Sir William Waad says:

    Cameron must have heard that, at the swankiest Bangkok restaurants, they won’t let gentlemen in without a Thai.

    • 67
      Cap Shone says:

      Sir William, did you claim your prize in the end? Have you started reading it yet?

      • 90
        Sir William Waad says:

        I claimed our host’s generous prize – it would have been churlish not to, but it’s a good subject – but I have still have the pleasure of anticipation.

        • 197
          Two Dogs of Empiricism says:

          I was wrong to advised you not to claim it. I acknowledge that. I am truly contrite, Guido. (Anyway, I have paid for it – I have been mobbed here ever since – Can’t say the letter D – I had an accident as a schoolboy – hit by a bat – Oh, a dat? – No, a bat.)

  21. 70
    Tourette Tim says:

    Fucking shite.

  22. 72
    I LIKE says:

    S A U S A G E S

  23. 75
    Dack Blog says:

    Will this strip the wool from nell’s eyes? That’ll be the clincher. Dave’s in big trouble if so.

  24. 81
    drakes drum says:

    Well done Guido. Cameron is an absolute PRAT!

    Does he take us all for idiots? In a few eeks and he and his inner cabal are acting just like Blair. An utter disgrace.

    We are all in this together?

    If he had any sense in his dimbox he would cancel any idea of spending Christmas anywhere else but this Country. He would do everyone a favour if he was seen attending a Church on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day! He should ensure that he goes around the country switching on as many Christmas Lights as possible to get over to people that this is a Christian Country.

    When I read, in the Telegraph, that a cafe has had to switch off his extractor fan because the smell of bacon may offend Muslims I realised that we MUST fight back now or else all is lost.

    Cameron, from someone who voted Tory. Wake up and start acting as if you do have brains!

    • 84
      I hate New Labour says:

      Couldn’t agree more.

      What a fucking idiot.

      After telling/lying everyone who’ll listen that we’re in this together, page 1 of the ‘how not to be a stupid Hunt’ handbook says, don’t go on foreign jollies.

      He must know that he’s good for one term then out.

      The fact he couldn’t even get a majority against the most unpleasant PM in living memory tells us everything about what people really think of him.

    • 85
      Non LibLabcon voter says:

      Ho ho ho!

    • 86
      Lil Olmey says:

      Out of curiosity, how do Muslims know what bacon smells like ?

    • 88
      Old Cynics Have The Last Laugh says:

      Not a chance under this lot of EU common purpose puppet parties.

      Think you live in a democracy? think again….

      • 119
        The entire political class have got my Goat! says:

        Francis Maude is a Common Purpose Hoon. Watch him leave all their placemen in power while he sacks the harmless guys!!

    • 124
      The entire political class have got my Goat! says:

      Cameron is supposed to be an English gentleman. Well all the english gentlemen I know all want to be in blighty for Christmas. What sort of Conservative wants to spend Christmas the other side of the world in a country of which we know little and care even less. As Tony Hancock once famously said ” Are you a Conservative” Answer YES ” Then kindly act like one””

      • 144
        titfer says:

        Fuck me this dickweed wants to be the arbiter of what it is to be an Englishman. What a pompous wanker. Let the fucker go on holiday when and where he wants.

        • 247
          Norman Arse says:

          What about his poor mother? His dad died in the Summer and the selfish Etonian twat’s fucking off for Christmas. Get that on the front page. Make an example of the bastard.

    • 208
      Susie says:

      Totally agree. Firstly, if he’s so green and hell bent on imposing bloody useless windmills on the rest of us, what does he think he’s doing taking a holiday flight to the other side of the world. I was at a David McKay lecture and he said a one trans-Atlantic flight was the carbon equivalent of leaving a bath running for one year.

      Secondly, the first Christmas in power after 13 years, I expected him to be filmed at Whitney Parish Church with his family on Christmas morning, not slopping suntan lotion on Samantha at a Thai beach like the ghastly Blairs.

      In fact I hope there’s another Tsunami and we can have a proper Tory leader like David Davies or John Redwood. Very disappointed.

      • 212
        stun says:

        Agreed. A mixture of humility as ‘We all it together’ and a be at home like everybody else wouldn’t go amiss. Sunning himself on foreign shores, rather than the pick-a -nondictorial-tropical-paradise thing is my concern. I think his spinners (which I hate anyway) have no clue. This will not play well. Idiots, the lot of them.

      • 249
        Norman Arse says:

        Dave Davies wouldn’t leave his beareaved mum, I know for sure. And he’ll be out with the labrador before church on Sunday. Then back for Christmas lunch with his family before the Queen’s Speech. A proper Tory PM would do just the same.

    • 224
      Anon Mouse says:

      Wake up and smell the bacon fat!

  25. 87
    Where do you think McDoom is tonight? says:

    Is he:

    A) At home in Killkiddies with his beloved wife and sons?

    B) In London, doing important work as an MP?

    C) In a secure ward loaded with medication and writing his name on the wall in red crayon?

    • 92
      Attack being the best form of defence says:

      Whenever the Conservatives are criticised, up pop the trolls to deflect attention.

      • 103
        Where do you think McDoom is tonight? says:

        LabourList quiet?

        • 112
          Attack being the best form of defence says:

          Dunno. I never go there. Full of yesterday’s men. It’s much more fun watching the desperation of disappointed Conservatives, as the full extent of the same old EU cocksucking, expense thieving, we’re all in it together farce, enters Act Ad Infinitum.

      • 110
        Old Cynics Have The Last Laugh says:

        Looks like the next election results will be like a ton of bricks hitting you then if Cameron doesn’t buck up his ideas.

        I won’t vote for any of the big three.

    • 115
      nell says:

      Well I know for sure it isn’t A because sarah tonight is in the news as being in London (again) for a film premier.

      I have to say I think gordon is very lucky that he has been able to take a year off his work with full pay in order to dabble in writing.

      • 125
        Maximus says:

        You think a year will be enough to let him loose? Would you also be expecting a couple of revolutions in brain surgery before then?

        • 127
          nell says:

          The brownites in the labour party fully expect his next job will be head of the IMF or head of a new G20 world bank. Why else was he courting omaha?

          gordon is headed for even grander things than bliar.


          • Bob says:

            Omaha has serious things to do

            Like trying to save his Presidency

            Gordon is a has been goon that Omaha tried to avoir even before he lost the Election…

          • Enchante, I'm sure says:

            ” Omaha tried to avoir..”. Sacre bleu, ah deed not know zat omaha voz un french poof.

  26. 94
    Nadine Dorries says:

    Don’t ask me!
    I just make 70% of it up as i go along.

  27. 95

    Offer to put him up at your very own French Chateau Guido, you’ll be doing the country an enormous service.

  28. 101
    nell says:

    Politics aside .

    Typical man planning to take the family to an exotic country for Christmas so that he can have a get together with his uni mates.

    Wait till Mrs Cameron hears about this and realises that she’s got to face a 13 hour flight there and back with three little one’s, one of whom is under 6 months, has got to get them vaccinated for rabies, typhoid and yellow fever and somehow persuade the little dears whilst she’s abroad to take anti-malaria pills, and on top of that she’s going to have to cope with fractious children likely upset by a hot climate and strange food and no Father Christmas!

    I think by the time she’s finished with him he’ll be happy to pass up a night out with old uni mates and setlle for a good old fashioned Christmas at Chequers.

    • 108
      Anonymous says:

      Ever heard of a nanny?

      • 111
        nell says:

        A nanny doesn’t remove the need for vaccinations, make it more comfortable to take three children on a 13 hour flight or make the children’s adjustment to heat and strange food any easier.

        • 211
          Susie says:

          And then there’s the dysentry — everyone gets it, everyone.

          There are a thousand bugs out there unknown to science. I had to spend half of my hols within 20 meters of what passes for a toilet.

        • 266
          Thai me kangaroo down boys says:

          Simple – nanny and kids travel economy class. All south east asian airlines have smaller seats than European ones because the natives are physically smaller and don’t need so much leg room. 13 hours non-stop can get very uncomfortable for anybody over 5ft 6 tall – I know as I’ve tried it – so Dave and the missus go up front and the rest follow on behind.

    • 162
      Alex says:

      Never new Dave was someone who had a crush for Ladyboys but maybe they are part of his plan for the Big Society. As an OE he will enjoy the succulent pleasure of a large Thai sausage.

      • 251
        Norman Arse says:

        I bet Dooby Dave and the ‘Bangkok Bonger’ will be going through the green stuff like it was speech day at Eton!

  29. 106
    I don't hate Brown, I fucking loathe, despise and detest the evil fucking mong cunt says:

    Good old arsehole Tom Mangold on BBC News spinning again, calling people asking for Kelly inquest info conspiracy nuts. C u N t.

    • 120
      nell says:

      A question that needs to be asked and answered is did the pathologist have any contact with alicampbell prior to making his report to hutton?

      • 134
        Dr Who says:

        I have seen the future – I have been there – Once the countries finances have been sorted, once again, by the Tories Labour get re-elected and, once again, they completely fuck things up. This goes on for the next 300 years or so……..

    • 253
      Norman Arse says:

      Is this the same Tom Mangold who wrote a book about conspiracies in the RC church and the Merovingian dynasty? And isn’t he the same TM who happens to be a personal friend of the Kelly family?

    • 277

      Why does Guido let you say Hunt
      but not me ?

  30. 126
    caesars wife says:

    Cw is very gratefull for the stimualting thought for this evening , Hayek and Keynes , Osbourne and Dave have differences on the purpose of politics , mmm quite a bit to think about .
    I am still thinking about Paul masons a town like Gary on NN , and the new era of globalisation which I think is flawed although impressive , I could go on but it sometimes feels a little too late , that finance is not economics .
    John Dennham not only admitted they had got the balance wrong , but failed to mention how much his party had been in love with hayek both nationally and internationally .To have reached a point where we go oh dear this is wonk and doesnt work is indeed a triumph of spin .
    The origins may be be more in the grocers daughters view than we realise she would have instictively known what was wrong with a town like Gary , however she would have been furious with those who did not keep the need for small and med sized business , and the new love of the data centres and offcies that behave like a alarmed mathmatical formulae .

    Neo Thatcherite is about as meaningful as post Ebay, having welcomed in a benign ecnomic cuckoo for political advantage (total control in Labours case) isnt anyone wondering if when it is fed , it will do any good . The signs are that after 13 yrs of building wonk eutopia and making up unemployed section of economy formuale , it will not deliver . Yes the deficet first by all means , as its only sweating gelignite , but then what . If the purpose of poltics is an unlected euro state and towns crying for yearly for Gary like handouts , the purpose seems to not be making sense of the future , and not quite sure what labours legacy is all about .

  31. 131
    He's not the Messiah, just a naughty boy says:

    The astutest political brain of this generation, thick as thieves, told you what to expect, but did you listen? No. You dutifully stood in line, bent over, cheeks held apart, and now have the temerity to squeal as Westminster’s burning black rod thrusts it’s way deep into to painful regions.
    You had a choice, but you blew it as usual.

    • 133
      stun says:

      And the choice was?

    • 136
      stun says:

      Forgot to say, many people closed their eyes as they votes for Dave last time, just to stop the Imbecile from ruining things any further. By the way, tat never showed any alternative and was like a small child wanting ice cream all the time. All abuse and no answers. Hoon.

      • 145
        Call yourself an elector says:

        So you’d rather accept being fucked by the devil you know, than use some brain cells and look around for an alternative?
        No wonder the country is moribund.

        • 157
          stun says:

          Not at all. FPTP dictates what we get. Where I live, there was no UKIP candidate, my preferred choice, but it’s so Tory anyway that no vote makes a difference. I actually voted for an independent who has similar ideas as UKIP, i.e. the proper smaller government, non-EU ones. But getting Labour out had to be the key consideration. Clearly, armed insurrection would be a better idea, but unfortunately us people in the private sector have to work for a living, so don’t have the time to strike (I run my own business, as I believe a number of other posters here do). Alternatives would be great. Moribund? I ain’t got time to bleed.

          • Anonymous says:

            “I actually voted for an independent who has similar ideas as UKIP, i.e. the proper smaller government, non-EU ones. But getting Labour out had to be the key consideration.”

            Some inconsistency there, surely?

          • stun says:

            If you want to be pernickity, then go for it. That was the situation in my constituency. The local Tory MP was returned with a reduced majority, one of the few in the country to do so. But that was by losing a few precentage points from the previous 55% or so. Many other parts of the country voted AGAINST the imbecile, not for the new government as it is now.

          • Anonymous says:

            No. Many of those who voted were the party mongs, while the rest were too disillusioned to bother.

          • stun says:

            How does that follow on? Some people always vote tory anyway, but there was a big swing from the Hoon party to tory. So there are no tribal abour voters? Are you trying to change history? Many marginals went to the tories – to get imbecile out I presume. I have chosen to live in a rural area in the South-East…already tory, but some weren’t.. have you seen the entirely blue map of the country’s wealth generators?

          • Anonymous says:

            You still haven’t explained why your “independent” vote was cast just in order to get Brown out.

          • stun says:

            You’re right, mine didn’t help to displace the bankrupter. Millions of others did though. Not really sure what your point is. I already said I didn’t vote tory, but the facts are there that many people voted to get the moron out. If my constituency had been marginal, I would have to have voted tory to get the Hoon out. Clearly many felt the same way.

      • 151
        tat says:

        crawl along now cripple and get my ice cream

    • 252
      Masochist says:

      Where can I meet this black rod and how much per hour?

  32. 138
    Anonymous says:

    Thailand would be my first choice for a holiday. Fantastic place, great people.

  33. 143
    stun says:

    OT, since it’s all a bit slow. Well written article on the AGW thing, I thought

    • 165
      New Science correspondent says:


      So let’s just relax now

      And understand that James Hansen and the UN fiddled not only the numbers
      to gain funding…

      but also the graphs…

      Bloody charlatans…

      And to think Cameron and Co believed them !

    • 167
      streamfisher says:

      “We have temperature rises that we can almost trust from 1958″ need I say more?. On another topic Idi Amin managed to graduate from Sandhurst, Amin’s rule was characterised by human rights abuses, political repression, ethnic persecution, extra judicial killings, nepotism, corruption and gross economic mismanagement, sound familiar?, old chaps.

  34. 154
    State Opening of Parliament says:

    One is all in this together, my government tells me.


    • 160
      HM The Queen says:

      You can kiss ones royal arse

      • 164
        Herman Van Rompuy says:

        I’ll think you’ll find she now kisses mine.

        • 166
          Phil the Greek (retired Admiral of the Fleet) says:


          It is Prince Charles’ job to do that…

          And to speak to his eco plants…please…

        • 234
          Goldman Sachs says:

          She’ll kiss any arse that’ll ensure her and her own continue to sup at others expense.
          Remember that solomn oath to defend the realm?

  35. 155
    Ed Milliband says:

    What’s David Cameron got in common with a Christmas Tree? The balls are for decoration only. Of, you’ve heard it.

    Cameron’s so posh his butler’s got a butler! No better.

    If you had Cameron, Clegg and Osborne together but a gun with only one bullet….

  36. 161
    Greg Beales says:

    Nick Clegg is the number one target for Labour to destroy.

    Have you all noticed his body language in the House Of Commons ?

    He is not a happy bunny at all

    Clegg’s rubbishing of the IFS will convince nobody – Ed Miliband
    Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party, said in response to Nick Clegg’s attack on the independent Institute of Fiscal Studies:

    “Instead of trashing the Institute of Fiscal Studies, the Deputy Prime Minister should be owning up to the truth. This was a spending review driven by ideology, hitting lower and middle income families the hardest. We have consistently warned about the consequences of cutting too far and too fast. The unedifying spectacle of Mr Clegg rubbishing the IFS will convince nobody of the government’s case

  37. 171
    Martin Day-Miliband says:

    Johann Hari on Dylan discussing what Cameron and Osborne have done to the UK

    • 175
      stun says:

      Luckily, you fucked up your link so badly that we don’t have do endure the Hoon. Though if it shows him / her to be a complete twunt, feel free to post it !

  38. 172
    WHERE IS GORDON ? says:


  39. 173

    The complete Brown premiership in 15 seconds.

  40. 178
    stun says:

    I may not be very good at this

    • 181
      stun says:

      Well, bugger me. I always thought if that the eejits could do it, it couldn’t be that hard

  41. 182
    Boyo from the valleys says:

    Look you boyo I been on incapacity benefit for 20 years see. If I job comes up next door I might consider it look you. But not if it’s more than half a mile away.

    • 248
      Another Boyo says:

      Half a mile! Bugger that boyo. I wants to work from home, like. I tell you what offer me a job watching telly and testing different types of beer an’ I might do it, like.

  42. 189
    Anonymous says:

    Cut foreign aid to zero now.

    • 225
      Let them eat cake. says:

      I accept that the cuts are necessary and correct.
      I don’t object to losing child benefit, paying more for my kids
      to go to Uni etc.
      But do not accept that we continue forking out millions in aid when we are
      billions in debt and struggling at home.

  43. 190
    Two Dogs of Empiricism says:

    Nice manboobs.

  44. 210
    Theresa May, Nadine Dorries and Sarah Teather says:

    You’ve got a beard, just like Gordon.

  45. 213
    Theresa May, N*dine D*rries and Sarah Teather says:

    You’ve got a beard, just like Gordon.

  46. 219
    Anon Mouse says:

    Socialist Paradise 2010 : Chinese college students work in fields to pay towards their college fees . It teaches responsibility
    Unitl 2008 primary and secondary schools in China charged fees and many poor children could not afford to attend.

    UK 2010 – everything is free/subsidised and no one is satisfied.

  47. 221
    streamfisher says:

  48. 223
    Lib Dem R's are us says:

    Why does Dave have to go to Thailand to find a ladyboy?
    Isn’t Nick enough of a thrill?

  49. 227
    Traitor Alert says:

    That Marxist traitor and muzbot apologist Galloway is on the air with his weekly propaganda show. Call the Hunt and tell him what you think of Luftur Rahman.


  50. 233
    ++BREAKING NEWS++ says:

    But at least Tony Blair’s very rich and Slotgob has a regular supply of new shoes.

    “A new batch of secret US military records being released by Wikileaks shows commanders did not investigate torture by the Iraqi authorities.

    The documents also suggest “hundreds” of civilians were killed at US military checkpoints after the invasion in 2003.

    And the files appear to show the US kept records of civilian deaths, despite previously denying it.

    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticised the largest leak of classified documents in US history.

    Speaking to reporters in Washington earlier, Mrs Clinton said she condemned “in the most clear terms the disclosure of any information by individuals and or organisations which puts the lives of United States and its partners’ service members and civilians at risk”.

    Wikileaks infuriated the US authorities in July by publishing more than 70,000 secret papers about the war in Afghanistan. “

  51. 241
    Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister of no importance and even less productivity says:

    I’m free!

  52. 243
    Wayne Rooney says:

    Eerm. I joost want to say, eerm, i’m foolly behind the coalition, eerm, in the teamwork ethic of, eerm, we’re all in together, eerm, and back the boss, eerm, Mr Dave, and have confidence in his tictacs. Eerm, is nell free?

    • 286
      South of the M4 says:

      By the time it had taken me to read this, you have earned £57. Almost more than weekly JSA for someone out of work who actually can string a sentence together. It really is an upside down world.

  53. 256
    Mr Rhetorical says:

    Why does every Labour government end in economic disaster?

    • 257
      stun says:

      I won’t answer you then.. if you put it in a box though, it would have been great and shite at the same time..over to you SC

    • 276
      Wilkins Micawber,BSc(Econ) says:

      Because they don’t understand the connection between income and expenditure

  54. 262
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’ve covered myself in shit and now I hide in the sewers, this way no one can see me, hehehehehehehe!

  55. 263
    albacore says:

    If anything untoward were to happen to Cameron, would that leave Clegg as Prime Minister?
    And who’d be Dave’s Tory successor?
    Not that it would make any difference whichever LibCon or Labour EU scrubber assumed the position, of course.

    • 302

      The Queen would sensibly request that Nigel Farage form a Government! In the extremely unlikely event that he couldn’t constitutional experts are all agreed that we should just wind the country up, heave a huge sigh of relief and jump off Beachy Head!!

  56. 279

    The Camerons christmas party is in full swing !

  57. 282

    Dave condones this

    • 283
      ALAN JOHNSON says:

      If i get my way we will have riots in every town in britain
      over the nasty tory cuts

  58. 284
    Dack Blog says:

    Stop saying ‘yer know’ twice per sentence Tory Bear (News 24) – you sound like an educated chap otherwise.

  59. 285
    eey up lad says:

    Tory Bear on Pravda ,didn’t understand a bloody word he said,he should stick to his blog :-)

  60. 293
    Sniper says:

    The bloke in the middle picture had a grenade in his pocket, btw. Some reported it was even booby-trapped. Missed how that happened, sorry.

    Human right, eh?

  61. 299

    Someone please remind Mr Cameron to prostrate himself at the Thai king’s feet and his dog’s paws too, or else David and his darling sprogs will be spending Christmas in prison along with Da Torpedo, Tantawut, Wiset, Keith Bush, Alisa Bush, Surachai, etc, ect, all of who have been accused of lese majeste (insuting Thailand’s “compassionate” king).

  62. 300
    Sniper says:

    You know it’s possible to visit Thailand without prostrating at the King’s feet. I’m watching, though.

  63. 303
    conservativepartyossifer says:

    Lies Lies and scandal, callmedave was going to celebrate the winter festival, or winterval as it is now known in england.

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