October 10th, 2010

Atheist Clegg Sending Kids to Blair’s Catholic Oratory

The Mail asks on the front page: Why is atheist Nick Clegg considering sending his son to the same exclusive Catholic school as the Blairs? Could it be because the children are being brought up as Catholics? Clegg might be Godless but his wife is not.

Normally the non-Catholic partner agrees, at the request of the priest, to let the Catholic partner bring up the children in the faith if they are being married in a Catholic church. Hypocritical? Perhaps. He would however have likely been breaking his word to have done otherwise…


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    all faith schools should be abolished

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      P. Diddy Dacre and his Mailgoloid Blackshirt Army says:

      The Daily Mail is our God and it is an angry God.
      We windowlickers demand a sacrifice on the altar of the prophet, Dacre, blessed be his name.

      Let us don our blackshirts of worship and set fire to a few immigrants to appease our God.

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        Red Eddy's speach writer. says:

        All atheist teaching should be abolished. A ridiculous statement I know, trouble is it makes as much sense as that Cnut London Muslim’s that all faith schools should be abolished. Why not have only one size shoe for the whole country or one type of car. What a complete bone head.

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          This Is England says:

          • City of Vice says:

            Boys will be boys… football matches are expensive these days, certainly out of the reach of the average wannabe hooligan seeking regular action.

            That being said, as Muslim ‘leaders’ continually insult our war dead and give comfort to the enemy there is bound to a reaction.

          • Jonny Red says:

            Pretty vile the way they blew up that Scottish aid worker yesterday , F#cking cowards but what do you expect from a culture that has little respect for human life, especially for the life of a compassionate young lady who’s only crime was to give aid to those that needed it. Time to talk issylam patience is wearing thin there’s only a small amount tolerance left.

          • Anonymous says:

            It seems the EDL numbers and ranks are growing very rapidly, it’s a sure sign of the lack of tolerance in the country at the moment.
            Thinking on the shit hasn’t even hit the fan yet, we’re gonna see more of this, a lot more in the coming years.

          • White Van Man says:


            Just look at that lot, isn’t multiculturalism wonderful?
            I can feel the enrichment from here!

          • Islamophobic Infidel says:

            The UAF are full of socialist workers and communists by all accounts, its a shame wavy davey is a signatory of that rabble.

          • A fair go mate says:

          • White Man's Van says:

          • Anonymous says:

            Yes, good for the EDL, especially as week after week they get beaten up by the violent thick brutes of the liblabcon police for the crime of being English.

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          Maximus says:

          All atheist teaching has been abolished. Kiddies are now taught a small selection of idols. Gaia (aka planet Earth) is a current favourite, but we must also not forget cock, which the metaphorized version of Sol Invictus (aka Sun) celebrated everywhere by pointy monuments (and pr0n).

          • Disaffected says:

            Let’s be clear this is not about faith, it is about getting a good education for his children like Harman and Blair because the state schools are sh1t. The politicians failed us all by spending huge sums of tax on state schools and they are still sh1t.

            They took away the authority of teachers and reduced the standards of teaching by the liberal environment they created. That is why so many teachers left teaching and we are left with a lot of poorly qualified teachers who are not very well educated themselves. Balls presided over the Education Department when police officers started to patrol some schools as their beat- not community relations but their beat. What does this tell you about state schools when a police officer patrols the school site to keep order because the teachers can’t. Fcking disgraceful. Balls ought to remember his legacy before he rants about Gove- albeit he and Willetts are clueless fcks.

            Faith schools should not exist, children go to school to learn the three Rs, faith should be taught outside school according to the faith the family want to pursue. Again, this is about politicians feathering their own nest because they do not want to be politically seen to send their children to private schools, so they allow faith schools to educate their own children without being held to account for their double standards. Harman did this with the education of her children (and her husband’s appointment to become an MP), the bitch needs to be ousted from public office and Blair needs to be prosecuted for war crimes and lining his pockets so his children can live in multi millon pound homes at the cost of the tax payer and the deaths of so many soldiers. Bad Al and Straw’s children have also done well from the double standards they impose on the rest of us. Write to your MP to get rid of faith schools.

          • Jethro says:

            Disaffected: I couldn’t agree more! It’s high time that the State gave back the well-functioning Educational system it took from the Church in 1944+ – Schools, teacher-training Colleges, and all. As usual, ‘the State’ has proved a very unreliable guardian of a once-excellent system. And, while about it, let the State return to the Charitable bodies (principally the Church) the well-functioning Health-system it nationalised in 1948… and the Adoption-agencies, etc., etc..

          • Handycock says:

            The state schools in Portsmouth are excellent especially the girls school, of which I am proud to be a Governor. This is typical of that Tory twat Clegg. I warned the party about him before he was elected. They should have listened to me and chosen my nomination – Mark Oaten. I hear the state girls schools in Winchester are also excellent, and I could have visited if Mark was still MP.

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          Batty Hattie Hamanescu says:

          In a sense we do have one type of car, all cars on sale in the UK have to pass type approval. This defines what a car can and cannot have, that does not stop a wide variety of cars being on sale. Just that they have to confirm to a minimum set of standards.

          There could be a wide variety of choices in education, just that faith is not part of the curriculum. I believe that is how it works in the US.

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          Kimpatsu says:

          You know what’s boneheaded? Teaching kids nonsense, like the existence of the supernatural. The education system should be totally secular. Oh, and Clegg is most likely sending his kids to the LO for the same reason as the majority of parents: so they can get fast-tracked to Oxbridge. If faith schools didn’t have exclusivist selection criteria, he wouldn’t need to.

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      Tachybaptus says:

      That’s very broadminded of you, LM. Trouble is, though, they seem to teach better than the faithless kind. And among the rich of London, whatever their religion or lack of it, the Oratory is considered the kitten’s nightwear.

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        Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

        Guido takes it up the poopchute again for il Papa Benedict.

        Still, all that money spent on security for the Pope’s visit was worth it – it certainly kept the kids safe.

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        keddaw says:

        No such thing as the faithless type (yet) they’re all forced to say prayers and celebrate religious events.

        It’s bad enough that they are taught such things at home and church by their parents and priests without having the state stick its odious oar in to tell them things that are patently untrue.

        PS. Guido, how does Jesus taste these days? Should all kids be taught that cannibalism is OK if you believe that the person you are eating is the son of god? Transubstantiation is not symbolic to the Catholic Church.

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          Red Eddy's speach writer. says:

          You are a very strange individual. Are you on some kind of medication to control your anger?

          • keddaw says:

            So a bit of sarcasm is uncontrolled anger, but the hiding of paedophile priests by an organisation is hunky-dory?

            Sorry, but all criticism levelled at the Catholic Church and its intentionally ignorant defenders is justified.

            When I speak to Catholics who think Communion is symbolic or that Jesus did not die for our sins or the sins of our forefathers (Adam specifically) or that the Pope is infallible on certain issues then it makes me wonder on what grounds are they claiming to be Catholics? Why do they defend an institution that promotes cannibalism, scapegoating (vicarious redemption) and eternal puishment? Not to mention one that hides criminals because revealing them to secular authorities would look bad for Mother Church.

            So I ask you, is my sarcasm directed towards this institution really unjustified? Is it so severe that you can call it anger? Or was it a gentle jibe at one of its defenders, who likely does not understand the entirety of what he is defending?

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      AC1 says:

      Including those in the state sector following the marxist faith?

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        George retard Bush says:

        God told me to invade Iraq.
        My fuckwitted NeoCon minions still love me.

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          AC1 says:

          Tat HEART Saddam

          • George retard Bush and his NeoCon retard cocksucker says:

            Your fuckwitted NeoCon heroes SOLD him those chemical weapons you retard.

          • AC1 says:

            Tat loves dictators.

            He knows the french were the biggest western suppliers of Saddam, and also those in charge of getting oil for stopping the war to remove french loving saddam.

            No War (in exchange) for oil was the french state oil companies policy.

          • You grow more stupid by the day AC1. As is to be expected from someone who sucks Bush’s cock as eagerly as you do.

            I’m not Tat so that’s yet another sign of your blithering idiocy.
            Add I didn’t sell Saddam chemical weapons like your NeoCon retard heroes did, so you cleary love dictators more.

            The thick lump of shit that passes for a brain in your head clearly needs reprogramming by your NeoCon masters if you think you no-one remembers your fuckwitted heroes Bush and Blair lying though their teeth to the world about the Iraq clusterfuck.

          • AC1 loves warcriminals says:

        • 297
          Cynical Old Man says:

          Am I missing something here? Left wing types keep telling us that the Yanks sold weapons to Saddam Hussein and the belligerent factions killing each other around the world’s warzones and troublespots. Yet the only weapons I ever see being used by the Taliban, Iraqui insurgents and other Muzzie murderers to kill innocents are Russian or Chinese made. Look at the weapons used in Africa (Zimbabwe, Somalia), They have the same origin.

          Can some kind leftie out there tell me which American arms company manufactures Kalashnikovs and R.P.G.s?

          • Cheese Lover says:

            Well said COM.

          • Senile Old Mong says:

            Nobody is saying small arms aren’t sold all over the world to terrorists and insurgents by arms dealers. That’s Straw man bullshit you old twat. But it’s a fact that the Chemical Weapons Saddam used was sold to him by the neocons.

            Now go and suck your hero the warcriminal Blair’s cock you witless neocon poodle.

          • Anonymous says:

            Is the war monger in chief trying to hide behind his ‘these might make me look intelligent’ glasses?

          • Cynical Old Man says:

            Senile Old Mong, once again you make the wrong assertion. I HATE Blair and everything he stands for.

            As for the sale of chemical weapons, can you tell me the casualty figures for they are responsible for? How many innocents have been killed by Kalashnikovs and RPGs? Doesn’t matter what weapons you use, people still end up dead – or do you think it’s worse having your family slaughtered by a Yank weapon as opposed to Russian or Chinese armaments?

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        Lord Carrington's Binoculars says:

        Still Fawkes, amusing isn’t it. Miriam has Nick’s Cojones in her expensive handbag.

        When I got wed in the CoE church, I took the precaution (perhaps the only legally Catholic precaution…) of getting epispocal dipensation, so the Catholic Church would recognise my marriage if I wanted to have a kid and sent it to a RC school.

        As it was, I married one of the damaged toffs who in previous times would have been sent to live quietly with her dog in Granny’s cottage….bit I digress.

        You might also remember a similar kick-off between Jeremy Corbin and his Hispanic Missus in 1999….

        “Earlier this month, Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn and his wife, Claudia Bracchitta, were forced to reveal that, despite a disagreement over their eldest son’s schooling which contributed to their marriage breakdown, they still lived under the same roof for the sake of their children.”

        The disagreement was that Miss B wanted to send her son to a private school.

        Modern Hispanic birds are real ball-breakers – a reaction to the ways their mothers were treated. Cleggy knows all about it.

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          Dolores Concepion de Asturias y Ballsbrechas says:

          Caramba, gringos!

          Vamenos muchachas!

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          Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

          I never understand why people kowtow to their partner’s religion. I dumped a serious girlfriend who just turned out to be too Catholic i.e. insisting I attend church services and wanting children to go to Catholic schools. I decided I couldn’t live with myself in that scenario so in the long term things would not work.

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      Cheese Lover says:

      Good grief…

      Something I agree on with LondonMuslim…

      * faints *

    • 59

      Nothing’s too good for the Workers.

      So, naturally, the Workers will have nothing.

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      Mr I Groan (Being Of Sound Mind) says:

      Young Nick Cleggover is just doing what all Parents want – the best eduction they can get. After all, there. Atheists are just like the rest of us Earthlings – Hedge Your Bets as there just might be a ‘Geezer’ some whwere listening to all our prideful boasting, bullsh*te and general all round toss-pottery!!!

      • 109
        Anonymous says:

        Would the old man be pleased that you were just hedging your bets I wonder? An insurance policy as opposed to the full blown adoration hmmmmm? There could be a clause which would inalidate such a policy?

      • 188

        This is just a version of the Diane Abbott argument that she should be exempt from the rules she imposes on everyone else. He shouldn’t be getting aplace at the Oratory while somebody else needs it more; perhaps a Catholic child from outside the catchment who doesn’t have the benefit of a daddy who is deputy PM. Let Clegg’s offspring go to another less-favoured Catholic school.

        The hypocrisy he should be called out on is his spouting about social mobility while quickly grabbing the goodies for his own children and excluding the children of some other, poorer, Catholic.

        • 202
          Hairy lipped Ruane says:

          ….and Catriona Ruane, Sinn Fein’s Education Minister in Northern Ireland.
          Grammar schools are not acceptable, well, except for the one her daughter goes to.

          • Fergal Sharkey's dad says:

            She’s not a hypocrite because she’s not bright enough to be self-aware though. She literally doesn’t know she exists.

    • 96
      Crikey says:

      The hypocrisy I worry about is when he makes “democracy” his main selling point but opposes a referendum on the eu constitution.

    • 136
      this applies to all those who agreed with the sentiment as well says:

      London Muslim said “all faith schools should be abolished” and thus the totalitarian state has spoken.

      • 187
        Down with Brown! says:

        Good that Nick Clegg has seen the light. There s more joy in heaven over the one lost sheep that returns that the 99 that were never lost.

      • 228
        Must get a pseudonym one day says:

        Our own secretly-totalitarian state is much smarter than that.

        It recognises that anyone who has undergone the early-days brainwashing at a faith school will be self-identified as susceptible to whatever future brainwashing the state wants to impart, hence all our potential governing parties support faith schools.

        If schools were entirely secular, all pupils would be free to form their own opinions of faiths – and because it’s all fairy-tale bollocks, the smart kids would spot it and be immune from any future ‘messages’ from Big Brother State, and that’s not a good idea if you’re the one in charge.

        But it may be only a short time before the new standard ‘Euro-faith’ religion is imposed throughout the EU, sweeping away all those old myths of Christianity, Islam, Judaism etc, replacing them with a single mandatory and mindless belief in all things Brussels, paying homage to God Von Rumpoy and his prodigal son, Mandelson…….. Don’t laugh, they’re probably planning it as we blog…..

    • 491
      The Watcher says:

      All atheists are fools and surely WILL be abolished.

  2. 2
    Alek Boyd says:

    Why? Simple, Mrs. Clegg, who is from Spain let’s not forget, decided so. End of the story.

    A hypocrite? As much as any other married man who trusts his wife’s choices when it comes to schooling their children.

    • 35
      Elsworth Toohey says:

      If the original post is pointless, this one is doubly so. Is this supposed to some great insight or revelation?

      Here’s a handy tip: ignore things that don’t interest you.

    • 173
      Anonymous says:

      He should do what anyone who went to a proper school would do, and send him to his own ie Westminster.
      They will respect his Catholicism and he can go to church with his mother on Sundays.

  3. 3
    Chris says:

    What a tit guido, the whole country knows the daily mail is joke (unless you’re a racist aged over 70)

    The articles on here become more laughable with each passing day. His wife is a strong believer why wouldn’t he trust his wife’s judgement.

    Starting to wonder if some union funding hasn’t made its way into funding this ‘blog’

    • 30
      full refund says:

      Hey Chris, point us all in the direction of your successful blog, would you?

      The Mail outsells the lefty rags several times over, is not written by a clique of oxbridge student union civilisational traitors and lickspittles, and prints material not sanctioned by the Frankfurt School of Brainwashing and Cultural Suicide. Shame, eh?

      • 40
        care in the community says:

        Ah shit, have you been let out again?

      • 47
        Cheese Lover says:

        What’s the free “carry on” film with the mail today?

        • 52
          The Court of Public Opinion says:

          Its Carry on Troughing, a hilarious jape based around the comedy antics of a few hundred inept buffons exposed as being corrupt last summer in their London fun palace. Laugh out loud as they continue to fleece the helpless mugs who think they have the tiniest scrap of control over them. Warning – contains massive whoppers unsuitable for those with an IQ over 18.

          • geeza job says:

            Is that the one where ‘Babs’ Cooper gets her tiny jugs out for the lads whilst flipping her house, with Ed ‘Downfall’ Balls delivers a monologue on ‘fairness’? Great stuff.

          • BBFC says:

            Yes, it is.

        • 169
          Rt Hon Sid James MP says:

          I’ve had my eye on your seat for quite a while. Phwooorrh.

      • 116
        Anonymous says:

        Perhaps he is a BBC employee who is just fulfilling his contractual obligation to sneer at the “Daily Wail” at every opportunity?

        • 254
          geeza job says:

          The vitriol of the guardian/bbc soshalists towards the mail is laughable — they sure would like to ‘do something about’ those mail readers. There is a c’unt commenting on that conman Hutton’s piece today advocating that anyone with more the 10m be ‘executed’. T*talitarian scumbags the lot of them.

    • 66
      Anonymous says:

      This wasn’t the Daily Mail.

    • 165
      Left wing news don't sell FACT says:

      And the sales figures of the Guardian suggests it is well read does it LMFAO!!!!!

  4. 4
    Jimmy says:

    He spends his days doing things he always said he didn’t believe in, why should this be any different?

  5. 6
    13eastie says:

    FFS, Guido (if it really is Guido).

    Let’s give the Daily Mail the heave-ho.

    The real hypocrisy is cynically to send your own flesh and blood to a shit school out of political dogma.

    (Unless your name is Dianne Abbott).

    • 210
      bandersnatch says:

      “The real hypocrisy is cynically to send your own flesh and blood to a shit school out of political dogma.” True 13eastie. I thought less of Shirley Williams years ago because I believe she hauled her daughter out of St Paul’s school (independent) where she was happily settled, and agreed to take up the state education brief.

      This is a non-story. Everyone knows Mrs Clegg is Catholic and the children are being brought up as Catholics. If it therefore has to be a Catholic school for the Clegg kids, Calamity Clegg has every right to look at what is generally considered to be one of the best of them in London.

      I speak as an atheist my self, but there is no accounting for exotic religious taste, is there…

  6. 7
    And? says:

    And this is a story how? It was already common knowledge that Clegg had agreed to his wife raising their sons catholic. This is hardly a shocker. Let’s stick to pursuing c u n t s like Sadiq Khan. That’s where the real stories lie.

    • 18
      Anonymous says:

      You seem to be hankering for the bygone age of democracy And?.Hate to shatter your rosy idealism but Britain,courtesy of Labour, has fuckwitted idealogues and liberal fascists stuffed every where.Although I hear Eric Pickles is having a field day hunting them down and sacking them with the greatest of pleasure :-)

      • 33
        Gordmong the Ruiner says:

        He reminds me of the Bishop of Bath and Wells in Blackadder.

        • 239
          10:10 No Pressure - No Shit! says:

          Didn’t the warmist idiot Richard Curtis have something to do with that?

          It’s 10:10 today, no pressure Richard! Press your fucking red button and blow yourself up eh?

          • geeza job says:

            Yes, he’s a luvvy twat with a typical guilt complex about having made some dosh. Pity, Blackadder was good stuff.

      • 150
        Anonymous says:

        I wish Pickles would not get distracted and stick to his real job. He took his eye off the ball and is now not welcome back in the Bradford area. Do not expect to get that seat again, ever.

        Google: Ilkley Pickles superstore

      • 154
        Battie Hatty Hamanescu says:

        Yes, New Labour has ruined Britain, but let’s not forget they had help, aided and abetted by thirteen years of completley useless opposition.

        However good the coalition, and it’s not that good, Britain is now too far gone to save.

        • 163
          13eastie says:

          “Britain”, for want of a better word, has ruined itself.

          - pensions destroyed
          - the economy wrecked
          - a crippling debt millstone
          - hard-won freedoms tossed aside
          - democracy subverted
          - aspiration undermined
          - sovereignty given away
          - society dismantled and the nuclear family targeted, mocked and penalised
          - culture and tradition scorned and trampled over

          “British” voters let all of this happen.

          And afterwards, 29% voted for more of the same.

          • AC1 says:

            Because of lot of the above made their house less affordable, and this is “good”. It also made any house they move to less affordable, but they’re not very clever…

  7. 8
    M'lud says:

    You seem to have answered your own (or The Mail’s) question. Why? Because his wife is Catholic and the children are being brought up as Catholics. As you say yourself, perfectly normal.

    No story here.

    • 183
      Tony E says:

      No, just the wrong story.

      Clegg opposes SELECTION in schools, a system which the Oratory operates. The hypocracy is that he wants the selection that I would like for my kids but am denied by the ‘class of 68′ idiots like him!

  8. 9
    Di Ann Fat Butt says:

    Afro Caribbean mums will go to the wall for their kids.

    • 14
      Trevor Phillips says:

      La la la la la la, la la la la la, la la la la la, I can’t hear you!
      la la la la la, la la la la la, la la la la la, la la la la la, la la la la la, la la la la la….

    • 139
      Diane 'Eadbutt says:

      Thought we normally did – that’s why there are no Fathers in residence, eva.

  9. 10
    Rob's uncle says:

    Poor old Guido – is this the best you can do?

  10. 13
    Let's have some red meat says:

    Surely someone out there must know something really juicy and shocking about the Labour c-untbags that they can blow the whistle on. How about something that proves the marriage of McDoom and Magda is a sham?

    • 295
      Troll Fol De Rol says:

      For proof to be provided, it would have to exist. And it doesn’t, except in your fevered fantasies where the former PM is driving his huge hairy Scottish cock into your horrible bottom, while you suckle on William Hague’s belly sausage.

  11. 15
    Miriam Clegg says:

    I agree with Nick.

    • 248
      Gordon Brown says:

      i agree with Nick…

      …what do you mean “the election’s over and i lost…?”

  12. 16
    albacore says:

    Hardly matters which school Clegg’s brood attends.
    They may sip communion wine but they’ll be fed halal meat.

  13. 17
    Susie says:

    Alan Johnson.

    Fucking Alan Johnson did a backdoor amnesty deal of over 250,000 asylum seekers to clear a backlog of 450,000. As a precedent has been set they are being granted permanent residency at a rate of 3,000 per week… and there is nothing Theresa May can do.

    “May is powerless to stop the programme as lawyers say it has created a precedent that could be used to launch a wave of legal actions from any asylum seekers who are now refused residency.

    Granting permanent residence is a precursor to full citizenship and entitles immigrants to full benefits. The decision is racking up massive future liabilities for taxpayers as each new permanent resident and their family can pick up between £500,000 and £1m in lifetime benefits.”

    It’s all in the Sunday Times. Our country is over. RIP Great Britain.

    • 23
      Guardian reader says:

      You need to modernize and detoxify. England is racist anyway. These people do excellent work as nannies. And why not just follow our example and buy a country retreat many miles, sorry kilometres, from the multicultural Utopias? Let the working class suffer.

      • 86
        Former resident of North Somalia ( Woolwich, London ) says:

        The working class got the message years ago and left most inner city shitholes to the incoming tidal wave. Those left behind are either the old, or benefit claiming class.

        • 290
          Ted Bundy says:

          Well Woolwich is a perfect example of a former white working class area that has over the last 20 years been completely colonised. Powis Street is now like Mogadishu central, the wonderful fruits of multi cultralism. Even the Woolwich building society (as it was) up shop and scarpered.

    • 26
      Cameron's Turkish Delight says:

      Just wait till I open the floodgate for Turkey oiks!

      • 104
        Unsworth says:

        In time for Christmas?

      • 114
        Tell it like it really is says:

        In 2004 T ur key introduced mandatory life sentences for so called honour killings…..despite this four out of ten women there are beaten by their husbands……”honour suicides” have mushroomed. Women are told to kill themselves usually by being given a noose, gun or rat poison and then locked in a room. In 2009 16 y old Medine Memi – her name means civilisation – was discovered tied to a chair in the garden on her home in s e t u rk ey. She had been buried alive for talking to boys on the telephone.

        Haven’t we got a surfeit of these abominable beings here already. ENOUGH!

        • 125
          Right on. says:

          You are probably a mail reader, you see burying girls alive and a bit of stoning are just cultural things.

          • Tell it like it really is says:

            I tell it as it is – not something most of our “representatives” or the biased broadcasting corp have any truck with.

        • 223
          watch the latest blockbuster: return to the 7th century says:

          Sssshhh.. you are not suppose to notice this: after all, All Cultures are Equal, aren’t they?

    • 37
      AC1 says:

      MPs make or change the law.

      They should do their jobs.

      • 42
        ffs says:

        If they are unwilling I suggest they are removed by any means possible.

        • 232
          AC1 says:


          Democracy is merely changing leaders without killing them. If leaders decide they don’t like democracy then the alternative is obvious.

    • 46
      Anonymous says:

      Try cutting benefits to the bone, it might solve the problem.

      • 89
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        Do not pay anything at all, give them food and basic accomodation. If they want more, then they have to earn it.

        • 460
          fuck the government says:

          If they can’t earn it then deport the fuckers.

          It would free up council homes for the people who, at a pinch but they need to ‘wise up’!, I want my taxes to go to.


          Is that too much to say in this 21st century “everyone has rights” country?

          I’ve got rights too!

    • 49
      Anonymous says:

      The teen singer begged show judges Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole to stop her family being returned to Robert Mugabe’s regime in a visa row.

      And she told last night how X Factor has wrecked her life, weeping: “If I hadn’t been on the show everything would be fine.”

      Talking exclusively to the News of the World in the first interview since her shock exit, Gamu explained why she is convinced tyrant Robert Mugabe’s henchmen will kill her family if they are forced to return to their native Zimbabwe.

    • 50
      Anonymous says:

      Still its fine for Hague to claim £500 a week for his third house and give jobs to special friends at tax payers expense.

      Are you also know as “Christopher Myers” or “Special Adviser”?

    • 55
      Postman Pat, The Acceptable Face of Socialism says:

      I’m not losing any sleep over this.

    • 120
      Anonymous says:

      Another labour achievment/scorched earth policy. Never seen such a trecherous government before.

    • 147
      Backwoodsman says:

      But the good old unbiased bbc is busy highlighting his comments that ” the coalition cuts are worse than Thatcher.” Nothing like a bit of selective reporting by labour radio , is there ?

      • 167
        Left wing news don't sell FACT says:

        Yet if it was Labour making the cuts they would be saying they where the best cuts ever, the people starving on the streets where just right wing attention seekers etc. etc.

  14. 19
    Atlas shrugged says:

    Why do you trust Nick Clegg when he claims to be an atheist?

    I don’t.

    True atheism is for the profane. There is not, and never has been a politician even slightly running any part of this entire planet who is a true atheist. ALL roads, especially ones lined with despotic power and avarice, lead to ROME. Tony Blair knew this, which is a large part of the reason why he is where he is, and you are where you are. Although I am not sure I would like to go where TB could very well be going. Which could be back here for yet another go at becoming a fully conscious Human Being.

    We all have a spiritual SELF, what is more we all know that we do to a greater or lesser extent. God is very likely not a grey haired old man distributing thunderbolts while sitting on fluffy white clouds. Human beings are the Temple of universal spiritual consciousness. We are potential perfection, deliberately and long since historically mislead by organized religion, and the dark forces that have always controlled it, as far away from out true SELF, as they can possibly take us.

    Is there anyone out there that honestly believes we are all simply and wholly a highly evolved piece of green slime with no connection with, or modification from ANY extra terrestrial sources whatsoever?

    Look out of the window, and then in the mirror. Do you really believe everything you see is the product of some kind of elaborate accident. Surely not, however much your lazy thinking may sometimes make you wish you were.

    If so, then may I suggest you borrow as much cash as possible, and then buy as many lottery tickets as you can. For with luck like yours, every one of them will undoubtedly turn out to be a jackpot winner.

    • 127
      Narcissus. says:

      When I look in the mirror I can see clearly that I was made in the image of god. The idea that I had non human ancestors is just too silly for words. Look how wonderful I am!!

      • 212
        bandersnatch says:

        Hoorah for a post more worthwhile than no 19 above it… Godbotherers how tedious and amazingly gullible they are… I do nat b’lieve they do nat b’lieve!
        However, if they say so … I guess I should listen to them … and marvel…

    • 138
      Is there a gap in the market for Idolatory says:

      Even accepting that there may be God it does not automatically follow that Papist Tyranny is the way to Go. in fact , PapisIm is anti God as it replaces God with Man.

    • 144
      An atheist speaks says:

      Weird post indeed. Yep there are plenty of us who believe we are here without any intervention from any shape of sky-pixie. That’s what makes us atheists. And your last sentence is just plain daft. Evolution has had to kiss a lot of frogs along the way…

      • 166
        Where does it mention God Lives in the Sky never mind the pixie bit ? says:

        Ah someone from the “lets pretend Christians believe in Sky pixies cause I read that phrase in a book somewhere” Cult.
        Keep saying it and you will end up believing it.
        Boring state worshiping drone that you are.

        • 186
          Anonymous says:

          I’ve seen them. They’re on satellite tv after the Dirty Diggers soap opera.

          • Anonymous says:

            a = b ≠ fact

            JC is an idiot makes much more sense.

          • Left Footer says:

            I don’t think I’ve seen any serious atheists calling Jesus Christ an idiot. When it come to his teachings on how you relate to your fellow man it ties in with much of the Humanist teachings/beliefs. Hardly idiotic.

        • 256
          At least the atheist can spell says:

          Nice try, fuckwit, but wrong. Firstly, I don’t worship the state, and secondly I can spell. But that may be because my parents decided, a bit like Clegg, that a good education for their children was a worthwhile investment.

          Verbs ending in ‘p’
          Most verbs ending in ‘p’, after an unstressed vowel, have no doubling of that final consonant in standard received British English or American English.

          Here are some which follow the ‘most verbs’ rule: ‘develop’, ‘gossip’, ‘gallop’ – these become just ‘developing/developed’, ‘gossiping/gossiped’, ‘galloping/galloped’.

          Even here, there are pesky exceptions: ‘worship’, ‘handicap’ and ‘kidnap’ become ‘worshipping/worshipped’, ‘handicapping/handicapped’ and ‘kidnapping/kidnapped’ in standard received British English.

    • 149
      Completely Shedded but still cogent says:

      yesterday the establishment…today the inner self…you write as if you are some sort of later day sage…full of broad brush statements attributing traits to others….its dark forces running religion now…phew take a rest or up the dose

  15. 20
    The Light says:

    Clegg’s beautiful wife has chosen wisely.

  16. 21
    humanist says:

    So the Deputy Prime Minister hands his children over to people who believe in Sky fairies ? Nice.

    • 22
      Someone says:

      None of your business what he does.

    • 32
      Gordmong the Ruiner says:

      You are just a bigoted woman.

    • 141
      The smug self righteousness of atheists says:

      So the deputy Prime minister doesn’t hand his children over to people who believe that the entire universe came out of the big bang which came out of nothing and who history has showed embark on more devastating wars in the name of humanistic “causes” than all the religions combined ????

      • 145
        An atheist says:

        Oh dear, I thought we went through all of this before in G’s post on the Pope’s visit. Humanist wars vs. religious wars: you weren’t able to substantiate your assertion then, and you won’t be able to again today.

        What is it? “God is good. Everyone who believes in God must be good. Therefore there can be no wars deriving from religious beliefs?” Get a history primer and start reading, fuckwit.

        • 170
          the smug self righteousness of atheists says:

          what do you mean I wasnt able to substatiate the assertion about wars ? Well how about almost all the genocides in the last century, Hitler, Stalin. Mao, Pol pot .

          And your false assertion that I claim no wars are caused by religion is just nonsense. religion has clearly been used as an excuse for war I never disputed that. its just that man is capable of going to war with or without religion as all the above shows.

          You build straw men in your argument. Did you go to the same debating class as Yvette Cooper Balls ???

          • An atheist says:

            You must dream about going to any debating class, let alone Yvette Cooper Balls’s class. Your argument runs along these lines:

            30% (for argument’s sake) of road accidents are caused by drunk drivers. 70% of accidents, therefore, are not. It stands to reason that everyone should get pissed before they drive.

            Come on, Mr Smug, the wars you mention are not directly caused by the fact that those responsible are not men of faith. It is not a case of “Hmm, I don’t believe in God, so I think I’ll start a war.”, is it. But with your lot it’s “Ooh, you don’t believe in God, or the same God as me, so I think I’d better give you a good smiting.”

          • An atheist says:

            Oh, I get it. It’s not the content of the response, it’s just the fact that you are not prepared to have anyone refute your comments, GF.

            OK, your site, you censor it as you see fit. A bit wet, though.

  17. 29
    caesars wife says:

    I dont know if Nick the VIII works .

    I dont why Peter Mandelson has choosen this moment for a confessional , I mean hes almost repented and said the Libertarians are right , could perhaps be trying to clean up his image as the third man in Imelda era , or deflate nations anger at what labour have done . Again as with new genration /old generation shadow cabinet where were all these outspoken antagonists of national socialism ?? who couldnt bare to see excellent and blessed UK go to the wall ??
    This week show may need new sofa pal , Dianes got a cabinet job , I kid you not

  18. 31
    Anonymous says:

    They won’t be Cha Cha In for much longer I expect when the benefit reforms kick in they’ll all be packed off to something akin to Jobclub or actually made to work.Less time to kickoff innit.Simple really.

  19. 44
    Anonymous says:

    Dave’s “Big Society” / “Country Needs You”

    Former Guantanamo Bay detainee Binyam Mohamed last night lost a legal bid to prevent The Mail on Sunday from revealing that he has been granted permanent residency in Britain.

    The controversial move by the former UK asylum seeker came despite his continued involvement in a series of high-profile legal battles with the Government, claiming that Labour Ministers, MI5 and MI6 were complicit in his illegal detention and alleged torture.

    Last night lawyers acting for Ethiopian-born Mr Mohamed,
    32, failed to win a High Court injunction preventing the public from knowing that he had been granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK.
    The extraordinary case was brought under Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which covers torture.
    Mr Mohamed’s lawyers claimed that publicising his right to remain in Britain would amount to inhumane and degrading treatment.

    The case comes amid increasing disquiet about the growing practice of allowing asylum seekers to remain anonymous when they argue that they should be allowed to make the UK their permanent home.

    Earlier this year the Supreme Court warned against the now ‘widespread phenomenon’ that had allowed many foreign applicants anonymity in immigration cases, including those involving alleged terrorist activities.

    • 92
      Anonymous says:

      Let’s see if this one goes quiet now that he has got what he wants.

      • 95
        Anonymous says:

        What I am worried is, whether he goes off with a bang.

        • 235
          fuck them all says:

          I’m not worried in the least if all they do is blow up each other. I will happily purchase a field and the explosives if required.

    • 122
      Tell it like it really is says:

      WTF he’s arrested using a false passport to go and fight the fight and now we’re saddled with him. Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad. The chickens are coming back to the coop in flocks now.

    • 155
      M'lud says:

      You’ve got to laugh…

      “Mr Mohamed’s lawyers claimed that publicising his right to remain in Britain would amount to inhumane and degrading treatment.”

      I know this country is going to the dogs, but this is taking it a little far, isn’t it?

      “Hey, did you hear that old Mohamed got the right to live in the UK?”

      “WHAT? You must be joking! What a fucking loser!”

  20. 45
    The Mail prints bollocks(again) says:

    Non-news and so is the Mail on Sunday’s Front Page “Scoop”.

    Fact: If you(often the man) marry into the Catholic faith and don’t convert yourself you agree that any children of the union are raised as catholics .No story here

    • 64
      Cynic says:


      • 213
        bandersnatch says:

        Because the Catholics won’t let the Catholic person marry an unbeliever otherwise… Dictatorial bastards the catholic heirarchy…

        • 226
          watch the latest blockbuster: return to the 7th century says:

          That’s right, the penalty for apostasy in catholicism is…

        • 486
          Left Footer says:

          Not strictly true. The Catholic Church cannot stop a Catholic marrying anyone they like. The Church might refuse them a wedding in a church and/or various sacraments.

          I was CofEr who married a Catholic in a Catholic Church. No hard sell from the Priest who was particularly laid back about the whole process. He also baptised my daughter and was unfazed by the fact one of the godparents was Jewish.

  21. 48
    Anonymous says:

    Could it be because the state school system is so awful? Look at Katharine Birbalsingh’s speech at the Tory conference and the response of her school – she was sent home, may be facing disciplinary action (it’s not clear what for given she had permission to attend and to use the photos of the kids) and one of the school governor’s has suggested that she has a “hidden agenda” without explaining what that might be.

    • 118
      Unsworth says:

      Take a look at Cranmer’s blog: http://archbishop-cranmer.blogspot.com/

      It’s got an interesting amount of detail about this ‘faith school’.

      Having attended a ‘faith school’ many decades ago I can commend their academic skills – but nothing else whatsoever.

      • 176
        Anonymous says:

        Having attended a FaIth hospital i can commend their treatment of the sick but nothing more

    • 120
      Ratsniffer says:

      She says she did get permission from parents to use the kids pics. She also got permission from the school to attend and make a speech. But she has done the unthinkable: she has revealed that the leftie educational orthodoxy is failing children badly. One thing lefties hate is having their chaos and incompetence outed: she will now be subjected to the usual smear tactics.

  22. 51
    Alex says:

    Who gives a shit – yawn!

    • 123
      Tell it like it really is says:

      Everyone should thicko.

      • 199
        fuck them all says:

        It doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference whether one gives a shit or not.

        The ċunts in charge are only afraid of one thing. Their lives.

  23. 53
    Down with Brown! says:

    More evidence that the BBC and the Labour party are in love with each other BBC economics correspondent is an old flame of both Ed Milliband and Ed Balls:


    • 58

      Wow what a pair of HUNKS !
      A bull frog and a gremlin !

      • 112
        Anonymous says:

        What are the 30 women Nick slept with doing nowadays? Are any of them fellow minister’s wife?

    • 60
      Albi Here says:

      So What,they are all part of the same crowd,same schools,same universities,so it doesn’t mean a thing,apart from proving sh*t does float to the surface especially amongst the so called political sh*tirati.

      • 63
        Cynic says:

        This must raise doubts about her taste never mind anything else

        • 71
          Eddie says:

          BBC are required to be a public service broadcaster. Flanders blatant bias on Newsnight means she should be sacked.

          • Down with Brown! says:

            And remember Robert Peston is the BBC business correspondent, a journalist with very close links indeed to Gordon Brown

          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            Peston is also a Common Purpose drone, compromised in about every way possible.

    • 440
      It doesn't add up... says:

      Ma’s out, Pa’s out:
      Let’s talk rude.
      PPE belly bum drawers…

  24. 57
    COPY CAT CLEGG says:

    I’m just a total nobody !
    Aspiring to be somebody !

  25. 61
    Cynic says:

    You don’t understand the sacrifice this represents for the Cleggs – not sending the children to Eton may blight their futures …and all for Daddy’s career

    • 79
      Albi Here says:

      Daddy Clegg is doing what all daddies want for their kiddiewinks,the best,don’t see a problem with that,but if your in the political trade spouting drivel against the best then you can’t complain if other people think your a lieing two faced creep who has no prinicples,but if mummy Clegg thinks her kiddiewinks should have the best the taxpayers money can provide who am I to argue,sadly her husband was elected.

    • 97
      I Remember You Hoo says:

      Who, in their right mind, would willingly send their children to most state schools / propaganda / brainwashing facilities? Who produce students that can recite politically correct mantra off by heart, yet not able to read, write or count unaided.

  26. 65
    another Labour shill at the BBC says:

    This story, also in The Mail on Sunday today, probablyexplains why the BBC’s Stephanie Flanders launches ferocious-bitch-attacks on Cameron every chance she gets:

    “How BBC’s credit crunch ice queen Stephanie Flanders fell Ed over heels…with Balls AND Miliband


  27. 67
    Moley says:

    Did electoral fraud affect the Election result?

    Will Clegg sort out postal vote fraud?


    Does multiculturalism inevitably mean that we have to accept rigged elections?

    • 76
      Mog says:

      A mosque on every street corner and a Labour/muslim councillor in every seat in Birmingham, Bradford, Oldham, Keighley etc etc

    • 83
      Albi Here says:


    • 181
      Moley says:

      Tacit acceptance of systematic electoral fraud constitutes acquiescence in eventual dictatorship.

      That is why we have to be so careful of the Balls and Whelans of this world.

      They give the impression that they regard books on the Third Reich as instruction manuals, not terrible warnings.

    • 406
      Anonymous says:

      Why not? It works for every other festering shit hole populated and governed by weird fuckers.

  28. 70
  29. 75
    SWMBO says:

    Guido this is not Hypocrisy. Nick is only doing what every man has to do and that is doing what his wife says.

  30. 80
    GCD says:

    Is it still called Leicester? I thought it was Mumbai these days?

    • 99
      Daniel Lambert says:

      Don’t stereotype. In the 1970′s Leicester had a large influx of Asians kicked out of Uganda by Idi Amin……these people were not from the sub-continent or poorly educated but the entrepreneurs;shopkeepers and well-educated professional class who ran that country.They were hardworking and get ahead and totally re-vitalised a dying city to make it become the vibrant, comparatively affluent multi-cultural place it is to-day AND what’s more Leicester avoided the problems of integration,apart from a very few incidents in the 1980′s,that other parts of the UK did such as Bradford. Indeed the Asian Community has produced Councillors and several Lord Mayors over the years and have re-generated areas of the city that would have been slums if left to the indigenous population or council like other parts of the Midlands

      • 113
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        Big fan of fairy tales I see Daniel. The problem with them, is reality. Keep your eyes shut very, very tightly and you can imagine just about anything.

        • 157
          Backwoodsman says:

          Is that the same Leceister that a friends’ elderly parents, who have lived there all their lives, are afraid to go into the city centre of ?

          • Tiptoe through the bluebells of swithland woods says:

            what was the second richest town in europe in the 60s now very like a third world colour chart…town a complete dump despite enormous redevelopment in recent years…stark contrast to the county which is still one of the best shires.

          • Fuck up any more rescue attempts Gaygue? or are you busy with a Spad hanging out of your arse? says:

          • annnnonyperson says:

            In which the above poster starts to rant and dribble at the mere mention that someone might be gay.

            God. I bet that gives you a boner, doesn’t it? Is your cock knocking on the door of your closet?

            You really are a pathetic little loser, aren’t you?

          • Foxes says:

            Most of Leicester is a third-world Asian slum from which most whites have been ethnically cleansed.

          • Daniel Lambert says:

            That’s a totally different argument.My elderly parents wouldn’t want o go anywhere at night in Leicester City Centre either but that applies to most city/town centres at night anywhere in the country due mainly to the culture of binge drinking that’s grown up in the Uk over the past 20 odd years but it’s not the asian community that are the offenders I think you’ll find.

            Equally I live in a Market Town in Leicestershire which during the day is extremely pleasant and a magnet for tourists but after 9pm or on Friday/Saturday nights you wouldn’t want to go there mainly due to the number of bars etc in the town. But that doesn’t negate my original point about the influx of Asians into the City during the 1970′s and generally that section of the community is more law-abinding than the “white indigenous yobbish element”

          • Cheese Lover says:

            Sorry, but you, “Daniel Lambert” are a fucking liar.

            Spot the buzz words:

            Binge Drinking=White=BAD.
            Multi Cultural=Black faces=Good.
            Re-Vitalised=Labour Politician stood in front of a new, ethnicity staffed hospital.
            Integration=Black faces, smiling, as white people smile with them=FAKE
            Asian Community=Slumdog

            I was born and raised in Oldham, I know what Asian Communities are like, now, take your multi cultural flag of fun, and go and waive it elsewhere, because, you know something, on this forum, and many others like it, peoples eyes are open.

          • Anonymous says:

            ‘Daniel’ is typical of the twats who persist in talking bollocks even though the vast majority know he is talking bollocks. Leicester is a shithole, as are places like London and Birmingham, and all for the same obvious reason. Good of him to leave a name though, be useful when we have regime change.

          • Quorn says:

            Daniel…you need to get in your lada and drive around leicester one evening and take a look at who is out in the town…you are living in a dream world.

      • 130
        GoBalls ( close relative of EdBalls ) says:

        “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

        • 172
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          Ergo, the great AGW fraud and all that goes with it. The Nazis were the blueprint for the modern “post democratic” age, we are slipping silently into.

      • 135
        My Other Cars Not A Prius Either says:

        What came since the 1970s ,how many,and leicester is still an absolute shitehole,ethnic lord mayor my arse

        • 156
          annnnonyperson says:

          My mother went to a Catholic school. She wasn’t Catholic, nor were some of her friends.

          They didn’t participate in the services.

          Why was she sent there? Best school in the area.

      • 168
        Cockney Christian says:

        what aload of bollocks

      • 178
        Jon says:

        “Daniel Lambert”, Are you Indian or just one of their paid arse-lickers?

        Perhaps you’re the Right Honourable Keith Vaz MP in disguise?

      • 222
        sociologybot says:

        You say ‘Don’t stereotype’ and then produce a string of stereotypes about Ugandan ‘asians’. Btw, ‘vibrant’=red flag, ‘multicultural’=red flag.You think B’ham & Leicester are in a good state now? And you missed out the key word here: i slam. Here’s another one: ‘Balkans’.

      • 249
        Twat says:

        Errr yeah so in other words came in and took over and deprived the people who live there.

      • 296
        Stan says:

        But its now a third world shithole that strongly resembles a failed state. The Peoples Republic of Yemen meets Mogadishu. The only thing thats missing is the background sound of automatic gunfire.

      • 317

        Quite: culture not colour.

      • 322

        My response to 100 has appeared as 309.

        • 323

          FFS Guido, now what?

        • 464
          just askin' like says:

          just askin’ likë says:
          Your commënt is awaiting modëration.
          Octobër 11, 2010 at 12:36 am


          Tuscan Tony says:
          Octobër 10, 2010 at 7:38 pm

          My rësponsë to 100 has appëarëd as 309.

          Arën’t you thë lucky onë. On a morë prësciënt point howëvër, who givës a shit about you?

    • 158
      Quorn says:

      county still beautiful but very very different to the town which is a shithole

    • 225
      QWERTY says:

      MECCA actually.

  31. 84
    Martin Day says:

    Dear Guido Fawkes,

    We are pleased to inform you of the result of the just concluded draws
    held by Google© United Kingdom. Your E-mail was attached to G-Code No:
    GAP/275-XX-9384-10/UK (Batch No:1313BAN). No Tickets were sold but all
    E-mail addresses were assigned to different G-Code Numbers for
    representation and privacy. You have therefore been approved to claim a
    total sum of £1,000,000.00 GBP {One Million Great Britain Pounds
    Sterling}. To begin the Claim processing, verification and clearance of
    your prize you are to contact your payment officer with the details below:

    1. Full Names: 2. Residential Address: 3. Telephone/Mobile/Fax Number: 4.
    Sex: 5. Age: 6. Nationality: 7. Next Of Kin

    Claims/verification officer: Mr. David Cameron.

  32. 90
    yalleriron says:

    Quite apart from any religious matters (and Guido is correct in his statement as to how things are managed in mixed Catholic/other religion marriages), it is probably more worrying that Clegg is a monster of hypocrisy and deceit in every other aspect of his life that is open to public view.

    That is why this Cameronian quasi-Tory has buggered up the LibDems for all eternity.

  33. 94
    geekparent says:

    No one is interested. Once again, stick to politics.

  34. 98
    HYPOCROSY 'R' US says:

    We the parliamentarians love to steal your hard earned tax money !
    Theres fucking loads of it just sitting there waiting for us to come up with another expense claim to get our hands on a bit more than the next man !
    But if we catch you trying to withhold a bit of your hard earned tax money
    we will fine you, take your house, take your business, take everything you own and then throw you in prison
    where as we can just say it was an oversight, i did nothing wrong ,i’ll give it back because you caught me,and i’m still an honourable gentleman fit to serve as your mp

    So fuck you lot what do you peasents know anyway ?

  35. 106
    Greg Beales says:

    Ed Miliband to”roll and smoke a joint” with Alan Johnson

    Ed Miliband is to “Roll and smoke a joint” with Alan Johnson, his controversial choice as shadow chancellor, The Sunday Telegraph has learned.

  36. 108
    Anonymous says:

    Anyone who has been asked by a Catholic priest to give that undertaking should check with the diocese. AFAIK it hasn’t been the norm for at least half a century – but there might be circumstances in which the request might be made

  37. 110
    Chris Huhne says:

    Today is 101010 day, which is binary for 42, which is also the answer to life the universe and everything. Coincidence?

  38. 115
    Ratsniffer says:

    Great isn’t it? They sit at their dinner parties with their leftie liberal friends all nodding sagely as they say they would never send their children to a private school.

    Yet not for them the “bog standard” comprehensives. No, they get their kids into the very best state schools, while the plebs continue to have to put up with the consequences of labour mismanagment of education: dumbed down exam results, chaos in the classrooms, teachers in daily fear of violence and verbal abuse, and the lingering, pernicious influence of leftist teaching theory.

    Education, education, education, but only if you are influential enough to get your kids into one of the rapidly vanishing decent state schools…or are rich enough to live in its catchment area.

    • 124
      concrete pump says:

      Succinctly put.

    • 137
      Moley says:

      Not only education.

      Neither MPs nor Ministers go on NHS waiting lists.

      The NHS provides a Health Service on behalf of the Government; the Government sets the standards and pays the bills.

      The Government is the customer; not the patient, and the NHS mandarins make sure that they keep the customer sweet, and keep all that lovely money rolling in.

      • 151
        My Other Cars Not A Prius Either says:

        Simply insert chelsea and westminster hospital in place of oratory school and the outcome is the same
        a little further up the road state schools in aston,birmingham need up 6 pairs of police to get the pupils out every evening wihout the violence getting out of hand,hospital in stafford has concentration camp death levels,but never mind the nhs is a great employer

    • 286
      Hank Rearden says:

      Well said. They know what they advocate is pure crap and avoid the consequences. But spread the blame a little more: empire-building bureaucrats, lefty teaching culture and left-voting middle classes are as culpable as our sorry arsed politicians. Looters all.

  39. 129
    CEO of the Paperclip Council says:

    Politician is a hypocrite shocker!!

    Surely it’s the least we expect… No?

  40. 134
    Postman Twat says:

    It’s all Thatcher’s fault. I know what I’m talking about. I’ve got an O level in Metalwork and I’ve read the first page of Economics for Dummies.

  41. 146
    it's me you're looking for says:

    So this ungrateful fuck doesn’t believe in God? How else does he think he became deputy PM FFS?

  42. 148
    Anonymous says:

    Sensible chap.

  43. 160
    Alan Jones says:

    Not hypocritical. His wife has a right to decide and you are correct. A ono-Catholic marrying a Catholic agrees for the children to be instructed in the Catholic faith.

  44. 175
    Archie Wedderspoon says:

    I will be entirely serious for once and say that the Cleggs, who seem to be rolling in money, ought to shell out for private education, and leave the Oratory to poorer parents who can’t.

  45. 179
    The Germans are a fucking disgrace to humanity says:

    Fuck the Germans, not content with starting two world wars they are now islams base in Europe with all the majority of white converts being German.

    Just fucking nuke the place and get it over and done with before they start WW3.

    • 304
      Hilda says:

      Settle down dear you’ve been watching too much history channel and British B movie war films. We’ve moved on since 1945 and we now rely on that nice Mrs Merkel to loan us Euro’s to bail out our busted economy.

  46. 192
    Principles says:

    People who believe in god are thick. Unless they’re hot and attractive like Calamity’s wife is. In which case, she’s not thick but a babe.

  47. 193
    NotThatNick says:

    How may Bangladeshis at the London Oratory?
    No need to run riot through the streets of Leicester when you are insulated from the reality most of our kids face on a daily basis

  48. 195
    Mrs Riceandpeas says:

    Us fat mums will go to the wall for our kids. I have nothing more to say. Except here’s my taxi receipt for £95,217.

  49. 197
    Principles says:

    Us fat mums will go to the wall for our kids. I have nothing more to say. Except here’s my taxi receipt for £95,217.

  50. 198
    streamfisher says:

    Malcolm Sergeant v Ann Widdicombe, fight for it!

  51. 201
    AC1 says:

    You were probably “tortured” with too much food and lap-dancers.

  52. 203
    bill says:


  53. 209
    Jimmy says:


  54. 211
    sewa mobil says:

    Nice article, thanks for sharing.

  55. 215
    Jan says:

    And being invited to all those Primrose Hill and Islington dinner parties wiith all my new best friends.

  56. 218
    PaddySchoolGuy says:

    Where I come from the Catholic schools were bought and paid for by Polish miners and Irish digger drivers. Scandalous that this creep should seek to suck off the toil and sweat of such better men.

  57. 221
    13eastie says:

    But nobody can do hypocrisy quite like Labour can.

    Here’s an example that could have been lifted from the pages of Animal Farm:

    “Before becoming Prime Minister in 2007, Gordon Brown claimed that he would be the first Prime Minister since Andrew Bonar Law in 1923, to dispense with Chequers as a regular weekend retreat. It would instead be used for international summits and brainstorming sessions with civil servants. Despite these predictions, after coming into office, the Browns spent most weekends at Chequers, where they have hosted friends, editors, sportsmen, actors and politicians, including David and Victoria Beckham and local dignitaries like Sir Leonard Figg.”

  58. 224
    QWERTY says:

    Anymore ugly female beeboids going to own up t shagging Nu Liebour mongs?

  59. 230
  60. 243
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Clegg has his cake and eats it.

  61. 245
    Muuurty's Ghuuurst. says:

    Say we give Cleggy the benefit of the doubt and that his sprog’s education is the reserve of his left footing missus. Fair enough.

    I happen to notice they’re not sending them to the nearest faith school – St. Shitholes, just down the road though are they?

    That puts them in the same book as old Rice & Pea ‘n ting FatButt in my book.

    Don’t do as we do, do as we say.

  62. 246
    Down with Brown! says:

    Anyone else think that cocky Will Straw of Left Foot Forward increasingly looks like the 1980s Channel 4 puppet Pob?

    • 277
      Jonny Red says:

      Only in looks, one is a sock puppet and the other is best left in the 80′s along with bleating about the Belgrano.

      • 462
        Cheese Lover says:

        Urgh….I hated that dirty little fecker Pob…spitting every where…I’d have happily set the little turd on fire.

        And we wonder why the current gen of yoofs are so repugnant.

  63. 247
    Down with Brown! says:

    It’s Will Straw again:

  64. 253
    Postlethwaite says:

    His wife was a cast iron catholic

  65. 257
    Martin Day says:

    Meanwhile an extraordinary new book by Tony Blair’s most senior Downing Street adviser claims Gordon Brown ‘cheered up’ when he was told of an Al Qaeda plot to assassinate Guido Fawkes in the aftermath of some shitty political blogging.
    The former Chief of Staff Jonathan Powell writes in The New Machiavelli: ‘The only time I saw him (Brown) appear to cheer up during that period was when the war Cabinet was told there was a specific ­terrorist threat to Guido’s life.’
    He also appears to suggest that Guido Fawkes thought Mr Brown might be about to hit him when he refused his demand to set a date for his departure from No 10.
    ‘In the aftershock of the meeting, Guido Fawkes told me that he had felt physically threatened when Gordon got up and leaned over his desk,’ he writes

  66. 260
    Dack Blog says:

    I taught at a Catholic school for a few years, despite being openly atheist. They even asked me if I wanted to teach RE at one point (I declined). About 70% of the staff were not Catholic or ‘casual’ Catholic. I imagine ditto the parents/kids once they’d found God for long enough to get in.

  67. 261
    Bob Crow says:

    What else but bare faced hypocrisy would you expect from the political and banking class, that want you to pay for their children’s education, as our children are saddled with debt.

    • 269
      AC1 says:

      Message to alternate reality lived in by “Bob Crow”.

      Parents who educate their children in private school pay for their own childs education. Those in the state sector send their children to the adolescent crèche at the expense of others.

      • 273
        Bob Crow says:

        “Alternate Reality”
        This from a character existing in the virtual world only.

        • 313
          care in the community says:

          Please make allowances for AC1, he’s urm, how do you put it, special!

          • Anonymous says:

            He may well be. But on this occasion he is telling the truth. Those of us who send our children to private schools pay for their education, free up places in state schools for others, yet contribute to the education of all those who go to state schools as well.

          • AC1 says:

            Am I talking to the famously corrupt union fat cat “Bob Crow” ? Nope.

            I am however a real person with a consistent moniker.

            It’s a pity that those of the marxist faith have problems with people spending their own money, or even having some of their own money. I’m coming to the belief its a form of mental illness caused by their narcissism hitting the reality of their lack of competance. If they can’t win, then everyone else should lose instead.

  68. 264
    Sarah Beard says:

    I’m the sexiest political wife. Don’t you find me hot?

  69. 265
    Gordon Brown says:

    My wife Sharon is the best looking.

  70. 266
    Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister of no importance and even less productivity says:

    One the reasons for becoming a politician, is so you can afford to buy your way out of the third world ghetto of most British inner cities, and the shit schools that the mongs have to endure.

  71. 267
    QWERTY says:

    Apparently Alan Johnson was spotted buying up books on the economy at the weekend.


  72. 268
    Totty Watch says:

    Let’s all give politics a rest for a minute and enjoy this.

    • 298
      concrete rump says:

      What about something for those of us who bat for the other side?

      • 353
        concrete pump says:

        If you’re going to post a clip of a bumder singing, at least make an effort.
        This is a class tune:

        • 359
          concrete rump says:

          Who the fuck confuses class with you, you dopey twat? Joe Mcelderry is just your fucking level.

          • concrete pump says:

            What do you know about ‘my fucking level’, you mug?!

            Do you watch X-Factor? Spastic!

          • concrete rump says:

            Do I watch X factor? That is so fucking pants. Is that all you’ve got you creepy knobend ?

          • concrete pump says:

            LOL! ‘So fucking pants’. You mong-hatted tit. And you’re the one stalking me you fucking weirdo, so’s who’s creepy?

            You’ve got that McElderry vid on your youtube favourites, ain’t ya?


          • concrete pump says:

            McElderry is so my level, about 18″ off the ground and dripping with lube.

          • Hague the vague says:

            Are you one of my ex shags concrete?

  73. 272
    Nick Clegg says:

    Moved into my new flat yesterday and got my mum to inspect it for me. She came back down the stairs with a face like thunder and said “you’ve not got a toilet brush, what will the neighbours think?” I thought it was a pointless waste of money and we had a bit of an argument about it.

    In the end, just to please my mum, I bought a toilet brush.

    I’ve been using it a week and I’ll tell you what: fuck it, I’m going back to paper.

  74. 274
    Ayesha Hazarika says:

    David Cameron walks into a Swiss bank. He is accompanied by several henchmen, who whip out machine-guns. David Cameron says “Do as I say and nobody gets hurt! Bring me the manager.”
    The manager comes out, and David Cameron says “Members of my Cabinet have been swindling me out of money, and depositing it in this bank. Give me their names and I’ll let you live.” The manager replies “We Swiss bankers never give out the names of our customers.”
    David Cameron shouts “This is your last warning! Give me the names or we kill you and everyone in this building!” But the manager says “We Swiss bankers would rather die than betray the trust of our clients.”
    So David Cameron nods to his henchmen, and they put their machine-guns away. Then he starts pulling thick wads of hundred-dollar bills from his pockets and says “I would like to open an account here, please.”

  75. 275
    Judas Gote says:

    Why is it, that when it comes to General Elections, we are presented with one totally unelectable party, opposed by another party that have managed not to soil themselves in the preceeding few years?
    Are we led by the nose?

  76. 278
    Martin Day says:


    David Cameron and George Osborne were the guests of honour at a lavish £25,000 party – just hours before they unveiled savage spending cuts.

    The Prime Minister and Chancellor joined more than 60 senior T-ories at one of Britain’s top restaurants for the exclusive event.

    Billionaire financier Michael Spencer hosted and paid for the “thank you” bash at the Michelin-starred Simpsons restaurant in Birmingham on Monday night as he stood down after four years as T-ory Party treasurer.

    His guests enjoyed a four-course meal washed down with champagne and up to 24 bottles of Pétrus – dubbed “the most expensive wine in the world”.

    The next morning Mr Osborne hammered home his “we’re all in this together” message at the T-ory conference – confirming his plans to axe child benefit payments to 1.2million families

    • 279
      From Nick Clegg to Dianne Abbott, and David Cameron to Ed Balls says:

      We are all in this together, but our children aren’t.

      • 283
        Martin Day says:

        Details of the astonishing party can be revealed for the first time today.

        They are in stark contrast to the “difficult” times and big job cuts outlined in Mr Cameron’s conference speech in Birmingham on Wednesday.

        Just down the road from the spotlight of the conference centre in the leafy suburb of Edgbaston, guests enjoyed £10-a-head canapés and bubbly.

        Then they sat down to a £70-per-head meal, starting with salmon, followed by a goats’ cheese tartlet, a main course of a pan-fried fillet of beef, with raspberry brûlée ­dessert to finish.

        Mr Spencer, a major T-ory donor and close friend of the Premier, laid on the Pétrus from his private cellar – which usually sells for around £1,500 per bottle.

        His guests enjoyed up to 36 ­bottles of £145-a-bottle Dom Pérignon.

        They also quaffed up to 36 bottles of Chalumeaux, a white Chardonnay ­costing £80, and up to 24 bottles of Château Filhot, a white wine which cost Mr Spencer £120 per bottle.

        Although Mr Spencer supplied the Petrus, the restaurant charged £720 for “corkage”, the fee for opening and ­serving the bottles of wine brought in by diners.

        He also laid on a marquee, costing an estimated £3,000, on the restaurant’s lawned garden, lit with intricate crystal lanterns.

        The total drinks bill for the event for around 65 people came to just under £14,000. The food cost about £5,200 and the service charge was more than £2,000.

        The total bill came to around £25,000 – the same as a nurse’s salary for a whole year.

        Mr Spencer told Martin Day: “It was a private dinner thrown by me to thank the many individuals who helped me in my four-year tenure as party ­treasurer.

        “David did attend, but not for the entire evening. George ­Osborne, who is a close ­personal friend, dropped in too.”

        But last night Labour MP Tom Watson said: “David Cameron and George ­Osborne have shown their unbridled contempt for the British people by ­joining people quaffing expensive wines and ­champagne at a lavish party just before they hit ­everyone else with spending cuts.”

        Mr Cameron’s spokeswoman confirmed he had dropped into the event for a short while but said he was not present for the whole evening.

        A senior twerp at T-ory HQ added: “David Cameron is very grateful for the tremendous work Michael Spencer has done for the party.”

  77. 280
    Greg Beales says:

    The Tori-es. Putting the N into Cuts.

  78. 292
    Kim Il Yung Un Clegg says:

    Daddy’s going to have me annointed.

  79. 299
    We're all in it together, unless you've got connections says:

    If faith schools, which by definition are selective on the grounds of being “one of us”, are able to gain taxpayer funding, why are sexist or racist forms of education excluded?

  80. 306
    Moley says:

    On climate change.

    American Professor resigns from his Society.


    Carbon Credits are another form of Quantitative easing.

    Inventing a commodity out of thin air that can be given to companies free and which then become worth billions; to Governments, to Banks, and to Companies.

    This money has been stolen and will be claimed back from our children in the form of vastly inflated energy bills.

    • 314
      Anonymous says:

      Thanks for the link. Unfortunately the whole AGW scam is just too lucrative for these fucking criminals and useful idiots to give up.

  81. 308
    Alan Clark says:

    Looking at the news reports telling us that in all probability nobody will ever be bought to book for the murder of six Military Policemen, one has to ask what motivates these courageous and professional service personnel to put their lives on the line for corrupt politicians?
    How far does one take the line of “I was only following orders”?

  82. 309
    stilyagi_air_corps says:

    Extract from The New Machiavelli by Jonathan Powell:

    “Brown reacted furiously when Blair suggested they discuss over dinner how to deal with Cameron after his election as Conservative leader in December 2005. Powell writes: “Gordon blurted out: ‘But you are behind Cameron’ and declined the invitation … Gordon was extremely unhappy about Cameron’s election. He complained that Tony had promised him in July 2005 that David Davis would win, and he even accused Tony of backing Cameron.”

    Seriously. WTF?

    • 319
      arthur daley says:

      Yeah, it’s all fixed by the Bilderbergers you know.

      • 334
        stilyagi_air_corps says:

        ‘No pressure, Gordon, I can handle it…’

        And Gordon took Blair’s racing-tip as Gospel. Then threw a dribbly when the Despised One’s prophesy failed.

        What a bunch of self-deluding mugs!

        • 341
          Change you can believe in says:

          No. Not them. Just the mongs who voted for it.

          • stilyagi_air_corps says:

            New Labour never fooled me enough to want to vote for them, I’m happy to say.

          • Change you can believe in says:

            Pity it didn’t occur to all those now bigging up the coalition.

          • Anonymous says:

            Nobody ever indulged in “bigging up the coalition” unless it made their wallet fatter.

            No worries, the higher they are, the harder they fall.

  83. 311
    anooon says:

    But what’s this about Steph Flounders?

  84. 315
    Anonymous says:

    so how do we describe the Milliband and Flanders children born out of wedlock these days?

  85. 320
    Toilet Papers says:

    An educated population is (to politicians) a dangerous population. They start to understand and ask too many questions of our leaders!! That is why education establishments are being dumbed down and higher education is being priced out of the reach of the masses!!

    • 324
      Papers says:

      Is it me or are you afraid of the sentiments? FFS this moderation is just a tad over the top!!

      • 325
        Papers says:

        An educated population is (to politicians) a dangerous population. They start to understand and ask too many questions of our leaders!! That is why education establishments are being dumbed down and higher education is being priced out of the reach of the masses!!

      • 350
        this site's comment structure is fucked, the moderation is bizarre and Guido has run out of ideas. says:

        You know it!

        • 358
          It's a living Jim, but not as Parliament knows it says:

          What does he care?
          The Ad revenues keep him in Guiness.

          • Anonymous says:

            Not from my browser it isn’t. I never see an ad and you wouldn’t believe the number of scripts that aren’t running this end. I’m sure the ad tossers are more interested than mere page hits/reloads.

          • Wankfest says:

            What do suppose the regular Saturday Seven Up post is for?
            Guido’s lay in?

          • streamfisher says:

            Revenues not that good then, he still can’t afford the real thing.

  86. 326
    Down with Brown! says:

    Full list of the junior shadow posts below:
    PPS to Ed Miliband: Chuka Umunna and Anne McGuire

    DFID: Rushanara Ali and Mark Lazarowicz

    Treasury: David Hanson, Chris Leslie and Kerry McCarthy

    Foreign Office: John Spellar, Stephen Twigg, Wayne David and Emma Reynolds

    Equalities: Fiona MacTaggart

    Home Office: Vernon Coaker, Phil Woolas, Gerry Sutcliffe, Diane Johnson and Shabana Mahmood

    Education: Kevin Brennan, Sharon Hodgson, Iain Wright and Toby Perkins

    Justice: Chris Bryant (Constitutional and political reform), Helen Goodman, Andy Slaughter and Rob Flello

    DWP: Stephen Timms, Margaret Curran, Rachel Reeves and Karen Buck

    BIS: Gareth Thomas, Ian Lucas, Gordon Banks, Gordon Marsden, Nia Griffith and Chi Onwurah

    Health: Diane Abbott (public health), Emily Thornberry, Derek Twigg and Liz Kendell

    Communities and Local Government: Alison Seabeck, Barbara Keeley, Jack Dromey and Chris Williamson

    Defence: Kevan Jones, Michael Dugher, Russell Brown and Gemma Doyle

    Energy and Climate Change: Luciana Berger and Huw Irranca-Davies

    Shadow deputy leader of the house: Helen Jones

    Transport: John Woodcock, Jim Fitzpatrick and Andrew Gwynne

    DEFRA: Willie Bain, Jamie Reed and Peter Soulsby

    Northern Ireland: Eric Joyce

    Scotland: Tom Greatrex

    Wales: Owen Smith

    Culture, Media and Sport: Ian Austin and Gloria De Piero

    Cabinet Office: Jon Trickett (shadow minister of state – already announced) and Roberta Blackman-Woods

    Shadow solicitor-general: Catherine McKinnell

    Deputy chief whip – Alan Campbell

    Pairing whip – Tony Cunningham

    Whips – Lyn Brown, Mark Tami and David Wright

    Assistant whips – Stephen Pound, David Hamilton, Dave Anderson, Angela C Smith, Phil Wilson, Lilian Greenwood, Jonathan Reynolds and Graham Jones

    Lords Chief Whip: Rt Hon Lord Bassam of Brighton

    • 328
      Any opposition is on a winner says:

      I’d happily turn out for the reserves and pocket 65k a year, plus expenses, plus pension, plus parachute payment, plus lobbying ops.
      That’s British democracy for you.

      • 331
        Down with Brown! says:

        Lots of comedy there:

        Jack Dromey given a job for being Mr Hattie.
        Gloria De Piero given a job for beng lusted after by lots of senior Labour MPs.
        Phil Woolarse joins Ed Balls at the Home Office team. Attack dogs together.

        • 339
          Change you can believe in says:

          Nick Clegg given a job to satisfy his ego.
          Vince Cable endulged in his senility.
          Baroness Warsi plays the role of the token ethnic onside.

          Alan Duncan? Fuck knows.

          • Down with Brown! says:

            Kerry “I like to tweet” McCarthy in the Treasury team because in the current financial crisis we really want very stupid people deciding where the cuts should be.

            Luciana Berger telling us the we should all be very, very worried about climate change.

          • ffs says:

            Health: Diane Abbott (public health)

            Ha fucking ha. Morbidly obese fat fucker gets to dictate on what is healthy for the ‘public’.

            You idiotic bitch, here’s a tip, keep off the ricccccce & peeeeeeea.

          • The GE was a while ago says:

            And apart from the fact that they are in opposition and therefore impotent, your point is?

          • Down with Brown! says:

            Well done for pointing the general election was a while ago and that Labour isn’t in government any more. We had noticed. That is why I posted list of shadow junior posts. The point is that this is now Labour’s front bench. If this is really the best they can do, then their backbenchers must be crap.

          • P H Value says:

            And if the opposition is so pisspoor, no wonder we finish finish up with a government of slightly less ammoniac qualities.

          • Anonymous says:

            Indeed it was. It won’t stop them polluting the airwaves and column inches with their nonsense.

            This nonsense will be picked up by the BBC and spun to death as only they know how. We pay for this shite organisation by the way.

            Your point was?

          • Anonymous says:

            The point is that nothing ever fucking changes!

    • 467
      Cheese Lover says:

      Equalities: Fiona MacTaggart

      Yes, that’s right, put another bleeding heart socialist jock into a position like that.

      Everyone is equal, apart from you, sasanach ENGLISH…you are no longer a race, Jack said so.

  87. 327
    Dack Blog says:

    Rt Hon Ed Balls MP’s team: Vernon Coaker MP, Gerry Sutcliffe MP, Diana Johnson MP, Shabana Mahmood MP. Oh, and not forgetting… PHIL BLOODY WOOLAS!

  88. 333
    Jackie Fisher says:

    Before Jutland it was all victories, afterwards, it was all retreats.

  89. 335
    Nick "living the dream of power without responsibility" Clegg says:

    You send your kids to the local comprehensive if you want to!
    The likely lad’s not for turning.

  90. 362
    Jim Devine says:

    If i’m to play the patsy for the excesses of 600+ co-conspiritors who were better advised in how to remain entirely within the rules, why shouldn’t i throw myself on the mercy of the court of public opinion, and tell the truth, the whole truth, and so help me God, nothing but the truth.

    Or are you prepared to do a deal?

  91. 367
    Guido says:

    The ConDem cuts are coming to light, Schools Programme , NHS going to be ripped apart,1000s of local council jobs going, Big Society= bull#### get the voluntary sector to do Government jobs for free, 40% cuts,11billion cuts to the welfare system and only 2billion levy on the banks, less Police on the streets and i could go on. This group is for people to voice their anger and protest against this ConDem. There are many groups opposed to this sham of a Government, this political blog is for anyone whos feels that most of our MPs can’t be trusted and think that they are all in it for selfish reasons not for us the voting public. Share with Guido how the cuts are affecting you in your area of the country

    • 386
      Eric Pickles says:

      Anymore post like that and I’ll cut off your benefit you cheeky little cock trumpet. Get off your backside and find a job loser.

      • 388
        Out of my brain on the 5:15 says:

        If i have to commute to work, can i have a second home?

        • 397
          Eric Pickles says:

          No you bloody well can’t the states not minted you know. As I explained on Question Time I need a second home because unlike you I’m very important and my disability which has caused my obesity means I can’t travel very well on public transport. I don’t expect to hear any more impertinant questions from you. Show some respect to a minister of the crown.

          • Brentwood to London or bust says:

            Fair enough.
            Can i have £200 a month in unreceipted claims for petty cash until the fees office crack down then? Should be good for a few years.

    • 392
      davem says:

      1000′s of local council jobs going.

      OMG I do hope so. Which non jobs are they going to lose first. Will it be the pram wheel counters or perhaps the community art/graffite promoters or maybe these sandwell enforcement officers:


      Good. Can’t be too soon!!

    • 447
      AC1 says:

      “Cuts”* are improving my area thanks. There need to be more cuts please, and faster.

      *Cuts are in reality less being transferred from the reciprocal sector to the extorion funded sector.

      • 463
        Anonymous says:

        You bet AC1.

        Jobs are going to be cut and then outsourced at cost price. Make your own mark up % and we’ll sign! The indians can take up the slack!

  92. 368
    gildedtumbril says:

    They are all hypocrites, er…hippocrights, er hippo…what the hell. Just like Baroness Abott of rice and pea. Make that hippopotamouse in her case.

  93. 375
    Bob Crow says:

    They tell me that unlike anonymous posters, i have big kahoneys.
    Be a troll, be a no one, or be like me, and stand up for ordinary men and women, in the face of vested interests out to enslave you.

    I’m taking the dog for a walk now, keep our troops in Afghanistan safe.

    • 384
      davem says:

      When are you proposing to join those pensioners you urged to walk out into the M25 and do a sit down strike?

      You’ll of course be the first one, won’t you, to walk out into that speeding traffic?

      Brave man!! Not!

  94. 378
  95. 380
    SAS --- NOT says:

    Hypocrisy Hypocrisy


    Child Benefit is safe for all !!!!

    Pretending to straight !!!!!!!

    We are all in this together….errrrr except Tory voters, Tory party workers, Right wing bloggers…with Iain Dale being the exception, he does do some unpaid helper work for Isreali organisations.

  96. 381
    davem says:


    So edmilitwit says even millionaires should receive child benefit because that’s the policy labour has promoted for 60 years.

    Doesn’t sound very new generational to me ed.

  97. 383
    SAS --- NOT says:

    Hypocrisy Hypocrisy


    Child Benefit is safe for all !!!!

    Pretending to be straight !!!!!!!

    We are all in this together….errrrr except Tory voters, Tory party workers, Right wing bloggers…with Iain Dale being the exception, he does do some unpaid helper work for Isreali organisations.

  98. 391
    Dack Blog says:

    Dale’s quote of the day from Andrew Marr:

    ‘Most citizen journalism strikes me as nothing to do with journalism at all. A lot of bloggers seem to be socially inadequate, pimpled, single, slightly seedy, bald, cauliflower-nosed, young men sitting in their mother’s basements and ranting. They are very angry people. OK – the country is full of very angry people. Many of us are angry people at times. Some of us are angry and drunk. But the so-called citizen journalism is the spewings and rantings of very drunk people late at night.’

  99. 405
    Gordon Brown says:

    Why hasn’t Labour named a building after me? They did it for John Smith. I was their most successful leader and prime minister ever.

    • 407
      Down with Brown! says:

      It won’t be long until Labour HQ has the Gordon Brown toilets…..

      • 410
        Anonymous says:

        I think naming the new sewage works in kirkcaldy and cowdenbeath as the ‘brown sewage works’ would be appropriate

    • 434
      13eastie says:

      Unfortunately most of the party think you’re a prat. Ask them who they’d rather meet, the Rt Hon. Gordon Brown or the man who cleans out the public toilets in Aberdeen, and they’d go for Wee Jock Poo-Pong McPlop every time.

  100. 408
    Basil's brushing up on a reality spellchecker says:

    We’re so fucking naive, we re-elected 400+ proven thieves.
    Boom boom!

  101. 409
    Herman Van Rompuy says:

    Have faith in Nick’n’Dave’s choice of further education.

    I have.

  102. 411
    Gordon Brown says:

    I love big butts and that ain’t no lie.

    • 424
      Anonymous says:

      I’m sure gordon meant to say ‘big bucks’

      That after all is what gordon and sarah were chasing this last couple of months , through america and then africa.

      They thought , putting gordon on the international speakers circuit for £65k a time was going to earn them loadsamoney.

      Hasn’t happened has it??!!

      failed keynesian economic policies no-one wants to hear about.

      balls take note!!

      • 476
        TosserWatch says:

        who the flying fuck would want to listen to the ramblings of the chingrinner…
        eeeeerrrrrrrr…no can’t think of anyone anywhere

  103. 413
    The House is united says:

    The nation faces a period of austerity, that we are all agreed on.
    Except for us, of course.

  104. 419
    Gordon Brown says:

    Sarah Macauley is not my lover
    She’s just a beard who claims that
    I am the one
    But her kids
    Are not my sons

  105. 426
    Enoch Powell says:

    I did fucking warn you Hunts!

  106. 431
    Dave's on his knees for Jesus educated offspring of select politicians says:

    Keep our brave troops in the front line safe!
    And as far away from my cosy family dream of Big Daddy living out his fantasy as possible.

  107. 450
    Muslim says:

    Deodorant is against our religion.

  108. 453
    It doesn't add up... says:

    I’m surprised Guido has’t given a Noddy to Big Ears yet:


    Who could he have had in mind?

  109. 455
    Good fun says:

    UK Border Force on Sky is the best entertainment. Watching illegals getting caught and thrown out. Sweet.

  110. 466
    Gordon Brown says:

    I love to eat nine bananas, a litre of fizzy orange and then fart loudly until I follow through. That’s why the doctors here call me The Smelly Ploppy Man.

  111. 481
    Sir William Waad says:

    Pascal’s Wager, perhaps?

  112. 487
    Jock Gove get elected in your own Country says:

    Gove is trying to bring in an English baccalaureate. typical jock sticking there noses in where not wanted, why don,t they just go home.

  113. 488
    Soranus says:

    Well what’s worse:

    sending your kid to a State school where their brain will be seriously abused and the kids churned out are non-thinking incompetents


    sending your kid to a faith (or other private) school where they will get a proper education (ignoring any religious shit of course), albeit be sexually abused by prefects or fingered by dirty old priests?

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A confused Nick Griffin says Nigel Farage is a shill for the City, forgetting that City banks want to stay in the EU:

“Farage is a snake oil salesman, but a very good one. His supposed anti-immigration stance is all smoke and mirrors, as is his carefully cultivated image as a ‘man of the people’. The truth is that UKIP is a pro-immigration party that exists to lobby for the interests of the City of London.”

Alexrod says:

It’s money innit.

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