October 9th, 2010

Continuity TaliBrown Not Happy

Kevin Maguire and Charlie Whelan are two of the most high profile former members of the inner-circle of the TaliBrown, now they are at the core of the continuity-TaliBrownies. Both are allies of, and boosters for Brown’s heir, Ed Balls. Both of them today are not happy…

Our Kevin says Not-So-Red-Ed was “scared of his shadow – or at least the notion of making either Ed Balls or Yvette Cooper his Shadow Chancellor. So the timid new Labour leader fluffed his first big call and played safe with Alan Johnson. As a result he missed a glorious opportunity to recast his party’s economic policy and to turn the tables on the Tories.” Maguire, in his role as TaliBrown propaganda chief, makes no secret of his preference for deficit denial.

Despite swinging the unions behind Red Ed to win control of the Labour Party, the TaliBrown bully and union-fixer Charlie Whelan is still unhappy; mainly with Peter Mandelson and David Miliband. Telling The Times that David Miliband was annoying and should “get a life” after his failed leadership battle, adding for good measure that his exit from the Shadow Cabinet was ungracious.

“It was slightly self-indulgent to just go off. It didn’t look good. It would have been best for him to say straight away what he was going to do. It’s a tragedy when you lose your job, you are on the dole and you have no money for your family. Politician losing top job is not a tragedy. It’s personally uncomfortable but that’s all. This is why David’s attitude annoys me. He didn’t get the job but it’s not a disaster. Get a life.”

Whelan also backs Ed Balls to be Chancellor in the Shadow Cabinet claiming “He’s got a grasp of the economy and his position on the economy is the right one”. Charlie adamantly rejects the accepted wisdom that Labour’s defeat in the last election was in any part down to Gordon Brown’s deficit denial, claiming

“We could have won that election. Peter Mandelson went round at Christmas saying it’s going to be a catastrophic defeat. Well, if you’re going into the election with your main man telling you you’re going to be defeated then you might as well pack up and go home. Obviously the campaign was an unmitigated disaster.”

Guido can see Balls and his boosters waging low intensity political warfare on Red Ed for as long as he seeks to get on the reality-based side of the deficit denying dividing line. That is something Balls and the rest of the continuity-TaliBrown will be determined to block…


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    This is going to be fun .


    • 4
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Question , If D Mill had won would his cabnait have looked any diiferent to Red Eds ?


    • 12
      bandersnatch says:

      Put on your tin hats and crouch down low.


      • 13
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        Silly Mid on ?


        • 28
          Rat's arse says:

          With a googly thrown in for good luck Billy!


          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            Just make sure it pitches in line ( Dont mention the test match last week ).


          • Dead Tree Press Aggregator says:

            poor guido

            so short of stories you are forced to invent any old shite and requote papers based on what you ‘see’ happening

            you certainly didn’t see any of that cabinet coming and you’re about as close to knowing what labour think as you are close to Ffion Hague


    • 35
      Spot the Dog says:



    • 69
      Sunny Hoondal says:



    • 280
      Anonymous says:

      Postman Pat the useless twat Thinks he is now in clover
      Evete and Ed so it is said feel they have been past over
      Old Posties rise they can’t disgiuse was one for which they hanker
      That Ugly cow has lost it now and so’s the other wanker

      F**KING GOOD JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • 287
      Pickled wizard says:

      I thought the BBC were the official opposition, so what does whelan’s opinion actually count for?


  2. 2
    a blessed release says:

    And these are the idiots who backed booby Brown FFS.


  3. 3
    Chris says:

    “We could have won that election.”

    The biggest election losses since the 20’s or whatever and this prick clings on to the fact they could have won?

    The only way they would have had a chance was sacking Brown & bringing D Mili in and they didn’t take it, when everybody bottled it after James Purnell quit


    • 6
      Anonymous says:

      election defeat deniers


      • 38

        Its the Versailles Treaty mentality. 1930’s all over again.

        “Our people were never defeated. We could have won. Blairite politicians got scared and caved in to false media reports of defeats. We would have won a great victory but for the Americans doing Iraq and destroying the global financial economy. We would be in power today if the Lib Dems hadn’t stabbed us in the back..”

        Then the cuts come and the Comrades can say “look at what defeat has brought us too! We need to ignore the debts of Capitalist Imperialist Bankers and form an army of ordinary public sector employees. They can join trade unions and march to victory. ”

        And soon a million hi visibility vest wearing workers march in torchlight parades around the Olympic stadium. Near hysterical council female office clerks and teaching assistants chant the new leaders name.. Ed -Ed -Ed -Ed -ED- ED! {not Miliband – the other one}- Ed- Ed -Ed- Ed an’ elf- Ed an’ elf -Ed – Ed!

        And the leader does not disappoint..To the back drop of the 500m red flags of the “New Socialists & Democrats Alliance Party – NSDAP –

        “Comrades, I shall build a Labour party that will last a thousand years. I’ve still got the uniform from my university days! ”

        “I promise a return to spend and spend!
        I promise only new energy. Windfarms for everyone. Schools for everyone. Individual hospitals for every sick party member. We march on Parliament. Who’s with me, and what do you think of my new little moustache? ”

        Viktory..Viktory! Viktory!”

        The lights are going out all over Europe. We shan’t be able to power them again in our lifetime.”


        • 68
          Gildedtumbril says:

          Mr. Quango, I fear your analysis is correct. We, however, can rise like a phoenix from the ashes of commie crap,augmented with camel crap as soon as we get our arses out of the eu bonfire.
          Nicht varum?


        • 95
          Celebrating Whateverness says:

          Will there be Anschluss with Scotland?


        • 146
          Susie says:

          You are inspired Bill.

          Last night’s chez Balls was great, but this is scarily prescient. It really could happen — they’ve got their people in every town hall, every school — hell there’s even two of them in the Cabinet.

          Cameron, Gove and Pickles must root them out, fast.


    • 138
      Crikey says:

      “We could have won that election” No you couldn’t. Senior ministers were like apparatchiks around Brown. Scared shitless.


  4. 5
    Norman Dee says:

    With these 2 stirring away in the background it should give the Conservatives plenty of material to attack labour and divert them from opposition.


  5. 7
    Phantom says:

    Oh it just keeps getting better…..

    The monkeys are going to start throwing shit at each other… I hope every single bit of it sticks.


  6. 8
    Sam says:

    Keep on repeating “deficit denier” like a broken record, why not, Guido? No one is denying the deficit; using such tabloid terms just makes you look silly. Some economic minds far greater than yours argue that such harsh and sudden cuts are not the best long term solution. Double-dip denier, anyone?


    • 30
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      If it is a double dip then the blame is laid at the feet of the wanker that spent all the money .

      ” Sorry , Theres no money left “


    • 39
      13eastie says:

      Sam, Gordon, Blinky, Whelan = Deficit Deniers

      Brown and Balls both still refuse to accept the need for cuts at all.

      Brown tried to suggest (all lies) in the HoC that he was planning to INCREASE spending despite having run up the biggest debt in history with a huge ongoing deficit.

      Balls continues to suggest that Darling’s plan to reduce the deficit by half over four years (i.e. still have a huge fucking deficit and an even bigger debt) was too daring.

      A whole five months after being kicked out, Labour has failed signally to offer any solution to the catastrophic legacy it has left us with.

      They lie and deny, while offering no alternative of their own.

      Why? Because the PLP has voted the same twats back onto the front bench who caused the problem.


      • 165
        Cheese Lover says:

        We still aint had an apology from the fuckers that caused it, they just swan around in their luxury cars, smarming up London.


    • 47
      Anonymous says:

      Had Labour won, a double dip was a certainty, now it has been removed to a possibility – but still Labour’s fault whatever its likelihood.


    • 111
      AC1 says:

      Nope, some keynesian fools* think you c an spend your way out of debt.

      *Who never predicted the depression (or anything really!), unlike most other people who can spot a bubble.


    • 156
      How do you like a taste of your medicine diddums LOL says:


      How do you like them apples now sad act leftie? You better get used to it as deficit denial will become as big a deal as holocaust denial soon.

      You will be as reviled as the B*N*P* once we finish with you marxist scum. All those years of dishing it out now it is your turn to tack it back.



    • 227
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      People continue attacks when they are effective – “deficit denier” sticks to Labour like shit to a blanket.

      Attacking them this way is the “right thing to do” to quote Gordo the c u n t


  7. 10

    I would just like to say that these two are malodorous củnts.

    Carry on.


  8. 11
    Angry says:

    It’s wonderful to see Labour showing their true colours: they have regard for the nation but merely see politics as a power game. All they want is power and they will happily fight their supposed comrades to secure said power.

    A bigger bunch of opportunists and megalomaniacs would be hard to find. Balls will never accept that he is not the leader and will use all is low cunning until he is leader. Let the bloodbath commence.


  9. 14
    Labour are fucked says:

    Drinks – check. Nachos – check. Front row seat to Labour civil war meltdown – check. Let the fun begin!


    • 15
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Its Funny , They tear eachother apart while in power and now not in power they will do the same .

      how the hell did they get elected in the first place ? surely Major wasnt that bad?


      • 40

        Unfortunately Billy … he was.

        But that should be comforting for Blair/Brown.
        John Major is almost completely rehabilitated. His advice is occasionally sought by media commentators. He can go as he pleases without fear of attack. And it only took 10 years. Blair could be completely accepted in his own country by 2025.
        Brown … maybe a while longer.


        • 50
          Evie Lennon says:

          Well Bill Quango, I for one will NEVER forget Bliar and McDoom’s lunacy. Bliar earning his money on rhe blood of our servicemen and women and McMental spending the nation’s wealth like a kid with his first pocket money, so don’t talk to me about rehabilitation. I wish them and their comrades nothing but ill.


      • 206
        Mike Hunt says:

        John Major was a thoroughly decent chap (ok, he shagged Edwina Curry, which actually enhanced his reputation) who was unfortunate to follow a strong Prime Minister who had polarised opinion who then fell victim to the best propaganda machine this country has seen in generations.

        The rest is history as they say.


    • 17
      Backwoodsman says:

      Well, you sure as hell wont be watching it on the bbc.


    • 23
      Spank Sinatra says:

      You forgot to throw the strapons into the ring. As for Charlie Hasbeen, what does he know about losing job, no money for family etc. Such a common touch from someone who enjoys fishing on the Spey for salmon. Give it a rest. Such an utter twat!


  10. 16
    Gordon Brown says:

    I saved the country, the world, the galaxy and the universe. So there.


  11. 18
    Popeye says:

    The lot of them are a bunch of losers, so who cares?


  12. 19
    The Unite Union Presents A Charlie Wheely Bin Production of A Tony Woodley Political Party Starring Red Ed and Kinnochio in: says:

    We’ve got our party back. Well all right!


  13. 20
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Yesterday’s men.


    • 75
      Gildedtumbril says:

      Yesterday’s men have an unfortunate habit of turning into tomorrows arseholes. We need to remove the likelihood and even the opportunity.


  14. 21
    Anonymous says:

    As Conservatives and LD in government I am more interested in their policy.


    • 22
      just fucking awful says:

      Hear hear!


    • 33
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Nah , Stick it to all of em , Equality and all that


    • 123
      NeverRed says:

      I’m more interested in seeing the whole labour party in jail with Blair and Brown executed for treason, even though labour would like to ‘move on’ and ‘learn from their mistakes’..


  15. 24
    Anonymous says:

    Dave “Big Society” and “Country need money from you”

    Middle-class students face bills of £80,000 to go to university in the biggest shake-up of higher education funding for half a century.

    They will bear the brunt of drastic cuts to university budgets through a triple whammy of higher tuition fees, costlier student loans and restricted access to grants.


    • 76
      Sir William Waad says:

      Unfortunately one of Blair’s vanity projects was to expand the number of people attending university. There was no money for this and no need for a flood of folk clutching very moderate degree certificates but it helped to fudge the unemployment figures at the time.

      We ought now to close off the route that goes from dumbed-down A levels via dumbed-down university to public-adminstration non-job. Those who would really benefit from an academic education and give something back, later on, could then afford to go.


      • 88
        Nicholas Name says:

        Access to tertiary education based on academic merit? But how do you then ensure the students are the right colour?


      • 196
        Honest View says:

        Sir William, you have got it just right.


      • 208
        Mike Hunt says:

        Again spot on.

        Too many degrees in Mickey-Mouse subjects from tin-pot former Polys devalues proper degrees from top universities..

        It should be hard degrees for the elite, not worthless paper for the semi-illiterate. Trouble is the students are (mostly) working their arses off and putting themselves in debt for the privilege.


        • 260
          Herr Entwickler says:


          The polys created technologists and scientists.

          How many historians do we need from Oxford and Cambridge? 1 a year.


    • 115
      AC1 says:

      What?? You need to gain 80K + interest of wage benefit ion order to rationally goto university?

      Where will we create the abundance of media studies and art-history graduates the dole queue is crying out for?


      • 130
        Anonymous says:

        If you do media study or another useless degree you don’t have to pay, but if you do some thing the employers want, you will pay through your nose.


        • 152
          Susie says:

          Exactly. Cable the communist has just destroyed any future our young people had.

          Cambridge has been bought up by Arabs (new mega mosque) and the restaurants packed with champagne-swilling Russian oligarch spawn, the British students wait on them.


      • 234
        Cheese Lover says:

        Imagine the subject matter if Labour had their way of airbrushing history:

        Subject: Labour Party, 1997-2010

        We did not start any wars, it was the Tories
        We did not bank-rupt the country, it was the Tories
        We did not take any expenses, at all, it was the Tories.
        We won all the elections, 2010-2073 are covered in the next chapter.
        We never lied, it was the Tories.
        Pope Tony Blair was a straight up guy, innit.
        We ensured that the BBC, and the now defunct Sky gave you wonderful programs on the tellybox.
        Emperor Gordon was taken to Olympus, and made a living GOD, and is still worshipped by all today.
        We were, and still are brill.

        End of subject, do not forget to mark your exam paper with an “X” next to your favourite overlord, otherwise, this exam is null and void.


  16. 25
    concrete pump says:

    Whelan looks like a Harry Enfield character.


  17. 26
    Lawyer for Bin Laden says:

    My client is greately offended at his group’s name being used in relation to these people. He feels embarrassed at being associated with them.


  18. 27
    Ruddy Sauce says:

    Won’t just about everyone be gunning for him except Harriet? ie, Balls and his ‘people’, the unions, David plus his supporters, right wingers, left wingers … he has to try and remain centre left to woo the middle class and it won’t be easy. The only thing he can hope for is a Tory backlash over the cuts


  19. 29
    Ruddy Sauce says:

    Him meaning Ed not Charlie!


  20. 34
    David Miliband says No2AV says:

    I agree with Whelan that David Militwit is an arse and does not appreciate what he has, a family, job, wealth etc. The arse is sulking on the back benches.
    This looks like civil war is about to erupt within the Labour ranks.


  21. 36
  22. 37
    Rat's arse says:

    Funny how quickly Labour slide back into the gutter and show their true colours. Sally fishbucket Bigcow sure backs the right party – they have a lot in common.


    • 42
      Marmite says:

      Yes, she really is vile Rat’s Arse. A right minger and a typical Lieber supporter!


    • 46
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      I was thinking how many pints i would have to drink before i would ………….I then came to the conclusion that she would have to rape me after knocking me out and then chaining me up , Admitted if it ever happened i would not tell anyone and if anyone did find out i would kill myself .


      • 204
        Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

        Rohypnol, that’s the stuff I hear. Swallow a pint of that beforehand and you won’t remember a thing.


    • 112
      White Van Man says:

      She’s a fucking lithium swallowing fruitloop that one, the sooner the men in white coats take her away and lobotomise her the better.


  23. 41
  24. 43
    Ad Lib says:

    Kevin Maguire, Deficit Denier and good friend of Damian McBride, is spending his free time bashing Jeremy Hunt for having the audacity to draw a dividend from a company he founded and owns, and a salary for the Ministerial job he does… full time, so I wouldn’t listen to him anyway. He’s clearly living in an alternate reality where there’s a problem with earning lots of money… unless you hold down multiple jobs with The Mirror and the New Statesman…



  25. 44
    Anonymous says:

    As an aside, why didnt they fuck Balls off to the backbenches? He clearly has few supporters in the PLP, his economic policy is demonstrably wrong, he is about as popular as a paedo on benefits and as has been said they must know he will be up to his usual antics until he gets what he wants. Yes, he probably will make Theresa May look stupid but even Theresa May can do that.


  26. 45
    Watt Tyler says:

    Spot the difference: Ed Miliband and Harriet Harman stood in front on the hammer and sickle, and Ed Miliband and Harriet Harman stood in front of…




  27. 52
    Doc Trough says:

    If I were Charlie Whelan
    Which, thank the Lord I’m not Sir
    The kind of Bird that I would wed
    Would feature in Hogarth etchings.


  28. 53
  29. 54
    Unsworth says:

    So according to Whelan Mandelson is ‘the main man’. What a jerk. Brown wasn’t then?


  30. 56
    Brown's butt plug says:

    Perhaps the fucking spastic loon has been signed off work permanently.


    • 290
      annnnonyperson says:

      My word. Kevin has not allowed any Mirror readers to comment on his article. Perhaps he doesn’t want to know what they think?


  31. 57
    ballymotebhoy says:

    Ho,ho,ho.After all the diarrhoea(verbal&physical) flowing out of Birmingham this week over the C. B. fiasco(from the best public relations experts the country has to offer). I’ll never forget the P.R. expert “Call Me Dave” stammering & waffling on t.v.trying to explain the fiasco;plus Osborne, May, Warsi & that barrel of lard Pickles. After that it’s so exhilarating and amusing to read the insane ramblings & rantings that pass for comments on this site; just because Milliband minor has assembled a team that will wipe the floor with this pack of city parasites, Etonian masturbators & shysters thats called the Coalition Government lol.


    • 59
      Anonymous says:

      Yea right!


    • 60
      Me and Mine says:

      Jealousy will get you nowhere bally whatsyername. Anything is better than the pile of shite we’ve had for the last 13 fecking years, so UP YOURS!


    • 67
      Nurse, nurse - quick, ballymotebhoy is having a seizure in his room says:

      “Ho, ho, ho… this team is going to wipe the floor” etc etc.

      You poor demented loon.


      • 82
        Engineer says:

        “…this team is going to wipe the floor..”

        That’s about all they’re capable of. Provided somebody competent explains to them which way round to hold the mop, first.


        • 97
          Celebrating Whateverness says:

          I thought you had to be Polish to get a real job like that


        • 143
          Anonymous says:

          When a kid is packed to hostel where he is bullied he become mentally unstable, especially when you have a name like Gibson and is a pretty boy (others will want him as their Mrs). If the kid was any good after Oxford education, he would have got a better job then entering dead people’s name in a data base.

          For such a person we should fell sorry. We gave him this job, even though we know he don’t know much about economics or hasn’t got any experience.

          IT IS NOT HIS FAULT.


        • 174
          Four Eyed English Genius says:

          They will have to be promoted to sweep the floor. They will have to start in the bogs.


      • 211
        Mike Hunt says:

        I’ll fetch them a cloth, there is a bit of sick for them to clear up.


    • 84
      Tossflap Watch Is Back With A Vengeance!!!! says:

      Yes, let’s get rid of the coalition and replace them with more ‘parasites…masturbators and shysters’, shall we?

      Better still, let’s re-employ the ones who fucked up everything last time. How’s that for a plan?

      You fucking idiotic, deluded, so-far-removed-from-reality- you-must-be-living-on-the other-side-of-the-Universe-to-the-rest-of-us, demented, spastic-minded, sad little tossflap.


      • 93
        albacore says:

        We are re-employing the ones who fornicated everything up last time.
        They’ve merely swapped places in the customary Lib/Lab/Con musical chairs danse macabre; and cast-iron Cameron ended up in the hot seat despite all his best efforts to lurk this one out.


      • 128
        ballymotebhoy says:

        T.W.I.B.A.V.!!! says. If you had any parents,they sure brought you up well and taught you all about manners & respect.I’m a retired construction worker and I ought I’d been about a bit, and seen a bit of life until I read your reply to my comment. Normally I would’nt stoop so low as to reply to such a load of excrement; but if an old person can offer a bit of advice;if thats how you reply to humourus political comment seek psychiatric help; if you are’nt already incarcerated. To the other who ca’nt read or spell Ballmote, Ballymote is a little town in Co. Sligo. Eire; my birthplace. Glad to be of assistance to the retards on this blog.


        • 142
          concrete pump says:

          Retired construction worker, been about a bit, born in Ballymote. What do you want? A fucking medal!
          Oh, and slagging off someone else’s spelling is a bit hypocritical considering you can’t even punctuate properly, still, that’s to be expected from a fucking mick who probably spent his working life being a fucking banksman and shouting paddy bollocks to crane operators.
          Btw, i’ve been to Sligo – and it’s a fucking dump.


          • Edward Balls says:

            Do agree Mr Pump but we should respect others opinions even if they are wrong.


          • ballymotebhoy says:

            Concrete Pump; I was’nt aware that I was slagging off other peoples spelling, but replying to some of the most venomous, vicious comments I have ever come across in my life(from Tossflap Watch Is Back With A Vengence!!! says) over an innocuous political comment about the Tories conference in Birmingham. I hope that when you were in Sligo you told those “Fucking Micks” to stop talking
            “Paddy Bollocks” and also what a dump their beautiful part of the world was. Btw what is a banksman? Is it a good job in one of our taxpayer funded/nationalised high st banks that Gordon Brown rescued.I only ask because my 50 years in the Construction Industry were as an apprenticed trained craftsman(and a good one at that).I hope that my punctuation has been better on this post, but if not it is’nt down to a Mick education, rather an English state school education circa 1947/1958. And if I might be as bold to enquire, is the concrete in your pseudonym the filling between your ears? It would certainly seem so from the posts you put on this blog site.Sorry if my grammar does’nt come up to scratch, but I hope you’ll bear with me as I am new to this blog stuff.


          • concrete pump says:

            You’ve worked in construction and you don’t know what a banksman is – fucking hell!
            You did criticize the spelling on a post, “To the other who ca’nt read or spell Ballmote”.
            Pat attention you fucking spastic!
            You post a shit comment like the one @ 57 and now you’re trying to explain yourself – seems like you’re back tracking.
            Have a read of all the replies to your post – again.


        • 216
          M'lud says:

          You call that “humourous political comment”, do you? Granted, it’s no worse than much else on this site, but humourous political comment it is not.


        • 246
          Tossflap Watch Is Back With A Vengeance!!!! says:

          @ Ballymotebhoy: glad to be of service. I am pleased you have enjoyed my post!


        • 265
          Ballypissarsehole says:

          If you can’t take it, don’t give it. Haven’t you figured that out yet you old tosser?


        • 267
          Harpic says:

          Oh so you are another one of those imigrants that is buggering up the country


    • 86
      13eastie says:

      The last “word” of your post marks you out as a twat.

      Take your teenage text speak and fuck off.


    • 177
      Cheese Lover says:

      Funniest thing posted on here today.

      Can we get him a prize for this one Guido?


    • 242
      Tell it like it really is says:

      57 – reality denier


    • 283
      hohoho tickle my tummy again mummy says:

      Ballybumboy…you do tell ‘em…quote…

      ‘just because Milliband minor has assembled a team that will wipe the floor with this pack of city parasites’

      very drole twat


  32. 58
    Evie Lennon says:

    Listen hear Guido, are you going to ‘out’ Postman Pat? Come on now, let’s hear it. Afterall, you did a number on Haugue. Are you being partisan by any chance or wont the Law allow you to come up with the goods?


    • 61
      Postman Pat, The Acceptable Face of Socialism says:

      I was only joking when I said as Shadow Chancellor I needed to read a book about basic economics. Socialist economics is quite simple: Tax, Borrow and Spend, Spend, Spend…


    • 253
      Probably a Troll says:

      No, he’s not going to reveal anything of any interest to anyone with a functioning brain stem.


  33. 62
    Mugwump says:

    Kevin and Charlie – a prize pair of poisonous turnips. There’s an old saying round these parts – “if you can’t catch ‘em don’t bowl ‘em” Stop whining. Obscurity beckons. There’a blessed thought.


  34. 64
    dadsfortwoaircraftcarriers says:

    The concept of the continuitytalibrown is absolutely brilliant!


  35. 65
    Anonymous says:

    The BBC are at it again. All the blog comments on Robinson’s site which mentioned Khan being found guilty of fiddling expenses have been banned.
    Shadow Justice secretary who’s been found guilty countless times of fraud, and nobody’s allowed to mention it on the BBC sites/channels.

    The BBC had this to say: “Fuck free speech. If the truth makes labour look bad or stupid then we’re not going to publish it.”


    • 109

      The BBC lawyers are the most cowardly in the business.
      They have probably insisted that any reference to Mr Khan’s activities be withdrawn pending a high court ruling.

      Quite why they worry so much is a mystery.
      its not as if its their money they’d be losing, or even their client’s money.
      Its just tax money. And as every public sector media organisation knows that money grows on trees..like spaghetti.


      • 113
        White Van Man says:


      • 157
        Must get a pseudonym one day says:

        The BBC can’t afford a lawyer, since they spent all the money sending 25 people to Chile to report on a few miners ending a long overtime shift.

        That’s more people than the whole of the rest of the UK media sent.

        I feel a license fee refund coming on.


        • 178
          Cheese Lover says:

          Your forgetting about the 500+ they sent to India to cover the…erm…um….what’s it called now?…y’know…the little Olympics, without all the big nations…the name of it is right on the tip of my tongue…if only I’d have watched some of it, I could remember…anyone else seen it?…that running thing that’s on at about 3am on BBC2.

          Needless to say, (our) money, well spent.


        • 269
          WokinghamChris says:

          The BBC certainly knows the way to San Jose.

          Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah-wha.


  36. 66
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    I don’t understand this ‘deficit denial’ stuff. Who’s denying there is a deficit?


    • 77
      Anonymous says:

      Labour and the BBC.

      They don’t deny it exists, they deny that it’s a problem.

      They also mislead people into thinking that £150ishbillion is the full accumulated debt and not just a single year’s overspend.

      The full accumulated debt varies between £2trillion and £5trillion, depending on which economist you ask (the £1trillion government figure is completely bogus).

      Labour’s plans of “reducing the deficit within 4 years” actually means “increasing the accumulated debt by around half a trillion within 4 years”, and they say they’re “brave” to even suggest that level of “cuts”.

      The BBC and Labour are both trying to fool the public by implying things that simply aren’t true.

      Labour’s plans are not to cut the debt, their plans are to increase the debt by half a trillion quid over the next 4 years.


    • 85
      Angry says:

      Who? Many in the Labour Party.

      They are not denying there is a deficit but they are denying it is a problem. They do not see a mountain of debt and an increasing deficit as a problem. It is sheer lunacy.


  37. 72
    M'lud says:

    If Guido has got his quote right, Kevin Maguire has said that Milliminor “fluffed his first big call and played safe with Alan Johnson”. Played safe? Played fucking safe? How is it that putting a rank amateur, who is still waiting for his Economics primer, in as Chancellor can be described as “playing safe”?

    What a complete and utter fuckingfuckwit. Does putting a postman in charge of a modern passenger jet (albeit with his “Flying Airbuses for Dummies” book, of course, in his lap, opened to page one) constitute playing safe?

    Kevin probably thinks so.

    Still, looks like Milliminor has some fun ahead. Interesting (and probably jolly good spectator sport) to see how he handles it.


    • 81
      13eastie says:

      Agree completely.

      But the analysis that Red Ed “played” anything at all in Johnson’s appointment seems fanciful, given:

      Old Generation: Wannabe party leader appoints Charlie Whelan
      New Generation: Charlie Whelan appoints wannabe party leader

      Red Ed is a zombie “leader”. Whelan appointed his man to the shadow chancellor job.


      • 87
        M'lud says:

        You’re probably right. Still, putting the amateur in was worth it if only to watch the discomfort of MrandMrs Cooperballs commenting on their delight in accepting their new roles…


      • 163
        Ad Lib says:

        Labour supporters harp on about Osborne’s lack of credentials as an Art graduate, but it’s a pot and kettle own goal when the new Shadow Chancellor’s economic experience could be written on the back of a postage stamp.


    • 83
      Gildedtumbril says:

      …’See how he handles it’ ? I doubt he could handle his own dick if he ever had one.


    • 89
      M'lud says:

      Sorry, “shadow” Chancellor…


    • 176
      Four Eyed English Genius says:

      You must work for the BBC. He is SHADOW Chancellor


    • 225
      Mike Hunt says:

      Except thank goodness he is not actually in charge, his job is to sit on the side whining about how dreadful the cuts to thick chav’s benefits are.


  38. 73
    Tony says:

    Where’s Peter?


  39. 79
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Its becoming a little tedious pointing out deep the splits baked right into new new liebour are right from the start. Civil wars are always the bloodiest, and they now have the rest of the 10’s out of office to fight them.

    Time to pull up a chair, crack open a sixpack and enjoy the fireworks.


  40. 80
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Yippee!!! http://tinyurl.com/323j65b


  41. 90
    Engineer says:

    A thought about the Ed Balls approach to the current economic woes of the country.

    We are currently just about scrambling out of the worst recession since WW2, if not longer. We all know that growth will follow, though it may not be soon or spectacular. Equally certain is that at some point, maybe five years, maybe ten or fifteen, there will be another recession.

    If we delay deficit reduction now, as Ed Balls espouses, and wait until the economy is growing before we tackle excess public spending, we will accrue greater debts. Total government spend will also remain high. So when the next recession hits (which, at some point, it surely will), we will have high debts, high interest charges, little scope to cut costs gently and very little room to manouvre economically.

    If we tackle public spending now, we will reduce government spending sooner, control debt better, have scope to slow the cuts if a double-dip seems likely, and be in a better position to enjoy the boom when it finally comes. We will also be in much better economic shape when (not if) the next recession hits.

    Balls and the Talibrowns are economic imbeciles. RedEd is wise to sideline them, but won’t shut them up completely. They’ll be boring away below his waterline for as long as most of this parliament, and whilst they probably won’t sink him, they’ll give him a lot of work continuously pumping his bilges. There’s nothing RedEd can do to avoid this, because he can’t send Balls to the back benches. Balls could be RedEd’s enemy within.

    Truly, Kinnockio has his party back…..let the backstabbing begin…


    • 94
      13eastie says:

      But you’ve forgotten Labour’s traditional secret weapon in all of this.

      There is a misapprehension that Labour would need growth, wealth creation and increased tax revenues to pay down the debt.

      But why would you want flaky, unreliable wealth creation when you know you can depend on trusty old wealth destruction to get the job done?

      Print money. Appease the proles. Let the wage-price spiral accelerate.

      You’ve got pensioners, savers, foreign investors, and bond-holders by the balls.

      Default on the debt by inflating it away. It’s the Labour way.


    • 126
      AC1 says:

      > We are currently just about scrambling out

      IMHO Nowhere near that yet. We’re still just counting how much Marxism has damaged the economy.


      • 149
        Can't remember my moniker says:

        From my admittedly safe distance that I have chosen, I simply cannot see how the UK can get out of its borrowing predicament. Hell, government expenditure is not even being reduced overall. Given that the true government debt, once all unfunded commitments are factored in, is in the order of £85,000 for every man, woman and child, before taking the enormous personal debt (not even counting in mortgage debt against a very shaky property market), there is a working lifetime of debt repayment for everyone. If that sounds bad, think of what will happen to this debt if rates begin to rise. The repayments will not equal the interest. I do hope that my judgment is horribly wrong but I just don’t see any way out.


        • 191
          Engineer says:

          There is a way out – hard work for a long time. Bit like paying a mortgage – it’s crippling for the first five or ten years, but it does get easier.

          What would scupper things is a tax-and-spend socialist government getting back in after ten years and blowing the hard work before the benefits really take hold. The Balls’ of this world will not cease to be a threat until they, and the crackpot ideas the espouse, are eliminated fom politics altogether. That might take some doing, given the number of Marxists still squatting in University economics professorships.


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            Usually I agree with you, Engineer, But just consider the impact of say a 4% increase in rate levels. Not an outrageous amount, money is not free after all. Factor that into the debt and your five or ten years becomes longer than either of us are likely to live, even if we both break longevity records.


          • M'lud says:

            I would also agree with you, Engineer, if you had omitted the words “from politics altogether” in your post.


    • 151
      Harry the Camel says:

      But the only way the economy can grow, under Ballsenomics theory, is to ‘put money into the economy’ – in other words increase Govmnt spending/turnover by borrowing more to pay more salaries for…well you know the rest.

      Borrowing £400,000,000 pounds each and every day is simply not enough, it must be increased….oh and never paid back. How long would that plan last in practice ??

      Kamikaze balls….


    • 153
      ST says:

      Also, we have the problem of all the baby boomers retiring over the next 15 years, starting next year.


      • 159
        Moley says:

        And all the endowment mortgages with huge shortfalls, maturing in the immediate future, with a tight lending market as background.

        The coalition Government is busy telling the international bond market that it is reducing spending drastically, whilst telling everybody else that spending will continue to rise, although at a reduced rate, and there will be no “savage cuts”

        It is to be hoped that the coalition does not adopt the Blair policy of “A speech for every occasion”, with no action whatsoever.


        • 185
          Engineer says:

          I do have some optimism that government recognises the dangers and is prepared to start the unpalatable measures to address them. Reform of the welfare burden and pensions, though in their earliest stages, are at least going in the right direction. It would be good to see more action on encouragement for enterprise, though as the government has no money for financial handouts, it’s options are somewhat limited.


    • 164
      13eastie says:

      My original post was inexplicably modded, but the gist of it was that Engineer has forgotten that Labour’s plan was always to go back to its tried and tested methods.

      Inflation is the best way to get your creditors to pay off their loans themselves for you.

      It also means you don’t have to face down the unions and public sector workforce re. pay, cuts, or pension changes.

      and if you happen to get caught in the crossfire because you are:

      a) a cash saver
      b) a pensioner
      c) a foreign investor

      then too f*cking bad.


      • 175
        Can't remember my moniker says:

        Correct analysis, eastie.


      • 180
        Engineer says:

        Fair comment – however, we know from bitter experience in the ’70s and early ’80s that a high-inflation, high-interest rate economic environment stifles private sector growth, and thus potential for tax revenues. (As you rightly point out, it also seriously hurts those on fixed incomes and savers, too.)

        The priorities for addressing the problem have to be to firstly, eliminate the deficit by cutting public spending and simultaneously encouraging growth of the private sector, then secondly to reduce debt.

        We’ll have to wait and see how fast public spending is brought under control – sooner rather than later would seem the wisest course, so as to have the public books balanced or in surplus when the next recession hits. So far, however, nobody has suggested how we might reduce the burden of debt. Sure, it will reduce over several decades as inflation erodes it, provided we do not run another deficit or go deflationary, but should we not be taking active steps to pay back debt once we have eliminated the deficit? Painful in the short term, but rather like paying a mortgage, easier as time passes, and a significant reduction in the burden for the next generation.

        Not a Ballsian approach, but surely a responsible one?


        • 213
          Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

          Agree, Engineer.

          But listening to the squeals from the ‘I’ve got 10 kids I can’t afford, so give me benefits’ brigade, allied to the yummy mummies who will have to cut down on contributions to little Fiona and Sebastian’s trust fund, I wonder if it’s politically possible to do anything at all (see also #144 I can’t remember my moniker above). (Idiots these people may be, but they’ve got votes, gawd ‘elp us.)

          Listening to the rough reception David Starkey got on Any Questions for speaking common sense, I wonder if the Brown plot to make the majority of voters welfare-dependent, and thus Labour supporters, has finally worked.

          Given that most of these ‘cuts’ won’t happen within this parliament, or only just towards its end, I detect no real sense of urgency from the coalition.

          Perhaps they are waiting for – even encouraging – the moment when the IMF comes in and imposes solutions. Then they could say: ‘They’re not our cuts’ and maybe get away with it.


        • 236
          13eastie says:

          Yes, that is exactly what we should be doing.

          But Balls and Co. perversely see the private sector as parasitic and exploitative, good only for punitive taxation. They have recklessly ignored its massive contribution the pensions. They see growth only as an enabler for tax revenues. They see standards of living as dependent only on government spending.

          As even Blair remarked, “Ed Balls…does not get aspiration”.

          Labour’s constituency can only be diminished by the migration of “workers” from the state (and welfare state) “payroll”. This has been Labour’s principal concern since time immemorial.

          Keeping people poor and dependent keeps Labour in (with a shout of) power.

          The simple, brutal, fact is that paying benefits is cheaper than paying salaries to inefficient and unproductive sections of the public sector workforce. Private sector jobs create wealth, pay more tax, cost the Treasury nothing, have no public pension liability. The public sector (while a necessary evil in many cases) has the opposite effect in every regard.

          I have nothing against the people who provide, often essential, public services. But I don’t see why they should be exempted from making the sacrifices that those in the private sector have been making for years: pensions arbitrarily destroyed; job losses; pay freezes; tax increases; irrational foreclosures.

          If Brown had stuck to his “Golden Rule” he would probably be respected today as a great Chancellor.

          The problem is that he started fudging it. And rather than trying to turn back, he got hooked on profligacy.

          13eastie’s Law: Expenditure on an overhead cannot be an investment. Period.

          Throwing money away, never to be seen again is not investment. Yet you still hear Labour MP’s blathering about “investing in jobs” – perhaps the biggest lie they’ve told. Investments come straight back onto the balance sheet. Overheads don’t. Just try and add up the man-years of unproductive “work” Labour has sponsored since 1997…

          Labour will never accept any of these things. They will continue to blame the investment banks for everything, though history will show that bailing out the (retail) banks, which cost very little (arguably zero) cash in the grand scheme of the national debt, will turn out to be the most profitable investment ever made by a UK government.

          Labour is an economic deceit.

          Before you even start to consider philosophical issues like our personal liberties, national sovereignty, culture norms or societal values.

          Labour is an economic deceit.


  42. 91
    David Miliband says No2AV says:

    Did Mandelson deliberately mess up Labour’s election campaign to discredit the Brownites and pave the way for David Miliband to be next Labour leader? I suspect Whelan believes this to be the case and to have his revenge on Mandelson he worked night and day to ensure that either one of the Red Eds won. Whelan is waking up to the fact that little Ed is not as union friendly as his pal Ed B. Hehe


  43. 92
    Here's another deficit denier says:

    Portillo’s reaction to her comment that Labour invested in jobs is a delight.


  44. 98
    bird with small brain says:

    Someone should ask every MP to define a) the national debt and b) the national deficit. I bet at least 70% don’t know the difference. The general public certainly don’t know.


  45. 103
    Toilets MugLiar says:

    A National Debt of £ 4.6 TRILLION is Liebour’s legacy. What’s the problem ????


  46. 104
    Jimmy says:

    Charlie who?


  47. 105
    jgm2 says:

    Let’s talk about somebody else who retired with the poorest of grace. Threw all his toys out of the pram in fact. Still sulking.

    Their hero, the Maximum Imbecile, G*rd*n Br*wn.


    • 108
      the beast of clerkenwell says:

      So he had a pram to go with the rocking horse ?


    • 120
      Prudence says:

      Today I am here to talk about getting on with the job. There is still much to be done to build upon the economic legacy which I bequeathed to the country. No more boom and bust, a massive boost to the treasury from my prudent selling of gold bullion, a pensions industry which is envied across the globe. But we cannot stop here. There is more to be done. Younger, less experienced hands are in charge now, which is why I will be offering prime minister Ed Milliband my expertese in a new role as special advisor. It is the right thing to do. Thank you and goodnight.


      • 125
        Gordon Brown, Deficit Denier-in-Chief says:

        Prudence; I strangled you in the year 2000.


        • 136

          I think that image can be taken further.

          10 Westminster Place.
          Gordon in the John Christie role.

          “His unassuming demeanour masks the fact of being a serial spender. His modus operandi is to act as a person with an economics background, lure unsuspecting middle class voters to his apartment on the pretence of curing them of poor people’s guilt, knock them unconscious with stealth taxes, gain his sexual release through contact with the taxpayers billions, then when he realises the victim is now financially dead, disposing of the body. Usually by burying it in his back yard and blaming the Tories.”


          • nоwt so quееr says:

            Yeah, lets’ add another image to that shall we? Piano wire strung around McRuins ballsack and then hung just high enough from a lampost so that his fat jock head can be used as a football.


  48. 106
    the beast of clerkenwell says:

    Explains why Gordon is no more
    In every photo op he always had the Minors in front of him


  49. 113
    The A-Team says:

    Labour tearing themselves apart with bile, plots and petty spite. I love it when a plan comes together.


  50. 117
    • 135
      Tough but it's the law says:

      On what basis ? Is her life in danger if she is returned to Zimbabwe ?

      Just because she was kicked off X Factor should she be exempt from UK Immigration Laws ? I don’t think so. Where do you draw the line ? It may be tough but the UK Immigration Laws need to be adhered to and if you’ve lost your appeal for “Right to Remain” in the UK you need to be deported. No one, X Factor Contestants included,is above the law. I sincerely hope that the UKBA hangs tough and that no politician gets involved to overule the decision for purely populist reasons(as no doubt Brown would have) If Gamu has a valid reason to appeal against deportation or if her legal representatives feel that her Human Rights or life is at at risk then that is the basis for stopping the deportation.Not because of the fact that she appeared on some Televison Talent Contest
      So as far as I am concerned this is one petition I shall most definitely NOT be signing


    • 171
      13eastie says:

      An exit visa.


    • 291
      Archie says:

      F*ck you!


  51. 119
    Moley says:

    Rumour has it that Balls wrote Mc Guire’s article and that the McBride poison weapon has now fallen into the hands of Balls too.

    But if the Mirror has now stopped supporting labour; just who does it support?

    The Socialist Worker’s Party?


  52. 121
    Pig sick of Labour says:

    Hang on hang on hang on!

    Fucking Kim Mili-un is a deficit denier. He just denies it slightly less than the fully Out-Talibrownies at the moment. Guido is perpetuating a shitting Labour myth here.

    Badger’s four year plan was fucking bollocks anyway. To still be massively increasing the national debt in four years time is psychotic and oppressive nonsense that would mean sucking the blood of the workers even harder at some point in the future.

    Let me make this absolutely clear: LABOUR ARE ALL FUCKING EVIL Hunts!!!!


    • 147

      Absolutely agree – the Tory plan is to stop over-spending in 5 years time – the Labour is to keep over-spending. No way are my children going to be in government debt bondage paying taxes for past prolifigacy.


      • 150
        piers moron lookallike says:

        Gorgeous Gids.


      • 173
        Pig sick of Labour says:

        You aren’t thinking of moving them offshore are you Guido?


        • 203
          Engineer says:

          To where? Ireland’s even worse off, Spain Portugal and Greece about the same or worse. French taxation is punitive, and you have to meet some pretty stringent tests before you can get into places like Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the United States of Yank. Where does that leave you? Jersey or the Isle of Man? People’s Republic of South Yorkshire?


          • Indigo says:

            Morocco – the sovereign is keen to encourage inward investment. One caveat: don’t buy a house that has no deeds; no matter how much money you pay for it, if it has no deeds it can’t be yours. Apparently.

            I’d move to Morocco in a heart beat, to Tangier.


  53. 129
    White Van Man's latest headlines... says:

    Diane Abbott is = Shadow Junior Health Minister!


  54. 137
    Head of Shadow Front Bench visits says:

    Mr Guido

    I am paid a fortune by the taxpayer for Shadow Front bench visits, as you know.

    Just got the job..I was on benefits before, living in Horseferry Road but this gig is part time and I only give Shadow Front Bench visits to my scounger mates on the Horseferry Road at the moment..

    Then I piss off to the Boozer

    You know the one…

    Westminster Arms.. But I am now an OFFICAL – gold -plated pension and all that..

    But Mr Guido, you must tell me…who should I allow to “visit” the Shadow Front Bench ?

    Men only ? Or are they no longer just poofsters ?

    Or mistresses if they have changed theoir sexuality . Or Communists….

    Please tell me otherwise I am off to the W.A. (and I used to drink you under the table)



    • 139
      Bob says:

      I think you are Head of Front Bench shadow visits Jack

      Do you make them drop their knickers or Y fronts before they enter the Shadow Front Bench ?


  55. 144
    fruit watch says:

    A video tribute to tat and concrete pump.


  56. 160
    BillyBob - Ooman Rights Legislation, just a load of bollocks!! says:


    WTF?? a good British woman murdered by peace loving Muslims…… who would believe that??


  57. 161
    BillyBob - Ooman Rights Legislation, just a load of bollocks!! says:


    Who would have thought that…… ??


    • 169
      BillyBob - Ooman Rights Legislation, just a load of bollocks!! says:

      and I thought they were peace loving gentle people…….


  58. 162
    BloodyAngry says:

    You know what? None of this matters any more. If any part of this article on the Telegraph is true, then we’re all fucked. Get out of the UK, get out now whilst you can still pay for it.



    • 168
      Anonymous says:

      “Get out of the UK, get out now whilst you can still pay for it.”

      What, and become an immigrant?


    • 171
      BillyBob - Ooman Rights Legislation, just a load of bollocks!! says:

      No I need need the f8ckers to pay for my generous public sector pension…… Thanks Tone !!!


      • 183
        Ratsniffer says:

        Hang on a tick. While I am not in favour of “opening the floodgates” the article says it’s “skilled Indian IT workers, engineers and managers”.
        They hardly sound like spongers and chancers to me. They work like trojans, and they’ll pay tax.

        Now, if you want to argue that those jobs should be given to British people, fine -but where are they? Have we trained enough of them? Are they skilled enough? Or has labour’s 13 years of Educational Fuckwittery produced a workforce of under-qualified media students and golf course operatives?


        • 215
          albacore says:

          At the bottom of that link: “A Brussels study has predicted that under an EU-wide deal with India, Europe’s economy would grow by £3.9 billion a year.”
          That’s for the whole of Europe, then; and I assume that it’s turnover, not profit.
          Dave could make double that amount in pure profit for the UK alone AND eliminate interest accruing on an associated debt that would thus not be incurred AND without admitting a single immigrant.
          How? Sorry, can’t divulge politically incorrect stuff like that.
          Here’s a hint, though. What do you associate with the term “ring-fenced” (other than dingbat Tory lunacy, of course).


        • 228
          Indigo says:

          On Peston’s blog, I think it was, a commentator a few weeks ago said that RBS was letting go 1,000 of its own IT (Brits) in order to take on Indians instead.


        • 247
          Tell it like it really is says:

          Don’t forget that each one brings along a fwhole tribe of others, sosay wife, million kids, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, cousings, paarents and on and on and on. Any tax the first one pays does not in any way cover the cost of the whole “horde”.


        • 271
          Tata says:


          I can pay them 3rd world wages plus a bit, and undercut British workers.

          Sure, British workers will go onto the dole queue, but hey, it doesn’t take long to learn to say “do you want fries with that”.

          That will put off all the kids wanting to go to university, and we can train them all in McJobs instead.

          fucking A plan!


  59. 170
    Another Engineer says:

    WTF is this puff piece on R4 about Yvette CooperBalls? Its absolutely off the scale.

    Could we talk about the house flipping instead of how brilliant she is, please?

    And calling her “one the of the most powerful women in politics”. Er, no, BBC, because, get this LABOUR AREN’T IN POWER. Get used to it.


    • 179
      Ratsniffer says:

      They are still in complete and total denial at the Pravda. It’s as though the empty champagne bottles which were “strewn along the corridors of broadcasting house” have never been cleared up. The lefties working in the newsrooms are like those japanese soldiers who continued hiding in the jungles, ready to fight, unaware that the war had ended 20 years ago. Sad sacks of putrid shite, all of them.


    • 226
      Indigo says:

      I turned it off at the start. I think that the programme must have been recorded when she was “tipped” to be Shadow Chancellor, and then when Ed Millipede passed her over the BBC hadn’t anything else to broadcast instead or – perhaps more likely – went ahead with the broadcast anyway just to “show”us that its recording didn’t have anything to do their expectation that they would be celebrating her being made Shadow Chancellor. If you follow me.


      • 250
        Another Engineer says:

        The impression I got was that it was the latter. They guessed she’d be Shadow Chancellor, and got it wrong. Even if she was, it would still have been nauseating.

        I went for the off button, but the other half said that we had to know what the enemy was doing. I disagree – I know quite well what the enemy is doing. I just want them stopped.

        Can pay, won’t pay!


  60. 181
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    The Stilettoed Socialist cannot be happy either. Not a post since 03/06/2010.

    What a bummer.


  61. 187
    TROOPS OUT NOW! says:


    • 241
      let the yanks fuck it up why dont you says:

      the little bald twat needs to retire and spend his time bouncing on his young boyfriends cock


    • 248
      • 263
        Brave Brave Retarded NeoCon Chickenhawk says:

        So why aren’t you out there fighting in Afghanistan AC1?

        Apart from the fact that you’re just another cowardly NeoCon chickenhawk supporting catastophic wars from as far away from the battlefield as possible.


  62. 189
    it's me you're looking for says:

    Fuck Brigstock, Izzard and Brand, bring back our Jim!!


    • 198
      Ratsniffer says:

      Good piece over on Biased BBC about The Newsquiz using what appears to be the same canned laughter after each leftie “joke”. Listen to each bit of laughter when they are all spliced together. They sound identical. I bet if someone took the waveform of the laughter clips and superimposed them, they’d all match.



  63. 199
    QWERTY says:

    Note to Toilets Maguire, Vaseline lubes best when warmed up on a radiator.


  64. 201
    Labour Deficit Denier says:

    Tories are wankurs. let’s build 20 aircraft carriers, it will keep us in irun Brew, drugs and deep fryed mars bars in Skotland

    Let’s build 1 million more homes for asylum seekres, they have a right to cum ere you english Huntz

    Kevin Maguire is my best mate.


  65. 202
    QWERTY says:

    Has Polly Toynbee topped herself?


  66. 212
    Kill all Fabians says:

    AS I PASS through my incarnations in every age and race,
    I make my proper prostrations to the Gods of the Market Place.
    Peering through reverent fingers I watch them flourish and fall,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings, I notice, outlast them all.

    We were living in trees when they met us. They showed us each in turn
    That Water would certainly wet us, as Fire would certainly burn:
    But we found them lacking in Uplift, Vision and Breadth of Mind,
    So we left them to teach the Gorillas while we followed the March of Mankind.

    We moved as the Spirit listed. They never altered their pace,
    Being neither cloud nor wind-borne like the Gods of the Market Place,
    But they always caught up with our progress, and presently word would come
    That a tribe had been wiped off its icefield, or the lights had gone out in Rome.

    With the Hopes that our World is built on they were utterly out of touch,
    They denied that the Moon was Stilton; they denied she was even Dutch;
    They denied that Wishes were Horses; they denied that a Pig had Wings;
    So we worshipped the Gods of the Market Who promised these beautiful things.

    When the Cambrian measures were forming, They promised perpetual peace.
    They swore, if we gave them our weapons, that the wars of the tribes would cease.
    But when we disarmed They sold us and delivered us bound to our foe,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “Stick to the Devil you know.”

    On the first Feminian Sandstones we were promised the Fuller Life
    (Which started by loving our neighbour and ended by loving his wife)
    Till our women had no more children and the men lost reason and faith,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “The Wages of Sin is Death.”

    In the Carboniferous Epoch we were promised abundance for all,
    By robbing selected Peter to pay for collective Paul;
    But, though we had plenty of money, there was nothing our money could buy,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “If you don’t work you die.”

    Then the Gods of the Market tumbled, and their smooth-tongued wizards withdrew
    And the hearts of the meanest were humbled and began to believe it was true
    That All is not Gold that Glitters, and Two and Two make Four
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.

    As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man
    There are only four things certain since Social Progress began.
    That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
    And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;

    And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
    When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
    As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
    The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!


  67. 217
    kempton says:

    Part of the solution to the deficit and debt problem is to initiate another round of privatisation.

    This should start with breaking up and selling off the BBC. The capital proceeds would go towards paying down the debt, and the income derived from taxes on any surviving commercially-viable operations would go towards reducing the deficit.

    Abolishing the TV tax itself would release a welcome £3.4 billion per annum into the real economy, as well as being popular with the voters.

    And we would no longer be forced by law to keep paying for the BBC as yet another public-sector parasite — and hence with a vested interest in promoting leftist economic policies, in order to ensure its own squalid survival.


    • 245
      Albi Here says:

      If they changed the part of the telecommunications act which states that you must have a tv licence if you have a television, to you must have a tv licence to watch or listen to the BBC.


  68. 221
    ned says:



  69. 231
    SAS --- NOT says:

    Not watching the news Guido

    Seems that the fate of kidnapped Britain’s abroad is in the hands of The Cock ( The Cameron Curse ) and his side kick The Cock Sucker ( Billy Vague ).
    I bet “The Cock” already had his Thatcherist Iranian Embassy speak typed up ready by C*unt Coulson. What a bunch of cocks !!!!!!!!


  70. 233
    Anonymous says:


    In the latest of an occasional series of essays, the British author and former parliamentary candidate Paul Weston takes a look at the widespread occurrence of voting fraud in Modern Multicultural Britain.


  71. 239
    The Ape Man Commeth says:

    Johnatan powell’s book brown-blair leaves little doubt what bliar meant when he called the pathetic scotch coward “a big clunking fist”

    big = big

    clunking = fcuking

    fist = cu’nt



    • 257
      nell says:

      Click on that link and it will tell you that gordo really isn’t a clunking fist!!!

      Gordo really is a fairy!!


      • 266
        Brokeback Cameron says:

        Did you find that out while you were squatting in his bins sniffing his wife’s used tampons ? or did William Gaygue and Gideon ‘fucked mandy on a yacht’ Osborne tell you ?


      • 289
        50 Calibre says:

        Link failed…


  72. 240
    SAS --- NOT says:

    Just done a tour of right wing bloggs, and it seems that there is 100% lock down on anyone speacking about the Hague and Cameron inspired failed rescue attempt


  73. 243
    Herman Van Rompuy says:

    I spit on those dirty dog Labour party scavengers.
    Have you seen my new pedigree house mutt?


  74. 251
    nell says:

    balls, whelan, brown, bliar, the militwits,alastair.

    All the labour factions hate each other .

    And the balls/yvette factions hate the rest of labour most.

    And lets not forget that Balls and Yvette are scheming to be the most important part of labour.

    2015 here we come.

    Balls for PM and yvette for chancellor!!!


    • 264
      nell the hypocrite says:

      God bless that poor dead woman in Afghanistan.
      Only joking! Fuck that place now that it’s my hero Cameron’s problem.
      Five more years of lovely dead troops! Yippee!!?!


  75. 286
    ballymotebhoy says:

    Concrete(between the ears)Pump; As I am a very new(I know, what an old dinosaur I am) recruit to emailing& blogging; could you explain to me how you can post a reply at 12.31.am 10/10/2010 to a post sent at 01.33am 10/10/2010. I know that I’m an ignoramus at this game, but that seems pretty brilliant for somebody that I’d got marked down as a retard.Sorry, but you dont see many banksmen on housing/schools/commercial/refurbishment building sites where I spent most of my working life.You never told me of the reaction of the residents of the beautiful county of Sligo when you told them what a dump it was and they spoke “Fucking Paddy Bollocks”. Oh what I would give to see you telling them that in “Doddy’s ” in Ballymote.Once again I’ll apologise for my punctuation/grammar, but its down to inexperience/incompetence rather than hypocrisy.Quite funny you calling me a “Wanker” the amount of posting you do on here that must be the only activity/pleasure you have. As I look through this blog site I think of the taxes that I have paid during my working life, and they must have made a contribution to the C.B. education/health/giro’s/pensions/incarceration/emploment/safety/defence, of all the wierdo’s/retards/geeks/tories ;that have replied to my original post ,how pleasurable it is that you are now contributing to my well deserved pension. P.S. I hope that this post shows that I can take it, as well as give it.


  76. 288
    50 Calibre says:

    I am delighted at this welcome development.

    All moves from within the Liebour Party to uphold the deranged ramblings of the dysfunctional nutter from Kirkcaldy as being the way forward when they are clearly not, thereby perpetuating the internecine warfare much loved and fully supported by the loony lefties, are a good thing. The sooner this bunch of shit implodes, the better it will be for everyone.

    England is still the only country on the planet without it’s own legislature. Why’s that then?


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