October 8th, 2010

Labour MPs Reject Gays, Toffs and People of Colour

There has been much comment that Labour MPs didn’t look beyond the letter ‘M’ in the alphabetically ordered voting paper. That doesn’t explain the rejection of Abbott, Bradshaw and Bryant. Guido would point out only that the MPs rejected Woodward a toff, gayers Bradshaw and Bryant, Abbott who is black and Hain who is orange. As a result Labour’s Shadow Cabinet is just as white and straight as the government’s Cabinet.

UPDATE : Toby Young points out that half the Shadow Cabinet went to Oxbridge and 40% of them were privately educated. The Tories also point out that all of Ed Miliband’s “new generation” Shadow Cabinet members were on the government payroll when Gordon Brown was Prime Minister. Eighteen were ministers Mary Creagh was a Government whip. Of the top ten Shadow Cabinet members, not one of them chose Ed Miliband as their first choice in the leadership election.


  1. 1
    jgm2 says:

    Have as many of them been to public school as the Tory cabinet too?

  2. 2
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    I was going to say that they were all rejected because they are total arses but there have been plenty of arses making Labour cabinets before so on balance it is probably just prejudice.

  3. 3
    Buster Brown says:

    Didn’t know Tango man was a Gayer

  4. 4
  5. 5
    Better Dead than Red Ed says:

    There is no colour discrimination in my cabinet: anyone RED is very welcome.

  6. 6
    Rice 'n' Peas says:

    I thought some tupenny lickers got through.

    Is someone hoping to get them back onto solids?

  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    All Oxbridge graduates.

    Even from the reject list, Mrs Lefty herself Dianne sends her kids to public school, obviously a case of do what we say, not what we do

  8. 8
    jgm2 says:

    Nor is anybody discriminated against for being brain-damaged. They’ve just recycled the last cabinet of all the incompetents.

  9. 9
    Anonymous says:

    Oi Guido tha’s forgotton you old pal Khan, he’s brown isn’t he or do my eyes deceive me.

  10. 10
    mr E says:

    Mrs Balls (up) – for shadow chancellor … and therefore next leader of the opposion if red ed fails to win.

    you heard it here first

  11. 11
    Up sh1t creek says:

    Please select Liam Byrne again, he’s SO good at economics.

  12. 12
    too much information says:

    after eating sweet & sour chicken hong kong style, crispy beef in peking sauce, salt and pepper chicken, chips and rice last night I have found out the true meaning of laying a cable – after a few rudimentary calculation involving the diameter of the pan and number of coils I reckon it must have been nearly three feet long

  13. 13
    bollock Brain says:

    So will Yvette Balls stand by her man and let Mr Balls be Chancellor?

    Theonly thing she is famous for is HIPs and they werea complete load of Balls

  14. 14
    Backwoodsman says:

    Shocking, these trendy London types are so biased, what about the criminal classes (Hain) and the pretendy welsh classes ( erm , Hain).

  15. 15
    Andy Gray says:

    Serves Woodward right. Treacherous knut.

  16. 16
    Anonymous says:

    There also seems to be a blatant bias in favour of retards

  17. 17
    David Miliband says:

    Over my dead body.

  18. 18
    Anonymous says:

    But there are a lot more women to be fair…

  19. 19
    oldrightie says:

    Nothing straight about any of ‘em.

  20. 20
    Doc Trough says:

    The absence of obvious Gayists in no way suggests that there will be a commensurate reduction in the practice of Gaying.

  21. 21
    concrete pump says:

    Surely the omission of Abbott has got nothing to do with her skin colour and more to do with the fact that she’s a fucking tool with jizz for brains.

  22. 22
    Steve Miliband says:


    People with surnames beginning N-Z should stand up against this blatant inequality.

  23. 23
    it's all balls says:

    David Miliband’s inability to deal with coming second and his torming off stage in a tantrum has allowed Mr & Mrs bollocks to take control of New generation Labour even though they are Old Generation Labour.

  24. 24
    Backwoodsman says:

    Don’t you just love her car crash tv appearances (carefully confined to the bbc ) – interviewer asks her a question, she does her rabbit in the car headlights impression, gabbles a stock irrelevant answer from her pre-prepared crib sheet and usually tops it off with a lie of complete transparency. Grovelling beeboid thanks her profusely and asks her if she has any other thoughts she would like to pass on to an expectant public.

  25. 25
    Dianne Fatbutt says:

    The liebour party is clearly RACIST !

  26. 26
    Steve Miliband says:

    Only 6 of them had Ded Ed as their first choice for Leader. 10 wanted D Mili, the rest wanted themselves.

    A ringing endorsement.

  27. 27
    KINNOCKIO says:

    I’ve got my Party back !!!!

  28. 28
    Anonymous says:

    But there are a lot more women to be unfair…

  29. 29
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Indeed, he had an excellent grasp of the situation when in power.

  30. 30
    pmt008 says:

    Well Hain, Bradshaw and Bryant are 3 of the most annoying members of the Labour party, so their not getting voted for suggests that the party themselves are vaguely sane. Woodward not getting in shows they still think he’s a Tory. Diane Abbott is the biggest surprise as she got a pretty good reception from her speech at their conference. Still, maybe it shows that the Labour party are fans of her chemistry with Portillo.

  31. 31
    KINNOCKIO says:

    Apologies for the long-winded rubbish but that’s what I do for a living, spout utter bilge and pick up loads of lovely Taxpayers’ money.

  32. 32
    Zac Zero says:

    It’s tue though. having a name at the end of the alphabet is a real pain. I was always last to have my name called out at morning registration, last to see the nit nurse, last to pay dinner money, last to get into the school bus and so on.

    There should be a law to stop discrimination against zeds

  33. 33

    As is Warsi hence “as white and straight”.

  34. 34
    Jaffa says:

    A massive construction to get the ‘Hain’s orange’ joke across. Got there in the end, eh Guido!

    (You get orange by mixing red and yellow.)

  35. 35
    Anonymous says:

    “Osborne’s economic growth”

    Fears of a double dip recession grew yesterday after respected economists said that growth had more than halved over the summer.

    The recovery in Britain slowed dramatically over the past three months as government spending cuts hit growth, according to the National Institute of Economic and Social Research.

    Its analysis showed that output grew by just 0.5 per cent in the third quarter of the year – less than half the 1.2 per cent rate of expansion in the previous three months.

  36. 36
    Double-vision says:

    Two ’28’s – never seen that before.

  37. 37
    Anonymous says:

    Watch out for those knives Dave, they are coming for you!

  38. 38
    NoToffsMyArse says:

    Come off it Guido, no toffs in the Coalition Cabinet?

  39. 39
    Laocowboy2 says:

    I would suggest that the Coalition actually has a much more rainbow look than the Shadow, even if we forget David Laws and give Hague the benefit of the doubt. And a good thing too. I believe that Pink households tend to have highr incomes and higher savings than many (no school fees) while hopefully the Sub-continent and West Indian communities will at last wake up to the fact that labour have cynically used them as compliant vote-banks (in often currupt local council wards) while doing almost nothing for them. All should have a natural affinity with a governmet that wishes to reward hard work and talent rather than shiftless clientalism.

    I have always reckoned that as Labour are sure the unemployed will vote for them, that has to be a reason that they do so much to increase their number.

  40. 40
    Optical illusion says:

    Now they’re 29s!

  41. 41
    Anonymous says:

    No cash left!

  42. 42
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Surely, then, the Fragrant Lady is emminently qualified for a place in Red Ed’s cabinet?

  43. 43
    Myopic says:

    Now they’re 33s!

  44. 44
    ddd says:

    A pleasure watching that consumate thicko Abbot having the piss taken out of her on Brillo’s sofa last night. After getting in a fluster following IDSs’ welfare reform announcement a while back and calling it an “on your bike policy” in a front-page guardian article it was nice to see her finally say that housing benefit does need reform. Keep talking (and eating) Diane. I may buy the DVD for Christmas.

  45. 45
    Balls 4 Leader says:

    Didn’t Mrs Balls vote for Mr Balls?

  46. 46
    Edward Balls says:

    Harsh, but true!

  47. 47
    Schrödinger's cat says:

    Back to the sixties and the age of deference.

  48. 48
    Schrödinger's cat says:

    She has rather boyish hips.

  49. 49
    Sir William Waad says:

    0.5% is a decent rate of growth for a quarter. Two more quarters like that and growth for the year will be over 2.7% – a very respectable rate of growth and quite a bit higher than the average achieved by the last government despite the longest economic boom in the history of the world.

    One should, however, take all these figures with a large pinch of salt. They are trying to measure something that has no physical reality, using educated guesswork.

  50. 50
    Steve Miliband says:

    Make that 34


  51. 51
    Engineer says:

    They had to have a token “person of colour”.

  52. 52
    Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

    So is Ed going to announce who gets what post today?

  53. 53
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    HH wont be happy , eqaulity and all that

  54. 54
    PCGoneMad says:

    Looking at possibly 25%-40% cutbacks the Condems are doing their bit to increase the number of Labour voters.

  55. 55
    You would have ripped into those twats Fawkes, you're fooling nobody says:

    Cameron himself helped write Michael Howard’s failure of a manifesto then he ripped it up and shit on it when he was made leader.

    Just like….

    Ed Miliband. LOL

  56. 56
    Schrödinger's cat says:

    Keepers of the common Wisden?

  57. 57
    Any colour will do as long as it's red says:

    Abbott was clearly discriminated against for being a West Indian as Ed wanted a Red Indian

  58. 58
    Engineer says:

    And all of them elected by their (socialist, broadly Guardianista) peer group, as well. Isn’t democracy wonderful?

  59. 59
    Schrödinger's cat says:

    “Out of the crooked timber of the Labour Party, nothing straight was ever made.” Some other Kant said that.

  60. 60
    TROOPS OUT NOW! says:

    Inquiry Finds Guards at U.S. Bases Are Tied to Taliban

    WASHINGTON — Afghan private security forces with ties to the Taliban, criminal networks and Iranian intelligence have been hired to guard American military bases in Afghanistan, exposing United States soldiers to surprise attack and confounding the fight against insurgents, according to a Senate investigation.

  61. 61
    Steve Miliband says:

    Radio 5 liars had a piece on the rise of football hooliganism this morning and they interviewed 2 NEDS from ‘Cov’.
    They struggled to communicate in more than grunts or cliches. All hope is lost if you consider that they probably represent a fair proportion of their demographic group – ie 16-22.
    How can anyone employ them?

  62. 62
    Lady Cutlass says:

    Bryant wasn’t Gay enough. Milibeetle wanted a raving nancy boy, you know, just like Guido!

  63. 63
    Gonk says:

    Terrible pity about Peter Hain.
    His contribution will be sorely missed.
    Still the good people of Neath can look
    forward to him wandering the High street.
    Helping out !

  64. 64
    He's Spartacus says:

    Your sub should’ve amended the headline to:

    Gays, Toffs, Taffs and People of Colour



  65. 65
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Woodward made a fairly good show in sorting out the dog’s breakfast that is N. Ireland. It is standard procedure for Labour to sideline anyone with an ounce of competence, part of their “Equality of Outcome”, and “Affirmative Action” programmes, so doubt.

  66. 66
    jgm2 says:

    In fairness Labour baked that into the economy precisely in order to blame the T*ries for the cuts.

    In five years time the voters will have forgotten who left such an economic clusterfuck and will be blaming the T*ries for attempting to sort it out. And the idiots will be back at the wheel again. Idiotting, ever onwards. Towards their idiot destiny.

  67. 67
    South of the M4 says:

    Or it might just mean that they will applaud any old shit as they have been programmed to do.

  68. 68
    Sleepless in Kirkaldy says:

    Rather than the late lamented Sir Common Wisdom

  69. 69
    Double Dip says:

    House pr.i.ces record worst monthly fall ever

    The UK’s fragile economic recovery was exposed by Halifax’s influential house pr.i.ce survey yesterday, which revealed the largest monthly fall in property values on record.

    The respected index showed that house pr.i.ces dropped by 3.6 per cent last month, becoming the latest in a line of economic indicators that have suggested that confidence is weak ahead of the Comprehensive Spending Review in two weeks’ time. The review is likely to lead to extensive cuts to public spending and the loss of thousands of public sector jobs.

  70. 70
    Schrödinger's cat says:

    And then hopefully they will all be consigned to oblivion.

  71. 71
    The White Eared Elephant says:

    shame about Ben Bradshaw – LOL.

    Hain for Welsh Shadow.

  72. 72
    you win it, you own it says:

    if Cameron didn’t want the PM job he shouldn’t have campaigned for it

    I’ve no fucking sympathy for Obama who also inherited the economic clusterfuck

    you either fix it or you fuck off

  73. 73
    jgm2 says:

    Just heard that on the radio. ‘Kin ‘ell. The older chap who was on after them, claiming he was always ‘up for a ruck’ was a model communicator compared to the grunting morons.

    The more I step back and look at the on-going clusterfuck the more I’m inclined to pull the pin and escape the veil of idiocy descending on the UK. Like some poor sap crawling across the no-mans-land from East Germany. More and more I feel trapped in a sea of fucking imbeciles.

    If Ch*rch*ll were alive he’d be coining the phrase ‘Idiot Curtain’. Because for sure a shroud of idiocy has descended on the Uk over the past 13 years and it’s getting more and more impenetrable.

  74. 74
    Schrödinger's cat says:

    It’s just that they all used to be Scottish – now they have all been ethnically cleansed.

  75. 75
    Anonymous says:

    It looks like this is how Osborne is coming up with policy.

  76. 76
    Schrödinger's cat says:

    No winners here.

  77. 77
    Oiky Gove says:

    You love me and Pickles, don’t you jgm2 ?

  78. 78
    Anonymous says:

    “Dave and Osborne saving money, almost like the four houses each of them need to live”

    The Royal Navy will get two new aircraft carriers – preserving Britain’s status as a global sea power – after a crunch Downing Street meeting on defence cuts chaired by David Cameron.
    But one of the carriers is on course to end up as a £2.6billion white elephant until the 2020s as the Government seeks to save money.
    First Sea Lord Sir Mark Stanhope fought off calls for the £5.2billion project to be axed altogether at a meeting of the National Security Council yesterday.

    White elephant: One of the £2.6bn ships is likely to stand dormant until 2020 to save money (artist’s impression)
    But defence officials have been told to go away and work on proposals to keep down costs, by building and then mothballing the second carrier or keeping it in port, probably without fighter aircraft.
    A Downing Street spokesman said only: ‘Nothing is decided until everything is decided.’
    But senior defence sources say the ‘direction of travel’ means the second
    carrier will be built and the remaining discussions concern how it will be deployed.
    Building two carriers will preserve 30,000 jobs in the British shipbuilding industry

  79. 79
    Countdown to Oblivion says:

    Two weeks to go.

  80. 80
    Schrödinger's cat says:

    Only one Miliband, to be fair.

  81. 81

    Look luv, I’m sorry. Stop crying. I really appreciate all you do ’round the house, even if I forget to say it. And I know you have a job as well. All I meant was mine is an important job.And it pays well. It might be better if you didn’t even go to work..?
    OK..OK..calm down dear.. Jeeezz! Only a suggestion. No need to fly off the handle.
    Look, I’m late for work. Why don’t you have a nice cup of tea and do a bit of Facebook eh? All right? I’ll get you a nice bunch of flowers and we’ll go out this weekend eh? Cheer up Luv..

    And with that Yvette picked up her jacket, gave Ed a slap a peck on the cheek and a slap on the bottom, and rushed off to the Treasury.

  82. 82
    jgm2 says:

    Oh I’m sure he wanted it. And he’s got it. I’m more worried about five years down the line when we get the same rebranded retards who got us into this mess voted back in again.

  83. 83
    X the House says:

    Quite agree. Woodward may be a traitor but he wasvery good government minister and genuinely did what was best for the country. Little wonder then that Red Labour have rejected him.

    I would imagine that he now has a real concern with the demise of New Labour and the resurrection of Old red socialist Labour that he is now in the wrong party. I would not be surprised to see him re-join the Conservatives or become an independent.

  84. 84
    Schrödinger's cat says:

    It’s 20° here and a good red wine is £1.80 a bottle.

  85. 85
    And the answer is... says:

    William Hague with a leek up his arse in a top hat and blackface.

  86. 86
    Engineer says:

    Isn’t Eagle the token gayer?

    They also have a token Scot (Wee Dougie), a token veggie (Benn), a token pikey (Flinty), a token postie (Johnson), a token brownie (Khan), and a token hard-working family (Ballscooper).

    Short on token Welsh, Irish, intellectual, scientist, practicing Christian, former business achiever, and many others.

    High on Islington chattering-class pseuds, but that accusation can be levelled at all political parties.

    As the political classes go, they are about as representative as any. As far as the general population goes, they are about as unrepresentative as usual. Pretty much normal service for Westminster.

  87. 87
    Gonk says:

    I was always very impressed with his
    inappropriate giggle.
    ‘Mr. Byrne, quick, your cat’s been run over’
    Ha ha ha ha, larf, chortle– Oh no !

  88. 88
    Sir William Waad says:

    A Shadow Cabinet election is lahk a bawx of chockerlits. Y’never know what yer goin t’gait.

  89. 89
    Spank Sinatra says:

    Find it difficult to believe that the current government will be quaking in their boots with that line-up. Abbott would have been good for comedic value – a sad loss.

  90. 90
    HandsomeDavid says:

    We do not need the aircraft carriers. Modern airforces are now training more UAV pilots that actual pilots.

    Upon delivery the first carrier will be obsolete.

  91. 91
    Sir William Waad says:

    Yvette and Ed – two testicles of one scrotum.

  92. 92
    Schrödinger's cat says:

    They only ever meet at the Vasa Efferentia.

  93. 93
    Red Ed - the Union Manchurian Candidate says:

    Warsi is a Gayer? Damn they are taking over…

  94. 94
    Schrödinger's cat says:

    Is it like a high spotty?

  95. 95
    He just didn't want a Conservative Government says:

    Cameron prefers the Coalition to a Tory majority

    David Cameron is happier sharing power with the Liberal Democrats than he would be with an all-Conservative government, according to one of his inner circle.


  96. 96
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Poor Ed his mps didnt want him and now he wont know when one of them stab him in the back

  97. 97
    ST says:

    Warsi is not gay, he’s winding you up.

  98. 98
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Jesus – just as you think there’s no way they could become less credible here we go with a built-in split in their cabinet right from its creation.

  99. 99
    Bunch of twats picked to fight against bunch of twats. Britain yawns says:

    I find it difficult to believe you haven’t seen Cameron’s front bench.

  100. 100
    Voice of Reason says:

    This lot are a complete irrelevance so it doesn’t matter who they select.


    Just watched a recording of Traffic Cops. They caught an illegal i-mmigrant under a lorry. The cop said he’ll be taken to the police station then given i-mmigration papers and then taken to a railway station – after whiich the twat will disappear. What a fucking system. No wonder we have so many illegal twats in this country.

  101. 101
    jgm2 says:

    Quality. Extra buns for you. See matron.

  102. 102
    Momentum says:

    Absolutely brilliant! As the Telegraph says the leader is appointing a cabinet with one hand tied behind his back. I think it is more like both his hands cuffed behind his back. The leader likes none of the shadow cabinet and they don’t like him. Well apparently his brother does like him but he didn’t want to be in the cabinet. You couldn’t make this up.

  103. 103
    jgm2 says:

    Ou ca?

  104. 104
    Mandy says:

    Has Ed pulled Bryant’s pants down with this omission?

  105. 105
    Archer Karcher says:

    Don’t tell me you are surprised by this. Ragheads hate the “crusaders” and always will.

  106. 106
    tory boys never grow up says:

    Usual garbage from Guido I’m afraid. Angela Eagle – lesbian, Sadiq Khan – black, plenty of toffs as well. Of course Guido would have attempted a smear story whoever was elected.

  107. 107
    Ed Miliband says:

    I’m quitting frontline politics to spend less time with my family.

  108. 108
    Schrödinger's cat says:


  109. 109
    concrete pump says:

    Warsi married her cousin, wonder what the kid looks like? Born in Dewsbury too, which is an olympic sized swimming pool of bad genes.

  110. 110
    Dave Miliband says:

    Actually Ed – that’s me.

  111. 111
    Archer Karcher says:

    Drug induced, he’s on the happy pills.

  112. 112
    token gayer says:

  113. 113
    Dick the Prick says:

    Warsi’s a gayer? That’s quite brave of her but I guess there should be greater liberalisation within the Muslim community. Respect. And she got a good few hits in on QT last night. Very fickle audience though – seemed unsure as to what on earth was going on.

  114. 114
    South of the M4 says:

    Its 10 DegC here and crap wine still costs £5 a bottle. Still, at least Hain’s failure to make the shadow thingy has lightened up my day.

  115. 115
    Snip says:

    Their house should be called Scrotum

  116. 116
    Archer Karcher says:

    For a woman yes, for a small man, not so.

  117. 117
    jgm2 says:

    Building two carriers will preserve 30,000 jobs in the British shipbuilding industry

    ..will reward two or three Labour voting constituencies (including the Maximum Imbecile’s) with untold wealth more like.

  118. 118
    Momentum says:

    The Conservative toffs don’t claim to be working class though do they.

  119. 119
    Dick the Prick says:

    Cheers CP – thought it a bit strange that Warsi carpet munched. As per Dewsbury – I used to work there and, well, I can’t disagree with the general thrust of your argument. Karen Matthews was a denizen of the community!! Dosing your kid up on Mogadon – it’s novel to say the least.

  120. 120
    TROOOPS OUT NOW! says:

    I’m hardly surprised at the staggering incompetence the architects and cheerleaders of this doomed pointless Vietnam remake continue to display.

  121. 121
    first Hague now this says:

    it’s another SCOOP!

  122. 122
    Steve Miliband says:

    And me

  123. 123
    Resurrection Shuffle says:

    What’s the point of having a Leader, if the Leader can’t decide who should be in his team?

    Seems to me Red Ed is gonna have to make the best of a bad bunch.

    More like Resurrection generation than New generation.

  124. 124
    Moley says:

    Have a look at Guido’s link to “Teacher suspended for speaking at Tory Conference”.


    This is a very clear case of persecution for political beliefs and a flagrant breach of Human Rights Law; and it is a breach that matters.

    Her employers have acted just as the Nazis and Communists would have acted if the State was criticised.

    Those responsible are not fit to run a school and should be quietly removed.

  125. 125
    Zyz Zzy says:

    Zac Zero, lucky bastard!

  126. 126
    jgm2 says:

    concrete pump

    Shurely you mean a super-concentrated pool of bad genes. Such as you would find in a super-saline solution in the middle of a salt-flat.

    Islam – doing for the NHS what the Mennonites do for other countries.

  127. 127
    Balls (Mrs) 4 Leader says:

    What everyone seems to have missed is that this shows if Mrs Balls had stood for Leader, she would have won.

  128. 128
    jgm2 says:

    Yep. More like the Zombie Generation. They just won’t stay buried.

  129. 129

    Does seem that was the idea.
    I wonder if the contract was given to the old N.Ireland shipyards instead, the great helmsman would be being quite so vocal.

  130. 130
    Middle Class Dave says:

  131. 131
    Best Value NOT says:

    I’m afraid that the MOD is more about providing employment in Labour constituencies than it is about providing defence at best value.

  132. 132
    Goose Sauce says:

    the toffs try and claim they are middle class like Cameron did to much laughter

  133. 133
    Doc Trough says:

    It will be a poor, unfortunate bastard who gets to sit between the lad Yves Faßbinder and Hairyet. They can both squawk the squawk.

  134. 134
    Ear to the ground says:

    Abbott is another shallow politician who craves recognition, money and influence. She says one thing to get attention and does the opposite in her private life. Hypocrite!

  135. 135
    Momentum says:

    There is someone with a Taff surname, Lewis. He/She has a first name of Ivan so they may be Russian. Also came last but one in the election so about right for the Welsh job.

  136. 136
    Primrose Hill Marxist says:

    “There is a good service operating on all London Underground lines”

    They don’t announce it, they just press the button.

  137. 137
    YMCA says:

    Is the bloke on the right gay as well? That bloke on the left looks like a member of the Village people

  138. 138
    shit/fan collision imminent says:

  139. 139
    Primrose Hill Marxist says:


    Doesn’t Darzi count? He’s Indian.

  140. 140
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    At Last a minister that speaks sense


  141. 141
    Dan Fat Bott says:

    Not fair, mon. Me gonna have to chow down on a nice bucket of riice and da peeeea.

  142. 142
    Gordon Brown says:

    I like a litre of fizzy orange pumped up my botty. Isn’t that right, Ms Macauley?

  143. 143
    Cardinal Kasper says:

    I refer the Blog to my prevuiusly stated position. ” You’re all fucked”

  144. 144
    up sh1t geek says:

    your anti-psychotics are ready mr nutter

  145. 145
    Greg Beales says:

    Fuck off Guido, you shit !

  146. 146
    Hung Parliament says:

    He just didn’t want it enough. Or he was so shit he couldn’t even beat a hopeless mong c’unt like Brown.

    Or both.

  147. 147
    Schrödinger's cat says:

    I used to enjoy living in Hove, M4, until they merged it with the Socialist Republic of Brighton.

  148. 148

    Which is why it reads “as white and straight as the government’s Cabinet.” No less. Remember “It is not a smear if it is true.”

  149. 149
    la' says:

    at least theyve got a token flounder in Ed Milliband. – let';s face it he’s going to need those eyes in the back of his head

  150. 150
    Whose coat is that jacket says:

    Shut yooer big fucking trap

  151. 151
    jgm2 says:

    What a surprise. Still, let’s print another 200bn and defer reality for another year eh?

  152. 152
    Sir Barrington Minge says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…Shadow Cabinet of all the twats!!!

  153. 153
    Moley says:

    According to Dizzy, the headmistress publicly supports the labour Party.


    The crime is not that the “offending” teacher introduced politics into discussions about teaching; she introduced politics which conflicts with those of her head Teacher.

  154. 154
    Jabba the Cat says:

    One mong down, one to go…

  155. 155
    outraged says:

    Anyone have a link to the speech?

  156. 156
    Abdul al-bin-al says:

    Give me my free benefits or I wills put the fatwas on your decadent evil western kafir heads! I will not works! I want much many free money from governmentings! Death to the west! And backdates my benefits to 1924 or I will blows you up! All ah akbaaaaaaaaaar!

  157. 157
    "Red" Osborne says:

    You’ve decided to follow Order Order. Very wise. If you want more pearls of wisdom, head over to conservative home

  158. 158
    Gordon Brown says:

    I love my Nokia. It’s good for throwing at people.

  159. 159
    albacore says:

    Such a shame. Poor Peter Hain
    He barely failed to make the list
    Can’t you all just feel his pain?
    No. What a larf! Let’s go get pissed

  160. 160
    Anonymous says:

    I am sure you understand these are converted to yearly growth rate (that is the 0.5%), still you want to spin it.

  161. 161
    Mark Oaten says:

    You’re all talking shit. Goody.

  162. 162
    The last quango in paris says:

    Oh happy days! Abbott should stand up and be counted – she was put through and patronised – how many people who voted for her to be nominated as leader voted for her in the election? Nasty stupid two faced champagne socialists. How many in the shadow cabinet still tried to cling onto power when they had lost! Does Flint think she is eye candy in this cabinet when they have been told to pit women in? What kind of perverse logic is it to insist on women and not have them elected naturally anyway. Marxist socialist monsters!

  163. 163
    The Ape Man Commeth says:

    Give ‘em a brake.

    The ONLY party of equality are desperately trying to catch up with the party of inequality who elected a woman leader over FORTY YEARS ago.

    What will probably take a bit longer for them to come to terms with is that woman became the first woman Prime Minister.

    Not to mention a competent and effective one.

  164. 164
    Old dog no tricks says:

    Wonder if the the review has taken into account the ballistic anti ship missiles being tested by the Chinese – or the fully cavitating torpedoes being developed and tested by the USA and others – by the time these ships are built they will be totally outclassed by weapons designed to destroy them ! Unless of course they install the high energy defence systems off of the USA – which will at least give them a hope against the Ballistic systems !

  165. 165
    Jabba the Cat says:

    Too oily.

  166. 166
    concrete pump says:

    I think you mean, “the bloke on the left looks like one of the Village Peoples’ member.”

  167. 167
    Anonymous says:

    No, the ships are build by Polish workers who cannot vote for our parliament.

  168. 168
    Schrödinger's cat says:

    Downing Street was not a Healthy Living Centre until May this year.

  169. 169
    Sadiq Khan says:

    I’m reporting you all to Trevor Phillips. In the meantime, let me confirm your order. So that’s two chicken dupiaza, one lamb bhuna, two pilau, a naan, one sag aloo, one bombay aloo, a raita, and two beers. That’ll be about 30 minutes.

  170. 170
    The Ape Man Commeth says:

    Won’t the twerp just put up with them for a while then appoint who he’s told to by the unions when he has a reshuffle.

  171. 171
    Tory Tooth Fairy says:

    Same old labour, same old soap opera. Same old self destruct button. They couldn’t organise a tea party in a nunnery unless they had six months to do it. And even then the weakest tea would be chosen while the better tea would be thrown in the bin.

    Mad absolutely mad. The tea party analogy was appropriate. Because they can invite the mad hatter along, who would not look out of place. But Harriet has decided to be in the shadow cabinet whether anyone wants her there or not anyway, so the mad hatter is present indeed.

  172. 172
    Breaking News. Gordon Brown is dead... says:

    wrong on everything, as usual. The stupid c u n t.

  173. 173
    Not enough information says:

    What shade of brown was it?

  174. 174
    Engineer says:

    Hmmm…..would a teacher have been suspended for speaking at a Labour conference?

  175. 175
    Breaking says:

    Guido the story about the teacher (now suspended) who addressed the Conservative Party conference, is getting huge. Dizzy says her boss is a socialist headteacher who used her school to launch Labour’s 2001 election campaign.

    Apparently two houshold names – journos on BBC news, are not covering the story despite demands from CCHQ – This one is big Guido.

  176. 176
    Mr Ned says:

    He’ll probably become a lib-dem. More in tune with his centrist politics.

  177. 177
    Margaret Beckett says:

    Who wants to see my flaps?

  178. 178
    Engineer says:

    Hague states quite categorically that he is not gay. Eagle has married her same-sex partner in a civil ceremony.

    Posting this old Youtube clip gives us all a strong sense of deja vu all over again. Epic fail, I’m afraid.

  179. 179
    Anonymous says:

    ree Education

    Free Housing

    Free Healthcare

    Free Benefits (including child benefit)

    All you workers are paying more tax and receiving less state benefits so you can continue to pay for more people to come in and receive the above. Well done, it is very much appreciated. And you can’t do a thing about it, the EU says so depsite tory promises at the election. Now that’s fair as we are all in it together aren’t we?

  180. 180
    filipinomonkey says:

    Thats the Labour party for you, fecked up by ‘fairness’.

    Who on earth would want to lead something and then not be able to choose the main people who will have to deliver what you have committed to. Worse still with the knowledge that most of them didn’t want you to be there. Fail before you even start.

    New Generation my r’s more like The Young Ones.

  181. 181
    Play Time says:

    Who gives a shit about Labour’s Shadow cabinet?

    They are only pretending to be ministers and most of them will have retired before there is a Labour government again.

  182. 182
    Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

    That goes without saying…

    I’m just wondering that IF Ed reveals the shadow cabinet postings today, it’ll go a long way to explaining why he was so keen to stop the BBC from striking…

  183. 183
    Anonymous says:


    European regulators have backed tougher than expected draft rules on bankers’ pay despite pressure from the UK and France to water down the restrictions.

    Tories again sell out to the EU over banks.

    London never had a god given right to be the financial world banking centre. Now watch it disappear under a tory government.
    Did Dave ever had an EU policy, was it just to give in?

  184. 184
    Anonymous says:

    Hague’s other activities (it not the full list, goes page after page)

    Register of Members’ Interests
    1. Remunerated directorships
    AES SEAL Plc, Global Technology Centre, Mill Close, Bradmarsh Business Park, Rotherham S60 1BZ; specialists in the design and manufacture of mechanical seals and support systems. Resigned 30 September 2009.
    £2,083 for serving on the board. Hours: 3hrs. (Registered 13 August 2009)
    £2,083 for serving on the board of AES Engineering Ltd. Hours: None (Registered 25 September 2009)
    £2,083 for serving on the board of AES Engineering Ltd. Hours: 4 hrs. (Registered 28 October 2009)
    2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
    Parliamentary adviser to the JCB Group (ended 31 July 2009); manufacturer of construction equipment. Address: JC Bamford Excavators Ltd, Rocester, Staffs, ST14 5JP. (£45,001-£50,000)
    £4,166.67 for advising the board. Hours: 4hrs. (Registered 13 August 2009)
    20 February 2009, speech at a dinner in Geneva for the Association of Business Recovery Professionals. (£15,001-£20,000) (Registered 31 March 2009)
    4 March 2009, speech at a dinner in London for the British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association. (£10,001-£15,000) (Registered 31 March 2009)
    Payment of £38.81 permission fee via my literary agent, PFD, Drury House, 34-43 Russell Street, London WC2B 5HA, for an extract from my biography of Pitt the Younger, published in 2004, which another publisher has been allowed to use. (Registered 14 August 2009)
    Payment of £14,662.50 received for a speech given to the Denplan National Conference in Coventry on 11 September 2009. Address of payer: JLA, 80 Great Portland Street, London W1W 7NW. Hours: 2 hrs. (Registered 28 October 2009)
    Royalty earnings of £250.03 from 2 Entertain Video Ltd, 33 Foley Street, London W1W 7TL from sales of ‘Have I Got News for You’ compilation DVDs. (Registered 22 December 2009)
    4. Sponsorship or financial or material support
    Funds have been provided by the following to cover the cost of research in my role as Shadow Foreign Secretary:
    Merebis Capital Management LLP
    Bruce Macfarlane, London (personal donation) (Registered 31 March 2009)
    The cost of a reception for Ambassadors which I hosted on 11 June 2009 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hyde Park was met by CQS. (Registered 17 June 2009)
    Name of donor: Malcolm Scott
    Address of donor: private
    Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £10,500 cash donation
    Date of receipt: 23 June 2009
    Date of acceptance: 23 June 2009
    Donor status: individual
    (Registered 15 July 2009 )
    Name of donor: CQS Management Ltd (hedge fund).
    Address of donor: 5th Floor, 33 Chester Street, London SW1X 7BL.
    Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £5443.75 to cover the cost of a reception for ambassadors and high commissioners that I hosted at the Conservative Party Conference.
    Date of receipt: 7 October 2009
    Date of acceptance: 7 October 2009
    Donor status: company, registration number 3691917
    (Registered 6 November 2009)
    Name of donor: Mr Nick Leslau
    Address of donor: private
    Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £12,500
    Date of receipt: 13 November 2009
    Date of acceptance: 13 November 2009
    Donor status: individual
    (Registered 14 December 2009)
    Name of donor: Malcolm Scott
    Address of donor: private
    Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £7,000 cash donation
    Date of receipt: 24 March 2010
    Date of acceptance: 24 March 2010
    Donor status: individual
    (Registered 30 March 2010)
    5. Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)
    In my capacity as Leader of the Conservative Party from 1997-2001, I have accepted Honorary Membership for life of the Carlton Club.
    In my capacity as Leader of the Conservative Party from 1997-2001, I have accepted Honorary Membership for life of Buck’s Club.
    My wife and I received tickets for the Conservative Party’s ‘Black and White Party’ on 4 February 2009, paid for by Cavendish Corporate Finance. (Registered 10 March 2009)
    Name of donor: Grand Central Railway Company Ltd
    Address of donor : River House, 17 Museum Street, York, Y01 7DJ
    Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: complimentary first class pass valid for travel on Grand Central services, business use only, expires 31 March 2010. The value of the pass from July 2009 to March 2010 is approximately £3375. Without the pass, the travel costs would be met from parliamentary allowances.
    Date of receipt of donation: 8 July 2009
    Date of acceptance of donation: 8 July 2009
    Donor status: company, registration number 03979826
    (Registered 15 July 2009)
    Name of donor: GQ Magazine
    Address of donor : GQ Magazine, Vogue House, 1 Hanover Square, London W1S 1JU.
    Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: GQ Magazine provided travel and hospitality for me and my wife to attend their annual awards and present the Politician of the Year 2009 award. The organisers estimate the value to have been £1800.
    Date of receipt of donation: 8 September 2009
    Date of acceptance of donation: 8 September 2009
    Donor status: company, Company, registration number 226900
    (Registered 6 October 2009)
    Name of donor: Malcolm Scott
    Address of donor : private
    Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: the provision of flights in a private plane to and from the Ulster Unionist Party Conference in Belfast. Value: £3757.57.
    Date of receipt of donation: 23 October 2009
    Date of acceptance of donation: 23 October 2009
    Donor status: individual
    (Registered 14 December 2009)

  185. 185
    Hiram Holiday says:

    Standby for a humongous legal battle in which the only sure losers will be the taxpayers.

  186. 186
    HandsomeDavid says:

    System was designed to fail.

  187. 187
    Anonymous says:

    Paying people to have children is wrong. Why do you defend it? Most people I knoiw use the child benefit for
    1. a long term insurance policy
    2. Pay for the most up to date mobile phone
    3. help to pay for sky tv.

    doesn’t any one care about the CO2 emmisions too?

  188. 188
    Anonymous says:

    Gordon Brown is getting a job at the IMF supported by third world countries.

    Is that so they stay third world?

  189. 189
    michael savage says:

  190. 190
    Anonymous says:

    osborne fucked his ex spad

  191. 191
    Charles Hornblower says:

    There is too much chutney trumpet in the shadow cabinet

  192. 192
    Anonymous says:

    Think how much Co2 you will save if you die, but you don’t want to. Move away from Co2, humans need to live.

  193. 193
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Too long ………………..

  194. 194
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    As I read that I see a huge black square to its right on my screen – its nice to see a side by side comparison with Bliars at last.

  195. 195
    Blogging Today says:

    I know someone who uses their child benefit for luxury goods such as a blue ipod nano

  196. 196
    Anonymous says:

    More like a village idiot.

  197. 197
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    So Red Ed decides to rearrange the deck chairs , Why not have Bob Crow for minster of Transport ?

  198. 198
    Sir William Waad says:

    12 April – 2011: IMF declared bankrupt. Brown blames the Easter Bunny.

  199. 199
    Sir William Waad says:

    He’s channelling Jimmy Somerville.

  200. 200
    13eastie says:

    This is just another example of Brown’s “Scotched-Earth Retreat” from Downing Street.

    Labour signed a contract whereby the second carrier CAN be cancelled, but work of equivalent value must then be provided instead.

    Brown knew exactly how badly he’d wrecked the UK economy, and how much he’d undermined those in the Forces over the last decade.

    So he’s left us with these options to choose from to get maximum value for the “Navy of the Millennia” that he pretends to love:

    1. Build a carrier the Navy does want, but which can’t be used because we can’t afford the planes for it.

    2. Build something else costing £2.6bn that nobody has even suggested would be useful.

    3. Er… that’s it.

    In fact, Brown ordered the ships without anyone knowing for certain which aircraft they would accommodate. So, no-body actually knows what the true capability of these (“essential”) carriers was supposed to be. How can there have been ANY cost/benefit analysis?

    Given the purchase was simply an attempt to spend as much money as possible buying Labour votes, with no care for the value obtained, one must wonder how hard the bargain was driven.

    Since they were ordered for entirely the wrong reasons, it’s impossible to believe the correct price was settled on.

    (For what it’s worth, I believe that since no-one is offering to guarantee our security for the next thirty years, and since the rest of Europe prove time and time again to be worthless allies, we should continue to retain and advance our independent capability, our senior position in NATO and our UNSC seat. This means retaining a capable and independent nuclear deterrent, RAF and Fleet Air Arm).

  201. 201
    Gaygue Pride says:

    I think you mean, “the bloke on the left likes the look of one of the Village Peoples’ member.”

  202. 202
    Aaron Aaronovich. says:

    Zac Zero and Zyz Zzy are wankers.

  203. 203
    TOO TUN CAR MOON says:

    I know someone who purchased a chinese takeaway with their child benefit.

    The child ate two chicken balls and a 1/4 portion of egg foo jung so i do know where they stand from both a moral and legal point of view

  204. 204
    Anonymous says:

    think how much co2 will be saved if fewer people are born

  205. 205
    Crispin Blunt says:

    I can vouch for Hague 100% and my friend Lord Archer will tell you about the wisdom of gulllible fuckwits who believe something just because a politician says it.

  206. 206
    Wonka II says:

    I believe they are as large as a 747’s?

  207. 207
    13eastie says:

    You can only use UAV’s where the enemy don’t have any fighters.

  208. 208
    Red Vince says:

    Why not have an anti-capitalist as minister for Business ?

  209. 209
    South of the M4 says:

    If he has then there is a very real danger of the entire globe attaining 3rd world status in the future. Socialists don’t big up, they dumb down.

  210. 210
    Edward Balls says:

    Unwritten fact if your a teacher and not a socialist you keep your mouth shut on all political opinion.

  211. 211
    Bob 'Marxist' Anusworth says:

    Why not have me as Secretary of State for Defence?

  212. 212
  213. 213
    Gary Elsby says:

    Please watch the BBC2 documentary being aired in November and presented by Andrew Neil regarding much of this current blog.
    I have a starring role in this production.
    My mum always said I would be on the stage one day.
    Lord Mandelson and everyone else in labour will sue me but I don’t care because I actually want them to.

  214. 214
    Bunch of twats picked to fight against bunch of twats. Britain laughs says:

    entirely appropriate since they are up against a Cabinet full of twats!!!

  215. 215
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    What was it Churchill said – “Anyone can rat, but it takes a certain amount of ingenuity to re-rat.”

  216. 216
    South of the M4 says:

    The semtex strapped around him,
    his heart devoid of fear,
    Allah Akbar! God is great!
    and paradise stands near,
    I wreak vengeance here!

    A schoolboy kicks his classmate,
    the blow repaid in kind,
    ‘eye for an eye’ we teach them,
    and one day – shall we find,
    all humankind gone blind.

  217. 217
    Penfold says:

    Tut Tut, a shadow cabinet that is hideously white and elitist.

    Now where on earth did they get that idea from?……

  218. 218
    Crystal Balls Gazing says:

    Business as usual then for Labour.They ditched one election loser only to saddle themselves with another surrounded by the same old faces.So much for the “New Generation” !!!
    Meanwhile time for Shaun to put in a call to “Dave” to see if he can return to the real progressive party of British politics and leave the losers on the left to their wilderness decade in opposition

  219. 219
    Mzzzz. 'Mad' Hat HaHaHaHa-Person, the Gift that keeps on giving says:

    See what a triumph my equaltitty ‘n clusive ‘n divvy laws have been?

    We’ve done away wiv smokers.

    We’re well into doin’ away wiv drinkers.

    Now for the fattys.

    The Socialist Paradise is drawing nigh!


    It’s just us proper edyerkaytud skinny scrags wot will rule the wurld!!

  220. 220
    David Cameron says:

    There will be a vacancy in that position at the next reshuffle and Liam Fox can leak his resignation letter to me to the press.

  221. 221
    Penfold says:

    When you’re flat broke and have nothing it’s very easy to libel and defame people.

    Mind you, anything you say vide Mandy is perfectly OK.

    Enjoy your 5 seconds of fame, as the post tristesse will be painful…..oh matron!

  222. 222
    Global Warming is so much hot air says:


  223. 223
    Anonymous says:

    Blair’s, will my computer hasn’t got enough resources to cope with it.

  224. 224
    Harriet Harman says:

    I didn’t know that. Damn. I’ll have to re-write my book now.

  225. 225
    School for Scoundrels says:

    There are few things I agree with Frank Field about, but Yvette Cooper is one of them. She cannot possibly become shadow chancellor, can she?

  226. 226
    Huhnework says:

  227. 227

    Brown’s other activities (it is the full list)

    Chairman of the Gordon Brown fan club.
    Online Reviewer for Amazon {unpaid}
    Leaflet distributor for ‘Kirkcaldy Carpets’ {8 hrs/week -£5,85ph}
    Parish councilor -[unpaid]
    Church Warden -

  228. 228
    The last quango in paris says:

    Have just spoken to a fof whose husband is a train driver. He has participated in the latest strike even though he does jot agree with it because he is a member of a union and therefore has to – the amount of bullying is so bad that you can’t not strike if you Want to work there. Nice one Ed! Bullying in the workplace / nice!

  229. 229
    Little Black Sambo says:

    Anyway, Woodward isn’t a toff; he’s just married to one.

  230. 230
    Mr Barry O'Drama says:

    It’s time for me to make another preposterous yet pointlessly pausing platitudinous speech, with gestures and serious looks to cam.

  231. 231
    Anonymous says:

    Oh God…the thought of her body odours….BLEAAARRGHHHHHHi

  232. 232
    The BBC.....We decide what you want to watch !!! says:

    We disagree.This is of national importance and we intend to have a News Special Programe running similtaneously on the News Channel, BBC Parliament 1,2, 3 &4 from 7pm to 10pm tonight to cover this momentous occasion.We shall intersperse this with comments attacking the Coalition cuts as we feel impartiality must be manitained and that we mut give equal air-time to mentioning the Coalition as well as Labour

  233. 233
    angelnstar says:


    And Ed also patronises women. Yvette Cooper should tell him to get stuffed.

  234. 234
    Number 10's cat says:

    Cowardly commie

  235. 235
    Boondoggle says:

    Weren’t you on the stage when they announced your election result? Who did you lose to again? I’ve forgotten.

    P.S. You’re obviously not the real Elsby anyway. Not enough swearing.

  236. 236
    The Ape Man Commeth says:

    How did this labour ministers election thingy work for the nasty one-eyd coward then?
    As he seemed to have all his yes men and attack dogs around him when he userped high office.

  237. 237
  238. 238
  239. 239
    Deficit ? What Deficit ? says:

    We CAN but hope although we could be even luckier and Mr Cooper-Balls gets the job instead

  240. 240
    loony left libcons says:

    like Dave then

  241. 241
    Anonymous says:

    I know some one who used it to pay prostitute.

    But they also feed and cloth their children. We have to think of the children not their idiotic parents.

  242. 242
    Gary Elsby says:

    You will find that I attempted to take Labour to Court but their is no rule in law to allow this, so it remains open for it to go the other way round and I’m more than happy to go this way.
    Yes I was on the stage to hear the result. First one on and last to leave.
    I will never be outspent by any political party again and not even by all parties together.

  243. 243
    Liar Liar pants on fire. says:

    Surely not- didn’t Brown insist he would devote his life to charity work should Labour lose the election.

  244. 244
    That's easy to answer says:

    Labour MPs were “sh*t-scared” of him ? And knew that if they didn’t vote the “correct way” they would have to go to A&E to have a Nokia extracted from their anus ?

  245. 245
    M'lud says:

    Behind the scenes, he already is.

  246. 246
    13eastie says:

    Who cares what you think, Ed?

    Not the Labour Party, which doesn’t trust you to pick your own team, loser…

  247. 247
    Tell it like it really is says:

    Have just heard the two Balls described as the shadow cabinet members of “towering economic competence.” FFFS. Competent to get elected on corrupt postal voting – end of compeence.

  248. 248
    Tell it like it really is says:


  249. 249
    Fatfuck Pickles says:

    Eric Pickles is the Big Society.

  250. 250
    Dianne Abbot says:

    I am the BIG society.

  251. 251
    Gary Elsby says:

    Nom I’m not the real Gary Elsby, I’m the Gary Elsby mentioned in the Mensa year book with an IQ equal to Hawking.
    Now kindly go fuck yourself.

  252. 252

    And, who the fc*k cares who the shadows of cabinetroids are anyway?

  253. 253
    Stoke says:

    I don’t have a say on who goes into the cabinet or not, but I believe that all black people who didn’t get a position in this Cabinet should be allowed to carry a knife in Parliament without hinderence.

  254. 254

    Gordon Brown
    Texture like scum.
    etc etc

  255. 255
    ArchBishop Desmon Tutu says:

    I care.

  256. 256
    Macha Maguire says:

    Angela Eagle’s not straight, nor a bloke… but I guess you don’t notice the women, being white, straight, middle class…

  257. 257
    Sir Everard Digby says:

    How many are Unite paying for?

  258. 258
    Sir Everard Digby says:

    This is Labour -he’s not a leader he’s an enabler leading a team of upscaled blue skies thinkers. Fuckwits to yuo and me,every one of them.

  259. 259
    Unsworth says:

    Sooner see your ailerons – fly away you silly woman.

  260. 260
    Watt Tyler says:

    Hain’s rap sheet: http://eotp.org/2009/01/28/new-labours-peter-hain-m-p/

    Together will David Miliband not in the cabinet, that is two supporters of terrorism outside the inner circle.

  261. 261
    Boondoggle says:

    Now that’s a bit more like the Gary we know and love. Hysterical swearing, and bigging yourself up against in the face of all facts to the contrary. Remember Gary, I’ve seen your local election leaflet – not exactly on a par with A Brief History of Time.

  262. 262
    Watt Tyler says:

    Oops, it seems Miliband is still retaining his position. Let’s take pride in his background and comments.

    (2009) New Labour David Miliband M.P. -PARASITE AND SUPPORTER OF TERRORISM: http://eotp.org/2009/05/17/2009-new-labour-david-miliband-m-p-parsite/

  263. 263
    Sir Barrington Minge says:

    Yes, but at least the Cabinet twats are in government, not long term opposition!!!

  264. 264
    WokinghamChris says:

    On that basis, we should expect the “Blue” Danube to become purple soon.

  265. 265
    Up sh1t creek says:

  266. 266
    Sir Barrington Minge says:

    no, you’re the BIG SOOTY.

  267. 267
    Sir Barrington Minge says:

    Taxi for Labour?

  268. 268
    iidkes says:

    I wish people would stop using private school as a sign on privilege. I went to a private school for three years from a council estate, and I think Michael Gove is also a scholarship girl.

  269. 269
    Must get a pseudonym one day says:

    They don’t come much gayer than Ms Eagle !

  270. 270
    Must get a pseudonym one day says:

    Not so sure about David Miliband’s “inability to deal with coming second” – there seems to be a question or two about whether he ever comes at all, hence the imported ‘offspring’.

  271. 271
    Gary Elsby says:

    Is there a TV company knocking on your door because you have nothing to say either? Perhaps your claim to fame is that you are a no-one with a no-one’s name?

  272. 272
    Mike Hunt says:

    I think you will find it is 35 years ago but the sentiment still holds.

  273. 273
    rightallalong says:

    You would have thought that Labour would have learnt the lesson of forcibly over-promoting inept women to the cabinet. Obviously they haven’t and more disasters will follow if they ever get into government.

    Jacqui Smith – useless Home Secretary forced to resign after disgraceful expenses fib.
    Margaret Beckett – greatest Foreign Secretary in British history
    Hazel Blears – ‘wicked and malicious’ flipper
    Estelle Morris : admitted she was ‘not up to the job’ as Education minister – punished by be given a seat in the Lords
    Patricia Hewitt : patronising health minister
    Joan Ruddock – CND minister for women
    Tessa Jowell – faked a separation from her Berlesconi fraud linked husband
    Glenys Kinnock – briefly Europe minister – great pension and they need it
    Baroness Scotland – employed illegal immigrant

    Harm-men, Window dressing, Baroness Royall (what did she ever do ?) and many more

  274. 274
    AaChoo Aardvark says:

    And you sir are still after me in the register

  275. 275
    Jimmy says:

    “As a result Labour’s Shadow Cabinet is just as white and straight as the government’s Cabinet.”

    I see your problem. What on earth will you write about now?

  276. 276


    I saw what you did there.

  277. 277
    Cheese Lover says:

    I’m planning on bumming Suzanna Reed after I have finished with Flinty,

    anyone else up for it?

  278. 278
    Cheese Lover says:

    The Beeb couldn’t strike, think about it, they shot themselves in the foot…

    at the same time as the planed strike, to coincide with the Conservative conference, they overlooked something pointless that they love, and bid billions of our dosh for, and that virtually no-one watches.

    Can you guess what it is yet?

    Think, way too many reporters, in a hot land on a 2 week paid jolly.

    That’s right, the pointless Commonwealth Games.

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