October 6th, 2010

Harry Beckhough Tells It Straight to Kay Burley

Dave did that American trick of singling out a hero in the audience in his speech. Kay Burley interviewed him afterwards. Transcript below:

*Speakers Kay Burley*

* Harry Beckhough*

*KB: *OK just to tell you about the deficit and all that sort of stuff in a second, we’re trying to sort out a couple of chairs…

*HB: *Wait a minute, who are you?

*KB:* Harry you’re live on the tele. You didn’t used to have 24 hour news
when you first started in politics did you?

*HB:* No.

*KB:* Now you were mentioned weren’t you. Can I just remind our viewers
first of all what was said about you then we’ll have a quick chat. This is Harry Beckough and we heard from the Prime Minister…

*HB:* Beckhough! Like ‘rough’ or ‘tough’.

*KB:* Right ho. Just say that again, Beckhough?

*HB*: Hough.

*KB: * Hough, Beckhough, there we go.

*HB*: In Yorkshire. Hough. As in piece of land.

*KB:* Oh I see. OK. Born in 1929, is that right? Were you born in 1929?

*HB*: No. I was born in 1914.

*KB*: When did you join the party?

*HB*: 1929.

*KB:* Fine. And you fought for the Stafford Cripps? Is that right?

*HB:* I didn’t fight for him, I fought against him.

*KB:* Did you? OK well tell me more about that in a second because I want
to ask about 81 years, 21 elections, is that right?

*HB*: Yes.

*KB*: So I’ve got something right finally. Churchill warned of an Iron Curtain, you were with us, is that right?

*HB*: I was with Churchill.

*KB*: Very good. When a lady refused to turn, Harry was with us, it says?

*HB*: That’s right.

*KB*: Presumably that was Margaret Thatcher?

*HB*: That was Maggie Thatcher.

*KB*: OK, so that’s just for our viewers at home who are listening…

*HB*: Those are the two great leaders of this country. Churchill and Margaret Thatcher. We didn’t have very many other good leaders around that time. And we still haven’t had any good leaders from Margaret Thatcher until now because the leader after Margaret Thatcher wasn’t much good. Sold us out as a country and his name was Mr Major.


UPDATE : Audio here:


  1. 1

    Well, I hope he got a chewie of Kay after all that grief.


    • 21
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Was it Kay’s time of the month that she was that p1ss poor? Oh no, she’s always like that.


      • 23
        Down with Brown! And Down with Gideon Osbourne too! says:

        Kay should stick to writing racy books about Tony Bliar’s sex life.


        • 63
          Anonymous says:

          Blair looks like he was dead for a while, how is he managing to have sex?


        • 66
          The political class can kiss my arse says:

          It’s not as if he really needed to tell his disciples what to think about the speech through the medium of groupspeak.

          He knew it was crap, they know it was crap; we all know it was crap.

          Big Society my arse. What the fuck does it mean? It is a meaningless combination of two words. It is the emperor’s new clothes. You know it, the media whores know it. Everyone knows it but everyone is too fucking pussy and cowed into submission to say otherwise.

          Let me start, it is bullshit.


        • 68
          Lib, Lab, Con - go to hell says:

          It’s not as if he really needed to tell his disciples what to think about the speech through the medium of groupthink.

          He knew it was crap, they know it was crap; we all know it was crap.

          Big Society my arse. What the fuck does it mean? It is a meaningless combination of two words. It is the emperor’s new clothes. You know it, the meeedia whores know it. Everyone knows it but everyone is too fucking pussy and cowed into submission to say otherwise.

          Let me start, it is bull shit.

          [Fawkes knows it too as this was modded]


        • 144
          White Van Man says:

          @ Lib, Lab, Con – go to hell

          I fucking hate them all too and on hearing “Big Society” from the Cons sometime ago I thought what a lot of bollox that is! But after a wile I thought well, what’s the real alternative now in a slowly declining UK?
          I mean its’s easy to complain and whine about them all and after the new labour PR men and spin doctors as well who can blame them?
          I don’t, I’m the same in many ways too, as faith in politics is at an all time low with the doom and gloom of the dark years to come.

          And lets not forget the socialists here, they have spent all the money on their little pet projects and now the country is broke in more ways then one, up to its eyeballs in debt and not just national debt either. And yes the banks are to blame too, but they worked in a regulatory frame work under new labour for thirteen years. The bottom line is we just can’t afford well funded public services, quangos, red tape and bureaucracy, a balanced budget and paying off the national debt and its interest wile at war in Afghanistan and an EU membership. Putting up taxes would not solve the problem and would hinder any private sector growth lead recovery we mite have in the future.

          Something has to give and its the public services, something has to take its place and its the “Big Society” if you have a third option I’d love to hear it? And before moaning and whining about it try finding out what it is and what he meant by it. Tell you what take 14 minutes out of your life and listen to this http://tinyurl.com/yzzrg8v something DC said before becoming PM. TED talks are usually well respected world wide.
          Look if you think its shit after watching it then fair enough, but do say why its shit and do try to offer an alternative to it if you think there is one.

          I don’t like it anymore that you and I wish they was a better way, but I believe there isn’t. Forcing people out there to be weaned of the nanny state tit and making them take responsibility for themselves their neighbourhoods and their community’s will never be easy, neither will the other public service cuts too. But I tell you what, it has to and needs to be done and after 5 months of wavy davey I’m starting to respect the man more, he’s starting to show some balls and god knowns he’s gonna need ‘em in the future. Look all I want is a good strong leader and this country back on its feet for the future, is that too much to ask?

          PS – I’ve NEVER voted Tory in my life and its nothing personal to you ‘LLC go to hell’ its the other people who moan and offer no other alternative, to me there is something wrong in that.

          Right the voices in my head are now silenced and my rant is now over, thank you.


        • 213
          White Van Man says:

          I never spouted fatuous Big Society rhetoric at all, why do you lie like that when even one can see it? Thanks for your alternative view on the big society too, it was most en-lighting as was your alternative to it.


        • 219
          White Van Man says:

          Oh hang on a second, are you saying I’m a fucking Tory drone now?
          I said to you early I’m not, and stated this in my earliest comment on this thread. To say cut cut cut with no offer of an alternative to it is bullshit and you know it!
          What is your alternative to the vacuum left by the cuts, higher taxes?


        • 235
          Smig says:

          Kay Burley. That’s Ley, as in meadow, a piece of land; should stick to being a crap, uninformed useless gobshite.

          I’ve seen kids do better research before opening their mouths.

          Silly bitch. Keep her on the tv, she makes everyone else look good.


          • Airey Belvoir says:

            Fuck me, the woman is a total moron.( “So you fought for the Stafford Cripps, did you””?) I hope that she had just enough self-awareness to realise that the old boy made a complete fool of her. that clip should certainly be played at whatever Xmas party they have at Sky News.


    • 147
      Susie says:

      Who is Kay Burly?


      • 166
        Cato says:

        She is the person on whom the character Sally Smedley in Drop the Dead Donkey was based. Sally was an airhead obsessed with her appearance and had no understanding whatsoever about Politics or Current Affairs other than the bit of rough who was shagging her.


      • 169
        Christy says:

        yea who exactly is kay burly is she some politico heavyweight which I missed.
        What the hell is she expert at other than someone who tries to stir the political melting pot.
        She is like this kuens—- woman who is forever on the bbc bias channel spouting out endless anti government rubbish.


      • 197

        I don’t know who any of these people are. Beckhough? Burley? Drop the dead donkey? (yeah, I know it was a TV programme 20 years ago, but..)

        This is all surreal. What relevance has any of this got to anything?


        • 221

          Harry Beckhough is a Conservative party member of 96 years old who was namechecked by Cameroon in his speech.

          Kay Burley is a vacuous tart who can’t even read her own notes properly, hence the parlous state of the interview.

          Hope that helped, Tessa.


          • Cato says:

            …….and Drop the Dead Donkey was the last serious attempt at Political Satire before the politically correct clowns who run television turned the emphasis onto the reality drivel we are spoon fed nowadays.


    • 160
      Cato says:

      She prefers the technicians to those she interviews


  2. 2
    Jesus wept says:

    What the hell is the point of all this fuckwaftery?


  3. 3
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Kay burley and Sky News with their finger on the pulse !
    Ha Ha Ha !


  4. 4
    Muuurty's Ghuuurst. says:

    Did Harry mention that Queen Anne had died some time ago? He may as had, given the rest of it was old news too. (For some of us)


  5. 6
    feckhough says:

    Should ‘ave told ‘er to spin on ‘is fat one, would ‘ave made I laugh.


  6. 7
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    I would just like to say to Dave
    I for one am sick to fucking death of paying for low life work shy lard arsed brat breeding fuckers
    to lie in bed all day smoking,drinking , taking drugs and breeding yet more scum cut ALL Benifits and give the money back to the people that your government rob it off in the first place

    No worky No eaty no where to livey ! Simple !



  7. 8
    Michael St George says:

    “You fought for the Stafford Cripps”

    Presumably Burley thinks that’s some Army regiment now disbanded.

    God, what a dimwitted ignorant cow she is……


    • 11
      Sky Snooze for Dummies says:

      Has the brain dead bitch written her rancid booky wooky yet?


    • 16
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      No he set about them with a baseball bat
      when they were protesting for more benifits !


    • 236
      Smig says:

      Cripps: Champagne Socialist and the blueprint for every member of the chattering classes.

      Cripps: So intent on buttering up Stalin that he sold Frank Whittle’s Jet Engine Research for peanuts.

      Cripps: “I do not believe it would be a bad thing for the British working class if Germany defeated us”.

      Cripps would’ve been Reich Chancellor of the European Union of National Socialist Republics President of the European Council had he been alive today.


    • 243
      Peter Carter-Fuck says:

      No, he fought for the Stafford Bloods you brain dead slag.

      Fuck me, she really is one thick bitch. She must shag like a rattlesnake, I can’t think of any other reason she got the job.


  8. 10
    Olly boy says:

    i love Kate Burley.


  9. 12
    Kay Burley has been lobotomized says:

    He doesn’t like Major. I like the way he thinks. If only he could have thrown in a few choice words about Blair and Brown too.


  10. 15
    Anonymous says:

    Looks like average age of Tory member is around 80, so these sort of things will become common.

    He is right about the Prime Minister, last conservative one was Major; at the moment we have a LD as PM.


  11. 22
    blackbyle says:

    Hurdy-ghastly-girdy what a waste of broadcasting time ! And WE moan about our vulgar, grasping shitty MPS who we enabled to by-pass the bile ducts en route t6 a sewage farm !


  12. 24
    Down with Brown! And Down with Gideon Osbourne too! says:

    Sack Kay Burley!


  13. 26
    Anonymous says:

    It would be interesting if he had said some thing about our gay and bi ministers or honourable MPs.

    Hope he gives a detail interview.


    • 146
      Iain "London's Biggest Cock" Dale says:

      Who? Mrs ‘fat poof’ Dale?

      Fat chance, she’s whoring herself on the radio don’t you know. You’d be a fool not to know if you visit his ‘blog’. If it’s not about his new house boy it’s about his upcuming shite poof fest on LBC 97.3.



  14. 27
    Two can have a party says:


  15. 28
    бетанапомпы says:

    Harry Beckhough – fucking diamond.


  16. 29
    Senile Old Tory......zzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    Major was better than the alternative.


  17. 30
    Kay Burley has been lobotomized says:

    Here’s the audio.


    • 33
      Anonymous says:

      Did he said Fuck Off.


    • 135
      Jimmy says:

      Dear God that’s even worse than the transcript. Not only does she talk to the man as if he were six, the patronising airhead interrupts him when he describes his wartime service to ask if he’s ever been on live “telly” before. I ask the same question I ask in relation to Cameron: “Is this really the best person Murdoch could find?”


      • 188
        Rupert says:

        Listen you Pommie Bastard – I’m fuckin’ skint. That’s why we charge you to read the Times on the web, and why we cannot afford to have anyone other than that dopey sheila on TV..


  18. 31
    A Question says:

    If I cannot find a woman to love me for who I am does that mean I am gay?


  19. 32
    Doc Trough says:

    Almost, but not quite as dim as the Secker woman.


  20. 38
    Ken Dodd says:

    where’s me shirt?


  21. 41
    Hugh Jardon says:

    may I pls take this opportunity to stress that I’ve never shagged this ignorant, fuckwitted, vaginally retentive old cow.


  22. 46
    nell says:

    She’s not Palin in disguise is she?!


  23. 47
    Bastard says:

    Dave reckons we’re still all in it together


    I don’t think that’s true at all – the rich are still and will always be the rich, better than us in every way, an example for us all to laughingly aspire to, but not using their methods of expropriation, extortion and theft – nah, we just have to work until we die and get nothing along the way


  24. 51
    David Camerons redacted speech to Conference says:

    Look everybody. Sad to say I am a complete Dick, A LEFTIE TO BOOT and i’ve sold you down the river on Europe. But now I really want to level with you see i;m such a fuckwit that I allowed myself to endorse those eco loons at 10:10 a few months ago. I even encouraged QUANGOS to give them your money to make a really funny film which shows wha the political establishment really wants to do to you. Now call me old fashioned if you like but I will not denounce this NAZI filth after us politicos all have to hang together. So get used to it. So all I can say is basically im a spineless git. Get over it, because youve got five more years of this crap to come. Now Fuck Off.


    • 56
      Rather Odd or Incredibly Sinister? says:

      It is rather strange how someone who previously had a disabled child would advocate green eugenics especially seeing disabled people essentialy take up more carbon than normal due to their special needs and care.

      Looks like the bullshit is starting to catch up with PR friends to everyone David Cameron.


      • 76
        Lib, Lab, Con - go to hell says:

        The twats at O2 are still sponsoring the twats at 10:10.

        They’re both in it together.

        No pressure!


        • 90
          David Camerons redacted speech to Conference says:

          Conference, why aren’t you applauding? Anyway I want to remind of our party’s support of the Unite against Fascism movement, you know the UAF. We must all oppose those who threaten violence in support of their political objectives. However there is one important caveat to that Ask as you might I will not donounce my Fascist associates at 10:10. I’m sur you understand that I have got myself into an incredibly difficult position over this and rather than see me grow a pair im sure you all agree its better that we just put up with this Shit. Anyway Fuck off and dont ask me any awkward questions?


          • fuck off muzzies says:

            Should I mention that the muzzies are taking over now or should I mention it later?


          • Imagine if she had a bomb on her says:

            Did you see that rag head female that was only three seats beside Mrs Cameron in the audience today.

            Tick Tock.


    • 192
      The Bilderberger Organisation says:

      CO2 is so nineties.

      Get with program – it’s gonna get COLDER. In fact we raised this issue at our last briefing.

      Our man in London (Dave) made this point by not talking about climate change.


  25. 54
    Chunderbucket says:

    Burley is an airbrain who could only work for a channel like sky..their coverage of all the conferences has been a complete shambles at which the sneering condescending crap spouting kay has remained the worst exponent…
    couldn’t keep her mind on her briefs if she was wearing them.


    • 204
      the media are whores says:

      She couldn’t work for Chanel that’s for sure.

      Ugly, over made up, hatchet two faced celebrity media whore bitch.


  26. 59
    Lions Revolt says:

    I’d like to see our politicians do something about circus.


  27. 60
    Lions Revolt says:


  28. 61
    The Watcher says:

    Harry Beckhough is a friend of mine. He has a history which would make most people silent with respect. The man worked on the Enigma project at Bletchley Park. He finally got the medal he deserved for that. He is a brilliant patriot and none of the present lot of leaders are worthy to shine his shoes.

    Harry Beckhough was a code breaker during WW2 at Bletchley Park Alan Day cameraman. “Harry Beckhough, whose wartime experiences meant he saw first hand what Germany is capable of and how German leaders have always plotted and planned to rule Europe,” Harry explains his viewpoints and knowledge on the subject and expands it to include The European Union. Harry Beckhough witness to Hitlers rise to power. Born in Bristol 1914, Honors Graduate at Bristol University, specialized in German at Freiburg University. Served in India, and worked as a codebreaker in WW2. Authored: ‘Germany’s Four Reichs’, ‘Secret Communications’ (codebreaking in WW2), and ‘In the Beginning’ (who wrote the first five books in the Bible). Mr Beckhough is a witness to burning books by the Brownshirts and Hitlers speeches were signals of signs of trouble. Witnessed Smashing of windows of shops in the Crystal night in Freibourg. Met Conrad Adenauer. He relates that it was the Romans who orinially named them ‘The Germani’. He relates Germanys postion, later, in the forming of the European Union.


  29. 64
    The Watcher says:

    Here is Harry –


  30. 74
    Martin Day says:

    Cameron cuts back on truth | Left Foot Forward

    David Cameron delivered his first party conference speech today as Prime Minister. His text was littered with errors as Left Foot Forward exposes.


  31. 77
    Barry George says:

    Fuck off you mongs!
    Kay Burley’s every bit as competent as our politicians.


  32. 81
    Boulton & Co says:

    We likes Kate Burley.

    She makes us look good.


    • 216
      101% hetty male says:

      Even Mrs Dale looks fit compared to Burley. And I should know! I spend barging holidays in Bum Brum with my mates sharing beds and stuff.


  33. 84
    Spank Sinatra says:

    How toe curlingly embarassing – I doubt if she will be using that as part of her CV (although hope springs eternal – she is clearly suitably thick).


  34. 86
    Babe says:

    Don’t think the interview quite ended there (saw all the interview live) It was a great interview by Kay although she had all her facts wrong she adapted really well. Well done Sky, Kay and Adam a refreshing change from Andrew Neil whom I adore but who was really tedious this afternoon trying to make a big thing out of the child benefit announcement. Nobody seemed to mention that if you have a joint income of £45.000 this too would be grossly unfair. Well done George Osbourne for sticking to his guns over this. From where I come from £44.000 is a fortune.


    • 113
      I am going to be sick says:

      Can’t you have a wank somewhere private?


    • 168
      Anonymous says:

      Forty-four pounds is a fortune, Babe? An odd point. Should’ve gone to SpecSavers.


    • 224


      I saw it live too, and she was toe-curlingly embarrassing all the way through. Posted about it immediately after, too, but Guido obviously monitors the m*dded posts and picked up on it.

      If that woman earns more than the minimum wage then she’s cheating Sky.


  35. 92
    Bob Crow says:

    Brothers and Sisters!
    Are you prepared to pay the price for the big society, where you work for less, in order to enable the political and financial parasites to protect their gold plated futures?
    At least i have the ability to make the trains run on time.


  36. 93
    Bob Crow says:

    Brothers and Sisters!
    Are you prepared to pay the pr*ce for the big society, where you work for less, in order to enable the political and f*nancial par*sites to protect their gold plated f*tures?
    At least i have the ability to make the trains run on time.


    • 96
      Schrödinger's cat says:

      And when did you experience your first orgasm, Bob?


      • 108
        Bob Crow says:

        When i fell in, that standing in line like a mong for the self enrichment of those who are not all in it together, like the rest of us, was so exciting.
        How about you?


    • 120
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      No Bob, you have the ability to stop the trains running on time. It’s the men who know something about trains who make the trains run on time. You know how to organise strikes. That doesn’t make the trains run on time, it makes the trains stop running on time. Just thought I’d point that out. Trots do negative things, Trots are very good at doing negative things, You are one of the best at doing negative things, Bob. every time you do a negative thing, the management get their hands dirty and find ways to do things more efficiently. That means fewer jobs for members, Bob. It has meant fewer jobs for the 70 years you and your predecessors have been working for the Revolution, Bob. You might like to examine the parameters of your Paradigm, Bob. I think that 70 years is long enough to have gained the required data.


      • 130
        Bob Crow says:

        I may have the ability to stop the tubes from flowing, but sadly are not up to the task of stopping the economy in it’s tracks.
        That’s the job of the Big Society of very few members.


        • 157
          Grumpy Old Man says:

          As I suggested, Bob, you need more ideas to create the Socialist Paradise on Earth. You’ve been able to collect your expenses whenever the Missus needs more housekeeping at the end of the Month, so being a shilling or so short to pay the Meter is a long-gone memory. Nobody knows where the Big Society is. To me it sounds like standard Socialist Bollocks produced at about the time they run out of other peoples money. That the Socialist leader of the Conservative Party Has come up with such an idea does not surprise me at all, Start working now on “The Peoples Big Society” the idea will go down a bomb at Red Ed’s next Champagne Soiree.


          • Bob Crow says:

            “It’s the men who know something about trains who make the trains run on time”

            That would be bonus enriched corporate suited scamsters who sit on the boards of train operating companies, would it?


        • 164
          nell says:

          bob crow

          As he himself has said, his best time is when he is in cuba, in his luxury home, being pampered by his cuban , underpaid servants/slaves !!!


  37. 95
    Anonymous says:

    Any one got a video on Warsai, looking for a laugh.


  38. 100
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin says:


  39. 104
    Babe says:

    Why is everyone on this site so cynical. There is such a thing as the greater good intead of me me me. JF Kennedy paraphrase don’t ask what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country , this is (the Big Society). Simple.


    • 106
      A cynic is made says:

      Sure there is honey…………


      • 111
        What can i do for my master and not for myself and own family says:

        It’s called slavery.


        • 127
          a cynic is for life not just for xmas says:

          You’re on the money there babe, totally agree with everything you say. Can I have your number?


          • a cynic is made says:

            indeed i wonder what ‘babe’ would do for ‘us’ or if push comes to shove will she look after her own interests like everyone else.


    • 107
      Liebour Troll Warning System says:

      You’re dealing with Liebour trolls. They’ve got to wait until May 2015 before they’re completely obliterated.


      • 112
        All quiet on the western front says:

        Is that you, nell?


        • 121
          nell says:

          Nope that was not me.

          However , western front, my grandad died on the western front on the night of the 6th October 1917. 93 years ago tonight.

          Battle of Broodseinde just outside Poelkapelle in bel++gium, near Terrier Farm. I’ve been and stood on the battlefield. Not comforting.

          Another failed war indulged in by another failed government.


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            I went on a school trip to Ypres in the early 1960s and returned four years ago. It was very moving to witness the daily Last Post ceremony again.


          • a cynic is for life not just for xmas says:

            So you were there for 46 years? Respect.


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            OK “returned to Ypres again”. To witness the ceremony is to pay respect to the fallen. I can joke as well but some things are serious and this is one.


          • Voter fodder says:

            Lions led by donkeys.

            Ever get the feeling that nothing’s changed?


          • Moniker – check out ‘Mesopotamia’ by Kipling. Possibly his best poem, but sadly little known as it’s too close to the bone.


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            Spot on, Paragnostic. These words, from 1917, still speak to us with such power and passion.

            As you will know, he also chose the words, “Their Name Liveth For Evermore”.

            “Shall we only threaten and be angry for an hour?”


      • 114
        Whatever helps you sleep at night says:

        Yeah sure everyone who disagrees with the bullshit is a ‘labour troll’


      • 124
        Jesus wept says:

        Fuck you. I’m no Labour supporter, New or Old, or a Lib for that matter. I’m just mightily pi55ed off that I was sold a pup last time and am being sold one again this time. I am continuously been sold shit. Enough is enough.

        Give me a fucking break with your accusatory troll bullshit. Open your eyes learn you simpleton.


      • 126
        fuck you says:

        Fuck you. I’m no Liebour supporter or a Lib for that matter. I’m just mightily aggrieved that I was sold a sack last time and am being sold one again this time. I am continuously been sold sacks of shit by shits who want to shit on me.

        Enough is enough.

        Give me a fucking break with your troll idiocy. Open your eyes and learn you bloody simpleton.


    • 119
      Jesus wept says:

      Drop dead. Someone with a similar ‘name’ wrote something very similar though unfortunately at greater length on the Grauniad today. I suspect you have nicked their post for effect here.

      We’ve been royally screwed by all politicians, the banks and the media for at least the last decade or two. What the hell difference does it make that yet another politician comes to the lectern and lectures the country on how different they will be?

      There is a breaking point and the country is near it.


    • 123
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      Because you want me to do stuff and not get paid for it.
      Or have my vital services provided by old ladies with nothing better to do.

      Do they provide IVF services?


      • 217
        All private hospitals says:

        IVF services are free at the point of ‘delivery’ for any politician wishing to show off a baby around election time.


  40. 118
    William Hague's shifting sexuality and spad appointments says:


  41. 124
    nell says:

    No definitely the best bit was where he referred to kinnochio who said he had got his party back and cameron told him to keep it!!


    • 132
      care in the community? says:

      Ha ha ha. You’re getting on a bit nell, no wonder it tickled your fancy.

      Can you tell me any policies which Dave spoke of that lit a fuse with you?


      • 159
        nell says:

        Sure can sweetie. They’re capping benefits at £26Kpa. They’re stopping child benefits to people who earn more than £44K.

        Good stuff!!! Oh Yes!!

        Keep it coming!!


        • 186
          13eastie says:


          They’re said they’re still going to give Child Benefit to households with incomes exceeding £100k.

          You should get some of that free audiometry.


  42. 128
    John Major says:

    Did i hear Liam Fox promising a 24 hour cones hotline for ex-servicemen?
    Not before time, may i add.


    • 143
      13eastie says:

      That PCP’s fucking crazy stuff isn’t it?

      (If it gets too much, take a couple of Xanax).


    • 162
      The political class can kiss my arse says:

      I cannot disagree with you, although I think Cameron should be given a bit more rope to prove that he is as much of a shit as Blair and the rest of Labour. That he will take the rope, and more, is indisputable.

      Politicians of all colours both here and in the USA engineered the perfect storm of war, penury and now attrition.

      Where do these bastards get off?

      We are not in this together.

      There is no Big Society.


    • 226

      I dare you to come to Aldershot and spout your hate, scum.


  43. 136
    nell says:


    rededmilitwiit about to announce his shadow cabinet. We’ll try not to laugh too hard!!

    liambyrne(no money left I’ve spent it all), andy’I’m a nothing’bum rnham and the ‘mega troughing’ balls, …………..

    And what is red ed going to do with the really mega troughing kinnochios??!!

    How can he pay their high hourly costs from the labour party’s ban kru pt ed funds??!!


  44. 138
    Frank the Greek says:

    In the greater scheme of things, does it really matter nell?
    Who are they?
    Who are you?
    Who are we?
    Ultimately, who gives a fuck?


    • 229
      Pass the duchy says:

      where are we going…why are we going there..how did we get here…where is here…thanks for that plato …with thoughts like these we can sort out all society’s problems…pass the bong


  45. 139
    Arthur Haynes (Comedian) says:

    Found a link that suggests that the American company ALCOA owns the MAL Zrt aluminium plant in Hungary. Anyone interested can put this about please. It’s for ALCOA to deny they have anything to do with the plant that released millions of gallons of poisonous liquid on the local town, killing several people and injuring many as well as releasing poisons into the watercourses and probably the Danube in days to come.

    Their unit is called Alcoa-Kofem Kft and is the holding company of MAL and has been so since 1997 unless anyone else knows different.


  46. 140
    Cassius Longinus says:

    Ahhh, The Stafford Cripps – A fine regiment – one of the finest Sir! Tremendous cellar as I recall. Nice hats too. Whatever happened to them? Merged with the East Anglian Butskellites you say? Damn shame.


  47. 149
    nell says:

    Where is edmilitwit tonight?!!

    He’s hiding even deeper in a bunker than gordon is, isn’t he??!!


    • 156
      Baron Mandelson of Foy in the County of Herefordshire and of Hartlepool in the County of Durham says:

      He’s putting together a crack team of polish plumbers to cut off your supply.

      (Or was that a Polish team of crack bummers?)


    • 158
      6EQUJ5 says:

      Etiquette nell, etiquette.


    • 183
      South of the M4 says:

      Perhaps he is doing what Camagoon did last week. Keeping a low profile during the opposing parties conference. You know, playing cricket and all that stuff. It is the British way…..


  48. 151
    BBC Tumbleweed Watch says:

    Here’s Gordon telling us about the thousands of years of the Royal Navy (Newsnicht Scotland, 5th October)…


    I’m sure this clip will be repeated for comedy effect on the BBC all the time, like the Vulcan trying to sing the Welsh National Anthem or Dubya Bush misunderstimating etc.


  49. 152
    nell says:

    Ah you mistake that pic.

    It’s prezza clear and simple !!


  50. 155
    Labour.......selling our country out since the 1940's says:

    In 1946 Soviet jet engine designers approached Stalin with a request to buy jet designs from Western sources to overcome design difficulties. Stalin is said to have replied: “What fool will sell us his secrets?” However, he gave his assent to the proposal, and Soviet scientists and designers travelled to the United Kingdom to meet Cripps and request the engines. To Stalin’s amazement, Cripps and the Labour government were perfectly willing to provide technical information on the Rolls-Royce Nene centrifugal-flow jet engine designed by RAF officer Frank Whittle, along with discussions of a licence to manufacture Nene engines. The Nene engine was promptly reverse-engineered and produced in modified form as the Soviet Klimov VK-1 jet engine, later incorporated into the MiG-15 which flew in time to deploy in combat against UN forces in North Korea in 1950, causing the loss of several B-29 bombers and cancellation of their daylight bombing missions over North Korea


    • 161
      Tories. selling our country out since the days of Ted Heath and John Major says:



      • 173
        nell says:

        Oh right!!

        That’s what bliar and brown did then !!

        Sold our troops down rhe river for cheap political gains!!

        Evil ! Evil! people!!!


        • 209
          I am going to be sick says:

          Haven’t heard CallMeDave calling bull shit on the great Afghanistan adventure and ordering the troops home.

          Have you?

          You tribal voters are the last thing this country needs right now. I am glad I am not in this together with you. I am happy that the Big Society isn’t big enough to include both you and I.

          You make me sick.


          • Jethro says:

            209 – A small point, possibly, IAGTBS, but, …” isn’t big enough to include you and I.” exhibits incorrect Syntax. You will agree, I am sure, that the Finite Verb in your Subordinate Clause (” …that the Big Society isn’t big enough…”) is “isn’t” and that there then follows an Infinitive (“to include”) and that it requires, both formally and in sense, an Accusative/Objective. You got it right later, when you wrote, “You (Subject) make (Finite Verb) me (Object) sick (Adjective/Complement/part of Phrasal Verb. The Accusative of ‘you’ has for several centuries now been the same as the Nominative/Subjective: BUT, the Pronoun ‘I’ has the form ‘me’ for the Accusative (and ‘my’ for the Genitive/Possessive). Just suppose that, instead of using the Infinitive ‘to include’, you had used the Preposition ‘for’ (‘the Big Society isn’t big enough for you and…’) the next word would have had to be ‘me’, wouldn’t it?
            Or would you consider changing your cognomen to ‘Me am going to be sick’?


    • 170
      6EQUJ5 says:

      #151. I refer you to the comment I made some moments ago.


    • 174
      Marxists are slime says:

      Of course they were willing..they were all commies….leftie marxist scum…


  51. 165
    BBC Tumbleweed Watch says:

    Thousands of years of the RN according to Broon – who knew?



    • 181
      South of the M4 says:

      Was not the Royal Navy started by Elizabeth 1st in the 16th century? So at most, 450 years of the ‘ Royal Navy ‘. Although I am sure Francis Drake did not call it that. The man Brown lies with every word – and 650 mp’s watched him every day.


      • 203
        13eastie says:

        “If you want the Royal Navy to play the role that it has played for thousands of years, indeed for hundreds and uh you might say thousands of years, the Royal Navy has got to have these ugh… er… aircraft carriers”.

        So the Fleet Air Arm is also thousands of years old.



      • 207
        King Alfred says:

        It was me that started it you mong – that’s why it is called the senior service.


      • 223
        Cynical Old Man says:

        Actually it was created by Henry VIII – Remember the “Mary Rose”?


  52. 172
    Nothing will change, just different rhetoric says:

    And still this left wing conservative coalition governemnt continues to sell out to europe. How many EU directives have they signed up to since they came in to office? If you think these Tories will do anything about Europe, let alone immigration, you are more of a twat than I thought you were.

    Our 8.5 million people of working age who are not working, don’t need to work because there are more than enough immigrants to do the work for them and they can sit at home on benefits. What the tories are proposing to do on work shy people won’t work because no employer wants to train any one and all the jobs created will continue to go to immigrants because they are cheaper. IDS can’t even work that out! They cant solve the immigration problem ‘cos europe wont let them.


    • 210
      Anonymous says:

      Sad but so very true.

      Revolution anyone?


      • 218
        Voter fodder says:

        The electors had their chance after the expenses revelations, but what did they do?
        Promptly voted in a blind panic for the choice of better our corrupt MPs than theirs.


  53. 176
    Nothing will change, just different rhetoric says:

    How many times did cameron mention immigration in his speech? Labour sold out thw white working class to the immigrants, looks like the coaliton will continue where labour left off.e


    • 179
      Ratsniffer says:

      remember cameron has to keep his leftie chums in the lib dems happy…so it’s concerned, touchy feelie social conservatism…that means in reality bleed the middle classes dry and protect, at all cost, the culture of victimhood.


      • 212
        fuck off muzzies says:


        Has everyone forgotten that these fuckers wish us serious harm? Either they want to blow us up or else turn vast swathes of Britain in to no go muzzie enclaves.

        This is not a Big Society. This is divide and conquer.

        Just what the hell is the government doing about it? You know, the fucktards who take your money?

        Fuck all.


  54. 177

    I look forward to inviting Jose Maria Olazabal to Downing Street when I host the next G20 summit.


  55. 180
    Harry Beckhough says:

    I don’t understand. I only ordered a £15 hooker, and some bitch with a camcorder turned up wanting to shoot a snuff movie.


  56. 182
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    He sounds like one of those pathetic souls always looking for a ‘strong leader’ to follow. They are a curse on sensible politics.


    • 230
      the old Dufflebag says:

      not a very thoughtful comment cato…without people like him this country would be full of jack boots and arseholes like you strung up which would be the only appealing part of the scenario


  57. 185
    Anonymous says:

    Free Education;Free Healthcare; Free Housing; Pay people to have children and call it child benefit;

    Why wouldn’t you want to come here? many many lotto rollovers in one.

    Let those idiots who work, pay for those who don’t want to.


  58. 189
    13eastie says:

    BBC truncated DC’s list of Labour failings to a fraction of its original length on “Today at Conference”.

    A bit close to the bone?

    Not long now, Auntie.


  59. 193
    Anonymous says:

    Just think, how many people from overseas will be living in our country in another five years time on top of the millions that labour have let in since 1997?

    And all to buy their votes.


  60. 194
    Nick and Dave's rendition of "Give me a London girl every time" says:

    We don’t care,
    We don’t care,
    We don’t care if you come round here,
    We got our feet on the sideboard here,
    for the next five year,
    Let Mother parliament sort ‘em out,
    Cause we don’t care.


  61. 195
    Gordon Brown says:

    If I’d been re-elected, Britain would now be the greatest nation on earth. I’d have solved all our problems and reduced the deficit entirely without having to make any cuts. Harry has also told me personally that I’m the greatest prime minister ever.


  62. 196
    Anonymous says:

    I know a very large insurance company, where you don’t have to have paid in any premiums, but they will still pay out.

    Any guesses?


  63. 199
    Hazel Blears says:

    My flange is just like the child benefit cut. Tough but fair.


  64. 201
    Gordon Brown says:

    Mr Beckhough told I’m the best. So there.


  65. 208
    Nick and Dave's Big society says:


  66. 215
    Anus Homo says:

    Go and suck off your bargemate Fawkes you drunken Pikey scum


  67. 220
    Atlas shrugged says:

    Please try to remember that even the long term unemployable pay taxes, VAT for example. However this is not even a small proportion of the story.

    The system loves the unemployed and criminal classes more then it loves higher rate tax payers, and this is why.

    It currently costs the government around £45,000 per year to keep a prisoner in jail. It costs around half that much to keep a family fully supported on welfare benefits, which is still one hell of a lot of BORROWED money. This of course does no good whatsoever for the vast majority of law abiding hard working citizens, mainly because being good for society as a whole, or the vast majority of individuals in particular, is the last possible thing government is all about.

    In fact it is these otherwise perfectly useless people that keep the whole system running on gas, and feeding itself on the produce of YOUR/OUR own person creativity and hard work.

    How many politicians, tax collectors, police officers, judges, barristers, probation officers or social workers for example, would we need if there were virtually no crime or long term unemployment?

    Answer, virtually none whatsoever.

    Which of course means that if we did not have these types of people, we would not need a government at all to collect taxes from us.

    The System needs a largely disfunctional society in order to justify its existence. A war every now and again, or better still a War on Terrorism that has absolutely no chance of ever ending is even better for the system as a whole and everyone sailing on it.

    Many of you wonder why after we have had universal education and a welfare state for now generations that things in general are either, not as good as once expected, at best, or a whole lot worse, at worst.

    Well, wonder no more. You now know why things are shit and getter ever more so, while costing more now then ever before.

    If not, then let me spell it out for you.

    The System is designed by infinitely rich and powerful criminals, wholly for the benefit of infinitely rich and powerful criminals, who create poor people, simply to use them as the excuse for enslaving the whole of common humanity.


  68. 238
    GrumpyBearz says:

    Listening to the actal recording was well worthwhile.

    What a grand old decent geezer!

    His personal history and what he remembers of the past 81 years in politics puts into the shade all the claptrap of modern-day politics!


  69. 240
    S.Shorland says:

    She was expecting old fart but got old smart


  70. 241

    […] praised 97 year old activist Harry Beckough for his service to the Tories down the years. As Guido has observed, Sky News ran a less than smooth live interview with Beckough, in which Kay Burley oscillates […]


  71. 245

    Who really is David Cameron ? or Tony Blair…David Miliband or Nick Clegg…who was Bill Clinton ?

    Chameleon Man (for him they all surely are) is @
    http://www.numberonemusic.com/markgerrard &

    Expect more from those who seek to rule via your vote…


  72. 246
    Anonymous says:

    I love the way Kay speaks to this intelligent fellow as though she has an IQ 4 times the size of his in that patronising way the ‘meeja luvvies’ and ‘celebrity journalists’ all seem to do…


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