September 29th, 2010

A Not So Cunning Fox II

Apparently Liam Fox claimed last night that “he was “appalled” his letter had been handed to the press and would “stop at nothing to ensure that the culprit is found”.” His outbox should be the first place to look.

The benefits of having this debate in public are clear – Fox feels he can win over support with the inflammatory language being chewed over by columnists and pundits. Downing Street are briefing that they are relaxed, but the story couldn’t have come at a more unfortunate moment. Today’s papers should have been dominated by the Mili-Geek Tragedy but thanks to loose lips, Fox has managed to split the coverage conveniently ahead of the Tory party conference next week. Guido can’t imagine the Downing Street press office was a fun place to be in the last twelve hours…

UPDATE: Dale reports that Fox just refused to deny he would resign. Get over to Political Smarkets if you think he will be the next cabinet minister to go. Fox is now favourite.


  1. 1

    Prat du Jour, in the face of stiff competition from the Nimbyeo.


    • 2
      Creature Comforts says:

      A new generation prat of the highest order


      • 10
        Fox Blues says:

        Fox really must think he can take a big chunk of the disgruntled right with him.

        Possibly with some massive act of martyrdom. such as…

        Placing himself upon the cross of being ‘cruelly forced out for defending queen and country from the rampaging irresponsible Brokeback Cameroonian Cuts.’ Who according to him ‘just don’t understand defence of the realm like he does because of their callow inexperienced ways.’

        Self aggrandising bullshit perhaps, but he has to have some followers and clout in the Party or he wouldn’t keep sticking his neck out so confidently.

        Maybe he and the 1922 committee have some plans brewing centred around the AV Vote to begin to take back power from Dave’s Liberals to the right ?


      • 48

        more money for the defence industry so British soldiers and Muslim civilians can continue to die.

        Brits and Americans who spend billions on defence still cant defeat a few blokes on a donkey in Afghanistan. How much more money do we need to give BAE or should we be more concerned with schools and hospitals?


        • 65
          Enjineer says:

          Depends what you mean by defeat. Tactically speaking, those ‘few blokes and a Donkey’ don’t really achieve much beyond dying en-masse for their God.

          Strategically speaking, I agree completely. However, who the fuck thought it would be possible to drag a 13th century country populated by goatfucking illiterates determined to push it right back into the stone age into some sort of Nethlerlands in Asia?

          And for shits and giggles we’ll underfund and understaff the entire operation and change our minds about it’s strategic direction every time a new opionion poll comes in…


        • 70
          Absolute total c unt watch says:

          They will very quickly plant a few home bombs if we don’t, just to remind us how we need to go to far flung places and kill those who know fuck all about it.


        • 123
          Jabba the Cat says:

          Fortunately the Muslims are dying at a ratio of a few hundred to one British soldier. Hopefully we can get that ratio up to a few thousand to one with greater use of drones etc.


    • 3

      2 shit peas from the same mong pod.


    • 61
      Digger says:

      This ties in with terrorists are going to do a Mumbai on us. And there was a bomb scare in Paris. Utter shit, as was the hoax yesterday re the Paris underground.


    • 63
      Sack the Fucker says:

      Why should he be allowed to resign?

      Sack the fucker. Resignation is for the honourable, which Fox ain’t.


      • 152
        Get real and tell it like it really is says:

        The fact of the matter is Afghanistan was never going to be a “goer”. It’s more inherited shit from Blair/Brown, more sly sh**ty moves to attempt to polish their own turd like images and we all know you can’t polish a turd. We could keep sacrificing our troops and wasting our – taxpayers – money in this s**t hole for the next 100 years to no avail. Why not – some so called leader – have the bravery to say “out of there, now”. In the meantime send Fox on indefinate secondment to Afghanistan. Maybe he could spend the time learning what honour, decency, moral and physical courage really are from some of the young troops out there.


    • 142
      Engineer says:

      Given that a very large proportion of the defence budget is spent in Whitehall, there must be considerable scope for non-service cuts. The quite byzantine method of defence procurement must be long overdue a sweeping simplification, for example.


      • 188
        Osama the Nazarene says:

        If you dig deep enough you’re bound to find that nuliebor, new generation included, have vested interests in keepng the procurement regime unchanged. Its all about jobs you know!


  2. 4
    Dick Ed and Balls says:

    He can come and join us
    Spend, spend, spend…


    • 186
      Baron Kinnockio of Europe says:

      You mean it wa Foxy hmself who sent out this e-mail? Well I never, nothing like that would ever have happened in the great people’s party I can assure you. Must be those dsgruntled generals lned up for the chop who prompted him. They want to keep on riding the mlitary spend gravy train.

      Oh well our new great leader, Millichev, would never allow them more mlitary adventures, especally when the Iranians get their bomb!


  3. 5
    Furious says:

    Time to bring back fox hunting with dogs perhaps!


  4. 6
    Sequels rock says:

    A Not So Cunning Fox II: Electric Boogaloo


  5. 7
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Archilochus: A fox knows many things – a hedgehog knows one big thing.

    Seems as if Fox has just sat on a number of pricks.


  6. 8
    the beast of clerkenwell says:

    Why are you against the guy?
    He is just sticking up for the forces, who if we are honest are pretty hard up as it is


    • 15
      Gerry Mandering says:

      Troops should get all the support they need without question. Its just all those Admirals – more than there are ships – wanting to jaunt around the world.

      Wonder who are pulling Fox’s strings.


      • 21
        Enjineer says:

        You won’t get any argument from me that the top brass in all three services is overmanned, and contains more than it’s fair share of shiny-arsed greasy pole climbers.

        But the fact that there are more Admirals than warships is not an argument for fewer admirals per se, it’s an argument to get the RN’s strength back up to where it ought to be following the last SDR.

        RN has been cut so hard to the bone it would be more appropriate to call it a Coastguard than a Navy


        • 28
          wrong century, wrong priorities says:

          How good are some of these tubs against IED’s ?


          • Biggles says:

            Pretty good – when was the last time one of them was blown up by an IED in Afghanistan? Fox’s point is that we have to prepare fo A war not THE war.


          • you can't always get what you want says:

            sounds more like Fox wants to have his cake and eat it
            we can’t arm ourselves for all conceivable wars just the most likely ones

            Fox’s ‘fellow’ ministers will be running to dave right now giving him an earful about how much they’ve cut so why should Fox get away with it?


          • Absolute total c unt watch says:

            The Swiss don’t waste money lining the bank accounts of Fox and his ilk.


          • rick says:

            Does ‘war A’ include protecting England’s borders from the massive third world invasion that’s happening as we speak? Surely the protection of the country’s integrity is the first duty of the armed forces. As they have obviously failed in their duty why not scrap the lot?


          • TA Major says:

            One of the biggest problem at the War Office/MoD is that they always seem to plan for the next war being a re-run of the last. So it is quite true that there is very little need for the floaty things of the Grey Funnel Line in the ‘Stan. However, the next piece of excitement might involve a coastline. Thin out the number of admirals by all means but do leave sufficient ships with guns and missiles to provide a credible force.


          • Enjineer says:

            Iraq and Afgahnistan were wars of choice – and we still managed to be completely ill equipped to fight them.

            The next one might not be one we choose to fight. Not that it matter much, because at this rate we will have no choice but to hope the US will bail us out (again) or capitulate.


          • Enjineer says:

            Except of course the Swiss might – we are desperately trying to flog them some Typhoons we can’t afford to try and get some money back.

            And if we ran our defence like the Swiss you’d have to get off your fat arse and become a weekend warrior.


          • Engineer says:

            Change your moniker, please. Stop trying to use mine as cover. I don’t appreciate it.


          • Engineer is crying his eyes out - concrete pump in disguise? says:

            You whinging shit.


          • Engineer says:

            That confirms my suspicions.

            If you’ve got some valid opinions, why do you not post them openly? Why do you need to hide behind others’ monikers? What are you scared of, criticism? You’re quick enough to dish it out – just take it.


    • 83
      Anonymous says:

      Having spent most of my working life in the forces I can assureyou that most of defence spend is just wasted by the defence industries by wasted perhaps I should really say stolen.

      Then you have to start asking some serious questions. Life, why have the RAF? Both the Army and the Navy have their own air forces. Or why not keep the RAF and do away with the Amy and Navy air forces?. It really is a very expensive set up, they all have their own airfields, training facilities and aircraft.

      The Navy has its own army. Why?

      There are massive savingstobe made at the MOD and it would not affect the country’s safety one iota.


      • 118
        TA Major says:

        Once solution would be;

        RAF fast jets to the Fleet Air Arm
        RAF helicopters to the Army Air Corps
        RAF Regiment to the Army
        RAF transport aircraft to Army Air Corps/Royal Logistic Corps

        One third of the MOD gone in a stroke plus the majority of the top end of the RAF Command.

        And the down side is?


        • 125
          Anonymous says:

          One third not so much ‘gone’, as ‘moved’.


          • TA Major says:

            Why moved? The existing MOD (N) and MOD (A) can handle the influx of personnel. They coped when both forces were much bigger and even with the influx from the RAF they will still not be as big as they were before.


      • 127
        TA Major says:

        Both the Army and the Navy have their own air forces. Or why not keep the RAF and do away with the Amy and Navy air forces?

        Because the RAF tend not to fly on Wednesday afternoons and at weekends.


        • 183
          Devil's Dumplings says:

          Better yet: Disband the Army and Expand the RAF Regiment and Disband the Navy and re-form an expanded RAF Marine Branch. Save 2/3 – and be more efficient.

          Now **** off and get back to walking your Labrador, shouting at soldiers and grooming your horse. Army & Navy never have understood Air Power.


          • the beast of clerkenwell says:

            RAF regt ARE good
            A “boss” of mine was really hacked off that his brother left the army and joined the airport managers
            A strange breed but very good at a spot of armed baggage handling


  7. 9
    Cassandrina says:

    Simple Really.

    If Fox is the leak he should be sacked.
    If he is not then he should call in the police to find the truth as correspondence between Ministers and the PM should be totally secure.


  8. 11
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Fox is a man of towering integrity who would never stoop to leaking as a way of achieving policy goals.


  9. 12
    Biggles says:

    Good on him for standing up for us. Unfortunately it is the previous government that has condemned our Armed Forces to obscurity, not this one.


    • 34
      Wails4Eva says:



      • 103
        Mr Ned says:

        Do you blame the paramedic if he cannot revive a patient? Or do you blame the twat that mugged the patient in the first place?

        Do you blame the surgeon for cutting off a soldier’s legs to save his life? Or do you blame the taliban for the IED which caused the injuries which necessitated the surgery?

        The tories will reap a whirlwind if they fail to constantly remind a public (who have a very short memory), exactly who is to blame for the necessity of these cuts.

        It was incompetent and massively corrupt procurement in the MOD under labour which lead directly to the necessity of the current negotiations about cuts.


        • 138
          Peter Grimes says:

          Quite right, after all the ZaNuLieBor fuckwits have been using the supposed summer recess to attack ‘Tory cuts’, aided and abetted as per usual by Al JaBeeBa. Dickhead Dave and Little Georgie Osborne still don’t pin the blame squarely enough on NooLaBor’s spendthrift wastrels!


  10. 13
    Oona King The Cunt says:

    I agree with Ed. Actually, I agree with whoever’s Labour leader. I sucked up to Blair and Brown equally. Even if a serial killing child rapist was leader, I’d still suck up to him. I’m a gutless, spineless, obsequious hypocrite who genuflects at any Labour leader.


    • 45
      They're all smug, sneering, Celt cunts at the BBC, 'cept Kuenssberg whom I wish to bum intensely says:

      Now you are sucking up the Red Ken I see and will suck up to his Union overlords no doubt.

      You are as despicable as Harperson, high priestess of the unthinking robot, say anything, ditch any view, change any opinion to suit the current boss.

      Now fuck off back to Alabama you cu’nt


      • 68
        Meanwhile, . . ‘Hull hath no fury like a Prezza scorned’ : (Episode 94 : Prezza for Treasurer!) says:

        Cabined I came my way back egged when housed from London the boy they mocked were good seeing-to don’t know why bridgementised they just wanted people closed ‘A’ levels because of my quick in and outedness who were high windys some didn’t ask for them toffs just wanted tudor beams appeared there and the tide was up so I had to go the long way round like in the old days me for treasurer.


  11. 14
    Atualpa says:

    Good luck to Fox. The “Strategic Defence and Security Review” appears to be a complete Treasury-driven shambles, and it’s putting the security of the nation at risk. An appalling situation.


  12. 15
    Martha Carnal says:

    Mr Fox, are you the most stupid politician in Britain?.


  13. 17
    Enjineer says:

    Not seeing the problem. In the grand scheme of things the defence of the realm is far more important than petty point scoring over the Labour party.

    If this leak help galvanise the public against defence spending cuts then good. If Fox authorised this leak, then my opinion of him has gone up. If I had to guess though, I imagine it got into the public domain from someone in uniform.

    Over the past 25 years the thin purple line has been systematically betrayed by governments both red and blue, fighting on 3 continents with an ever decreasing budget for confused and pointless reasons at best (and flat out illegal at worst)

    While we are still pissing money up the wall on foriegn aid there should be no cuts to defence.


  14. 18
    Was Red says:

    Of course, He might just believe that the review needs to ensure Britain gets the defence forces and equipment it needs. He might also believe that this is far more important to the Nation’s ultimate well being than than latest episode of the Millibros soap opera “Eldorado” brought to us daily by the Biased BBC funded by real prats (licence payers) like you and me. When the commandos of the forces of the religion of peace are busy taking hostages and shooting shoppers at Blue Water and the Trafford centre, we all might realise that this defence review (continually avoided by brave New Labour) is incredibly important.


  15. 19
    Jethro Q. Walrus-Titty says:

    Fox is doing the honourable thing-sticking up for the troops which is more than Gordon ever did.
    All you dickheads quick to criticise had better realise more cash=better for the men on the ground fighting the crazies out there and shut the fuck up.


  16. 20
    Peter Grimes says:

    Dr Fox would be no loss – let the weakling go!


    • 23
      Jethro Q. Walrus-Titty says:

      Whats weak about a Defence Secretary trying to make the best for his men in an impossible situation?-if he had been weak he would have accepted the proposed cuts carte-blanche


  17. 22
    Perhaps... says:

    Might this not be a deliberate stunt to take attention away from Ed’s Big Day and show the public that the defence secretary is sticking up for the armed forces, unlike Bob Aintbustinagut, in preparation for an announcement by Cameron that spending on the armed forces won’t be cut after all, leaving him and Fox looking heroic? Just a thought.


    • 27
      in a word, no says:

      Ed’s big day was yesterday dear
      it was all over the news and everything


      • 43
        Wails4Eva says:

        If the whole Co-ed of Lib-Dims and Cons were gunned down it wouldn’t make the news if it was up against Emili, and her hoards of panting lovies.


  18. 24
    The Expendables says:

    Fox might even have some luckless suicide spad or junior advisor he can throw out as chaff if the worst comes to the worst.
    A nod, a wink, a promise of rapid advancement come the Fox revolution, and then hurl spad into the spotlight as Fox wails and gnashes his teeth at the treachery of his misguided (but honourable) former worker who was caught between loyalty to the Defence of the UK and loyalty to a minister.

    That kind of thing.


  19. 25
    cato says:

    He’s a complete idiot. Denying all knowledge of the leak when it clearly benefits him. Total loser, cameron should ditch him. Cack handed leak has his pawprints all over it.


  20. 29
    He who dares wins(although he sometimes loses as well) says:

    I should call his bluff and let him resign if he threatens to ..he’s never got over being beaten in the leadership election.Nobody wants cuts in our defences but we have to have the forces we can afford and as to Trident..that’s a complete waste of time.It’s highly unlikely that we’d ever use our independent nucleur deterrent without the authority of the USA or in partnership with anyway.It’s just posturing and trying to retain our place at the so-called “top table” when our chair legs are being eaten away by woodworm.


  21. 30
    nu-nu-labour watch says:

    Yes it’s a shame to cause distraction from nu-nu-labour’s woes.

    Millybanned D maybe a twat, but he’s not quite as much as a twat as Millybanned RedEd – nice to see him slapdown Harman – “why are you clapping? You voted for it.” re Iraq war.

    The nu-nus are off to a flying start.


    • 40
      Nick Robinson says:

      I think you’ll find she wasn’t clapping the Iraq criticism, she was just clapping in general. Like a monkey in the zoo….


      • 104
        a psychologist says:

        Fuck off Nick, she and all the rest at the conference are all fucking nuts.

        1kg lithium daily for all of them will do the trick.

        That will be £199.99 please.


  22. 31
    Rt Hon Gordon Brown says:

    I’ll make a statement about this at 10.52 and 18 seconds. First, fizzy orange time.


  23. 32
    Jethro Q. Walrus-Titty says:

    So there we have it.A complete idiot and loser because he is sticking up for troops.


  24. 35
    Bob AintWorthShit says:

    I was a fine defence secretary.


  25. 36
    Gordon Brown says:

    Yes the troops were treated FAR better under me than Liam.I can come back and take over if you wish?


  26. 37
    They're all smug, sneering, Celt cunts at the BBC, 'cept Kuenssberg whom I wish to bum intensely says:

    Surely having Fox in the government was always going to end is his resignation though?


  27. 39
    Cynic says:

    Fox isn’t sticking up for our troops. He is a shill for the thieving defence contractors.


  28. 42
    Anonymous says:

    Almost every thing in this country is owned by foreigners or tax exiles, so why don’t they pay for protecting their investments?

    It might be even cheaper to contract out our defence to US as they have the best at half the price.


  29. 44
    Gordon Brown says:

    I gave the troops everything they asked for. It’s not true I deliberately underfunded them. Not true. Not true! NOT TRUE! Mummy, tell them they lie or I’ll stab you with my Nokia!


  30. 46
    Comic Book Guy says:

    Worst government ever!

    “Going right back to the beginning, the great concern about Cameron was always that he was a policy-lite leader. The concern turns out to have been fully justified. Now, with the chips down, we are seeing the effects of that inability to “do” policy – and it doesn’t get any more serious than failures to craft foreign and defence policies.

    Hague as worst foreign secretary, therefore, has to be seen in the context of his being a member of the worst government in living memory. After the last administration, that is going to take some doing, but it looks to be the only superlative that Cameron and his merry men (and women) will ever merit.”


    • 80
      Comic Book Lefty says:

      Worse than Brown’s – you is having a larf innit


    • 90
      Yuppie says:

      You can’t have Strategic defence review without reviewing the foreign policy which it is supporting. And foreign policy is the domain of Baroness Ashton


      • 100
        Baroness Horseface of EUSSR Private Jet says:

        Forwign Pollsee?

        Don’t know nuffin ’bout Forwign Pollsee.

        It orl comes from Brusssels.


      • 107
        EU & me - no thanks says:

        Baroness Ashton?

        Ah yes, the unelected c u n t in Brussels.

        She is on the list for a thorough going over, with a steam roller.


  31. 49
    Doc Trough says:

    In the pic he looks like Razorboy Reid in a syrup. Thinks a great deal of himself. Fwow him to the floor…..very wuffly.


  32. 56
    cynic shitter says:

    There we have then.Spend LESS=MORE for our troops!


  33. 58
    Red Ed Militant says:

    We’re all being optimistic together


  34. 66
    Voice of Treason says:

    I don’t know why we continue to think we are a major player in these wars etc. The Americans think our troops are a joke, the French shrug their shoulders and get on with enjoying a much better life and the Germans are streets ahead in life and work satisfaction. The fucking Empire’s gone, let’s get on with improving life for ALL our people instaed of clinging to outdated notions of nonsense.

    The real players are USA, China, India and even Russia to a lesser extent – oh and of course Pakistan!


  35. 67
    EC1 PhD says:

    I disagree. I welcome something from the BBC which is not just a Miliband love in – yesterday’s coverage was disgraceful.


    • 84
      Mike Hunt says:

      They ALMOST said ‘our party’ but it was made darned obvious that is what they wanted to say.

      A disgrace? totally.


  36. 69
    Margaret Beckett says:

    Wanna see my shake my booty?


  37. 74
    Thought For The Day says:

    Ger*y and K*te McC*nn are a pair of slimy sinister c*nts.


  38. 81
    Mike Hunt says:

    It’s called getting your retaliation in first.

    Cutting the front-line defence budget when soldiers are engaged in a war is not sensible, he is just making sure minds are focussed.

    It could of course be a leftie trouble maker civil servant in the MoD but I somehow doubt it.


    • 117
      The general public says:

      Bollocks. Fox is on a promise of some lucrative “defence” firm (now there is a contradiction if ever there was) job and is simply looking out for his own interests.

      Guido, do your investigative stuff and find out Fox’s connections with the arms industry.


  39. 88
    Steve Miliband says:

    They sit on £1000 chairs in Whitehall, part of a £2.3bn refurb that Labour allowed. No wonder they couldn’t provide body armour.


  40. 92
    Red Ed says:

    Free copy of Das Kapital for every child in the land!


  41. 98
    Whats he up to. says:

    You don’t hear much of that Cameron c unt


    • 120
      The political class can kiss my arse says:

      Exactly, where the fuck is he? Having another Cornish holiday? Another relative snuffed it? locked himself in the bunker fretting about the party conference and how everyone will see him as a lightweight tosser?


  42. 99
    Ed Miliband says:

    I would give them everything they wanted, and let’s be honest, at the same time give them nothing. That way, let’s be honest, everyone is happy. You must agree with me?


  43. 108
    Ed Miliband says:

    I agree with the Liberals that the Iraq war was a mistake,but as I have said on many occassions if you have a nutter with WMD in a country in the Middle East beginning with I and ending in Q you must invade them


  44. 109
    junior asprin says:

    How about putting a blanket ban on any meal costing more than £10 per head, regardless what department, regardless who is attending.

    It won’t make much difference other to focus the mind on the amount of cash that is chewed up in the the system that is later pissed up the wall or shit down the pan


  45. 110
    Bomb Fodder says:

    Any government concerned for the life’s of its soldiers would not allow such a thing as bomb disposal. When remote detonation would cause zero deaths.


    • 132
      Voice of Treason says:

      Obviously you know something the Bomb Disposal people don’t know. Offer your services. I’m sure they don’t do bomb disposal for the fun of it if a remote device could be used – which it cannot be under all circumstances.


      • 153
        Bomb Fodder says:

        I know I can set a bomb off without anyone getting killed. But I would make an exception in your case.


        • 163
          Voice of Treason says:

          Aye, you really are a clever fucker I’m surprised you’re not in Afghainstan showing everybody how to do bomb disposal. Fucking bar room soldier. I met many cowards like you.


  46. 121
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    How about cutting all public sector job wages to the avrage wage , Say 25 k


  47. 139
    the beast of clerkenwell says:

    the enemy is living amongst us
    kick them out
    Squaddies armed with pistols and metal tipped pick handles patrolling the streets
    Slash the police by 90% let them do what they are best at (filling in forms)
    Arm every male who isnt a lunatic
    Ask the Swiss,it works
    And just why would anybody apart from a benefit scrounging scumbag want to invade this shithole of a country?
    coal mines flooded, gas/oil running out
    fuck all apart from crooks in the city and Tesco


    • 177
      The great and the good says:

      The only time we ever paid any attention to the public was after WW2. They were hardened war veterans then and had guns and we were shit scared of them. The present lot are of no consequence to us. Therefore we will continue to do as we please. Goodbye.


  48. 143
    Johnny says says:

    “Fox feels he can win over support with the inflammatory language being chewed over by columnists and pundits.”

    The media and political arguments about the MoD and spending are entirely artificial. Fox is rightly acting as the mouthpiece of the MoD but the rest of the Westminster bubble will never do their job in forming credible responses to MoD demands.

    The MoD is shit at budgeting and the Top Brass allowed our forces to go into two wars ill-equipped and unprepared because of it. The politicians and Top Brass are both craving Euro-integration so they can continue spending lots of money on shiny, exquisite toys while front line troops have to make do with guns that aren’t powerful enough. When is someone going to start making a case for our armed forces having good kit and able to operate fully independently of others.

    We shouldn’t be relying on US aircover and helicopters. We shouldn’t be looking forward to a Royal Navy that needs other nations to protect our carriers. The naked intent to nobble our own defences so that unilateral action becomes almost impossible is not being resisted. Fox, and his predecessors over the last 20 years have done a good job at making the MoD’s chosen direction plain enough but Parliament and the media seem uninterested in countering it even when it is desperately required.

    Take for example the Snatch Land Rover. A better armoured replacement called Ocelot has now been chosen. 18 months from tender to decision. Well done. Except the programme to find that replacement started 10 years ago and the MoD spent several years resisting it until the funding was to come from the Treasury Reserve rather than regular budgets. In the mean time a succession of inadequate vehicles that had already been ordered were thrown at the problem and troops died as a result.


  49. 144
  50. 146
    Dick Olver says:

    I march into number 10 when ever I feel like it. And I get what I want, or else.


  51. 148
    nell says:

    I think he’s right to stand up for Defence Spending. ainbustinagut never did – everytime gordon glared in his direction ole bob and kevan ran away and hid under the desk. They didn’t give a toss about the lads on the frontline. They’re only thought was not to annoy gordon so that they could hang onto their lucrative jobs and enormous expenses

    So give fox his due – he’s under pressure and holding the line, and clearly willing to resign his job if the coalition doesn’t do the honorable thing and look after troops that are fighting a war.

    Furthermore Gen. Dannatt has come out supporting him.

    Finally, after years of self-serving indifference and criminal neglect, we have someone in charge of the MoD , who’s first consideration is the protection and care of the armed forces.


  52. 151
    Malcolm Tucker says:

    Terri Coverley leaked it


  53. 154
    Malcolm Tucker says:

    You all think that I am a television character. In fact I am real, I tell you!


  54. 157
    tit says:

    I don’t think for one minute that the coalition is about to decimate the armed forces…an SDR is always a time for rumour and briefings often from one of the three services as the cost cutting questions get closer to the excesses.


  55. 161
    Malcolm Tucker says:

    Close all our military bases in Germany and sell the land for development.

    Move the soldiers and families there back to the UK where their domestic spend will help our economy rather than that of Germany.

    Leak information about all senior officers with serious sexual dysfunction to NOTW

    Have our new frigates engage in a sea battle with the Taleban’s navy

    Send Liam Fox on a 9 month Afghanistan tour with a platoon of squadies


  56. 165
    Taxfodder says:

    Mr Fox is for the chop, not only was he one of the worst expenses looters he is an old tory duffer the unelected coalition can do without!


  57. 166
    Sherlock Homes says:

    This is so blatantly obviously written for public consumption. Two big reasons:

    1. He feels the need to say it is isn’t “This is not a letter I am copying to others …”

    2. He ‘shouts out’ two people “I am very grateful to Peter Ricketts and Jeremy Heywood…” – what would be the point of doing that in a 1-to-1 email.


  58. 172
    scouse twat says:

    This is the MOD.


  59. 175
    Sound as a Pound says:

    Actually Fawkes, there has been a number of leaks to the press, the previous example was the list of quangos to be cut, surly you cant suggest that was Fox too ?
    The more the wishy-washies and the lefty media have a go at Fox , the more I like him.


  60. 178
    Ex squaddie with one leg,oozing pus says:

    Don’t fight for them, the average Stani never done anyone any harm in his life,they are making spooks up to milk you all.


  61. 185
    Or Waffle says:

    The only solution to all your problems is to march to parliament,drag them out and hang them. Then do the same to the Lords.


  62. 187
    rattattat says:

    Is our current defense possture really a small penis syndrome?
    We are a small(ish) country that noew has lost its clout, but still lives in a world long passed . The obsession with big ticket military hardware is doing a dis-service to our armed forces. Currently we have 2 big things going on- Afganistan- which needs men on the ground, but we have an army that is far too small. Secondly, is the scurge of the seas with pirates hijacking ships left right and centre we don’t have the naval ships to deal with them effectively but we have a great big expensive trident submarine that will never be used.
    So rather than the penis substitute we need more soldiers and better more realistic naval forces and if that meand Liam Fox needs ro resign then so be it.


  63. 191
    Captain Renault says:

    I’m shocked, shocked to find leaking going on from Mr. Fox’s department.


  64. 193
    Voice of Treason says:

    Where the fuck is that bone idle Prime Minister these days – on holiday again or what?


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