September 27th, 2010

How the Unions Won it for Red Ed

This morning’s papers could not have been comfortable reading for the majority of the Labour Party who did not vote for Ed Miliband. Despite attempts to say “so what” to the fact that Unite and the other unions have the leader of their party by the balls, Red Ed is being defined by his opponents (and supporters) before the voting public have any idea who he really is. Not without good reason, imagine the outcry from Labour if the Tories biggest donor had been given the deciding say in who the party leader is, against the wishes of the membership and MPs. Try as Ed may to claim he is his own man, the results speak for themselves and how they were achieved is very telling.

Not only was there the £135,000 given to Ed’s campaign directly, but money was spent elsewhere pushing his face and name. Take this ballot paper envelope from the GMB for example:

Unite the Union broke not only the spirit but the letter of the leadership election laws by sending a mailshot endorsing Ed when they sent the ballot papers to their 950,000 members.  Unite even set up a website backing Red Ed which linked to the Electoral Reform Society’s online voting page. If David Miliband had a little less dignity he would have pretty solid grounds for an investigation.

The unions gave help-in-kind worth millions. There is no way the unions will not want a return for their investment and in the campaign Ed promised to support strikes and even show his face at the TUC’s coordinated action day. Guido is fairly confident this won’t happen and Ed will have to attempt to distance himself from his puppet-masters. Expect tame words calling for political solutions and the like…


  1. 1
    MI7 says:

    So the NWO has its new stooge


    • 11
      Kneedeep Inshite, President of Pakistan says:

      “it is very unfair of other nations to keep blaming us for the slow progress in ‘mopping-up’ after the recent floods in my country. Everybody knows that all our best spongers are currently resident in the UK…”


      • 39
        namecalling as a serious political strategy for the next four years says:

        You do realise this isn’t the USA Mr Fawkes ?
        Just calling someone a communist or marxist won’t work here and the smarter bloggers and Conservatives are already working out a more realistic strategy than calling him Red every five minutes.

        His weakness isn’t the unions but unity.

        Unless he gets the Blairites and Brownites to cease and desist all hostility then the feud will never end and tear any Shadow Cabinet apart slowly but surely.

        Cameron, Osborne, Letwin, Hilton and CCHQ are probably working out small headline policies to quickly throw out designed to put both wings at each others throats again as Ed has to decide does he support them or not and how to balance both wings in a cabinet not of his own choosing.

        Hardly anybody in the wider public has even heard him speak at length yet and that’s when they make up their minds. He has an entire week of Conference in which to define himself so he’ll worry about the Tabloid right no more than Clegg did over being called a Nazi.
        And thanks to the right’s goading he’ll find giving the unions a few slaps very easy to do. Nobody thinks he’s scargill but the loons. Even Brown managed to keep his distance from the BA Strike when he was IN power. Keeping your distance when you’re out of power is even easier.

        But if you seriously think namecalling will work, by all means, keep at it.
        I’ll even help because it’s so laughably childish and doomed to backfire.
        Try calling him Marxistband or Milibrother or ComRed Miilband.


        • 199

          Thanks for the advice. Not going to take it.


          • scouse twat says:

            And this is directed to who?


          • scouse twat says:

            now its moved from the bottom to the top


          • namecalling as a serious political strategy for the next four years says:

            Wouldn’t expect you to.
            Namecalling is fun if admittedly pretty childish.

            Calling the tories toffs must be why Brown won.
            Oh that’s right! He didn’t. And that ‘strategy’ was killed off very quickly.
            Still the ‘Red’ strategy did at least work against Blair? Didn’t it ?


          • 13eastie says:

            Calling the Tories “toffs” didn’t work because:

            a) It was the Labour Party itself that did the name calling and organised the top-hat costumes: they tried far too hard

            b) Everyone knew Labour had just as many public school boys on the front bench as the Tories

            Red Ed has already stuck because it’s come from the MSM, it is based on the utter truth that, although most of the membership voted against him, Red Ed was pushed in by the union block vote (8 % turnout).

            That he is called “Red Ed” is probably the only thing most people know about him.

            It will be his undoing, because, after this year’s dress rehearsal at BA, Unite and the rest will wreak deficit-denial-havoc once the coalition spending review is implemented.

            Continually linking him to his other truth, the Labour cabinet’s collective responsibility for Brown’s economic catastrophe, will help nicely too…


          • namecalling as a serious political strategy for the next four years says: says:

            Toffs didn’t work because it was seen as subtle as a brick and an obvious cheap smear tactic.

            But this is a sophisticated tabloid attack is it ?
            I can see that by the way it rhymes and the way everything is coloured Red. The public is bound to think he’s Arthur Scargill in no time with such cunning tactics.

            Blair was called Bambi for a few weeks if you remember. Before they tried the socialist demon eyes to great landslide effect.

            If David-M was elected they would play up his share of the union membership vote too so lets not pretend this has any deeper meaning than a throwaway attack line that always gets trotted out.

            The point is will it be effective ?
            Unless he goes even further than Comrade Vince Cable and proclaims Caitalism a dead system while yelling for a national strike it’s not going to be taken very seriously by the voters.

            The tabloids and dead tree press just don’t have the Power they used to as Mr Fawkes usually never tires of telling us.

            Blaming the last guy will also never win an election as Obama knows.

            Splits are a cancer in any Party.
            That’s what killled New Labour and it’s what will kill Ed-M unless he acts fast. It’s also what killed Major and Thatcher before him.


          • Imp says:

            The problem for Ed Milliband is that Britain is actually quite evenly balanced between left and right wing politics.

            When any party veers too far from that line they become unelectable (at least in recent years).

            New Labour won because they shifted to the right, they made themselves viable (at least for a while) and it wasn’t just those on the left celebrating as we all know when they swept to power in 1997, after the tedium of John Major anything looked exciting by comparison.

            And yes, the unions did indeed rig the vote, but what his electability might come down to is actually rather more simple than the fact the party may swing to port – it’s because he looks like a rather unattractive nerd/geek, not that I am suggesting that leaders should be judged on demeanour, they generally are to some degree- he has none of the presence of his brother and just.. well, looks and sounds feeble. He also has a wet voice, with a noticable risp when he givef fpeechef…

            He just doesn’t look the part, not strong enough presence, he looks too much like the person who should be sorting out the IT backstage.


          • namecalling as a serious political strategy for the next four years says:

            Have you even seen David Cameron ???
            And I don’t mean through rose or blue tinted glasses.
            He’s no fucking adonis my friend.
            Dave was slammed as a lightwieght too so that’s not going to fly either.

            Ed’s geeky but David was far geekier and the front bench of all three parties is mostly a carnival of the grotesque.

            If there was an election next week you might have a point but Cameron was no more experienced when he took over and neither was Clegg.

            Ecnonomically the centre shifted to the right socialy it’s moved to the left with Cameron embracing the NHS, welfare state, gay rights, education, multiculturalism etc. Ken even seems soft on crime now.


          • john in cheshire says:

            Guido, I believe that communists and socialists have been destroying things for over a century. I think it is important to remind as many as possible who they are and where they reside. Surely, after USSR, no one in their right mind would knowingly vote for a communist of a socialist. Would they?


          • Comrade Vince Cable says:

            Would they vote for a socialist communist anti-capitalist ?

            You tell me ?


        • 221
          jgm2 says:

          Ned will just promise free unicorns and endless spending for all.

          Just like Br**n before him.


        • 237
          Gordon Brown says:

          I would like to make it clear that calling that bigoted woman in Rochdale a bigoted woman was no sense name calling, it was progressive.


        • 242
          Ed Flag says:

          Fawkes is just the catalyst. What he says is entirely irrelevant. It’s the comments that people come here for.


          • he wouldn't let it lie says:

            not much point in reasoning with people when weasels like Tat start shitting all over the blog and attacking again
            expect far more of the same back at the little cun’t soon


        • 285
          Anonymous says:

          Namecalling – if it is true which it is – that he is red and a danger to this country – or in other words, speaking straight English is essential I think. If it can be funny as well then all to the good. Clearly it does work or you wouldn’t be on here moaning. Spitting Image worked too.


      • 67
        Gruppenführer Clegg vill teach Red Ed ze error ov hiz ways. Ze Tabloids are alvays right. says:


    • 16
      Baron Kinnockio of Europe says:

      Charlie Whelan the Lord Ashcroft of the Labour Party.


    • 205
      Up sh1t creek says:

      All hail Gordon Brown, he “Saved the world” from economic collapse. It must be true, Alistair Darling said so in his conference speech today.

      The fact that Labour went on a 13 year public sector spending and borrowing binge, nah, that never happened. Hell, it was “The right thing to do” to borrow money in the supposed good times and carry on the public sector splurge.


  2. 2

    What are the odds for Millimong D giving lil bro a bit of ‘Turkish Revenge’, not a full stab in the back but a stiletto in the arse?


  3. 3
    Red Ed's Glorious Future says:

    Ed speaks at the 2011 annual meeting of the Ed Miliband Appreciation Society:


  4. 4
    My other car's a Merkava says:

    Anyone got any idea how those 10% of “spoiled” union ballots would have affected the outcome?


    • 13
      P. Doff says:

      Those with Ed Millicnut’s box ticked will probably be shredded faster than Tony Bliar’s expenses claims were!


  5. 5
    Mitch says:

    10% of union ballot papers were spoiled because members wouldn’t confirm that they were Labour party supporters.


    • 6
      Mr (Red) Ed - The talking Horses' Arse says:


    • 18
      Steve Miliband says:

      Or couldn’t read


    • 25
      Anonymous says:

      I thought union members got a vote even if they are not members of the Party? So why should their votes be thrown away just because they didn’t tick a box saying they supported the Labour Party?


      • 33
        anonymous says:

        democracy, don’t ya just luv it?


      • 34
        Anonymous says:

        Trade Union and Socialist Society affiliates ballot papers must include a statement of support for the Labour Party, which its members will be required to approve. Any ballot papers returned without this section completed will be considered ineligible. In the case of Trade Union affiliates the wording to be included is set out below:

        “I support the principles and policies of the Labour Party, am not a supporter of any organisation opposed to it and pay a political subscription to the body that issued this ballot paper.”


  6. 7
    Red Ed's Election Fixing Department says:

    It’s not rocket science.


  7. 9
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Labour are going to the left YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!


    • 149
      they are rocket scientists around here says:

      because Ed rhymes with Red

      and because a majority of unions members supported Ed since he was the only one who could beat David whom they depised
      even though everyone knows they would have preferred Balls Abbot or Burnham

      your logic is flawless


  8. 10
    Labour are dead says:

    This is just too fucking funny. David Milibot bottled the chance to oust Brown and he’s ended up on the scrap heap, and Brown bottled calling an election in 2007 that he’d have probably won and he’s ended up getting kicked out of office. You’d need a heart of stone not to laugh.


  9. 12
    Sir Michael Shyte says:

    Waht will Red Ed say about the BBC strike at the Tory Conference ?

    That it is a blow for democracy ? FFS


    • 44
      NeverRed says:

      I want the bbc to go on strike forever, and then the government can sell it off to the highest bidder.


      • 75
        Dick the Prick says:

        Absolutely agree and it should be done quite quickly. There’s not much point in reducing the licence fee because that will just lower the amount it could be sold for and if dimwits choose to pay the tax, then screw ‘em.


      • 188
        Susie says:

        Perhaps Lord Ashcloud would buy it… that’ll teach them :-)


  10. 14
    David Milibland says:

    Hi, is that Mossad? Any chance you can fix someone’s car wheels for me?


  11. 15
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    What was the union turnout ?


  12. 21
    Red Ed - The Union Manchurian candidate says:

    OK, when the Unions decide to go full retard and try and pull a winter of discontent after the CSR, is Ed going to support his Union brothers?

    More likely hiding under the bed is my guess.


  13. 24
    Kinnochio's reaction to Ed's election says:

    All right! All right! All right!


  14. 29
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    But is Ed in the Looney left part of the left


    • 148
      Mr Ned says:

      In asserting his middle of the road credentials, he claimed he was his own man and is sick of the red Ed label and is determined to redefine the centre ground of British politics.

      Note that he never said he was of the centre, but he wanted to redefine the centre.

      This means that according to Ed, the loony left is the new centre. I do not think that he can redefine hard-left socialism as centre left politics.


  15. 31
    • 50
      MI7 says:

      good article.


      • 104
        foaming says:

        NWO are playing you up. Delingpole is a puppet of the NWO and is only really pretending to throw a spak-attack (or the NWO know he’s bound to do one) over this in order to wind up everyone remotely interested in a conspiracy theory. Make us look more like foaming mouthed loones.


        • 138
          jgm2 says:

          I’m undecided about the NWO conspiracy thing. But some of the commentators on there are full-on Ickean in their lunacy.

          WWF is a front organisation for genocide in Rwanda? FFS.


          • Tin Foil Hat Watch says:

            Undecide in the same way Atlantis and UFO’s are undecided?


          • jgm2 says:

            ‘Unconvinced’ would be more accurate.


          • Doh says:

            How about ‘unintelligent’?


          • MI7 says:

            “Undecide in the same way Atlantis and UFO’s are undecided?”

            Oh yes there’s no such things as UFOs. Out of the billions and billions of stars in our galaxy which is one of billions and billions of galaxys that make up the universe which could actualy be just onf of billion and billions of universes that make up the multiverese (although that’s still only speculated), earth is the only planet to have developed humanoid life?

            And everyone who’s ever seen a ufo, photographed and filmed them accelerating from 0-3000mph in under a second and doing right angle turns at 5000mph which break all the know laws of physics and not to mention all the former millitary and astornauts that have gone on record as having seen advanced and non-man made technology over military bases and while in space are all deluded?


  16. 36
    NeverRed says:

    The £135,000 ‘given’ to Ed by the union was in fact taxpayers money stolen by use of labours union modernisation fund!

    Two words describe these morons talking incessantly about what the coalition government should do…….Disgusting scum.


  17. 37
    Lenin says:

    Labour’s winners, Blair & Mandy, have left the building!


  18. 38
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Guido are you doing a live chat for red Eds speech tomorrow ?


    • 46
      Steve Miliband says:

      Please no. BBC is in fucking overdrive with their new PM to be


      • 269
        Outposter says:

        Currently passing a few days in Malaysia, I watched the BBC TV World news today (on a satellite channel) with a local colleague who asked me in all seriousness what was so important to the world about a minority party in England electing a new leader that the BBC had to spend the first ten minutes of the broadcast on it? He understood when I explained to him that the BBC was not what he thought it was, but was actually the propaganda arm of the Labour party – hence the wall to wall all-day coverage of an event that was of no conceivable interest to [most of] the rest of the world.


  19. 39

    What was that about unions…..?


  20. 42
    Oona King says:

    I voted David but now I support Ed. I’m basically a gutless obsequious sycophant who’ll support whoever is Labour leader and will vote for whatever policy they introduce. I have backbone, me. And I’d like a job.


    • 57
      The Bottler says:

      I voted for me, I’m basically a gutless obsequious ruler who’ll support me and will vote for whatever policy I introduce. I have backbone, me, and I want to carry on with my vision.


  21. 45
    purpleline says:

    I understand from Rick Wakeman that the Strawbs are re-releasing one of their hit records from 73. POTU Ed Milibands record of choice


  22. 48
    The ghost of Michael Foot says:

    At last! Make me proud, Ed! You can do it!


  23. 49
    A future that is totally f*ck*d for Labour says:

    Every time a Union Militant comes on the screen slagging off the cuts.Every strike that inconveniences the public….the Tories and Right Wing Media will have a field day with “Red Ed” and who got him the leadership.It happened in the 80’s with Foot and Kinnock and ultimately lost them any chance of power for a generation.

    The “Black Ops” haven’t even started in earnest yet.It’s just a few Blairites making the waves.The full force of the Tory PR & M*u*r*d*o*c*h Media Empire machine hasn’t even been focused on Ed yet


  24. 51
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    So red Ken in london and red Ed for the party , All my wishes have come true *

    *Except the one with Georgie Thompson and Sara Jane-Mee .


  25. 54
    Sir Everard Digby says:

    Nice to see Gordon Brown’s speech writer has risen to the top – can we expect more of the same droning crap we have had to endure since 2007?

    Like Ed Balls, Milliwit trod the path of Treasury Advisor before being parachuted into a safe seat.

    An example of his total bollocks thinking is here:

    Old Labour,Old Rubbish


  26. 55
    Comrade Cable invites Red Ed to attack Capitalism like the Communist Coalition says:


  27. 56
    David Ex-Milliband says:

    If the truth be told Guido

    When I saw what Whelan and his union cronies were up to

    I didn’t want to become leader


  28. 59
    NotW_scumbag says:

    Talk about catering to the lowest common denominator.

    Red Ed : it would be funny, if it wasn’t thoroughly pathetic.

    And this is supposed to be a highly-regarded political blog.

    As dumb as the Sun more like.


    • 77
      Gruppenführer Clegg vill teach Red Ed ze error ov hiz ways. Ze Tabloids are alvays right. says:

      Please DON’T warn them off!

      They don’t realise that this just makes it all the easier for him to slap down the unions. Nor do they remember just how badly this backfired for three elections in a row. This is going to be as hilarious as the Mail calling Clegg a Nazi.


    • 79
      MI7 says:

      Come one I’m taking bets that NotW Scumbag is a jounralist (probably for the printed press) who’s seen the writing on the wall and knows he/she will be out of a cushy fleet street job in 5 years and is jealous because no one reads his/her blog.


  29. 60
    Gordon Brown says:

    Does Ed drink fizzy orange?


  30. 62
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Labour don’t know how to obey the law. They just used to make legislation and when you do that, it is only natural that you have dispensation from obeying it. As for their paymasters, who is going to dare tell them they can’t do entirely as they please?


  31. 63
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Wales is getting invaded by Yanks


    • 82
      jgm2 says:

      I’m amazed anybody wants to live there to be honest.


      • 84
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        Must be the sheep


        • 107
          South of the M4 says:

          Actually it is because there are only 5 million living in Wales. A lot less crowded than many parts of England. More relaxed pace of life. And for this you only have to learn to spit and gurgle a bit when you speak. Wouldn’t move back to England me.


      • 182
        Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

        I live there

        …. and yes, ok, it’s the sheep….

        Anyway, the Yanks will only be in my neighbourhood for 3 days, then they go back home empty handed.
        It’s a long way to come for nothing…


        • 192
          jgm2 says:

          Even if you live in Bristol Wales is still a long way to go for nothing.


          • Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

            Bristolians can stay on their side of the bridge – we really don’t mind.

            “Oi can’t read & Oi can’t write, but Oi can droive a traaactor.
            Oi support Bristol Roverrs”

            Allright moi luverrr


    • 163
      Sleepless in Kirkaldy says:


      Living in Edinburgh, I thought they were just invading here judging from the waistlines and accents. Their money is welcome.


  32. 70
    Laura Jock K of the BBC says:

    Hello boys and gidls

    I’m the Great Laura K

    I”m your host at the Conference

    I have the first first scoop of my lige for you (since I took over from Toenails)

    Charlie Whelan, the offocial spokesman of the Parteh, has told me the Zanu Labour Party is dead

    And that it has been renamed

    The Loonite Party

    Short for Loonies of the World Unite…

    PS My 137 colleagues covering Conference salute you…


    • 74
      Sky Correspondent says:

      Only 137 BBC staff at Conference Laura ?

      All unionised I suppose ?


    • 125
      Emilly Titless says:

      I am the queen of the glorious Labour conference you jock bitch koonsburger, I was doing OK till you came along, now fuck off back to jockland and report on your scotch mongs.


  33. 71
    Potkettle says:


    The loonies have (re)-taken over the asylum.

    What is it about the left wing of politics that makes them so good at making the wrong decisions


    • 80
      Jack says:

      They can’t help it

      The real reason Ed the Red was elected by the unions was


      on the bouregois running dogs like Blair, Mandy and all the other arriviste millionaires and hypcrites…


  34. 72
    the beast of clerkenwell says:

    Another jaffa in the family. He and his partner don’t know just who is the daddy.


  35. 76
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Mike Smithson helpfully posted a link to the Labour Party’s Affiliates votes.

    Looks odd that Ed Milipede gains so many votes from Unite, Unision, GMB in such large percentages when he struggled to gain first choice votes from MPs, Constituency Parties.


  36. 78
    Charlie Wheely Bin says:

    All requests for interviews with Ed must go through me first. Thank you.


  37. 81
    the beast of clerkenwell says:

    Both of millibands offspring started in america


    • 97
      Common Law Mrs E Milliband says:

      And no doubt will be brought up in America

      Mrs D Milliband is American…

      And the UN is waiting for her husband (!)


  38. 83
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Will the blairites now join the coalition ?


    • 90
      Sir Michael White (salary £ 182,000) says:

      If they had any sense

      Which is doubtful

      (Even though Frank Field and Co already have)


    • 128
      War Criminal R us says:

      you actually want them ???


      • 185
        Sleepless in Kirkaldy says:

        I almost feel sorry for some of the more sensible ex-ministers. The lived through the unelectable 80’s and 90’s, compromised long held beliefs to win power, shovelled sh**te for 13 years hoping for a political legacy, and now all that is washed away as the children take over and rush off back to becoming unelectable again.

        Like I say, almost sorry.


  39. 85
    Little Boy Blue says:

    He is an avowed atheist. He is living in sin. His name does not appear on his son’s birth certificate. he is the son of a Polish Jew. How will this ride with the Christian vote, particularly the catholic church cme election time.


  40. 86
    Yvette Cooper-Balls says:

    I’m Yvette

    My dad was a senior union leader

    That is why I am loved by the unions and will be Shadow Chancellor

    Whether I can do the job or not…


    • 96
      Steve Miliband says:

      Mr Harman will be getting a tasty job


      • 101
        Historian says:

        Yes, it is all programmed

        Unite and close allies will take every influential position

        Treasurer (already got it), Deputy Leader (by marriage), Chief Whip (interesting to see who will take over from Rentboy Brown) etc

        Guido must be watching this closely already…

        It is a real putch….Like the Bolshevics did…


        • 157

          The difference between this putsch and the Bolsheviks, of course, is that when it comes to storming the Winter Palace, Ed and co. will prefer to slowly undermine the palace with waves of bad legislation and overpaid functionaries.


  41. 88
    back by popular demand Lord Ashcroft & his amazing disappearing Millions says:


  42. 95
    bird with small brain says:

    David Cameron should offer Dave Milliband a job. That would really finish of Labour. Ok. Stupid I know, but a nice fantasy.


    • 104
      Frank Field says:

      You think ? You clearly don’t know the heir to Blair very well.


    • 111
      Engineer says:

      That might not be as daft as it sounds. If Labour do lurch significantly to the left (and that is not as certain as some on this blog suggest) it will leave the right wing of the party (Darling, Denham and the like) isolated. Some of the younger MPs may be tempted to cross the floor and join the LibDems, seeing little possibility of career advancement or government appointments during their political lifetime if they don’t.

      Milliband D? Unlikely; a career in the EU, UN or similar international organisation is more probable, as per Mandelson after his ministerial defrockings.


  43. 99
    Potkettle says:

    Talking of lunatics running things.

    The parliamentary party ELECT the shadow cabinet.

    So if I have this correct the MP’s wanted Mili D, now they havent got him they can scupper Mili E by VOTING into position all the people they want that oppose Leade rEd’s policies


    • 195
      Mr Ned says:

      They only elect people who can serve in the shadow cabinet, but not what posts they will serve in. It is up to Ed, what departments they actually get. He can easily isolate the Blairites in unimportant departments and promote the left wingers to senior posts.


  44. 102
    Tony Woodley says:

    You can go to fuck, Guido.


  45. 108
    Cassandrina says:

    The Toady Programme this morning was so disgusting in their genuflexing to the unions and Labour ex ministers that I could not stand it and turned it off.
    Simpson was encouraged to be as odious as Caroline Quinn but at least he has the excuse of being openly anti – government.
    BBC bashing is definately in order.


    • 133
      Al says:

      The BBC’s bias aginst the Tories is now more blatant than ever. It’s time for Cameron to deal with them.


      • 139
        Equity Fund says:

        When the BBC blacks out the Tory Conference

        Dave should announce its break-up and privastisation…


      • 165
        Potkettle says:

        Actually they are better left operating.

        Its a bit like TASS in the USSR, you know its commie crap so you can watch it and laugh and the more they lurch leftwards the more Joe Public recognise the bias.

        The Daily Mirror is a good example. even blue collar workers laugh at thier politics and realise how unsustainable the labour spending plans are.

        On the beeb news this morning they were trying so give air time to the lunacy that is bribing people to diet, yet almost every email/text the show got told them its barmy to bribe the fattys


        • 210
          Anonymous says:

          i went to uni in glasgow so a lot of my friends are lefties.

          most of them see the need for cuts and are angry at the massive waste, as well as the requirement to pay huge taxes to support the idle (a normal 3 bed flat in glasgow has a council tax of £1200 – 1800 p.a.). it isn’t really “progressive” to tax waitresses, shop staff and bar workers 22% + council tax to pay for someone else’s flat, rent, benefit, prescriptions, transport etc. etc.

          they all support the welfare state but can’t abide by the massive corruption inherent in it: both things like able bodied, degree educated people claiming they can’t get a job and being given grants, a flat, tax free life (i.e. the people who won’t work if they think it is below them) and the corruption in the local government, housing authority, education, housing association etc. – why does the local primary school have audi RS4s and BMW M3/M5s parked in the staff carpark?


        • 214
          Susie says:

          If I was a fatty and wanted them to keep bribing me, I’d just use the money to buy more chips. Sort-Ed innit?


  46. 112
    T*ory lord still at it. says:

    Lord Ashcroft the T*ory non dom still avoiding tax.


    • 116
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Avioding tax is legal


      • 141
        One law for them says:

        Whats wavy davy going to do about it though?


      • 203
        Sleepless in Kirkaldy says:

        Avoiding is illegal. Minimising is legal. He was minimising I would like to meet anyone who wouldn’t have done the same thing in his position – because I could make money from that person (a fool and his money are easily parted)

        Of course the BBC are saying it is dodgy. But they would, wouldn’t they.


        • 233
          Juan Kornetto says:

          Evasion is illegal.
          Avoidance is legal. Such as not buying cigarettes or having an ISA.

          A decade of nulaber spin may have blurred the line for some, but the above is the true state of things.


    • 130
      Steve Miliband says:

      He ain’t dead, so how can he pay IHT


    • 161
      Industrial blenders for T*ories says:

      same old slimey tax cheating T*ory bastards looking out for the rich.


      • 229
        tory boys never grow up says:

        Anyone had a look at what has happened to Impellam share price, as well as the ownership of its shares, since the General Election? So Lord Ashcroft what did you as an owner of a outsourcing company dependent on Goverment contracts see as so attractive in David Cameron being elected to power?


      • 230
        industrial benders for labour says:

        Ye god Mr straw i thought you would be sucking up to or bits of yer new master not posting on here this is a political blog you should be sticking to the propaganda ones like the bbc/liebourlist/grundion/ferret world [thats presssas blog]


    • 276
      Susie says:

      Yes he’s saving up to buy the BBC…


  47. 113
    Little Ed says:

    Hello. I am sitting next to Mad Hattie Mummy at my special party. She is going make me her special pudding if I don’t suck my thumb or have any tantrums. Yipee!


  48. 114
  49. 115
    Steve Miliband says:

    Do you think the delegates and Labour party members are suddenly thinking ‘Sh*t, what the f*ck have we done? How the f*ck did that happen?’


    • 119
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Have they the intelligence ?


    • 120
      jgm2 says:

      Do you think the delegates and Labour party members are suddenly thinking

      Labour Party members ‘thinking’?

      Do you have some precedent for such behaviour?

      Their whole modus operandi is that they, by definition, do not ‘think’. Which is why they fuck everything up so badly.


    • 212
      Sleepless in Kirkaldy says:

      They just hope that the public will think Ed looks grown up the first time they see him in long trousers


  50. 117
    Ed says:

    Thanks. Solidarity, brothers and sisters.


  51. 118
    Martin Day says:

    Any chance of giving this a mention ?

    Tory peer Lord Ashcroft squirrelled away £17million into a trust fund in April – the day before a law came in forcing him to pay tax on it.

    In a fresh embarrassment to the Prime Minister, who has pledged to crack down on tax avoidance by the rich, Ashcroft has sidestepped a £3.4million Treasury bill.

    BBC1’s Panorama tonight reveals that the Conservative party backer put the sum, in company shares, in trust for his children on April 5. A law requiring all peers sitting in the Lords to pay full tax on worldwide income was enacted the following day.

    Read more:


  52. 124
    Al says:

    Guido, it’s not an excess of “dignity” that’s stopping David Miliband from contesting the result, it’s cowardice.

    David M. is a gutless wretch who hasn’t got an ounce of fight in him. He is a spoiled, pampered, pseudo-leftie from a sheltered background in leafy North London. He has had it easy all his life and hasn’t had to break sweat for anything up until now.


    • 129
      jgm2 says:

      The trouble for Dave is that (apparently) Labour shadow cabinet jobs are voted on by t’members. Ie are not in the gift of his little brother.

      So it may well be that poor ickle David keeps coming second to whoever the unions tell their members to vote for.

      And that would be so terribly sad.


    • 132
      Yellow Dave says:

      Don’t hit me!


    • 134
      Milliband D says:

      I keep telling you

      I do not want to be the leader of a bunch of thugs…


    • 146
      Fat bastard smoking on the couch for money says:

      Like all politicians he’s a scrounger


    • 153
      Unsworth says:

      Miliband D has been told quite clearly by the Unions that if he doesn’t contest they’ll ensure he can have whichever shadow post he wants, or they’ll help his other ambitions. Meanwhile his consort remains enraged – so they’ll have to do something about keeping her happy, too.


  53. 126
    £3.4 million down the drain says:


  54. 127
    Get real and tell it like it really is says:

    What a perfect example of chutzpah from David Miliband this morning, grandstanding about the war in Afghanistan, started by himself, Broon et al, he propounded that he above all others had the intellect to stop it. This tosser deserves to fall into the deepest pit of oblivion. The pity is that as a very rich, tax avoiding, turning in the wind whichever way it blows, vacillating no “bottle” turd he will weasel into something to further avoid ever doing any form of work totally unlike “the workers” – more chutzpah – he and his equally mega priveleged brother claim to represent. They are the real scum of the earth.


  55. 135


    No wonder we concentrate of reforming the world – no hpe at home.


  56. 136
    Vidal Sassoon says:

    I shall be holding a fringe event today


  57. 140
    Ed Moribund says:

    Bring out your dead


  58. 142

    David Milliband’s new job is to keep Hilary Clintons goop chute warm during the winter.


  59. 151
    lol says:

    The Miliband brothers: Red Ed and Yellow Dave.

    Hardly the Krays, are they?!


  60. 155
    Road Runner says:

    meep meep


  61. 158
    D Miliband says:

    Back to the bananas then.


  62. 159
    Woodley, Simpson, Serwotka and Crow says:

    It’s payback time!!


  63. 164
    Hague will be sweating today and without the aid of a Spad for a change says:


  64. 169
    labour and bbc hater says:

    Though I am still reluctantly paying the license fee I have booted out the tv and replaced it with an iMac with a big screen. Rarely do I watch English TV.

    However last night I switched on the BBC evening news and it was quite simply Labour Broadcasting Corporation. All about their new Dear Leader and endless guff and comment about LABOUR. Labour and the BBC now seemed to become ONE AND THE SAME!!

    How the heck can Cameron let this blatant affront to democracy go on? What about the rights of all those millions who quite frankly detest this odious, self serving, borderline criminal organisation? We can switch off but do we not deserve to at least get some proper news for our money?


    • 196
      MI7 says:

      Why are you paying your tv license if you don’t have a TV?


      • 227
        labour and bbc hater says:

        Unfortunately you still need a tv license to watch live content – even online on the internet apparently. Actually much better solution than a regular tv – no additional boxes, cables and wires.


        • 243
          tory boys never grow up says:

          What is unfortunate about it – I know Tories like getting something for nothing but most people do not like freeloaders. Better to pay £147.50 a year for all the BBC than £600+ per annum for all the dross diched up by Sky I say.


        • 246
          scouse twat says:

          I just got back from my local co-op, the only shop near me. They have put 25% on everything, so that’s my TV license fee never getting paid, a case of having to do it.


        • 284
          tory boys never grow up says:

          “So, people who are not ‘Tories’ don’t like getting something for nothing? Of course not. They’d much rather shell out their cash on fucking everything, wouldn’t they?”

          Not a logically correct inference from what I said – think about it. I notice your silence on the freeloader point.


          • Unsworth says:

            Listen Mr Craphead, I’ll comment on what I want to – not on what you think you’d like me to. You know, think about it you moron.
            Now fuck right off.


          • tory boys never grow up says:

            Typical Tory trying to assert rights that he doesn’t have. And not too keen on free speech either. Could I suggest ever so politely that if you cannot take it then you don’t try and give it out. You might find that a degree of humour rather than obsecenity might make your responses a little more effective. On the other hand you could put my name on the list!


    • 208
      Mr Ned says:

      So they never report anything other than labour at the labour party conference? That is normal.

      It used to be a “gentleman’s agreement” which existed between the parties that each party would allow the other parties their week at the conference to have under an uninterrupted media spotlight.

      The tories and lib-dems still follow this tradition. Brown broke this tradition by flying into Iraq for a photo-call during the tory conference in 2007.

      I shall not take blanket coverage of the labour party conference as evidence of bias, unless the tory conference is ignored or coverage disrupted by strike action.


      • 241
        tory boys never grow up says:

        Mr Ned

        Of course Mrs Thatcher wasn’t a gentleman and was free to go off and do all sorts of stunts during the Labour Party Conference e.g. 1980 Trip to Yugoslavia (gave a major speech) 1981 trip to Bahrain/Kuwait/Australia (gave a number of major speeches), 1982 trip to Canada/USA (gave a number of major speeches), 1983 – unveiled plaques at Regents Park Memorial to victims of the IRA bomb, sppech supporting Cecil Parkinson and had the deputy PM of Iraq to lunch. I could go on – but the reality is that attempting to spoil the otehr party’s conferences has been around for a long time. I think even Macmillan (a much underrated spinner) indulged.


        • 278
          Unsworth says:

          Thatcher! FFS! You guys are really living in the past. Are you that fat cow Jo Brand in drag or something?


          • tory boys never grow up says:

            Read the original post – Mr Ned referred to Brown breaking a “tradition”. Of course you may see as being pre-history and therefore not within the period covered by “tradition”. One other thing Mrs Thatcher said, and on this she was correct, was that she know she was winning the argument when her opponents resorted to swearing.


          • Unsworth says:

            Resort to swearing? It’s the only thing you cretins actually understand. How far back do you want to go with these comments – Alfred the Great? How very convenient to simply ignore the utter shambles of the Blair/Brown fuck-up decade and indulge in diversions such as this. I couldn’t care less about this sort of nit-picking bollocks. Politicking like this has gone on since forever. Take a look at Gladstone and Disraeli, for example. Now to the real issue:

            These NuLab pillocks were elected, apparently to deal with the ‘monstrous legacy’ of the Tory years. Have they done that? Absolutely no. They’ve just pissed all our money away, involved this country in numerous wars with countless thousands killed and maimed, and simply lined their pockets. They were elected to sweep away sleaze and clean up politics, it is said. Did they do that? They are amoral unprincipled scumbags – as are their supporters. Are you one of them?

            And you seriously believe that Thatcher is the fount of all knowledge, her each and every word to be carved in tablets of stone? Maybe you do. She was – like everyone – sometimes right, sometimes not. Her comments about swearing were crass and, naturally, designed to deflect attention from the real debate and wind up the Lefties. The trouble with the Left is that they do what Thatcher was doing at that time – they always seek to control debate by controlling vocabulary. Unfortunately for them they’re not very good at it.


          • tory boys never grow up says:

            Perhaps one of the reasons why I got such high marks in my exams was because I read what others had said and stuck to the subject. If you read the original post it said Brown had broken the tradition of allowing parties to have an uninterrupted media spotlight during their conferences. I merely pointed out that there was no such tradition. Is this argument too difficult for you to understand?

            PS all these rants will not help your blood pressure.


  65. 170
    White Van Man says:


    D Militwat has just given a speech in Manchester to the mongs that his brother is a special person and went on to call him a special person five times!


  66. 172
    The Unholy Trinity says:

    I’m the Labour party. Like all politicians I’m in it for the power and the money. But I give the poor a bigger cut.
    I’m the Conservative party. Like all politicians I’m in it for the power and the money. But I give the rich a bigger cut.
    I’m the liberal party. Like all politicians I’m in it for the power and the money. But I don’t give anyone anything.


    • 222
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      “I’m the Labour party. Like all politicians I’m in it for the power and the money. But I give the poor a bigger cut” Yup. Removing the 10p Tax band was one hell of a cut for the poor. Saved £2.7 Billion for “investment” though As I remember, it allowed Labour to maintain middle class bribes,(sorry, benefits)
      there’s hypocrisy, then there’s the Labour Party.


  67. 176
    Anonymous says:

    Did the tax dodgers win it for Dave? We never got an answer to this question.

    I don’t understand why people who doesn’t live in this country or pay taxes in this country gives money to conservatives.


    • 194
      Lucky Luciano says:

      The reason is buried away in what corporations are owned by who via multiple names


    • 209
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Probably for similar reasons why Labour accepted donations from foreign nationals with dual nationality who eventually got their hands on steel-workers pension funds.


  68. 178
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Red Ed will be as sucsessful as Labour list


  69. 179
    augustine the hippo says:

    Reminds me of a ‘Not the Nine O’Clock News’ – some union men are having a meeting and stop for a drinks’ break. Mel Smith asks everyone what they want. Everyone else wants a tea, and he says, ‘And I’d like a coffee’. Sending the bloke out to get the drinks he counts the people in the room and says ‘That’s 1.3 million votes for a tea and 1.7 million for coffee, so coffee it is!’


  70. 197
    TG says:

    What will ‘Yellow Dave’ Miliband do if he leaves politics? He’s never done anything else in his pampered, miserable life.


  71. 198
    Jail the Blairites says:


  72. 200
    (Hideously) White Van Man says:

    brilliant so if you are a member of the majority underclass ie white inner city and despised by Liebore’s Oxbridge toffs er does this make Liebour more attractive?

    Vote for the snooty Commie immigrant

    I think not.


    • 220
      Mr Ned says:

      He cannot represent the poor, hard working white working class when he is an upper class, Jewish communist toff.


  73. 225
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    I really am surprised that Mr Fawkes is so concerned that the Blairite D Miliband lost the election. I never saw Mr Fawkes himself as a Blairite. I wonder what he’d be finding to write if the said D had won? ‘Oh, it’s the return of the Blairites. Labour has learned nothing.’


    • 231
      jgm2 says:

      I reckon Ned is actually a safer choice for Labour. Because Dave would be hostage to all those torture enquiries and, what, exactly, were you doing in cabinet while the Maximum Imbecile was burning all the money Dave kinda questions.


  74. 234
    The shade of Dr David Kelly says:

    Ed says the days of new labour are over.

    I will have my revenge.


  75. 236
    Anonymous says:

    Surprise to see Guido supporting Blair and wants a Blair poodle as labour leader! Until now I thought Guido believes Blair is a scum-bag.


  76. 248
    Ben says:

    You’ve either misunderstood a political reality or are misrepresenting the situation.

    Ed isn’t dependent on the unions. He doesn’t need anything from them – at least, no more than any Labour leader does – because he’s been elected. He’s never going to have to do that again. There’s no mechanism through which they can withdraw their support and unseat him.

    He might owe them one… but they can’t make him return the favour.


    • 263
      Anonymous says:

      The line of blackmail from the unions won’t be “we’ll kick you out as leader”, it’ll be that they won’t give the labour party as much money if Ed doesn’t do what he tells them.
      In that sense, it’s no different to before, and is the same situation with any labour leader.
      The labour party is dependent on the unions, both in terms of money, and in terms of votes (and in terms of vote-rigging; sending instructions on who to vote for to people with the ballot itself is obviously vote-rigging, not just “advice”).


    • 272
      13eastie says:

      Red Ed no longer needs the Unions, but he’s already tainted by them.

      During the next 12 months, public sector (and former public sector e.g. transport) industrial relations will go into meltdown over spending cuts.

      First, Red Ed will be reminded constantly by the Government that he played a full role in a a Labour Cabinet that created the debt and deficit and made the cuts inevitable. He will be labelled a deficit denier.

      Second, once any public sympathy for the unions evaporates (holiday travel fiascos, rubbish uncollected, low-paid soldiers just back from Afghanistan standing in for the fire brigade) Red Ed will have already painted himself into a corner of support for the strikers.


  77. 249
    Kris Battenberg says:

    A co-conspirator of mine informs me that the emotional blackmail sponsored by GMB was even worse than slapping Ed’s face on the envelope with a cross in a box…

    “I got the voting slips in the post from my Union, along with a very long letter telling me precisely why I should vote for Ed Milliband and Ken Livingstone. The tone was very much akin to “Of course, this is a free democratic ballot. However, we would advise you to think before you vote, and vote for Ed and Ken who are just great guys, and you’d sort of be betraying us in a way if you don’t do this, because thinking about it, Ed and Ken love us and love you, and they’d be terribly upset if you didn’t, it’s almost like not voting for your own father in a way, you wouldn’t consider that would you, etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah, tedious emotional blackmail”.

    Some people I know were able to vote three times, and received separate letters informing them of this happy fact. Democracy eh?


    • 254
      Leaders Lead says:

      So is Cameron Lord Ashcrofts puppet ? Or whoever the largest donor is now ?


      • 275
        Kris Battenberg says:

        I don’t think Ed Miliband’s a Union puppet, as has been stated, he’s already won the leadership, he owes them a drink but he has no obligation to be their dogged, slavish supporter now he’s got it.

        I was merely highlighting the humbug that went on in the Labour leadership election.


  78. 261
    Amongomous says:

    New Labour fucked the economy the same way Old Labour did,so someone tell me what the difference is between these two piles of shit.


    • 265
      TaT the mental case says:

      tat will happily eat piles of shit

      but then he is a total nutter


    • 267
      Anonymous says:

      “New Labour” say that they didn’t do anything wrong, and the economy’s just fine.

      Ed’s “We’re not new labour” Labour say that they didn’t do anything wrong, and the economy’s just fine, but that they need to listen more to the leftmost side of the electorate who didn’t bother turning out to vote because they didn’t like the spin of brown/blair.

      Ed still doesn’t admit they’ve ever done anything wrong regarding the economy, he’s just trying to convince people that he’s going to spin/bully/smear/lie a bit less than brown/blair, but that’s also a crock of shit because nothing’ll change on that front either.


  79. 268
    Anonymous says:

    I was in the Electricians union ( now unite ) when I was a apprentice for three years.
    I was sent a voting form for the labour leadership ballot, which I thought was odd being that I have had nothing to do with the union for twenty five years.


  80. 271
    Great Granddad says:

    On a scale of one to ten (1 being Foot and 10 Kinnock) I would reckon him to prove a resounding three.


  81. 273
    Gosh Boyle says:

    I suppose being called ‘Red Ed’ is a bit better than being called ‘Dick Ed’ or ‘Knob Ed’
    Young Ed could always dye his hair red and be called ‘Red Head Ed” thus cornering the carrot top vote.
    With his new red mop he could reform “The Red Ed Headed League” of Sherlock Holmes fame.
    He could demand being called ‘Mister Ed’ as there is a slight semblance of the talking horse.
    Perhaps he could be ‘Simply Red Ed” now that Mick Hucknall has retired the band.
    Maybe ‘Ethel Red Ed” could land him the transvestite vote!!
    Sorry folks just been one of those days!!!


  82. 291

    Was it legal to be bombarded by texts emails and recorded phonecalls from Ed, via the GMB? Because I was. ( I voted for Dianne Abbott though.)


  83. 293
    Lord Asscraft says:

    Surely with all this press focussing on Labour it must be time for the Camerons to kill off / squeeze out another one of their ugly retarded offspring.

    And as the brood mare’s polluted womb is recovering from hosting the last one I guess they’ll have to off the middle one


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