September 25th, 2010

It Ain’t Over till the Electoral Reform Society Sings

Guido has basically got his betting book flat on the Labour leadership, after backing David originally, flipping around onto Ed last Friday and adding to his position substantially during the week. Guido took the book to basically neutral last night, after selling Ed at ridiculously high prices going into the result.

Why? Because it is just too close to call with confidence.

Unless the Electoral Reform Society has leaked – something Guido doubts – the Thursday night flip happened because punters put money on Ed, it snowballed taking him beyond evens and making him favourite. There was no new poll or information on Thursday, the price moved simply and only because there were more buyers than sellers.

At the time of writing the specialist political bookies Smarkets* have Ed with an 80% probability of winning, it should be nearer 50/50 based on the polling and closeness of the count. Guido is tempted, on a valuation basis, to sell Ed at that price…

*As far as Guido can see they are the only bookies still making prices.


  1. 1
    Gordon Brown says:

    What are you talking about? I am Labour leader and prime minister forever. Isn’t that right, Mr Hat?

  2. 2
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    I was hoping that you were going to tell us that the ERS was looking at the multiple votes of the Bad and Worse in the Labour Party. It would be insghtful to see how the Bloc union vote correlated with individual votes of TU Labour party members, for instance.

  3. 3
    Fusby Vulpes Esq says:

    A pair of very picturesque people,the cartoonists would have a grand time on drawing those mugs but as the msm are a weak gang of paper shufflers afraid of their own shadows then it’s up to us window lickers to help things along.

  4. 4
    Engineer says:

    Yes, yes, alright – you’re the daddy. Now will you please stop jabbing me with that pen?

  5. 5
    Engineer says:

    That was Mr Hat speaking.

  6. 6
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    The pen is mightier than the sword (if space allows.)

  7. 7
    Martin Day says:

    One thing is sure in this farce,the winner is guarateed to be a lying scheming backstabbing hater of everything that we British hold dear, just like the Bliar and the clown,this is what we get after all Britain did for these bastards.
    Jocks and jews for fucks sake.

  8. 8
    Seymour says:

    Well I’m still hoping for a major upset.

    Diane is still my fervent wish for leader.

    Put her on a diet and clean her up a bit and she can lead labour prettily, as long as she keeps her gob shut.

  9. 9
    Ed Balls says:

    I’m in it to win


  10. 10
  11. 11
    Engineer says:

    To summarise Guido’s post, He’s placed lots of bets and he’s either going to win a little bit or lose a little bit.

  12. 12
  13. 13
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Excommunicate! Excommunicate! Sorry, wrong programme.

  14. 14
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    As long as he keeps his Balls….

  15. 15
    Lord Envious of Avarice says:

    Or break even or lose everything in a Balls up ???

  16. 16
    Labour are finished says:

    4pm today the fun times begin.

  17. 17
    Our national broadcaster - Frothinq wildly in expectation of this orgasmic event says:

    Whatever happens we’ll be there “Spinning” the result.All our schedules have been cleared for the big event. We have a team of 500 reporters on standby to cover the historic climax of this nail-biting and exciting contest to choose the person who will be our next Prime Minister in 2015

  18. 18
    JP Morgan Jnr says:

    I backed Dave at shit odds and Ed on good odds but whatever happens I will still make a profit.

    That is capitalism 101 for you folks.

  19. 19
    Celibate Gay Bishop says:

    May the worst man win.

  20. 20
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Each one is worse than the other.

  21. 21
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Actually, it is like Bulmers’ results time and incider trading.

  22. 22
    NotaSheep says:

    Be fair the BBC have to wipe new labour leader’s record clean, show that he was always a critic of Tony Blair’s wars & Gordon Brown’s economic idiocy and the perfect man to lead the party back to power thus ending the era of ‘savage Tory cuts’.

  23. 23
    BBC still in Denial says:

    BBC Presenter on “Toady” this morning had to be reminded by Toenails that Labour were now in opposition as she was speculating that Ed Balls could be offered the job of Chancellor after the Labour leadership elections.

  24. 24
    you can't have your kyke and eat it says:

    It’s banana man by a nose.

  25. 25
    21 says:

    21 today

  26. 26
    Backwoodsman says:

    Yup, labour party radio ( thats R4 to you mugs who still pay for it ) , are going big on this. Lots of trails, shallow interviews with world leaders of impecable credibility like lord kinnock and our usual party member reporters reporting direct from the event.

  27. 27
    Bob Crow says:


  28. 28
    the chosen one says:

    I fortold years ago that Miliband senior would be the true successor to my legacy, now shut up everybody.

  29. 29
    BBC says:

    You wanted a viable opposition, now you have one. Us

  30. 30
    Wayne Hitler says:

    I will be making a move on behalf of my dads party soon.

  31. 31
    Worm says:

    I get up fucking early

  32. 32
    Issrayel says:

    Whichever brother wins, we can’t lose.

  33. 33
    The mouse working the controls in Ed Miliband's head says:

    I’m doing the best I can, but all the buttons are labelled in Hebrew.

  34. 34
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    I’ll give you 1000/1 that the c*nt wins it !

  35. 35
    The public says:

    “David’s injection-moulded look and smirking lip-kink ”
    Thats cos we is so perfect us see.

  36. 36
    Susie says:

    Like a two-headed hydra thingie? Yes I can see it now.

  37. 37
    Labour Leader Miliband says:

    I will make sure you get an even bigger Piece of the Middle East – er I mean ‘Peace in the Middle East’.

  38. 38
    Scouse Twat says:

    Who’s a pretty boy then?

  39. 39

    My soiled nappy would make a better leader
    than those two rubber faced cu*ts

  40. 40
    The mouse working the controls in Ed Miliband's head says:

    That’s quite an improvement!

  41. 41
    the beast of clerkenwell says:

    Both I and David Irving deny that a leadership contest ever happened
    Its a J**ish conspiracy

  42. 42
    The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

    Got all excited this morning when I read the death notices in the Telegraph.

    Firstly, I wasn’t mentioned, so that is good news, secondly I saw the name Gordon Brown. Oh Deep Joy!!! Then on closer inspection it was for Gordon-Brown, Christina Betty. Naturally, I extend my condolences to the Gordon-Brown family but for a few seconds this morning I thought, “Hurrah!”

  43. 43
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Spinning here.

    BBC are a bunch of grasping, socialist parascitic Hunts.

    Which reminds me, Crick has hagiographical piece on Ralph Milpede. Ed Milipede is so bright he can do the Rubik cube in 1 min 20 sec according that Hunt Robin Blackburn.

  44. 44
    The mouse working the controls in Ed Miliband's head says:

    BBC TV evening news presenter about 2 weeks ago was discussing Coalition cuts to all the hundreds of thousands of civil service non-jobs. She asked a journalist, “but when all these jobs have gone, someone’s still going to have to do the work, so who’ll do it?”

    They live on a different planet.

  45. 45
    prefer unbiased channels says:

    Does anyone else prefer watching RT and Al Jazeera and Bloomberg than our shitty BBC.

  46. 46
    Abdul Ikram says:

    Please to helpings me to understands. I got letter 2 weeks ago from man called Mr Bills. He askings me to join the Labour partyings and also my 7000 relatives. I tell hims I not have the 7000 relatives. He tellings me I will gets a cheque for £7000 if I tell council I have 7000 relatives lives with me. So I dids. I tell councils and I make join the Labour for me and 7000 cousins. I still waiting for cheque from Mr Bills. Please to explain.

  47. 47
    Scouse Twat says:

    Secret pictures of Dave and Ed at birth

  48. 48
    David Cameron says:

    Nor can we.

  49. 49
    prefer unbiased channels says:

    Oh a leadership constest happened it’s just our friends in Israel had picked the winner before it even began.

  50. 50
    Scouse Twat says:

    all the time.

  51. 51
    Lord Mandelslime says:

    Gordon, why don’t you get yourself a non-job with the EU? It’s fabulous – I am still earning £100,000 pa from the stupid taxpaying peasantry thanks to the EU.

    Anybody who says we should withdraw from the EU is just a little Englander and being racist.

  52. 52
    prefer unbiased channels says:

    It means Abdul that you need to buy alot of postage stamps and envelopes in the future.

  53. 53
    Scouse Twat says:

    so can plenty of 10 year olds but we don’t let them run the show.

  54. 54
    Anonymous says:

    If Brown really had been dead, you’d have seen the headlines sooner. Page 7 or 8, probably.

  55. 55
    Steve Miliband says:

    The BBC will be loving the ‘Home fixture’ Labour conference, so much more in tune than that tricky away fixture withe the Tories. More friends, matched ideologie.

  56. 56
    Gordon Brown says:

    2010 + 5 = 2015, Bob. Even I know that, and I’m completely and utterly insane and believe in zero percent increases.

  57. 57
    LOL @ rubiks cube milliband says:

    Anyone can do a rubik cube in a minute now, with the advent of the internet and youtube videos showing the method. You have to laugh though that these people still think novelty things like that are a measure of ‘intelligence’.

    Shall I dust out the Yo-Yo and do the cats cradle and walk the dog to show everyone how ‘cool’ and ‘intelligent’ I am? I think not………

  58. 58
    Anonymous says:

    Labour have form for spinning the “Intelligence” of their politicians. Remember how often we were told about Gordons “massive Intellect”.

    Up in Scotland The disasterous Wendy Alexander was once described as being “Galactically Bright “. Its a case of if they say it often enough it becomes true,

  59. 59
    Anonymous says:

    Both are pair of pricks God labours must be hard

  60. 60
    Michael Howard says:

    Well, it didn’t do me much good.

  61. 61
    Democracy, Labour-style says:

    Nope. Abdul’s relatives’ 7,000 postal votes are already here and counted. All 8,000 of them.

  62. 62
    Susie says:

    Let’s be charitable — it’s a sort of Lefty coronation with all the pomp and ceremony a coronation entails… I’m so looking forward to either of them being demolished or worse, damned with faint praise, at the first PMQs.

    Do hope it’s Ed the Union choice — they’ll be out of power for decades.

  63. 63
    Chopper says:

    I wouldn’t like to be the surgeon who has to separate those two.

  64. 64
    West Country Yokel says:

    Just the usual Biased crap…..from the world famous Biased Broadcasting Company…….why cant they be prosecuted by the Standards Trading ???

    12:00 News;And guess what the First “News Report” About the fcuking Zanu LieLabour Leadership………..pure utter propaganda…….totally irresponsible & totally left wing biased being rammed down our throats by this dominant biased shower who should change there name to Fcuking ZanuLieLabor Radio…..

    Great Pity that this shower of shit does not come under the remit of Eric Pickles Department…….he would do something about these bastards…..

    Closing then down seems to be the best option & then start again……..with a charter that would not allow this every to happen again biased to the left or right !!!!!……………

  65. 65
    Second Mouse says:

    But I get the cheese.

  66. 66

    So the Labour Dreamteam could be:

    Ed Miliband (Leader)
    Ken Livingstone (London Mayor)
    John Prescott (Treasurer)

    Christ I bet the coalition is shitting itself!!

    Want to know the result of the election? We know already ;-)

  67. 67
    Fence says:

    Time team called one of their experts a find expert. I too am a find expert, whatever I find I quickly make the decision to keep it.

  68. 68
    Susie says:

    And the constant repetition of “(Whichever) Miliband might be Prime Minister”.

    In your dreams Beeb, in your dreams.

  69. 69
    Twats says:

    YAWN…. Guido and his band of fuckwits attempts to scupper the leadership battle have come to nothing…bless.

    Seems that David “Damien” Camerons daughter sleeps in a box. Is that that same box that he needs to put Warsi and Bender Boy Vague back into after each time they make public appearances

  70. 70
    Nick Clegg says:

    Speak for yourself,Dave

  71. 71
    Susie says:

    The BBC are on strike for the Conservative conference (natch) so it won’t be broadcast.

    So much for balanced and impartial journalism where they’re concerned.

  72. 72

    So the Labour Dreamteam could be:

    Ed Miliband (Leader)
    Ken Livingstone (London Mayor)
    John Prescott (Treasurer)

    Christ I bet the coalition is shitting itself!!

    Want to know the result of the election? We know already ;-)

  73. 73
    David Icke says:

    Fawkes is a lizard

  74. 74
    Susie says:

    They’d prop him up El Cid stylie for their conference (or maybe they did that last year).

  75. 75
    The Apostrophe Police says:

    It’s “Cameron’s daughter”, not “Camerons daughter”.

    You were state-educated under Labour and I claim my £10.

  76. 76
    Unsworth says:

    And not the slightest understanding that these ‘jobs’ are entirely unneccessary…

  77. 77
    Gooey Blob says:

    Does it really matter? Neither will become PM, Labour is electing a caretaker leader until somebody much better comes along who might inspire the country to allow him (or her) to run the country.

    Ed might do better in a general election, but neither candidate would inspire the country. I can see Labour losing a few seats if they don’t elect somebody else before Cameron goes to the country.

  78. 78
    Unsworth says:

    I’ll bet she regretted her surname for years. Presumably her kin will be wondering what to put on the memorial…

  79. 79
  80. 80
    Unsworth says:

    Not even English. Must be some sort of foreigner.

  81. 81
    Sitting on the fence says:

    I think Milliband will win

  82. 82
    High Street Butcher says:

    I would

  83. 83
    Kinnock and Co. says:

    Yes you are right Lord Mandelslime, anyone threatening a gravy train of this enormity is indeed a little englander and a racist.

  84. 84
    Anonymous says:

    Ed Miliband?

  85. 85
    Crikey. says:

    Don’t forget to have at least one reporting from outside downing street as if it was just a matter of time. Any way you all know about that sort of thing dont you?

  86. 86
    Socialism and other historic oddities says:

    The next Labour PM has yet to be born.

    He’ll probably be the only Socialist leader of any country in the world by that time. Even Korea will be unified and capitalist.

  87. 87
    Well says:

    No one in the Tory party likes Warsi either and certainely not the voters apart from her and Lord A.H.M.E.D.S. m.u.s.l.i.m. m.a.f.i.a. which has no party loyalty and is in Westminister for it’s own purposes.

  88. 88
    streamfisher says:

    Sounds like Guido has backed them both each-way, but can’t keep up with all this technical punting, is a monkey on Prescott called spread betting?.

  89. 89
    The Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton says:

    That’s standard procedure in an NHS maternity department.

  90. 90
    Lord Prescott says:

    As Party Treasurer, it will therefore upon me by responsibility to ensure that for which we say and believe because this is what he believes and in terms of you know that until without that and no.

  91. 91
    Phil says:

    Call me stupid but every time I see those two images with the board in between saying “Dont let him take him take Britain back to the 1980’s”
    I keep asking myself which one?

    Whoever designed that had to have been a closet tory>

  92. 92
    Be honest says:

    Be honest who put money on Burnham and Abbot?

  93. 93
    The mouse in Ed Miliband's head says:

    You’re remarkably eloquent today, porkychops. Have you been taking extra statins?

  94. 94
    The mouse in Ed Miliband's head says:

    No one. Not even Burnham or Abbott.

  95. 95
    streamfisher says:

    Or is it the new Shippams paste.

  96. 96
    streamfisher says:

    Pennies in their eyes.

  97. 97
    Dave666 says:

    how long till the selected puppet takes us into the Darkest Days Scenario
    ISBN 978-0-230-01599-9, we were nearly conned into it under Blair and Brown

  98. 98
    Anonymous says:

    If the Beeb are on strike, won’t those with TVs be watching ITV or Sky, anyway?

  99. 99
    W.W. says:

    Aparantly, Brown is speaking this afternoon, I wonder if he will get his wife to soften them up first.


  100. 100
    streamfisher says:

    Its called Starch.

  101. 101
    David Cameron says:

    Or a fruitcake and a loon.

  102. 102
    Beeboid says:

    I always watch Al Jazeera

  103. 103
    Scouse Twat says:

    Stanley Gallon – DARKEST DAYS

  104. 104
    Man without a TV license says:

    Close it down and start again? Just close the BBC down. I used to think it should be broken-up and sold off, but it’s just too shit.

    It burns through £4.3billion annually and the only good thing to show for it is about 8 episodes of Top Gear each year.

  105. 105
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Almost O/T. On 11 October 2009, BBC News reported that Gordon Brown, Prime Minister, would announce the sale of the Tote the following day.

    Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock …

  106. 106
    AC1 says:

    Bloomberg is a million times better than AlJaBeebya.

  107. 107
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    “… and the next leader of the Labour Party is ….. Bob Cr…….” *** thunderous applause ***

  108. 108
    AC1 says:

    As long as the followers of the p4edo prophet lose I’m for it.

  109. 109
    Sounds like shit to me says:

    The synopsis for it on Amazon doesn’t exactly sound promising. And that’s being generous.

  110. 110
    AC1 says:

    Just make it go subscription!

    It would be so disappointing for BBC staff to learn how little value we really put on their output.

    Oh and a little competition for Murdoch might help Sky News get a little less Keynsian too.

  111. 111
    oooo you liar says:

    oooo you liar

  112. 112
    terry miliband says:

    I guess the planks at the bbc can’t figure that one out because they believe that they are the centre of the universe.

  113. 113

  114. 114
    Labour's promises are worth jack-shit says:

    In their 2005 Election Manifesto, Labour promised a referendum on the EU constitution (even, as Blair explained, if the document’s name changed).

    Tick tock Tick tock Tick tock Tick tock Tick tock Tick tock Tick tock.

    I think there was some other stuff about ethical foreign policies, no mixed-sex wards in NHS hospitals and everyone getting NHS dentistry, prudent economic policy etc etc etc.

  115. 115
    mad Mahdi says:

    Yes, I’ve just recounted them there are 18,349 of them

  116. 116
    Steve Miliband says:

    So that’s 10,000 votes for Mr Bills

  117. 117
    Wallace says:

    More cheese Gromitt

  118. 118
    Anonymous says:

    He’s so clever that Guido, a real bright spark.

  119. 119
    RIRA press agent says:

    See we made the news

  120. 120
    Anonymous says:

    Lard actually.

    Which is going to be the name of Lord Prezza’s biopic

  121. 121
    Ken ( 'pond life' ) Livingscum says:

    Red Ed for prime minister then Red Ken for mayor and together we could bankrupt this Country properly within 12 months of our joint stewardship !!

    We’d tax all you non-Marxist tossers and give the money to all our supporters !

  122. 122
    GORDON BROWN says:

    I’ll be back !

  123. 123
    Southern Softy says:

    Remember a few years back when the post office “workers” were on strike and the fax machine very nearly made them all completely irrelevant?
    Give Sky half a chance and the same will happen to the Beeb.

  124. 124
    Southern Softy says:

    Be careful, you might wear away all the skin.

  125. 125
    streamfisher says:

    Don’t think Gordon would have a clue about Motown, unless Susan Boyle released a cover version (perish the thought).

  126. 126
    Fusby Vulpes Esq says:

    You mean in their 2005 election manifesto Liebour as usual lied their heads off but then they hadn’t been caught out by the braindead and any who voted Conservative were still disgusted with the Conservative hierachy and were so enamoured with the Bliar tv star image they didn’t vote.

  127. 127
    Southern Softy says:

    Educated under Labour? Explain, please.

  128. 128
    Labour are finished says:

    The only good Miliband is the Steve Miller Band.

  129. 129
    streamfisher says:

    They just never got around to addressing the things to do list, the 13 years just flew by like a cuckoo looking for a nest.

  130. 130
    anonymoney says:

    I’d sell both of them to the cannibalistic magi tribe of WonaWonga – we’d never see either of them again!!

  131. 131
    Union of hypocrites. says:

    If Ed don’t win then we are not funding labour. If tax payers don’t fund us then we are going on strike. Our reps cannot afford to live on a decent comfortable wage, they must be given an excessive salary. If you don’t agree, we bring out the poorest members and use them as a poor excuse to continue funding our reps excessively. If you don’t agree to our hypocrisy then we will go on strike. If you don’t make us a cup of tea, then we are going on strike.

  132. 132
    Watt Tyler says:

    (2009) New Labour David Miliband M.P. -PARASITE AND SUPPORTER OF TERRORISM:

    “Yes, there are circumstances in which it [terrorism] is justifiable, and yes, there are circumstances in which it is effective.” -D. Miliband.

  133. 133
    BBC News says:

    And now on BBC News, the name of the next Prime Minister is due to be announced shortly. All hail our new saviour. Sorry, did I say that out loud?

  134. 134
    Dumb Kay says:

    Kay Burley has just said it is shaping up to be quite a contest.

    Kay, the contest is over and the votes are cast.

  135. 135
    Scouse Twatter says:

    err, awerite use, worra lorra laffs

  136. 136
    streamfisher says:

    Blair-Brown: Jet Airliner & Take the money and Run.

  137. 137
    streamfisher says:

    Blimey! good job she wasn’t around to come up with that one on VE day 1945.

  138. 138
    Adam Boulton & Co says:

    Leave Kay alone, we really appreciate Kay covering politics. She makes us look good.

  139. 139
    streamfisher says:


  140. 140
    PD77 says:

    Yes but Mr. Hat may prefer El Gordos Pork Sword or El Gordo may prefer to give it to Mr. Hat ;)

  141. 141
    Joey Jones says:

    Labour’s Top Job: And The New Leader Is… ED BALLS

  142. 142
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Gordon didnt vote , And Kay Burley called Brown PM

  143. 143
    Vince Cable says:

    Me too its a fucking beautiful system isn’t it?

  144. 144
    AC1 says:

    Well Whilst I condemn all forms of terrorism, if he’s “hoist by his own petard” I’ll have a smirk.

  145. 145
    ST says:

    I watched Douglas Murray rip RT’s presenter a new arsehole after he said the Nine-1*1 b*om*bers (fucking spam filters) were not extremists. It was good fun.

  146. 146
    PD77 says:

    How ’bout a compromise a joint leadership then it could be Ball-nanas.

  147. 147
    Biffo says:

    Makes them both look too normal.

  148. 148
    ST says:

    The Miliband election song.

  149. 149
    Restandbthankful says:

    I was king just at a Milipede/Militwat coalition Milipedilicious Party of true Milli-tants.

  150. 150
    Vince Cable's secret off-shore account says:

    Whichever pile of shit gets elected doesn’t matter, they won’t regain power for a generation.

  151. 151
    Biffo says:

    No matter who wins it has very little effect on the real world. Wonder if they’ve all used the usual method of Labour postal voting? In which case, expect Balls to win – he’s probably the thuggiest of that lot. Tears in the Millibit household tonight? ‘Mummy, Mummy – it’s not fair..’

  152. 152
    William Hagues blood and shit stained member says:

    I watch ‘Press TV’ news channel to see the British news that the BeBe Censor doesn’t show…

  153. 153
  154. 154
    letcher says:

    Why is Ed Millies face all bent like Lembit Opicks? Is it a face only available on the NHS in order to identify twats?

  155. 155
    Biffo says:

    Oh wow – that will really re-vitalise the UK economy.

  156. 156
    J M Holmes says:

    There are hundreds of millions of galaxies in the Universe. Of those, precisely 3 are visible to the naked eye: the two Magellanic Clouds and M33. That’s how bright galaxies are.

  157. 157
    Early Bird says:


  158. 158
    Lady Cutlass says:

    Anyone joining us in Avebury for Harvest Equinox ceremony. Merlin speaks at 7pm.


    Lady Cutloose

  159. 159
    no pleasing some says:

    happy now

  160. 160
    Gordons 50,000 says:

    They\ll never find us

  161. 161
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Anyway Guido , Votes wont matter , Mossad will decide

  162. 162
    Oona King says:

    It’s not fair! Waaaaaaaaah!

  163. 163
    Early Bird says:

    What’s so stupid about betting hundreds of pounds with a view to getting your money back if you’re lucky?

  164. 164
    tit says:

    neither of the militwits are a threat to the coalition…David is the better in the commons but the reality of labour’s denial of the past and the lack of constructive input as to where the cuts should fall reveal to the public more about their self preservation tactics than their desire to bring a new type of politics to the socialist cause.. waste of space the pair of them and the party they represent is a lost cause…thank god for that small mercy despite the pain the UK is enduring at the moment.

  165. 165
    Gordoom the Loon frae' London Toon says:

    I am having the votes checked by my own team of economic experts, which in this case includes Eddy Bollocks, a load of maffs experts from various carefully selected ‘Universitees’, and an international team of vote riggers – I mean counters – from N. Chorea, ZimBubbyLand, and my new best friend in Labia.

    They will agree with me that I won!

    Therefore, I am still your PM.

    I will make a statement to the House later this afternoon.

  166. 166
    A new cycle says:

    A generation of lefty’s is about to leave school.

  167. 167
    Mad Hatty HaPerson and the Wimmin, baking cakes, says:

    It’s all coming together.

    Gordoom remains as Leader.

    Ken as Mayor.

    Me as co-ordinator.

    Isn’t the future bright?

  168. 168
    Up the IRA wacking the fuckers says:

    Cast Iron

  169. 169
    Up the IRA wacking the fuckers says:

    6th September 2007: ‘If I become PM a Conservative government will hold a referendum on any EU treaty that emerges from these negotiations [on the Lisbon Treaty]’.

  170. 170
    streamfisher says:

    The Beeb never cease to amaze me, on teletext:The winner is expected to be announced at about 16.40 BST. BST?, British Summer Time FFS!. have they got a weather forecaster to stand in for political comment, or is at not so subliminal inference that a New Labour leader will lead us all to sunny uplands?.

  171. 171
    Bolshi Bastard says:

    One man army yank, same old shite from same old shit country

  172. 172
    the beast of clerkenwell says:

    just imagine the pain that the Husband of Ruth Kelly has to endure most mornings
    A piece of barbed wire rubbing into his leg , plus , a hypocritical wife with a voice that makes Frank Bruno sound camp, and just to rub salt into the wounds knowing that Milliband major has had his filthy circumsised Marxist c*** in her not so holy front hole
    Thats what Labour is all about

  173. 173
    Anonymous says:

    Has anyone already pointed out that Kay Burley repeatedly referred to Brown as Prime Minister as she was about to commentate on his arrival – and when he turned up she called out “hello, Prime Minister”: only some time later (after a voice in her ear?) did she correct herself!

  174. 174
    Tessa Tickles says:

    This probably makes Ed look a bit too human.

  175. 175
    Deficit Denial Party says:

    Deficit? What? The deficit is a lie. The media conspired with the Conservatives and the rest of the world to claim that the previous labour government has left a huge black hole in our economy. This is simply untrue. The UK is the third richest nation in the world and is growing. Fact.

  176. 176
    AC1 says:

    The real world tends to turn people to the right.

    Only those who don’t earn their income stay in the mental playpen of leftism.

  177. 177
    George Bush says:

    I’m not an extremist, An extremist would have nuked them.

  178. 178
    Dr Joseph Mengele's corpse says:

    A communist Joo…..excellent

  179. 179
  180. 180
    Dr Joseph Mengele's corpse says:

    Catholic communists you say?…excellent

    I’ll fetch me box of tricks for these vermin

  181. 181
    Sir Barrington Minge says:


    Whichever of these useless fucktards wins they will lead Labour into an electoral black hole. Finally we will see Labour for what it is – a total irrelevence.

  182. 182
    A Dolph Kikeman says:


  183. 183
    Lord Tom of Leamington says:

    Who cares they are all hopeless twats who have systematically thrashed a sound economy within an inch of its life…bastards

  184. 184
    streamfisher says:

    Order! order! the Right Honourable Member must withdraw those remarks.

  185. 185
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Come on you Hammers !

  186. 186
    Labour are finished says:

    Even if Abbott somehow got the most votes, does anyone really believe that the Labour party machinery would allow it? They wouldn’t allow someone who’s on the far left of the party to take the reins. We can rule her, Blinky and Burnt Ham out. Ed Milibot would be a perfect result for all of us who want Labour destroyed.

  187. 187
    Anonymous says:

    Hang on, there are only five people standing, we know who they are, so it is guaranteed that a Hunt wins.

  188. 188
    Anonymous says:

    Let me rephrase that to get round the automodding: “so it is guaranteed that a c*nt wins”

  189. 189
    Scouse Twat says:

    here’s another Ruth who gets a reprieve, but what fucking use is that when your dead.

  190. 190
    Windbags r us says:

    BBC Pravda lefties frantically pumping out interviews on the radio this morning with the welsh windbag saying that Ed should get it. Will the last person to leave the labour party please turn off the light?

  191. 191
    Eyes without wool says:

    If we are in a world wide recession then we are all in the same boat. That sort of equals everything out so we are no better or worse off.

  192. 192
    Minibanana says:

    N-n-n-n-n-no! I’m English, and I’m an athiest. It’s my brother who’s the Joo. Please, I beg you….. no. I’ll do anything, say anything, whatever you want….

  193. 193
    The Ape Man Commeth says:

    They are an irrelevence Sir Minge, but a dangerous one with a propoganda machine lke the bbc and thousands of misguided people in influential positions.

  194. 194
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    I have just woken up from a very pleasant postprandial sleep and from this odd dream that there had been an interminable leadership process conducted by the Parliamentary Labour Party and it had just come to fruition. All the votes had been counted and the declaration was being made. The aggregate vote was announced first and it was in single figures. Then I woke up…

  195. 195
    Dr Joseph Mengele's corpse says:

    A communist Joo parasite you say?

    Excellent material for me next experiment

  196. 196
    M'lud says:

    Sadly, after the way Labour have fucked the country over their last three terms in office, that is going to be a high percentage of school (and university) leavers for a while.

  197. 197
    Dr Joseph Mengele's corpse says:

    You are of half caste extraction?

  198. 198
    Labour are finished says:

    I’m not near a TV. Has it been announced yet?

  199. 199
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


  200. 200
    The coroner says:

    There will be no more comments from Guido’s posters as they are all dead.

  201. 201
    er, yeeeeessss says:

  202. 202
  203. 203
    the last quango in paris says:

    please let it be ed.

    here comes gordo – doing his bit for the residents of kirkcaldy by bigging himself up at the conference.

  204. 204
    Live From Manchester says:

    BBC Reporter: How nice to see you in Manchester, your Highness.

    McRuin: (Grunt).

    BBC Reporter: I gather you are going to say a few words before the name of the leader is announced?

    McRuin: (Gurn).

    BBC Reporter: Can I ask who you voted for, your Highness?

    McRuin: (Mumble, grunt, gurn). Someone Scottish…..

  205. 205
  206. 206
    Try harder says:

    So did a cat in a wheelie bin.

  207. 207
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    No Live chat Guido?

  208. 208
    Albi Here says:

    Liebour:Britains progressive future,what the hell does that mean.

  209. 209
    Auntie Flo' says:

    Broon, still preaching like a Scottish minister of the wee church…after 3 hours coaching by his poor cow of a PA. Sod off, Brown, we hate you, you traitor. You destroyed my country, so sod off back to your own country, you’re not wanted here.

  210. 210
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    OMFG , Gordons trying to tell jokes

  211. 211
    the last quango in paris says:

    “names are written in my heart” does he know how pathetic he sounds.

    “my son got fan mail” – is he nuts??????

    go on have another go at the press – that should help you

  212. 212
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    He fucking drugged up to the fucking eyeballs

  213. 213
    Kev says:

    Fuck me, Brown speaking, how much drugs has he been pumped up with? Watching Uber Hunts like Hattie, Kinnock, Tango Hain, wee Dougie etc., makes you remember what a bunch of fucking twats they are. A bullet is wasted on them, but seeing as they are experts in waste, let’s use the bullets!!!!

  214. 214
    Auntie Flo' says:

    Kinnock with tears in his eyes and millions of our money stuffed in his coffers: another b*st*rd. You sod off too.

  215. 215
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I dont suppose a plane could drop in ?

  216. 216
    the last quango in paris says:

    ha ha ha sky just looked into the audience and a lady with gray hair looking utterly bewildered looking at him – can someone find it at 16.24 /5 classic

  217. 217
    Auntie Flo' says:

    “Where ever there was unfairness we always refused to pass by on the other side ” (Traitor Brown)

    Darn right you did. Zanulab was in there grabbing private sector workers’ hard earned pay and chucking it to the bloody public sector. Evil b*st*rd.

  218. 218
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Apart from the Labour party does anyone really give a fuck ?

  219. 219
    Sir Keith Joseph's Preserved pulsing head says:

    When I hear him saying “we have changed britain for ever” I really want someone in the conservative to stand up and say no we are putting back your “forever” changes

  220. 220
    Voice of Treason says:

    Just been announced from backroom – it’s Abbott to the surprise of everybody. The token black, obese female has won.

  221. 221
    The Joker says:

    Miliband won!

  222. 222
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Anyway Soccer saturday is better

  223. 223
    Sir Keith Joseph's Preserved pulsing head says:

    still banging on about “child poverty” so sick of hearing it

  224. 224
    Voice of Treason says:

    Sorry, I meant she won the sweepstake not the leadership.

  225. 225
    Engineer says:

    The instructions to the monumental masons were very specific – really emphasise that hyphen.

  226. 226
    Some bloke, somewhere, says:

    I think kids should be kept in cages. Particularly the kids living on council estates. And all kids on aeroplanes. They should be in cages in the baggage hold.

  227. 227
    One of the million children lifted out of poverty says:

    Thank you Gordon, you are the special one!

  228. 228
    White Van Man says:

    Look at that lot in Mankychester, its a fucking mong fest!

  229. 229
    Some bloke, somewhere, says:

    A Russian plane, full of nuclear bombs. Half go off in Manchester, the other half roll down the M62 to Bradford, and then go off.

  230. 230
    Kev says:

    Mad Hattie, for fuck’s sake, give me strength!!!

  231. 231
    One of the million children lifted out of poverty says:

    I so wish Gordon Brown was my Daddy :(

  232. 232
    South of the M4 says:

    She only makes sense if you turn the sound off.

  233. 233
    White Van Man says:

    Here we go!

  234. 234
    Not according to Labour says:

    We make it half a million.

    Interesting quote: “1 in 3 in 1998. Today, 30 per cent of children in Britain are living in poverty.”

    30 percent? That’ll be.. 1 in 3, then.

  235. 235
    One of the million children lifted out of poverty says:

    Before you give us the result can we watch another video

  236. 236
    Tankus says:

    Ed milliped looks like a looser

  237. 237
    White Van Man says:

    It’s got to be David as Ed’s not smiling much, mind you he never does.

  238. 238
    Mr Ned says:

    It looks like Ed is either gutted cos he lost, or shitting himself cos he won…

    Posted @ 16:44

  239. 239
    Sir Keith Joseph's Preserved pulsing head says:

    oh get on with it

  240. 240
    Some bloke, somewhere, says:

    So he can throw Nokias at your head?

  241. 241
    concrete pump says:

    Fuck me that womans ugly, wosser name, that chairman hag….?

  242. 242
    White Van Man says:

    7.4% for a black racist LOL!

  243. 243
    Better Than The Eurovision Song Contest says:

    Great voting system.

  244. 244
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    who is it ? am watching a populor sports channel

  245. 245
    Johan says:

    why do they make it so boring? damn!

  246. 246
    White Van Man says:

    Its close this, come on Ed!

  247. 247
    Tankus says:

    Bloody hell …balls polled 3rd

  248. 248
    concrete pump says:

    Cos they’re boring wankers….

  249. 249
    Scouse Twatter says:

    ….. and the new leader of the New Labour Party , with 138% of the vote is …..

  250. 250
    Albi Here says:

    So if the sh*t for brains know whose won why are they running this charade.

  251. 251
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Most of the public wont notice

  252. 252
    Mad Hattie Harman's curiously cavernous front bottom says:

    Only white men can be racist.

  253. 253
    Scouse Twat says:

    Its ed Militant

  254. 254
    White Van Man says:

    Fucking hell, it’s Ed!


  255. 255
    Sir Keith Joseph's Preserved pulsing head says:

    so it’s a trades union stooge

  256. 256
    concrete pump says:

    Sorted, Labour are now officially fucked…….

  257. 257
    Tankus says:

    Blimey ..ED ….. wouldn’t play poker against him

  258. 258
    Most of the public says:

    Isn’t X-factor on yet? Innit.

  259. 259
    Left Bollock Forward says:


  260. 260
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Its Ed ?

  261. 261
    Mike Litorus says:

    Red Ed for ever = Tory Government for ever.

    Only Balls-up could have been a better result!

  262. 262
    Albi Here says:

    Well I wouldnt have guessed that,so how much did Guido win or lose.

  263. 263
    Anonymous says:

    A fucking Power Point Presentation – just about sums up all the crap that is Labour.

  264. 264
    The mouse working the controls in Ed Miliband's head says:

    Shit! How do you make this thing wave its arms in the air?

  265. 265
    He's Spartacus says:


    1649: The BBC’s Nick Robinson predicts that David Miliband will win. He has outpolled the predictions of how he would do among MPs and members, our political editor says.

  266. 266
    David Miliband says:

    Me too

  267. 267
    Up sh1t creek says:

    It’s Ed Miliband for Labour leader. Ha ha ha!

  268. 268
    Tankus says:

    Tories in for another term then ..!..anyone see” band of brothers” ..last night ….?

    Pure comedy

  269. 269
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    West Ham won 1-0

  270. 270
    White Van Man says:

    He fuckin lady gaga’d us all there!

  271. 271

    Labour = FUCKED Yessssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  272. 272
    Sod The Lot says:

    The Unionatics have taken over the asylum.

  273. 273
    Onward brothers says:

  274. 274
    Albi Here says:

    They voted for the best of the worst shower of sh*te that’s ever walked the corridors of power,union bought and paid for,sad innit.

  275. 275
    David Miliband says:

    I’m going to cry

  276. 276
    Diane Abbott says:

    At least it’s not Hattie any more.

  277. 277
    Sleepless in Kirkaldy says:

    It is now…

  278. 278
    Anonymous says:

    Ha fucking ha. All that licky licky didn’t do DM any good whatsoever.

  279. 279
    who cares says:

    ed millibabble wins

  280. 280
    Ed Milband says:

    I am appointing Ed balls as my get Hague the fag minister

  281. 281

    Ha ha ha – Ed’s got the nod now let the fireworks/tears start!

  282. 282
    Sod The Lot says:

    Come on Ed, give The Abbott a job, Shadow Chancellor would be ideal.

  283. 283
    John Htton, the one true prophet, says:

    ye can’t touch me I’m part of the union……….

  284. 284
    Anonymous says:

    very good, lol

  285. 285
    Israeli Embassy says:

    Ovey ovey ovey

  286. 286
    Tankus says:

    wonder about the shadow cabinet ?

    Abbott for shadow race relations
    Balls for shadow chancellor

  287. 287
    The mouse working the controls in Ed Miliband's head says:

    I haven’t figured out facial expressions yet. I can make him sit down and stand up, though.

  288. 288
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Lurch even further t the left and further away from any chance of power

  289. 289
    Mr Ned says:

    YAY! Ed won and the labour party have used AV to bury themselves!!!

    I am so happy!!!

    Labour and AV killed off as a serious threat to our democracy in one day.

  290. 290
    concrete pump says:

    How long before fabian solutions hit this thread with boring wank…?

  291. 291
    Dave Miliband says:

    The bastard, I’m gonna kick the shit out of him later

  292. 292
    Bob Dole says:

    Nick Robinson called it for David Miliband after round 1. What a stupid twonk.

  293. 293
    the taxpayers says:

    We feel like cheering – no more labour for a generation

  294. 294
    Steve says:

    All sing along now..

    “you can’t get me I’m part of the union”…….

    It must be nappy changing time at the Cameron household by now, David will have pissed himself laughing at this.

  295. 295
    Ed Miliband says:

    I will never forget who got me this job. Thank you Mr Union Leaders.

  296. 296
    Picket line says:

    The members ignored…The Mps ignored it was the unions wot won it

    They are sooooooooooo utterly fucked

  297. 297
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Wha a bunch of chumps

  298. 298
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Can the Poles take the Milibands back.

  299. 299
    bristolmoose says:

    BBC Live coverage:

    1649: The BBC’s Nick Robinson predicts that David Miliband will win. He has outpolled the predictions of how he would do among MPs and members, our political editor says

    Toenails with his finger on the pulse as usual.

  300. 300
    Albi Here says:

    Oh that’s him finished before he starts mentioning dear Gordo.

  301. 301
    Sod The Lot says:

    Leeeeeeeeft turn, quiiiiiiiiiiiiick march, into oblivion.

    Mind you Dave couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo last time.

  302. 302
    There may be trouble ahead says:

    Could be interesting times for Labour…the majority of MPs/MEPs and Party Members voted for David only the union vote swung it for the younger Ed.It’s all sweetness and light now but give it time,give it time.

  303. 303
    Bob Crow says:

    they’re not out of the asylum, yet.

  304. 304
    gildedtumbril says:

    I smell another electoral fraud. A labour speciality. The Commie bastards. Still, it does not really matter what vacuous bastard has won, does it?

  305. 305
    Edward Balls says:

    I posted the result two days ago and I will be shadow chancellor my next prediction will be Yvette to shadow Cable

  306. 306
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    And now watch the labour party tear itself apart

  307. 307
  308. 308
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Today we move forward United as a team…

    well Ed you’ve just lost the blue half of Manchester.

  309. 309
    Scouse Twat says:

    so what was your take Guido?

  310. 310
    Ed Militant says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Now Strike! Strike! Strike!

  311. 311
    Tankus says:

    Why do the BBc pay him a wage ?

  312. 312
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    It was Mossad that won it !

  313. 313
    Scouse Twat says:

    never mind I just saw your tweet

  314. 314
    Pissed off Millipede says:

    ‘Too many locked out of of opportuntity by birth’ eh Ed?


  315. 315
    Albi Here says:

    A bag of nothing speech, this guy will go far,he’s nearly as good as cast iron Dave,telling everbody what they want to hear.

  316. 316
    Red Ed the unions choice says:

    we dont want you to serve the country again we want you all just to FUCK RIGHT OFF FOR EVER

  317. 317
    Gordon is a moron says:

    why did I’m a soulman get played after the great mong spoke?

  318. 318
    Labour lefties says:

    Love it…labour is going back to the days of michael foot. Unelectable for a couple of decades…labour = marxist friends of the militant trade unions! result!

  319. 319

    I’d like to congratulate Red Edanoids …err Ed Militantband on leading the Labour party into the wilderness for at least 18 years.

    Everybody out!

  320. 320
  321. 321
    nell says:

    So Ed has it!

    This is labour’s beginning of the end. At least for a decade or so!

  322. 322
    GORDON BROWN says:

    Ed C*nt has it Ed C*nt has it !

  323. 323
    Tat says:

    I’m going the offy, then I’m going to get pissed and piss everyone off on here.

  324. 324
    GORDON BROWN says:

    Ed C*nt has it Ed C*nt has it !

  325. 325
    White Van Man says:

    Welcome to the winter of discontent v2.0, the Union mongs are running the fucking asylum now!

    Hahahaha, there’s trouble a mill, down tools and fuck the job and wile your at it break out the donkey jackets!

  326. 326
    Martha Carnal says:

    David …… how much do you love your brother?.

  327. 327
    My Pussy is haunted says:

    why are you so stupid toenails

  328. 328
    rick says:

    Mazeltov !

  329. 329
    Scouse Power says:

    still pissed from the conference

  330. 330
    Sod The Lot says:

    ‘Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by this son of Doncaster’.

  331. 331
    Ed Militant says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  332. 332
    Heretic says:


  333. 333
    Jabba the Cat says:

    ROTFLMAO…this has really made my day. All the fuckwit lefties have crawled out of the woodwork and are roundly applauding the result.

  334. 334
    Chief Rabbi says:

    I WON

  335. 335
    hahahah says:

    How much did Guido lose???

  336. 336
    nell says:


    As a pensioner , sir trev, I shall not be following the millionaire bobcrow out into the m25, to protest the cuts.

    But I hear red ed is going to be right out there up front with him in October, demanding the coalition go back to spend!spend!spend!!

    I wish him luck!

  337. 337
    Mossad High Command says:

    Ed Milliband

    Immediate promotion io General

  338. 338
    Sod The Lot says:

    So the unions will be electing the shadow cabinet???

    This gets better by the minute.

  339. 339
    Ed The Fifth Former says:

    I have just torn up the Manifesto I wrote 4 months ago..

  340. 340
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    So Ed sweeps to leadership on the back of the union vote. Cameron will have a field day with him at PMQs reminding him the PLP preferred his brother

  341. 341
    THE HITMAN says:

    Just had a strange phone call from some bloke called Dave
    He was sobbing heavily but from what i could make out
    He was offering me a blank cheque to murder his brother

  342. 342
    Sir Keith Joseph's Preserved pulsing head says:

    Amazing how the labour party sneer at Cameron’s aristocrat connections…. but if Ed Milliband isn’t old socialist aristocracy what is he?

  343. 343
    Ed Militant says:

    Crappy students politics and stirring up the militants. Kinnockio’s glove puppet. Labour are finished. Strike! Strike! Strike!

  344. 344
    Pinocchio Kinocchio says:

    I am worth £ 10 million

    I am making sure that Zanu Labour is unelectable…

  345. 345
    The mouse working the controls in Dave Miilbands head says; says:

    That’s quite an improvement !

  346. 346
    iain says:

    Resignation time. My girlfriend arrived just as the results were being read out and said that Ed Milliband would win, bacuse of the Unions. I’m surprised she even knew he existed…yet seasoned hack Robinson jumps in one the first round of voting and gets it wrong, with authority.
    Go, you buffoon.

  347. 347

    “Mrs Fawkes insisting we go spend Labour gambling profits on dining chairs and new carpets. Milibands already forcing wealth redistribution.”

    Very good Guido

  348. 348
    Polly Twaddle says:

    I am happy that the Trade Unions have their Quisling

    I am now going to my villa in Tuscany

    Long live the efnics

    We have an efnic Leader…

  349. 349
    Thank you thank you thank you says:

    Expect the briefings against “Red Ed” to commence shortly.

    And there’s the touchy problem of what Shadow Cabinet job to give brother David anything other than the Treasury orthe Foreign Office will be seen as demotion by him and his supporters.

    Best result possible other than electing Balls or Abbott for ensuring Labour’s fucked for a generation

  350. 350
    The Ape Man Commeth says:

    G’awd, I’ve got the bbcnews channel playing and it’s a compleat fucking love in, the joy in emily mateless’ voice is manifest, now balls is talking pure bollocks. It’s utterly sickning.

  351. 351
    ITS OKEH UP NORTH ! says:

    COME ON YOU BLUES ! northern blues of course!

  352. 352
    anonymous says:

    Does this mean we will all have to go around in school uniform with shirt, tie and shorts forever?

    I mean, what the fuck has this man ever done to achieve this position? What exactly does he know about anything? If this is the best ( along with the coalition) that Britain has to offer to its people and the world then we really are FUCKED – it’s like watching Everton – absolutely fucking nightmare

  353. 353
    Thuggie Whelan says:

    This is great

    My Great Unite Teamsterrs Union have bouight this election

    The Fifth Form Boy Ed will have to kneel before me…

  354. 354
    nell says:

    Red Ed.

    More amusing than gordon.

    He’s going to produce months if not years of entertainment!!

    First thing is to get the £billionaire Regional Development Agencies out on strike before they all get made redundant by the Coalition.

    Winter is a great time for strikers. Great photo opportunities ed! Take your scarfe!

  355. 355

    nell, we shall have a picnic on the hard shoulder together and watch how the carrion devouring Crow eats his way through the roadkill of the old Blairites.

  356. 356
    Windbag says:

    Well alright! Alright! This is the right result for labour…we can now return to the old labour party that I had when I almost became prime minister…

  357. 357
    Alastair Dodgy Campbell says:

    I am taking to the drink again

  358. 358
    David says:

    “David I love you so much as a brother” yeah yeah. I’m going to fucking strangle you later , I should have done it when we were kids. bastard , bastard, bastard,bastard , bastard, bastard,bastard , bastard, bastard,bastard , bastard, bastard

  359. 359
    Tudor Beams Prescott and his floozies says:

    The Uniuons will steal £ milions from their members for us now

    More pies, shags ‘, jags…


  360. 360
    Foxgoose says:

    It’s Mister Ed!

    – The Talking Horse

  361. 361
    Heretic says:

    The European ‘government’ is an illegal operation !
    (check it out !)

  362. 362
    deggsey says:

    and I fucked it for you.

  363. 363
    Grinning Ape Blair says:

    I am not only non dom

    I am an exile now…

    It’s official..

  364. 364
    ST says:

    Nice. A nickname worth adopting.

  365. 365
    Steve Miliband says:

    Exclusive textof conversation recorded as Mr G Brown exits Downing Street for the last time;

    “That was a disaster – they should never have put me with that woman. Whose idea was that? Ridiculous.”

    “What did she do?”
    “Everything, she was just some sort of lesbian woman.”

  366. 366
    Nick Griffin says:

    Whats Ed’s immigration status ?
    He’s certainly not one of us

  367. 367
    Ed Militant says:


  368. 368
    Mad Hattie Hairpin says:

    My husband, the Deputy Secretary of the Teamster Unite Trade Union, Labout now owns the Labour Party…

    Mr Drome will be the Official Spokesman on Labour Relations…

  369. 369
    Jimmy Hoffa says:

    Watch it mate

  370. 370
    The mouse working the controls in Ed Miliband's head says:

    To distract you. I haven’t yet worked out how to make this thing say anything interesting.

  371. 371
    White Van Man says:

    Well well, Forest Gump as Liebour leader, it doesn’t get much better than that!

  372. 372
    Ronnie Cohen says:

    I will never come back to pay your taxes now…

  373. 373
    Dick Sniffin says:

    Is Sarah a “Rug Muncher” ?

  374. 374
    nell says:

    Hey I’d like that!

    Fancy smoked salmon with a nice crisp salad grown in my garden and a chilled chardonnay ??!!

  375. 375
    David Milliband says:

    You dont”‘ know my brother

    I’m off to New York now

    I am learing to play the fiddle…

  376. 376
    Lord Levy says:

    I think I must be off as well

    WIth my hedge fund

  377. 377
    Rendition, torture & war apologist says:

    Boohoo*sniffles* this is torture*sobs*

  378. 378
    Mr Plum says:

    Dave might not be so keen on the alternut voting system now

  379. 379
    Heretic says:

    REAL labour had,as a socialist party, lots to say.
    Now we have three flavours of shit (tastes the same !)

  380. 380
    Adolphe Milliband says:

    I am proud of you my son

    Do not forget that Marx always said

    The working classes will crush the bourgoisie…


    Off with their heads (eh and yours also)

  381. 381
    Grand father Milliband says:

    I did not fight with the Red Army for nothing

    We progressives will always win..

  382. 382
    Heretic says:

    HEAR HEAR & shalom

  383. 383
    Ed Militant says:

    Ha ha ha! That wiped the smirk off of big brother’s face! Now Strike!

  384. 384
    ST says:

    Hope so, from little cracks great divisions do grow.

  385. 385
    Historian says:

    The Bolshevics have won..

    Long live Zanu Labour democracy

  386. 386
    Heretic says:

    Forever ??

  387. 387
    Steve Miliband says:

    MP’s and Party want D
    Unite swings it for E
    Govt strangles the money hose from Taxpayer-union-labour


  388. 388
    Kim Il Jong says:

    There is nothing like hereditary Marxists my son…

  389. 389
    Heretic says:

    Balls to the walls ?

  390. 390
  391. 391
    Arthur Haynes (Comedian) says:

    That calls for a new ‘deed of variation’ in Ralph’s will Guido. Let’s get the taxpayer’s monies back for the property moves they made together. Now they are enemies, elder brother should be easy meat for retribution!

    AH (C)

  392. 392
    Fidel Castro says:

    Congratulions Ed “Che” Milliband

    I always knew that Che would produce an inspiring heir…

  393. 393
    Steve Miliband says:

    Cooper 4 Chancellor now

  394. 394

    Ed Miliband has ditched the Labour Party red rose in favour of a new flag?… The Union HighJack!

  395. 395
    White Van Man says:

    So the rumour goes, Gordon & Sarah never spend any time together, she’s always in Canterbury and I’ve always thought Gordon is an in the closet wooly woofter anyway, always have.

  396. 396
    nell says:

    So New Labour has finally died!

    Thank the Lord!

  397. 397
    Hugo Chavez says:

    My economy Is collapsing Ed

    can you become the Chairman of my Economic Advisers

    I know that you showed Gordon Brown how to indebt future generations…

  398. 398
    Ed Militant says:

    Comrades, students, militants and the rest of the socialist fuck ups, lets start a revolution!

  399. 399
    Charlie Kennedy says:

    Will you trash my LibDem manifesto for me

    Like you trashed your own


  400. 400
    White Van Man says:

    Come on Guido, we need a new post this great news deserves it!

  401. 401
    nell says:

    Yes Please!

    I didn’t expect labour to be this entertaining in failed opposition!

  402. 402
    Rogert Mugabe says:

    Congratulaions white man

    I know your party is named after me

    And that youwere as good at ruining the economy as me…

    Comrades of the world, Unite (with apologies to Thuggie Whelan)

  403. 403
    The Beast of belsen says:

    Send both Millibands on David Irvings tour of Polish “Camping resorts” then they can wonder why life was so good over there that their father sneaked over here to a country that they and he sought to destroy

  404. 404
    streamfisher says:

    Damn, that’s the vid I have posted several times in the past on this blog, but as usual I have just missed out £’s on the stupidity of not recognising the power of talking Horses.

  405. 405

    Smoked Salmon..My favourite nell, I’ll bring the caravan in case our little session is a success

  406. 406
    Robopump says:

    heard of tinyurl
    mong goose

  407. 407
    Little Piggie Bryant says:

    I have lost my Y fronts Guido


  408. 408
    Splooge says:

    and a bigot, to boot…

  409. 409
    WannALaff says:

    Mr Brown said the party would remain the country’s “guarantor of justice and hope”.

    He said: “Wherever there is suffering, wherever there is injustice, we have always refused to pass by on the other side.”.

    Mr Brown said Labour should be proud of its achievements on tax credits, civil partnership and devolution.

    He said: “In the face of a crisis the size of the great depression Labour led the fight back.”

    Turning to Labour’s election defeat he said: “I take full responsibility for the election. I take the whole fault on my shoulders alone.”

  410. 410
    Robopump says:

    LOL, Everton. the team that fail always

  411. 411
  412. 412
    Roberto Crooner says:

    The content of the winter brothers is not going to be a pleasant one

  413. 413
    Robodump says:

    Or even easier with a click or two see below, prospective clickers can also get an idea what the hell they’re likely to get after clicking too. Tinyurl stinks.

  414. 414
    self defence says:

    he did it when Poland attacked Germany in 39,

  415. 415
    anonymous says:

    Ed Miliband has been elected leader of the Labour Party, defeating older brother David by a wafer-thin majority of 50.65% to 49.35%.

  416. 416
    Mud slingers and shit stirrers says:

    any thing is possible brothers, if enough of us say it is.

  417. 417
    Tweedledum and tweedledee says:

    That result is VERY close- close enough for a margin of error. I reckon Milli D should call for a recount…

  418. 418
    Anon says:

    So the unions are the new labour leader with Ed the puppet on stage.

  419. 419
    A Mong says:

    yes, Yes, YES!

    Maggie Maggie Maggie, Out Out Out!

  420. 420
    Don't believe all you see and hear says:

    My relatives from Harare were here the other day and they say its ok there.

  421. 421
    QWERTY says:

    Rumours are that there was a HUGE CHEER at the BBC when Red Ed’s name got read out. Also a big CHEER for the one eyed idiots speech.

  422. 422
    streamfisher says:

  423. 423
    anonymous says:

    just seen in the Guardian:


    25 September 2010 5:45PM

    5.13pm: Andy Burnham has issued this statement. David Miliband is a worthy winner and has my full support

    @aaleric , I just read that too. Is it a Guardian error, an Andy Burnham error or a press release written yesterday?

  424. 424
    Mong News 24 says:

    Yeah, and the Berlin wall has come down too.

  425. 425
    Storms R Us says:

    The people want revolution, they don’t give a fuck who starts it.

  426. 426
    sloppy journalism says:

    Which bright spark at the BBC thought it would be a good idea to get Nick Robinson to talk while the results were being announced. Fucking useless c#nts.

  427. 427
  428. 428
    nell says:

    I hear there are empty champagne bottles , paid for by us, littering the beebs corridors!

  429. 429
    White Van Man says:

    Yep there you go, that in itself tells you everything!

  430. 430
    its reincarnation,sort of says:

  431. 431
    sloppy journalism says:

    Sky coverage was far superior to the BBC.
    Nick Robinson, who’d tipped MilliD as the winner, gave a completely unnecessary commentary as the final results were being announced so we couldn’t fucking hear what was happening at the conference.
    And that poor excuse for a journalist Laura K was ignored by a succession of Labour MP’s as she tried to “interview” them.

  432. 432
    James says:

    BBC Interviews David Miliband – How do feel about losing the Labour Leadership contest to your younger brother?

  433. 433
    daveyone1 says:

    Damn I though all the smart money was on brother David!

  434. 434
    sez it all says:


  435. 435
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    So, as I forecast, it was Bob Crow what wun it!!!!!

  436. 436
    Scouse Twat says:

    lol, he’s getting chased round the room with a frying pan,, she who must be obeyed wants new stuff from his winnings, ha ha h ha

  437. 437
    Steve Miliband says:

    What about me?

  438. 438
    Labour hypocrites says:

    Shame Labour didn’t manage to improve child poverty during their 13 year reign.
    Although Bliar,Straw, Blunketts kids are hardly poor are they?

  439. 439
    rightallalong says:

    The contest had a massive football flavour. I was watching Sky News. On his way to the conference David Milliband was asked about his chances and quoted something about ‘Alex Ferguson concentrating on winning up to the last minute of the game’. Then Andy Burnham said that there were ‘shock results at Brentford and Anfield during the week’. Then Ed Balls was asked what the result was going to be and he replied ‘Manchester City beat Chelsea one-nil’. Ironic that the result ended in a big own goal for Labour.

  440. 440
    White Van Man says:

    5.21pm: I’ve just had an email from Ladbrokes. They think Ed Miliband’s election increases the chances of the Tories winning the next election.

    [Labour] are now 13/8 to beat the Conservatives, compared to 6/4 prior to the leadership election result. The news will worry many in the party, which elected the former energy secretary as its leader, despite his older brother David being the front runner throughout the contest. The Conservative Party are now 4/9 from 1/2 to gain most seats at the next election.

  441. 441
    Mike Litorus says:

    Oh the Milibland sisters voted for each other, how nice

    I would have loved it if Red Militant hadn’t voted for Bananaman though…

  442. 442
    Rupert Murdoch says:

    I copied it and am going to do things with his mong mouth on a video editor, should take bout 12 hours to do it.

  443. 443
    Charisma by-pass says:

    So does that mean Milli-Major has now become Milli-Minor and vice versa?

  444. 444
    White Van Man says:

    From Andrew Sparrow at the Guardian

  445. 445
    duh says:

    if you post the link maybe?

  446. 446
    streamfisher says:

    Are you a Yank?

  447. 447
    H Evans says:

    He’s a useless twat.
    And as he apparently takes his orders from Laura Kussenberg, she’s a useless twat too.
    They both need to give up and get a proper journalistic grounding on a local newspaper.

  448. 448
    Steve Miliband says:

    Lightweight, out of his depth. Hate him already. And that’s just the elder one.

  449. 449
    White Van Man says:

    MP’s who placed Abbott as first preference vote:

    Ms D Abbott MP – (voted for herself and no one else)
    Ms K Clark MP
    Mr J Corbyn MP
    Mr K Hopkins MP
    Mr J McDonnell MP
    Ms L Riordan MP
    Mr M Wood MP

  450. 450

    So Charlie Whelan and Bob Crow won it. Bit of a shame for Ed really.

    So will Ed go for Mr or Mrs Balls for Shadow Chancellor?

    Labour Leader announced hours ago…

  451. 451
    News just in from Stratford upon Avon says:

    Apparently Shakespeare’s dead.

  452. 452
    nell says:

    Interesting. gord who took labour first took labour to the left after bliar was there to approve ed’s election. As was kinnochio. All they needed was michael foot!!

    Weren’t too many blairites in evidence were there?

    No doubt dave milibliar now will be touting for jobs on the international stage alongside brown.

  453. 453
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Dave Miliband preparing to celebrate with his brother this evening.

  454. 454
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    All losers anyway.

  455. 455
    Ed Miliband says:

    Tonight, I am deeply honoured, proud and humbled to have been elected Leader of the Labour Party.

    After a long campaign, spanning four months, a new generation has taken charge of Labour. It’s a new generation that understands the need for change — in our party and in our country.

    I want to say a special thank you to David, Ed, Andy ,Diane & Guido Fawkes

  456. 456
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    “Gordon giving an incredible speech. A leader who will never cease to inspire.”

    Belly Dullard

  457. 457
    Another Engineer says:

    Son of Doncaster? You must be joking.

    I don’t think he’s ever north of Watford except for the count on election day. Another typical North London Marxist.

  458. 458
    duh says:

    missed it, and its not on 4od

  459. 459
    Uncle Himee Jack says:

    No such race as the English, and don’t you forget it.

  460. 460
    White Van Man says:

    LOL, fuckin great!

  461. 461
    Ron 'Badger' Davies says:

    I’m taking it up the arse again.

  462. 462
    White Van Man says:

    Labour Bingo players might be interested in the stats for the speeches, which were as follows:

    Progressive used 142 times
    Let Me Be Clear used 18 times
    Banking Crisis used 12 times
    Nothing To Do With Overspending also used 12 times
    It Started With Thatcher oddly was also used 12 times

    From : Get Labour Out

  463. 463
    QWERTY says:

    Liebour have totally fucked themselves electing this mong. I’m making a prediction. The next Labour Prime Mentalist isn’t even an MP yet. Red Ed is the new Kinnock.

    I’m so happy today. Cameron must be pissing himself laughing.

  464. 464
    do not feed the mongs says:

    The mong public love platitudes

  465. 465
    P. Doff says:

    He’s probably as pissed as a parrot celebrating the news… and can’t find his connection thingy!

  466. 466
    Turn off the lights says:

    Not just Kinnock and Glenys filling his boots nowadays.
    I seem to remember something about their son claiming dodgy expenses from the EU….
    The Kinnocks are so discredited- I’d be seriously worried having them backing me.

  467. 467
    Ken ( 'pond life' ) Livingscum says:

    Red Ed for prime minister then Red Ken for mayor and together we could ruin this Country properly within 12 months of our joint stewardship !!

    We’d tax all you non-Marxist tossers and give the money to all our supporters !

  468. 468
    what a joke says:

    Because those in charge of BBC journalism haven’t noticed, or are unwilling to accept, that their “star” political journalists are dreadful.
    The public, and licence payers, deserve better. Reith would be turning in his grave.

  469. 469
    Labour are finished says:

    I’d like say a heartfelt thank you to all those in the Labour Party who voted for Ed Milibland. You have ensured Labour’s defeat at the next election. Thanks again!

  470. 470
    QWERTY says:

    Don’t forget Red Bob [Crow] either. The unions will now takeover the Liebour party. Just how many UNITE backed MP’s do they have now?

    The truth is most overs are not in Unions and don’t trust them, only the public sector scum are members and the Tories will bum fuck millions of those idle fucking twats.

  471. 471
    ENGLAND says:

    He inspired the Country so much they rejected him and his vile party at the General Election !

  472. 472
    Let's have a rec#unt says:

    In any other election, if a losing candidate was only a percentage point behind I’m sure they would call for a recount.

  473. 473
    White Van Man says:

    After the win for RED ED the Labour party mongs decided to party on in to the night…

  474. 474
    Cassius Longinus says:

    So, the narrative is: Evil banksters, global warming requires more state control, join the euro for more stability, tax the rich – and the rest of the north london socialist ideology.

    we know that’s worth 30% or so of the UK vote. let’s hope not many more are fooled in 4 years time or else we’re truly f*****d.

  475. 475
    FFS let's have some balance says:

    Nauseating isn’t it.

  476. 476
    You can't take the 'B.O.' out of Labour says:


  477. 477
    Mong says:

    No ploobleem, thurrrrrl thurrrrrl ewww!

  478. 478
    John Major says:

    Since Gordon the Goon took over own goals are Standard Operating Procedure for Labour

    Before that Blair could get away with it because the Tories left en economy in very good shape, low national debt and trade unions under the Rule of Law…

    After Labour has had to go the IMF ot their eternal shame (and Britain’s)

  479. 479
    Madoff Mandeslon says:

    The Zanus have defrocked me again…

    I have no frocks left

    I’m off to Naty and Co in Switzerland…

  480. 480
    Passer by says:

    You can always run around Regents Park showing off your ass Mandy…

    To the amusement of the People…

  481. 481
    jack says:


    And cut their funding…

  482. 482
    final salary civil servant pensioner says:

    ….and so Ed has now been elected the new leader of the Loser party…….

  483. 483
    Labour are finished says:

    Labour have elected a guy with THE weediest sounding voice in the world. Nothing he says at PMQs will ever be taken seriously. This is gonna take Labour right back to the glory days of the 80’s. They ditched a triple-election winner for an autistic sociopath, and have now elected a geeky Marxist. Labour have fucked themselves again. Let the fun times roll!

  484. 484
    Ed Trade Milli-Union says:

    My father spent the whole of his life trying to ruin the country with his close friend Tony Benn…

    They failed…

    But my mentor Gordon Brown succeeded..

    We are great..

  485. 485
    Four Eyed English Genius says:

    About to START school, you mean.

  486. 486
    White Van Man says:

    Yeah I guess he’s in some Westminster village drinking hole, dissolving in to the corner in fits of giggles wile quaffing champagne, well good luck him!

  487. 487
    Andy Burnham's Press Girlfriend says:

    Andy can’t afford a Press Secretary

    So I do the job

    I sent the same message at the same time to Ed Milliband also

    Nothing like keeping your options is there…

    Or both cheeks and all that…

  488. 488
    nell says:

    Tonywoodley, leader of UNITE has just said :-

    “ed will stop the assassination of public services”

    He means all those labour quango’s that are jointly costing us taxpayers £64billion a year whilst doing nothing for anyone doesn’t he?!!

    Labour is dead!

  489. 489
    fix says:

    So the unions won it. Given their excellent record on counting strike ballots I’m sure it’s all good

  490. 490
    Frank Field says:

    If the Regional Development Authorites go on strike

    No one will notice any difference

    Another reason to get rid of them

    Like all the other quangos..

    Let them strike

    We will then see that there do nothing of value…

  491. 491
    Anonymous says:

    Tim nice but dim

  492. 492
    Windbag says:

    Well awight boyos! This is good news indeed. We have to return to the left, to defeat the evil baby-eating tories and their nasty partners in crime the liberals. I only lost out because of that nasty newspaper headline about switchin off the bluddy lights. But now I’ve had the last laugh, look you! Done very nicely out of the EU boyos!

  493. 493
    Fred Kite says:

    “ed will stop the assassination of public services”

    Translation: there will be strikes.

    Bring it on, union marxists, the public have had a gut full of your lefty shite for the past 13 years, look at the state it’s got the country in. So, strike why doncha..I’d volunteer to empty bins one day a week for free, and fuck your poxy picket lines…I’d have great pleasure in flipping you the V sign as I crossed them…

  494. 494
    Bob says:

    Even Labour MPs have realised that the BBC is for the Chop

    Like Gobachop, chop until the whole fucking system is dead…

  495. 495
    Bill Clinton and Monica says:


    But Milliband Major cant’ CUM !!


    Can Millibank Minor is the question ?

  496. 496
    Bill Clinton says:

    Go back to Poland please…

  497. 497
    Mr Plum says:

    Don’t let this get in the way of your brotherly love

  498. 498
    Ed can you see the strings Milliband says:

    The Labour Party have screwed up massively on this. Bearing in mind that the coalition will be taking very difficult decisions over the next few years, decisions which are for the good of the Country in the long run but which will make them unpopular in many quarters. This will or should I say would have given Labour a chance of regaining power at the next election due to the fickleness of the public.However by making Ed Milliband their leader they have no absolutely no chance.
    The man is a dim witted fool who will be putty in the hands of the Unions. Thats why they supported him.

  499. 499
    Lord Mandelson in a donkey jacket says:

    OMG! I am going to have to brush up Karl Marx and Engels. Uggh!

  500. 500
    PSQ says:

    What hope when even opposition parties are led by fools and supported by idiots?

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  501. 501
    Emily(ooh my fanny feels really wet) Maitless says:

    Everyone on the Newsnight team sends their congratulations to Ed.During the coming weeks we shall be carrying many stories on how the Coalition is falling apart.

  502. 502
    Al Gore the Queen of Hollywood says:

    Heeo Ed

    I’m Al Gore

    You remember me

    I invented and helped create Climate Change

    I want to see you to rip off a few billion from your government

    I will fly in in my private jet and expest the Labour Party to pay for me to stay at Claidges

    And I need a motorcade of 21 SUVs..

    Thank you

  503. 503
    Ed can you see the strings Milliband says:

    After this result the next Labour Prime Minister isnt even a bubble in his Fathers Balls yet.

  504. 504
    Up sh1t creek says:

    And the winner is…..

  505. 505
    concrete pump says:

    LOL! Forward to 1:45 to see one mong tell the other that he’s mental…

  506. 506
    Freedom Fighter says:

    After HIS dad had fought for the Red Army FFS

    What rats

  507. 507
    I-LOVE-ED??? says:

    Anybody noticed that the losing candidates initials are D,E,A,D – hopefully that’s the fate of them all (politically anyway)

  508. 508
    concrete pump says:

    The winner is everyone who hates Labour….

  509. 509
    Ed can you see the strings Milliband says:

    Dave fucked up when he Bottled it. I bet a certain Mr Purnell will be having a quite laugh to himself tonight.

  510. 510
    Engineer says:

    Father Balls? Was Ed inspired by the Pope’s visit last week?

  511. 511
    Christie's Director says:

    Cast off Jockland before it is too late…

    Flog it to the Arabs…

    On E-Bay….

  512. 512
    the beast of clerkenwell says:

    Mr Kite in 1926 many non commies did the same, cracked heads, drove busses when the scum tried to bring the country to its knees
    How I used to love watching the police pound Arthurs army into the ground during the 80s,where did it get the miners?
    Unemployed thats where
    Sack them all and no dole money, I may even buy a bin waggon

  513. 513
    David Miliband says:

    It’s a fix!

  514. 514
    OMG says:

    They didn(t spend all their time in schools for nothing

    We now have the Children’s Opposition

  515. 515
    Bletchley Park says:

    Your Hired !

  516. 516
    Toilets MaGuire says:

    Ed Milliband has just asked me to be his Director of Communications

    I will be doing my toilet job 24 hours per day

    Smears lies and the whole works…Like Rovert Maxwell’s Daily Mirror

    Even worse than Tudir Beams Prescott…

    Then I will get a Life Peerage so I can pretend to be one of those Toffs I am so jealous of…

  517. 517
    Poor Bill says:

    So the Kapos have won.

    ID card, dna data base and all the other Commo=Natzi crap that Ed said he supported.

    In the end we are detrayed by the Soviet You-ish filth.

    Can Marxists be allowed to live in the free-world if they only want to destroy it ?

  518. 518
    Anonymous says:

    Even his own party didnt want him. It was the Unions who fixed this result. Deep Joy let the games begin.

  519. 519
    Anonymous says:

    No it was only Guido who got excited about that Vatican PR stunt last week.

  520. 520
    Guido's advertising manager says:


    You have hit the jackpot again today

    Put up your advertising rates

    Especially from Zanu Supporters

    PS And if the Child Left Straw comes onto this site again touting

    Charge him £ 3 000 a shot !

  521. 521
    Guido's advertising manager says:

    Dave could always pass a nappy or two across to Ed Milldred on the opposition front bench at the start of PMQs…

  522. 522
    Mad Hatty says:

    Awww. Little Ed is just sooo cute. You can sit him on you knee and jiggle him up and down. Ah bless.

  523. 523
    Anonymous says:

    Can someone wake Guido up from the Sofa and tell him the result, thanks.

  524. 524
    Anonymous says:

    He haf a terribw risfp

  525. 525
    I-LOVE-ED??? says:

    I’ll have you know that our Laura K is our ***CHIEF*** POLITICAL COMMENTATOR – so chew on that…

  526. 526
    Yorkshire Pudding says:

    Here here, fooking hang ‘em all the lazy Hunts!

  527. 527

    So the refugee from Tony Hart’s plasticine bin wins the nomination.

    Last rites and a taxi for the Labour Party!

  528. 528
    Anonymous says:

    Most of the Miners did alright when made redundant. They had handsome redundancy packages for starters. There was a documentary on TV not long ago which followed up on a number of ex miners who had once been at the centre of the dispute. All except one had done very well from themselves since, with many starting their own businesses which have since prospered.
    The exception was one of the main union leaders, which figures since he was a lazy useless c unt anyway.

  529. 529
    Anonymous says:

    Have you considered putting your complaint in writing ?

  530. 530
    HandsomeDavid says:

    Yes, my thoughts exactly. When Milliblair D was required to stand up and be counted he bottled it.
    Serves him right, the Self Preservation Society acquired another life long spineless member. We on the other hand were stuck with the great dysfuctional one.

  531. 531
    2000 microbands says:

    Any candidate supported by the Welsh Windbag has got to be a vote winner for the Tories.

  532. 532
    Jeff Stelling says:

    They’ll be dancing in the corridors of the Conservative Campaign HQ tonight!

  533. 533
    Official BBC Spokescomrade says:

    Ed Milliband’s media critics: a few reactionary blogs run by peasants.

    Ed Milliband’s media supporters: the biggest state broadcaster in the world.


  534. 534
    Gruntfuttock says:

    Well, she certainly softened up Brown.

  535. 535
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    It is now!

  536. 536
    Woodward and Bernstein. says:

    I wouldn’t believe her if she told me the time of day.

  537. 537
    Up sh1t creek says:

    Not easy to find the right clip to dub the audio… but I think this sums up Gordon Brown quite well.

  538. 538
    Change, Change, Fucking change says:

    Exactly. I won because I stood for change. Change from the manifesto I wrote only a few months ago.

  539. 539
    Fascist Hippy says:

    That it may be, but to whom do we report this illegality, they are all in it together, we are f***ed.

  540. 540
    Dick Sniffin. Ah ! Thats Better says:

    Try this

  541. 541
    The Communist Coalition says:

  542. 542
    The Communist Coalition says:

  543. 543
    whippersnapper says:

    What do those 3 stars mean?
    Is it some sort of Primrose Hill restaurant guide?
    Have you seen his living in ‘girlfriend’ I use that word loosely.
    OMG where do they find these people? Frumpity frump.

  544. 544
    whippersnapper says:

    It wouldn’t take long for Broon’s wife to soften me up.

  545. 545
    I, I'M Bland says:

    Its true its true

  546. 546
    I, I'M Bland says:

    Dianne Abbot is easily the worst man there

  547. 547
    I, I'M Bland says:

    It would make a better leader than G Brown

  548. 548
    I, I'M Bland says:

    Laura K has her knockers but I’m not one of them

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