September 20th, 2010

Mandy’s Midnight Mili-Mischief

Guido commented yesterday on the nervousness in the David Miliband camp, but it seems things could be worse than previously thought. After so many years it is impossible to take anything Peter Mandelson says at face value so when his head pops up above the parapet it is not without reason. He has kept a relatively low profile in the campaign so far, only pushing his book rather than David Miliband. However with just a matter of hours left to vote, he dips an oar in to slam Ed.

Given most ballots have already been cast, the impact of such a spurious and late intervention is negligible, but it certainly shows some eleventh hour desperation to give it a go…


  1. 1
    • 16
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Who’s back is Mandy looking over?


      • 25
        Mitch says:

        Mandelson says the new leader should embrace, not repudiate, New Labour i.e. not Ed Miliband.

        “David Miliband said New Labour was an outdated creed that had served its purpose and now had to be replaced. “New Labour isn’t new any more. What I’m interested in is next Labour.” The Observer, Sunday 16 May 2010.

        And which leader did Mandelson serve under? A lunatic he himself said wasn’t fit for the job.


        • 61
          Biffo says:

          Mandy Two Stools again – as ever. Ringing endorsement of Banana Boy – but just a little too late to affect the polls. However ‘I did my best for you, you know I did, I said x,y,z…….’. He reminds me so much of Kaa the snake in Jungle Book, ‘Trust in me……’ – only a blind fool would trust him however.


    • 20
      Wallace says:

      I do hope Gromit wins. Just think of the cheese I’d be able to get.


    • 33
      rocknrolla says:

      The crazy thing is I think Mandelslime would actually do better as leader than either Militwat. He manages to look like a human being, if a little serpentine, and sounds more like one than either of the weirdo brothers. He also I think would realise, in a way that neither of them can, that most people don’t want a politician to run their life and modernise everything for them. Plus once Cameron uses the torture inquiry to bring down David Milipede then Labour are in big trouble (assuming they pick him as leader).


  2. 2

    Perhaps the Ed camp paid Mandy to intervene.


  3. 3
    genghiz the kahn says:

    So tell me Dave, how did you avoid paying so much tax on your old man’s estate.

    Well, Peter, I used the same accountant who advised you on mortgages, oh that’s a nice new Rolex…


  4. 4
    White Van Man says:

    It’s just Mandy doing what Mandy does best, extracting the maxium gain for himself, deals have been done and promises made no doubt.


  5. 5
    Southern Softy says:

    I’d be very nervous with Peter behind me.


  6. 6
    Mitch says:

    “The ex-business secretary said the manifesto was designed to appeal to readers of the Guardian and “offered nothing to people worried about immigration, housing and welfare scroungers”.”

    Er, is the Peter Mandelson who spent his last few days in government signing off unnecessary and wasteful spending comittments in order to hoover up a few more votes in marginal areas?



  7. 8
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Mandy is like Guido , A Mossad spokesman


  8. 9
    NBeale says:

    Our shrewd and politically wily Labour MP was saying Ed M would win on 2nd Prefs back in the summer. I do hope so – it would be a catastrophe for Labour almost as funny as Ed B winning, esp since Ed M would have Ed B as chancellor and the ferrets would be well and truly in the sack.


  9. 10
    Engineer says:

    Mandelbum clearly hasn’t grasped that he’s yesterday’s man, and that his machinations can only cause more devisive splits and acrimony in Labour’s ranks.

    Jolly good. Keep it up, Mandy. (As the Brazilian said to the politician….)


  10. 11
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    There all a bunch on chumps anyway


  11. 12

    Stripped of his powers, you know, the ones that come with government, Mandy has now been returned to his natural status in life, ‘a stupid, inane prat’.


  12. 14
    Ijaz Butt says:

    You English cheat as well


  13. 15
    daveyone1 says:

    Could be worse…….well maybe!


    • 64
      Poor Bill says:

      Benn stood for their father to get him into Britain after he had foolishly returned to Europe at the end of the war.

      He had been an agent based in Belguim.

      Once Stalin realised the friendships that agent Miliband had created were more valuable then the original mission to Belgium he was ordered back to Britain.

      Only the endorsement of a person of influence could get them back in. After all the war was now over so they were no longer under threat.

      Here is where the Benns come in ……..


  14. 17
    Dazza says:

    Do I give a fuck anyway? Mandy is a prick. So is Gordon, Tony , David, the two Eds and all the other candidates. And true shower of shite.


  15. 19
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Perhaps he is just popping up to say “remember me” … “buy my book”


  16. 21
    Dy Anne Fat Butt says:

    Booyakasha! ‘ear me now. Me gwan be leader of da Labour party and ting. Me even gwan change da name to “Da Labour Party And Ting, Blud, In A Rub A Dub Stylee”. Me will celebrate wid a big pot of jerk chickhaan. It make me feel all ireeee. Keep it real. Big up yourself. West side.


  17. 23
    Is it cos it's well fair? says:


  18. 24
    Rt Hon Gordon Brownie says:

    Today I will mostly be a tomato.


  19. 30
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever! says:

    P*kistan need to grow the fuck up


  20. 39
    streamfisher says:

    New Labour are better off having an interminable leadership contest, this way nobody is taking any responsibility for any policy/direction, so no prime targets for the media, just sit on the sidelines and knock any and every coalition initiative.


  21. 42
    Satisfaction says:

    In 2007’s conference season, Gordon Brown did three disgraceful things. One was breaking the age old convention of not making major announcements during another party’s conference, when he said during the week of the Tory conference that several thousand British troops would be coming home. The second was that the announcement itself proved to be a total lie, both in that it was repeating something he’d announced before AND in the actual numbers returning. The third was in getting his entire spin team to brief everyone that there’d be a general election by November, and then bottling it at the last minute.

    When the history of Brown’s premiership is written, these three things, let alone all the other disastrous and disgraceful things he did, should sum up him as the kind of human being he was. The satisfying thing is that in doing all this, he was the author of his own downfall. Had he not bottled it, he would’ve most likely won the election and had a mandate to govern for 5 years. By bottling it, he paved the way for his shocking decline in popularity across the country and eventual electoral defeat. He will forever be haunted by the regret “If only I’d called the election then, if only I hadn’t cancelled it.” Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it, Gordo?


    • 63
      All Lib Dems are tossers says:

      I know this sounds evil, bur I wish McMental and his cohorts nothing but eternal misery – the bastards!


  22. 43

    Brown’s Ebay

    – 16 meter hose. Used for spraying taxpayers cash from the roof of the Fife council offices.
    £60,000,0000,000 ono.
    No timewasters.

    – Potty – used but good condition. Will clean before posting – .99p

    – Set of car keys that used to belong to Cherie Blair that ‘accidentally’ fell into my pocket in 2004. Keyfob says “My other car has a chauffeur and is free for life too.” -£20.00

    – Collection of 13amp fuses taken from all the appliances in 10 Downing Street. Verification certificate. Supplied in a polythene bag. – £3.00


    • 46
      Steve Miliband says:

      Various Nokia phones for spares or repair


    • 47
      streamfisher says:

      Got to be a car boot sale though, Bro*wn hasn’t got a clue how to buy or sell on the internet, that’s why he proposed himself as a watch dog for the WWW, can you imagine it, *** breaking news***, virus attacks information highway, shoppers panic as plastic is eaten by mutant ATM’s.


  23. 44
    Anonymous says:

    Or is it that Mandy knows which way the wind is blowing and wanted to make sure he ended up supporting the winner?


  24. 49
    Gordon Brown (Son of the manse) says:


    Today I started the last 500 chapters of my book.

    I think I will call it, “It Wisnae Me”.



  25. 50
    Watt Tyler says:

    (2009) New Labour “Lord” Peter Mandleson -PARASITE:


  26. 59
    Anonymous says:

    Just about to cast my vote, having been undecided. Lord M’s intervention means it will not be for David M.


  27. 60
    zen says:

    Your analysis is spot on Guido. The Divy Milibland camp are quite agitated as they know Ed Militant can win this. Hahahaha.


  28. 62
    Voice of Treason says:

    The reptilian Mandelson lost NL the election as much as did Brown. If he’s behind the Milipede throne expect NL out of power for decades.


  29. 65
    gildedtumbril says:

    The cesspit of labour ‘ideas’ is almost infinitely deep. Let us hope the miserable bastards all fall in it, and drown. It would only be fitting.


  30. 66
    Puppet Master says:

    Hmmm. DMiliblanks is a far easier puppet to manipulate. If DM wins, Mandelson, Campbell, Bliar etc, will be pulling the strings. If Ed Mili wins then it will be the the Unions/Kinnock types who will be trying to pull the strings.
    If Ed M wins, then a power struggle is likely to occur b/ween the New Labour and the Unions as to who pulls the string. If Ed wins be prepared for an explosive war between the two camps. The media are going to be drooling over this for a very long time.


  31. 67
    Gaywatch says:

    I hea Mandy asked Mili-D back to his hotel room at the 2003 conference. Always had a thing for him, wouldn’t be surprised if he’d bummed him.


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